The Rising (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

We found traces of blood
in room seven of Keaton Hall.
- Is it Neve's blood?
- No comment.
It's about your ex-wife.
What did you think had happened,
when Victoria went missing?
Thought she walked out on us,
she struggled being a mum.
- What did she say?
- Nothing important, love.
- Where did you stay?
- Tom's.
I need you
to be straight with me
because I've been here before.
I can't see the kids
go through that again.
Something's happening
to me, Dad.
I've started disappearing.
What will happen if you bury me?
The GHB screwed up my memory.
I don't think it's the drugs.
Look, maybe you were right,
about facing what's happened.
How could you just let him go?
The CPS didn't feel there was
a strong enough case to charge.
What about forensics?
What about the, the belt?
What belt?
We've never released
any information about a belt.
If the police will never
give me justice,
I have to get it myself.
That sound
- You all right, babe?
- Mm.
Still half-asleep.
You're up early.
Bloody cockerel don't know
it's Saturday, does he?
Earplugs, I keep telling you.
I should get in the shower.
I should join you.
You're in a good mood.
Guess the new pills are working.
Sorry. I didn't mean to
I know.
They are though.
Haven't felt this good in years.
Kind of feels like
I'm waking up.
We should get away sometime.
A weekend somewhere,
just the two of us.
Yeah. Yeah, when work
calms down a bit.
I've been thinking
I know it's been a while
since we talked about it, but
maybe it's time
to start trying again.
I knew you were broody.
You always wanted three.
I know you got a lot on,
but maybe after that.
God, I should get going. Um
Um, I might have to work late
- You're joking?
- I know, I know.
I said I'd show the Wyatts
the hall,
and it's the only day both
William and Michael
- could manage.
- Mum!
Why's he taking so long?
He's coming now.
Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.
- Happy birthday!
- Bloody hell.
Happy Birthday, Dan.
Open this.
You really thought
I'd forgotten, didn't you?
And here's your change.
- All right?
- Sorry. What were we saying?
- Here you go, love.
- Thanks.
So sorry.
I know I was supposed
to drop it off last night.
Daniel must be thinking
you've not got him anything.
It's fine. Thanks for bringing it.
My fault. End of year drinks,
lost track of time.
- Can I, uh
- Yeah, 'course.
It was this one Dan liked,
Uh, he couldn't
take his eyes off it
when we came to that
showing you had.
It's a favorite of mine too.
Vic. Forgot something.
Can you even walk
in a straight line?
Cheers. I'm an idiot.
She letting you
come to the party?
Well, I promised I'll be
on my best behavior, so
I'm already in the shit with Dan
for leaving him with the kids
all day.
Ooh. Bad Parents Club.
We're due our AGM soon.
I haven't had a messy night
in far too long.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
So this is everything
I could dig up
from the council on the hall.
Um, blueprints,
planning permits.
It'll take a while
to sort through.
- Ah, there's no rush.
- Thanks for that.
Me and Michael used to muck
about in here when we were kids.
It's weird to think
we're gonna own it.
I came here once
and your dad chased me off
with a garden hose.
Oh, yeah, sounds about right.
Look at us, hey?
Hotshot architect.
Future hotelier.
Lord of the manor.
- Okay, so if this is
- Michael can't make it.
Something's come up.
- Right.
- I am really sorry.
It doesn't matter.
I've got tons of party stuff
to sort out anyway.
- Oh.
- Oh, my God, you're a lifesaver.
Ah. No worries.
I'm sorry about earlier
by the way.
- Standing you up at the hall.
- You're forgiven.
Ah. Got caught up on a job.
It was one of those days,
you know.
We're running out
of wine glasses, love.
There's some
plastic ones somewhere. Drink?
Uh, I'll sort myself.
- Here.
- Hey, hey, sweetheart.
- What's triggered it this time?
- Mum, it's nothing.
- It might help to talk about it.
- Just leave it.
Babe, could you hand these out
for me?
Of course.
- Had enough of us already?
- I saw you sneaking out.
Hey, do you want a real drink?
No, no. I'm on the orange juice.
Come on. Hair of the dog, mate.
- No chance.
- Here.
No, seriously.
Move your hand.
So this is where
the real party is?
It's where the real booze is.
No, no.
