The Rising (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[tense music]
[Maria] My daughter
hasn't come home.
Her name's Neve Kelly.
I'm right here!
[Neve] Someone drugged me and
then strangled me with a belt.
The victim had the substance
without her knowledge.
If you have any information,
then please contact the police.
What if I told you
that Neve's still here?
Get away from me.
- [laughs]
- Back off!
[tense music]
Hello? You kind of look like
you want something.
There's nothing here for me.
Are you dumping me?
- So we're sticking to our story?
- Yeah.
[electricity crackling]
[ominous music]
[faint whooping]
[engine revs]
- [whooping continues]
- [laughs]
- Mate.
- Come on, Alex, go faster.
The louder the music
the faster you go.
[Danny] Come on!
[upbeat music]
- Whoo!
- [Alex laughing]
[glass clinking]
[breathes heavily]
[deep inhale]
[foreboding music]
[theme music]
- [birds chirping]
- [bike rattling]
[tires squeal]
[dramatic music]
You know who I am?
I was expecting you to freak out
or something.
[dramatic music continues]
Yeah. Done that bit.
Then I just thought
I was going crazy.
My dad can see me too.
So, we're both crazy.
[Neve] I can't explain it.
But it's only you and him.
Talking to a dead girl.
You don't have
to be afraid of me.
What are you?
All I can tell you is
I'm here.
I'm real.
They say you were murdered.
There's so much
I don't remember.
I can't figure out
what happened on my own.
- Why me?
- I can't speak to Joe.
You said we left the party
Wait a minute,
you don't think Joe hurt you?
Maybe. I don't know.
He would never do that.
We had an argument that night.
So, what do you want me to do?
Question him,
find out what he's done.
Can't you get your dad to do it?
He won't tell Dad.
You're his cousin.
This is fucked up.
Joe and I aren't exactly close.
I've been away for a while.
I don't think he'll talk.
Can't you try?
[pensive music]
They want to set up an interview
in the next few days.
Doesn't feel right
to be talking about this now.
Joe should be thinking
about Neve today.
'Course I'm thinking about her.
Look, I know it's shit timing,
but it's a big opportunity.
And you deserve it, son,
you've worked hard.
[soft thud]
- You all right?
- Hey.
Your shift finished hours ago.
I went for a walk.
Your cousin's just scored
a big sponsorship deal.
That's great.
You got a minute?
Because I'm asking.
[dramatic music]
[door closes]
What's wrong with it?
Brakes feel a bit strange.
Strange how?
Oh, like they do this sort
of bunny-hopping thing.
Like, not smooth.
[suspenseful music]
Ask him if he hurt me.
[suspenseful music continues]
[deep breath]
You hardly said a word to me
at the party.
Haven't really seen you
since I got back.
Yeah, I've been busy.
Training and the race.
Congrats on the win.
[Alex] Must be really nice.
Family being proud of you.
Anyway, I just wanted to say
I'm really sorry
about what happened
to your girlfriend.
Do you want to talk about it?
Thanks, but
not really.
Wyatt men
and their feelings, huh?
[deep breath]
You know there's a vigil
this afternoon, at the club.
You coming?
I don't really know her.
She was cool.
You'd have liked her.
Bring up the party.
I saw you two together
that night.
Looked like you were arguing.
What happened?
Tell her.
You know you can talk to me,
about anything.
[foreboding music]
The bike's fine.
But I guess you knew that.
I just wanted to make sure.
Wouldn't want to have
an accident.
[foreboding music rises]
- Joe.
- [Joe] Just leave it.
What did you say to him?
Yeah, because it's always
my fault.
You all right?
What do you think?
[foreboding music]
[motorcycle engine revving]
[ominous music]
[foreboding music]
[door rattling, opens]
[door closes]
[Daniel] Come round
whenever you want.
Even if you don't want to talk.
It might help to just go
and sit in her room.
I'd like that.
[deep inhale]
I'm missing her. [sighs]
[Daniel] Thought about when
you might wanna go back to school?
It's okay.
It's only me.
[mysterious music]
[Nan] Max?
Finished with your breakfast?
Uh Thanks, Nan.
You sure
I can't get you something?
No, thanks, Mrs. Connolly.
I texted, but you didn't reply.
Sorry, didn't see it.
[Joseph sniffs]
Will you come to the vigil?
Doesn't feel right
you not being there.
Don't think I can face it.
I can call it off
if you don't want it to happen.
No, it's important to you guys.
It's just
The last thing I need right now
is everyone asking how I am.
We'll be there.
- Thanks.
- [camera clicks]
Hey, now's not the time.
