The Rising (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

My daughter hasn't come home.
Her name's Neve Kelly.
She's 19.
She always comes home.
It doesn't feel right.
Fuck's sake! I'm right here!
- There's something in the water.
- Get her out! Get her out!
Can you see me?
Dad, stop!
Stop staring at me like that.
This shouldn't be happening.
I mean, it's not possible.
You died.
You should've died twice.
You're no good to me
when you're like this.
Does it feel different?
I'm not thirsty or hungry.
Or tired.
What happened to you last night?
Some kind of accident, right?
I had bruises.
And a cut like
I'd been hit with something.
Jesus Christ.
I can't remember details.
That last few days,
it's like my
my memory's in pieces.
What was I doing last night
at the party?
Who was I with?
Uh, I saw you by the fire
You actually spoke to me
which was a novelty.
You seemed sad.
And then you were off dancing
and I didn't see you after that.
I was
I can't deal with this
right now.
I I just
I just need to be on my own
for a bit.
But I'm not going away.
Not till I figure out
who did this to me.
♪We brought this on ♪♪
♪Resisting ♪♪
♪Dead or alive ♪♪
♪We're missing ♪♪
♪Don't ask why ♪♪
♪I close my eyes ♪♪
♪Something inside ♪♪
♪Existing ♪♪
♪Better than God ♪♪
♪Just listen ♪♪
♪Take my time ♪♪
Anything you can do to
speed things up
would be really appreciated.
I'm sorry,
but we're doing everything
we can.
I'm sorry.
- Which one?
- Uh, the first one.
Three, two, one.
There we go.
Go on, then.
Don't touch the hot bit.
There's a ligature mark
around her neck.
And this indentation
looks like a belt buckle
to me.
There's something embedded at
the site of the ligature mark.
What is it?
Metal perhaps.
We'll know more after analysis.
Right. Let's open her up.
They're always doing that,
Actually, no.
Um, Maria wasn't answering
the phone.
I was worried.
Doctor gave her a sedative.
Want a cup of tea?
Where do you think we go
when we die?
I don't think we go anywhere,
I think this is it,
and we have to make the most
of what we have.
I think that's the point.
When Maria's mom died
she just powered on through.
I think that made it worse.
I'll look after her.
The police have asked us
to do a formal identification
Do you want to come with us?
I think I've seen enough.
Death by strangulation
by the fractured Hyoid bone.
The perpetrator used a belt,
although there's also
blunt force trauma
to the back of the head.
She was dead
prior to entering the water.
And no sign of sexual assault.
Uh, toxicology results
are on the system.
Let's see.
Decent amount of alcohol.
Eighty milligrams.
And GHB.
Recreational or was she drugged?
She might have taken it
- I didn't.
- but nine times out of ten,
in a scenario like this,
the victim had the substance
without their knowledge.
That's your lot.
We'll tidy her up
and she'll be ready for
identification in the morning.
Get some sleep.
You too. And, uh,
thanks for the, um
- You okay?
- Yeah. Just, um, just tired.
- Night.
- Night, Tom.
Where have you been?
Come here.
Did you find out anything
more about what happened to you?
And did you take GHB last night?
That's what I'm saying.
Someone drugged me,
and then strangled me
with a belt.
I wouldn't have taken GHB
out of choice.
And I'd only take a drink
from someone I trusted.
Dad, this was someone I know.
How are you?
What you drinking?
Beer. I don't know.
It was given to me.
Down. Down.
- I'll make that.
- It's okay. Do you want one?
I'll get it.
Maria, is this your daughter,
Neve Kelly?
Yeah, it's Neve.
Can I
Can I touch her?
Goodbye, sweetheart.
They loved you so much,
you idiot.
I need your computer.
What for?
Um, I I was just trying
to understand.
We need to find photos
from the party.
See who else was there,
who I might have been
hanging out with.
- Did you see your mom?
- Yeah.
How is she?
How do you think?
Having you to myself, it
it's not fair.
That website, it talks about
this multiverse theory,
like maybe when you die,
you live on in other realities.
Like running parallel.
