The Returned US (2015) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Returned Go home.
You just want me gone so you can have Ben and your friends all to yourself.
Camille? This town is cursed.
Caldwell and everybody in it is just wicked.
Somebody needs to do something about it.
Maybe building the dam was a mistake.
If somebody wanted to destroy it, I bet they would find a way.
I held on to you for so long it almost killed me, but I can't anymore.
This is my life now.
I'm marrying Tommy.
This is Camille, and she is no different than the day she got on that bus.
How can you possibly know that? I know because I'm like her.
I died 29 years ago.
I told you to put the fire out.
Someone could see the smoke.
What'd you get? Some soup and stuff.
Just food? That's it? Now would be a great time to try and score something? Cops everywhere, checkpoints still up all over town.
Make do.
Police still don't have any suspects.
I told you.
We're golden.
Cops don't know shit.
That's not the point, asshole.
Two people are dead because of us.
Look, I'm sorry about the kid.
His name was Henry.
I'm done.
What do you mean "done"? I can't do this anymore.
- You can keep the money.
- What are you talking about? I'm gonna hike north, see if I can make it to Canada.
Come on, man.
We're gonna see the world together like Sal and Dean.
This isn't a Kerouac story.
We're not characters in a book.
We killed people.
How do you not get that? It's over.
Good-bye, Rich.
You won't make it without me.
You'll get caught, rat both of us out.
You've known me my whole life.
You're like a brother to me.
Come on, just just put the gun down.
I'm sorry.
You going somewhere? Well, I've been asked to vacate the premises, but that's why you're here, isn't it? To make sure I don't steal the curtains on my way out.
Actually, that's not why I'm here.
It's my wedding day today.
No, am I uninvited? No, you're under arrest.
For what? Let's see Fraud, identity theft, accessory to kidnapping.
I promise you this I will find something that sticks.
I don't know who or what you are, but it's wrong.
This is my family.
It's my town.
And I'm gonna keep them safe, whatever it takes.
I stand on the edge of the ledges I've made I stand in the land of the rocks in the valley What's all this? Tommy and Rowan's wedding reception.
Apparently Tony rented the place to them months ago.
100 people are showing up at 7:00.
Never counted on being a wedding planner.
What? It started again the voices.
What did you hear? There was a flood? They're trying to warn us.
- Who? - The people who died.
They said something bad is gonna happen.
- Like what? - I don't know.
They say they've been sending us signs and no one's listening.
We have to do something.
We have to tell people.
What, that you hear dead people, that something bad is gonna happen? How is that gonna work? They'll think I'm crazy.
No one will believe me.
I do.
You wanted to see me? Everything all right? It's great.
Everything's great.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm crying.
I'm completely messing up my makeup.
I woke up with this feeling in the pit of my stomach, like like something's wrong like something terrible's gonna happen.
You live around here? Yeah.
You notice anything unusual with the power lately Blackouts, electrical disturbances, things like that? We did have a blackout and a couple power surges a few weeks back.
It was weird No rain, nothing.
Are you from the power company or something? No, I'm just looking for some people.
Do you know the Winship family? I should have listened to you.
George? I'm sorry I locked you up in that place.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
There's something wrong with this town.
You've always known it.
It'll fight you.
It'll try and take you down.
But whatever happens, Helen, you can't let it win.
Promise me.
I promise you.
Thanks Thanks for coming.
Who are you? You know who I am, Claire.
Tell me now, or I'm walking out the door.
My name was Andrew Barlett.
How did you die? In the flood.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you so many times.
- Why didn't you? - I didn't know how.
I thought you wouldn't believe me.
I just wanted to be the guy you thought I was.
So you kept this secret While Camille was struggling.
I thought I thought she had a better chance of acceptance without me.
You hid behind her.
You used her.
You coward.
What are you doing here? We heard you got out of the hospital.
Wanted to see how you were.
Is she here - Camille? - Can we see her? Just go away and leave us alone.
Lena, wait, okay? It's not like that.
We're your friends.
Yeah, we're not gonna judge her or be weird or whatever.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna, like, eat your brains or whatever else Hunter's been saying.
No one listens to Hunter, anyway.
He's a total dick.
We're just on our way to the swimming hole.
You guys want to come hang out? Maybe some other time.
No, it sounds cool.
I'll just go get changed, okay? Camille Please? I can't stay in here for the rest of my life.
It's just up here.
Hey, guys.
What's Hunter doing here? We didn't invite him, I swear.
Come on, we're leaving.
Hold up.
Hold up.
I just want to apologize, okay? I shouldn't have blasted you on Facebook.
It was a dumb-ass thing to do.
I took it all down.
I'm sorry too about the other night I freaked out.
I still don't know how this happened.
But it's amazing that you're here.
We really missed you, Camille.
It's okay.
I forgive you.
She has a broken wrist and a concussion.
We're gonna keep her for observation, just to be safe, but she's gonna be fine.
Thank you, Alan.
Get those stairs fixed.
I will.
Let's go.
Who else have you hurt? Answer me.
You're gonna listen to me.
What you did is bad.
Do you understand that? You can't do that to people, not anyone, especially not to someone I love.