I was wondering
if I could borrow you
to help out at the club?
I've kind of got stuff to do.
What stuff?
Yeah, don't you want
to help set up the vigil?
Yeah, yeah, 'course.
Um, I'll go get changed.
[snorts] Great.
[eerie music]
[engines revving]
[dark music]
[engine revving]
[Katie] What are we doing here?
I thought we were going
to the club.
[suspenseful music]
Have you spoken to anyone?
Why have you been
ignoring my calls?
I swear,
I haven't said anything.
Because it's me
that's gonna get blamed.
I haven't said anything.
I told you.
You need to
keep your mouth shut.
Don't talk to me like that.
I mean it.
You've still got her jacket.
I have to get rid of it.
Oh, my God.
Joe, you can't do this.
You've gotta help me.
- We'd be destroying evidence.
- Exactly.
[tense music]
I can't do this on my own.
What the fuck?
[ominous music]
[breathes heavily]
[shaky breath]
[ominous music continues]
[heavy breathing]
[match strikes]
[fire crackling]
[heavy breathing]
[suspenseful music]
[engine revving]
[Neve] This proves it.
[Alex] I can't believe
Joe is capable of murder.
Why burn my jacket
if he's not guilty?
I don't know.
I'm not a mind reader.
I have to find out
what he's planning.
And what he's got over Katie.
She never got over
her mom leaving,
now she just lets people
take advantage
like she wants their approval.
Joe always gets his own way.
What's that supposed to mean?
Get your dad
to ask him at the vigil.
He'll never tell Dad anything.
[wind gusting]
Maybe you can try again.
What happened between you two?
This town infects everyone
and everything.
We're living our lives
like everything's okay,
but under the surface it's
It's what?
We're just pretending.
Because it's never okay.
So why come back?
We've all gotta face our demons
sooner or later.
Will you come to the club,
to the vigil?
I'm not great with crowds,
especially that one.
I could really use a friend.
I don't even know you.
[somber music]
[Christine] What we got?
[Aird] Fragments from Neve's
necklace found inside the boat.
[Christine] So it was used
to move her body.
Quite a few people had access
to the boathouse,
but only two were connected
to Neve.
One was Daniel Sands
who took his son out sailing.
And Joseph.
Joe works there sometimes.
By extension,
that gives Joe's father Michael
and the entire Sands family
You know Michael was away
on business that night.
Yep, and we've called the hotel
and the alibi checks out.
Daniel Sands is
a person of interest, though.
What with his history.
His first wife.
We established Dan
had nothing to do
with Victoria's disappearance.
Any sign of the jacket
she was wearing
when she disappeared?
[Aird] Nothing yet.
Forensics are checking out
the tip,
and we're screening
local rubbish collections.
We need to attend the vigil.
There's always someone
who talks too much
when they get emotional.
We'll catch him.
Sooner or later.
[Katie sobs]
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
What's going on
with you and Joe?
It's his problem, not mine.
He's going through a lot.
Aren't we all?
How you settling in?
Made any friends?
Yeah, loads.
They're bashing down the door
to come hang out with me.
You need to get yourself
out there.
Start building trust.
It's funny because I find that
kind of hard these days.
Well, you can trust me.
[William] I'm heading
to the vigil.
- I'll see you later.
- [door closes]
- [laughs]
- Danny.
[Joseph] The louder the music
the faster you go.
[mysterious music]
[background laughter]
[plates clatter]
[mysterious music continues]
[mysterious music]
You ready?
[motorcycle engines start]
[Joseph] This is for Neve.
[motorcycle engines revving]
[mysterious music continues]
[music softens]
Why'd you come?
I know what it is to be alone.
[Alex] I'll help you find out
what happened.
[ominous music]
[background chatter]
You sure you wanna be here?
Don't really have a choice.
I'll make him talk.
I'll take him outside
and punch it out of him.
That's not helpful, is it?
Yeah, we should go
to the police then.
He burnt the evidence.
Hey, Tom. [chuckles]
Neve says you can
Has this kind of thing
ever happened to you before?
- Seeing ghosts or whatever?
- Don't call me that.
Never saw anything weird
that you couldn't explain?
[Alex] How about you?
- I never believed in this stuff.
- [Alex] Me neither. Until now.
[Tom] I just don't get why we
can see her but no one else can.
Can we please stop talking
about me
when I'm standing right here?
[breathes deeply]
[background chatter]
[mysterious music]
Hey, I'll get you a drink.
I'll come find you later.
Oh, forget going to the police.
I just wanna make sure
you're okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
You're not, though.
You're acting like
you and Neve never broke up.
