The Returned (2012) s02e01 Episode Script


Breathe slowly.
That's it.
Lie down, please.
We're nearly there.
What the hell's going on?
What's going on?
What the hell did you do?
- We took the usual road.
- It doesn't look like it.
Are you OK, Adèle?
What happened?
You don't remember anything?
You're in the emergency department
at the town hospital.
You had a fall on the stairs at home.
Then you fainted.
The paramedics wanted to transfer you
to another hospital
on the other side of the valley,
but it seems the ambulance
had a problem,
so they decided to
bring you back here.
The hospital is closed,
but the emergency department
is working as usual,
rest assured.
Don't worry.
The child is fine.
He's not hurt.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Please wait here a few minutes.
You'll be accompanied.
Are you Berg?
Weren't you due to arrive
this afternoon?
Yes, but the roads were clear.
Have you had lunch?
No, not yet.
It's a hamburger or a hot dog.
There's not much of a choice.
- I recommend the hot dog.
- We're out of hot dogs.
I'm not very hungry.
I'll have a coffee.
Thank you.
It's not great,
but it's the only place in town
still open.
Most of the townsfolk
have left so
If you're tired, someone can show you
where you're staying straight away.
No, I'm OK, thanks.
You'll see, the people
who have stayed here are a bit
But really,
after what happened to them
The flood.
Apparently you insisted
on coming here.
Yes, that's true.
You like out-of-the-way places?
I'm from around here.
The water rose really high around here,
almost to the third floor.
- Were you here when it happened?
- No.
We were caught unawares.
The water rose within a few minutes.
Your predecessor was never able
to explain how it happened so quickly.
You must have some new leads?
It's a little early to discuss it.
Were all the victims found?
No, we're still looking for bodies,
including those of the police officers.
We had to evacuate the people
who lived here by helicopter.
The day after the flood.
The water hasn't gone down.
We've been taking regular measurements.
Afternoon, Lieutenant.
Berg, from Investigations.
He's replacing Fongarnan.
I hope you'll be more effective.
The captain and his team are here
to help you with your investigation.
No change one way or the other.
It hasn't moved.
Is it the only place
where the water isn't draining?
No, the southern tip of the town
is also underwater.
We'll go up higher.
You'll get a better overview.
See those buildings?
That's the southern edge of the town.
- Here.
- Thanks.
That's the police station.
You can only see the roof.
The surrounding area
had to be evacuated.
On the right
is the hydroelectric plant.
And in the distance
you can see the dam.
According to the experts before you,
there are no leaks.
But there must be a link.
Have you heard of the Helping Hand?
It's where the police officers vanished.
So do you know any more about it?
No, not really.
The people who were sheltering there
didn't tell you anything?
They said a group of looters
attacked them in the night,
and when they came out the next morning,
the place was deserted.
No police officers, nobody.
Who were the looters?
They said they didn't know.
But I don't think
they gave us the full story.
- Sir?
- Yes?
You're needed right away.
Can you show them
where they can get settled, please?
Of course.
Was it dead when you found it?
Yes, sir. It's clearly
been attacked by another animal.
What are they doing?
I don't know.
- Is it another dead animal?
- Have you finished that exercise?
Anouk's parents are here.
- Hello, Adèle.
- Hello.
Anouk told us
you had an accident last week.
I had a little fall, yes.
But I'm fine now.
Perhaps you should rest.
I'm fine, thanks.
We're leaving the town.
Thank you for everything
you've done for Anouk
and for the other children too.
Lola's parents are moving too.
Soon there'll be nobody left here.
Forgive me for saying this,
but you should leave too.
I know things are
complicated for you.
But you and Chloé could stay with us.
I mean, for as long as you need.
Thank you.
But we're not leaving.
- If you change your mind
- I won't.
Well, goodbye, then.
Good bye.
Let the commander know Berg is here.
Yes, sir.
Alcide, your girlfriend's here.
Hello, Léna.
Who's that?
A new expert.
- Have you found something?
- No. He's here for the dam.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to come here every day.
I'll let you know if anything happens.
I don't mind.
I don't have a lot to do.
How's your father?
Building work progressing?
