The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

But the Righteous Will See Their Fall

1 Daddy asked us to be part of the Easter broadcast.
He don't get to have you, Judy.
You belong to Uncle Baby Billy now.
We're gonna learn a new move today, the shuffle back step.
Singing and dancing at church has changed you, Judy.
It's over, that's that, we're done.
It's your dad's sex tape.
First, we get the cash, then we destroy your old man.
Where's the money?! SCOTTY: Hey, party boy.
We gonna take - a little ride to church.
And you're gonna open that fucking vault for me.
We could've been a killer team, Gideon.
You've made your choice.
Home, sweet home.
Thanks for the ride, Baby Billy.
And? And Aunt Tiffany.
Now, don't worry your head no more about that little daffodil, and your career will go much further without the needless encumbrance of a lover.
Now, you trust Uncle Baby Billy, now.
He knows.
Happy Easter.
Happy Easter, sweet girl.
Good night.
Who wants to suck a old man's dick? [UPBEAT COUNTRY MUSIC.]
Good God Almighty! - [MOANS, LAUGHS.]
- Oh.
Oh God gave you a gift, girl.
He gave you a gift! Ooh-ooh! This is romance.
Ooh, you got strong hands.
Strong hands.
Don't forget them balls, now.
- Mm, no, wait.
- What, you need a break? - No Mm.
- You got to get [LAUGHS.]
How about some crazy eight on the prostate? I like that other finger.
Big finger.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Urethra! Oh, this is my favorite part, now.
Oh! Oh.
Just like that.
Oh, Tiff.
I'm gon' ejaculate.
Oh, here it come! Oh, it's comin'! [GLASS SHATTERING.]
You okay? Anything broke? What happened? That shit-for-brains ran through the intersection! That's what happened.
Help me, now.
Hold my hand.
Ow, my back! - You okay? - [GROANING.]
Hoo! Is it yucky stuff? Ooh.
- Oh, Dear Lord.
- Mm.
You okay, boy? He ain't lookin' too good.
I'd check for a pulse, but I-I don't want to mess with the scene, now.
Baby Billy, I think you better come back here and take a look at this.
He was clearly the one at fault.
You saw it, now.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
What do we have here? That's gotta be thousands of dollars.
Try millions.
That's millions of dollars, is what this is.
Oh, man.
Come on.
Come on in here.
What does this say? Gemstone Vault? Gemstone Vault? Hey.
Look what else he's got.
You got to be careful with that thing, now.
Don't point that at nobody.
- Put that thing away, now.
What do we got here? I'll bet you he was a bank robber.
This is Gemstone money.
Hold on one second.
Look here.
Hey, boy.
Wake up.
Just like I thought.
He's dead as a doornail.
Dead boy, is what he is.
- [GASPS.]
What are we gonna do? Well, it don't matter now, you already shot the man.
Now, we report this, you gon' go to jail! I don't want to go to the women's correctional facility.
I don't want you to go either, Reese's Cup.
Which is why we got to cover our tracks.
We got to get rid of all this evidence.
We got to get rid of all of it.
We got to get rid of it.
My ship has come in.
Your ship has sailed.
Ooh-whoo! All right.
Take that.
Hurt my fuckin' back.
Go on, take it in there.
- Put it in there.
Gon' get all of it.
- In the car? Hey, you did this to yourself.
Well, we got to get it off to the side, now.
You got to get it off to the side.
You got to make room.
Here we go.
Money, money, money, money.
Good luck.
Put some shoulder in it, now.
Let's go.
Ready? [GRUNTS.]
- Oh, no.
Hold on, now.
Hold on.
Get this now.
Come on, get in there.
Get in there.
There it goes.
Sink, truck, now.
It's goin' now.
There it goes.
There it goes.
The water ain't deep enough.
You can still see it! That's all right, it's still low tide.
By sunrise, high tide will come in and have the whole thing covered up, sink it down deep in that pluff mud, take it totally out of sight.
Three million dollars, stolen on Easter goddamn Sunday.
