The Returned (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Serge et Toni

Why did you let him out?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Fucking stop it!
You hear me?
– You’re still here?
– I was waiting for you.
We walk back home together?
You wanna know why Léna
said that stuff about me last night?
She was telling the truth.
I’m not an ordinary girl.
I’m coming from another world,
a world of dead souls.
I have to avoid the sun, and…
– I need to drink blood!
– What the fuck?
– I got you.
– Whatever.
Don’t you invite me to your house?
You’re right.
I like to take it slow too.
See you at the Lake Pub tonight?
Excuse me,
have you seen the little boy?
Not since this morning.
Have you checked the playroom?
There’s nobody.
The dormitory is empty too.
– He can’t have gone very far.
– The homeless lady is missing too.
You’re gonna have to pay
what you owe me.
No problem, kiddo.
You have some money?
Money can’t buy happiness anyway.
You should try the Big Burger.
It’s not great, but it fills you up.
Do you think
I’ll see my parents again?
They sure were some nice folks.
Why haven’t they come back too?
Maybe they’re looking for you.
Do you know Pierre,
the Helping Hand dude?
You don’t need to be afraid anymore.
No one can hurt us anymore.
But can we hurt people?
They don’t need us to get hurt.
Is there someone you want to hurt?
Do you know
what is at the bottom of the lake?
– Yes, Johan?
– Fish?
What else?
– Caroline?
– Seaweed?
– Beavers?
– Maybe.
– Mathéo?
– Chamois?
Maybe not.
What else?
Do you think
there can be houses there?
Do you know
that when the water level drops,
you can see a church tower?
Some years ago, there was a village
at the lake location.
That village was swallowed up
when the old dam collapsed.
You’ve heard of the old dam?
Are there people
living in that underwater village?
Have people died because of the dam?
Why did Simon kill himself?
Why did the dam collapse?
Are you OK, Mom?
All right.
Let me know if you hear anything.
Thank you.
What is it?
Léna snuck out
of the hospital last night.
Where is she?
I don’t know.
Have you tried calling her
on her cellphone?
There’s no answer.
She must be at a friend’s house.
Or at Frédéric’s house.
At Frédéric’s house?
It happens a lot.
She never tells anyone.
And you let her do that?
She’s not a little girl anymore.
Does she have sex with Frédéric?
I don’t know.
She doesn’t talk about that.
I suppose she doesn’t tell you
about her love life.
I’ve brought more than yesterday.
It’s OK.
I can carry it.
You went hunting this morning?
– You want us to go together?
– It’s already late.
You made coffee?
You want some?
– There’s someone?
– It’s nothing.
– What are you doing?
– I’m telling you it’s nothing.
It’s her?
She came back?
It’s Mom?
She doesn’t want to see me?
You’re OK?
You’re OK?
You should take a sleeping pill.
You’ll feel better afterwards.
I don’t think so.
Why have you never told me
the truth about Simon?
Because I didn’t want to hurt you.
What did you know about that?
Maybe it would have been easier
if I knew.
Is it easier?
How do you know he wanted to die?
There were several witnesses.
Is something wrong with Mom?
She’s just tired.
Because of the angel?
What angel?
You saw him?
– He came yesterday.
– Did he touch you?
Did he hurt Mom?
If he comes back, tell me.
– Understood?
– OK.
You can’t stay here.
Two people who were staying here
are missing since this morning.
The police will be searching
all over the place.
– Could I borrow you some money?
– You want to leave town?
They’re not going to let you.
Don’t worry.
We’ll find a way.
– May I come in?
– No.
– He’s here?
– Who?
– Victor.
– Why would he be here?
You don’t know where he is?
He’s missing.
I thought maybe he came back here.
You left him all by himself?
– Apparently, he’s with a woman.
– A woman?
A homeless lady
that was staying at the charity.
We have a description of her.
You chose some homeless lady
over me?
He can’t have gone very far.
We’ll find him.
Stay here.
– He might come back to you.
– Stop messing with my life.
I’m not calling you if he comes back.
This is Simon.
The one I talked about.
– If you’re still in.
– Sure.
You’re welcome here.
This is Simon.
He’ll be staying for a while.
He’s like you.
I’ll let you know
when it’s safer out there.
Are you hungry?
I’m going to fix you something.
When did you die?
