The Returned (2012) s01e06 Episode Script


I don’t have money,
but if you hire me,
I’ll have a drink.
Have you ever waited tables?
But it can’t be that hard.
One more, please.
You can start tomorrow?
You want a drink?
Come on.
Their daughter died.
– She was 15.
– That’s horrible.
If you like drama,
you’re at the right place.
Do you know a place
where I could stay?
Stay here
until you find something better.
It will be fine.
I’ll let you unpack.
You want a drink?
I don’t think this is a good idea.
I’m gonna go.
Just relax.
What is it?
Camille is here.
She says she loves you.
She misses you.
She misses Léna too.
What happened to her
wasn’t your fault.
Tell her I love her.
She’s gone.
Where am I?
At the hospital.
You were in a coma.
I can’t feel my legs.
Don’t worry.
It will gradually come back.
Do you know your name?
I think.
Lucy Clarsen.
Do you remember
what happened to you?
What is it?
Why are you staring at me?
You’re a miracle.
What’s going on?
There’s nothing more we can do.
The plant is flooded.
You can’t just leave.
You said…
You should do the same.
There’s no point in staying.
There must be something
we can do.
We tried everything.
The power won’t come back.
What the hell are you doing?
Please have a seat.
Sorry, I have nothing to offer.
Will the power be back soon?
You can come to the Helping Hand.
We have a generator.
We have supplies,
and dorm rooms if you need to stay.
Thanks for coming.
I asked you to come
because of something important.
A few days ago, Claire had to…
deal with something…
absolutely extraordinary.
She told me about it.
And I thank her for that.
Today, we want to share
that news with you.
Because we trust you,
and because we need your help.
What you’re about to see
goes beyond any rationality,
and changes our take
on the world as we know it.
You’ll have to accept.
We now share a common destiny.
It can’t be.
It’s the truth.
If Audrey came back,
you would know it’s her.
Camille is back with us.
And we should all welcome her.
Does it mean…
that other kids will come back?
She’s giving us hope
that others might come back.
Does she remember…
what happened in the bus?
Did you see other kids there?
Did they talk to you?
Why you?
If Camille came back,
Audrey might come back too.
As Pierre said, she’s giving us hope.
That’s easy for you.
There must be a reason
why she got to come back.
Otherwise, why her?
Wait, let me.
Don’t look at her like she’s a freak.
Please, it’s not her fault.
We have to help her.
Leave me alone!
I shouldn’t have listened to you!
You know people fear
what they don’t know.
– Try to understand how they feel.
– What about them?
Did they try to understand
how I feel?
They’re like Léna and Frédéric!
They keep staring at me
like I’m a freak.
You’re so selfish.
Have you tried to understand
how your sister feels?
Do you realize how lucky you are?
You’re a miracle.
And what do you do with it?
– I guess I’m wasting my time.
– Wait.
What should I do?
Make yourself useful.
Help those in need.
But how?
You have the power
to ease people’s minds.
That’s a great power.
We won’t be able
to keep him for long.
The generator is running out of fuel.
We’ll have to evacuate.
He’s dead?
What do you think?
You shot him?
Nice job.
Shot in the heart.
He died instantly.
Call me if you find anything weird.
Like what?
I don’t know.
Like something weird.
Go to your room, please.
Go to your room.
– It’s about the ghost?
– Go to your room.
The ghost is gone.
– Where?
– He went back to where he came from.
How do you know
he won’t be back again?
He has understood we don’t need him.
My co-workers will come
and ask you some questions.
They’ll want to know if you knew…
the ghost.
You’ll have to say you didn’t.
You had never seen him
before last night.
You got scared and you called me.
– All right?
– Why do I have to lie?
Because if you tell the truth,
they’ll think you’re lying.
People don’t believe in ghosts.
It’s our secret.
Go to your room.
He’s dead?
He was already dead.
It wasn’t him.
I don’t know what it was,
but it wasn’t him.
What was it, then?
I couldn’t let him
torture you like that.
How do you know
he’s really dead, now?
Why wouldn’t he come back again?
