The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Now the Sons of Eli Were Worthless Men

1 JUDY GEMSTONE: I want to do things, too.
Why does Daddy always overlook me? Ni hao, Daddy.
That means "hello" in Chinese.
I studied so much, even though I wasn't allowed to go with y'all.
That's wonderful, baby doll.
That operation you're building there, that prayer center.
We're scared you're gonna run us out of own hometown.
BABY BILLY FREEMAN: I'm Aimee-Leigh's little brother.
As children, we had a singing duo.
My sister's gone, you over here drownin'.
You're trying to cash in on her name every chance you get and were nowhere to be found when she needed you most.
It's our daughter.
Kelvin here specializes in youth ministry.
What time's youth group Wednesday night? It's my parents.
SCOTTY: All right, buckle up, bitch.
What in the Good Lord is going on? Nothing.
Them just some fellas I play car pranks with.
Oh, really? Does Dad even know about this? Uh-uh.
Doesn't matter if it scrapes the side of the house Just pull it in.
- No! - I don't think you're appreciative of what I've done here.
Why does it have to be my house? - It should be in your house.
- You found 'em? Yeah, you bet your ass I found 'em! - Stop.
- I chased those motherfuckers down and captured their vehicle.
This is my van now! [METAL CREAKING.]
- Aah! [LAUGHING.]
Yeah! Yeah! Why'd you do that? - Let's murder it! - What's Oh! Judy! - Put that down.
You're being reckless.
- Almost sent a shard almost right in my eye.
Hey, y'all.
What's going on? Keefe.
That shirt is not as long as you think it is, bud.
Ah, cool mushroom tip.
Just just go back inside, buddy.
Very sorry about that.
Well, we tried to give y'all everything you needed.
We don't have a smoke machine or a fancy sound system.
- Don't have a climbing wall for the youth or preachers who seem to think they're some sort of famous movie stars.
My wife and I will continue to hold prayer meetings every Wednesday night at our house.
And, uh we will find a space that is more suitable to our numbers.
Oh, God help me! Jesus, please! [SOBBING.]
I'm sorry about how all this has turned out.
Maybe you could take comfort knowing that this is all, somehow, part of His plan.
Wish I understood that plan.
He's gonna have some purpose for bringing them Gemstones here.
Oh, boy.
I can't possibly imagine.
Hoo-hoo! Look at that shot.
Just like the one I gave Johnny Seasons Took all them fools down.
Took 'em downtown.
Well, results come easy when you love what you do.
So true; if you love your job, it doesn't feel like work.
BJ made that up.
He's really good at sayings.
I don't know much about you, BJ.
Eli never really brings you up much.
Well, that's 'cause BJ and Daddy are still kinda forming their friendship.
I look forward to growing closer to you over the years, Dr.
In an organic way, of course.
Well, how you make your money, BJ? Uh, I work at Low Country Optical.
Thought you worked at the grocery store.
No, Daddy.
He doesn't work at the grocery store.
He works in the grocery store.
Well, what about you, Judy? What's your Daddy got you doing these days? I'm just, uh, working with Martin.
With Martin? What, doin' secretary shit? She helps in the entire organization.
- Yeah, but she's a Gemstone.
Seems strange to me she's not front and center like everybody else.
I don't know, maybe that's just me talkin', now.
No, that's not just you talkin'.
I've been wondering about it.
Been hearing a lotta other people wondering about it.
Tons of people talkin' about it, and Less chitchat, more play.
That was a beautiful shot, Tiff.
Hey, come here.
- What? - You and I? We deserve a lot more than we get.
Now, we both have gifts that we are more than willing to share.
Yet for some reason, somebody's always standing in the way.
You got a church.
You get more than I get.
Yeah, Judy, I got a church.
But when you got star talent like this right here, a little Jesus house in the middle of Shit Town don't seem so hot.
That was a great shot! That was a beautiful shot.
There's plenty of qualities that your mama had I see plain as day in you.
- Like what? - I see your hair, your face.
I mean, it's all I mean, it's similar.
It's different, but it's similar.
And beautiful, like her.
You got a lotta good things.
- Mm-hmm.
- Lot of 'em, lotta things.