I suppose so.
OK, see you soon.
- Do you want me to take you home?
- No, thanks.
Are you OK?
I'm having a rest.
- What?
- What happened the other night?
What are you talking about?
When you fell down the stairs.
I came down for a drink
and I felt dizzy.
- Dizzy?
- Yes.
I lost my balance and I fell.
I saw you.
What did you see?
You fell on purpose.
That's not true.
I felt dizzy and I fell.
Are you OK?
Is it the baby?
He's moving.
Stop now.
Go on, get out.
Tristan and Pauline,
we are glad to welcome
your gifts of faith and trust.
We offer you ours in return.
You can count on us.
The Helping Hand welcomes you,
as do our hearts.
You can forget your fears.
I'll go in front to show you the way.
I'll be right behind you.
No, no
- Lie down.
- I have to see my brother.
- Lie down, sir.
- Lie back, sir.
Let me go!
- Calm down.
- Let me go!
Sir, please.
Please calm down.
- I'll give you an injection.
- Let me go!
Tell Father Jean-François!
Tell Father Jean-François, quickly.
Yes, Alcide?
How long are we going
to freeze on this dam for?
Excuse me.
Can you help me?
What are you doing here?
I don't know. I was on the bus.
I don't understand what's happened.
Where do you live?
Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Number 18.
My name's Audrey Sabatini.
- Isn't that the flood zone?
- Yes.
Where are your parents?
At home.
- That's not possible, miss.
- They must have been evacuated.
Where to?
Come with me. You'll be looked after.
- I just want to go home.
- Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Come this way.
Isn't your father here?
No, I couldn't get hold of him.
Where's Toni?
In the emergency room.
Are you sure it's him?
- I want to see him.
- That's not possible right now.
They won't let anyone near him.
Do they know what happened to him?
He was hit by a car.
He has a cut on his head,
but it's not serious.
But do they know he's dead?
They think he just disappeared.
As his body wasn't found
We must tell them.
This time, they'll have to believe us.
I don't think
that's a good idea, Léna.
I didn't ask your opinion.
Nobody but us knows what happened
to Toni. Nobody knows he's dead.
But if we all tell them,
they'll believe us!
No, they won't believe us.
If you tell them what happened
to Toni, you'll put him in danger.
Léna, your father.
Where were you?
What's going on?
Toni's returned.
Mr. Séguret, they have
some questions for you.
Why for me?
Come with me.
This is Mr. Séguret.
Follow me, please.
Sit down, Mr. Séguret.
- Do you know Toni Garrel?
- Yes. Have you found him?
- Yes.
- Where?
On the road, close to the dam.
Did he talk to you?
- No. Well, yes
- What did he tell you?
Not much so far.
He's clearly suffered a shock.
He can't remember anything.
Could I speak to him?
That's not possible. Sorry.
At the time of the flood you stated,
when you were questioned
about your wife's disappearance,
that he was dead, is that right?
- Why did you think he was dead?
- Because he was.
Did your wife know him?
Yes. Why do you ask me that?
Do you think
she could have followed him?
Or that he could have abducted her?
No. He would never have done that.
Why did you say he was dead?
Because I thought he was.
I'm not the only one!
No, but you're the only one
saying your daughter Camille
disappeared along with your wife.
- I don't see the connection.
- The connection?
You lied to us
about your daughter Camille,
so you're lying about Toni too.
I haven't lied.
Mr. Séguret
You know Camille cannot have disappeared
at the same time as your wife.
You know she's
We're doing all we can
to find your wife,
but you have to help us.
Tell us the truth.
But I've been trying to
tell you the truth for months.
Where are you taking me?
Those who lived in the flood zone were
moved to the other side of the valley.
- Your parents will be there.
- What happened?
Why don't I remember anything?
This kind of shock
can have an effect.
Watch out!
What's going on?
Where are you going?
I don't understand.
What the hell is going on?
I always take this road.
I don't understand.
Did the contractions start suddenly?
They weren't contractions.
They were punches.
It doesn't seem to be
linked to your fall in any case.
Is everything normal?
Was there anything
in your previous scans?
Are you definitely 24 weeks pregnant?
