The Returned (2012) s02e02 Episode Script


We've been waiting for you.
Milan, Pierre's here.
Good evening, Pierre.
We have chosen you.
You just need to frighten them.
Don't worry, Mr. Costa.
They know what they need to do.
I'm not sure I can do it.
Of course you can, Pierre.
Do what you think is right.
- A glass of wine, Hélène?
- Yes.
Antoine? Are you OK?
What do you want?
We want you to leave.
And not come back.
What have we done to you?
You've already been warned.
We want him to go.
Don't you remember
what happened to you?
I remember
I'd put the boys to bed.
That's all.
Victor has a brother?
Your son.
Yes, he has a brother.
Where do you think he is?
I don't know.
And my husband?
Is he dead too?
I don't know.
I remember her.
She's married to Mr. Costa,
the boys' teacher.
What happened to her?
She can't remember either.
Are you also
She's not dead.
Why are you here, then?
I mean
Louis was on his own, so I
But you're here now.
He's not on his own anymore.
Thank you.
For looking after him.
They nearly made it to the town.
We need more people
to help pick them up.
Some of them have already gotten away.
Do you think more will come?
I suppose so.
Go see Adèle
and tell me what's happening.
You shouldn't be up, Adèle.
Why is this place so empty?
This wing is more peaceful for you.
There aren't many people
in the hospital.
You had a general anesthetic.
You need some time to recover.
I'm sure you'd like to hear
how your child is.
He's doing fine.
He's under observation,
but that's normal procedure.
- He'll be brought to your room later.
- No.
I don't want you
to bring him to my room.
You need to rest a while. I'll ask
the nurse to give you something.
I don't want to take anything.
I'd like to go home.
We must keep you under observation.
- If you change your mind
- I won't change my mind.
He was born last night.
Is he OK?
I think so, yes.
But I haven't been able to see him yet.
And your mother?
She's fine.
You must look after your brother.
I can't.
You have to look after him.
Do you understand?
You have to do it for me. OK?
Come here.
The studies show that the water came
from saturated layers under the town.
No one understands why
they swelled so much or so quickly.
The dam has been checked
dozens of times since the flood
and your predecessors found nothing.
No cracks, inside or outside.
Geologists have been
studying the subsoil.
They've detected no significant
movement around the dam.
There's nothing to help us understand
why the water didn't drain away.
What's going on?
They're looking for a young girl who
disappeared in the woods last night.
Will you be needing us?
No, not for the moment, thanks.
Good morning.
There's no access to the town.
We're Audrey Sabatini's parents.
Of course.
We'll escort you.
What's going on?
We got the lab report
on the dead stag.
It says the bite marks on the stag
don't match the teeth of an animal.
- Meaning?
- It could have been bitten by a human.
Thank you.
So, did you speak to Toni?
He told the soldiers
he couldn't remember anything.
The doctors think
he's still in shock.
- Will he stay in the hospital?
- No.
He'll be discharged, but they'll
keep him under surveillance.
I'll let you know
What are they doing here?
Audrey Sabatini's parents are here.
Please, sit down.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
Have you been informed?
A little.
A young girl turned up
at the dam last night.
She seemed lost and very confused.
When we asked her name,
she said it was Audrey Sabatini.
She also said she lived at
18, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
That's your address, isn't it?
Yes, it's where we lived
before the flood.
Where is this girl?
The guard was driving her
to the other side of the valley,
but she ran away.
We've been searching for her
since this morning.
What did she look like?
Brown hair, dark eyes,
fair skin with freckles,
about 5ft 7in.
Do you know anyone
who matches this description
and could have assumed
your daughter's identity?
Someone at school with her,
or a member of her family
who would have known about her death.
No, I can't think of anyone.
I can imagine how overwhelming
this must be for you.
The search is in progress in the area
where the girl disappeared.
Alone in the woods at that age
She won't go far.
We'll find her very soon.
Audrey, why don't you
come downstairs?
My mom's made something to eat.
- So?
- She won't let me in.
She must be terrified.
Audrey's always terrified.
