The Returned (2012) s02e03 Episode Script


Wake up.
I love you.
You're cute.
Get dressed. I have to go home.
- What's your name again?
- Morgane.
Isn't that a girl's name?
Apparently not.
Hurry up.
Come on.
Come on.
Milan! Milan, please!
- Lucy?
- Milan!
Are you OK, Lucy?
What's the matter?
It's Milan. He's nearby
and he's looking for us.
What does he want?
To do harm.
I'll stop him.
Have more arrived?
Take them inside.
Are you OK?
I didn't know he was dead.
It looks like they died
around six months ago.
Your colleagues were all killed
with a firearm. Most likely a handgun.
They were dead when they were taken
into the forest and tied to the trees.
We only found 21 bodies.
One is missing.
We'll know who that is soon.
Why were they tied to the trees?
I'm sorry.
Have you ever seen anything like it?
Never this size.
What do you think caused it?
Usually a sinkhole is caused by
deterioration in the subterranean strata.
It often happens
after a sudden rise in water level
or the diversion of a water course.
In this case, it's more likely to be
mudslides or subsidence around the lake.
We'll have to go farther away
to assess the damage.
- Is it recent?
- I wouldn't think so.
Is it linked to the flood?
I don't know.
We're a long way from the town.
Exploration of the hole will tell us.
If that's it, you'll be getting a medal.
What gave you the idea
to search this area?
I wasn't looking for anything. I usually
come here when I'm in the valley.
Did you live here when the dam burst?
I remember the pictures at the time.
A lot of people died.
- Did they ever find out what happened?
- No.
They couldn't reach the bottom.
They went down to 500 feet and
no further. It's too narrow beyond that.
Why don't we use the cameras
they use in oil wells?
I think they can go down
to 5,000 feet.
We can try,
but we don't have any right here.
We'll do what it takes.
The men will stay
until the equipment arrives,
and we'll inform you
of any developments.
Have you come back to live here?
Have they found Audrey?
- Not yet.
- Audrey is dead.
Why are you here, then?
Hello, Jérôme.
What do you want?
Do you know where Léna is?
No, sorry.
We don't talk much anymore.
- We can look for her with you.
- No, it's all right, thanks.
I don't have good memories
in this place.
What are they all doing here?
What have you told them?
You're waiting for them to return.
We're like you, Jerome. We're looking
for answers to our questions.
I'm not looking for answers anymore.
I'm looking for my wife and my daughter.
Both of my daughters.
And clearly you can't help me.
Help me.
Is she still asleep?
She's a pretty girl.
Is she your fiancée?
How did you meet her?
I met her in the bar
where Toni worked.
- Why did she come to see you?
- I don't know.
You've hurt her as well.
- Is she dead?
- No.
Come on.
You have to go home.
Who's that?
Is he like you?
Have you seen my sister?
Do you know where she is?
- You must leave here, please.
- I saw Toni.
He's returned.
Where is he?
I'll tell you if you tell me
where Camille is.
I don't know where she is.
- Maybe he knows.
- Don't speak to him.
I'll take you to your sister.
You know where she is?
I'll take you,
but don't go near him.
What are you doing?
I'm going hunting.
I need to get some food.
What about her?
She's going to go home.
Don't lie to me.
She's asked me to take her
to see her sister.
And where is her sister?
She's dead.
Let her go. Don't hurt her.
Take her to the clearing.
Release her.
We must help her to join her sister.
That's why we've returned.
To help them come and join us.
I can't.
She trusts you.
Take her.
Take her to the clearing.
She needs you.
Are you listening to me, Serge?
- OK.
- Good.
That's better.
It's over.
It's over now.
You scared me. Don't do that!
At first I couldn't sleep either.
But it's better now.
Were you hungry all the time?
Yes, but not so much now.
Are the people who are
stopping us going out dead too?
Why do they look like zombies
and we don't?
I don't know.
Maybe because they died
a very long time ago.
Did they do that to you?
If we stay inside
they won't do anything to us.
