The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

And Yet One of You is a Devil

1 We have outmaneuvered those who wish to cause us ruin.
Mission accomplished.
Our secrets are safe.
And nothing bad happened.
Well, I got shot.
But you weren't killed, so not that bad.
GIDEON GEMSTONE: They process the money Sunday.
On holidays, like Easter, three million dollars.
SCOTTY: We're gonna rob that vault.
I have been asked by our dear uncle to perform because he recognized talent in me.
He's using you.
BABY BILLY FREEMAN: Tonight, we got a special guest.
Judy-Leigh! JESSE GEMSTONE: We've been through some rough patches, but look at us now, huh? Together.
Gideon, there's somebody at the front gate for you.
Says he's your buddy.
- Should I let him in? - [FAMILY CHEERS.]
Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! Chad! - [CAN CLATTERS.]
I'm ready to get fucked up tonight! Goddamn! Oh, shit.
You totally ditched our dinner.
The waiter said you went to the bar.
You in trouble.
You ain't trying to hang out with me and my friends.
That's why I got you your own room.
Normal kid would like that.
You got your freedom.
Go, have fun.
Don't do that; don't pretend like this is about me.
This is about you trying to be Mr.
Big Shot in front of your stupid friends.
For your information, I am a big shot, Gideon.
- - Psh.
- You wanna laugh in my face? Why don't you keep poppin' off with that 'tude? See if that internship of yours doesn't disappear.
You can kiss them little California dreams of yours good-bye.
I'll go anyways.
You can't stop me.
You think you're gonna be in that entertainment industry? - Y - News flash! People in Los Angeles hate Christians, Gideon! Good luck.
Why don't you start your new life of independence tonight? Pack your shit.
You're in room 218.
Yeah, dude.
I'm gonna get naked tonight.
- Yeah! - Yeah, I'm I'm trying to cut fuckin' loose tonight.
My man! Hey, sorry, Gideon.
- Sorry, man.
- He'll be all right.
Don't worry about him.
He's leaving.
What time our friends say they're comin' up? - Should be any time now.
ALL: Ohhhh! Yeah, sexy man! [LAUGHTER.]
Hope you guys have fun tonight.
We will.
Crime Let's do cocaine! Oh, there it is! Bam.
Thank you, bruh.
Now let's start with me.
Every time I find a new relation I get so scared and try to run - [KNOCKING AT DOOR.]
- To be free again Lord knows you want to be free [BRIGHT CHOIR MUSIC.]
So, Scotty, what brings you all the way from Los Angeles? Well, I actually came east to do a job, but I got a little banged up, so I had to bail on that gig until I heal.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Mm, don't be.
You know, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one kicks wide open.
- Hm.
- Oh, yeah? What door opened? Well, I'm actually up for a much bigger job - with a lot bigger payday.
- Oh.
It is a dangerous line of work that you and Gideon are in.
You would not be wrong, ma'am.
I have been shot, stabbed, trampled Hell, I've even been run over by a car.
Okay, wow.
They get it, Scotty.
Yeah, it's a tough racket.
Lotta injuries.
How do you deal with the pain? Well, I used to deal with the pain by consorting with prostitutes and snorting 200 mils of Oxy a day.
Fuckin' awesome.
No, not awesome at all, little man.
I was in a very dark place Staring at the ceiling, chasing shadows, the whole thing.
That is until Boy Wonder over here introduced me to a guy by the name of Jesus Christ.
I'm so proud of you.
Gideon, you out there ministering in LA? I guess so.
That's the Gemstone way right there.
Like father, like son.
Where are you staying while you're here? Well, I'm I'm at the Budgetel Hotel 'cause I'm on a budget, and it's a hotel.
So, seems to fit.
No, no.
That will not do.
No, you're gonna go ahead and stay here with us.
No, Dad, I he's fine.
He's fine there.
Whoa, whoa, Gideon, but truth be told, I left the Do Not Disturb thing on the handle, so those sheets are not gonna be clean when I get there.
Scotty, I do the same thing every time I stay at a hotel because I'm afraid them people gonna steal.
They will steal, sweetheart.
That's why no friend of my son is gonna spend one single night in a Budgetel Hotel.
- That's right.
- You are staying with us.
Thank you.
God dang.
There is something so familiar about you in your voice or have I seen you in something before? No.
No, Dad.
