The Rising (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[mysterious music]
They say you were murdered.
There's so much
I don't remember.
I can't figure out
what happened on my own.
About last night
Yeah, I'm sorry.
We're all handling this
in our own way.
- I don't want to fall out.
- Me either.
[Tom] And did you take GHB
last night?
Joe didn't kill Neve.
He was with me.
[lights thudding]
They're releasing Joe.
There's something in the woods.
[suspenseful music]
[wind gusting]
[ominous music]
Mom, stop texting, I'm fine.
I'm at the party.
I'll see you in the morning.
[automated voice] To replay
your message, press
Mom, stop texting, I'm fine.
I'm at the party.
I'll see you in the morning.
[twigs snapping]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[foreboding music continues]
- [twig snaps]
- [soft gasp]
[dark music]
What the hell is this place?
[dark music continues]
[theme music]
Mom, stop texting, I'm fine.
I'm at the party.
I'll see you in the morning.
[voicemail beeps]
[automated voice] To replay
your message, press one.
Mom, stop texting, I'm fine.
I'm at the party.
I'll see you in the morning.
[deep inhale] Hey, love.
[Max] Katie's not in her room.
Did you kick her out?
She probably just stayed
over at your Nan's.
- Is that Joe's stuff?
- [sighs]
I just want it out of the house.
I've been thinking about
what Tom said the other night.
That Neve's still here.
[breathes deeply]
Max, Tom's grieving.
He can't see Neve,
he just really wants to.
But I think he's right.
I get a weird feeling sometimes.
Like she's here.
It's normal.
You're just missing her.
I'd give anything to have
her back, but it's not that.
I can feel her in the room.
Can you feel her here?
- Is she here now?
- No.
I'm telling the truth.
[Maria sighs]
You won't feel like this
- Sleep okay?
- I didn't sleep at all.
Yeah, me neither.
Keep thinking about her.
Sorry to just turn up like that.
I didn't know where else to go.
It's okay.
What did they say?
Your Dad and Maria?
Maria just gave me
the silent treatment.
Would've been easier
if she'd screamed or yelled
but no one did that.
Dad just looked disappointed.
He said I'd let everyone down.
I'm sorry for
how I acted yesterday.
I was scared.
But I took it out on you
and I shouldn't have done that.
You didn't have to put yourself
through that.
With the police and your family.
I would've protected you.
It's done now.
And what happened between us,
it was a mistake.
A one-time thing.
There was nothing in it, right?
You're not good enough for me,
and you definitely
weren't good enough for Neve.
[Joseph sighs]
[pensive music]
Think she'd forgive us?
I wouldn't.
[Katie scoffs]
Last thing she did for me
was wrap that jacket round me
'cause I was cold.
She was always looking out
for me.
They'll catch
whoever killed her.
[pensive music continues]
Even if I have to do it myself.
[Maria sighs]
- [line rings]
- [Maria sighs]
Hey, it's Katie. Just leave
a message or text me.
She's not answering.
She's lucky I haven't changed
the locks.
- [Daniel] Don't be like that.
- What should I be like then?
- [turns on faucet]
- [water running]
Hey, it's Katie. Just leave
a message or text me.
You sleep okay?
[Alex] Better, yeah. You?
I don't sleep.
I lie there, I close my eyes.
But I never sleep.
That's horrible.
How's your family?
Katie left as soon
as they all got home.
[Neve] Dunno where she went.
- Don't care.
- Yeah, you do.
Soon as the sun was up,
I went to the woods.
- And?
- Nothing.
It's like, whatever's there,
it's playing with my head.
I've felt it before,
so why not now when I want to?
- It's gonna be okay.
- It's not though
'cause I need to know.
Just breathe.
You're cold.
Same as yesterday.
I like the cold.
Neve, all this trauma
you've been through
I think
you need to deal with it.
After the crash,
I avoided talking about it.
And Joe did too
and that's why things are
how they are.
You helped me start
to confront it,
and I want to be the same
for you.
All I'm saying is,
I'm here if you want to talk.
[calm music]
I wanna talk about those woods.
[footsteps approaching]
[Christine] You were up early.
[ominous music]
[Christine] What's she doing?
[William] I don't know.