You think that's what happened
to you?
I don't know.
Cheer up.
Forget the rest.
Write down names.
Anyone you can remember
from the party.
- Why, where are you going?
- Club.
Neve haring down
the back straight
chasing the leader.
Oh, they fell together.
Both riders go down.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Yeah, but Nicky,
I keep telling you.
What am I meant to do with that?
Go on then.
Didn't think
you'd be in today.
I want to keep busy.
So how are you?
No, like how are you?
I saw this, um,
this documentary,
and the thing is,
you should always ask twice.
First time's just small talk.
Second time's the important one.
You know, the honest one.
So how are you?
I can't stop thinking about her.
Police are taking statements
down at the station.
You should both go
get it over with.
I'll go after practice.
You don't need to practice
today, Joseph.
I need to keep busy.
Did you two see or hear anything
at the party
that might help the police?
- I don't know.
- Well, think.
Don't you want to catch
whoever did this to Neve?
Course I do.
Uh, he was out of it.
We both were.
When did you see her last?
I don't know about times.
We talked, then she went off,
went to get some food maybe?
That's all I remember.
I drank too much.
I guess I walked home
and went to sleep.
And you?
Uh, same.
Except I crashed in Raff's tent, so
If I could go back
and change things, I would.
- I'd be there for her.
- We're all feeling that, Joseph.
You're not alone, okay?
Remember that.
Neve was one of us.
And we loved her.
Get the statements done today,
all right?
So we're sticking to that story?
Who the fuck did it?
I already gave a statement.
Told them everything I know
which is pretty much jack shit.
I still don't believe it.
Why would someone do something
like that?
You never know
who you live next door to, mate.
They could come for you next.
Piss off.
Hey, turn that up.
We can confirm
that Neve was killed
in the very early hours
of Sunday morning
and are appealing for witnesses
to come forward.
We're asking that anyone
who attended the party
make contact as soon as possible
so that we can rule them out
of our inquiries.
I just want to know
who did this to my daughter.
Neve was a talented
motocross rider
and a promising artist.
And a wonderful person,
with so many reasons to live.
So many people who loved her.
If you can help,
if you have any information,
then please,
please, contact the police.
I'm begging you.
Who do you reckon did it?
I don't remember seeing you
after that hot dog incident.
We should get down
to the station.
- Yeah.
- I was with Amber.
- Do you wanna go together?
- In your fucking dreams
- you were.
- No. Thanks.
My dad won't let my sister
go out on her own anymore.
- They might be in this room.
- Ain't gonna be nobody we know.
Get away from me.
Just back off.
Back off!
I was about to come
looking for you.
I was worried.
That's a first.
You look terrible.
Did you find anything out?
Nicky's hiding something
and Joseph's covering for him.
Maybe the whole club's in on it.
But you're mates.
Something happened.
It was like
everyone vanished,
and I was alone.
It felt like
I was gonna be alone forever.
Neve, you've been traumatized.
You might never remember
what happened.
You should just let the police
get on with it
because this is not good
for you.
Since when were you an expert
on what's good for me?
Did you make that list of people
who were at the party?
Yeah. It's over there.
I This is not okay,
what you're doing.
I Investigating
your own murder,
I mean, that's a mind-fuck.
I'm here for a reason, Dad.
Unless you can think
of a better one.
I won't be somebody's victim.
Yeah, but it's not right.
Like, it'll drive you crazy.
I want justice.
And I have to understand
what happened
because if I don't,
I will go crazy.
I think that's her.
We were talking. It's one
of the last things I remember.
She might've seen me with Nicky,
might have some idea
what happened.
Alex Wyatt.
God, is that her?
I taught her
when she was younger.
No, don't touch the hot bit.
Ah, I remember now.
You new here?
Not exactly.
- Environmentalist.
- Yeah.
How's that going?
I work at the petrol station,
so not great.
I'll make sure it's her,
then you go question her.
Neve, I'm not a police officer.
This is
I need your fucking support,
Just once.
Um, hello?
You kind of look like
you want something.
Are you talking to me?
Can't see anyone else here.