And it's stressing me out,
keeping secrets.
So I've kept plenty of yours.
Nothing like this.
Nah, nah, nah, nah,
we're having this out.
Why did she finish with you?
Don't act the tough guy,
it doesn't suit you.
You're not looking
so tough yourself.
Looks like you're about
to lose it big time.
And I thought you'd be happy
we broke up.
I thought you'd be loving that.
[scoffs] Well,
why would I be happy?
Because I see
how you look at me.
[ominous music]
- [Nicky] Fucking asshole.
- [man] Oi!
[ominous music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
See if Nicky will talk.
I don't know, Dad,
just strike up a conversation.
[faint mellow music on speakers]
I'll be back.
Scary times.
If you ever need a bodyguard,
I'm right here.
- Hey, I'm being friendly.
- [Alex] You're being a twat.
Heard you were back.
They should've left you to rot.
Fuck off, go on.
[Burns scoffs]
I'm Alex. A friend of Neve's.
I'm really sorry you're having
to deal with this.
Say you know me from Tuesday
art class.
We did art class together.
She always talked about you.
[background chatter]
I painted a picture of a girl
and called her Cricket.
I remember she painted
a stunning picture of this girl,
and she called her Cricket.
That's what she used to call me.
[Alex] You meant a lot to her.
I know she'd want you safe.
- I want to help.
- With what?
Whatever's going on
with you and Joe.
[Neve] Tell her
we'll protect her. It's okay.
[Alex] You don't have
to be scared.
I won't let him hurt you.
Uh, I don't know
what you're talking about.
[whispers] The jacket.
[deep inhale]
Joe made you burn her jacket.
[foreboding music]
[Katie] What How do you know?
Who told you that?
[foreboding music continues]
What's going on?
[Alex] We're just chatting.
You seem kind of stressed out.
It's my girlfriend's memorial,
Did you burn Neve's jacket?
I didn't tell her.
What the fuck did you do,
You've got a nerve.
Please tell me
this isn't what I'm thinking.
The only killer I can see
around here
is you.
[foreboding music continues]
[object thuds]
You're a prick.
[background chatter
and laughter]
Speak to Nicky?
I think he thought
I was hitting on him.
Fuck's sake, Dad.
He's not gonna grass up
his mate, is he?
[deep inhale]
[indistinct chatter]
This isn't a vigil,
it's an excuse for a piss-up.
[Daniel] Yeah. We're here now.
Why don't you give it
half an hour?
I'll get the drinks.
Can't stand around empty-handed.
[Daniel sighs]
You okay, Tom?
- Don't really want to be here.
- [scoffs]
You and me both.
Max talked me into it.
[Maria] Listen, um
about last night
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Well
I might've overreacted.
We're all handling this
in our own way.
I don't want to fall out.
Me either.
I'll see how Joan's getting on
with those drinks.
You want anything?
Um, yeah, orange juice.
Thank you.
Yeah, excuse me please.
I'd like to thank you all
for coming.
And to remind everyone
why we are here.
For Neve.
And I'm sure Neve's family
appreciate your support.
Tom, would you like
to say something?
If you'd like, I can.
[mic feedback]
[Tom breathing on mic]
Don't know what
Neve would want me to say.
Why don't you tell them
to fuck off?
[Neve] They're vultures.
They don't care about me.
They're just here to gossip
and get pissed.
Tell them I don't want a vigil,
I want my life back.
I'm sorry I
Thanks for coming, though.
[mic feedback]
[crowd murmuring]
Yeah, uh, thank you, Tom.
Now if we can raise a glass.
[glasses clinking]
To Neve.
[all] To Neve.
[background chatter]
Do you want to come back
with us?
No, I'll just stay here
for a bit.
[Daniel breathes deeply]
[deep breath]
Double vodka please, mate.
- [bartender] Here you go.
- Cheers.
[glass thuds]
[motorcycle engine revs]
[background whooping]
[ominous music]
[Aird] Can't be easy
being back here.
I don't know
what you're on about.
I'm living my best life.
I've landed my dream job
in a shitty garage.
My parents treat me
like I'm five.
And everyone fucking hates me.
[dramatic music]
[Aird] I know how it feels
to be the outsider.
But you and me, we're stronger
than the lot of them.
Look, I'm
I'm no one special,
but I'm here if you need.
I'm fine, thanks.
As long as you're sure.
Actually, sorry.
I'm not fine at all.
[dramatic music continues]
[Aird] Joseph, can we talk
outside please?
- Why?
- [Aird] I'll explain outside.
Well, I don't want to go.
Joseph, I'll arrest you here
if I have to.