How long have you been here?
Five or six months.
It's very hard to keep track.
But why did you return before us?
I don't know.
Where are our parents?
Everyone was evacuated
because of the flood.
Do my parents know
that Camille returned?
Then they won't have gone.
They must be looking for us.
My parents would never give up on me.
- They can't look for you.
- Camille
Your parents are dead.
They committed suicide.
I'm sorry.
What about my parents?
I don't know.
But I'm sure
you'll see them again one day.
You see how handsome he is?
He used to say
he wanted to marry me.
Soon there'll be no more room.
In any case, if Milan finds us,
we'll have to go somewhere else.
Do you know where?
We'll find somewhere.
- Do you want me to stay?
- No.
Your son's waiting for you.
Bring him back here. We need him.
Where's the baby's room?
- We haven't prepared one yet.
- You can put him in my room.
Put him upstairs on the landing.
I'd have preferred her to stay
a few more days in the hospital.
Don't worry, Doctor.
I'll keep an eye on her.
Maybe a nurse should stay with you,
at least for today.
It's not necessary, thanks.
Adele, we're here to help you.
Bringing a child into the world
is an overwhelming thing,
but it can also be terrifying,
especially when you're on your own.
OK. I know all that, thank you.
All right.
How do you know that song?
It's nice, isn't it?
Nathan loves it.
He has to have a name.
Go to your room.
Go to your room
and don't go near him.
You're crazy!
I understand your anger, but
don't take it out on Chloé.
Your daughter's right.
You have to give this child a name.
If Chloé had been a boy
he wanted him to be called Nathan.
- Who did?
- Simon.
- You must have told Chloé that.
- Never.
The song she was singing to him
was one of Simon's songs.
He wrote it for me.
She can't know it.
It's him.
It's this child.
Simon's haunting us through him.
Adele, this child is the continuation
of Simon's existence.
And he's the continuation
of your love for him.
I have no more love.
I have no more love for him.
You were terrified
when Simon returned.
- You were right to be.
- No.
- But
- Go away.
Get out of my house.
I don't want to see you again.
This is Paul, Louis's brother.
He returned last night.
Hello, Paul.
This is Julie.
She was looking after your brother.
Hello, Louis. Look who's here.
It's your brother, Paul.
Come here.
Go on.
Esteban? Are you OK?
- Do you want a cookie?
- Yes, please.
- Do you want something, Louis?
- No, thanks.
Drink your milk.
Why is she dressed like that?
She's cold.
She's not like us.
There are more and more of them.
If I were you, I wouldn't stay.
The situation isn't going to improve.
I'm not worried.
The boy doesn't need you anymore.
He's got his mother and his brother.
You looked after him very well,
but it's over now.
You don't belong here.
Where would I go?
Anyway, we can't go out.
We can't, but you can.
They know you won't say anything.
We must go and look for him.
We mustn't go out.
You want us to sit and wait for him?
Esteban is in danger.
You shouldn't have told him
what happened to his parents.
Would you rather I'd lied to him?
You like lies, don't you?
Like the story about
when you were attacked.
- Is it him?
- No, it's the guy from yesterday.
- Let him in.
- No.
- Give me the key.
- No, Camille.
There's nothing to fear.
He can help us find Esteban.
You don't know that.
He's like them.
- He's like me, he's like Audrey.
- Stop it, Camille.
- Give me the key.
- You will not go out.
You're crazy!
I need to go outside.
It's best if you stay here
for the moment. It's safer.
- Are you still hungry?
- Yes.
Don't worry.
We'll give you some food.
Has your memory come back?
I just remember climbing
onto the parapet on the dam.
I really wanted to jump.
Then this young woman, Julie,
arrived and stopped me.
After that, it's a black hole.
- Do you know where the others are?
- No.
- Were you with them?
- I told you I don't know!
What will happen to me now?
What's to become of me?
As long as you stay with us,
you're in no danger.
I'd like to find
my brother and mother.
Get some rest.
