The Returned (2012) s01e04 Episode Script


Have you heard
of Damien the damned?
He cuts your toes…
and then boils them.
Then, with your eyes,
he makes meatballs
and put them in a broth.
What’s that?
Come on, get out of there.
It’s time to settle down.
Come on.
– What’s wrong?
– He’s afraid of having his nightmare.
Don’t worry.
You’re going to have sweet dreams.
Can I sleep with him?
Go to your room.
Can I go to your bed
if I have a nightmare?
Don’t worry.
Everything’s gonna be fine.
Good night.
He must not see you.
Stay hidden.
I’ll get you later.
Where are you?
Calm down.
Try to have happy thoughts.
Don’t you know a song
you could sing in your head?
A song you learned from school?
What are you doing?
Who were you talking to?
It’s just a kid.
He won’t say a word.
What’s wrong?
Had a little nightmare?
It’s OK.
– You want some coffee?
– Yes, please.
You still have trouble sleeping?
I think you’re right.
We should leave.
It’s the right thing to do.
I’m doing it for Camille.
I don’t know about the rest.
Everything’s gonna be fine.
I know I screwed up, but…
I think I can do better.
– Hello.
– Hello, Mr. Séguret.
We have a few questions for you.
Would you please come with us?
What is it about?
About Lucy Clarsen.
I’m coming.
It won’t take long.
I’ll explain everything.
See you later.
See you.
What’s going on?
It’s nothing bad.
You’re OK?
Did you sleep well?
I’m hungry.
Captain, we have a homicide.
A woman.
In the tunnel?
At her apartment.
What about the suspect?
– The suspect?
– From the diner.
– The guy you released yesterday.
– Still nothing…
I’m coming.
And put more effort into the search.
Yes, Captain.
I heard noises again last night.
– From the bathroom?
– No, the attic.
– It was probably mice.
– It wasn’t mice.
I’ll check it out.
– You don’t go to work today?
– I took the day off.
– To prepare for the wedding?
– Come on, Marion’s waiting.
Good morning, Marion.
Have a nice day.
I’m sorry.
I’ve thought about it.
At first, we should be staying
at the Helping Hand.
We won’t stay there for long.
Just until I find a job.
I’ll go see the guy at the Lake Pub.
He must be looking for someone.
I don’t know if…
– What about Chloé?
– She’ll come with us.
Her room is here.
– Does she know he’s not her father?
– Of course.
I’ve never kept the truth from her.
Thomas wouldn’t have wanted that.
He’s a good man, huh?
Someone you can count on.
You have no idea.
I’m sorry.
I’m here, now.
I won’t leave you again.
You don’t know that.
Where would we go?
I don’t know.
Somewhere else.
It will be better for you.
You won’t have to hide.
You’ll have a normal life.
But I don’t have to hide.
I know it’s complicated, Camille.
My name’s Alice.
Dad just wants you back
and to get you away from Pierre.
I know you and Dad are separated.
I don’t want to leave this town.
– Neither does Léna.
– Mom.
You’re OK?
Please come right now.
My daughter has passed out.
She’s hurt.
– When did you open the door?
– Around 7 am.
When was the last time you saw her?
Yesterday morning.
Did you hear any noise?
– Nothing.
– Captain.
Nothing was stolen.
No signs of breaking and entering.
Go question the neighbors.
May I come in?
I guess you know about your neighbor.
That’s hard not to.
Did you hear anything last night?
I slept like a baby.
How did she die?
She was stabbed a dozen times.
It’s him?
We don’t know.
An officer will remain
outside the building.
If it’s for me, don’t bother.
I’m not keeping you here.
You’re not alone?
He must not see you.
Don’t you know a song
you could sing in your head?
A song you learned from school?
You’re OK?
Who is he?
He’s Victor.
– He lives here?
– Yeah.
– Why was he hiding?
– He wasn’t hiding.
Who are his parents?
I don’t know.
Look, he was lost.
I asked him about it.
He wouldn’t tell.
– Are you fucking kidding me?