Stop it, Victor! Do you think this is funny? Do you think this is a game? It's not.
Seems like Camille's having a good time.
You? I'm fine.
Can I ask you something? Do you still blame us for what happened to Camille? It was an accident.
Maybe now that she's back, we could I met someone else.
All right, gang.
Let's get weird.
What is that? - Yeah.
- Mushies! What? You mean you've never shroomed? Camille.
Tastes like ass.
Tell me you did not just give my sister drugs.
Camille can take care of herself.
She's 16.
Okay, Mom.
You're so embarrassing.
Seriously, Lena.
We were, like, Camille's age when we first got high.
- Shut up, Hunter.
- No, he's right.
Don't be a hypocrite.
I'm having fun.
Please don't ruin it.
Can I help you? Claire Winship? I'm sorry.
Who are you? Kara Pine.
I work for TruthVox.
I do a podcast.
You're a reporter? Journalist.
I'd like to ask you some questions about your daughter, Camille.
My daughter passed four years ago.
If you'll excuse me.
Winship, I came across some posts online Things people are saying about Camille that she's back.
I told you, my daughter is dead.
I have nothing else to say to you.
Please be seated.
Rowan and Tommy, the path that brought you together has been a steep and winding one, but I believe it has been leading you here.
To this moment.
To each other.
To the happiness and love that you both so deserve.
You want a ride? Yeah.
Do we know each other? I saw you a few days ago at the community center.
Small town.
I don't believe in coincidences.
So where are you headed? As far as you'll take me, I guess.
you don't want to go where I'm going.
You should get out of town.
What the hell was that? It's this town and whatever's in it.
What the? Y-y-you're not gonna understand, but it's the only way.
I wish you hadn't seen that.
Do you, Rowan Blackshaw, take this man, Tomas Solano, to be your husband to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do you part? I do.
Then by the authority vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Do you remember this place? It was your home, Victor.
Something terrible happened to you here, didn't it? Yes.
When you came back your mom was gone.
You were all alone.
But she told you that the fairy would take care of you.
That's all you wanted, wasn't it? Someone to take care of you.
But the truth is your mom's not coming back, and the fairy doesn't exist.
The fairy is real.
You're the fairy.
No I'm not.
I tried to be, but I can't.
I love you.
And I'm so grateful that we met.
But we can't be together anymore.
You saved my life in so many ways.
But you have to let me go.
You don't belong here anymore.
Victor? Victor? Victor? Hello? Yoo-hoo.
Anybody there? Do you feel anything yet? Nothing.
I'm gonna go pee.
I know why you're not high 'Cause you're not human.
You're wasted.
Why don't you go talk to some trees or roll in the dirt like everybody else? I bet you don't even bleed, do you? What the hell? What happened? What did you do? You cut her? Guys, she's not real.
She's dead.
You asshole.
Camille! Camille! Camille! Camille! Camille! Camille? Camille! Camille.
You okay? Let me see.
It doesn't look too bad.
Does it hurt? I'm never gonna be normal, am I? I'll always be the freak.
No, no.
Hunter's just a moron, okay? You're amazing.
Whoa, hey.
I can't.
'Cause of Lena? You kissed me first in the eighth grade, remember? When we were walking home? Why Lena? Why not me? 'Cause she was ready to hook up.
You weren't.
That's all I cared about back then.
But after the accident, everything changed.
It was like this terrible thing that happened that brought us together.
She doesn't love you, you know.
I'm ready now.
Camille! Adam? Hey.
Where have you been? Where's Victor? He left.
It's over.
What? How? Hi.
Where are your parents? Are you lost? Where's your coat? Get in the car, honey.
Please, everybody, put your hands together for Mr.
and Mrs.
And it's breaking my heart you're leaving Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do Because I never want to see you sad, girl I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there But just remember there's a lot of bad Jack.
It's okay.
What happened? No, no, no.
You are not gonna stop me this time.
What's going on? Power's on and off all over town.
Lucky for us, precinct's got a backup generator.
You got a visitor.
- I'll give you ten minutes.
- Thanks, Shane.
Peter Lattimore? I'm Kara Pine with TruthVox.
I came here looking for Camille Winship.
That's out of Chicago, isn't it? You flew all the way from Chicago for a girl who died four years ago? Actually, I drove.
I've been, um, asking around town about you, and some people told me that I should speak with you, that you and Camille might have something in common.
If you came here for a story, I don't have anything to say.
You're not the first, you know.
What's happening in Caldwell, it's happened before.
Gok, Turkey, Lake Anjikuni, Canada, Roanoke Colony, Elmore, Oklahoma.
All of them reported seeing people rise from the dead.
Want to know what else these places have in common? They all ceased to exist, seemingly overnight, along with everyone who lived there.
You okay? Ben.
Ben, stop it.
Come on.
Ben, stop kidding around.
Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben, stop! Ben! Ben! Lena! Lena! Help! Okay, George.
It's time, just like I promised you.
What the hell? Can I help with the candles or anything? I used to work here.
I'm supposed to give you a message.
He'll be here soon.
When he comes, you need to listen.
When who comes? The man whose baby you're carrying.
No! No! No! No, no, no.