The Rockford Files (1974) s06e03 Episode Script

Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)

I like having you around.
I like being around.
Keep to the shadows.
I know all those back stairway moves.
Do you know who she reminds me of? The girl that married dear old dad.
Men's pajamas.
Great! June Allyson always looked cute as a button in them.
At the tone, leave your name and message.
I'll get back to you.
(BEEPS) Jim, this is Janelle.
I'm flying tonight, so I can't make our date.
And I gotta find a safe place for Daffy.
He loves you, Jim.
It's only two days, and you'll see, Great Danes are no problem.
I mean, just stop taking it so big.
She is just another princess.
Princess? Don't even think it, Angel.
Well, for over a week now, Kendall has felt that she's being watched.
I think someone's trying to kill her.
Kendall! (WOMAN SCREAMS) NARRATOR: Here are some scenes from Part 1 of "Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs.
" (LOUD SPLASH) WOMAN: A man threw himself overboard.
Well, what's been going on? Shelby told me I've been missing all the excitement.
Don't you say a word to him, Blake.
If any of this appears in that paper of his, I'll know the source.
I keep forgetting.
No room for the First Amendment in the Royal House of Rachevsky.
Fairfield's misconception of First Amendment rights is going to put him out of business.
Maybe a couple of dozen costume rental places in town.
I'll check 'em out.
I might be able to help you cut a few corners.
Oh, yeah? There were two friars at the party last night.
Blake was furious.
I'm furious.
It puts me in an untenable position.
I don't know from two friars.
I rented one monk's robe.
"Richard Soderling of Pacoima.
" Doesn't mean a thing.
I don't know him.
Well, at least we know he's friar number two.
Keep back! I'm warning you! Hey, watch out! No! Shut up! That rope's not tied! I said shut up! (SCREAMING) You mean that he just Yeah, that's exactly what I mean.
He just Yeah, Princess Rachevsky, please.
Someone I know may want to kill me, and the only lead we have is in the county refrigerator.
What are we suppose to do now? Now, we keep a close eye on the obits.
MINISTER: A simple man.
A tavern keeper, if you like.
Now, there are some who might criticize his means of employment.
But I, my dear friends, am not among them.
Richard Soderling provided a small corner of comfort and light to many Ionely souls, who would gather with him of an evening and leave refreshed, replenished, if you will.
How many times has it been said that you can always count on Richard for a laugh? Let us remember him that way.
Will you join with me now in a moment of silent prayer for the repose of the soul of our brother? See anybody you recognize? No.
Not a very big turnout.
I hate this.
Me, too.
Look at those flowers.
The flowers.
What's wrong with them? There's too many.
Looks like a gangster's funeral.
"So long, pal"? JULIANO JR: Now, what was that name again? I think we ought to talk to the manager, George.
I am the manager.
And I don't know anybody named Hammersmith.
Helen Hammersmith? She called you from London.
Not me she didn't.
Juliano's Flowers.
That's the name she gave me.
Why would she say she called you if she hadn't? I think I know my sister better than that.
Don't get yourself upset, Alice.
Well, how can I not be upset after all I've been through? And your delivery person was extremely rude.
There was no order from Hammersmith.
We saw them.
We spotted them right off.
A wreath of gardenias.
Helen always sends a wreath of gardenias.
You might say it's her signature.
There hasn't been a funeral since '62.
Do you remember that trip she took to Maui, George? There hasn't been a funeral since then without those flowers.
It's a very distinctive arrangement.
The point being, that wreath was supposed to go to Cousin Bob And someone named Soderling got it.
Wasn't that his name, George? Richard Soderling.
Helen's flowers went to a total stranger.
Well, I handled the order for Soderling.
Here it is, Richard Soderling.
"Little Chapel of the Sunrise, Pacoima.
"Gardenia wreath.
" And there's nothing about Hammersmith.
Well, I can't believe that.
Let me see that.
