The Rising (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[muffled yelp]
[ragged breathing]
[mysterious music]
[gasping, groaning]
[mysterious music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[eerie music]
Is someone there?
I need help!
[mysterious music]
[heavy breathing]
[birds cawing]
[wings flapping]
[birds cawing]
[ominous music]
[heavy breathing]
[twig snaps]
[crow caws]
[eerie crunch]
[mechanical growls]
[labored breathing]
[ominous music continues]
[crows cawing]
[theme music]
[dog panting]
Rebel, fetch.
[heavy breathing]
[man] New painting?
- [woman] I need a distraction.
- [man] Oh, yeah.
You were tossing and turning
all night.
[man] Neve will be fine.
It'll blow over.
What's it gonna be?
[woman] I don't know yet.
It'll tell me. Eventually.
I'm still waiting
for my big moment.
You won't let me paint you nude.
Damn right.
Give me something to work with.
Go on.
Do something surprising.
- [man laughs]
- [woman] Prick!
You better sleep
with one eye open from now on.
[man] Oh, yeah.
[woman] And you're cooking
breakfast, by the way.
[man chuckles]
Fair play.
[hen clucks]
- [hens clucking]
- [man] Yeah. No eggs.
- Well.
- Something spooked them.
Pull yourself together, girls.
- [cage door closes]
- Doesn't look like a fox.
- Yeah, I'll check the cams.
- Hah.
- God forbid they come in useful.
- [chuckles]
[crows cawing]
Come on. I'm starving.
- [woman] Come on.
- [Rebel barks]
[background chatter]
[crows caw]
Oh. Get out of my room.
Stinks in here. How much
did you drink last night?
[girl] Too much.
Make the sun go away.
[boy] Check this out.
Katie, look.
Oh, what the fuck, Max?
- [Max] It's dead.
- Yeah, so get it out of my face.
[Max] It fell out the sky.
Landed on my window.
Get out of my room, you weirdo.
Go shove it in Neve's face.
- "Hello, Katie."
- Out.
[Max chuckles]
[deep inhale]
- [knocks on door]
- [Max] Neve?
Ah. Good. You're up.
Your dad's cooking breakfast.
Max, what are you doing?
It dropped on my window.
- Well, take it outside.
- Uh, I was gonna show Neve.
Where is she?
Don't know.
Probably still at the party.
[mysterious music]
- [knocks on door]
- Neve?
Did you see Neve leave the house
this morning?
She wouldn't be up this early.
- I thought we had bacon.
- No. I don't think so.
[line rings]
[ringing continues]
[ominous music]
[ringing continues]
[ominous music continues]
[motorcycle engine revving]
[revving continues]
[woman] Neve!
[tense music]
[dog barking]
[dog whimpers]
[Neve panting]
[knocks on door]
- [Katie groans]
- Katie, where's Neve?
- I'm asleep.
- Where is she though?
How would I know?
[woman] Well, didn't you
come home together?
Katie, you know the rules.
You come home together.
Don't blame me.
She's your daughter.
Hey, this is Joe, don't leave
a message, just text me.
No. Joe's phone's
going to voicemail.
Ah, she'll turn up.
- [woman] That's not the point.
- [man] You're step-sisters,
you're supposed to look out
for each other.
Oh, Dad, chill.
- When did you last see her?
- Not too late.
She had a few drinks, thought she'd
gone somewhere to sleep it off.
- You didn't think to check?
- Why? Her dad was there. So
Yeah. Course he was.
Getting hammered with teenagers.
- Dan.
- [Katie] Right. Hang on.
I've got her phone saved
on my tracking app.
- Stalker.
- [mocking laugh]
[phone beeps]
She's still down there.
[Katie] All right? Probably
crashed in someone's tent.
- All right. I'll go find her.
- Thanks.
[Dan] What's that app called?
Oh, I'll add you onto the
group. But only for today.
- [Dan] Uh-huh.
- [Katie] Hmm.
Come on, Rebel.
Can someone make pancakes?
[Katie sighs]
[foreboding music]
[background chatter]
[woman laughing]
[Dan] Nicky?
- Hey.
- Seen Neve?
Not since last night.
Think she needed a blowout
after the race.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah.
Here somewhere.