If he does, I’ll be here.
I’ll always be here.
Do you trust me?
Come in.
I’m done.
– I’ll come back later.
– All right.
How do you feel?
Better, thanks.
I feel like I know you.
I was here when they brought you.
Give me your hand.
You were here while I was asleep?
I was making sure you were safe.
We thought your assailant
could come back.
Thank you, Alcide.
You know my name?
You told me when you came in.
I did?
It should be good.
You can get in.
Come on.
What’s the matter?
Is there a problem?
You want to be alone?
– Gentlemen.
– Captain.
– You’re OK?
– Yes, thanks.
Last night, we caught two kids
digging up a grave.
Shall I take care of it?
They were digging up a grave?
Why did you do that?
It wasn’t about desecrating a grave.
Was it?
What were you looking for?
It was Camille Séguret’s grave.
Did you know her?
Where is the body?
It wasn’t in the coffin.
It wasn’t there.
– Where is it?
– We didn’t touch it.
Where’s Camille Séguret?
– Why are you saying that?
– It was her grave.
If she’s not there, where is she?
She came back.
Came back?
Came back from where?
From the dead.
it’s hard to describe.
At first, I was dazzled
by a bright light.
It was like I was going
blind and deaf.
I couldn’t hear anything.
Then, progressively,
I started to make out forms
all around me.
Were they the other kids?
Well, I couldn’t see them clearly.
I just felt their presences,
like spirits.
I remember Audrey was among them.
She was calling me.
Come here.
Why did you come to me?
Is it because I’m like you?
It’s because of the fairy.
The fairy?
What fairy?
She’ll keep me safe
until my mom comes for me.
Mom told me I would know her
when I saw her.
Who is that fairy?
You think it’s me?
No, I’m not a fairy.
Fairies have pretty hair,
nice dresses…
They’re always smiling.
They have magic wands.
I have none of those.
May I?
You’ve met Victor.
I’m not here for him.
– What’s going on?
– It’s because of the power outage.
We go around in town
to check on everybody.
People are freaking out.
The stores are closed.
You have everything you need?
I’m fine, thanks.
You can come to my house,
if you want.
You’ll be better.
I have a chimney
and lots of supplies.
Are you inviting us
to stay at your place?
I thought you didn’t like kids.
– You’re the one who didn’t…
– Yeah.
We’re not coming, anyway.
Your friends are here.
We might have stopped
the guy who assaulted you.
He might be dead.
His name is Simon Delaître.
He assaulted the waitress.
Simon Delaître?
He won’t hurt you anymore.
– Hey.
– Has Léna called you?
I was at the police station.
They think she just ran away.
– … really hard.
– Who’s there?
I knew it was you.
What have you told them?
The truth.
Frédéric has found out about Camille.
We’re protecting her.
Protect her from him!
He’s a fraud.
But you won’t see it.
Stop it.
– Hello.
– Go to your room.
May I talk to Alice Séguret,
your niece?
What is it about?
You should be looking
for our daughter.
Your niece might be involved.
Alice is your niece, isn’t she?
Is she here?
– When will she be back?
– I don’t know.
Tell your niece to come
to the police station.
With an ID.
– Thinner, like this.
– The 111?
The eyebrows?
More like this one, the 725.
We’ll finish with the eyes.
Like this.
– Are you sure?
– It’s about right.
– Don’t stop.
– Did I wake you up?
It’s OK.
Do you have clothes?
I’ll take a look.
I’ll be back.
You shouldn’t come here.
– Are these yours?
– Those are my brother’s.
Whose are they?
Your ex-girlfriend’s?
They were my mom’s.
Turn around.
Your thing worked, by the way.
It doesn’t hurt anymore.
You can turn back.
How do I look?
You’re closed?
How can I do with no power?
You sure smell of alcohol.
Have you seen him before?
It’s the guy
who assaulted your waitress.
– Has he been in your bar?
– I don’t know.
– I don’t know all the customers.
– Put it up in the entrance.
If someone recognizes him, call us.
And go easy on the whisky.