Ten years ago.
Things have changed in ten years,
haven’t they?
Not really, actually.
Do you remember what happened
just before you came back?
Good to hear.
I don’t remember anything either.
Do you know why we came back?
No idea.
You don’t talk much.
Were you like that before,
or is it because you’re dead?
Your parents don’t live here anymore?
Do you still know people around here?
I bet your girlfriend
didn’t wait for you.
It’s the same for me.
“Love is stronger than death.”
Could you do me a favor?
We zombies should help each other.
We were changing her dressing,
and it’s as if her wounds
are vanishing.
Divers found them?
– Why are those divers here?
– We’re running checks.
What kind of checks?
Routine checks.
Thomas asked me to come by.
He was very upset.
It’s because of Simon, isn’t it?
Thomas was confused.
He was talking about resurrection.
I think Thomas is completely jealous.
He’s jealous of a ghost,
of something that doesn’t exist.
It’s probably
more complicated than that.
still has a strong presence.
Thomas is trying to figure out why.
He’s worrying about me, not him.
He loves me, more than Simon does.
You can’t compare.
That doesn’t really make sense.
What do you know about that?
From the discussions
we had about him,
I feel like I get a grasp
of what you felt for him.
You’re the one who encouraged me
to live with the memory of Simon.
For all these years,
I’ve been living with a dead person.
Did you know he committed suicide?
If it wasn’t for Thomas, I’d be dead.
Like Simon.
We’ve located the lady,
but the little boy is not with her.
Where am I?
At my place.
What am I doing here?
You passed out,
so I brought you here.
Sit up.
When I was a boy, my mom
used to put this on my wounds.
– It’s nettle.
– Isn’t that supposed to sting?
Only the hairs sting.
You just have to grind them.
Sounds weird.
Trust me.
You’re hungry?
– A little.
– I’ll get you something to eat.
Could you take care of it
this afternoon?
You’ll call the coroner.
– All right.
– Thanks.
– So?
– Still nothing.
She said they left together,
then split up.
– I don’t think we can trust her.
– Why?
She said that she was born in ’43
and that she’s Mr. Costa’s wife.
You know her?
Who is she?
You think…
I can talk to her?
Dang it, I thought
you were bringing me some lunch.
You were born in ’43?
– You don’t believe me.
– I do.
I believe you.
Do I know you?
I was your husband’s home care nurse.
I saw pictures of you.
I saw he kept them around.
He hadn’t completely forgotten me.
You’re dead?
Damn right I am.
And the little boy too?
How is that possible?
Has he been dead for a long time?
Just before me.
What about his parents?
His parents too.
And where is Victor now?
I mean…
the little boy.
Don’t worry about him.
He’ll come back to you
once he’s done what he had to do.
How do you know…
when you’re dead?
That’s something you quickly notice.
I’d like to know.
I feel like…
There’s only one way to find out.
You’re OK?
Are you Adèle?
Simon will be waiting for you tonight
at the bus station to take the last bus.
Just take the minimum with you
to avoid suspicion.
That’s all.
Where is he?
At my place.
He’s hiding.
He’s lucky you didn’t forget him.
– What did he say?
– He doesn’t talk much,
but he said that you two
were supposed to get married,
and that you’ll be able
to catch up now.
Tell him I’m not coming.
Are you sure?
He seems to love you very much.
He doesn’t show it well,
but what he’s going through is hard.
I know what I’m talking about.
You too?
I’m also in love of someone
who rejects me.
It’s hard.
Do the right thing.
– How many corpses?
– 36.
– You found them all in the lake?
– Apparently.
How long had they been there?
It’s difficult to say exactly.
It looks recent.
12 hours, maybe more.
No sign of toxic residue in tissues,
so it’s not poisoning.
No wounds either.
Nobody shot them.
How did they die?
The lungs are full of water.
They were still alive in the lake.
– What do you mean?
– They drowned.
There’s no evidence of a struggle.
It looks like
they willingly went into the water.
– Why would they had done that?
– They either wanted to learn to swim,
or, more likely,
they were running away
from something that frightened them.
What’s sure
is that they preferred to drown.
Like some kind of suicide.
When was it?
Last summer, in his summer home.
– What’s his name?
– Vincent.
– He’s older than you, isn’t he?
– He’s almost 26.
Is that pictures of me?
