The Rising (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Stop it.
You were still alive when you
were put down here, weren't you?
We're the same.
I know it sounds crazy.
Neve was here.
Tom's innocent, you know he is.
William Wyatt's out there
walking free.
Are you just gonna let him
get away with it?
I'm gonna go around there
and kill him myself.
- Dad?
- I would never hurt Neve.
But you know who it was.
Don't you want to know
the truth?
What you doing
out here on your own, Neve?
What are you doing? Fuck off me.
I see where Joe gets his issues.
I was never
good enough for you, was I?
I feel sorry for you.
Neve. Neve. Open your eyes.
- You need to go.
- What have you told her?
It was Michael.
Michael killed us.
He can't get away with this.
What have you said?
Oh, my God.
You killed Neve.
Alex, come on, that's crazy.
Don't you touch her.
Let's just stay calm
and talk about this.
We have to stop her!
Is that door
the only way out?
Help me.
I already tried.
Oi, we can't just let her go.
If Alex tells Christine,
we're fucked.
I'm gonna tell Christine,
cause this nightmare
has dragged on long enough.
I should've told her
the truth years ago.
You can't.
We're in this together.
I'm the idiot
who covered for you,
who bought this place
to protect you,
who has dug you out of the shit
over and over again.
Well, I am done!
Okay, all right. Okay.
Look, forget Alex,
forget Christine. We can leave.
It's over, Michael.
You're on your own.
If the police come for me,
they'll come for you as well.
I'll make sure of it.
I'll tell them it was you.
Well, I've got insurance.
What do you mean?
Hey, hey.
- She's not answering.
- Try again.
Look, Tom knew about the belt
cause he spoke to Neve.
I swear to you
he's not involved.
Alex can back up his story.
Alex, hi.
I'm here with Maria Kelly.
Michael killed Neve.
He was here a
at the hotel with Dad.
Dad's been protecting him.
- Where are they now?
- I don't know.
- They just drove off.
- Together?
No, separate cars.
Maria, Neve's here somewhere.
I think she's in trouble.
Stay there, I'm coming.
DS Aird to control.
That's a wall.
No, not now.
Please, please not now.
That's what happened to me.
The angrier I felt,
the more I hated,
the more it took hold.
- Neve. Neve.
- Did you hear that?
Alex. Alex.
Come on, we're getting out
of here.
- Neve.
- What's wrong?
I can't just leave.
They'll find your body.
Everyone will know
what happened, what Michael did.
Everything's changed.
I'm not a part of that world
Look, I know you're scared.
I was too.
The fear it
Well, it never goes away.
But you can fight it.
I thought we were the same,
- but you're stronger.
- We are the same.
That darkness, that anger,
once we're out there,
we can use it to stop Michael.
- Where's Neve?
- There's a room behind here.
Help me.
- Come with me.
- I can't.
Please, Victoria.
Make him pay
for what he did to us.
It was Michael.
Michael killed me.
He was here with Dad.
The police have gone after him.
- Is she okay?
- Yes.
I thought she'd gone,
I, I thought she wanted that.
I think I'm supposed
to finish this.
He killed Victoria Sands.
Her body's down there.
- What's she saying?
- What?
Alex, what's happening?
Don't go down there.
Call the police. I'll be back.
Neve, you don't have
to do this.
The police are onto him now.
He'll be arrested.
What if there's not enough
What if they let him walk
and he does it again?
The only way of making sure
that he gets justice
is if I do this myself.
Do what?
Are you gonna stop me?
Do you want me to?
I love you.
Is it her?
We can't be sure
until forensics confirm
but the clothing matches
Victoria's description
the day she disappeared.
Um, excuse me.
I can't get my head around it.
Uncle Michael.
I'm so sorry.
You've got nothing
to be sorry about.
None of this is your fault.
Ah, shit.
When will we know for sure
if it's her?
It's her.
Okay. It's okay.
So she was murdered.
Well, the police will give us
the details.
We used to play in that hall.
And all the time she was
boarded up in the basement.
Like she was nothing,
like she didn't matter.
Just shut away in the dark,
She shouldn't be on her own.
Max is right.
- Wait, where are you going?
- The Hall.
No, I don't think
that's a good idea.
I'm not asking.
- Don't try and stop me.
- I'm not.
I think you should all go.
You need to say goodbye,
however you can.
Kids at school
used to give me shit.
They'd say, "Even your mom
ran away from you".
Part of me believed them
for a while, I just
She loved you guys, so much.
And she'd be so proud.
Come here.
Where are you?
I thought you'd
Just tell me the truth.
Michael killed Victoria Sands
and Neve Kelly.
And you knew about it?
I helped him move Victoria
to the cellar at Keaton Hall.
And helped him seal it up.
He told me about Neve
the night it happened.
I wanted to tell you
so many times.
You're at the house?
Stay there.
I'm sending officers.
Michael's here.
I love you.
I just want to talk.
Then, what's that for?
Sit down.
Neve's still here.
She knows who killed her.
So what is it?
This protection.
Evidence of what you did.
Ah, you're lying.
Look, I know that I fucked up
but that's why I need you.
I can't handle this on my own.
Come on.
You helped me before.
I thought you made a mistake.
One snap decision, one time.
I told myself
that you weren't responsible,
that it was the
grief, alcohol
- Yeah.
- And then you did it again.
To Neve
I had to lead a search party,
knowing what you'd done.
I had to stand at the vigil
and look her family in the eyes.
And every time I see them,
it eats away at me
like a cancer.
Is that what it's like for you?
Look, we can make this go away,
just like Victoria.
We can fix it together.
Just tell me about
this evidence.
You tell me what it is,
or I go after Alex.
And Christine.