Seems a sin to let all that talent go to waste.
Tell my daddy that all the time.
But he don't listen, does he? - Mm-mm.
- Let me tell you something.
Ol' Baby Billy's listenin'.
Why don't you come by the prayer center tomorrow? I'd like to talk to you more about this, now.
Come on, tryin' to figure out that one.
Well, are we gonna talk about what's going on with that red van? What? Come on, you're being silly now.
This ain't one of your podcasts.
This ain't "Serial.
" It's not some Lifetime movie.
Don't get all wrapped up and try to solve the mystery.
- There's no mystery.
- But baby, you were in a high-speed chase last night, and now that van is parked over there in Kelvin's garage.
I mean, in what part of the world is that normal? Well, I told you, we do elaborate pranks.
I mean, like George Clooney and the Impractical Jokers.
- We go big.
- I mean, come on.
H how is that even a prank? Th just, like, a van flippin' over? Yeah, that just seems dangerous.
Look, I didn't pull off that prank.
That was a prank they were doin'.
I mean, obviously, that wasn't really that good of a prank.
The counter-prank is gonna be where the big laughs are.
Maybe I'll put shaving cream inside that van.
Put a bunch of Chinese food Szechuan, fuckin' wontons all inside that van, maybe cram some crickets in the glove box.
- That'd be funny, right? - [SMALL LAUGH.]
Yeah, I guess so.
- Morning, baby.
- Morning.
What's with them glasses? Oh, cool guys wear 'em.
Haven't you heard? [SCOFFS.]
Lemme see your beautiful face.
- I'm kinda in a hurry.
- Gideon, take them glasses off.
Mom, I can't, I gotta go.
Glasses off now.
Go on, take 'em off, Michael Jackson.
- [GASPS.]
- Oh, sweet Lord.
Baby, what did you do to your face? I just wiped out on my dirt bike.
I didn't wanna tell ya.
I knew you'd freak out.
No, baby, you need to go to a doctor.
- No.
No doctors.
- We yes.
It's all good, I feel good.
I'm gonna be late for work.
I love you, okay? I love you.
Well, I guess that's the one good thing about him being a stuntman Knows how to take a hit.
Keefe ran the tags stolen from a Chevy Camaro.
He got fired 'cause of it.
Eh, DMV's a shitty job anyway.
Damn, with the VIN number scratched off, there's not gonna be any way in hell we can figure out who this van belongs to.
So sickening to think about somebody living in here making coffee, clipping toenails.
When'd you get a fried chicken and soda machine? The Nancy's gave it to me as a gift for turning their daughter's life around.
It's awesome.
It makes like like every soda.
What a stupid present.
No, it's not.
Regular people can't even buy this.
You gotta, like, own a restaurant to have one.
God, don't be all cocky about it.
You have had a big fuckin' head lately.
Why don't you come back to reality and dust this van for prints? Ah, you know what? I'd love to, but I actually have responsibilities.
I have to learn a few words in Swahili.
Daddy has me handing out roses to the refugees this week.
- Wait, you're doing the Refugee Rose Welcome? Mm-hmm.
- What Ndio? - What the fuck is that? - Ndio.
- What the fuck is that? That means "yes" in Swahili.
- Ndio.
- Ndio.
- Sounds Chinese.
- No, it's not.
- It's Swahili.
- What is it? "Un-dun-doo-how"? Oh! Oh! [WRENCH CLATTERS, SODA SPLASHING.]
- Not my soda machine gift! [LAUGHING.]
Judy! Oh, no.
Tell you that much.
- I'm just - Yoohoo.
What the hell's your problem? I'm just trying to get my head around how I work my ass off for this family, but I'm constantly the odd one out.
You wanna talk about it, or just punch holes in expensive soda machines? [SCOFFS.]
I wanted to do the Refugee Rose Welcome.
I sent Daddy a formal email and everything.
Well, big deal, Judy.
The Refugee Rose Welcoming Ceremony is a lame gig anyway.
Okay, then why won't he give me a chance at some low-stakes shit like that? [SIGHS.]
I don't know, Judy.
Maybe he just thinks that you ain't ready for it.
Oh, okay.
You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go ahead and go get married and get the fuck outta Dodge, then.