All measurements are
over the 100th percentile.
Which means
The baby's very big. It's more like
a fetus of eight months rather than six.
I can't find the name of your doctor.
Will you come with me?
See you later, Chloé.
Ms. Werther has had
strong contractions.
The child's heart rate
increased dramatically, as did hers.
She says she hasn't seen a doctor
since she became pregnant.
Did you know?
It's too late
to try and transfer her.
We'll definitely be inducing labor.
Come with me.
Are you OK, Chloé?
Is it your mom?
She's going to have the baby.
Don't worry.
I'm sure everything will be fine.
Are you hungry?
Shall I get you something to eat?
I'll be back soon.
Excuse me.
Good evening.
Did you bring Toni
to the emergency department?
Where was he when you hit him?
He was on a road near the dam.
Did he say anything to you?
Was he alone?
Yes. What do you want to know?
I knew Toni. I'm worried about him.
Was he with you at the Helping Hand
on the night of the flood?
- Yes.
- What happened to him?
I don't know.
I wanted to call you.
- But
- You were too scared.
- When did you return?
- Two months ago.
You're living
at the Helping Hand, right?
Him too?
- What do you do there?
- Help Pierre with the new arrivals.
The new arrivals.
Those who've decided to join us.
They believe us.
Damn it.
You could come and live with us.
Yeah, right.
I'd rather die.
We'll be safe there,
whatever happens.
What did they tell you?
Did you get to talk to Toni?
What did they ask you, then?
I told you, nothing!
They don't know anything.
They won't let us talk to him.
- We should get out.
- Are you joking? You want to leave?
Stay if you want.
Are you going to leave me on my own?
I can't stand being on my own anymore.
What's going on with you?
Why don't you answer your phone?
Have you started drinking again?
- Of course not. Léna
- Leave.
- Léna
- Leave!
Are you OK, Adèle?
Take me home.
I beg you.
Don't worry, Adèle.
They'll look after you here.
At least you're safe.
And I'm sure everything will be OK
with the birth.
I don't want to have the baby.
I don't want him to come out.
I understand your worry, but
For months you've shown
such admirable courage.
The very fact that you wanted
to keep this child
I didn't want to keep this child.
I tried to abort it.
Several times.
But it didn't work.
What do you mean?
Thomas is not his father.
Who is?
Where are we?
We're nearly there.
Mrs. Séguret?
- Audrey?
- Camille!
What a nightmare!
Where are we?
We're safe.
- Everything's fine, don't worry.
- There was a flood, right?
That's right.
I should tell my parents.
We will, don't worry.
What happened with the bus?
Was it because of the flood?
- There was an accident
- But everything's fine now.
We'll look after you, don't worry.
You must be hungry.
- Yes.
- Of course you are.
Camille, let's make
something for Audrey.
You mustn't tell her.
- Not straight away.
- She'll work it out.
Keep your voice down, please!
If we tell her now,
she'll think we're crazy.
You don't think she already does?
Let her rest
and we'll tell her tomorrow.
Tell me what?
Has something happened to my parents?
No, they're fine.
I have to go home.
You mustn't go out.
Otherwise they'll come.
Don't worry, Chloé.
I'm sure everything will be fine.
They'll look after your mom,
you'll see.
And the baby?
I'm sure the baby will be fine.
But will he be like us,
or like them?
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is
the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
She's up to 110.
Get the OR ready.
Shall I take you home?
Who's downstairs?
They've just returned.
It's started again.
Adéle's been taken to the hospital.
Is it happening tonight?
You see?
Soon we'll all be reunited.
I told you.
Are you sure?
I'm going to need your help.
You can count on me.
It's nearly all finished.
Kiss me.
I was wondering
if you were still asleep.
- Are you hungry?
- Not really. Thanks.
Shall we play a game?
Yes, which one?
I don't know.
Whatever you like.
Do you recognize her?
Is it Laure?
Do you miss her?
Will you always be with me?
Yes, of course.
Whatever happens?
You'll never be alone.
But will you always be with me?
I promise.
There's someone downstairs.
Who are you?
My name's Julie.
My little boy.
Relax and count backwards from ten.
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