The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


1 AIMEE-LEIGH GEMSTONE: Oh, take a look at this crowd, Eli.
I do believe it is the best-lookin' buncha friends we've spent time with yet! ELI GEMSTONE: She married me, so you know her taste is in question.
- Oh, stop it right now! - Ow! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYS.]
ELI: Your mama kept everybody gettin' along, kept everybody on track.
Well, I've had about enough.
ELI: Maybe Johnny Seasons was right.
Maybe this family has become an abomination.
Your kids are worried about you, Eli.
I'm worried about you.
Oh, you come into town and instantly try to turn my family against me? You're a two-bit con man.
Daddy, the only reason we talked to Baby Billy was out of concern for you.
Yeah, nobody wants to see you sad, Daddy.
Mama always taught us we should never turn our back on family.
ALL: So praise the Lord He's [BRIGHT CHOIR MUSIC.]
One, two, three.
Thank you, Joseph.
Mm, you look good today.
As opposed to every other day.
You look good every day.
You have to if you wanna stand next to me.
'Cause you're such a hot piece of tail, huh? Oh, baby, I'm sizzling hot.
Places, everybody! - Mum-mum-mum-mum-mum.
- 27 till showtime.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five - Eli? - Yes, my love? I'm pregnant.
ALL: Praise the Lord Say what? [ANGELIC CHOIR VOCALIZING.]
Breakin' bread with my mama Breakin' bread with my papa Breakin' bread Breakin' bread with my brother Breakin' bread with my sister Breakin' bread Breakin' bread with my cousins Breaking bread with my buddies, breakin' bread Yeah, my buddies Bo and Chad They was cut up just now Oh, this corn is special.
Judy, stop stabbing my legs.
I'm not stabbing your legs.
Do it again, and see if I don't punch you in the damn stomach.
Y'all keep your knives on the table.
- We got some news to share.
What, Judy's finally being put up for adoption? - Jesse caught AIDS? - Enough.
I'm pregnant.
We're bringing a new little life into this world.
Say what? Why are y'all trying to do that? You're old.
You don't need to be having more kids.
It is unexpected.
That's for sure.
But if it's His will, His will it shall be.
I hope it's a boy.
Then I can teach him how to pee standing up.
I don't.
I hope y'all don't have it.
Matter of fact, I hope something happens.
Not where Mom gets hurt or anything, but just that it ends up being a mistake and it's, like, diarrhea or something.
That's what I hope not a baby.
Well, maybe once you meet this little angel person, - you'll change your mind.
- No, I won't.
I will never like them.
They will never be my friend.
- Ow! - Knock it off.
Now, we all have to pitch in these next few months.
Can you do that? You know, act as special helpers around the house? Can't y'all just hire some poor people? No, baby.
I'd be delighted to assist.
Thank you, Judy.
Jesse? We'll see how it goes.
I ain't making any promises.
- That went well.
- Yeah.
- Don't look now.
Ready? Ready now? You ready? Ha! [LAUGHS.]
Let me tell you what, people are getting excited.
Look at this.
Baby B and Aimee-Leigh.
I don't know about you, but my phone keeps ringing off the hook.
Everybody wants to see Aimee-Leigh and Baby Billy come back for one more tour.
You two talking telepathically to one another? Baby Billy, we have some news we wanna share with you.
As long as it ain't bad news.
Oh, no, it is not bad at all.
It is wonderful, in fact.
God has blessed us with another child.
And I'm due in July.
We gonna be on tour in July.
Baby Billy, I can't go on tour.
I'm having a baby.
Well, we can't cancel this tour, Aimee-Leigh.
I mean, what are you talking about? We have people counting on us.
Well, we're just gonna have to disappoint 'em.
Some things are just beyond our control.
What do you mean, "beyond our control"? You're the one who splashed all that sperm all over her.
I mean, this is a medical impossibility.
I mean, how did this even happen, Aimee-Leigh? You're well into your forties.
Haven't you ovulated all your eggs out by now? You know what? You better stop that talk right now.