[engine revving]
[mysterious music]
[Katie] Thanks.
[motorcycle engine revving]
[Daniel] Where have you been?
I was worried.
I'm fine.
Katie, you can't ignore my calls
and messages like that.
- Where were you last night?
- Joseph's.
Are you gonna talk to me?
- Well, say something!
- Okay, let's all just calm down.
I'm sorry, okay?
I made a stupid mistake.
But Neve dumped Joseph
that night,
he was upset, I was drunk,
I swear it only happened once.
Neve finished with him,
so you stepped in?
Isn't that what you did with Dad
when Mom was out of the way?
- Katie. Hey, she didn't mean it.
- [scoffs]
I've been having the same dream
the past few nights.
I'm watching them pull Neve
out of the lake,
over and over on a loop.
Last night,
I had the same dream.
Only it was your body
they dragged out.
[foreboding music]
And it was the best night's
sleep I've had in days.
[Daniel] Jesus Christ.
[foreboding music]
[background chatter]
Hi, Tom.
Hey mate. [sniffs]
Um, can I get,
get a lift to school?
Tom, I don't think
you'll be going back today.
I'm fine.
[Kent] You're not though.
You can't be at school, Tom.
What am I supposed to do?
Sit at home,
staring at the walls?
I, I want to teach.
And, and those kids need me.
Not like this they don't.
All right.
I'll walk.
[Kent] You're drunk, Tom.
I can't have you around
the kids in this state.
- Let me do my job.
- No, Tom, listen, listen
Get the fuck off me!
Tom, you all right?
[enigmatic music]
[Daniel] Hey.
[breathes deeply]
I can't even paint.
So I spoke to Katie.
She's pretty upset.
[clicks tongue]
What do you expect me to do?
She's just a kid.
[Maria] She's 18.
Think of the stupid things
you did at that age.
Well, I certainly didn't fuck
my step-sister's boyfriend.
She just needs a bit
of understanding.
You're not the only one grieving
here, Maria, we are too,
and I'm trying as hard as I can
to hold this family together,
but I can't do it on my own.
I can't think about you
right now.
If that makes me selfish,
then, I'm sorry
but that's just how it is.
We have responsibilities.
I can't be in this house
And what's that supposed
to mean?
I just can't do this.
You, Katie, Joan, all of it!
And all I can think about
is Neve!
Just tell me what to do.
[melancholy music]
I don't know. I need to leave.
You're coming back though?
We're focusing on the belt
that was used to strangle Neve.
There's a slight indentation
from a pattern on the buckle
on Neve's neck.
It's a distinctive design,
so we're going through
social media from the party
and trying to match the buckle
to anyone who was there.
That's not gonna show up
on the photos taken that night.
It's worth a shot.
Everything all right?
Do you know anything about
strange rock piles in the woods?
Oh, they're probably
old campsites, why?
I dunno, I just saw them.
I'm interested.
It's an old Halloween thing
or Beltane. Or something.
Lighting bonfires to pay tribute
to Hettie, communicate with her.
Her husband owned Keaton Hall.
- Hettie Keaton.
- [Christine] It's all nonsense.
That is kind of crazy.
No more crazy than everything
else that's happened.
It's just a fairy tale.
Based on a real woman though.
Maybe she just wants
to be heard.
She didn't get to say
what really happened to her.
I have to try to contact her.
What if she's like me?
[ominous music]
So, Katie Sands.
You guys a thing?
I wouldn't care if you were.
Don't take advantage.
You lecturing me?
You've been a proper dick,
so yeah, I am.
I was out of order.
Just forget what I said.
Everything's such a mess.
Now everyone thinks
I'm a murderer.
[Nicky] No, they don't.
- Then where is everybody?
- No one knows what to say.
Just give it time.
That someone's bike out there?
[Joseph] Yeah.
[ominous music]
It's been cut.
[background chatter]
Which one of you was it?
[Joseph] Was it you?
- Was what me?
- Now come on, be a fucking man.
If you've got something to say,
say it to my face.
What was she like?
Katie Sands. Out of ten.
Better or worse than Neve?
Have you had Maria?
Because I'd totally go there.
She's fit.
Hey, how about old Joan?
