The Returned (2012) s01e07 Episode Script


Hello, we’re home!
– She’s here?
– Go to your room.
– What’s going on?
– Go to your room!
Keep your eyes open!
I’m here!
Can we take a break?
We’ve been walking for hours.
I’m exhausted.
I don’t get it.
We should be across the forest
by now.
Maybe you took the wrong way.
We’ve been walking straight
for hours.
Maybe you’ve lost
your sense of direction.
We’re just dragging our feet.
Maybe we should go home.
Cops must be swarming the place
because of the shit you pulled.
What about Mom?
What about her?
You think they’ll arrest her?
Don’t worry about her.
I’m sure she’s safe.
I’d like us to be together,
like we used to.
Come on, let’s go.
What’s that?
Is that you?
Holy shit, you scared me!
I thought you guys left me.
I’d never leave without you.
How could you think that?
It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
– Sorry to disturb you.
– It’s OK.
How are you?
Could you get some rest?
I’m sure Léna’s all right.
I’m so worried about her.
About Camille.
I need to show you something.
We can hold out for long with that.
We’ll be ready if it’s going to last.
You think it’s going to last?
It’s quite possible.
Jérôme said we’ll have to evacuate
because of the dam.
We won’t have to leave.
I promise you.
I hope we won’t need these,
but I won’t let anyone hurt Camille.
We have to protect
your daughter and the others.
Then, their presence will protect us.
Come with me.
What’s going on?
Now is not the time to be afraid.
Everything happens exactly
as it was written.
They came to warn us
that this world is about to end.
And what’s to come will be wonderful.
Come here.
It’s OK.
What are you doing here?
You hear me?
Don’t stand here!
He shouldn’t stay with you.
He might be dangerous.
He’s just a kid.
What’s the matter?
I think…
I think I’m one of them.
You’re what?
– A revenant.
– What?
What are you talking about?
After I was assaulted, doctors…
said I was pronounced
clinically dead.
– For a few seconds.
– It’s nothing.
They’ve been dead for decades.
They were buried.
Sure, there are rules.
That’s obvious.
You’re not like them.
– I’m sure.
– You don’t get it.
You don’t get anything.
I’m not scared of being like them.
It’s the opposite.
I feel like I’ve not been able
to live for years.
Maybe it’s because…
I’m dead.
Don’t you want
to come back inside, now?
Do you think he’ll be back?
The angel.
He must be angry at me.
Why are you saying that?
Because I was scared of him.
It’s OK to be scared of him.
People are usually scared of angels.
What if he wasn’t an angel?
What do you mean?
What if he really was Simon?
Except he was dead,
but not anymore.
He’s an angel.
Angels can’t stay on Earth.
But what if he could?
He’s my dad.
He can’t, honey.
– You drugged me?
– What?
Why are you upset?
You should thank me.
You hadn’t slept for how long?
Where are you going?
Are you really gonna beg Adèle
to live with you?
It’s not gonna happen.
Why do you insist?
You weren’t that happy with her
if you chose to…
Shut up.
Look at you.
You’ve changed.
You don’t belong with her anymore.
Neither with Adèle nor your daughter.
You’re dead.
Come with me.
I know where you need to go.
I just need to understand.
Good morning.
There’s hardly anyone this early.
It’s pretty dead.
Enjoy the meal.
They’ll put us on rations soon.
You’re a psychic?
It’s just common sense.
Your husband was my teacher.
I liked him.
He was?
He killed himself
the day you came back?
Being with a young woman
must have made him anxious.
– But…
– What do you want to know?
If I made him kill himself?
You think we can do that?
I don’t know.
– You’re accusing me?
– I’m not.
– How did you die?
– I’m sick of all your questions!
I starved to death, if you must know.
You starved?
After the dam burst,
we went three weeks without food.
People even started
to eat dead animals.
That’s awful.
You have no idea.
But you’ll soon know
what it’s like to starve.
You said to my mom
you died in your house fire.
I said that?
And you said to my dad
you were murdered by burglars.
You’re just making things up.
Just like you.
Why are you saying that?
I saw you with the Koretzkys
I told them what they wanted to hear.
It made them feel better.
Are you sure they feel better?
Take a look in the storehouse
to make sure.
Well, I have to go.
What are you gonna do?
I don’t know.
Make sure he doesn’t go out.
Where did you come from?
What’s your name?
You want to play here?
Hi, Julie.
I’m sorry.
Can he play on the trampoline
with Chloé?
Are you OK?
I just got dizzy.
– Do you need to sit down?
– I’m fine.
We were friends back then,
weren’t we?
We were.
It was a long time ago.
It’s nice that you came back
to Laure’s house.
It’s temporary.
You know,
a young man came to my door.
– He was looking for you.
– Really?
He mentioned Simon Delaître.
It was him?
Simon is dead.
I know.
He found you?
Hello, Father.
You remember me?
Of course, Simon.
Aren’t you surprised?
No, I was expecting
that either you or someone like you…
would come to me.