You need to stop.
You need to stop.
- No, you stop.
- You need to stop.
You are this close to backsliding, Billy, and you know it.
The reality is, is that is part of the blessing of this whole thing.
We're like Abraham and Sarah.
This is a gosh-darn miracle, and Shh.
Lord, forgive me my harsh language.
Forgive me my harsh language, baby.
I am hormonal.
I am hormonal, Baby Billy.
- All I'm trying to say all - What? All I'm trying to say is that you're gonna have a miracle niece or a miracle nephew.
Can't you get excited about that and be happy for us? Yes, Aimee-Leigh, I'm happy for you.
I'm so happy, so overflowed with joyful thoughts.
I'm just I'm just thinking about our business obligations.
That's all.
My wife's not going out on tour while she's with child.
It's not happening.
Well, ain't this a son of a bitch? I mean the situation, not the baby that's in your uterus.
Can't we just postpone the tour, you know, till after the birth? Just change the date on the poster? Right there.
Boom, oom.
Just like that.
It's gone.
I think it's best just to put a pin in it for now.
I wasn't asking you.
I'm asking my sister.
Billy, I think it's just best if I focus on this for right now.
Classic, Aimee-Leigh.
You got yours.
Life is beautiful.
That's all right, no, because, uh, I am happy.
No, it's good.
Everything's fine.
I'm just happy that Jesus continues to bless you with so many wonderful things.
I can't wait for the invitation to the shower.
I can't wait.
Get him! Yeah! Get him! [CHILDREN SHOUTING.]
DDT his ass.
You got him, Dick.
Good punch.
- What are you doing, man? Come on! Get in there! I'm tired, Jesse.
Give me a juice box! Oh, come on, honey.
Kick him.
Hey, that's enough! That's enough! Fight's over! Hey, preacher's boy.
You starting some shit again? [LAUGHING.]
You wanna smell my finger, motherfucker? What'd you say, you little punk? Hey, get back here! Arranging fights? What kind of garbage is that? Is that how we raised you? Be some gangster wannabe? It was just some tag team smack down.
Everybody was having a good time.
By forcing little kids to fight each other for money? Sounds like a blast.
Jesse, what is going on, son? You all know.
Enlighten us.
Look, I ain't trying to have new people in this family.
And you all work all the damn time anyway Never around.
Now you're gonna have another kid that takes up the rest of y'all's time? You think we don't have enough time for you? I know you don't.
All y'all care about is work.
You mean the thing that puts a roof over your head, food in your belly? What do you want us to do, Jesse? Just hope God sends down some chicken McDonald's from the heavens? [SNICKERS.]
Judy, go upstairs, hon.
I like watching Jesse get in trouble.
It makes my bird twitch.
Eww, Judy! Get out of here.
What the hell is a bird? Oh, is she talking about her privates? It is my privates.
Get upstairs, Judy! [SIGHS.]
Sweet boy.
You already have such a different childhood than either of us had with both parents working every day, but we've been called to serve the Lord, and that does take a lot out of us.
It's our duty to give him everything that we have.
Now, you understand that, Jesse? Yeah, I understand.
But maybe, just maybe, we need to make sure we give you everything we have too.
Sweetie, having another child ain't gonna make us love you any less.
You know that? Hug your daddy.
I love you.
No more fights.
Remember what I said about everybody pulling their weight? Family has to stick together.
You understand? Yes, sir.
I understand.
Oh, it is so beautiful.
But do you really think it's the right time? Now that we're adding one more Gemstone to the clan, I think it makes sense to expand Give us some real room to spread out.
It is a beautiful plot of land.
Build a house for each one of the kids Have them around us for the rest of our lives.
You really want that? - No.
I thought you did.
No! No.
- Oh, Eli, it is incredible.
- [SIGHS.]
Maybe build our own amusement park with our own roller coasters.
You are getting out of hand now.
We have already been so blessed.
Well, we work hard, and there's much more blessings to come.