I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am, how hurt I am, to have been betrayed by, of all people, you, boy.
You let that snake slither inside our walls and steal our money.
I swear I thought I put an end to it, that Scotty was headed back to LA.
I had no idea he was still gonna go through with any of it.
Your poor father could've been killed on your account.
I could've been killed! Eli, I know there has to be so much more to this story.
I know my son, and he would never do something like this.
If he needed money, he would just come to me, right? So is that true, Gideon? Is there more to this story? I already told you everything.
There's nothing more to tell.
So you're saying you did not come here to be with your family.
You just came for your family's money.
That's what I'm saying.
Well, then, you can just get up and you go back to Hollywood or wherever else that you want to go, but you cannot stay here! I want you as far away from your brothers as possible, because I have lost one son, and I will not risk losing another.
Mama, I'm sorry.
Oh, you're sorry? You're sorry? Baby, I'm sorry.
I thought that I raised an honest man.
I don't even know who you are.
How about you? You're awful quiet over there.
I must still be under the effects of toxic shock syndrome.
It's all just kind of a blur to me.
Guess everything that needs to be said has has been said.
Gideon? It was effin' Gideon? That was right in front of you, Jesse.
How could you not notice that? Well, it was right in front of y'all too, damn it.
I can't believe this happened.
Right as Daddy's puffin' me off my fair share too.
- Damn it all to hell! - I gotta know I'm not gonna be wrapped up into this.
I'm having anxiety flashes and And sharp shit pains in my stomach.
Hey, I sacrificed everything for my church songs career.
I mean everything.
This cannot ruin that.
Well, look, y'all don't have to worry, okay? You're in the clear.
Gideon didn't tell Daddy nothin' about the blackmail, so he don't know nothin' about people getting run over with cars, taking money, doing cocaine.
- Whoa.
- Daddy don't know nothing about that.
All he knows, that Gideon, my son, my first-fuckin'-born, tried to steal from us.
Ooh! Thank God.
You better make sure he doesn't turn damn state witness all of a sudden.
I was "top five young ministers to watch" last year, Jesse.
I got a reputation.
A following.
My brand is on the rise.
If you go down, boy, you better keep our names - out of your fuckin' mouth.
- Mm-hmm.
Stop trying to step up to me.
- Man, I wish I wasn't related to y'all.
- You know what? I wish I wasn't related to y'all either.
All y'all do is care about yourselves.
My shit hurts too.
My son hates me.
- Go! - Gotta turn it on, dummy.
He's gonna tell.
This family's fucked.
Come on! I got this, I got this.
This blood's freakin' me out.
Toenail clippers.
Hair dryer.
How many hair dryers you got? Shit.
It's the cops.
It's the cops! - Shut your mouth.
Shh, shut your mouth.
Uncle Baby Billy! It's Judy-Leigh.
I need to sing and dance! [LAUGHS.]
Let's do this, man! [LAUGHS.]
Did you hear what happened? I know you're in there.
Come on.
What are y'all doing? Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where y'all going? We're not leaving for the tour today, are we? There's been a change of plans, Judy.
- Wait, what? - Ain't no rehearsal.
Ain't no show.
It's all off.
Now, I-I'm pulling the plug now.
- Now, we had a good run, Judy.
- What? That road has reached its finish line now, and your rhythm ain't blue.
Give me that.
Come on.
We're just getting started.
I appreciate your time and effort, I do.
But this whole thing has turned out to be a big turd.
Now, come on, get in here, Tiff.
- No, no, no, hang on.
Hang on, Tiffany.
- Get in the car now.
Is this 'cause I said I'd only pay for Tiffany's top teeth? I'll pay for her lowers too.
This ain't about your Aunt Tiffany's teeth.
It's about the goods, now, and your lack of 'em.
This is show biz, kid.
Now, you got to have the looks, and you got to have the talent, and you ain't got either.
You said I did.
You said I was special.
You ain't no Aimee-Leigh! Hell, you ain't even no Judy-Leigh.