Oh, yeah.
"Paid for by Tommy Manette.
" JULIANO SR: Hey, what are you doing? There was a mess-up in the order.
I got it straightened out.
Our orders are confidential.
Our clients are confidential.
What's the matter with you? Actually, he's been very helpful.
Can you imagine? An identical wreath.
Helen's going to be furious.
Oh, yes.
Thank you very much, son.
You told them Mr.
Manette ordered those flowers? It was It was stupid.
That's what it was, stupid.
KENDALL: Well, it was fun, George, but not much help.
I don't know anyone named Tommy Manette.
This thing is taking some weird turns.
No wonder it looked like a gangster's funeral.
That's exactly what it was.
Did I miss something? Tommy Manette.
He's local talent.
He's very well connected.
Are you talking about organized crime? Yeah, the Family.
What a mess.
How did he end up in this? How did I? Manette has something to do with one of the garment unions.
The IGCU, something like that.
He's also quite a player.
The movie premieres, the disco openings, all the best restaurants You might have met him.
Oh, I don't think so.
I haven't met that many monkeys.
I'd remember.
Monkeys? That's not my terminology.
That's one of Henri's expressions.
You remember Henri of Chez Tayir? A memorable encounter.
Henri divides his clientele into categories, lions, tigers, monkeys and dogs.
And you are a lion, of course.
Only by association.
Rene's a lion.
Most royalty, some presidents.
You mean making president doesn't automatically qualify you? Oh, no.
Jack Kennedy was a lion.
Truman was a tiger.
Oh, was he ever.
And rock stars, actors, sports figures, people who tend to amuse by their presence, they're monkeys.
Well, Manette's not that amusing.
But he's not a dog.
Dogs are I know who the dogs are.
What are you going to do about Manette? I'm going to try to avoid him.
ROCKY: Well, let's see what we got in here now.
Uh-huh, that's fried chicken.
Over here we got Well, this is some sort of a vegetable salad.
You got enough here to feed an army.
Help yourself.
Look, if you don't want me staying for dinner, well, just say so.
I just said help yourself.
Yeah, but it's the way you said it.
I know I've been eating over a lot lately.
Dad, my refrigerator is your refrigerator.
You know I like having you around.
Come on.
You want a piece of chicken? Yeah, why not.
I'm not doing myself any good with this list.
What is that list? It's the inner circle.
Someone who knows Kendall and might have a reason for killing her.
If you ask me, I can't see no one having a reason to kill a nice girl like Kendall.
Look at the names I've got to deal with here.
Beany, a.
Otis Benwith.
I never heard of him.
What's he do? He's a walker.
The beautiful people can't go around unescorted, you know.
(CHUCKLING) Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we used to call them lounge lizards.
Sort of like a gigolo, I suppose.
No, no, no.
A walker.
You know, a presentable escort with all the right credentials.
Doesn't make much of a suspect.
And there's Blake Sternlight.
I think he's too busy trying to be Perle Mesta to have anything to do with this.
There's Freddie Danzig.
Freddie Danzig? Who is he? He's Princess Irene's current romance.
Now, he's a viable candidate.
The Princess and Kendall are very close.
He might somehow feel threatened by their relationship, and he gets around too, you know.
He could have met Tommy Manette.
Ah, but then there's the flower shop.
Freddie owns a flower shop.
So, why would Manette order the wreath from Juliano's? Oh, I wouldn't know.
I don't know none of them people.
Except Kendall and the Princess.
Oh, yeah.
And then there's the Princess, you know.
What am I going to tell her, Dad? I've been working for her and taking her money.
I'm sure not doing a very good job.
Well, you been doing the very best you could.
Spoken like a relative.
Rockford? Yup.
Tommy Manette.
We've never met, right? Right.
Ah, that's what I thought.
That's what's got me a little confused.
We don't know each other, and I hear that you're talking a big interest in my personal affairs.