You think I'm being a bad sister to Baby Billy? Think I should just push through and do the tour? Whatever you wanna do, I'll support you, but if you want my honest opinion, I don't think you owe that man a thing.
You saw how he acted when you told him the news.
He only cared how it affected him.
I think he was just really looking forward to the tour.
Looking forward to making money.
Between all those divorces, he's gotta be burning through cash.
Now, we're building an empire together here.
We need to focus on us now, our family.
- Our family.
- Ooh.
Look at you.
There you are, Daddy.
- Look at you.
- What a dude.
I look like a hippie? Oh, you look beautiful.
- To me.
- So do you, baby.
- Aww.
Yup, his and her roller coasters.
You're suitably at one with your body and the sun Yes, you are, oh You've read Karl Marx And you've taught yourself to dance You're the best by far But you keep asking the question Oh, you're not supposed to mention Hey, hey, hey When will I, will I be famous? Happy birthday, Judy.
This is a Travel Barbie.
She comes with an RV and - [AIR HORN BLARES.]
- Ah! Terrible gift, Laurel.
I already have three of them.
Next! Who's next? - [MUTTERS.]
- Next gift for me? This better be good.
It better not be another RV.
Some party you got here.
When your little girl ask you for a pony ride and a bouncy house, what can you do? [AIR HORN BLARES.]
- You can say no.
- Who's next? [LAUGHING.]
You never got any of that when you was a boy.
You got a piece of cornbread cake and a used toy, and if you were really good, you got the day off from chores.
Those were different times, Daddy.
Yeah, but some things don't change.
Maybe that wife of yours sees things different, but is this what you spend the church's money on? Fancy parties? Come on, Daddy.
You know that's not how we operate.
All a preacher needs is four walls, some willing souls, - and the Good Book.
All this excess is obscene! Hey, happy birthday, princess! Holy shit! [HANK WILLIAMS JR.
Hey, we're going crazy, huh? Sidle on up to the birthday girl.
Let's go right here.
She's having a birthday.
This right here.
This is from me to you, Judy From me to you.
Don't hit that don't hit this.
Hold on, Harmon.
Don't hurt nobody now.
Hey! Happy birthday, princess.
Uncle Baby Billy, you brought me a gift too? Only the most expensive gift in the entire land.
Come right over here now.
Look at that.
That's true love right there now.
Whoo! Huh? Baby Billy, what is all this? That's a pink Corvette's what it is.
Look at that thing.
Whoo-hoo! Oh, my God.
It's the best gift I've ever gotten in my entire life! No, I'm sorry, Judy.
You cannot accept it.
What? Why? Come on, Eli.
Don't ruin a girl's birthday party.
It's too big.
It's too much.
Not trying to spoil our kids That's a firm house rule.
Daddy, who cares if I'm spoiled? Are you gonna say something, Aimee-Leigh? Are you just gonna stand there like a deer in headlights? Oh, Daddy, this was the best gift ever.
You don't know that yet 'cause you got one more.
There, sweetie.
Happy birthday.
Just some kind of trinket or something.
And when you open it, it has a picture of my mommy and my daddy.
Well, all right, who wants cake? [LAUGHS.]
- Yeah.
- Honey, come get some cake.
Let's go.
- Excuse me, pony.
What's up, cool breeze? Heard you ain't too happy about this kid coming either.
Yeah, I ain't gonna let it get me down, though.
I got plans Strategies I might pull off.
Strategies? Yeah, run away, join WWF, become a bad guy.
Well, that's an option.
I got a couple cold beers in my pocket now.
You want one? Won't I get in trouble? Not if nobody don't find out.
Let me see that Pepsi can.
Now, come on over here.
Give this to old Baby Billy.
This right here is the silver bullet all the way from Colorado.
Kids in France They drink all the time.
But America got it backwards.
Fine to show violence on TV, but if somebody's backside or a [SIPS.]
A woman's beautiful set of titties, well, you can't show now.
Ain't nothing wrong with you having a little drink.
Your daddy must be a tough man to live with.
He is.