You're just plain ol' Judy.
Move now.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hey, Daddy.
Have you got the authorities involved yet? They have any leads? We're not going to the police.
All that'll do is land my grandson in jail and bring us press we don't need, give the government an excuse to look at our books.
We'll handle it internally.
I-I think that's a great idea, Daddy.
This situation is what is known as lose-lose.
Maybe my daddy was right.
All you need is four walls, some willing souls, the good book.
All the things we have, all the things we built, there's more places for snakes to hide.
I feel like an old fool.
Don't be hard on yourself, Daddy.
I didn't see it coming either.
It's not your fault, okay? It's not my fault.
It's Gideon's fault.
A little bit Jesse for not keeping his house in order.
I can't do this anymore without your mama.
Hey, bud.
Look, you don't need to go.
I can figure out a way to fix this with your mom.
All she needs is a little time to cool off.
She's right.
I should go.
I don't belong here.
You should take this.
What the hell is this? A Game Boy? It's a hard drive.
The last copy of the video.
If I were you, I'd destroy it.
Thanks for not telling anybody about this.
I appreciate it.
No point in us both taking the fall.
Besides, I I honestly feel like a huge weight's been lifted off my chest.
For the first time in a while, I feel kind of free.
The night you made that tape, I blew you off to party with my dudes.
I kicked you out of the room.
You were pretty pissed.
That's why you did it.
It's no excuse.
That's why you moved to Hollywood.
Not because you're a fuck-off or some kind of traitor, but because of me.
'Cause I wasn't the dad I needed to be.
I want you to listen to this because I'm more than likely never gonna say this again, but I was wrong.
I failed you, and I'm so sorry, Gideon.
Come here.
It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- It's okay.
Customer service, line five.
Customer service, line five.
Hey, Beej.
Thought I'd bring you some lunch.
Well, it's nice of you to bring me something, but I already ordered lunch.
Come on.
It's your favorite.
Yellow curry with tofu.
Sticky rice in there too.
I don't eat Thai anymore, especially not for lunch.
It gives me the shits.
God, BJ, you don't say "shits.
" You say "BM.
" A lot of things are different with me, Judy.
I'm more edgy now.
Look, I gotta get back to work, all right? BJ, wait.
BJ, look.
BJ, let me just say, I-I got caught up in my church songs career, okay? Fame was overwhelming, and, um, it changed me, just like it does many other stars.
I miss you, though.
I miss you really bad.
Look, I'm flattered you're here, Judy.
I really am.
But obviously, I'm working right now.
- Will you - Come on.
Come on.
BJ, I think about you all the time.
Come on.
We're meant to be together.
- Judy.
- I quit the show.
No more Judy-Leigh.
What? Why not? 'Cause it's my choice.
I quit.
I chose you.
No more questions.
Judy, you shouldn't have done that.
This break between us has helped me realize a lot of things.
I gotta do me for a bit.
Do you for a bit, what? Come on, BJ.
Let's go in the back.
Come on.
Come back here.
We'll take shirts off and rub backs and dicks.
Judy, you just don't get it.
Lunch is served.
Hey, Denim.
Got you your extra ketchup, you maniac.
The fuck is this? You're bringing him lunch? Uh, yeah.
Every day.
And your name is Denim? Can I help you? Uh, yeah, you can help me, actually.
You can help me find the fucking wherewithal to not beat your sturdy ass right here in the LCO - for fucking my man.
- Whoa.
Hold on a second.
Slow your roll.
You need to calm down, Judy.
Oh! You're Judy.
I see.
You see what? BJ, are you banging this dude? I have a wife, honey.
I don't give a shit what you have, 'cause guess what, I know what you are.
You're one of those benevolent lesbians out to meet a hot guy, make friends with him, so you can sample-suck some clean dick.
Look, if you want to throw hands, that's fine.
- Let me tell you one thing.
- Mmhmm, mm-hmm.
Just about every single day, I catch BJ crying in the break room, and it's always because you've hurt him.