He just does stunts, so you wouldn't have.
No, no.
He's right.
You have seen me.
I'm just impressed you remember.
I had a recurring role as a rapist on "CSI: Miami.
No, I don't think that's it.
I don't like watching TV shows where people solve stuff.
It's something else.
Ah, it'll come to me.
Welcome to our home.
- It's happenin', Mama.
Took me a while to find my place in this world, but I think I finally found it.
I am to follow in your footsteps To share my gifts of story and song with the world.
I was always so much like you, you know, Mama? Like, pretty much exactly the same Two strong women who refused to be hidden figures.
Hidden figures no more.
What the hell are you doin'? Yeah, are you talkin' to Mama? - Maybe.
- 'Bout what? 'Bout how you're Baby Billy's boyfriend now? Kelvin, shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you.
Nobody's shuttin' anybody's mouth.
Hey, Daddy.
Aw, man, you're looking good.
You been working out? God.
Stop trying to kiss his ass, Kelvin.
J-Judes, why don't you stop trying to pick fights with everybody? Thinking you're a damn famous figure skater you're not.
I don't think I'm a famous figure skater, Jesse, so shut up.
Oh, really then why are you dressed like that? Because she is stepping into the public eye.
It's important to think about how she presents herself.
See? Thank you, Daddy.
Swing and a miss.
Easter is Sunday.
Our biggest service of the year.
Lots of eyeballs.
Lots of folk comin' in from outta town.
I want all four of us to be featured this year.
All four of us? Including me, Judy? I was wrong telling Judy I wouldn't support what her and Baby Billy were trying to do.
He gave you a chance when I wouldn't.
I was stubborn, and I see how I've hurt you.
Okay, well, good for you.
I want you and Baby Billy to perform at the Easter service.
Do a little dance number while we're passing the plate.
Like a collection song? Like Mama used to do? Oh, my God, Daddy.
Thank you.
- Baby.
- Yeah, cool, congrats.
So, what are we gonna do? Kelvin, you shall lead our youth in a performance of some sort.
- Like I do every year.
- [SOBS.]
- Jesse? Opening prayer like every year? No, sir.
This year, I want you to give the main sermon.
You're my oldest.
Time for you to shine.
Main sermon on Easter Sunday? Damn, Daddy.
I won't let you down.
Yeah, that's awesome.
We all got stuff.
Although the thing I got I was already doing, so [CRYING.]
Me and Jesse got really good stuff.
Yeah, you guys did.
Main sermon on Easter, Mama.
Collection song, Mama.
The thing I do every year, Mama.
Collection song on Easter Sunday, Mama.
What's up, dude? You give any more thought to that stunt work? Well, you know, I I did play four years of football in college as a walk-on.
I guess I'd get hit pretty good.
If you ever get out to LA, I'll hook you up with an agent.
Gotta gimme some headshots, though.
Shirt on, shirt off.
Fight face, O face.
We're gonna make you a superstar.
Your friend's crazy, Gideon.
I know.
He's from California.
So once the cash is counted and loaded into carts, Martin and I will wheel the carts from the accounting room to the vault using the back access hallway.
Now, before we get to the vault, there's a service elevator located here.
You bring Martin's ass down that elevator, I'll be waiting with my fuckin' mask on, ready to strike.
Okay, but you won't actually be striking anybody.
As soon as the elevator door opens, I'm gonna be rock hard.
And I'm more than likely gonna pistol-whip you.
Nothing too big.
I don't want this getting out of hand.
Just make it quick.
Well, if your boy Martin makes moves, I'm not making any promises, okay? Probably gonna have to tie you up here, sell some more violence.
So anticipate a few kicks, maybe another P whip.
Definitely not.
No more P whips.
Okay, fuck it.
I'll improvise.
Oh, dude, I have something for you.
I was gonna save it as a surprise, but I might as well show you now.
It's your dad's sex tape.
I took it to Geek Squad and had some incel fix it.
- Wow.
- Yeah, wow is right.
This is for you if you're a good boy.
This is what you always wanted Teach your pops a lesson.
Now you still can.
No sweets till we eat the broccoli.
First, we get the cash.
Then we destroy your old man.
I got big news, Uncle Baby Billy.
Real big.
Daddy asked us to be part of the Easter broadcast.
The collection number.
Well, it's time to start rehearsin'.
Come on, now.