Maybe you'll remember something else.
Make sure no one gives him any food.
Take turns so he's never left alone.
You start.
Esteban found out
his parents are dead.
They died because of me.
They asked me if I knew where
their son was, if I'd seen him and
I told them he was waiting for them.
They'd have done it anyway,
don't you think?
- You think so?
- I'm sure.
Did he die a long time ago?
Quite a while.
When were you born?
October 1, 1957.
You're really old!
You're the same age as my father.
Why aren't the others like us?
Which others?
The ones living here
who don't want us to leave.
Because no one was waiting for them.
No one was hoping they'd return.
- Was someone waiting for you?
- Yes.
- Your parents?
- Yes.
Are they alive or
I don't really want
to talk about them.
Stop! Stop it.
Stop! Stop it!
Stop, you're hurting me. Stop it!
Stop! Let me go!
Let go! You're hurting me!
Let go of him! Let go!
Don't do that!
What's going on?
- We were only playing.
- Yes, we were playing.
I thought
Paul, come and get washed up.
Louis, you'll come afterwards.
I'm sorry.
Are you going?
Well, I don't know, maybe.
You promised.
I know, but
Now that your mother and brother are
here, maybe you don't need me anymore.
I don't need you.
It's you who needs me.
You have nobody in your life except me.
You're alone.
The child would have been unhappy
with you.
Which child?
The one you had in your belly
when he attacked you in the tunnel.
It's better for him that he died.
You mustn't come here
when I'm not here.
I know. I'm sorry.
Is the baby OK?
I'm frightened she'll hurt him.
She doesn't love him.
I'm here now.
Will you take him away with you?
If you do, you'll take me with you,
You won't leave me alone?
Of course.
Don't worry.
It's us.
You scared me.
Where are we?
You must take me
to where my sister is.
Your brother's at the Helping Hand.
It's late. We must go.
I knew you wouldn't do it.
It's simple, Serge.
Either you leave her to bleed to death
or you finish her off.
Go on!
Do it, Serge.
Do it, Serge!
Finish her off!
- Go on!
- Shut up!
Stop cheating, Toni. It's a pain.
But since you've cheated,
I won't make you play again.
Where is she?
What have you done to her?
What have you done to her?
Hey! What have you done to her?
Let go of me!
What have you done to her?
Take him downstairs.
- Take the children home.
- Yes.
Put it away, quickly.
Toni, Serge, go on.
Put him with her.
Is she dead?
She's saved now.
I've washed her of all her sins.
Why did you lock the door?
For your safety.
I'm hungry. You said
you'd give me some food.
We have to be careful.
There are a lot of us
and we don't have unlimited supplies.
But if you tell us
where the others are
I told you I don't know.
We know you're lying.
I want to go home.
Let go of me!
What's going on?
Damn you!
He must tell us what he knows.
- What are you doing?
- You were right, Sandrine.
I was wrong.
I now know what they can do.
- What's happened?
- We've lost the signal.
- Something's blocking it.
- What?
No idea.
What was that?
I'm closing up now.
- Do you know him?
- I'll take care of him.
I don't know what to do with him.
Hello, Jérôme.
What do you want?
I'm looking for someone too.
I think I can help you.
Too late.
"Don't worry," the mermaid said.
"I’ll make you richer and happier
than you have ever been."
"You just have to give me the next
creature that's born in your house."
Are you going?
Thank you.
The mermaid
disappeared into the water,
and the miller,
filled with confidence and bravery,
went home to his mill.
He hadn't yet reached it
when a serving woman appeared
at the door, telling him to rejoice.
His wife had just had a baby.
It was as if the miller
had been struck by a thunderbolt.
He realized the treacherous mermaid
had known already
and that she'd tricked him.
Good luck, Julie.
He approached his wife's bed.
When she asked him, "Why aren't you
rejoicing over our beautiful baby boy?",
he told her what had just happened and
the promise he'd made to the mermaid.
"What good are happiness and riches
to me," he added,
"if I must lose my child?"
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