I'm gonna move to Malibu Beach, shave my pussy, - learn to surf.
- Shave your pussy? Why you gonna shave your pussy? So I can surf faster, Jesse! All y'all trying to suppress me, tell me I can't shave stuff.
And Daddy is a dick.
Ooh, I'm gonna tell Daddy what you said.
- You better not.
- Yeah, I am.
- Off to tell Daddy.
- Jesse.
Jesse! I take it back.
I take it back! Okay, I won't tell.
Okay, you better not.
Gimme a ride.
Fine, hop in.
- Just let me - Get in, what are you doin'? - Jesse, let me in.
- Come on, get in.
Get in, I'm waiting for you.
- I'm trying to g - Go on.
Don't shave your pussy.
Your time will come.
Already did it.
Fuckin' tent has holes in it.
Least it's not raining.
Fuck off! You have never lived a day of hardship in your life.
You're just some spoiled little fuckin' rich kid, and I am tired of this shit.
And I'm tired of your fuckin' family, man.
They are rude people.
Look, we were idiots for driving around in the van, all right? We got a little careless.
I'm gettin' my van back.
They got it locked up in my uncle's garage.
They completely ransacked it.
- Scottie - Fuck! Fuck! - Fuck! - Hey, amigo, Keep it down! Sorry.
Where's your old man right now? We have acquired the van of the blackmailers.
It is in our hands, currently residing in Kelvin's garage.
We have conducted a very thorough investigation and we got a sleeping bag, set of tongs, L.
Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics".
- That's a fake bible.
- Utz Wavy Originals.
- I like those.
- Uh, some beans.
Some chicken noodle soups.
Soiled Q-tips and yellow, crusty paper towels.
There'll be some diseases living on that.
Basically just a bunch of trash.
It would appear that these folks are not the sophisticated crime syndicate we imagined.
- Mm-mm.
- In fact, it would appear they are nothing more than fucking amateurs.
Now then, we have their vehicle.
- They were obviously living in it.
- And when Chad, is that your phone? - Yup.
Silence it, please.
So we've dusted the vehicle for fingerprints.
That's where you guys come in.
Who here knows somebody who can, like, run prints against a database? - [RINGTONE CHIMING.]
- Whose phone is that, god damn it? - It's mine.
- We're doing a damn gang meeting here and everybody's got their fucking phones on like we're running a damn party line here! We're not a gang.
- Are you kidding me? Levi, who the fuck is that? Unknown number.
Hang it up.
Decline it.
- Unknown caller.
Is the same person trying to call all of us? No, don't be silly.
I mean, who the hell knows that we're all together here [PHONE VIBRATING, CHIMING.]
Unknown number? Let me answer it.
Go on.
- Hello? - Who the fuck is this? [DARK MUSIC.]
Who am I speaking with? You forget how to answer? You and your buddies don't know how to pick up a fuckin' phone? Well, we're in the middle of a meeting, so you got us now.
I got something that belongs to you.
Yeah, you do.
You better not touch a fuckin' thing in there.
Better put all my shit back in there.
Then you're gonna drive that van to a location I choose because you just fucked with the wrong motherfucker, asshole.
And if we don't, what then? [LAUGHING MENACINGLY.]
You really wanna know? I mean, that's why I'm asking.
I'ma fuck yo life in the ass.
I'm gonna release the video.
Okay, okay.
Well, here's what I think.
I think that if you were gonna release the video, you woulda already done it.
I think that whoever you are or however you got that footage, you have failed.
I think you got jack squat, son.
- Don't test me.
- Ooh! Don't test you? [LAUGHS.]
Why don't you come on down here and get that fuckin' van? - I wish you would.
Okay, next time I see you, it ain't gonna be good, 'cause you're gonna fuckin' die, mothafucka.
Them big words coming from a man living in his van.
Here's what I think.
You're a loser who's got jack shit.
You thought you were gonna get rich from me.
And instead, you got your fuckin' ass run over and your van stolen.
- If I was you, I'd piss off and take a seat at the kids' table, 'cause you are gettin' fucked up here with the adults.