Yeah, well it's only gonna get worse when this other kid shows up Him stressed out all the time, cussing, yelling at everybody.
Ooh-ooh, I don't envy you now.
- Great.
- Listen to me.
I need to shut the fuck up is what I need to do.
Here you are drinking beer and I'm speaking truth.
I mean, you liable to get the courage to do something now.
Like what? Mm, make him look like a fool.
When I was a kid, your age, I used to get so mad at my daddy.
I'd get so mad at him.
Wait till he got around his friends, I'd start mouthing off, make him look like an idiot, like, just a stupid fool is what I did.
That's just me now.
You know what, Uncle Baby Billy? That's a good idea.
You want a little more cold beer? Yeah.
Sitting next to this pond, it's like a beach party now.
Go on.
Tilt it back.
Shotgun it now.
Get on in there.
That's the Satan juice right there.
Jesse James and Billy the Kid now.
Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug Make you wanna holler hi-de-ho Burns your tummy, don'tcha know Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug Jukebox and sawdust floor Something like I ain't never seen And I'm just goin' on 15 But with the help of my finaglin' uncle I get snuck in For my first taste of sin I said, "Lemme have a big old sip Blll-bbbb, I done a double backflip Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug Tacka-ticka-tacka-waahhh [UPBEAT POP MUSIC PLAYING.]
Hey, Eli Gemstone! Jesse? I really don't wanna have another sibling.
And if you all do have this kid, and if it ends up being a kid that's for real, like, a real one then guess what? Have you been drinking? Don't interrupt me.
Let me say, I will never be nice to this kid, and if you all do have this kid, I will make sure that its life is so dumb that every time y'all turn y'all's backs, I'll pee in its face! [CROWD OHHS.]
That's right, everybody.
I'm Jesse Gemstone, Eli Gemstone's son.
I'm about to throw up.
You ruined my birthday! [CRICKETS CHIRPING.]
There you go.
You poor thing.
You don't feel so hot now, huh? Is Jesse an alcoholic? Will he be homeless? No, Judy.
Go play with your things.
Where'd you get the hooch? [SCOFFS.]
Uncle Baby Billy.
Good old Baby Billy.
You wanna take care of this, or should I? [BAREFOOT JERRY'S "SMOKIES".]
There is a place I like to go In the spring, in the fall, and in the snow There's lots of friendly people there And you don't have to bother to cut your hair Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na The Smokey Mountains is the place To put a big smile on your face The trees are yellow, red, and green It's the prettiest place I've ever seen No telephones to blow your high Nothing but clean air in the sky I think that heaven must be near 'Cause the angel's voices you can hear Watch the ball now, just like your daddy.
Here it comes.
Here it comes now.
Go on.
It's all right, son.
Just relax.
Blue, 21.
Blue, 21.
Set, hut.
Go on.
Go on.
Hey, hey.
Hey, Gloria.
Well, well, well, if it ain't my long-lost sister.
What do I owe this special honor? Hey, Harmon.
Harmon, why don't you stay outside and practice your drills, all right? Daddy's gonna go inside.
Go long! Go on.
Get it! [LAUGHS.]
So, Eli's ticked off.
What else is new in the wide world of sports? He has every right to be mad after what you did.
Oh, what did I do, huh? I gave my nephew a beer.
- Or does that make me the - [ELECTRIC PIANO CLATTERS.]
Worst person in the world, huh? I guess I'm evil, right? Worse than Satan.
Here it is.
Satan incarnate.
It's not about the alcohol, Billy, and you know it.
Look, I am happy.
I'm happy for you, Aimee-Leigh, that you are having a new baby, but damn it, I had a lot riding on this tour.
Now, I've got debts to pay.
I've had three divorces, Aimee-Leigh, and every single one of them have cut my ass in half.
Let's just push it just a few years till the baby's not so tiny.
Our fan base is rapidly aging, Aimee-Leigh.
We got the blue-haired crowd.
Now, they will not last forever.
Oh, they'll make it a few more years more They ain't gonna make it a few more years.
