The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Better is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning

1 God almighty! God gave you a gift, girl.
Gave you a gift! What do we have here? This the Gemstone money.
He's dead as a doornail.
- [GASPS.]
BABY BILLY FREEMAN: By sunrise, high tide will come in and have the whole thing covered up.
I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am.
You let that snake slither inside our walls and steal our money.
You don't need to go, I can figure out a way to fix this with your mom.
Take this, the last copy of the video.
Where are y'all going? This is showbiz, kid.
You ain't no Aimee-Leigh! I'm sorry to say we have participated in sinful, illicit activities.
Amber! Oh, Jesus! Goddammit.
My butt hole! Oh, she got me in my meat! BJ, I miss you really bad.
I gotta do me for a bit.
I am no longer fit to lead you.
- What? - Leave! - [POLICE SIREN WAILS.]
I love you, sweetheart.
- Mama.
- No, no.
I'll give you folks some time.
We we have to pray.
Pull together.
Join hands.
She's now in your heavenly hands, oh, Lord.
We sure did love having her here with us.
But we celebrate [BEE BUZZING.]
Celebrate her passing knowing that she is in a better p Son of a bitch! Get it! Just Grab it, Jesse.
Get it! [BEE BUZZING.]
Kill it, Jesse! [GLASS SHATTERS.]
Grab it! [CLATTERING.]
- Get out of here! - [BEE BUZZING.]
- Ahh! - Stupid bee! [SHOUTING.]
- Why? - [SCREAMING.]
Take your goddamn time.
- Ooh.
- Why are you limping? I just got a new pair of shoes.
They're just a little tight.
- Cops came by this morning.
- Cops? That's weird.
What are they up to? - How are they? - Busy, I suppose.
Your friend in the red van has shown up with a bullet in his head, money gone.
They found pieces of his van out on this road.
Looks like he was involved in an accident after he left our church.
Whoever hit him more than likely dumped the body and took the cash for themselves.
Say what? Sheriff found a program from our Easter service in his truck.
Wanted to know if we remembered seeing anything.
Well, what'd you say? I said we get 17,000 people in here on Easter Sunday and I don't roam the parking lot.
That's a good response, Daddy.
Well done.
Anything else you wanna tell me about this dead fellow and you? And before you make up any more lies, Judy and Kelvin have already told me everything.
You damn snitches.
Jesse, I'm in a very emotionally distraught place and I needed to be honest with Daddy.
- Enough with the lies, Jesse.
Why didn't you tell me you were being blackmailed? Well, I was too ashamed, Daddy, okay? I don't give a shit.
This could have gotten far worse.
Look, the only reason why I even attempted to attack Johnny Seasons was mainly because how much of an asshole he was treating you.
You attacked Johnny Seasons? Yeah, we didn't tell him that part.
So Seasons was telling the truth.
My God, Jesse, I threw a potato through the man's window.
Daddy, I told him not to do it.
I I pleaded with him.
And what does this say about you, Kelvin? Not enough spine to stand up to what you know is wrong? You're as guilty as your brother.
Couple of fucking animals, Daddy.
Judy, you stole money from the church, so don't act like you're not a fucking animal too.
Judy did what? We didn't tell him that part, either, you fucker.
What money, Judy? Judy's been skimming for years, socking away cash to fund her escape plan where she can get the fuck out of here away from all of us.
Okay, I did do that, but I did not go through with it.
Daddy, I changed my mind on it.
You know what? Y'all are hereby fired.
What? You don't know how lucky you are.
You don't appreciate it.
Any of it.
You kids have broken my heart.
Well, can we still live in our houses? Live wherever you want, Judy.
I could care less.
I mean, but, like, are you gonna pay for it? Well, great, y'all.
Way to tell the truth and get us all in trouble.
Little tattletales.
You just told him the stuff I did.
Yeah, the stuff that got us in all this trouble - in the first place.
- Here he comes.
He's gonna run us over.
Which way is this We're gonna - [CAR HONKS.]
- I got you.
Just, uh is he gonna He's gonna go that way.
They did worse.
They did worse than me, Daddy.
Nun lob mein Seel - Mm-hmm, yes.
- Well, I told him straight up.
"I'm gonna bend you over on the alimony.
I'm gonna bend you over on the child support.