Oh! I don't know where you'd hear a thing like that.
A reliable source.
So, I thought the two of us ought to sit down, you know, together.
Talk it out.
Well, I don't think there's anything to talk about.
Look, this is cards-on-the-table, pal.
I could have sent a couple of guys down to your place, had you picked up.
I'm trying to do it nice.
I got some business downtown.
Meet me in 45 minutes.
Triborough Manufacturing.
Sixth and DeSoto.
Well, couldn't we make it more neutral ground? For what? It's just you and me and a quick conversation.
Forty-five minutes.
There shouldn't be any trouble.
Manette said he just wanted to talk.
With scum like Manette, who knows.
You've done the right thing calling me.
Well, I couldn't see myself walking in there alone.
Are you limping? No.
Well, I got to tell you, Charlie, I gave it a lot of thought before I picked up that phone.
I mean, the last time How long were you in the hospital? Four months.
But it wasn't your fault.
Look, you got me a job and I blew it.
Four months? If a guy don't know how to cover himself, he don't belong in this business.
Look, I consider this a real vote of confidence.
I can handle it, Jim.
Manette makes one move on you, and I'm all over him.
Okay? Okay.
Okay, Charlie.
Yeah, Helen? Manette.
Any calls? Okay.
Call back Takeuchi and tell him I'm gonna have to cancel.
Yeah, we'll set something up for later on in the week.
Yeah, okay, babe.
I'm on "555-3412.
" You got it? Okay.
Rockford? What can I say? Already you're a disappointment.
I thought we had an agreement.
Just the two of us to talk things over.
What's the matter? Are you the nervous type? Jumpy as a cat.
Come on down here.
What I had in mind was a private meeting.
Oh, him? He's big, but he's quiet.
He won't get in the way.
This one we don't negotiate.
You mind if I see if he's all right? I mind.
I changed my mind.
We don't talk.
I talk, you listen.
(EXCLAIMS) I send a bunch of flowers to an old pal, this concerns nobody but me and him.
You got that? Yeah, I got it.
Now, I don't like people poking into my private business.
A lot of questions, speculation When I hear something like this going down, I stop it.
I think it's the best that way.
I stop it dead.
Look, Mr.
Manette Shut up.
If I hear different, we'll deal you out on a more permanent basis.
Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Yeah.
Yeah, I got you covered.
Well, got it all typed up.
Assault with a deadly weapon.
You really consider a sewing machine a deadly weapon? Well, Charlie Martell's at Saint Stephen's getting his skull put back together.
Whatever they hit him in the head with seemed like a pretty deadly weapon, yes.
And Jim said they had guns.
Oh, yeah.
He said that, didn't he? Lieutenant, we got Tommy Manette outside.
Well, bring him inside.
We've been waiting for him.
Yes, sir.
If she recognizes Manette, or if she can link him to any other friend or associate, you've got a conspiracy to commit murder charge.
We've already linked him to Richard Soderling.
Let's take this one step at a time, okay? Okay.
Come in, gentlemen.
So? I just have a few questions to ask you.
Manette has nothing to say at this time.
MANETTE: Lieutenant, I was EYLER: Mr.
Manette, please.
Look, but I want to Sir, it would be better if you allowed me to do all the talking.
Could you ask him if I can use the phone? What for? You got your attorney with you.
You haul me down here in the middle of the night, I can't make a phone call? All right.
Go ahead.
But make it quick.
(WHISPERING) So she doesn't recognize him.
Now there goes your conspiracy beef.
You never saw him before? (WHISPERING) Never.
Hello, Helen? Yeah, it's me.
I'm on "555-6000.
"Extension 1633.
" Yeah, okay, babe.
(SIGHS) So? All right, Mr.
Now, Mr.
Rockford has made some very serious charges against you.
He claims that he and a companion, Charles Martell, were physically attacked by you and men in your employ.
Now this alleged assault took place earlier this evening on the premises of the Triborough Manufacturing Company.
