The Returned US (2015) s01e09 Episode Script


Previously on The Returned Victor's real name is Henry Garrity.
He and his mother were murdered there almost 30 years ago.
Why are you doing this? Because that kid freaks me out.
Who knows what he's capable of? Maybe this town was meant to be washed away.
Rebuilding the dam was a mistake.
If somebody wanted to destroy it, I bet they could destroy it.
Somebody could climb into one of the diversion tunnels with a huge bomb.
I have a daughter.
Yes, you do.
- She's done talking to you.
- I want you gone.
- I've always loved you.
- Stop moving.
Did the angel come? The angel had to go back to heaven.
When's he coming back? Awful.
Just awful.
I don't know why you insist on reading that stuff.
It only upsets you.
We can't all be oblivious, George.
This boy and his mother, it's just the beginning.
Terrible, terrible things are going to happen in this town.
They're trying to take my clothes away from me.
And the perfume you brought for me.
They're chipping away at me, George.
And pretty soon I'm gonna end up just like them.
How much longer do I have to stay here? I spoke with your lawyer again.
The damage to the town hall wasn't as bad as previous estimates.
So there's a good shot that we can get the D.
To reduce the charges of arson to destruction of city property.
But you have to prove to the judge that you're getting the treatment you need.
The treat The treatment I need? Helen, you burned down city hall.
And I would do it all over again.
I'd blow it all back to hell.
It's time for your morning medication, Mrs.
That's okay.
I've got to get back to work anyway.
Goddard, don't forget your paper.
The flower, too.
I'm sorry.
You used to say that you loved the way my mind worked.
I'll see you on Thursday.
I don't belong here.
This place is for sick people and I'm not sick.
No, of course not.
Let's not make this difficult like last time, hmm? What? The dam's burst.
Oh, everyone, please remain calm.
There's been an emergency.
Rawlins Dam has burst.
We need to evacuate and get everyone up to the roof.
My husband works at Rawlins Dam.
We need to get to the roof.
Quickly, follow me please.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Let's see.
What have we got here? Vodka? Or vodka? Hotel's got a mini-bar.
Are you trying to get me drunk, Craig? Based on what I saw back at the Dog Star, I'm not even sure that's possible, darlin'.
Come on, the night is young.
Oh, all right, we're here.
Victor? You need to tell me something.
I won't be mad.
I promise.
What happened last night at the police station? Did you hurt that man for me? What do you remember? The door was unlocked.
Rowan was sitting downstairs.
She must have known he was in the house.
And she just stood there.
She let it happen.
Look, I-I need a place to crash Just for a day or two.
The memorial for the bus crash victims is tonight.
Dozens of people will be here walking around.
Okay, so I I'll stay in here.
I want to help you, Simon.
I do, but Tommy, he already thinks I lied to him.
The first place he's gonna look for you is here.
I can't help you.
Thanks for the clothes.
Wait, Simon.
The key is for a van around back.
It was donated to the center, so no one will miss it.
I have a daughter.
I can't just leave.
It doesn't have to be the end of your life, you know? You can start over.
You can be whoever you want.
I hate to bother you with this.
I'm sure you have a lot to figure out, but my wedding is tomorrow.
I gave Tony the deposit for the reception months ago.
Yeah, I understand, but we have 70 people coming, some from out of town.
There's no way we can find a new venue by tomorrow.
If you give me the owner's number I can talk with him directly.
Maybe we could work something out.
I have to call you back.
Chloe? Chloe! Where are we going? Why isn't Mommy coming? Because Mommy and I are playing a game.
You like games, right? Shit.
Chloe! Chl Rowan! Tommy.
- Are you okay? - I was upstairs.
I was only gone for a second.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
We're gonna find her, okay? Okay.
She gave us a good description of the vehicle.
Even caught a couple of numbers off the plate.
Get it out to all available units.
County, too.
I want him found, Mark.
Boss, I need to put out a description of the suspect.
No, I told you.
It's Simon Moran.
It's the man who broke into my home.
The man I shot.
Copy that, Sheriff.
I don't understand.
He's supposed to be gone.
- Why isn't he gone? - I don't know.
But we're gonna find him.
We'll get her back, okay? I don't care what you have to do, but you get me my daughter back.
Do you understand me? Where are we going? Where do you want to go? How about the beach? You ever been to the beach? Tommy took us last summer.
Then I guess you can tell me how to get there.
So I don't get lost.
What do you think? Yeah? It'll be an adventure.
Just the two of us.
It's okay.