" I'm gonna make that son of a bitch work harder than he's ever worked before, and he's still gonna be broke at the end of the day.
Good for you.
He deserves it.
And what are you gonna do, Amber? Knowing Amber, forgive and forget.
Fortunately, my husband didn't roll over and fuck a whore in front of all of his friends.
I do admire your courage, though, Mandy.
That takes gumption, you know? - Yo.
- What? Uh, could we have a word for a moment, Amber, if you, uh if if I could do that to with you? [ALL GRUNTING.]
It's wonderful to see you All of you women here today.
Mandy, are you doing something different with your hair? - [CRYING.]
- You look, um Shut up.
- Breathe.
I told you, you are not welcome here.
I came by just to share something very unfortunate with you.
Something so that maybe you could see that I have already paid a great price for the mistakes I've made.
Some would even say the ultimate punishment.
What is it? Daddy fired me from the church.
That's your ultimate punishment? - Yeah.
- Gettin' fired? Not destroying your family or losing your son? Well, you're the one who kicked him out, not me.
Ooh, I'm not doing this with you today! Amber, have a heart, God damn it! - Have a heart? - Did you not hear what I just told you? I said I've been fired from the church.
My damn career's been dashed.
What I care about is my family being torn apart.
Do you even know where Gideon is right now? - He is in Haiti.
- Ooh.
That's AIDS country.
What the hell's he doing there? He's doing missionary work to pay off his debt.
Your debt! And it is exactly what happened to that Rockefeller boy who went to New Guinea because he thought he was doing good but really he got eaten by cannibals.
Well, come on, there ain't cannibals in Haiti.
I mean voodoo, chicken magic, yeah.
Cannibals, no.
Jesse, if you want to fix things, then you get your ass to Haiti and you bring our son back.
- You want me to go to Haiti? - I do.
You damn put a hole in my asshole.
I'm injured and I'm jobless.
Then you will have plenty of time.
Now get our son back.
Hello, BJ.
I'm glad to see you live.
- You look well.
- Thank you.
- So do you.
- Thank you.
I appreciate you meeting me at this neutral location.
In this velvet tote you will find the rest of your belongings from my house, including undergarments and an unopened thing of printer paper.
Judy, I just have one thing to say.
I really thought we were meant to be together.
Well, me too, BJ.
I did too.
It's just, um, I'm not good at relationship stuff.
That's what I'm figuring out, 'cause all my ideas and my thoughts about it - are from teen movies.
- Judy, that's not true.
You've had plenty of lovers.
BJ, I haven't gobbled 1,000 cocks like you think I have.
- I was trying to impress you.
- What? I've only had one boyfriend before you.
You never told me that.
I thought you'd fucked a million guys.
I know, and you loved it when I said that, but the truth is, I've had one boyfriend and his name was Dr.
Warren Carmichael and he was my economics professor, and he was 56 years old, and he was very smart, and he dressed like a casual beach man to come to class with flip-flops and everything and I gotta tell you, I found that very, very hot.
One day before class he walked in, and he comes up to me and he goes, "Nice Patagonia shirt.
Gotta get me one of those.
Let's just say I knew what he meant.
Okay, full lightning bolt through my slit.
When class was over, there were snail trails on my chair.
Like, no one should have sat in that chair after me.
It was damp.
So as everybody filed out, I followed him into his office and I locked the door behind me and I covered his mouth with my hand and I jacked him off with my other hand.
He was fighting me.
But I thought it was part of his sexy little game.
After he shot And he shot a lot He started crying and talking some shit about his son's birthday coming up and how his wife was a great lady.
Oh, my God.
He was married? He did a restraining order on me, so I bought him a Jeep Grand Cherokee to prove I loved him, and he kept it, but I saw his wife driving it one day at Harris Teeter and that hurt me, you know? So I went to his son's elementary school, and I pulled the boy, Laird, out of school after giving the office a note on Gemstone letterhead and I took him to the beach.
We ate ham slices and I told him everything about me and his dad, and he was really taking it in.
You know, you'd think for a third grader he wouldn't be able to take all that in, but he was really taking it in, and we were really making good friends.
But then the police showed up and they tackled me, and they took away Laird.
They just took him away in the police car, and me and Dr.
Carmichael weren't boyfriends and girlfriends after that.