Maybe you and your boyfriend
can have a gangbang with Daniel
while you're at it.
- [Burns] Come on!
- Enough!
Back off, Joe!
[William] Joseph.
What the hell are you lot
playing at?
Turning on each other like this?
It's shameful.
How many times
have I bailed you lot out?
Sat with you in court?
Sorted work for you?
Lent you money,
no questions asked?
This club
isn't just about motocross
and getting pissed
with your mates.
It's about loyalty.
It's about trust. It's about
having each other's backs.
No matter what's happened,
turning on your brothers
isn't the answer.
We need to stick together.
You know how ridiculous this is?
You got a better idea?
Now what?
The matches.
[soft chuckle]
Is there a witchy spell we need
to say before I light this?
Shall I do a little dance?
- Little witchy dance?
- Stop doing that please.
- Why, is it exciting you?
- Not at all.
- Do you feel all witchy?
- No.
- How about now?
- No.
- Now?
- [both laugh]
Maybe a little.
[scratching noise]
Did you hear that?
[scratching noise]
It's gone.
[ominous music]
[dramatic thud]
[ominous music continues]
[clock ticking]
[ominous music rising]
[dramatic thud]
[ominous music continues]
[dramatic thud]
[Alex] Neve?
- [grunts]
- [Neve gasps]
Oh, my God, are you okay?
- Neve.
- Yeah, I'm here.
[gasps] What the fuck was that?
- We need to get out of here.
- Wait, wait, wait.
[breathing heavily] I was
at a reception area, a hotel.
- What?
- I was taken there.
Like someone wanted me
to see it,
- like it was important.
- What, what hotel?
There was a patterned carpet,
a chandelier in the lobby.
A bedroom with number 7
on the door. Red walls.
That sounds like Keaton Hall.
[heavy breathing]
I think I'm meant to go there.
[pensive music]
[plastic rustles]
[pensive music continues]
[door creaks]
[door closes]
You okay?
[footsteps approaching]
[pulls chair]
[chair thuds lightly]
[Maria sighs]
[deep sigh]
Okay, thanks Nicky,
I'll be right there.
Maria's at the cafe.
Nicky's worried.
- And I'm gonna go get here.
- Wait. Let me speak to her.
- No, we need to sort this out.
- Katie's still upset.
And Max isn't much better.
They need you here.
Yeah, and I need Maria.
Charging in there
might make things worse.
Let me sound her out, eh?
I'll talk to her,
mother to mother.
Go be with your kids.
I'll do my best with Maria.
Just bring her home.
[keys jangle]
[Joan] Mm.
[seatbelt clinks, whooshes]
[background chatter]
[deep inhale]
- [man] Bye, Julie.
- [Julie] Bye.
[Julie chuckles]
[object thuds lightly]
Sorry. Wrong room.
Sorry, pal.
[breathes deeply]
[door opens]
[Tom breathing shakily]
You don't know
what you're missing.
They've got Jammie Dodgers
in there.
They're a pretty decent bunch,
you know?
Makes it less scary to talk.
Listen, if, if this
is your thing then great,
but I don't think it's mine.
So what are you gonna do now?
To be honest with you, mate,
[deep inhale]
I think I'm gonna get pissed.
Tom, hang on.
I'm not gonna make you go
in there but
least stay for the brew?
- [door opens]
- [chimes tinkle]
[door closes]
People used to say
they couldn't understand
what I was going through.
And they were right,
how could they?
Unless they'd loss someone.
Victoria was my only daughter.
She was everything to me.
And then she was gone.
Police thought
she took her own life,
but they never found a body.
No funeral, no closure.
Just questions.
An ache,
right here,
never went away.
Your heart's broken.
It'll never be fixed.
It'll never beat
the way it used to.
There'll be times
when you wake up and
[deep breath]
expect to see her
and it'll take
a good few seconds
for you to remember
that she's gone.
You start to forget
the smell of her.
And years will pass
and you'll find yourself crying
or feeling angry or sad
for no reason.
[somber music]
But the reason is always her.
[soft chuckle]
[somber music continues]
I want you to know
what's coming.
I want you to know
that I got through it
because I had Daniel
and the grandkids.