The beds are not great.
But you sleep well in them.
I don’t sleep, anyway.
Camille is not the only one in danger.
I’ll go and warn the others.
You’re safe here.
Christian and Xavier
will watch over you.
I’m staying too.
Suit yourself.
You’re welcome here.
Let me in.
It’s Toni.
Let me in, Mom.
I’m begging you.
You have to forgive me.
Serge would never have stopped
if I didn’t do what I had to.
He was sick.
I know I shouldn’t have.
I shouldn’t have killed Serge.
Forgive me, Mom.
– Forgive me.
– Why are you here?
She doesn’t want to see you.
Haven’t you done
enough harm already?
The police are after you.
They’re onto you about Lucy.
Stay here.
You’ll be safe.
You two stay here.
You’ll be safe.
I’ll protect you.
I am the elder brother.
Stay away.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Drop that knife.
Answer, damn it.
I told you the truth.
I’m Serge.
I’m Toni’s brother.
What happened to you?
You’re dead?
I won’t hurt you.
Here you go.
What do you want?
To help you and Victor.
He’s not safe here.
I know who he is.
He’s not the only one.
What are you talking about?
You’re putting him at risk
by staying here.
People like him will soon be…
hunted down.
Come with me.
You’ll be safe.
No way.
Pack up your things.
The power won’t be back for a while.
We can go out, if you like.
Don’t you want to play?
Truth or dare?
All right.
How old was I
when Dad killed himself?
You weren’t born.
He never saw me?
Did he kill himself because of me?
Of course not.
Was it because of you?
It’s complicated.
And you’re too young to understand.
I’ll ask Thomas.
He’ll tell me the truth.
I get it that you want to know.
But the truth is I don’t know.
You don’t know why he did it?
Was he unhappy?
Sometimes, he was.
Sometimes, he wasn’t.
Why was he unhappy?
I don’t know.
It was like some kind of illness.
Even when he was a boy,
he was unhappy?
Did he know about me before he died?
You think it’s because of me?
I’m sure it’s not.
Come here.
He was very happy
when he knew I was pregnant.
If he comes back again,
can we ask him why he died?
Come with me.
This place is quite a mess.
What happened?
It happened this morning.
Those bastards
have grabbed all the food.
– And you cops never do anything.
– Yeah, right.
– Were there many of them?
– I don’t know.
– Have you seen him?
– I haven’t seen anyone.
We’re looking for him.
– It looks like Toni’s brother.
– You know him?
Sort of.
He’s nuts.
He used to live
in an old house above the dam.
I’m telling you that,
but it was like ten years ago.
Thank you.
Go to the police station.
Another helping?
We are Esteban’s parents.
Do you remember us?
Hello, Mr. Koretzky.
Yes, I remember.
We’re probably not the first people
asking you that, but…
Esteban is fine.
You talked to him?
I wouldn’t say that I talked to him,
but we did communicate,
from one soul to another.
Did he talk…
I mean…
about us?
He told me he missed you.
He’s looking forward
to seeing you again.
Esteban is peaceful.
He’s waiting for you.
He knows you’ll be reunited one day.
What is she telling them?
She’s giving them hope.
Look at her.
She’s never been this peaceful
since she came back.
She’s found what she was looking for.
A purpose to her return.
We’d know if things had a purpose.
You scared me.
I’m accepting your invitation.
– You kept the keys?
– Yeah.
You can take my room.
I’ll sleep here, with Victor.
Suit yourself.
The guy we shot yesterday
wasn’t the cannibal.
I think I felt it.
You’ll be safe here.
– What are you doing here?
– Calm down.
Don’t move.
Don’t do it.
Get lost.
They must not see you.
You should leave.
The bar is closed.
No one will come here.
You want something to eat?
I’m not staying, anyway.
What are you gonna do?
Go see Adèle?
– Who are you?
– I’m your guardian angel.
Simon has disappeared.
Are you sure?
I’m coming.
All right, come quick.
What is it?
What happened to you?
Why did you want to die?
I didn’t want to die.
I saw you.
I saw you.
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