Jesus Christ, Judy, you kidnapped his son? Yeah.
That's me, BJ.
I'm damaged goods.
I'm a handful, and you're perfect.
You really, really are, and I'm just sorry.
I'm sorry for everything, BJ.
Judy, it's a It's all just That's a lot.
- Which part? - All of it.
You never told me about this professor and how you jacked him, and if all you did was jack him that means I took your virginity.
I would have liked to have known.
You gave me a lot to think about.
Enjoy the rest of your Outback Steakhouse meal, Judy.
Good day, BJ.
Well, he called a few days ago saying he wasn't feeling good.
He told us Todrick was in charge until he gets on his feet.
I give him his own church, stick my neck out for him, and he can't even be bothered to show up.
That's a joke.
Well, if it is a joke, I guess that makes us the punch line.
I'm not laughing.
Baby Billy is no longer head of this church.
Todrick, John 3:16.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son" Beautiful.
You got the job.
Praise Him.
Artax, you're sinking! Come on! - [BOTH CHUCKLING.]
- Turn around! - You have to, now! - That's crazy.
- Artax! Fight against the sadness, Artax! [EXHALES LOUDLY.]
- Are you crying? - I'm sorry.
I my, just, emotions are all over the place.
I feel like I'm coming unhinged.
Yeah, well, join the club.
We all got our emotional issues right now.
Damn Amber's trying to get me to go to Haiti to bring Gideon home.
Then go to Haiti, Linda! Uh, Haiti has a lot of tough characters, - for your information.
- Who? Wyclef Von Jean is from there.
Fucking "Gone till November.
" Besides, she ain't even apologized for shooting me in the asshole yet.
Just messed up.
Oh, poor you.
You got no future in the church and nobody cares what you think.
Welcome to my world, you fucking baby.
I'm in emotional turmoil dealing with some very painful questions about myself.
Oh, for real? I know that it sounds crazy, but I always felt like maybe, who knows? Maybe I am Him.
Who? Jesus.
Jesus? - [LAUGHING.]
- I mean we both care about people the same way.
People like us.
They want to follow us.
He didn't date much.
Didn't have the urge or the need to.
I mean, that's me for days, Jesse.
I mean, you might not be Je Well, I know that you are not Jesus Christ, but that don't mean you're still not a decent man.
I don't wanna be a decent man, Jesse! - I wanna be Jesus! - Ooh.
I'm also hearing another voice, and he whispers to me, and he says things like [DEEP VOICE.]
"If you can't be him, then maybe you can be me.
" Wait, what? Who's that one? Satan, I think.
I'm just one of many righteous men in this family.
Perhaps I would be more special if I were the Dark Lord of the group.
Kelvin, you sound thirsty as fuck.
You need to go lie down, boy.
Get some night-nights.
I do.
I'm so tired.
I'm sorry.
I feel like such an idiot.
I just I miss Mama so much.
She always knew how to make me feel special and told me everything was gonna be okay.
Yeah, we all could use that now, Kelvin.
- I miss Mama too.
- Me too.
But we don't got Mama no more, so it needs to be enough when we just tell you that it's gonna be okay and things are cool.
BOTH: You're cool, Kelvin.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You'll get everything figured out.
You're not Jesus.
You don't have to be a devil person, either.
I did you, now y'all do me.
- You're cool, Jesse.
- You're cool.
Maybe your family will come back.
You will be you will learn to be a good dad.
Might take a few years.
Thank you.
That made me feel better.
Y'all do me.
You're gonna meet other Other guys, other have other boyfriends.
How many will I get, Jesse? Boyfriends? Well, now, I don't Like, 10, 15 dudes.
Will they also go down on my butthole? Even on your butthole, sis.
That's nice.
Uh, uh, um, I was trying to - Sneak away? - Yeah.
- I mean no, no! - I like children.
I love this movie.
- For breakfast? - [LAUGHING.]
Last train a running between the waters With the power line Last train's a running around the hill [ALLEN TOUSSAINT'S "LAST TRAIN".]
And I'm about to keep up with the latter It's too bad When it's in my nature to lay low You've got me huffing and puffing And chugging like a choo choo train Choo choo All right, let's make this quick.
Are we supposed to just do it here? Yeah, Doc.