- You tell me!
- All right!
It's the buckle from the belt
you used on Neve.
I burnt that belt. It was ashes.
- Was it?
- All right, well, where is it?
It's at the motocross club.
- Not here.
- Where else would she go?
I don't know. The police
station? The motocross club?
Where is it?
I know what you are now.
I know what you did to me.
I need you to see me.
I want you to look me
in the eyes.
I'm not just your victim.
I had a name, and a face,
and a life.
You're gonna pay
for what you did.
I will haunt your every moment.
I will fill your days with fear
and I won't stop
until it kills you.
Fuck's sake.
Look at me.
Oh, my God.
I called the police.
Help me get him out.
He killed her.
Tom, if he dies,
you'll go to prison.
Well, Neve deserves justice.
Not like this. Not from you.
I'm sorry, boss,
you can't go in there.
I need to see my husband.
Is he all right?
The buckle isn't here.
Where else could it be?
Get the police.
Michael saw you?
D'you remember
when we came home
and found you passed out
in the bathroom?
- Why would you bring that up?
- Mom had to revive you.
Dad, you died.
Alex had her accident. Michael.
Did anything like that
ever happen to William?
He came off his bike.
He was in a coma.
It's like
wherever I am right now, you've,
you've all been here too.
Just for a moment.
That's how you can see me.
So what now?
You've been charged
with your brother's murder
so you're already facing life.
Might as well get it all
off your chest, Michael.
Tell us about Neve Kelly
and Victoria Sands.
You had an alibi
for the night of Neve's murder,
but we've established
from phone mast data
that you returned to Abbington
at least ten hours
before you say you did.
So explain to me what happened
when you got back that night.
When did you first see Neve?
I didn't touch Neve Kelly
or Victoria.
My brother killed
the pair of them.
That's why we fought
and that's why I killed him.
It was self-defense.
He was gonna do it again.
I had to stop him.
I was helping you.
I think you're lying, Michael.
You've been carrying this burden
for a long time.
Must be all you ever think
William's the bad guy here.
Not me.
I don't believe you.
Well, where's your evidence?
Before he died, William told
Christine what you did.
And he left evidence.
tell me about Neve Kelly.
Michael David Wyatt,
you are charged
with the offenses shown below.
That you did murder
Victoria Sands,
contrary to Common Law,
and that you did murder
Neve Kelly,
contrary to Common Law.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention now,
something you later rely on
in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Do you understand?
Put me in another cell.
Hey, don't leave me in here!
You're not real.
You can't be.
See, it's the trauma.
I'm going mad.
You don't get to talk
about trauma.
Not to me.
You're still alive.
I don't care
what you've been through.
If you were bullied at school,
if William picked on you
your whole life.
That your wife died of cancer,
that your son
preferred his uncle.
I don't give a shit
about any of that.
Your life means nothing to me.
I just want to know why.
Why me?
You did this to yourself,
'cause you spoke to me
like I was nothing.
Was mouthing off,
about Joseph, about our lives.
You had no right to judge me.
So you taught me a, a lesson?
I have worked hard my whole life
to put a roof over our heads,
to raise Joseph,
to give him a life!
Why can't you respect that?
Why can't you praise me,
just once,
why can't I have that?
And what was Victoria's lesson?
I loved her.
But she made me feel stupid,
like I could never have someone
like her.
- She should've loved me back.
- You don't know how to love.
We had our whole lives
ahead of us.
I saw a future that I'll never
have because you took it away.
And for what?
What's the fucking point of it?
Men like you have been
doing this for centuries,
justifying it to yourselves,
to your mates.
Like it could ever make sense.
Whole lifetimes spent hating,
and hurting people,
because you were too weak.
Too insecure.
Too scared.
What's happening to you?
It feels like hate
and darkness.
It wants to be let out.
It wants you dead.
No. No, I don't want to die.
Neither did I.
Neither did Victoria.
Hey! Let me out of here!
Let me out!
I really wanted to hurt you,
to make your heart beat
so fast that it stopped.
I wanted to watch you die.
But I won't let you change
who I am,
and I won't be defined
by what you did to me.
I am so much more than that.
No, no.
Your greatest fear came true,
you are nothing.
With nobody.
And that's how it's gonna be
or the rest of your life.
What's the racket?
Can't you see her?
She's right there.
Just keep it down.
Did you say what you wanted
to say?
Come on.
The thing is
I'm not as forgiving as Neve.
I think it's over.
What happens now?
I don't know.
Can you stay?
You know, I couldn't have
got through this without you.
Had to step up sooner or later.
Well, you did.
I know I didn't say this
very often
I love you.
So much.
I love you too.
You okay?
- Are you though?
- Yes.
You don't have to pretend.
I wouldn't be okay.
I'd be messed up.
You are messed up
so that makes two of us.
Fair enough.
I know my dad
did terrible things
but he was still my dad.
I wish he'd been better at it.
And that we maybe
could've figured things out.
What will you do now?
You know what I'd really love?
You and me, on the back
of a bike,
just riding off.
Wherever the road takes us.
Riding forever.
Me too.
Can't happen though, can it?
You know, I think
we were brought together
to help each other.
But you have to live
your life now.
What about you?
I always knew I was meant
to be somewhere else.
It's time.
I don't want you to be alone.
I don't want that for you.
I'll be okay.
How do you know that?
I just feel it.
Wherever I am,
I'll be thinking about you.
Maybe we'll see each other again
one day.
Somewhere else.
I'll be waiting.
Are you joking?
- It was him.
- Come on then.
It was him. No. Not my
phone, not my phone. Please.
Not my phone.
- I'll get both of you.
- No, stop, stop. Ow!
You're going down.
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