They're done, Aimee-Leigh.
The average fan of Baby Billy and Aimee-Leigh is 68 years old.
I checked.
A fucking geriatric's what they are A goddamn nursing home crowd.
You wanna do a nursing home tour? Let's do it.
Let's wheel everybody out.
Come see Aimee-Leigh and Baby Billy one more time in a fucking nursing home.
You know, this was supposed to be our last squeeze of the lemon, just the last little bite of the apple, you and me, together one more time.
Can't we do something else? Please? Look, I'm begging you now.
Give me three months.
We can start the tour in late spring.
I'll have you done 'fore the summer's through.
As your little beautiful baby brother, I'm asking you, I'm begging you with the bottom of my heart.
Billy It's just not an option, baby.
Well, then, I'ma have to start selling off parcels of land 'cause that's the only way this whole thing's gonna work.
- I need the cash.
- No.
No, you can't do that.
You cannot do that, Billy.
This is our home.
- Our home? - Yes, our home.
You don't live here.
Mama and Daddy left it in my name My name, Baby Billy Freeman.
- This is my house.
- Yeah, you're right.
They did leave it in your name, and you know what? You promised them that you would never sell it.
Freemans have lived on this land for over 200 years.
And one selfish woman made the whole thing go away.
This right here? This is on you, darling.
It's on you.
Okay, well, then how about this? How about this? If you sell it, Eli and I will just buy it, and then it can stay in the family Oh, so now you gonna wrastle Freeman's Gap away from me, huh? This is all I have! - You'll get your money.
- This right here, this is all This is all I have.
This is it right here.
- Before you sell it off to a stranger! - Mama and Daddy left it to me Because you already have a rich life! You are being so difficult! This is not what Mama and Daddy would've wanted No, it's not what Mama and Daddy would've wanted.
They would've wanted us to keep working together, to keep sharing our unique gifts with the world.
But life shakes out different sometimes, don't it? Now Mama and Daddy are dead and in the ground, and you broke us up to start a new career with your new husband, and look at you, huh? You're rich and famous, and I'm broke and nobody.
I'm nobody! I'm sorry.
Probably gonna have to pull Harmon out of school again.
I'll do the tour, Billy.
I'll do it, just squeeze it in before the middle of May.
I'll do it.
Done, then.
And then you don't have to sell Mama and Daddy's place.
I don't wanna sell it either, Aimee-Leigh.
And I won't have to if we do this.
- How you feeling, sweetheart? - Just fine.
No morning sickness or nothing.
My wife, the tank [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
Never call a pregnant woman a tank, Eli.
Unless I wanna get blasted.
Oh, I'm spinning gold this morning.
I better save some for the broadcast.
You better be saving the good jokes for the broadcast.
That was not ready for primetime.
Good thing we're on in the morning.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So I talked to my brother.
I hope you gave him a piece of your mind for me too.
Was he even apologetic? He felt terrible.
He's not doing well, Eli.
I'm worried about him.
He's in real bad shape financially.
I'm sure he is A lifetime of poor decisions will do that to you.
I'm doing the tour, Eli.
It's only for three months.
I thought we talked about this.
We did, but Baby Billy needs this.
He's broke.
He's talking about selling off parcels of land in Freeman's Gap.
This tour's a way he can make some money for himself.
Funny how he needs you to make money for himself.
Even so, he's my brother, and I love him.
I'm gonna do it, Eli.
I think it's sweet that you care so much for your brother.
Too bad he doesn't return the favor.
The son of a bitch only cares about himself.
Now, folks, it makes my heart sing to share this next bit of good news with you.
It ain't the gospel, Eli, but it is the good news.
Sitting right here is my beloved baby brother.
- Hey, y'all.
Just - Yeah.
- Silly Baby Billy.
Baby Billy! I have to tell you.
When we were kids, Billy - Yeah? - Did we cut up or what? Oh, well, we Well, we cut up, but we tore it up is what we did.
- We tore it up.
We threw it away.
All of us.
And you know what? - What? - We gonna do it again, aren't we? - You bet we are.
