The Returned (2012) s02e04 Episode Script


I know you've done all you can
to help your son.
To stop him from doing bad things
and stealing.
But you're not to blame.
Sometimes the love of a father
or a mother isn't enough.
Let me help you.
Let me help you bring Virgil back
to the straight and narrow.
Come on
Where are my parents?
Who are you?
Get out.
He's beautiful.
Where's the baby?
It looks like he needed a mother.
Look how happy they are.
What happened to them?
They died during the flooding
of the old village.
The woman had just had a child.
You did the right thing.
Your child is safe now.
It looks like it's stopped bleeding.
We need to put a dressing on it now.
Otherwise it could get infected.
I'll see what there is in the bathroom.
You don't look at all alike anymore.
Give her room to breathe.
Don't worry.
We'll look after you.
My darling.
Didn't you find anything?
There's nothing left.
Not even a Band-Aid.
We really need to give her
something for the pain.
Maybe there's something
in the next house.
- I could go and look.
- No.
I'll go.
It's better if you stay with Léna.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm sorry.
Did you take me back to my house?
Thank you.
Do you need help?
My daughter's hurt
and we have nothing to treat her with.
Stay here.
I'll see if I can find something.
Can you help me?
Do you think she's dead?
I'd rather you didn't speak to me.
Who is it?
- Your mom wouldn't like it.
- It's OK, Audrey.
- Come in.
- Hi.
Here. Come with me.
She's a pain in the butt.
Who's in the living room?
A girl I don't know.
She just came back.
What happened to her?
I don't know.
Do you think she's dead?
You'd know if she was,
wouldn't you?
You can feel these things.
For example, I can feel
that you know this girl.
Her name is Léna.
She's your sister.
How do you know that?
You can feel things
that people try to hide from you too.
Hadn't you realized?
Is your name Virgil?
Well done.
You ride a moped.
Are you OK?
I saw what happened to you.
Hi, little boy.
Could you come and help me?
You know, I've done some stupid things,
but I understand now.
I won't do it again.
Come and help me.
Go on.
Serge. Come with me.
Eat, Toni.
You let him go, didn't you?
Look what you did, Serge.
Look what happens
when people disobey me.
Hold this.
What have you done, Serge?
Help me.
Help me
and I'll forget what's happened.
Don't be scared, Serge.
Nothing will happen to you.
I won't punish you. Trust me.
They don't mean you any harm.
Look, there.
The hand.
The face.
We lost the camera signal
for several minutes and then
The geologist says the area where it was
seen is accessible from another place.
Do you want us to send some men in,
Search the surrounding area.
Alcide, you must help me.
It's them.
They've taken him, I'm sure.
- Who?
- Them.
I can't tell them,
but you believe me, don't you?
Help me find my son, I beg you.
An investigation is underway.
They won't let you go anywhere.
I'm sorry.
Adele, it was Chloe who called us
about the baby's disappearance.
And the doctor who oversaw your birth
has been questioned.
He said your behavior was high-risk.
They think it was me?
How could they think that?
Of course it was you.
You tried to make him die
when he was in your belly.
I saw you.
This time you succeeded.
What the hell are you doing here?
Feeling better?
How did you get in my house?
I brought you home.
Are all these people dead?
Him too?
So you think there's a link between
the deaths of all these people, right?
I don't know. Maybe.
Have you spoken to this little boy?
But he was at the Helping Hand
on the night of the flood.
- Do you know him?
- Yes.
His name is Louis. Louis Lewanski.
I know where he lived.
Mr. Lewanski?
Is anyone here?
What do you want?
It's just that I saw you at the window
so I thought
You scared me.
Well, you scared me too.
Are you sure?
The police say there were people
in the house next door.
Did you see someone?
Tell me. It's important.
Who was it?
It was Simon.
He promised that he wouldn't
leave me on my own.
I know where Milan is.
Come on.
I'd rather stay here.
No, you promised to help me.
He seems anxious.
No, he's hungry.
No. He's missing his mother.
They're just two strangers to him.
No, they're not two strangers.
What do you mean?
He knows he can trust them.
You can too.
You know them.
I told you
you'd see your parents again.
He's settled down.
Don't tell them who you are.
They think that baby's you.
There's no sugar.
There's none to be had.
Thank you.
It's very kind of you.
So, are those cookies good?
Is anyone else living in the hamlet?
The house down there,
Mr. Lewanski's.
Do you know what happened to him?