I was kind of hoping
I'd see you again.
I waited around, you know.
The other night.
Like a sad twat.
Were we talking long?
It's nice to know I'm memorable.
No. I, I
I just, I can't, um,
can't remember much.
Yeah, we talked.
And we danced.
And we drank.
And then, you bailed.
Are you okay?
Don't ask me that.
No, I am though.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Did you see who else I was with?
Um, yeah. You were talking
to one of the Motocross guys.
Tall, dark hair.
- Nicky.
- Mm-hmm.
And then, Joe came over
and you went off together.
Just the two of you.
That was the last time I saw you.
Did you see where we went?
Into the woods.
I was kind of surprised.
He didn't seem like your type.
I gotta go.
But it's dangerous round here.
You shouldn't be on your own.
I'll be fine.
Sun's coming up.
And I've got a staple gun
in there, so
Let's go.
Do you want me to go
and talk to her?
It doesn't matter.
But isn't that
the whole reason
She can see me, Dad.
- How is that even possible?
- I don't know.
She doesn't even know you.
Maybe your mom can see you now.
If, if other people can see you,
then it makes sense.
None of this makes sense, Dad.
I don't know.
Just leave it.
Maybe you won't need
to rely on me anymore.
Dan messaged.
Wants me to go round.
They're talking about a vigil.
They're including me
in decisions.
It's nice.
Yeah. You should go.
Just drop me at the party field.
There's things
I need to remember.
I'll meet you back at the house.
Be careful.
What's the worst
that could happen?
You okay?
Yeah, why?
I don't know, it's like you've
been avoiding me or something.
- If it's about the race
- It's not.
Did I get the silent treatment?
Neve, how am I meant to know
what to say to you
when you won't fucking
talk to me?
What do you want from me?
From this?
I just want you.
What, like, forever?
What's wrong with that?
It's ridiculous.
This isn't living,
this staying in Abbington,
with the same people
in the same place.
We'll take a trip.
We'll go traveling at the end
of next season.
Are you even listening to me?
There's nothing here for me.
I'm here.
Are you dumping me?
I'm in love with you.
You're not thinking straight.
You had an accident
and you freaked out
- and now you're talking shit.
- I don't want this anymore.
You think you're better than me.
You think I'm beneath you.
No one could ever
be good enough for you.
You're a fucking head case.
All right, Joseph.
You don't get
to walk away from me. Hey!
Don't think this is over!
Do you hear me?
These are amazing.
I thought we could carry them.
Then, it'd be like
she's with us.
Mm. That's a great idea.
Can you print some more?
We'll hand them out.
Can I help?
No, it's okay.
Don't you want to talk about
the vigil?
A vigil's not gonna
bring her back, is it?
I don't even know
where the idea came from,
suddenly it's happening,
suddenly everyone else
in this town
gets to decide what we do
about my daughter.
You know, people loved her.
I don't care about other people
right now.
What they think, what they need,
I couldn't give a shit.
All I care about is Neve.
All I want to know
is why she's lying
in some cold fucking morgue
when she should be upstairs
in bed.
It's fine. Uh, uh, I'm fine.
What if, what if I told you
that Neve's still here?
I know it sounds crazy,
but she's not gone.
I, I can see her, plain as day.
I She's, she's been
at my place.
- She's been here in this house.
- Why are you saying this?
Because maybe you can see her,
too, if you just try.
I You can come back
to mine
- Oh, oh, you've been drinking.
- No, no, no, no, no. I haven't.
I swear, like,
this is, this is the truth.
I've stood over
our dead daughter's body.
- I know.
- Then what the fuck
- are you talking about?
- Maria,
- just let me explain to you
- No, you listen to me.
- What's happened?
- Oh, apparently Neve's not dead.
No, that's not what I said.
- Just get him out of my house.
- No, Dan.
- Dan. Please. Look.
- No.
I'm not crazy.
Maria, just let me finish
What the hell are you thinking?
- I'm not making it up. I
- Okay.
But you've got to go.
Where have you been?
Out for a ride.
Did you do your statement
Everything okay?
I just want to be alone.
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