[background chatter]
[crow caws]
- [background chatter]
- [Rebel panting]
- [birds chirping]
- [line ringing]
- [Rebel panting]
- [ringing continues]
[phone chimes]
[ominous music]
[Rebel panting]
[phone buzzes]
Is she there?
[Dan] I've found her phone.
So where's Neve?
There's no sign of her.
What do you mean?
Her phone was on the ground
by the woods.
[soft inhale]
She's glued to that phone.
I know.
She might've just had a bit
to drink and dropped it.
Or maybe she's crashed
at her dad's.
She wouldn't do that.
Not even to spite me.
I'll keep looking.
People here might've seen her.
[deep inhale]
I'll call Tom, just in case.
All right.
I'm gonna ask around.
[mysterious music]
[ominous music]
- [door opens]
- [Neve] Mom.
[camera shutter clicking]
[woman] Can you call me back
when you get this?
- I'm hoping Neve is with you.
- Mom.
Just call or text me.
[Neve] I had the weirdest
I can't remember anything,
It's like I woke up in the lake.
I, I was soaking wet.
[woman sighs]
I'm sorry I didn't call.
I lost my phone.
I've been so freaked out.
- [man] Which service, please?
- Police.
Mom, don't be mad.
Yes, my daughter
hasn't come home.
Okay, so we're doing this,
are we?
[woman] Name's Neve Kelly.
She's 19.
She left the house around seven
last night.
Hey, stop it, this isn't funny.
[woman] I've called her dad
but he's not answering
- and her boyfriend.
- Mom, listen to me.
She always comes home,
it doesn't feel right.
Fuck's sake! I'm right here!
Yes, I'll hold.
[Neve panting]
[tense music]
[Neve] Katie!
[Katie singing]
Mom's super pissed at me.
[Neve] Hey, look at me.
So you're in on it too.
Okay, you got me.
- [pop music on radio]
- [Katie singing]
[Neve breathing heavily]
Oh, shit.
[door opens]
[inquisitive music]
[heavy breathing]
[inquisitive music continues]
[shaky breathing]
[inquisitive music rises]
[crying continues]
[Dan breathes deeply]
[can tinkling]
Couldn't even stagger
to your own front door?
Oh, those aren't mine. I took
a mate home last night.
God, lighten up.
Maria's been calling.
You seen Neve?
She didn't come home last night.
I found her phone by the woods
but there's no sign of her.
She's probablyjust crashed
in someone's tent.
You were at the party,
when did you last see her?
I wasn't watching the clock.
Guess your daughter
isn't your top priority.
I need to keep looking.
I'll call William.
Get him to ask
the motocross boys to help.
- They were all at the party.
- Go for it.
[mysterious music]
[mysterious music continues]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[foreboding music]
[engines rev]
He's pulled away from the pack.
Joseph Wyatt wins.
[faint applause]
What time do you call that then?
Good luck beating it.
The mud's turned up
round the back.
Take it on the inside.
Don't go wide.
Is that what you did?
Well, then.
[announcer] Will the G50
juniors please make their way
to the start gate?
You've got this.
[audience cheer]
When did you last see her?
Maybe 11, 11:30.
There were loads of people there.
I guess I lost track.
But why did you leave her?
I thought she'd gone home.
I tried calling.
How was she?
Yeah. Fine. Normal.
Right. I'm gonna meet Daniel
down at the field.
[Joseph] All right.
I want to help look.
- I'll get my dad.
- [Maria] Thanks, Joe.
[knocks on door]
Max. We need to go. Dad wants us
to help look for Neve.
Are you okay?
It's happening again.
Don't talk like that. Come on.
She probably passed out
in a hedge somewhere.
[mysterious music]
[shallow breathing]
[eerie music]
[shallow breathing]
Max, I'm here.
- [Katie] Get a move on!
- Um, where are we going?
[Katie] Meeting everyone down
at the party field.
[boy] Whoo!
You all right?
[mysterious music]
[mysterious music continues]
[engine starts, revs]
[mysterious music continues]
[motorcycle engine revs]
[announcer] In the 44,
local rider Neve Kelly
coming from behind the pack.
[motorcycle engine revs]
[announcer talking indistinctly]
- [Katie] Yes!
- [Maria] Come on!
Come on!
- [motorcycle engine revs]
- [announcer talks indistinctly]
[motorcycle engine revs]
[announcer] Kelly, number 44,
goes round the outside
to take third place.
Go on, Neve!
- [all] Come on, Neve!