I haven't done anything.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- [Aird] Fine.
Joseph Wyatt, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention
when questioned something
which you later rely on
in court. Do you understand?
- [policeman] Turn around.
- Get the fuck off me.
- William. Fuck off me!
- [policeman] Hey.
- Joseph, calm down.
- [Joseph] Do something.
I said get the fuck off me.
[policeman] Much better
if you just stay quiet.
I haven't done anything.
- Whoa. What the hell you doing?
- This is ridiculous.
He hasn't done anything.
- Diana, what's happened?
- I'll explain at the station.
- Not again, not again.
- [eerie crunch]
We'll sort it. Just go with it.
I don't understand why Joe.
[scratching noise]
[heavy breathing]
[breathing heavily]
[heavy breathing continues]
[scraping continues]
[Daniel] What happened?
[heavy breathing]
[eerie music]
[Aird] In your statement,
you said the last time
you remembered seeing Neve
was at around 11 p.m.
"She was having a good time,
and then she went
to get some food.
Everything was fine."
Is there anything else
you need to tell us?
Thing is, Joseph,
we have a witness who saw you
arguing with Neve at 11:45 p.m.
A proper blazing row.
So it doesn't really seem like
"everything was fine".
Talk to us.
Tell us the truth.
And this can all be over.
Did you destroy Neve's jacket?
Did you?
[ominous music]
[breathes heavily]
What the fuck?
Did you murder Neve Kelly?
I loved her.
[Alex] Neve,
what happened back there?
Did you do that?
[Neve] I think so.
There was this noise
it got into my head and I
- just couldn't get rid of it.
- What noise?
Like this
scratching sound
only worse, really.
What's she doing here?
[Michael] This is crazy,
he didn't do anything.
He was at the party all night.
You can't know that for certain.
And at the very least, he's
destroyed potential evidence.
- [policeman] Boss?
- Now don't go anywhere please.
I'll need to talk to you again
about Joseph's recent behavior.
[Neve] I know you can't hear me
but I love you.
Whatever you know about Joseph,
just tell them.
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- [Aird] Hi, Katie.
Thanks for coming down.
[chair thuds]
What can I help you with?
Everyone's gonna hate me.
And what makes you think that?
I lied on my statement.
Okay. Well, shall we start over?
I just want to do
the right thing.
What do you know, Katie?
Has someone put you up to this?
Joe didn't kill Neve.
He was with me.
[Aird] Joseph Wyatt
was with you?
All night.
In his caravan.
- Doing what?
- Oh. You know what.
[Aird] I'm gonna
need you to say it.
Having sex.
We left the party together.
Joe's innocent.
[tense music]
[tense music rising]
They're releasing Joe.
[Neve] I trusted her.
[Alex] I'm so sorry.
It's like
my life was a lie and I'm only
just finding out now.
[Alex] So Joe didn't kill you.
Part of me's glad.
Part of me wants to punch
his face in.
Oh, I'm gonna be
in so much shit. [sighs]
I'm really sorry.
It's fine.
I told the truth, didn't I?
[Neve] It was tough
for you today.
Being there
with all those people.
[Alex] You know why?
This is a small town,
with a lot of big mouths.
[birds chirping]
Thank you.
[scoffs] What for?
For not judging me.
The past is done.
There's no going back.
[Alex] There's something
I need to tell you.
She showed me these photos.
[somber music]
All Neve's injuries.
Asked if I did that to her.
[somber music continues]
I've got these pictures
in my head forever.
[Michael] You've got
to be strong now, son.
You've done nothing wrong.
You're a good person.
- No, I'm not.
- [Michael] Hey.
[pensive music]
[Alex] Mom and Dad were
so ashamed of what I'd done.
Guess three years in juvie
was the least I deserved.
I'm still here and Danny's
He is dead because of me.
And it fucking haunts me
every single day
because I can't bring him back.
[Joseph] Come on,
push it. Push it.
- [Joseph] Woo. Faster. Faster.
- Joe. Stop it.
Joe. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
Sometimes I think even
if I served
ten years,
the guilt would still be there.
And so it should.
[Alex] And I know
Joe feels it too.
I know I can't make it right,
but I can help you.
[birds tweeting]
I think I'm meant to help.
- You just being here
- No, there's something else.
That sound at the vigil
that scratching.
I heard it too.
And I think
I've heard it before.
[wind gusting]
[dark music]
[shaky breathing]
[breathing heavily]
[scratching continues]
[Neve] I heard it when I came out
of the lake.
Felt something watching me.
There's something in the woods.
[dark music]
[dark music ends]
[closing theme music]
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