We gonna learn a new move today.
Shuffle backstep.
Shuffle backstep.
Okay, yeah, but didn't you hear what I said? Yes, bitch, I heard you.
I'm pretending like I didn't.
Don't bitch-talk me, bitch.
I-I thought this was what we wanted.
Not from Eli Gemstone it ain't.
What, Judy? He gonna be all helpful, wonderful? Swoop in, give us a little doggy bone? Uh-uh.
That's too little, too late.
Now, he don't get to have you, Judy.
Now, you belong to Uncle Baby Billy now.
Get your shoes on.
We got work we got to do now.
No, it's just that, Uncle Baby, I was thinkin' what if we did "Jesus on the Dirt Road" or something? That would be broadcast into TVs across the whole world.
Baby Billy, Judy makes a great point.
- It could be great exposure.
- I-I'm sorry.
Somebody trying to talk to me while I'm working? Yes, Baby Billy.
It was the boy.
Boy? Listen here, TJ.
You don't speak to me during rehearsal unless you're spoken to.
You understand? My name is BJ.
You know that.
Go outside, nerd! Get out! Go! I ain't got time to be distracted by your worthless chime-ins.
Go on! Judy, you better tell this sumbitch to walk the fuck out right now, or we done for the day.
Go on.
It's your choice, now.
Make it.
Just walk the fuck outside, BJ.
Judy, I'm just here trying to support you.
Just go, BJ.
You're making me look like an idiot.
Go outside.
What? Go! I'm gonna tell you something that even your mama knew.
Your daddy, he is a fame whore A Look-At-Me Larry.
He'd suck a man's cock in the middle of town square if he thought it'd make him famous forever.
He'd suck ten men's cocks.
Well, not today.
Now, we will not perform for him on Easter Sunday, Judy.
We will perform right here, for us.
What was that move you were showing me? You don't have to be alone When we're having so much fun Don't be alone I have an announcement to make.
What is it, baby? Well, it would appear that Daddy has asked for me to headline the Easter service.
- Are you kiddin' me? - I am not.
He's got Kelvin doing some dancin' youth bullshit, but he's got me doing the main sermon.
- Mm! - I can't believe it.
Hey, is the main sermon, like, a big deal? It's the most gigantic-est of deals.
That'd be the equivalent of you being cast as the lead in a major motion picture action franchise.
Congrats, Mr.
Congrats, Dad.
He just knows what I've known for so long.
You are ready.
I am ready.
And I owe it all to the man upstairs.
No, I'm not perfect, dear Lord.
I have made my fair share of mistakes.
But underneath it all, I really am destined to lead this church.
Baby, I knew this day would come.
My beautiful queen.
You shall rule by my side.
Gideon, I'm really glad you're home to witness this fine accomplishment.
Abraham, you too.
Pontius, I know you don't give a shit.
You guys are so lucky to have each other.
Lots of dudes and dads don't get to share special moments like this.
My dad's in prison.
You guys are so lucky.
We are.
- We're very lucky.
- Very.
Scotty, I am so sorry to hear of your father's incarceration.
But if you need a daddy I'm here for you.
Use my strength.
You are loved in His light.
Praise be to He.
- Amen.
- Giving us everything we need.
Family, friends, oysters, caviar, charcuterie, and a fuckin' yacht.
Easter fuckin' Sunday.
- - Today is gonna be big.
Biggest daytime service of the year.
17,000 sets of live eyes staring straight back at us.
6 million worldwide.
Dear God, enlighten us and remind us that this service is not about us.
It is about your son, Jesus Christ.
Through Him our sins are forgiven.
Give us the strength that is needed to spread your word.
Give us your guidance to achieve what we must do.
In your name, Amen.
ALL: Amen.
Daddy! [GIGGLES.]
Hey, um, can we talk? I'm so excited to see you perform today.
I'm surprised Baby Billy didn't make sunrise prayer.
Well, actually, um, I have conferenced with my creative partner, and we will not be performing at your Easter service, unfortunately.
This is a fine time to be hearing about it, two hours before the service.
I shoulda known better than to think I could count on you.
Well, it's too little, too late, Daddy.
'Cause you know what they say: you can't gobble the pie if you didn't help bake it.
Judy, what in the world has that man been puttin' into your head? Nothin', Daddy, okay? Nothin' that wasn't already in there, 'cause guess what? I'm not a little girl anymore.