I don't have a lot of time.
I want you to hit me up with all the vaccinations needed for Haiti.
I want the full cocktail.
I'm not trying to catch AIDS.
Oh, none of these will protect you from that.
God damn it.
The gates of Heaven are right before my eyes I never knew that my eyes could be so blind Sit.
Get down there.
Gather around, everyone.
I said gather around.
Sit down.
Quit playing with the blocks.
Thank you.
I have a revelation to announce.
I have transformed myself into something Dark.
Starting immediately, I will no longer be your youth pastor.
I'll admit it.
I'm not Jesus, and if you thought I was, well, you are sadly mistaken.
'Cause I'm not.
My replacement is pure and fit to lead you, much better than I.
Meet your new leader, Ronald Meyers.
You may recognize him as a camp counselor from one of our Christian summer jams, or you may also recognize him if you're a gamer.
He's the assistant manager at the GameStop at the Citadel Mall.
He shall lead you into salvation.
Not me.
Good-bye forever.
So, uh, who wants to play some foosball? Yeah? [LEATHER PANTS SQUEAKING.]
Kelvin, what the hell is all that? What? I told you.
I'm not who you think I am.
Okay, I'm not sure what you think I think of you, but you're just like a teacher that doesn't really teach us anything.
Okay, well, now Ronald can go ahead and teach you nothing.
Oh, is this about your boyfriend? - What boyfriend? - Queef? - Keefe? - Yeah, yeah, him.
Okay, mm-mmm.
No, he's not my boyfriend.
We're just a couple dudes who like to hang out why? - What's up with Keefe? - You didn't see his Insta? - No, I didn't see his Insta.
It's Instagram too.
You don't need to shorten it.
It's not that long of a word.
- - Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- What - No! - Okay.
Get out of the way! Get out of the way! [T-VICE'S "VINN PRAN NOT".]
Together, let's lift.
Here we go! - Pull! - [RIGGING SQUEAKS.]
Pull! Pull! Right side up! Come on! Come on! That's good! Hold it! Get a bolt in there! Steady, steady! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Hey, I think I know what you guys want.
Yeah? Oh, there comes everybody else.
- You guys want candy? - Yeah.
- Gideon! - Okay, hold on.
Gideon! I found you! It's me.
It's your dad.
I'm not a local.
Yeah, you guys take everything.
Take all the candy.
Oh, yeah, they found that son of a bitch dead in his van.
- Dead? - Dead.
Holy shit.
The running theory is whoever popped him must have split with our money.
Come home.
Let us join forces and find it.
We can redeem ourselves in the eyes of my daddy.
- Nobody wants to see me there.
- That's not true.
Your mama's the one who sent me here.
Oh, yeah.
Everybody's way more pissed off at me now.
I came clean.
I was looking for that freedom that comes when you're telling the truth, although it's not really feeling quite as free as I thought it was.
Kinda feel more like I fucked up my entire life.
- Mom must be devastated.
- Yeah, she's furious.
She shot me in my asshole.
If you don't come back with me, Gideon, I don't think she's gonna give me a second chance.
Please, son.
Let these Catholics and liberals help these folks get their clean water.
Dad, no.
I caused that whole mess back home.
Now I need to pay the price.
Dedicating myself to the needs of others is gonna help me find peace.
Lord, now you're saying platitudes.
- They got you brainwashed.
- I'll come home.
I will, but not till I'm done here.
- And how long's that gonna be? - I don't know.
Kyle, our mission leader, said a few months.
A few months? Gideon, your mama's gonna leave me.
I need you to come home now.
I'm trying to become a better man here.
And, what, you think getting these motherfuckers clean water's gonna do that? You're kidding yourself.
You just came here to fix your own life.
That's not something I can help you with.
You're gonna have to figure that out for yourself.
Hey, Gideon, the bus is leaving back for the church.
Okay, thank you.
I'll be right there.
Favorite son of mine that I love so very much, please come home with me.
Do you really wanna make things better? Or do you just wanna make all the bad stuff go away? What the fuck does that even mean? I'm sorry for everything I've caused.
Good luck with Mom.
Wait, hold on, hold on.
Can I get a hug? I love you.
You're not fucking staying here.
You're coming with me to the pulpit.
No, you're coming to the God damn it.
- Damn it, come on, man.