- Come on!
[motorcycle engine revs]
[Dan] That's it, Neve!
She pushes it to the jump.
[wind howls in slow motion]
[woman screams]
[Dan] Go on, Neve!
[announcer] Neve Kelly
has moved to second place.
Can she take the lead?
[motorcycle engine revs]
[mellow music]
[Dan] Just follow the line
of the trees
- Any news?
- No.
We want to help.
- Should we split into groups
- Yeah. That'll do, Michael.
I'm handling it.
Are you sure you didn't see her
go off with someone?
No. I don't know where she is.
You head up with that group.
Start combing the woods.
- [Joseph] Sure.
- Oi.
We'll find her.
I've pulled the whole club
out of bed.
[William] There's another party
searching the farms,
and Fritz is checking out
the train station.
Thanks, William.
What can I do?
- Did you check the hotel?
- [Michael] I'll go do it now.
[William] Christ, Michael.
You live next door.
We'll split up and start looking.
Are they looking for a body?
- Max!
- Are they?
[Dan] No. Course not.
You don't need to worry.
She's out there somewhere.
We're gonna find her.
She's fine.
[Dan] Why don't you guys
go wait by the car, yeah?
- We want to help.
- [Dan] I know.
But there's enough
people here now.
Look after your brother.
Call your nan, get her
to come pick you up,
and we'll meet you back
at the house.
I shouldn't have brought them.
When Neve gets home, I'm gonna
give her such a bollocking.
Come on.
[clicking tongue]
Come on.
[motorcycle engine revving]
[William] Spread out!
You lot head that way!
[mysterious music]
[mysterious music continues]
[all cheer]
[motorcycle engine revs]
[all laugh]
[boy] She is fucking wilding,
innit? Fucking flying.
- [Neve] What are you saying?
- [boy cackles]
[club music]
[Katie] I just want to say.
Right. I love you.
I think you're such
a great sister.
Honestly. You are Neve Kelly.
You are Neve fucking Kelly.
Yes, Neve!
[club music continues]
I just want us to be close.
- Are you, are you okay?
- [Katie laughs]
[background chatter]
[club music continues]
I love you.
What's the matter?
- [screams]
- [indistinct chatter]
[water burbles]
I'm in the lake.
They're looking
in the wrong place.
[Neve] I'm in the lake.
[man 1] Neve!
[man 2] Neve!
[Maria] Neve!
[man 1] Neve!
[man 2] Neve!
- [Maria] Neve!
- [man 1] Neve!
- Neve!
- [man 2] Neve!
[man 1] Neve!
[Tom] Hey.
[Maria] Hey.
[Tom] She'll be off
with her mates somewhere.
Her mates are here,
looking for her.
It's just water.
Want some?
So you've no idea
where Neve might be?
I hardly ever see her.
Why would I?
- [Maria] That's not my fault.
- I didn't say it was.
But you talked to her
last night?
Yeah. About five minutes.
To be fair, that's the most
she's spoken to me in ages.
And how did she seem?
- What?
- [Tom] I don't know.
Kind of sad.
I asked her if she's all right
but she wouldn't tell me
if she wasn't.
She'd tell you.
We had a fight last night.
What about?
Doesn't matter.
All right.
I can't pretend to know anything
about her life
But I know she loves you.
Then where the hell is she?
[woman] Maria?
- Hey. Hi, Tom.
- Christine.
William tipped me off
so I thought I'd help out
before uniform arrive.
Thank you.
[Christine] I'm not gonna ask
if you're okay.
If it was Alex,
I'd be tearing my hair out.
Can I have a quick chat
with you and Daniel?
[Tom] Is there anything
I can do?
Not right now. Thanks.
[birds chirping]
[ominous music]
[man 1] Neve!
[man 2] Neve!
- [man 3] Neve!
- [man 4] Neve!
[man 1] Neve!
[man 2] Neve!
[man 3] Neve!
[man 4] Neve!
Does she have any friends
she stays with regularly?
- [Maria] No.
- [Christine] Okay.
Was Neve romantically involved
with anyone other than Joe?
- [Rebel barks]
- [Maria] No, of course not.
What're you trying to say?
- [Rebel barks]
- Rebel.
[man] Neve!
Hey, girl.
[Rebel whimpers]
You know I'm here.