Do not mess with me! Do you know the fuckin' damage I can do? Do you know what I can do with my body? You wanna step up to the fuckin' Gemstones? Good luck, bitch.
Lose this number.
- [BEEP.]
- Oh-ho-ho-ho! - Whoo! - He don't have shit, guys.
We're in the clear! - Oh! - Oh! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Oh, yeah! Uhh! The fuck did he just say? What the fuck you smiling at? Nothin'.
Judy, let's get started now.
Put 'em on, now.
Stand up.
There she is.
Now show Baby what you got.
Come on.
Well, that is if you feel like you're up to it.
But maybe Eli pretends like you can't do nothing 'cause well, you can't do nothing now.
Hey, dummy, what can you play? - Huh? - What can you play, dummy? Oh, um, I can play "This Little Light of Mine" and "Toxic.
" Both great.
Pick one.
"This Little Light of Mine.
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine, let it shine Let it shine [SHOES CLICKING.]
Well, I always wondered who your mama dripped the talent juice down to.
There's undeniably something there.
It is undeniable, which means it can't be denied, now.
I know what that means.
I'm just I'm not used to people saying I got talents.
- Well, you trust me.
I know talent.
I want you to come do a Wednesday worth of shows for me right here at Locust Grove.
- We gon' get 'em up out of their seats.
Feel it, now.
They gon' be screaming, "Baby Billy, little old Judy Leigh.
" Let's fucking kill people.
Ha-ha! We back! This'll be the last meeting of the gang.
We have outmaneuvered those who wish to cause us ruin.
Mission accomplished.
Are we sure the blackmailers don't have another trick up their sleeve? Matthew, this is about closure, not about keeping people scared, okay? - Yes, sir.
- Our secrets are safe.
And nothing bad happened.
- Well, I got shot.
- Okay, but you weren't killed.
So not that bad.
We assaulted that man at RimTyme.
Levi, come on, man, nothing bad happened to us.
I can't control what happens to other motherfuckers.
Look, after this moment, we will never discuss any of this ever again, okay? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
Each of y'all take one of these coins.
You didn't throw those away? No, Gregory, I didn't.
Jesse, thank you.
Here, boss.
I'm so glad we have these.
I will never forget.
Want you to take your coins and chuck 'em into the water.
As the tokens sink to the bottom, - so do our secrets.
- [SIGHS.]
Hallelujah Hallelujah - Come on, Gregory.
Throw your shit.
- Hallelujah [SOMBER CHORUS.]
Now we really have did it.
This whole thing is fucked, Gideon.
Your father, that asshole, thinks he won.
And he's laughing at us.
That fuck! That fat, fat, fat, fuck! You know what? I'm going over there to cut a bitch.
And then I'm taking my fucking van back.
Scottie, if you do that, the heist is off.
You don't get a dime, and he wins.
You holding out on me? Well, you squished yours.
That one's mine.
The fuck is this? It's a Slim.
Just a smaller sandwich.
Fewer toppings, lower calorie count.
That one's my favorite.
Slim 3, tuna salad.
My Slim 3.
Kelvin, how's your Swahili comin'? It's actually comin' along pretty beautifully, Daddy.
Uh, I already learned [SPEAKING SWAHILI.]
and "Karry-boo," so it's gonna be pretty amazing.
I'm excited.
- Hm.
- "Kareebu.
" - Karibu.
- Karibu.
- Karibu.
- Yeah, it's kinda fun to say.
- All right - Right? Look, I know everybody's having fun saying karibu, - but Daddy? - Karibu.
Hey, Daddy? I just wanted to ask you, did you happen to get the very formal email that I sent you? It started with "Dear Eli," comma, and, uh, the body of it said a bunch of stuff about how I was begging you for a chance.
Your father receives many correspondences, Judy.
Thank you, Martin.
I'm talking to my daddy right now.
I'm not talking to you.
Damn! Can you shut up for once in your fuckin' life? Judy! You will not talk to Martin that way.
What's gotten into you? Just why didn't you write me back? I'm in the middle of a meeting here.
I'm not dealing with this right now.
Yeah, Judy.
We're doing real work here.
Why don't you go restock the church office supplies or something, right? Yeah, I probably should do that.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Get on out.