- Fuck! Fine, whatever.
Shut up.
- Good-bye, Dad.
- Yeah, later.
Have fun here in Haiti.
You're being so stupid.
- You're stupid.
- No, you're stupid.
You're stupid.
It's like the dumbest thing you could do in religion - is be a fucking missionary.
- You're stupider.
- Hey, hi.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm here to see Judy Gemstone.
BJ Barnes.
I'm known.
Yeah, no visitors, all right? The whole compound is on lockdown, and that's from the very top, so good night, PJ.
It's BJ, not PJ.
That's even worse, BJ.
I wouldn't own up to that shit.
- What? - Bye.
Disrespecting me like that.
It's time to be a man.
I need to get on this property tonight.
Hey, buddy.
I don't know how many brain cells you got bouncing around in that thick skull of yours, but you better open up this gate right now before I kick your fucking ass tonight.
What in the fuck did you just say to me? I'm sorry.
I was talking to myself.
Step away from the plastic circus lady! Get down on the ground now! - Stop right there! - Don't move! - Don't move.
- I'm just here to see Judy! Honestly, there's nothing to worry about at all.
I I'm not looking to cause any trouble.
- He's going for a gun! - Huh? [ELECTRIC BUZZING.]
In your eyes the light, the heat In your eyes I am complete In your eyes I see the doorway In your eyes to a thousand churches In your eyes the resol [SPARKING.]
Hey! Hey, you! Hey! Hey! Y You, hey! Hey! - Hey! - I'm looking for Keefe.
- Oh, the baby.
- Keefe.
- The baby.
- I don't know.
Yeah, he's currently discovering some things about himself.
Yeah, I transformed him back into his earliest state of being.
Yeah, no, he's not doing that, okay? - Take me to him right now.
- You're too late, bro.
He's already strapped in, zoned out.
He's sinking below his reality as we speak.
Baby, baby, baby, baby! Take me to him right now! I will beat your fucking ass! I took Tae Kwon Do for seven years, motherfucker! I'm sorry, man.
I didn't mean nothing by that.
I I he's right over here.
Shh! Baby is sleeping.
- No! - Are you crazy? He's in his transitive state.
- He's Christian, Doc.
- Get off me! - Get off! - Keefe! Keefe! Keefe, no! Keefe, wake up! No, no! Stop it! Stop it! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Wake up! Wake up, Keefe! Get get him out! Get him out! Keefe! Fuck the sadness.
Fuck the sadness! [GASPS.]
- Why? - I was so lost without you.
And then the beats came, and I let him take me.
It's my fault.
You needed me, and I failed you.
You fell prey to these demons! [ALL HISSING.]
- Hold me.
- Shh.
- I'm here now.
- I'm here now.
- I'm still really high.
Why are you dressed like a school shooter? What? I'm not.
I'm "Say Anything" I was gonna throw rocks at your window and play "In Your Eyes" real loud until you woke up, but security guards shot my speaker.
BJ, why would you come around here trying to make me still be in love with you? That is not nice.
Judy I have new developments in my personality.
Know this.
I'm a full grown adult man now.
I don't play games, I don't deal with bullshit, and I do not beat around the bush.
Okay, well, how about beating around this bush - with that uncircumcised dick? - No, I gotta cut you off.
This is serious.
I thought a lot about those things that you said to me.
Well, for the record, I wish I hadn't said them, 'cause I feel like a fucking fool.
Well, you shouldn't.
Through journaling and candles, I realized I'm nothing like Dr.
Warren Carmichael.
Every single thing that he did, I would have done differently.
If you gave me a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I'd never let my wife drive it.
If you J.
'ed me in my office, I wouldn't ruin the vibe by talking about my son or his birthday, and I would not cry when I shot.
- Really, BJ? - Yeah.
You say you don't know anything about relationships? Let me teach you.
BJ, I need to tell you, part of my pajama pants are drenched right now, and they're not drenched with pee.
It better not be, Judy Gemstone.
You save that piss for my chest.
He wouldn't come back home with me.
I asked, but he refused.
Tell me Gideon is on that plane and that this is just your idea of a joke.
I wish this was one of my classic pranks, but it's not.
He's not coming back.
My son is in Haiti? In fucking Haiti? Amber, when I was being blackmailed, it wasn't the public finding out or Daddy finding out that scared me.