– What?
– How long has he been here?
– A couple of days.
Are you out of your mind?
Have you thought about his parents?
Yes, but no one was looking for him.
Why haven’t you brought him
to the police station?
– I don’t trust them.
– Is everything all right?
I’m done.
I’m coming back.
I’m begging you.
Don’t tell anyone.
– Hello, Mr. Tissier.
– Hello, Michaël.
You’re looking for someone?
It’s confidential, I suppose?
You’ll keep it to yourself.
It’s about the guy we arrested
because of the diner thing.
He might be involved
with what happened to Lucy Clarsen.
To me, there’s no doubt about it.
What makes you think that?
My guts, Mr. Tissier.
Excuse me.
Yes, Claire?
I’m at the hospital with Léna.
Can you come here?
What happened?
She passed out.
She has something on her back.
Like a huge gash
that’s causing her horrible pain.
– Is Camille with you?
– Camille is with me.
– And where’s Jérôme?
– Jérôme is…
He’s at the police station.
They wanted to question him.
– Where are we?
– At the hospital.
I don’t know.
– I’m on my way.
– I’ll get someone.
Please, she has woken up.
Don’t worry.
You’re gonna be OK.
We’ll take care of you soon.
Do you remember
what happened to you?
Michaël, just one thing.
Do you know Jérôme Séguret?
Sort of.
He’s at the police station.
Do you know why?
– I can find out.
– Thanks.
That’s the least I can do for you.
What’s all this?
She keeps drawing stuff.
It’s you guys?
Who’s that?
Take a guess.
we’re starting the interrogations.
Go on.
You need me?
Go on.
All right.
See you later.
Hello, sir.
Thanks for coming.
– So?
– We’re still waiting for the doctor.
Does it still hurt?
They gave her some painkillers.
Since when does she have that?
It started after I came back.
– It must have something to do with me.
– Of course not.
In that case,
Léna wouldn’t be the only one.
Your parents
would have the same thing.
Maybe it’s just a matter of time.
You think it’s because of me?
She doesn’t think that.
Let me.
You have nothing to do with it.
What do you know about that?
Why make you come back
if it’s to hurt the ones who love you?
Don’t you think
they were hurting enough already?
You shouldn’t feel guilty.
You belong here with us.
You can pick up your life
where you left off.
Tell that to Léna.
I’m sure that deep down,
she thinks the same thing.
Her reaction is normal.
She’s afraid.
She’s afraid
that you’re back only temporarily.
When she understands
that you’re back for good,
she’ll be thrilled,
just like all of us.
Very well.
– I’ll talk to Christine about this.
– Very well.
– See you tomorrow, Father.
– See you tomorrow, Solange.
Hello, Thomas.
How is the groom doing?
What did you talk about
with Adèle last time?
I’d be a terrible priest
if I told what people confide to me.
– You talked about Simon, didn’t you?
– Don’t worry about Simon.
He’s dead.
It’s only natural
that she thinks about him,
but she’s marrying you, isn’t she?
You’re here.
He’s just a ghost.
She’ll forget about him.
And when Jesus returned to life,
was he a ghost?
– Why are you talking about that?
– He was back.
I mean, he was back in the flesh.
You should not see things
in a too literal way.
I’m a cop, not an intellectual.
I need to figure it out.
Chloé is told at catechism class
that Jesus returned to life.
Is it for real?
– You shouldn’t put it that way.
– How should I put it, then?
– You believe it?
– Of course.
So, if you’re told…
people came back to life,
you believe it?
What matters is faith.
Believing is much more important
than seeing.
The rest is a mystery.
Solving mysteries is what I do.
You believe it or not?
You’re not asking
the right questions.
And you’re not giving
the right answers.
– You’ll let me know.
– You can join me at the Lake Pub.
OK, see you.
What are you doing here?
You thought
I was still in junior high?
Léna isn’t with you?
I’m not enough for you?
Léna is not available right now.
She’s at the hospital,
if you must know.
Because of the thing on her back?