- Ow! - No - Stop it, stop it! - Dad! Daddy! - Enough, enough! - I won't have you idiots - act like this here.
- Judy.
Judy, no! Judy, this is why you're not asked to speak.
This right here.
I give you a chance, and you pull some shit like this.
Like uncaging a wild animal.
You're an embarrassment.
Well, Daddy, it's been forever since you gave me a chance.
You just got one, and you blew it.
I was gonna say that exact same thing, Daddy.
It's funny you said that.
Like, just now.
Just a second ago "You had a chance, - and then you blew it.
" - Okay.
Okay, you know what? I would like to make an announcement before I leave for the day.
Leave for the day? You got work.
Well, I just felt a gush.
So I need to go buy some tamps and go lay down.
How 'bout that? Put me down for a sick day, Martin.
- Another one? - I want y'all to know something.
I have been asked by our dear uncle, Baby Billy Freeman, to perform at Locust Grove, and I have taken him up on this offer because he recognized talent in me that I received from my mama.
And he has embraced me.
Quite honestly, it's a new feeling.
Oh, sweetheart.
Baby Billy doesn't think you're good.
He's using you to try to piss me off.
Okay, well thank you so much for your support, Eli.
It means the world coming from you.
Thank all y'all.
Good night.
- It's daytime, dummy.
- Kelvin.
Um, look outside.
It's bright as hell.
She's saying "good night.
" - [GRUNTS.]
Ah! Oh! She ripped out my hairs.
Ki-yah, amigo.
- Hey.
- Hey, you got a moment? Yeah, sure.
Look, I know that you and I have been going through a pretty rough patch.
But I'm glad you came back.
I've been dealing with some bullshit, personally, and it's really made me understand what's important in my life.
Uh, you're important in my life, Gideon.
- Okay.
- I don't know.
I just want you to know that just 'cause you and I get into, like, arguments and stuff, I still like you as a son.
Thanks thank you.
I, um I mean, I like you too, so Cool.
All right, good, yeah.
Oh, were you going for No, I thought that you were gonna - We can just do it again.
- Well, I was just-okay.
If you wanted to.
- Okay.
- I was just gonna do a handshake, but if you wanna do a hug, - I'll give you a hug, man.
- Well, usually when people approach you like that, it's for a hug, so I figured Well, I didn't approach you like that.
I was coming in for a handshake.
- You had your arms wider.
- It's okay.
I like you.
- I like you too.
- Okay, dope.
I want to do something nice for your mom.
Would you mind helping me out? Sure.
Thank y'all for humoring me.
- I knew you'd like it.
- Oh, baby, I love it.
- This is so nice.
- We look like a family of D-bags.
What are these shirts? - Hey.
- It's beachy.
Y'all stop.
You look handsome, 'kay? We are so blessed.
I just wanted to commemorate this special time for us.
I mean, we've turned a corner as a family.
Been through some rough patches, but look at us now, huh? Together, laughing, cuttin' up, the way it's supposed to be.
- I love you guys.
- I love you, too, Daddy.
- Ohh - [CHUCKLING.]
Come on, Xavier.
Time is money.
Let's show 'em those Gemstone pearly whites.
Welcome to America.
- Thanks.
- Welcome to your new church.
Welcome to America.
Welcome to your new church.
I like the outfit.
Jambo to you.
Welcome to America.
Hey, little one.
Jambo! Welcome to America.
Welcome to your new church.
There's no reason to be scared.
Don't be scared.
I knew I'd find you primping, you slippery son of a bitch.
Why, Eli Gemstone.
Surprised you made it down.
I know what this is all about, using Judy like you are.
Oh, kinda like what you did with Aimee-Leigh? She had it all, now.
The looks and the brains.
Not to mention the moves.
And then you showed up outta nowhere from a poor preacher's family.
Such humble beginnings.
And you stole her right out from underneath me.
But look at you now.
Why, you richer than Lee lacocca.
But what about me, huh? The man who was with Aimee-Leigh from the very beginning.
What does ol' Baby Billy got to show for hisself? Nothing, that's what.
If you think you can get back at me by using my daughter, you got another think comin'.
I've bided my time, Eli.
Now, I am gon' get what's comin' to me.