It was you.
I didn't wanna disappoint you.
That's why I lied.
I didn't wanna ruin the image you had of me - of a picture-perfect husband.
I'm so sorry, Amber.
I love you.
I want you out of the house.
This is over.
She's telling me to leave without you, Mr.
Do what she says, Carlos.
Leave me.
Let her have the storm off moment.
How'd it go with Gideon? I couldn't convince him to come home, so I've lost my son, I've lost my family.
I have nothing now.
What are you doing out here? Why don't you come back home with me? No can do.
I'm denying myself simple pleasures such as family connections and good times.
I'm gonna become a hardened detective.
Dedicate myself to solving the case of the missing money.
Jesse, just let it go.
I can't.
Whoever ran into that van stole that money.
I just gotta figure out who the fuck was out here.
- Look at this.
Baby Billy has one of those in his car.
Baby Billy? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Where the fuck has Baby Billy been? Hmm? You thinking what I'm thinking? - Duh, Kelvin.
- Okay.
I didn't know.
I should have known that old fool had one more trick up his sleeve.
Y'all done good here.
My inclination was to cut you all off, turn my back on you.
I was this close to doing it.
Y'all pushed me that much.
Well, that is all behind us now, Daddy.
Because of my diligence and because I cracked the case, I'm now redeemed and we can move forward.
Yeah, but we were all there, Daddy, so we are all redeemed.
Okay, but I was there first, so I don't think you can get redeemed more than another person.
- I'm redeemed more than Kelvin.
- That's what you say but it's not - I done get redeemed the most.
- Yeah, but who found - Who found it? So - Well You didn't know what the hell it was.
First place redeemed, second place redeemed, - third place redeemed.
- We're not fighting, Daddy.
We love each other and we're not fighting.
I'm the main person that gets redeemed.
I forgive you, kids.
But I won't forget.
Let's go get our money.
- [GASPS.]
What? That was Jesus, Daddy.
That was a karate person.
No, that wasn't a karate person.
That was Jesus.
Uh-oh! Oh, oh! Sorry, big guy.
Is he hurt? ALL: Ooh! Cut it out! [JACK SCOTT'S "SAVE MY SOUL".]
Going down to the river Jordan Gonna ask to save my soul Going down to the river Jordan Gonna ask to save my soul Gonna get down on my knees And there I'm gonna freeze Going down to the river To save my soul Oh, save my soul, save my soul Save my soul, save my soul To the river, yeah To save my soul, to save my soul Now listen, brother Henry Listen here to me Forget about your Jezebel And come, come, come to me We'll go down to the river We'll get down on our knees And ask the Lord to save our souls - Save us if you please - [THUNDER CLAPS.]
Well, save my soul, save my soul Down to the river, yeah To save my soul, to save my soul Save my soul Save my soul, save my soul Save my soul [THUNDER RUMBLES.]
- That fountain's new.
- So is that boat.
Just in time for summer.
Fully restored antique car.
Cherry condition.
Baby Billy, you are one brazen son of a bitch.
I say when we go in here, we can show no hesitation.
As soon as we get in that door, Kelvin needs to take Baby Billy down.
- Mm-hmm.
- What? I'd do it but obviously I'm injured.
I can't take down Baby Billy.
Well, you're gonna have to.
Judy? - Sup? - You need to take out Tiffany.
She grew up poor so she's gonna know how to fight, - but I think you can handle her.
- I'll fucking wreck a bitch.
We're not here to fight.
We're here to get that money back.
- We might have to fight.
- We might have to.
Baby Billy, I just want to talk.
Daddy, I don't like this.
I've seen this dude's dark side.
He told me I was talentless.
He's capable of anything.
Baby Billy, open the door.
Hey, y'all.
Where is he, Tiffany? Baby Billy done passed on.
He's dead? He's in Heaven now with Aimee-Leigh, his mama, his daddy.
- Daddy, he's running away! - Go get him.
Go! Kelvin, get his ass! - Get him! - Ah! Get back here! Shit! - [THUNDER BOOMS.]
- Go, Kelvin! [GRUNTS.]
Don't tackle me! I'm a old man, now! DDT his ass, Kelvin! Get him! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
- See that? - Oh, yeah, honey! - [BOTH LAUGHING.]