[tense music]
[Christine] It's great
so many people are out looking,
but until uniform get here,
we need to be careful
not to disturb any evidence
as to her whereabouts.
I just want to find my daughter.
[Rebel panting]
Come on, girl.
[Rebel whimpers]
[Dan] Rebel!
For God's sake,
don't lose the dog.
Maybe she's picked up a scent.
[uplifting music]
This is Detective Wyatt!
I need you all to listen!
If anyone finds anything,
anything at all,
do not touch it!
Is that clear?
Spread the word!
[uplifting music continues]
[uplifting music continues]
I'm here.
Come find me.
[crows cawing]
[ethereal music]
You know what my Nan
used to say?
Follow the birds.
There's something in the water.
There's something in the water!
What if she's in there?
- Someone do something!
- [Dan] Maria!
- [Christine] Wait! Wait!
- Come on. Come on, please. No.
Wait! Wait!
Everybody stand back!
We have to do this properly!
Get her out!
Get her out!
Get her out!
[Maria crying]
[crows cawing]
[tense music]
[heavy breathing]
I love you, Mom.
[somber music]
[Neve] I'm so sorry.
[Maria breathing shakily]
[somber music continues]
[Maria] Neve!
[Maria crying]
- Okay. Stand back. No, don't.
- No! No!
[Maria] No, no.
- [Maria] No.
- [Christine] Tom, stay back.
You don't need to see this.
[Maria coughs]
[Tom] Neve?
Wake up.
Wake up.
I need you to wake up, Neve.
[Tom crying]
It's too late, Tom.
It's too late. Come on.
Come on. That's it.
[somber music]
[Maria whines]
[melancholy music]
Let's go home, yeah?
I'll come
and check on you later.
[William] You shouldn't be
on your own tonight.
He won't be.
[Michael] Come on, son.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [camera shutter clicking]
Come on, love.
Let's get you in the warm.
I don't want to leave her.
They'll look after her.
[melancholy music continues]
- Boss.
- Hey.
[deep breath]
Found something
further up the beach.
The fire's recent.
You can smell it.
Get forensics over here.
Can you see me?
Oh, my God, you can.
What the fuck?
I just saw your body.
- [Neve] I know.
- I saw it.
Look, I know this is crazy.
I don't understand
how this is happening either.
- Don't Stop talking to me.
- [Michael] Tom?
Are you okay?
I I thought I saw someone.
I need to get out of here.
Can I take you home?
[Tom] No. Um
I just
I just, I just want to be alone.
[Joseph] Dad, let's go.
[Neve] Dad.
I'm having a breakdown.
- You can't leave me.
- [Tom] No.
- You seriously gonna walk away?
- This is the guilt talking.
- Dad!
- Just leave me alone.
- Dad, listen to me!
- Just leave me alone!
[Neve sighs]
Dad, wait.
Please don't go.
- [car door closes]
- Dad, look at me.
[engine starts]
Dad, look at me!
[suspenseful music]
[motorcycle engine revving]
No, no, no.
[Neve] Dad! Dad, stop!
This isn't real!
You can't abandon me!
Leave me alone!
- Dad!
- You're dead!
[motorcycle engine revs]
[suspenseful music continues]
[motorcycle engine revving]
Stop, Dad. Stop!
[Tom screams]
[shaky breathing]
[suspenseful music rises]
Neve? Neve!
[suspenseful music ends]
I'm still here.
And I need your help.
[thrilling music]
[closing theme music]
What happened to you last night?
[Neve] We were talking. It's one of
the last things I remember.
Maybe she was in such a state,
there was some sort of accident.
- [motorcycle engine revs]
- [electricity crackles]
[Neve] This was someone I know.
How dare you say
I don't know how it feels?
[woman] The victim had
the substance administered
without their knowledge.
- [Maria] You listen to me!
- What's happened?
Oh, apparently, Neve's not dead.
That's not what I said.
I didn't
- Just get him out of my house.
- No.
[motorcycle engine revs]
Investigating your own murder?
I mean, that's a mind-fuck.
[man] We are appealing
for witnesses to come forward.
- So we're sticking to our story?
- Yeah.
Tell me what happened
that night.
Think she'd forgive us?
- I wouldn't.
- Please, contact the police.
Don't you want to know
the truth? I want my life back.
I know exactly what kind of man
you are.
I'm not going away. Not till
I figure out who did this to me.
[closing theme music continues]
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