Is it serious?
No, it’s not.
Why was she pissed at you yesterday?
She’s pissed at anything.
And family matters
are always complicated.
– Where are you going?
– To the Lake Pub.
They’re pumping.
But there’s a big volume.
I’ll ask for more trucks.
You found anything?
The robots are almost done,
and they’ve found nothing.
No leak.
The water ought to come
from somewhere.
What do we do
if we don’t find any crack?
We try again?
We’ll find it eventually.
Maybe we should tell the police.
We have orders.
You know what happened here.
If people find out, they’ll freak out.
It’s hard to miss a flooded plant.
Don’t worry.
I’m sure it’s nothing.
At least, put me under
before you cut me open!
– He has to check you out.
– No need to torture me!
What is it, doctor?
It looks like some kind of keloid,
but I’ve never seen one this big.
A keloid?
An overgrowth of tissue
on the skin’s surface.
It usually develops
after a badly healed injury.
Do you remember having a scratch
or a burn on that spot?
– Maybe.
– Maybe?
You don’t know everything about me.
When did it happen?
A year ago.
I fell and bumped into a chair.
– A chair?
– Someone pushed me at the Lake Pub.
We’ll do a puncture tomorrow.
The tests will give us some answers.
For now, I’ll give you something
to help you sleep.
Your daughter should stay overnight.
You can close the window…
– What is this about?
– Drop it.
How can we help if you don’t help us?
I didn’t ask you anything.
Could you leave me alone?
I’ll give you something
to help you have some sleep.
You’ve been seeing each other
once a week for more than a year.
Is that correct?
What were you doing?
We were talking.
I don’t think that’s illegal.
But hitting a girl is illegal.
You know that?
Even if she’s your daughter.
I don’t understand.
A year ago,
you injured your daughter, Léna.
March 12th,
you took her to the hospital.
She had bruises
on her back and her face.
She didn’t report you,
but the doctor
still has to inform the police.
Suspected child abuse.
I didn’t hit her on her back.
She fell.
What, she fell by herself?
On Sunday night,
what happened with Lucy Clarsen?
Why are you asking me that?
You’re one of the last people
who’ve been with Lucy Clarsen,
before she was assaulted.
Maybe you hit her,
you thought she was dead,
then you tried to make it look like
a psychopath did it.
– That’s sick.
– You’re sick.
You hit your daughter, right?
So, what was the problem?
Lucy didn’t want
to do something special?
She’s not a prostitute.
What were you doing, then?
– Why did you lock the door?
– How was your day?
Did you take care of the mice?
Don’t worry.
You want a snack?
I can’t let you.
You understand?
I knew I couldn’t trust you.
– Sorry, but I can’t do that.
– You think I can’t take care of a kid?
What if his parents press charges?
Social services
will investigate them.
For now, I’m taking him
to the Helping Hand.
We have no choice.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Here you are.
Come on, pick up your things.
Let’s go.
Does he have other things?
Come on, Victor.
I’ll let you know.
You don’t what he’s capable of.
He’s crazy.
– He would never hurt us.
– You don’t know that.
Who’s gonna hurt us?
Who is it?
Don’t worry, sweetie.
I’m not worried.
Who is it?
He’s your dad.
But my dad is dead.
He was dead.
But he isn’t anymore.
Is he an angel?
You can say that.
Can I touch him?
– He’s scary.
– Don’t worry.
Were you in Heaven?
How was it?
It was calm.
Did you see God?
He’s very busy.
We hardly see him.
From up there,
you can see everything on Earth?
Even things that nobody sees.
For instance,
I know that before you go to bed,
you always pray God
to take good care of Thomas.
And your mom.
And Paul.
Is Paul your boyfriend?
Does God listen to me too?
I think so.
Is he going to live with us?
He has to go.
You’ll get to see him again.
In the meantime,
don’t tell anyone about him.
– But I can tell Thomas?
– Not even him.
We can take care of him.
Don’t worry.
That’s what we do.
We’re used to having kids here.
All right, thanks.