– It’s my ex-boyfriend.
– You’re a lewd girl, actually.
You have no idea.
Watch and learn, Clara.
Why isn’t there anything to drink?
– It’s coming.
– Beware, I’m in good shape.
Perfect. Thanks.
The winner can ask anything.
Ready? One, two…
Second one?
I’ll count.
One, two… three.
Another round, please.
– I’m sorry.
– Come in.
Your daughter hasn’t come back yet?
Not yet.
She hasn’t come back
to the hospital either.
A missing person alert
has been issued.
I’m sure we’ll find her soon.
– Do you know her?
– A little.
Isn’t she pretty?
Is she better?
Much better.
The doctors are very surprised.
You usually can’t recover from this,
but in her case…
All her injured vital organs
have regenerated.
And her stomach wounds
keep improving.
They’re healing themselves.
It’s fascinating.
Isn’t it?
Excuse me.
Yes, Claire.
Any news from Léna?
No. I was hoping you had some.
She hasn’t come back to the hospital.
She didn’t call you?
She might have been to the Lake Pub.
I’ll go check it out.
Don’t worry.
I’m sure she’s all right.
I was about to bring you food.
– Camille is asleep.
– That’s good.
She couldn’t sleep
since she came back.
May I?
You’re always hungry too?
Pierre told me you wanted to leave.
I’m taking my wife and my daughter
away from here.
We’ll start a new life.
You have a daughter?
It’s the most beautiful thing
in the world.
You first, Alice.
Now, it’s getting serious.
Let’s go.
– One.
– Come on.
– Two.
– She rocks.
– That vodka’s not bad.
– What do your parents feed you?
– Four.
– Last one.
That’s impressive.
Your turn.
– Your turn.
– Come on, Fréd.
Let’s cheer him on.
– Don’t embarrass us.
– Three.
– Loser.
– You suck.
He lost.
You can ask him whatever you want.
What I want?
What the hell is this?
– Stop it, Dad!
– What?
Don’t do that, I’m begging you.
Give me your hand.
I love you.
It’s a great way
to know how you feel.
Are you fucking stupid?
What were you thinking?
Don’t worry.
I didn’t really want to die.
– What were you doing, then?
– I was checking something.
You wouldn’t understand.
I can see you’re not well.
I’m sorry for Victor.
But this is not the solution.
Because you have the solution?
We would know, wouldn’t we?
If you want to cry for help next time,
you should try drugs.
From the sixth floor,
you don’t stand a chance.
We’ve located a little boy
matching the description
in the Saint-Michel district.
I’m on my way.
It’s near the Helping Hand.
He must have been lost.
– What are you doing?
– I’m coming with you.
Were you gonna leave me by myself?
Here you are.
We were worried.
Where have you been?
I’ve been dead.
What happened to you?
You killed me.
You killed my parents.
It’s you.
Sorry, I didn’t recognize you.
Don’t be afraid of me.
I won’t hurt you.
He did it, not me.
He went crazy.
That wasn’t the plan.
I tried to protect you.
You didn’t try.
What did you do to him?
Everything’s fine.
I’m here.
Don’t worry.
– What’s that blood?
– It’s nothing.
You did it again?
It was a deer.
Was Lucy a deer too?
You can tell me.
I won’t hurt you anymore.
You can trust me.
Tell that to Mom.
Tell her I won’t do it again.
You won’t do what?
I had to stop you.
Do you understand?
You couldn’t help it.
I didn’t understand
it wasn’t your fault.
What happened doesn’t matter.
I’ll protect you, now.
I’ll protect you both.
You killed me?
Tell me you forgive me.
If you forgive me,
she’ll forgive me too.
Tell me you forgive me!
Why didn’t you come?
It’s him?
He’s holding you back?
– He’s here.
– You can’t stay.
I came to take you with me.
I won’t leave without you.
Why did you do that?
Why did I do what?
You told me that I saved you…
that you were happy with me.
– Of course I was happy with you.
– I believed you.
You’re dragging us to death.
You have to let us live now.
We don’t need you.
Go away.
We’re not coming with you.
You chose to die
rather than to live with us.
You’re dead.
Don’t move!
Who are you?
You know it.
I love you.
And you love me too.
It’s all that matters.
What’s wrong, sweetie?
It’s Frédéric.
He knows!
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