Take this up to her.
She must be hungry.
She gets room service?
Lucky girl.
Be nice to your friend, please.
She's never been my friend.
When are you going to tell her?
- What?
- That she's dead.
Aren't things traumatic enough
for her right now?
Thanks. I've been through it, remember?
But when you came back,
your parents were there.
She's on her own.
Do you think I enjoy living
locked up with you 24/7?
What matters is that we're together.
Would you rather be alone?
I didn't ask you to come with me.
You should've stayed there.
I don't regret any of it.
I do.
Sorry it's a bit dry.
There's no butter.
Thank you.
Don't you want to eat?
Are you sure?
Aren't you hungry?
No, I'm not hungry.
He's a bit confused.
He's changed.
He's growing up.
That's good, isn't it?
Want to sit with your mom?
That's not very kind.
She scares me.
Go on. Sit with her.
Did you know Victor's mother well?
No, not really.
It was my husband
who knew her really.
- What was she like?
- What do you mean?
I don't know.
Were things OK with her kids?
But what goes on
behind closed doors
What about her husband?
I don't know.
You're not being very helpful.
I'm telling you what I know.
It was mainly the little boy
who had problems.
He was picked on at school.
He has that unfortunate look,
don't you think?
You must be sad.
Before, you had him to yourself,
and now
She does have rights,
she is his mother.
I'm happy Victor's found his mother.
What matters is that he's happy.
Of course.
No, I'm only worried
because I find her a bit strange.
Sure. And he's totally normal.
Well, thank you, Mrs. Costa.
Where are Toni and your mother?
They've gone.
Because of the flood,
everyone was evacuated.
What about you?
I hid.
Give me some more, please.
Serge, you're not alone anymore.
I need to be able to trust you.
Yes, Dad.
Go and get the guns.
Will you be OK?
I'll leave you.
Hello. Sorry to bother you.
Who are you?
- I work on the dam.
- What do you want?
- Can I come in?
- No.
The soldiers picked up
a young girl last night.
She was lost.
She told them
her name was Audrey Sabatini.
Did you know?
Where is she?
They're looking for her.
She was on the bus with
your daughter Camille, wasn't she?
Why are you talking
about my daughter?
I'd like you to tell me what happened
at the Helping Hand.
- Your daughter
- Is dead.
Hello, Yan.
Hello, Sandrine.
Hello, Pierre.
The soldiers called us.
I know.
You're welcome here.
I didn't want to come back,
but Yan insisted.
We've been given
temporary accommodation.
Here, everyone will understand.
Everyone will listen.
There's nothing to say.
Audrey is dead.
I thought everyone would have gone.
Many have gone, but some have stayed.
And others have just arrived.
Do they know what happened here?
Of course.
I think we should stay here,
as Pierre suggests.
Hello. It's good to see you again.
- Can I talk to you?
- Of course.
Excuse me.
Toni's at the Lake Pub.
I'm dead, aren't I?
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to return.
I had to pay for what I did to Serge.
Do you know where Serge is?
I went by your house several times,
but no one was there.
Have you seen my mother or Camille?
I'm sorry.
I just wanted it all to be over.
Hello, Toni.
Hello, Léna.
What do you want?
We know what happened to you.
You need our help.
They won't leave you alone.
You'll be safe with us.
Don't trust them.
You can count on us.
- I'm scared.
- Don't worry.
Of course you're scared.
Sir! Still no trace of the girl.
We're heading to
the northern perimeter.
- Esteban!
- What's going on?
- Esteban's outside.
- Open the door.
- Let him in, please.
- Open the door!
Oh, my God, I'm so happy to see you.
Come inside, quickly.
What the hell's going on?
There's no one around.
There was no one at home.
I couldn't get in.
At home?
Esteban lived in the area.
Why "lived"?
They'll come looking for you.
We need to hide you.
Mom, what are you doing?
Get in.
Are you mad?
I'm not staying here.
- It's to protect you.
- Mom, leave him.
- Esteban.
- What are you doing?
- I'm going.
- No!
- Give me the key!