- You bet.
- My dear sister and I are kicking off a special reunion tour.
- Hallelujah! - [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
- Just like that.
- And I cannot wait.
Three months of shows where you can see this wonderful duo that the Lord intended to be together to bring forth His name in in song and dance.
Do y'all wanna see a sneak peek? - Oh - [STAMMERS.]
I think we gotta go to a commercial real quick.
Oh, I don't think we gonna take a break yet 'cause guess what I wore my clogging shoes.
- Oh! [LAUGHS.]
I got my dancing shoes! - Gonna tell ya.
- Getting down to God's business here.
Let's do it.
Oh, uh [STAMMERS.]
I think Eli needs to take a commercial break.
- Oh! - Just leave the dancing to us, Eli.
Come on, now.
Rest of us, we gonna sing, and we gonna dance! - Hallelujah! - [BRIGHT MUSIC PLAYS.]
Mama told me not to, I did it anyway Misbehavin' Daddy said don't, but I said I'm gonna Misbehavin' Pies on the windowsill, swimming in the crick Catching crawdads and playing with a stick I wore lipstick And I got caught shaving BOTH: Just two little country kids outside misbehavin' Teacher said don't but I said it anyway Misbehavin' Preacher said no, if you do, you're gonna pay Misbehavin' Kicking and spitting and cussing out loud Running through the house with a pickle in my mouth Playing in the street, look at me outside waving BOTH: Just two little kids out there misbehavin' We thought we's just messing around Till we met that man in the thorny crown He taught us that tricks and mischief leads to Satan So from now on, there's no misbehavin' [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
Whoo! Mama, won't you look how I've been good now? I'm behavin' Daddy, won't you listen? Don't go missing I'm behavin' I comb my hair and I brush my teeth I make my bed and I eat my greens! I wash my hands to keep away from Satan BOTH: So no more tricks and no more misbehavin' No more tricks and no more misbehavin' Whoo! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
- What do you think of that? - Amen! Oh Baby Billy Freeman.
Baby Billy Freeman and Aimee-Leigh Gemstone.
Here's the thing.
Johnny Cash? June Carter? - Ain't got nothing on us, baby.
- They can't clog.
I mean, after what happened on that stage? My whole body is vibrating.
"Now, honestly, that might be the best show y'all have ever done.
" That's what Harmon said.
Ain't that right, Harmon? Yeah.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
What about Jesse? You think that was the best show we ever did right here? - Absolutely.
- Give me an E.
right here.
"Phone home.
Everybody phone home.
Judy, I know what you think.
- You already my favorite.
- I know.
I mean, you a Gemstone, but you kinda look like a Freeman to me.
Let's talk tour now.
We hitting Raleigh, North Myrtle, Charleston, Birmingham - Yes.
- Memphis, Little Rock.
Guess where we gonna finish this thing off? - Where? - Branson.
- Hallelujah! Now don't get jealous, Eli.
I'll give her back to you when I get done now, huh? - I'm fine.
- Hey, I don't think he's worried - He ain't worried.
- We gonna clean house on this thing, Aimee-Leigh.
I mean, and we gonna bring so much joy.
So much you saw all them smiling faces tonight.
- I did.
- What we did on that stage? That's just a a little taste for our faithful fans and followers.
And we gonna make a mint.
That ought to make you happy.
We gonna make a mint.
We gonna make so much money.
Harmon already said, "Daddy, what am I gonna get?" And I said a closet full of gems 'cause he's a clothes horse like his daddy, is what he is.
Harmon, stop picking your nose, son.
So sweet.
Let me tell you something else.
I am just so thrilled that we'll also be able to keep the family home place intact, just like Mama and Daddy would've wanted.
Well, almost intact.
I'm sorry.
What? Well, there's the 12 acres I sold to the city.
Ten acres to Bubba Castwell You know, that area over there adjacent his land.
You already sold over 20 acres? Mm, but all the acres around Mama and Daddy's original cabin, that's all mine.