Now we'd like to hear your side of it, please, Mr.
What side? Mr.
Manette has no comment to make at this time.
Except, of course, to deny these allegations unequivocally.
Where, incidentally, is this Mr.
Martell? Is Mr.
Rockford the only one who wishes to press charges? Mr.
Martell couldn't make it.
He's trying to stay alive.
Then, essentially, what we have here is the word of one man against the word of another.
I think you might have saved us a trip down here, Lieutenant.
Ah, just hold the phone.
I'm pressing charges.
Look, I wasn't anywheres near the Triborough.
I got six guys who'll put me clear on the other side of town.
It's my poker night.
I suppose you don't know anything about this, huh? Faulty workmanship? I do a little work for one of the garment unions.
Everyone takes me for a clothes maven.
(PHONE BUZZING) Lieutenant, if there isn't anything else Excuse me.
Lieutenant Chapman.
Manette, it's for you.
(WHISPERING) He's not going to let him go, is he? MANETTE: Hello? Yeah.
Without Charlie to back me up, he probably will.
MANETTE: Yeah, keep it simple.
KENDALL: Oh, Captain.
Oh, Miss Warren.
Nice to see you.
Everything humming along all right? No, it isn't.
Sorry to hear that.
Well, when I can grab a few minutes, I'll have Doug fill me in on it.
Listen, I can't talk now.
They're just about wrapping it up here.
Yeah, I'll give you a blast when I hit the lobby.
Okay, will that do it? Yeah, yeah, for the time being.
Lieutenant, the man made a mistake.
A big mistake.
Princess Rachevsky has taken a personal interest in this case, you may remember.
When she hears how you've mishandled it Now, there is such a thing as procedure, you know, and it's not as though I'm going to drop this.
I mean, when I talk to Charlie Martell and I get his statement Charlie's in a coma.
What? Ah, it was some dumb thing.
I sent some flowers to Soderling's funeral.
He was a good friend, so I sent some flowers and this guy Rockford finds out about it.
Yeah, well, he gets hysterical and has the cops drag me down here.
Nothing! Hey, are you listening to me or what? You think I've been upstairs blabbing my guts out? Grow up, huh? I know who I'm talking to.
But I don't like to be treated like some punk who don't know what he's doing.
You're clean and I'll keep it that way.
We'd better go back to the trailer so you can pack and I can make some phone calls.
Where am I going? Amsterdam, Hawaii, I don't know.
Well, you have to get out of town.
Because of Manette? Can you think of a better reason? Well, I think it'll take a little handling, but I'm sure Please, let me help, Jim.
I'm the reason you're on his list.
Amsterdam would be perfect.
The Van Cotts are there.
You'll like them.
They'll be happy to put you up.
They can always use an extra man for dinner.
All right, that takes care of the food and the shelter, now what about plane fare, huh? Do you have a friend at one of the airlines? They're only good for reservations or the VIP lounge.
We always use a courier service for our tickets.
First class, round trip.
All you have to do is deliver an envelope or occasionally a small package.
And what's in the package? Nothing illegal.
It's a legitimate business.
Mmm-hmm, sometimes.
You really don't need money, do you? I almost wish I could take you up on it.
But, Jim, you have to go.
Well, I don't think Charlie would understand.
You know, I really feel rotten about that.
Every time I give Charlie a job, he ends up in a hospital.
And what about you? You know, you're still not out of this.
And I kind of like having you around.
You know, it's not a bad idea having Manette on the loose.
I think I'll stick to him.
Do you mind going back up to the station and calling a cab? You can't afford it.
Besides, I like being around.
Kendall, please You're going to lose him.
What do we do now? We wait.
For what? Oh, to see if Manette goes out again, or if someone shows up we might recognize.
It's called surveillance.
You do a lot of this in your work? Oh, yeah.
Surveillance, looking through old newspaper clippings, the Hall of Records, making sure my trench coat's cleaned.