I'm getting flashbacks, us four
behind the old petrol station.
Look how far we've come, hey?
Where's your stick?
I got my last operation
next week. Thank God.
That's right, he's bought himself
a new bike to celebrate.
Seriously? After you nearly
killed yourself?
You gotta get back on the horse.
- You're off your head, mate.
- Can't rely on Tom
to pull you out the wreckage
every time.
I will find a way
to pay you back.
I owe you.
Mum. Mum, Mum. Look.
Ha, we're making a video
for Dan.
Nice little private party,
is it?
Happy birthday, babe.
Oh, actually, I'm not quite sure
if it's recording, Max.
You made me look like
a right idiot.
I was busy, couldn't get away.
You were drunk. Or hungover.
Or both.
I've had it with this.
We're going into business
and you still haven't signed
any paperwork.
- Ah. Piss off, will you?
- I can't do this with you.
Not with the state you're in
these days.
Just chill out.
You're over-reacting.
No, I'm buying the hotel
on my own.
Oh, is this her?
She been poisoning you?
She doesn't have to.
Just look at you, you're a mess.
Now, you need to get
your shit together,
'cause I'm not carrying you
Let's just calm down, Will.
You know, it's none of
your bleeding business.
Let's just go.
You can't leave me out of this!
Hey. You okay?
Uh. Well
I didn't mean to cause a scene.
Party needed livening up.
Will, William wasn't serious.
He'll change his mind.
He just likes to put me
in my place, that's all.
Don't worry about it.
You just need a strong coffee
and a good night's sleep.
You know, you've always
been good to me.
Have you thought about,
you know, getting back
out there?
It's not good for you
to be on your own.
I've had me moments.
Denise is a tough act
to follow, you know.
Hey, we had our moments
as well though, didn't we?
Back in the day.
Cheap cider's
got a lot to answer for.
Come here.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Oh. Shit.
Sorry, I just thought, um
Yeah, don't,
don't worry about it.
Is everything okay?
Michael's still grieving.
I was just listening.
It's not him
I'm worried about.
- I'm fine.
- You're not though.
I know the signs.
- We should get back
- All I want from you
is to understand
what's going on.
I am better, you know.
I'm not as good as I could be,
but I am better.
And having another child
I can't go through it again.
You know how it affected me
after Katie and then Max.
And I know we always talked
about it when I was ready.
And I know you meant well
this morning, but
I just can't do it again.
- It's, it's okay.
- I don't want any more children.
But why didn't you just tell me?
It's fine.
We've got two beautiful kids,
I don't need anything else.
I just want you to get the help
you need.
I don't want that, Dan.
I don't want you
to always be trying to help me.
And I know, I know
I've been struggling
and I know
it's been hard for you.
But I just need you
to give me some space
so I can find my way through
this on my own, in my own time.
I just want you to be well.
I've left your present
in the car.
The hall.
We run out of beer
or are you just making a break
for it?
Stop it!
What are you?
What happened to you, Victoria?
Everyone said
that you just walked out.
I couldn't understand
why someone would do that.
But all that time, you
That sound
the scratching.
That's your body.
It was you.
You're Neve.
Is this real?
- Are you here?
- Yes.
I could feel you
ever since you came back.
I tried reaching out
but I didn't
Do you know who did this?
Do you know why we're here?
I didn't understand before,
what you were.
Why we were connected,
but now I think I do.
What am I?
We're the same.
Who did it?
Who killed us?
I know it sounds crazy.
I know I sound crazy.
But Neve was here.
Tom, sit down.
We've examined your computer.
You logged into Neve's social
media accounts after her death.
- I'd like to know why.
- That was Neve.
It should be William Wyatt
sat here, not me.
Tell me about your relationship
with William.
- We're just friends.
- More than that.
Didn't you save his life
back in the day?
I helped him
after his bike crash.
I, I called an ambulance,
that's all.
I'd be pretty grateful
if I was him.
Tom, are you colluding
with William Wyatt?
Is he covering for you?
Are you covering for him?
What? No.
Tell me about Victoria Sands.
What about her?
We were mates. We all were.
We, it's a small town.
Was William mates with her too?
Not really.
You know what he's like
throwing his weight around.
So she didn't respond well
to that?
Why don't you ask him?