[somber music continues]
Whatever's happened,
don't push them away.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music fades]
[Neve] The whole place
felt cold and empty
like I was
the only person there.
This is seriously messed up.
[dramatic thud]
We should be getting the hell
out of here,
not walking all the way
to the hall.
[ominous music]
- Are you even listening to me?
- Sorry, what?
Did it happen again?
- Did you go somewhere else?
- No.
- So what's the matter?
- You're right.
It's not safe out here.
I think I should go on my own.
No, I want us both
to get out of here.
Whatever's happening,
it's dangerous.
I can feel it, it's like
I feel like the woods are angry.
You're not making any sense.
I just want you safe.
This thing is powerful.
We don't know what it is
or what it's capable of.
And if it's at all the hall
- I'm not taking you with me.
- Who says you get a choice?
One hour.
Then I'll come looking.
Go home.
[eerie music]
[eerie music stops]
I'm not judging.
But one turns into three,
turns into five,
turns into you hating yourself.
And then the cycle repeats.
I'm not perfect, either.
I still mess up.
I still let people down.
William gives you a hard time.
I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for him.
When Joe's mom died,
I fell apart,
that's when I really
started drinking.
He pulled me out
of a really dark place.
He was hard on me,
but that's what I needed.
I'm sorry.
We've all lost.
We all try and cope
in our own way.
He's a big softie, deep down.
I reckon I owe him.
I just hope I haven't messed Joe
around too much.
I see the way he looks at me
sometimes, like
I'm not enough, and it kills me.
Messing up my kid
was my specialty.
And the ex-wife
probably done
some lifelong damage there too.
You could still make it right
with Maria.
She's moved on.
You haven't?
I see her with Daniel and I
think, is that what you wanted,
a man with money
and a nice house?
Is that what life's
really about?
You think you can make her
happy again
with a bottle in your hand?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Daniel] So where is she?
She'll be back.
She just needed some space.
I knew I should've gone.
Trust me.
[Joan] You need to stay strong
for those kids.
Because it's always me
that has to pick up the pieces.
It's always me
that has to carry on
while everyone else falls apart.
Dan, Maria's not like Victoria.
It's not going to happen again.
I don't want to talk anymore.
I need to fix dinner.
[background chatter]
- [Alex] Double vodka.
- Coming up.
Not now, Joe.
I just want to say,
I don't blame you
for going to the police.
I probably would've done
the same.
[Alex sighs]
Are you okay?
Not really.
Where have you been?
The woods.
Were you with someone?
- Did something happen?
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Can I get another one?
- Sure.
Alex, what's in the woods?
Something bad.
What'd you mean?
I don't want to talk,
I just want to drink.
You should take it easy.
Last thing I need right now
is a lecture.
Oh, all right. Look, I didn't
mean it like that, okay?
I'm just worried about you.
Everything all right?
Has anything bad ever happened
at Keaton Hall?
- What do you mean?
- Has it?
I don't know.
Why are you asking?
Just curious.
Alex, what are you
not telling me?
I've been thinking
we should talk more.
I know I haven't said this,
but I'm proud of you.
It can't be easy
coming back here,
facing up to what happened.
I just want you to know
that you can come to me anytime.
I'm just taking
an interest in local history.
That's all.
[foreboding music]
[shaky breath]
[deep sigh]
[dark music]
[doorknob clicks]
[dark music continues]
[plastic rustles]
- [grunting]
- [metal clanking]
[breathing heavily]
[knocks on door]
[bangs on door]
[mysterious music]
I want you to tell me
about Neve.
[dark music]
[squeaks, rattles]
[dark music continues]
[doorknob clicks]
[door lock clicks]
[wood creaks]
[dark music continues]
[heavy breathing]
- [scratching]
- [panting]
[scratching continues]
[scratching continues]
What do you want?
Just tell me!
[scratching stops]
[coughs, gasping]
[William] Neve?
[ominous music]
You can see me.
I think this is where I died.
You have to help me.
We have to call the police.
I'm sorry.
What did I ever do to you?
- [Neve] Let me go!
- [William] Don't make this hard!
- Let me go!
- Stop struggling!
- [glass shatters]
- [both grunt]
[dark music]
[dark music rising, ends]
[closing theme music]
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