Sounds exciting.
What do you do with your time? Well, you don't think I'm going to lay it all out there for your disapproval? (GASPS) Such a look of surprise.
Who me? Disapprove? I don't disapprove.
Of course you do.
You have us neatly categorized.
We're superficial, vain, foolish, with no genuine emotions, incapable of real friendship I don't think any of those things.
You don't belong with that bunch.
You think I just stumbled in off the street and couldn't find my way out again? Something like that, yeah.
I like it, Jim.
I don't think that's what you want to hear, but I like being waved to the best table in the restaurant.
Good food, good clothes Mmm.
Good tailoring.
You might like it yourself if you gave it a chance.
Yeah, I might.
I want to go up there and get a closer look, see what's going on.
Kendall, Kendall Then you're going to come back and tell me all about it? It's just going to be a quick look.
You're not going to miss anything.
But I want to watch you work.
It's like watching a man shave, intimate.
I'll leave here loaded with insight into your character.
All right, keep to the shadows.
I know all those back stairway moves.
(INAUDIBLE) That guy's always talking on the phone.
Lieutenant, they're in the squad room.
Sure they are.
(SCOFFS) I see you're being well taken care of by our social director, Lieutenant Becker.
Oh, they had a tough night.
I didn't think a cup of coffee seemed out of order.
They've had a tough night? I've just spent the past two hours with the coroner.
Which is, let me assure you, a pretty depressing place to be.
What about my tough night? Who cares? Uh, black with two sugars, right, Doug? I don't want any coffee.
He doesn't want us to have any, either.
Lieutenant, before you two take this behind the barn, could you tell us what the coroner had to say? Manette was poisoned.
Oh, no kidding.
Who would have guessed? Uh, refill, Jim? What'd they use? That information is confidential at the moment.
Suffice it to say "Suffice it to say"? (CHUCKLES) Suffice it to say, it was a chemical used in silver plating jewelry.
One that can be purchased in any chemical plant.
No signature required.
Watch this expression.
This is where Chapman puts two and two together and comes up with bubkes.
Jim Stay out of this, Becker.
What's the matter with you two? Stay out of this, Kendall.
Now, you stop trying to beef me with everything that comes across your desk.
I came in here to report a crime.
I didn't commit one.
That's under investigation.
Wait a minute.
You two obviously have a relationship that's fraught with emotion.
At any other time, I might find it fascinating.
But tonight, I saw a man die, and that's what I want to hear about now.
That information is confidential.
Thank you.
At least that's direct.
I can deal with it.
I'll tell the Princess.
She'll probably tell the Governor.
Then Cocky Locky'll tell Ducky Lucky, and the sky will fall in.
The poison used was vanadium dioxin, introduced into a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
That's going first class.
You know something? You're not always gonna have a princess in your pocket.
What's the matter with you? You're asking for trouble smarting off like that.
It satisfies some primal need.
Friendly tip? You better keep a low profile, very low.
Chapman's going to be waiting for you.
For one thing, you're turning up too many stiffs.
Rockford, I realize you're doing what you can in this affair, but Richard Soderling, Tommy Manette, these names are meaningless.
What can they possibly have to do with Kendall? Well, the key is Manette.
Who do you know who might conceivably have known him? Nobody.
Well, nobody in organized crime, but how about the garment business? You mean cloak and suiters? Yeah, or anyone connected with it or with clothes.
I know dozens of people in the fashion world.
Designers, models, photographers, people from Vogue, Bazaar, Women's Wear Daily That's it! Women's Wear Daily? No, Fashion Forecast.
Isn't that the newspaper that Gus Fairfield publishes? Gus? Jim, he isn't a candidate.
His quarrel's with me, not with Kendall.
And he's a character assassin, but he's not a killer.
What would be the motive? Forget about the motive for now.
Let's just say that Fairfield wanted to eliminate Kendall, huh? He wouldn't know how.