It's all part of the adventure.
Everything's fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
What are you looking at? It's stupid.
Hunter and some other people just posted all this stuff about me on Facebook.
Let me see.
They're saying I killed the Koretskys.
That I put a curse on them or something.
That I'm back from the dead because I'm a witch.
He put up a photo of my coffin.
I'm gonna kill that asshole.
It's all over the internet now.
Everybody's gonna know about me.
They're gonna think I'm a murderer.
They're idiots.
Who cares what they say? They used to be my friends.
- Dale Evans? - Yeah? I was hoping to speak to you about a house fire that occurred in 2002.
Your neighbor, Monica Sandoval, got killed along with an unidentified child.
A young boy.
May I come in? After your neighbor's death, you gave a statement to the police saying that the fire wasn't accidental, that it had been started by a a young boy she had taken in.
That's right.
The police didn't believe me.
They said it was a gas leak.
That boy what do you remember about him? She called him Eric.
She never knew his real name or where he was from.
He didn't talk.
I told Monica there was something wrong with him, that he was troubled.
But she didn't listen.
She wanted to take care of him anyway.
That's just the way she was.
Look where it got her.
He burned that house down with both of them in it.
Julie? Julie? Victor? Is that you? Beautiful.
Matt, Kris, what a beautiful picture of Bethany.
Man, I can't believe after all this planning, tonight's finally here.
Well, it it would not have come together without you guys and your hard work.
Kris, I wanted to say how how sorry I am about Rachel and Paul.
I know you were close.
If you need to talk about anything, I'm always here.
Actually, some of us have been talking, and we think it would be best if the Winships don't come tonight.
I see.
Why is that? You know, we just feel like, you know, after everything that's happened Tonight is about our children, who we have lost.
None of us should have to sit here and look at her.
Frankly after what happened with Rachel and Paul, her being here it's upsetting.
You all have obviously given this some thought, but I don't think the Winships were planning on coming anyway.
So I wouldn't worry.
If you'll excuse me, I have some work to finish up at the center.
What's up, Tommy? What can I do for you? Why are you helping him? Hmm? The van.
It was registered to the community center.
You gave it to Simon Moran.
Why? I didn't.
I just noticed it was missing this morning.
I thought it was stolen.
Don't lie to me.
He took Chloe.
I had nothing to do with this, Tommy.
You know me.
Do I? You've been protecting Simon since he showed up.
And not just him.
You lied about the Winship girl, too.
Why? Why are you helping them? Enough.
You're upset.
I get that.
But I don't know where Chloe is.
Look at you.
"Saint Peter.
" You carved out a nice little life for yourself here, didn't you? Helping hand.
Shoulder to cry on.
But the thing is? I'm starting to see what you really are.
And what's that? A lying piece of shit.
Me? You lied to your own fiancee for years.
You told her Simon was hit by a car.
And then you shot an unarmed man.
Are you going to charge me with anything? Then feel free to get the hell off my porch.
I don't know what you're hiding.
But this? It isn't over.
Damn, girl.
I mean, you screw like the world's gonna end.
Yeah, well You never know.
So do I get that tour now? You're serious? Man, I I just thought, you know, that was pillow talk.
Well, this used to be an old coal mine before we repurposed it.
And old mines means old ordnance.
Old ordnance is dangerous.
And by ordnance, you mean Dynamite, TNT, mercury fulminate.
Really? Yeah, it's unstable as hell.
You breathe on it wrong and they'll be scraping up what's left of you.
You seen my keys? What do you do with it all? All those old explosives? Well, we store it until we can do a controlled det.
Where? It's called a magazine.
Hey why are you so interested in all this stuff anyway? Curious.
I'm feeling pretty beat.
So find the keys and I'll give you a lift home, okay? - Camille? - I need to talk to you.
It's not a good time.
Camille, I'm serious.
You can't You can't be here right now.
You have to go.
- Excuse me? - I'm not leaving.
Not until you help me.
Everyone's saying I killed the Koretskys.
You said if I gave them hope, they'd accept me.
Well, I was wrong.
Okay? I failed you.
I gave them too much credit.
They're just not ready.
I'm not sure they'll ever be.
So that's it then? I should just go back to being a prisoner in my own house? I don't know, Camille.
Honestly, I don't.
And maybe Jack was right to want to take all of you away.
Start over some place else.
Is that what you would do if you were me? We both know there are more.
It's not just me.
But if we all just run and hide, they'll never accept us.
You can't give up on me.
Not now.
We're closed.