Are you related to him?
I used to come and give him insulin
injections a few years ago. I'm a nurse.
Six months ago,
he passed out in his kitchen.
He keeled over
and cut his head open.
He had to be taken to the hospital.
Is he still in the hospital?
I don't know. Maybe he died.
Do you know where I might find a member
of his family or someone who'd know?
He lived like a hermit.
You know what happened to him,
don't you?
His wife and his two boys
were murdered.
It was 35 years ago,
but he never got over it.
My husband died at that time too.
He was attending mass
when the disaster happened.
When the dam burst.
Everyone who was in the church died.
He never usually went, but I was ill
and he went to pray for me.
I've never set foot
in a church since.
Is this it?
Are you OK?
Yes, thank you.
What on earth is that?
I've no idea.
The house down the hill there
that burned down is Mr. Costa's house.
He killed himself
just before the flood.
Do you think
that it might be linked?
For a long time, this hamlet was called
"the Hand of God." Did you know that?
As it's in the hills,
everyone who lived here was spared
from the flood when the dam burst.
But in the years following,
many of those who were saved have died.
They've died violently.
As if God had decided to take back
what he had given.
Did the person you're looking for
die at that time?
He's my father.
Are you OK?
Your mother
is looking for you.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Go on.
Don't be scared.
Audrey, my daughter
She's dead.
She returned the same night as you.
Some soldiers saw her in the forest.
Maybe you saw her?
I'm not like Pierre.
You can trust me.
My brother used to kill girls.
He ate their stomachs.
I killed him to make him stop.
He had to stop.
Save me, please.
My God
Your neck
Help me.
Help me get out of here,
I beg you.
Your daughter
What about my daughter?
What about my daughter?
Are you OK?
What did he say?
Did he mention Audrey?
Does he know where she is?
What happened?
He has
He has these abrasions on his neck.
He seems to be in so much pain.
He's not in pain.
How do you know that?
He can't feel pain anymore.
He's showing us his true face.
They had no pity.
We must have none for them.
You shouldn't get up, darling.
For what?
Sorry for leaving you on your own.
I thought it was better
to come in this way.
Are you OK?
You're worried about your sister.
I'm scared of what might happen to her
if she stays here.
I know how your mother and sister
can get back to the town.
I can take them back
but not you.
We must stay together.
If one of us becomes isolated,
we're all in danger.
Who made you believe that?
It was Lucy, wasn't it?
You remember what happened to you
when you went to the Helping Hand.
They rejected you.
They wanted to harm you.
- Léna too.
- No.
And you harmed her too.
To defend yourself,
because she'd rejected you.
As my parents rejected me
when I returned.
I'm sure that if you went back to see
your parents now, they'd understand.
I'm sure they'd be happy to see you.
I thought that too.
That's why I went
even though Lucy had told me not to.
I thought that they'd understood,
that they'd accepted it.
But no one can accept this.
Lucy was right.
This is what we do.
We cause the death of those we love,
without meaning to.
Where is he?
Right there.
I'll deal with him.
Go and find your brother.
He's expecting you.
Thank you. I hope
I'm not being too much trouble.
Where else would you go?
You seem quite lonely.
Excuse me, but who is this?
He was the owner of the café.
Everyone knew him.
He was a brave man,
someone you could rely on.
He helped me a lot
after my husband's death.
He helped a lot of people, because
after the disaster, we were all alone.
There were no police,
no public authorities.
It was lucky there were people like him
to prevent looting and burglaries.
He organized surveillance groups
to deter thieves.
Mr. Lewanski's family died in a burglary
that went wrong. ls that right?
People said that, but it wasn't true.
What happened?
People were scared.
Scared of Mr. Lewanski?
They were scared of the little boy.
Of Vic Of Louis?
People said
a lot of things about him.
Strange things.
What sort of strange things?
People said what had happened
was his fault.
The bursting of the dam.
People said he was the devil.
But why?
People were a bit crazy back then.
We were all confused.
We were looking for people to blame.
So many people had died.
You have to have gone through it
to understand.
- What is it?
- Help me.
What is this?
Think about it.
What happened to you?
How did you die?
We joined the circle.
We found the way through.
May I?
Come on.
Are you OK?
I've brought you something to eat.
Don't worry.
I'm going to get you out of here.
You must leave here.
They'll come looking for him.
I knew I'd see you again.
I never abandoned you.
I did what I did to save you.
I love you.
I forgive you.
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