Oh, all right, all right.
But let's say that he knew someone in the garment business, Tommy Manette.
Manette would know someone who would know how.
Richard Soderling.
You remember the telephone call that Manette took at the police station? That could have been Fairfield calling to see if he'd talked.
You mean Gus killed him so that he couldn't? Have you told the police? It's only speculation at this point.
Well, if you're right about Gus, then as long as he's free, Kendall's The proverbial sitting duck.
We're going to hire bodyguards.
As many as you think are necessary.
I want around the clock protection.
Rene I won't listen to any arguments, Kendall.
She can't go back to the hotel.
Gus knows where she's staying.
Well, my Dad has a spare room.
I'll stash her there.
Or she could stay here.
You both could.
Does "she" have anything to say about it? No.
We're going to Rocky's.
Must be nice to have a home base.
I'm always having to jettison things.
There's something cozy about junk.
Oh, have I got a garage for you.
(CHUCKLES) (SIGHING) You know, I'm wondering what set Fairfield in motion.
The libel suit that the Princess has, is that solid? And he knows it.
He never liked Rene.
She wouldn't cater to him.
She didn't care who was in or out according to the Forecast.
If he hadn't had such a personal dislike, he would have been more scrupulous in checking into his facts.
It'll cost him about 35 million.
Why isn't he trying to kill her? I don't know.
Well let's let it rest for tonight, huh? I picked out one of Rocky's best pair of pajamas for you.
Men's pajamas.
Great! June Allyson always looked cute as a button in them.
(CHUCKLES) You? Who else? I like it here.
This was a good idea, Jim.
Reminds me of graham crackers.
Well, that's Rocky, all right.
Milk and cookies and a pat on the head, and everything's going to be just fine.
Is it, Jim? Yeah, it's going to be just fine.
ROCKY: Well, everything's spick and span, and I Why don't I make us some hot chocolate? Or better, some warm milk.
That really makes a person sleep.
I don't think I'll need any help in that department.
Well, if you do, you just holler.
Thanks, Rocky.
Good night.
(WHISPERS) Good night.
That's a mighty nice lady, Jim.
Yeah, she's nice.
She's an awful nice lady, Jim.
Real nice, Rocky.
You know who she reminds me of? Not that they look anything alike, and they ain't even the same style.
It's sort of a quality they got.
You know who she reminds me of? The girl that married dear old dad.
(LAUGHING) You seen it, too, huh, sonny? No, and neither did you.
You're about as subtle as an avalanche.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about the same thing you're talking about.
The good old shoes and rice routine.
You know, if I'd listened to you, I'd have been married about 18 times.
Well, once would have been enough for me.
When I'm ready, Rocky, not when you are.
(SCREAMS) (MUFFLED CRIES) (GRUNTS) What's going on here? Call the cops, Dad.
Yeah, I will.
You all right? You sure? Mmm.
(PANTING) Why, Gus? I didn't want to.
Believe me, Kendall.
I didn't want to.
I said it was crazy.
She wouldn't listen.
You know Irene was going to ruin me.
She said if I killed you, she'd drop the suit.
Look, Dennis Lieutenant Becker.
Who reads all the fine print, anyway? There's laws on the books even you guys don't know about.
What makes me special? How come I gotta know all the crummy statutes? I say we call it a misunderstanding.
And I say we throw the book at you.
Some friend.
That's another thing.
Having them drag me out of bed in the middle of the night, telling the guy at the booking desk what good buddies we are, that's a false, irresponsible and inflammatory statement.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) What is it? They said you wanted to see me, Dennis? Did you call me in here because of him? I'm right in the middle of a murder investigation.
And I'm right in the middle of my night off.
Your friend, Mr.
Martin, here, thought that you might be able to shed some light on how he happens to be housing eight Shetland ponies in a residential garage.
Jimmy, they got everybody including the Humane Society on my case.