What? I don't hurt BJ.
I poke fun.
I grew up with brothers.
I'm rough.
That's what he likes about me.
I don't like it, Judy.
I've never liked it.
Now, Mr.
Walters here has been waiting patiently to try on a pair of transitional lenses.
If you'll excuse me! [SOFT MUSIC.]
What the fuck, Judy? BJ, I hope you live forever, I hope you discover magic, and I hope you learn to fly like we always talked about.
What? [GRUNTS.]
Come and get some! [PANTING.]
Is that a alcoholic beverage? New Kelvin drinks recreationally.
I hate to see you this way, amigo.
How can I rid the world of darkness when I live amidst so much of it? Don't say that.
Mama died.
Daddy was assaulted.
The church The church was robbed on Easter Sunday, the holiest of days.
Don't you see what's happening? God is punishing us.
For what? Not being who we say we are.
Well, if that's the case, don't you think God's being a little harsh? [LAUGHS.]
When the Philistines stole the Ark of the covenant from the Israelites, God smoked them with hemorrhoids and testicle tumors.
I think we're getting off easy.
You should go, Keefe.
Go go where? You need need a Mello Yello? You want me to do a store run? No! You should go.
Leave! Away from here.
I'm sorry, but I am no longer fit to lead you.
You need to find someone more worthy of the task.
No, but there's no one more worthy than you.
Get the fuck out of here, Keefe! - Now! - What? Do I need to call security, motherfucker? You don't mean that.
Get the fuck out of here! Get out! [SOLEMN AMBIENT MUSIC.]
Hey, Jesse.
How's it going, man? - Hey, what's happening, Levi? - Hey, buddy.
- Good to see you.
- How are you, man? You go take a seat in the living room.
Hey, how's it going? Wonderful to see you.
Yo, it's movie night, baby.
Actually, Matthew, it's not movie night.
- What? - So stop saying that.
Just go sit in the living room.
Hey, how are ya? [OVERLAPPING CHATTER.]
Chad, what the fuck, man? I said no kids.
Oh, sorry, we couldn't find a sitter on such short notice.
God damn it.
Okay, fine.
Just go take a seat and keep 'em quiet.
Major motion pictures tonight.
- Oh, I love movies.
- Come on, have a seat.
Thank y'all for coming today.
There's something I'd like to Well, that I need to share with all of you, my nearest and dearest family and friends.
- Ooh, that's nice.
- But before I do this, I just want to thank you in advance for your continued understanding, love, and support.
- Aw, you're welcome, Jesse.
- I got you, bud.
Levi, are you gonna sit there the whole time? I'm just, I'm trying to talk, and I just feel like you're just sitting there, like, looking that way.
- Oh, sorry.
- I'm trying to talk to you.
It's just a big moment, and I just, you know, I don't know.
- I'll just sit on the floor? - Yeah, on the floor would be great.
Look, y'all, I've been very fortunate in this world to be born a Gemstone.
I mean, it's about as close to God as one can get.
- But today, I stand before you as just a man, just like these other flawed men in this room: Chad, Matthew, Levi, and Gregory.
I'm very sorry to say that these flawed men and myself have participated in some sinful, illicit activities.
Mm, what you doing, Jesse? I'm exonerating my son, Matthew.
I'm protecting him the way he protected me.
Gideon's not the bad guy.
Gideon was put into an undesirable position [EXHALES.]
Because of the sins that me and these flawed men committed at last year's Prayer Power convention - in Atlanta.
- Oh, my God.
Sins that were captured on my son's cell phone, which he then used to blackmail me with.
- Mm.
- I knew it! Amber, I told you they were up to something! Mandy, the past is in the past, okay? That's not what this is about.
What this is about is me finally having the bravery to admit to myself that even though it may seem like it, I'm not perfect.
Jesse Gemstone is human.
And here's the proof.
Aw, shit.
Oh, my Lord in heaven.
Oh, Jesse.
What are you doing? Fuck is that? Our transgressions.