Hang on
are you thinking Victoria was
Tom, I need you
to start telling me the truth.
How did you know about the belt?
- I already told you.
- Have you though, Tom?
It doesn't matter what I say.
I've failed her.
Now she's gone.
Are you releasing him?
Not at this stage.
He had nothing to do
with it.
You don't understand.
There's a reason he knows
what happened to Neve.
I know what he's told you.
Tom's innocent, you know he is.
William Wyatt's out there
walking free.
Are you just gonna let him
get away with it?
We're not closing any lines
of inquiry.
But Tom can't go anywhere,
not until we have some answers.
You're wasting time.
You need to let us do our jobs.
Tom's ghost stories
aren't helping anyone.
Go home, Maria.
I let myself in.
Sorry, I should've texted.
I heard about Tom.
- He didn't do it.
- I know.
You see someone at their worst
enough times,
you get to see
who they really are.
There's no way Tom
would hurt Neve.
Is that why you're here?
Nowhere else to go?
- No.
- It's just a coincidence, then?
It doesn't work out with Tom so
you finally decide to come back to us?
No, of course not.
It was never like that
for me with Tom.
I just thought
that's what I needed.
To feel closer to Neve.
- But I was all wrong.
- You can't do this.
You can't just come and go
whenever you feel like it.
It's not fair on the kids.
- It's not fair on me.
- I know that.
You're grieving too and I
shouldn't have shut you out.
I'm sorry.
But I don't need you
to rescue me, or fix me.
That's not what I need from you.
I know you meant well but it
just makes me feel suffocated.
I don't know.
I just need to know
I can trust you.
I need to know you want this
to work as much as I do.
I want to come home.
Grief isn't something
that either of us can fix.
It'll never go away.
All we can do is learn
how to live with it. Together.
Are you sure
you don't remember anything?
I hoped you would.
I've shown you
everything I could.
After that,
I can't make sense of it.
It's all just darkness and pain.
I remember waking up down here.
He must have thought
I was already dead.
And I tried to pull myself
up the stairs,
but I was so weak.
I don't know what I've become.
I started to fade.
I couldn't control it.
The same thing happened to me.
It's like
I was losing control.
Everything else
was fading away too.
After a while, I just
forgot who I was.
I forgot my children.
But then I felt you.
And I started to remember again.
Never who killed you?
Maybe Alex was right.
What if it's not that
we can't remember,
what if it's
that we don't want to?
Why would we do that?
Because we're afraid.
It's been a lot to deal with,
you know?
You don't have to worry
about your dad.
He's gone.
- He's never coming back here.
- Good.
Officers found blood
at the hotel.
It's not Neve's.
It's older.
They're still doing tests.
The hotel.
I never understood why he was
so obsessed with that place.
It's been nothing but trouble.
I have to go.
It's okay, Mum.
You're gonna have
to grow up someday soon, Will.
Feels like a lifetime ago.
It was your dad's birthday,
wasn't it?
What's this?
Oh, I dug a box of
old photos out from the attic.
I thought it might be nice
to look through them together.
We found a hard drive
with a bunch of videos too.
Mum! Look.
I remember that day.
Happy birthday, babe.
It was the last time we saw her.
I'm sorry, Katie.
I should never have said
what I did.
- It's okay.
- It's not okay.
I should have been here.
And the last thing
I should have done
was take things out on you.
I'm not going anywhere.
I can't keep losing people.
I just can't do it.
Oh, come here.
I know I'm not your mum.
But we are family, aren't we?
Come on, let's have a look
through everything.
Look, it's you and mum.
- Oh, yeah.
- Dad's birthday.
What's this?
Oh, my God.
That's when you started
getting into photography.
Everything was always
a really weird angle.
I'm better now.
Yeah, now you just blame
your camera.
It is broken.
I was wondering what happened.
Just started playing up.
Photos kept coming out weird.
Oh, my God.
I'd like to have a word.
I've said everything
I want to say to you.
Either arrest me
- or get off my property.
- Hey, hey.
- It's a simple question.
- I thought you had Tom Rees?
What you sniffing
around me for again?
Just trying to build up
a complete picture.
If you'd be more comfortable
talking down the station
This conversation is over.
What about Victoria Sands?
What about her?
You were friends, is that right?
And what's that gotta do
with Neve?