I'm a woman.
Yeah, I know.
You're almost 40 years old.
Yeah, no duh, Daddy.
That's called not a little girl anymore.
I have regular woman panties where the string goes up my crack.
I have tits.
I do sex.
I'm carvin' my own path.
- Judy.
- That's my name.
Don't wear it out, son.
Happy Easter, Daddy.
Praise the Lord His righteousness at hand Lord, Lord, Lord Take us to the promised land Holy war The battle has begun So praise the Lord His righteous Lord has come [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Thank you all so much for that warm welcome.
- And from my family to yours - Camera four.
Push in on Eli.
God bless each and every one of you on this glorious Easter morning.
And not just those here in the building, but those joining us by cable television, satellite, radio, and the internet.
Our friends watching in foreign lands, God's love speaks all languages and knows no borders.
- Amen? - ALL: Amen.
However you're with us, you are welcome and know that you are loved.
On the third day, Jesus rose again.
But today, I need you to rise up out your seats.
Come on now.
Come on now.
Everybody, get up.
Get up, get up, come on! Whoo! [MUFFLED MUSIC POUNDING.]
Do you wish you were there? BJ, stop trying to get into my head.
Can't you be supportive and stop trying to make me second-guess my shit? Judy, I'm not trying to make you second-guess anything.
Then why'd you go [MOCKING.]
"Do you wish you were there?" I've done nothing but support you, Judy.
I'm not even religious, and I'm here with you, trying to be a part of your family.
Well, try harder.
'Cause guess what? My whole family hates you, and it's embarrassing as hell.
I've had it.
I'm leaving.
Stop, BJ.
Come on, I've had a motherfucker of an Easter.
You're gonna make it worse? Move aside, Judy.
Benjamin Jason! If you leave like this, it's over.
That's that.
We're done.
Singing and dancing at church has changed you, Judy.
I have to stand up for myself.
I have to be a man.
Oh, God.
Is that what this is? Yes.
Damn it.
You'll have to find your own transportation home.
Fuck you.
He gave His love, He gave His life He gave His blood He paid the price Praise Him, Praise Christ Praise love and sacrifice [MUSIC CONTINUES FAINTLY.]
Hey, hey, hey! There's my number one son.
You okay, buddy? You don't look so hot, man.
Everything all right? Dad, there's something I need to come clean about.
Something I should have told you a long time ago.
I just want you to know this isn't how I wanted for it to go.
It's just things have gotten really complicated.
Is this about you and Scotty? Yeah.
I knew it.
Ever since you came back home, I've been slowly puttin' the pieces of the puzzle together.
I guess I was just in denial.
Is this why you left home? Yes, sir.
Gideon, I love you no matter who you are or what you do or who you do.
I could care less that you're gay.
Dad, what? Are you the main guy or are you the one who gets it? - Dad - You know what? Actually, don't answer that question.
Doesn't even matter.
I don't even know why I asked you that stupid question.
Gideon, time to punch in.
The money is rolling our way.
Buddy, I'm proud of you.
Thank you for sharing that with me.
Can't get nothing past me.
CHOIR: Praise Him, Praise Christ Praise love and sacrifice Good morning! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Welcome, one and all, on this blessed Easter Sunday.
Praise be to He.
ALL: Praise be.
Now, when I say Easter, a lotta images come to mind.
The bunny.
Easter egg hunts.
Them marshmallow Peeps that taste better when they're stale.
But the strongest image of all has got to be Jesus Christ nailed on the cross, dying for our sins.
ALL: Amen.
Now, it is natural to think of Jesus's suffering on this day.
But what about the suffering of another man Somebody you might not think of? [CASH COUNTERS WHIRRING.]
What about the suffering of Judas, the man that betrayed Jesus? The very name is synonymous with treachery.
To most, Judas is driven by evil, perhaps guided by the devil himself.
But try, if you will, to imagine Judas's suffering The agony he must have felt facing those other disciples, hearing of Christ's torture and knowing it was all because of him.
He soiled that which was holy Betrayed his friends, micturated upon his good name and for what? 30 pieces of silver.
It wasn't about the money.
Oh, no.
A betrayal such as Judas's cuts much deeper.
You see, a foe can plan your destruction, but only a loved one can break your heart.
Where's the money? It's over.
I'm not doing it.