- Lord, help me - Gideon gave me this Metal computer thing so I could destroy the evidence once and for all, banish our sins forever.
If he hadn't done that, because of my immense fame, instead of facing you all right now, I'd be facing the entire world.
I want to see that fucking tape, Jesse.
Mandy, you might not want to, unless you like seeing your husband's gray scrotum.
Screening room.
Sweetie, I don't think - it's appropriate that the girls - No.
I want the girls to see who their father really is.
Well, they're definitely gonna see that.
I just want to warn you all that this is a lot like the al-Qaeda beheading videos.
Once you see it, you can't unsee it.
Okay, without further ado, our feature presentation.
Don't mind if I do.
Drugs? Classy.
All I did was drugs, baby.
That's it.
- Oh, my God.
She's pierced.
- Oh, wow.
And that prostitute with the huge tits was a close talker.
Her breath smelled like shit, so I didn't go any further than that.
Because her breath smelled like shit.
No, because I love you and I would never betray you.
Chad! Why don't you have any pants on? Fucking kidding me? Dancing around all naked? Are you out of your fucking mind? Mandy, he did lose his mind.
We all lost our minds.
This is not who we are, okay? What am I even looking at right now? Well, that's, uh, that's Gregory attempting to do cocaine.
And then that's Matthew successfully doing cocaine.
- Matthew! Really? - Oh, my God.
You're a bitch, Jesse.
Shut the fuck up.
Levi, how do you smoke crack? [GASPS.]
All right, I can explain.
I only was gonna do crack because I needed to counterbalance the cocaine 'cause I thought I was gonna die, baby.
So we're doing crack now? It's a weight-loss substitute.
That's me giving Chad a prophylactic to, uh, lessen the effectiveness of that ejaculate.
And then that's Chad having sex with the prostitute.
- Oh.
- Oh, God.
Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Yeah, Chad, fuck her! - Oh! - Ow! You lawyer up, shrimp dick.
Oh, God! Come on.
- Girls - Don't touch him! - Don't look at him.
- That ain't Daddy.
That's CGI, baby.
God damn it, Jesse.
Okay, I know that this is disgusting, but let's look at the bright side, guys.
No one else in this room fucked a prostitute - except for Chad, okay? - Amen.
And everyone had the opportunity to, and everybody here was pure of heart and chose not to.
This is so heartbreaking.
This is where the truth set us free.
- Pam.
- We can no longer hide behind a lie.
You mind going so I can speak with my wife? I wish I had somebody special in my life to get mad at me for doing bad things.
Well, you do.
Jesus Christ.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Look, baby.
I know what's on that video, okay? It is a deception for sure.
I will own that, all right? Let's forgive and forget.
We can get past this.
I'll do whatever it takes.
You can't be mad at me.
- Stop that! - Lies! So many lies! Right to my face! Look, I couldn't tell you, all right? - There were too many lives at stake! - [GRUNTS.]
Too many lives at stake? - Knock it off! - You did this.
You drove Gideon away.
You have destroyed this family.
At least I didn't make you look as dumb as Chad made Mandy.
Amber! Come on, grow up! That is enough of this childish behavior! Do not run from this! We can't run from this, Amber! Amber, please, be an adult.
We gotta talk.
- Oh, Jesus! Oh, fuck, run! Run! Oh, shit! Fuck, shit! Oh! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Oh, shit, shit.
Oh, fucking shit.
Oh, Lord What's wrong with me? I can't seem to be What I want to be And it's not for the sake of tryin' Tried so hard, God know And felt like dyin' And if You've been watchin' You would've seen me cryin' So, oh, Lord, oh, Lord Won't You give me Your hand Won't You give me Your hand [BIRDS CAWING.]
So, oh, Lord, oh, Lord Won't You give me Your hand She got me in the butt cheek! - Ow! Fuck.
- Won't You give me Your hand Oh, she got me in my meat.
Oh, she got me in my meat.
Ow, fuck! Ow! It's down my butthole.
You broke my butthole! Ow.

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