And then the the brick house, I got that.
Baby Billy, you promised me.
How how'd you even sell all that since the last time we talked? Oh, darling.
No, I think maybe you misunderstood now.
I said I already sold some parts of the land.
No, you didn't.
You said you were thinking about it.
Now, now, hold on, now.
If I did, I'm sorry, but I think you're mistaken.
I said that I already sold some land.
- You lied to me, Baby Billy.
- I didn't lie to you.
Boy, you are a real piece of work.
You just go through life being a shithead.
Well, like Patrick Swayze said, "opinions vary.
" I got my thoughts about you too, Eli.
You know what, Billy? The tour's off.
What? You can't you can't cancel.
You already signed a contract.
- I don't care.
I'm out.
- If you out, you better be prepared to give me a settlement, or you gonna get sued.
Now, the choice is yours, darling.
Now, what you want? I should have never trusted you.
What you talking about? - You are bitter and angry and pathetic.
- Ain't nobody bitter here.
I ain't bitter.
I ain't pathetic.
- What you talking about? - I'll give you your settlement, Billy.
That's all you seem to care about anyway.
All right, look, now, you just you need to calm down.
You being a woman right now, all right? - You should be in two sets of - You know what? Why don't you try doing this tour without this woman? - How about that? You know what? - Well, okay.
I've lost my appetite.
- Let's go.
- Y'all ain't got to leave now.
Come on, you ain't got to leave.
- We're just playing around.
- Come on, kids.
Judy, put the rolls down.
Eli, you gonna leave me with this bill? [MELLOW COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING.]
Go on up there and pay that bill.
Leave me and Harmon alone.
Harmon, what you working on down there? That's some arts and crafts? Can I see it? Look at that.
That is a ninja star with a booger on it.
That's beautiful, son.
I love you.
Daddy? I thought you were asleep.
I'm sorry about the way I've been acting about you and Mama having a kid.
It's all right, Jesse.
Change takes time to understand.
If it's a boy, I feel like it'd be better.
Not sure if we can take another Judy.
But you think we could use another you? - Exactly like me.
- Okay.
That'll be fun.
Whoever it is, you will love.
I know.
What if I don't? Then you just have to pretend like you do.
I could do that.
Good night, buddy.
Good night, Daddy.
Good morning, Dr.
- Good morning, Dr.
- Good morning.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, Dr.
Gemstone, Baby Billy's here.
It was you, wasn't it? Go on, say it.
I know it was.
Did I want my pregnant wife leaving her family to go on the road with you? No, sir, I did not.
But the choice was her's.
You made it easy.
I made it easy? By showing her why she doesn't run around with you anymore in the first place.
That's so funny, I almost forgot to laugh.
So tell me, Eli, exactly why is that, huh? Because you always wanna stand in front of Aimee-Leigh.
What you talking about? Aimee-Leigh and I stand together on that stage, side by side.
Nobody stands behind the other one.
That's how it's supposed to be.
Well, that's not how it's supposed to be.
She's got a mighty big ego, then.
You know your sister.
She makes up her own mind.
What you all had is done.
That's that.
No, it's not done.
She's my sister.
- She's my wife.
- She's my sister! [MOODY MUSIC.]
You know what? You never liked me.
You never even gave me a chance.
From the moment you came to our first show, you only had eyes for her.
I will never forget this, Eli.
Do what you want.
Better hope that you can hang onto that woman forever.
Because when she's gone, it all goes with her.
Mama told me not to, I did it anyway Misbehavin' Daddy said don't but I said I'm gonna Misbehavin' Pies on the windowsill, swimming in the crick Catching crawdads and playing with a stick - I wore lipstick - And I got caught shaving BOTH: Just two little country kids Outside misbehavin' Teacher said don't, but I said it anyway Misbehavin' Preacher said no, if you do, you're gonna pay Misbehavin' Kicking and spitting and cussing out loud Running through the house with a pickle in my mouth Playin' in the streets, look at me outside wavin' Just two little kids out there BOTH: Misbehavin'
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