It's a three-car garage.
There's plenty of room.
I even left a light on.
I don't have time for this, Angel.
Kendall was almost killed tonight.
Princess Rachevsky's on her way down to the station You haven't got time for this? It's 'cause of you and your Princess I got into this place.
No, no, Angel.
You got yourself into it.
You always do.
That's it? That's your statement on my behalf? That's it.
Look, look, Dennis Lieutenant This is Robbery-Homicide.
Let's move it down to Bunco.
Bunco, why? Because I'm unfamiliar with your zoning laws? Because besides finding the eight ponies, we found a forged British passport, and a letter of recommendation from Queen Elizabeth.
Let's go, Duke.
Oh! I'm sorry, Rene.
I told them to wait until morning.
Well, don't worry about that.
What matters is that you're all right.
Your Highness, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
But we'll just take your statement.
There's no need for any personal confrontation with Mr.
On the contrary, there's nothing that I would like more.
Well, whatever you say.
Right this way.
Thank you.
They could have waited.
Until the Princess got her eight hours? You've denied it, of course.
Denied what? Please.
I'd like to hear it in your own words.
What is the accusation? You told me to kill Kendall.
I see.
Why? I don't know.
You didn't say.
A whim, perhaps? You told me to kill her.
You threatened to ruin me if I didn't.
Lieutenant, earlier tonight, the Princess hired bodyguards for me for additional protection.
She also told me where to find you tonight.
How did you think I managed that? You followed us from the hotel.
Isn't that what you said, Jim? Yeah.
I said it was a possibility, yeah.
She was afraid he was going to make another attempt.
(LAUGHING) Afraid? She was calling the shots.
Are you going to let him talk about her like that? This is Princess Rachevsky.
I'm aware of that.
It's all right, Freddie.
I won't detain you, Gus.
I know there are many things yet to be done.
Like assigning you a number and that sort of thing.
You had it planned this way from the beginning, didn't you? Whether I killed her or not, if I got caught, you had what you wanted.
You know, with speculations like that, you won't have the slightest difficulty in entering a plea of diminished capacity.
It's that damn lawsuit.
If I hadn't filed charges against him, none of this would have happened.
Don't, Rene.
Leave the blame where it belongs.
He started it with his smear campaign against you.
I suppose.
But it's been such a nightmare for you.
Well, it's over.
You've got your car? Mmm.
Call me in the morning.
I will.
Good night.
Well, he talks.
I thought you got it all out of your system when you ran to Chapman repeating all that garbage Gus was spewing out.
Yeah, that's me, the town gossip.
All right, you had to tell him.
But you might have handled it a little differently.
What, wait until morning? There's something that hasn't occurred to you, Kendall.
Fairfield could be telling the truth.
You're not serious.
Does Irene have any reason for wanting you dead? She's my best friend.
Friends kill friends, husbands kill wives, lovers kill lovers.
It happens all the time.
Good night, Jim.
Walking away from me doesn't change anything.
(SIGHING) It changes the atmosphere.
Would you at least consider the possibility? No.
Rene's been my friend since Well, for a long time.
You've seen what she did for me.
She hired you.
Now because Gus is smearing her again, you want me to start playing his game.
It's over, Jim, so thanks for everything and adiós.
Irene, come on, let's go back to the hotel.
This Middle America stuff gives me the creeps.
I think I know where I am.
Turn right at the next corner.
Okay, we've seen it.
Why, I don't know, but we've seen it.
Simi Valley High.
Irene, can we go home? Please? I've got the Steinmetz party tomorrow.
Tulips, inside and out.
Do you love me, Freddie? Sure.
I mean, of course I love you.
(SIGHS) Alex always handled everything so well 'cause he was trained to as a child.
As an infant, really.
In royal households, they always had imperatives.
I could always rely on Alex.
He never disappointed me.
But now that he's gone You have me, Irene.