If you will excuse me, got to get in the zone! Mama told me not to, I did it anyway Misbehavin' Daddy said don't, but I said it anyway [CAR HORN HONKS.]
Children of the corn Children of the corn Sounds great, baby.
I'm not even doing songs yet, BJ.
Sure as heck better sound better than this out there, - or I'm done.
- You want some of this - hot tea to help you relax? - Mmmm.
Or, you know, I could help you stretch - for the clogging.
- Know what you can help me do? You can help me out by being good.
- What? I am good.
- Just get that ass out.
- Baby, hey! - Get over there.
Ohh, ohh! - Hey! Hey! - Make those cheeks red, bitch.
- Settle down.
- What am I supposed to do, BJ? Just stand in the corner and jack myself like a fuckin' monster? I need a release, dude.
I'm skittish as a squirrel right now.
Come on, Jude, Just breathe, okay? In.
That's what I'm trying trying to get you to do, go in and out on me with that snowy white dick.
Ah! - Give it.
Calm down.
That's not how you're gonna get it.
God dang, BJ.
You're being such a asshole.
Guess I'll just have to get somebody from the audience - to finger me.
- Yeah, okay.
I know you're kiddin', okay And that's just the anxiety talkin'.
- Is it? - So I'm gonna let that slide over me like a fish.
I have something for you.
It's your start gift.
I know you were coveting Kelvin's new soda machine, and I wanted you to know you're just as important as he is.
BJ, The thing is, Kelvin's soda machine has all the sodas.
Don't worry, girl.
I got you a variety of different syrups.
You're gonna be awesome today, lollipop.
I just know it.
Fuck you.
I love you.
I'm sorry, I'm nervous.
I love you.
I'm gonna go out to the car.
Why don't you stay here and make yourself cum? [EXHALES.]
You are light.
You are love.
It's been a big night for Deacon.
- Can I get an amen out there? - Amen! Yes! Praise God today.
Praise Him today.
Thank you, God.
About to get even It's about to get even bigger.
You can believe that, 'cause tonight Tonight we got a special guest.
A special guest in Jesus Christ.
A Gemstone that shines brighter than all the rest.
Let's give her a big, Locust Grove round of applause Miss Judy-Leigh! - [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
- Yes! Miss Judy-Leigh! - Hey, y'all.
- Come on, now.
Mama told me not to, I did it anyway Misbehavin' Daddy said don't, but I said I'm gonna Misbehavin' Pies on the windowsill, swimmin' in the crick Catchin' crawdads and playin' with a stick - I wore lipstick - And I got caught shavin' Just two little country kids outside misbehavin' We thought we was just messin' around Till we met that man in the thorny crown He told us that tricks and mischief leads to Satan, Satan So from now on, there's no misbehavin' Here we go, now.
Come on, now.
You got it now.
Come on out here, now.
Come on, Judy.
Come on, Judy.
Come on, look at all these people out here.
- Come on, now.
What the fuck? Come on, bitch.
You got this, girl.
- Y'all, I'm gonna get some dip.
- Okay, Mom.
- Get it, girl.
- Gideon's turn.
All right, Gideon.
You're up.
- Give it up.
- Nice work.
Nice work.
- Hello? - Yes.
- Don't blow it.
Gideon, there's somebody at the front gate for you.
- Come on, what's - For me? - Come on, Gideon! - What? No! - That was gonna fall.
Thanks, Ma.
Ah, Lord.
Pa, just watch out for the side pieces.
- That's how I messed up.
- Restack 'em.
- Hello? - Hey, Gideon.
We got a fella out here who says he's your buddy all the way from LA.
Scottie, uh Steele.
Scottie Steele.
We're in the entertainment business together.
You know him? Gideon! You knock it down, you gotta rebuild it.
- Them the rules.
- I know, I'll be right back.
- Okay to send him in? - Um [TENSE MUSIC.]
Hey, Gideon.
You there? Should I let him in? Okay.
Make a right after the lake, then it's just after the zoo.
- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.
Hey, you're kinda ripped.
You ever think about doing stunt work? Me? No.
You should think about it.
He's good.
What's that floating in the water? Oh, Neptune's only daughter I believe In Mr.
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