Hello, Jack.
They let you out of the hospital? Nice to see you, too.
What's all this? It's Tony's crap.
Getting rid of it.
You think Tony did it? You don't? Tony wasn't the one who attacked me.
Did the, uh voices tell you that? Actually, uh I haven't heard them since the last time I saw you.
Listen, what I said in the hospital about your dad Yeah, I don't want to talk about that.
Guess you're gonna get rid of the bar, then? Now that Tony's gone? I don't know.
I haven't really thought that far in advance.
What about you? What are you gonna do? Guess it's time to move on.
That's the way it works.
How what works? My life.
Uh, Lucy, wait.
It's crazy.
We're crazy.
But this last year that you've been with me, I It's the happiest I've been in a while.
And, um I need that right now.
I need you.
I bet you're wondering why I brought you out here, why we're on this adventure.
I don't want you to grow up like I did.
I never knew my real mom and dad.
I was raised by foster parents.
People who took me in.
But I thought about them a lot, my real parents.
Thought about what my life would be like if they kept me.
Maybe everything would be different.
Maybe I'd be different.
And I never want you to feel that.
I want you to know I love you very much.
Then why'd you go away? I made a mistake.
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.
I'm your dad.
Mommy says dads are there your whole life.
I want to go home now.
- Hi, Lena.
- Rowan? What are I'm looking for Simon.
The guy you said you met at the Dog Star who was looking for me.
Yeah, I remember.
I haven't seen him since that night.
What about your sister? She came to my house a few days ago.
She said Simon had been here, that she was helping him.
Simon kidnapped my daughter.
If your sister knows where he is, I need to talk to her right now.
I'm sorry.
She's not here.
I don't know where she went.
My mom and I are kind of freaking out actually.
If you hear from her, I need you to call me right away.
I don't know your sister, but if she's like Simon now, you should be careful.
Hello? Simon? Simon, is that you? I want to give her back.
Where? The place I left you.
Simon? Simon? Where's Julie? Julie? What do you want? You're not safe with him.
You have to come with me.
Why? So you can protect me? Because that worked out so well last time.
You should have walked me home that night.
But you let me go by myself.
It's your fault what happened to me.
Julie, I tried to get you to stay.
I don't need you.
I've got Victor now.
I want you gone.
For good.
Victor? Oh, my God.
Nikki? Simon? She's sleeping.
Can I ask you something? Am I in hell? I died.
And now I have to watch everyone I love move on without me.
And the closer I get, the more I hurt them.
Oh, my girl.
We've been on an adventure.
I want you to go with Pastor Wright for a minute, okay? He's gonna get you a soda.
You son of a bitch! How How could you, you son of a bitch? Yes.
Simon's here.
Right now.
I held on to you for so long it almost killed me, but I can't anymore.
This is my life now.
I'm marrying Tommy.
You should.
I've been trying to get back something that's already gone.
- Mommy.
- Chloe, Chloe, wait.
Are you going away again? You know what? You were right about me when you said I was an angel.
I am.
And the thing about angels is that they're always there, watching over you even if you can't see 'em.
- Rowan? - Tommy, we're fine.
He's gone.
Take some men around back.
He's gone.
Just let him go.
Oh, it's good to see you.
Thanks for coming.
There you go.
Help yourself.
The candles are right there.
Kris, Matt.
- Hello, Peter.
- Hello.
I Here you go, miss.
Thank you.
- Thanks for coming.
Ready for this? Are you? Look.
Is that her? Thank you all for coming.
We have spent months planning for this event and years preparing ourselves emotionally, spiritually to gather here tonight, not in grief, but in tribute to those we've lost.
William Godwin once wrote, "Loss is greater in Him who survives than Him who dies.
" We are the ones left picking up the pieces, asking, pleading, "If only I could have them back, "then everything would be okay.
We could move on.
" But could we? Really? Camille, would you come up here, please? One of our lost children has come home from a place none of us thought possible.
And instead of embracing her, you have shunned her.
What if she was your child? She's not.
You you keep parading her in front of us and saying that we have to accept her.
- Kris - No, Matt.
It is not okay.
It's not okay what you're doing.
She is not like our children.
Our children are dead.
Whatever she is, she isn't Camille.
What she did to Paul and Rachel, it's proof of that.
I didn't do anything to the Koretskys.
I just wanted to help them.
Camille, it's okay.
Kris, you're wrong.
This is Camille.
And she is no different than the day she got on that bus.
How can you possibly know that? I know because I'm like her.
I died 29 years ago.