- Damn, Kelvin! Hey! Y'all didn't have to hurt him! [SCREAMS.]
- Oh, fuck, Judy! - Oh, my teeth! Oh! Why you trying to knock your aunt's new teeth out, Judy? I was assigned to fight Tiffany! Maybe I went too far.
We know you stole that money and killed that boy.
Baby Billy! Whoo! You better start talking! [THUNDER CLAPS.]
I didn't kill that boy.
It was Tiff.
And it was a accident.
I admit it was a accident! You stole from family! That money don't belong to you! It don't belong to you, neither! [THUNDER CLAPS.]
Now that's my money! My money! That you made off my sister's name! Now, when do I get what's mine, huh? What's owed me? Now, God put that money in my path, Eli.
That was Him saying that I ain't got to accept your charity no more! You've always hated me! You never wanted to To help me! You always had to control everything, Eli! You know what that feels like? To have to ask the man that ruined your life for some table scraps? Just begging like a dog on the side of the street.
Do you know how that feels? You're a jealous old fool, Baby Billy, and it's turned you into a villain! I ain't no villain! You a villain! - Get back! - Oh, get Get back! Get get back! Get! Now, here we are, Eli.
Endgame! What you gonna do, huh? You gonna kill me? Well, make your move, motherfucker, 'cause I ain't ever giving that money up.
- Stop it, Baby Billy! - You stop it! I will take this pitchfork and I will stick you in the God [ALL SCREAMING.]
He got struck! - Holy shit! - Oh, God.
Go, go, go.
Get him.
Get him.
- Right here.
- Okay.
Oh, God! Is he dead? - I think he's dead.
Dear Heavenly Father, please help us keep this man alive.
Everybody help me.
Join hands.
Lord, we are undeserving of your mercy, - but we ask for it anyway.
We're joined as a family, a family that has lost a lot, and we'd appreciate to not lose another.
But dear Lord, we trust in Your eternal wisdom.
No, no.
Leave it be.
God of compassion and love, please help us.
Save this man.
Baby! [GASPING.]
I saw her, Eli.
I saw Aimee-Leigh.
Take it easy, Billy.
You rest.
I saw her, Eli.
She told me [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
That I should forgive you.
She told me that that Eli, you don't mean to be - the way that you are.
- That's what she told me.
- Well, that's good to hear.
I guess.
- I saw her.
- I heard you, Billy.
- I saw her.
- That's awesome.
I saw your mama.
- I saw her.
- He saw her.
- Oh, I saw her.
- We heard you.
- Yeah, you already covered that.
- I saw her! I know, but I just told you we heard you - and you're saying it a bunch.
- That's very cool.
Yeah, nobody's really saying that you didn't, Baby Billy.
She told me to tell you that she loves you.
All right.
All right.
As I looked around that small house my wife grew up in, I could tell she was there with us.
All that transpires every single day to bring us in and out of each other's lives We move through this world crossing paths with friends, family, and enemies.
And I believe the goal of all that colliding Is to make us appreciate one another.
- To find empathy.
I got no interest working for the Gemstones.
You wouldn't be working for us.
You'd be working with us.
If you are not rooting for your enemy's salvation, you are not in line with what the Spirit wants.
ALL: Amen.
Aimee-Leigh knew this.
That's why she always wanted to help, no matter what.
For when you forgive other people when they sin against you It's called God Your Heavenly Father will forgive you.
And as I looked into the pearly gates, God said, "It ain't your time, Baby Billy.
It ain't your time.
" And as He lowered me on this earth like a little old baby bird, He whispered in my ear, he said, "Billy, spread my word.
Teach them what I have shown you.
" And in that moment, in that moment, my wife and I, we knew what our mission - Our purpose in this world was.
- Amen! Baby Billy, the Electric Preacher! Now, if y'all want a hand-drawn copy of what Baby Billy saw in Heaven, it's $39.
99, and if you want one in crayon, it's $59.
Now, who wants to see what I've seen? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
How we navigate this life and each other, is what defines us, and what leads us onto the path to healing.
By accepting one another for our shortcomings, our sins, our selfish behavior We are granted the ability to make mistakes as well.
That's what He gives us.
The ability to begin again.
To be forgiven.

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