Let me put these away, and I’m yours.
What did you tell them?
Why are you asking her that?
She talked to them yesterday.
I don’t know what she said,
but look at what she’s done.
It doesn’t prove anything.
Is that what you’re thinking?
That she asked them
to commit suicide?
Maybe not directly.
Because of what she said
about the afterlife,
she might have given them ideas.
They kept crying yesterday.
That’s nonsense.
We should do something for them.
A ceremony,
to bring back some serenity.
Can I count on you
to help me with that?
Come on!
What is it?
We’re going in circles.
– What are you doing?
– I’m resting.
I’m exhausted.
They’re on our trail.
We can’t stay here.
If we can’t walk without getting lost,
we won’t lose them.
I’ll go and see
if there’s a path up there.
You take a break here.
We’ll move when I’m back.
Is that you?
How come
I’ve never seen you at school?
I don’t go to school.
– Why?
– Because I don’t like it.
No one likes going to school,
but we have to.
– How will you learn how to read?
– I can read.
– Who taught you?
– My dad.
Can you keep a secret?
Promise you won’t tell anyone.
I promise.
My dad was dead,
and now, he has come back for me.
I’m dead too.
Stop it.
Sweetie, can you hear me?
What happened?
Open your eyes.
Come on.
Don’t ever fucking disappear
like that again!
I missed you too.
I guess that’s why I came back.
To understand.
Yes, maybe.
You’ve known me since I was a boy.
You know my story.
I need your help.
It’s difficult…
You’ve always been very reserved.
When you heard about my suicide,
were you surprised?
I was…
– very sad.
– But were you surprised?
– That’s what I’m asking you!
– Surprised? Not really.
We all feared
you would do something like that.
I think I’ve changed.
I think I can now make Adèle happy.
Don’t move!
Hold out your hands!
Thank you.
What are you doing?
If we can’t walk around it,
we’ll just swim.
I don’t feel like swimming,
right now.
It’s gonna be OK.
It’s not very wide.
We did it when we were kids.
Come on.
You trust me?
The water’s not that cold.
All right!
Come on!
I won’t make it.
Sure you will!
How did it happen?
he came to my room, and we kissed.
That’s how he found out who I was.
He would have figured it out,
He’s stupid, but not that retarded.
I kissed him to hurt you.
Because you were rejecting me.
I’d never have done
that kind of thing before.
I don’t blame you.
Maybe I’m not who I used to be.
– Maybe you were right…
– You’re my sister.
We won’t let anyone say otherwise.
There’s something on your face.
Are you OK?
I wanted to tell you I’m sorry.
I think I misjudged Pierre.
There’s something
I don’t like about him,
but he’s not as dangerous
as I may have said.
I couldn’t stand
that he had influence over you.
You used to listen to me.
I must be a little jealous…
that he could help you,
and that I never could.
No one will notice.
Can you tell me what happened?
It’s not my fault.
I don’t do it on purpose.
Everything’s fine.
Don’t worry.
What is this?
What the hell is it?
Are you OK, sweetie?
I’m fine.
What happened?
She was playing on the trampoline,
and she fell.
– She fainted?
– I don’t think so.
– You were here?
– Of course I was.
I didn’t see everything.
– How could she have got hurt?
– She was with a little boy.
What little boy?
– The one Julie is taking care of.
– Victor?
– What did he do?
– I don’t know.
It happened when I was not looking.
Who’s that little boy?
Julie found him a few days ago.
Where does he come from?
We don’t know.
I’ll take care of it.
Take him to the police station.
Yes, Captain.
What happened?
Take us away from here.
They’re your daughters?
They’re pretty.
It’s a shame.
What’s a shame?
It won’t last.
Thanks for paying homage
to Joseph and Anna Koretzky.
Two well-known and valued people
in our small community.
I can imagine how upset your are
by what they did.
We have gathered
to express our fears,
our questions, our doubts.
I’d just like us to start…
by taking each other’s hands.
Take each other’s hands.
Say to the people beside you,
“You can count on me.”
Go ahead.
You can count on me.
Thank you.
What is your position?
Lieutenant, do you copy?
You’ll be in trouble.
It’s all right.
I was tired of being a cop, anyway.
I was tired of you being a cop, too.
How are you, sweetie?
Why did you want to die?
I didn’t.
I saw you.
Get up, and come with us.
– It’s OK, leave us.
– Are you sure?
Do you know them?
Are there others?
How did you do it with Adèle?
That can’t have been easy.
I won’t let you near my wife
and my daughter again.
– How?
– I’ll figure out.
I understand how you feel,
but don’t be afraid.
The departure of the Koretzkys
is not an end.
Death is no longer an end.
Our existence is not restricted
to our time on Earth.
Those who came back,
whom we welcomed, they prove it.
The Helping Hand was chosen
to be their haven.
– I need some air.
– A new world is about to be born.
And everyone…
Are you OK?
– Can we have some water?
– I’ll get some.
Where are we?
Didn’t we already get past the dam?
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