- You have to stay here.
Give it to me!
- No.
- Mom, let him!
- No!
- Mom!
Come with me.
No, Camille!
- Maybe there's another road.
- No, this is the only one.
What is this?
I told you, there was a flood.
Isn't there a rescue team
looking for us?
No, no one's looking for you.
I don't care. I'm going across.
Who are they?
What is this?
What do they want?
We can't stay here.
You've made the right choice.
Here, nothing can happen to you.
Isn't that Toni?
No, it's not him anymore.
Toni's dead.
Who were those people?
As long as you stay away from them,
you're fine.
What do they want with us?
They want to stop us from leaving.
Why? What do they want?
A ransom?
Why is no one looking for us?
Because we're dead.
Four years ago, the bus taking us
on a school trip had an accident.
None of us survived.
Everyone thinks you're dead.
No one will come to get you.
We can't leave.
- Camille, that's impossible.
- It's the truth, I swear.
Let's not stay here.
Wait! I said wait!
- What are you doing, Camille?
- I'm showing you I'm dead.
When you're dead, you're immortal.
You can't die again.
This way you'll see I'm not lying.
Camille, stop, please.
What do you know?
How do you know you're immortal?
You know the rules, do you?
I have something to show you.
What's this?
I'm collecting information
on all those who returned
at the same time as Camille.
And what's that?
They all
They all died
in the valley
in tragic accidents,
drownings, murders
What are you looking for?
Why Camille returned
and they didn't.
I'm looking for some meaning
an explanation, a reason.
So I've collected all the dates
when they died, you see?
I don't have them all, but when I do,
I think I'll find the pattern.
Well, a pattern.
If you stack the dates and locations
on top of each other,
you can see different zones
taking shape.
They're like entry and exit points.
They open and close
at different times.
As if in a circle.
And I think that if I can
understand this pattern
I’ll know where and when
Claire and Camille will return.
Return from where?
I don't know where they are.
And this is what
you've been doing for months?
This is what you meant by "work"?
Léna, I know
Wait, Léna.
Léna, listen
Toni and your mother are dead.
I saw the two crosses.
You lied to me, Serge.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Why aren't you dead too?
I am dead.
Tell me the truth now, Serge.
I promise.
I promise, I'm like you.
It was Toni.
He stopped me from doing something bad.
What did Toni do to you?
What did he do to you?
I had to stop. He warned me
I had to stop.
What's this?
This is where your bus fell.
Your baby's health
has deteriorated rapidly.
His heart rate is too slow.
It's less than 70 beats per minute.
Not nearly enough for a newborn.
He's going to be put on a ventilator.
If you'd like to see him,
we can take you to him.
I'd like to go home.
It's possible that
I'm sorry to say it like this, but we
may not be able to raise his heart rate.
I think it's important
you come and see him now.
What name are you going to give him?
It is essential he has a name,
even if he dies.
Call him what you like.
I prefer it when his hair is shorter.
What's this?
What's wrong?
He knows he mustn't draw.
Why not? He loves drawing.
And I know what's good for him or not.
You mustn't draw, Louis.
You know that.
My name's Victor.
- Stay here.
- What are you doing?
You don't know him.
You have no idea
what my husband and I did for him.
You have no right to judge me.
His lack of progress is worrying.
There's a high chance he may die.
You shouldn't be in here, Chloe.
He's going to die.
You have to do something.
Please, Mom.
Are you OK?
He's returned.
I have a pulse.
Prepare the intubation equipment.
Are you OK?
Why doesn't your mother
want you to draw?
I don't know.
- Because she doesn't love me.
- Of course she does.
You love me.
It's because you love me
that I've grown.
Sometimes she used to stop me
from leaving the house.
- Didn't your father say anything?
- Yes, he did.
Was he nicer?
Maybe he'll return too.
- He won't return.
- Why do you say that?
He's not dead.
He's not dead.
He's alive.
Good night, Mr. Lewanski.
We've reached
the perimeter limit, sir.
We'll suspend the operation.
It's almost dark.
Follow them!
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