Did Victoria bother you?
She was a successful woman,
wasn't she?
Did she think a bit too much
of herself too?
You want to talk to me again,
you call my lawyer.
Uh, William.
Tom Rees says he saw Neve
after she died.
He said Neve spoke to him,
told him things.
Tom Rees is a drunk.
He said you could see her too.
Maria, hi.
So, what am I looking at here?
These marks.
Max's been taking
lots of photos recently, it's
it's his way
of dealing with things.
All these,
Max took them when he thought
he could sense a presence.
Has Tom been talking to Max too?
- No. You don't understand.
- I do.
Grief plays tricks on us.
Makes us see people we've lost
in the middle of a crowd,
on a bus.
It sounds like Tom's
being taking advantage of that.
He's telling the truth.
And this is the closest thing
I've got to actual proof.
They're Neve.
They're all Neve.
All I can see
are smudges on photos.
Look, I know it's a stretch.
I know that. I'm just asking you
to open your mind for a minute.
Look, I'm really sorry, Maria.
But I feel that Tom's
manipulating you.
Alex Wyatt.
She can see Neve and she didn't
even know her before.
Call Alex.
She will tell you the truth.
Are you here?
I've been out there
chasing shadows.
Because I couldn't face it.
If you don't,
you'll end up like me. Lost.
Don't you want to know
the truth?
I don't think I can.
It's okay.
I can do it. I'm stronger now.
I'm back in the woods.
- That night.
- What's there?
It's okay, Neve.
You won't be alone this time.
I'm scared.
I'm here with you.
I remember this.
You think
you're better than me.
No one can ever be good enough
for you.
You're a fucking headcase.
No, you don't get
to walk away from me.
Don't think this is over, hey!
- You hear me?
- Victoria?
It's all right, Neve. I'm here.
What are you doing here?
- Oh, love.
- I want the truth.
Look me in the eyes
and tell me you had nothing
to do with Neve's death.
Oh, my God.
I never touched her.
There's things, uh
that I can't tell you. I just
I can't.
But I would never hurt Neve.
- And I need you to believe that.
- But you know who it was.
You do.
- Alex, please love, don't.
- Tell me.
Where am I?
It's not
you would never
Neve was murdered.
She was 19 years old
and she was choked to death.
Can you imagine
what that must be like?
How scared she must have been?
And then her body
was just dumped.
Just thrown away
like she was nothing.
How would you feel
if that was me?
What are you doing out here
on your own, Neve?
- Can I have a lift?
- Yeah.
'Course, get in.
You been at that party?
- You have to be gentle with it.
- I've got it, I've got it.
Where's Joe anyway?
- You two had a row or something?
- We broke up.
Sorry to hear that.
- Here.
- Come on.
- What are you doing?
- Calm down.
- I'm just helping you.
- I am calm.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Hey, I wasn't touching you.
You know what, forget it.
I'll walk.
Let me out.
Not when you're being like this.
- Open the door.
- Sit back and shut up.
And show some fucking gratitude.
If you don't open the door
You'll do what?
I see where Joe gets his issues.
What's that supposed to mean?
Come on.
Just look at yourself.
You're a fucking psycho.
Wait. Hey.
Come here, hey!
You need to go.
What's this?
What have you told her?
Uh, I didn't mean to scare you.
What are you doing here?
Did you follow me?
Back at the house.
It was like old times,
wasn't it?
Me and you.
Hey, uh
It's always been me and you,
ain't it, Vic?
You're joking, aren't you?
Go home, Michael. You're drunk.
I was never good enough for you,
was I?
Jesus. We had a drunken fumble
in high school
and you've followed me
around like a puppy ever since.
And I try and be nice.
I'm, I'm always trying to be
fucking nice
'cause no one says what they
really think around here, do they?
What do you really think of me?
Get out of my way.
You answer me.
Get away from me.
You think you're better than us!
Better than Joseph.
You always have.
Better than you,
that's for sure.
You think you can just hit me
and get away with it?
Nah, fuck that.
Everyone's gonna hear
about this.
Everyone's gonna know
what you are.
I feel sorry for you.
Neve. Neve.
Neve. Neve.
Come back.
Neve. Neve, open your eyes.
I saw him.
It was Michael.
Michael killed us.
He can't get away with this.
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