(INHALING SHARPLY) Have I? (SIGHING) Alex would do anything for me.
Look, Irene Kill her, Freddie.
Come on I'm a florist.
Alex would have killed her.
Is it because you don't love me enough? We just left the police station.
Fairfield's making accusations.
You can't be serious.
Do you know how much money I have? Well, you've thought about it.
Money can buy freedom, it can buy innocence.
It can buy anything you want.
Don't tell me it's not going to buy me this.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello? IRENE: Kendall? Rene, what's the matter? I'm out here and it's dark.
Where? Where's Freddie? I don't know.
Kendall, what almost happened to you tonight, it's all my fault.
It wasn't, Rene.
I thought we had that settled.
(STAMMERING) It was, Kendall.
You don't know.
Rene, where are you? You remember the homecoming game against Marshall High? This is where we started making our plans, isn't it? You're at the stadium? You're at Simi Valley? It was half-time, and you turned to me and you said, "You know something, Rene, I hate football.
" (CHUCKLES) Well, I wanted to see the place again, but it's so dark.
I didn't know it would be so dark.
Rene, stay there.
Do you understand? Stay right where you are.
I'm on my way.
Rene? Where are you? I'm up here.
Come on down, Rene.
It's all right.
I'll take you home.
So solicitous.
I'm not drunk, you know.
I didn't say you were.
Well, implied in your tone of voice.
Rene, please come down.
Let me take you home.
What a horrible place this is.
I never belonged here.
That's why we got out, Rene.
But you never let me get out.
Not all the way.
Always reminding me.
Always threatening to tell.
That isn't true, Rene.
I never threatened to tell anyone.
Well, I won't have it, Kendall.
I won't live with that threat any longer.
Any longer! Don't do it, Freddie.
Don't! Don't do it, Freddie.
Put the gun down to your side.
Do it! (GRUNTS) You see, it wasn't over.
I knew you'd destroy me, Kendall.
I knew it from the start.
Rene IRENE: I am not Irene Pinchuk from Simi Valley.
I won't have them all laughing at me.
I am a princess.
VOICES: (ECHOING) Push 'em back, push 'em back, way back.
IRENE: I'm a princess.
Push 'em back, push 'em back, way back.
Push 'em back, push 'em back, way back.
Yes, yes, yes.
I am I am I You're sure you haven't seen it, Dad? It was a gold pen with kind of a bamboo design.
What is this anyway? Every time you lose something, you come over here and you tear my poor house apart.
What do you think I am? The lost and found? Kendall was sure she had it with her when she was here the other night.
It means a lot to her.
It was a gift from Irene about 15 years ago.
Well, if I were her, I wouldn't want no reminders on that score.
Well, Irene was a big part of her life, you know.
They started out together in Simi Valley and ended up in the Côte d'Azur.
Those memories you don't dismiss just because Just because someone tries to kill you? I've got to tell you something, sonny, that would leave me feeling less than friendly.
A princess? Doggone, I just can't understand a princess acting like that.
Well, Irene hated her past.
She tried to kill it.
Will you keep looking for that pen? I promised Kendall I'd take her over to the hospital and see if she could see Irene.
Well, good, you stick close to her.
That girl could use a little cheering up.
Uh, later, maybe we could go to dinner.
You know, just family? (CHUCKLES) You never give up, do you, Dad? Kendall? She wouldn't see me.
Oh, well, maybe if you just give it a little time, huh? (SIGHS) No.
I talked to my friend from the courier service.
He can get me on a plane to Paris this Saturday.
It's nice there this time of year.
Yeah, so is California.
You might like it yourself if you just give it a chance.
I just might.
(HONKING) Hey! Hey, kids, don't wander off too far.
I got the fixings for a good batch of flapjacks here.
I'm gonna start 'em sizzling as soon as I park my rig.
(LAUGHS) We're gonna have a good supper like I told Jim.
Nothing fancy, strictly family.