I have to go.
Yes, Michaël?
Thanks for calling me back.
– So?
– It’s about Jérôme Séguret.
We questioned him
about Lucy Clarsen.
He seems to have
nothing to do with that.
But something happened
with her daughter a year ago.
The doctor
reported bruises on her back…
You have to forgive him.
I don’t think I can.
You know you can count on me.
Call me back if you want me to come.
You’re OK?
What’s happening?
Tell me.
You know that your daughter
is at the hospital?
– Léna.
– What happened to her?
How could you?
Get out.
I want you to leave this house.
Is it Pierre?
What did he tell you?
How could you hit Léna?
It’s not like that!
What does that asshole know, anyway?
Did you hit Léna?
I want you to leave.
I don’t want to see you again.
Get out!
– TSA for P5.
– TSA to P5, I’m listening.
A man matching the description
located on Rue des Moines.
Roger, P5.
Search in progress.
Keep your distance
and await confirmation.
Suspect around Chantier des Dames.
All units,
the suspect is on the west sector.
He’s heading for the tunnel…
What are they doing?
You don’t like being alone with me?
What do you want?
Take a guess.
I mean, what drink?
Like you.
Did you have sex with Léna?
Why are you asking me that?
She told me she didn’t.
Maybe it’s true.
– You don’t like her?
– I do.
How was it, the first time?
Very nice.
It was during the bus accident?
I know everything.
What does Léna have on her back?
Stop talking about her.
– How long have they been there?
– Two years.
You’ve been spying on me
for two years?
– You’re sick.
– I wasn’t spying on you.
What were you doing, then?
I only used them
when you didn’t answer the phone.
To make sure you were fine.
I was afraid you might try again.
I’m leaving.
It wasn’t an accident.
When Simon died,
Father Jean-François
asked us to tell you it was an accident,
but it wasn’t.
What was it?
What was it?
I’ll need your help.
Come in.
What’s going on?
He’s a pervert.
You know him.
– You’re OK?
– And you?
Having fun?
– Don’t lash out at your cousin.
– My cousin? I have no cousin.
– Let’s go.
– She’s not your cousin?
You do look a lot alike.
– Come.
– Shut up!
Stop being like that!
What did she do to you?
– How did you get that?
– Ask her.
– You’re out of your mind!
– Tell them who you are.
You want me to tell them?
Don’t you know who she is?
It’s fucking Camille!
Stop it.
You’re being stupid.
Just ask her.
You need to go back to the hospital.
Tell them who you are, damn it!
I’m Alice.
You know it.
You’re completely nuts.
– Everything’s checked?
– Not yet.
Summarize it, then we’ll discuss it.
We lost track of him
because of the outage.
– Three cars are looking for him.
– What about the interrogations?
A dozen of men admitted
they had sex with Lucy Clarsen.
– But not only.
– What else?
she was some kind of psychic.
They all said the same thing.
She communicated with dead people.
With relatives.
OK, so, was she doing that
before or after having sex?
– During.
– Lieutenant.
Ms. Payet’s initial autopsy results.
It’s me.
We know what happened to her.
It’s not him.
It’s not your assailant.
Who is it, then?
She did that to herself.
What do you mean?
Apparently, it’s a suicide.
I’m awaiting confirmation.
I’m sorry I told you like that,
but I wanted to call you to…
Are you still there?
I just took Victor
to the Helping Hand.
He’ll be safe there.
You want me to come?
Here’s where you’re gonna sleep.
It’s like going on summer camp.
I’m sorry, no smoking here.
There you go.
You won’t be cold.
If you need me, I’m just next to you.
Sandrine will take care of you.
Are you gonna cry?
Try to have happy thoughts.
Don’t you know a song
you could sing in your head?
A song you learned from school?
Turn off the light, sweetie.
Go to sleep.
It’s late.
Why is Mom crying?
Because it’s stuff for grown-ups.
Are you gonna die?
No, I’m not gonna die.
Don’t worry.
Come on.
See you tomorrow.
Good night.
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