You're not gonna do it? What, did you go chickenshit on me, huh? Do you know how much I can sell this for, huh? Do you know every tabloid in the world wants this? - Do you get th - [GRUNTING.]
Go to sleep, you little cute cocksucker.
Go to sleep.
I'm sick! - Of you! - [GROANS.]
You mother! Fucker! [GROANS, GROANS.]
Okay, hey! Preacher boy.
What are you gonna do, shoot me? [GUN CLICKS.]
Give me the LaCie Rugged Drive.
You know, you talk a big game, Scotty.
You're just another wannabe actor.
A fuckin' fraud.
You think I'm a fraud? [SCOFFS.]
Look at you and your shitbag family.
The Gemstones are the biggest frauds in the world.
They may not be perfect, but they're my family.
Despite the betrayal, despite the doubt, despite the pain, on that third day, Jesus Christ performed a miracle unlike the world had ever seen! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Fuck! The sun had come out, and He had risen! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Go on, tell me what else were they saying.
They were just saying how much they loved it, and they loved that sermon.
They felt close to Christ and how confident you seemed.
- I heard people saying that too.
- Mm-hmm.
I heard some people saying that I was as good as Daddy.
Might even have heard a few say I was better.
- Mmm.
Oh, I believe it.
You know how people like to kiss a minister's ass.
I do.
I do know that.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, baby.
- Where's Scotty? - Um, Scotty had to split.
I guess the job he was waiting on is a go.
Sorry we missed him.
You're a good man for helping a dude like that out A guy who's down on his luck.
I'm proud of you.
I didn't tell your mom anything we talked about earlier.
That's your special news to share, son.
Special news? Yeah, Dad, I'm not in love with Scotty, if that's what you thought.
In love with Scotty? No, Mama, I'm not.
I'm just your son regular.
Well, there's a lotta handsome fish in the sea.
I'm sure you'll find the right one, buddy.
Right, thanks, but I'm I'm looking for just female fishes exclusively.
- It was just a - So you're bi? No, Dad.
I'm not, I'm not.
I'm not bi, Mom.
- That's okay.
- You know that.
- I love you.
- I I know, but I I feel we can just move on from this conversation.
Doesn't matter.
I love my bi son.
Car brakes.
Hey, party boy.
- It was you.
- Yeah.
But it wasn't just me.
It was your son, too.
We're gonna take a little ride to church, and you're gonna open that fuckin' vault for me.
- The vault? - Yeah, numbnuts.
The vault.
Gideon's a part of this? It was his fucking idea.
Now, let's go for a ride.
What do I do with my drink? Put it down.
Fuck! You make one move or sound, and I plug your whole goddamn family.
You broke my fuckin' door.
You know, you're wasting your time.
I can't get you into that vault.
My Daddy doesn't give me access to it.
Scotty! Let my Dad go.
How ya doin' there, slugger? Huh? You still think I'm all talk? 'Cause I'm about to show you some real violence, and it's all your fault.
See how fuckin' fake I am now.
Don't do it! Hey! Please don't do it.
That's a good dude.
Now get in the van.
We gon' go see Grandpa.
was hit in downtown Charleston.
A woman pled guilty to driving under the influence and driving away from the scene of that accident.
- She was ordered to pay a - [DOORBELL CHIMES.]
$78 damage, and then was [DOORS RATTLING.]
Shit! [PANTING.]
Oh, fuck.
Don't be a tough guy.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Fuck! [GRUNTS.]
Nice and easy.
Whoo, yeah! Huh? Tie his ass up, bitch.
Eli Gemstone.
You run some racket, huh? You got a lotta shit.
I mean, come on.
It's a lotta meaningless shit.
- I mean, look at this.
- Motherfucker! Slap me with those big, meaty, dad hands.
Enough! Enough! Let's just do this.
I need your key card, Grandpa.
I'm sorry.
Please just do as he says.
It's in my office.
In the drawer top top drawer.
The desk.
I'm sorry.
Fuck my ass.
How we doin'? Hm? We comfy? [THUD.]
Fuck! That's for all the bullshit.
And that's for the hell of it.
We could've been a killer team, Gideon.
Pussy brothers of Thailand, coordinating low budget kung-fu pics by day, slammin' ass at night.
Vegetarian options in every fuckin' restaurant.
Thailand is fucking bananas.
You made your choice.
And you broke my fuckin' heart.

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