The Rockford Files (1974) s06e06 Episode Script

Love is the Word

What is it? There's an outline of a body here.
Hey! Barry's dead.
Jeffrey Smith committed that murder and then fled the scene.
Well, that's impossible.
If you care for the man, you say he's clean then he's clean and who am I kidding? MEGAN: Jeffrey.
I'm in love with two men at the same time.
They're gonna kill us! Megan, get down! Stay down.
At the tone, leave your name and message.
I'll get back to you.
(BEEPS) This is Marie at Liberty Bail Bonds.
Your client, Todd Lemans, skipped and his bail is forfeit.
That's the pink slip on your '79 Firebird, I believe.
Sorry, Jim.
Bring it on over.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Who is it? ROCKFORD: It's me.
Hi, I'm sorry I didn't phone first, but I was on my way home from court, and I was struck with an inspiration.
It's okay.
Himself in the flesh.
Yeah, just barely.
Oh, I got to tell you, honey, this day has been like Black Tuesday and The Day of The Jackal all rolled into one.
(SIGHS) I've been thinking about you and that it must've been a bad month.
Huh? Dare I say it? Long time no see.
Oh, honey, I'm sorry I haven't called but there was three weeks down in Houston and this dumb trial going into extra innings.
It's okay, no explanations, remember? I was just making an observation.
How you been doing? Okay.
Jimmy Honey, you would not believe this D.
He is too much.
He uses his brain like a pocket watch.
He just takes it off, checks it every once in a while.
And nitpick.
Oh! I could use a beer.
What do you say we go to the Round-up Club? Barbara Mandrell's opening.
MAN ON TV: Big first base man, Tony Montoya.
Montoya now swinging a healthy bat average after having completely recovered from knee surgery last winter.
Here's the pitch to Montoya.
Slider high and inside.
There's been great pitches dealt, so far.
Weber struck out four, hasn't walked anybody and is allowed but two base runners.
Here's the next pitch to Montoya, another high fastball.
Rocks the right-handed batter back on his heels.
Now, Montoya has a younger brother, Rick.
They both played (TURNS OFF TV) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Yeah? Hi.
Megan around? Well, she's tied up right now.
Jeffrey Smith.
Jim Rockford.
Yeah, I've heard a lot about you.
She's getting dressed.
Hmm? I say she's getting dressed.
Oh, yeah.
Man, what a day.
Real pig city out there.
Yeah, that was my opener, too.
She must get a rush out of having friends like us.
Well, she's a shrink.
Who better to hear it, right? She brought it on herself.
Well, she ought to be out in a couple of minutes.
Unless, there is something I can help you with? You're a private investigator? That must be a fascinating line of work.
Yeah, well, I don't think you'd judge it by Charlie Chan or Sam Spade.
I mean, not as many foggy waterfronts as our depositions.
No, no, I'm serious.
I mean, delving into human beings, human behavior.
I can't see a better way to spend your days.
Yeah, I guess that really is what I do, yeah.
Yeah, Megan's job, too.
Same kind of thing, only different.
I envy her there a little.
Hey, what do you do? Architecture.
Oh, really? Well now, that's something I always thought I could like a lot.
You know, design.
Yeah, everything from courthouses to outhouses.
Oh, it's not a bad life, I guess.
Jeffrey? Oh, hi, Ace.
How you doing? I wish you'd called first.
Well, I was up here in town at the Stanfield house and sort of got hung up with the framers.
Then there was this bun-buster of a traffic jam on the Santa Monica.
So I thought I'd stop by I know, I just really wish you'd called first.
Hey, okay.
Mea culpa.
Get out the bamboo splinters.
I see that you two have already met.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
We were trying to see who could out-complain the other.
That could be a real battle of the all-stars.
Jeffrey, we're leaving.
We're going out.
Oh, okay.
Well, I'll call you.
Nice to have met you, Jim.
Yeah, my pleasure.
Oh, I'll walk you part way.
(GUITAR PLAYING) (SINGING) Darling I'm feeling pretty Ionesome I'd call you on the phone some And I don't have a dime Darling You're so far behind me Tomorrow's gonna find me Further down the line Taking me some paper Pencil in my hand I'm gonna write, darling You know I feel the cold nights Thinking of you all night Yeah, what? That guy you met before.
Yeah? I'm gonna marry him.
When? I'm That's not the right response.
When? A month or so.
Megan, why didn't you tell me before? That's not like you.
I don't know.
I couldn't.
I don't know why.
(SIGHS) Just didn't want to hurt me, is that it? I can't say that it doesn't surprise me.
But, Megan, I'm glad for you, really.
Do you want to know about him? If it's absolutely necessary.
Well, I used to know him years ago.
He was studying architecture at Yale when I was at college.
We went out and spent holidays together.
Then, he was finishing school and, I don't know, things got a little crazy and we lost touch.
Then I just happened to meet him at this party down in Laguna where he lives.
And for the past month, month and a half, it's just been really strong.
I see.
I mean, I guess I see.
You told me about the chronology, not about him.
Well, to begin with, he has an exceptional sense of humor.
He takes things well, big things, things that are important, like you do.
In fact Well, anyway he's very loving, spontaneous.
I just love him very much.
Look, Jim, we haven't seen much of each other lately.
Sometimes weeks go by, I don't hear from you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, no explanations, huh? Remember? But you do hear from me and don't say you don't.
I mean, I always call you.
Maybe we don't see each other, but let's not go around saying you don't hear from me.
Well, anyway, we've always had this arrangement.
You've seen other women and I've seen other men.
Absolutely, absolutely, but, hey, you don't have to sell me.
I mean, no explanations like what we said and No explanations.
Okay? I just find it a little weird maybe that I mean, you're always denigrating marriage I have never denigrated marriage.
All right, all right.
No, no, you don't denigrate it per se, but let's face it, it's come up before and we've both always kind of laughed at it.
Look, what do you want me to say? When he asked me, everything just sort of fell into place.
Maybe I'm at a point in my life where I need commitment.
No, not maybe.
I need commitment.
I need to get it, I need to give it.
And I'm not so sure, but I think I'm at a point where I might like to have kids sometime and with us, you and me, I don't know.
I still have some things inside.
I guess I better pick them up, take them out.
Not tonight.
Megan What we had was a very special relationship, but what you have now is something else.
Believe me, Megan, I'm really very happy for you, Meg.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello? JEFFREY: Megan? Honey, listen, I can't stay on the phone long.
Jeffrey, what is going on? It's 3:00 in the morning.
I waited at the office till after 8:00.
I've been worried sick.
Look, it's nothing, really.
I'm just a little jammed up.
Now, listen, have you seen or heard from Randy? I should have known.
What's he done now? Megan, this is just business, okay? You're not to worry.
Look, I gotta split.
I'm on a pay phone but if you hear from Randy, please try and find out where he is and how I can get to him, okay? I love you very much.
Please tell me where (DIAL TONE) Will you stop this? Well, you go and you call a guy like Mitch Belasco.
A competitor.
And you do it on the sly, too.
It's just a good thing that Mitch knew both of us.
Had enough ethics to call me.
Look, you come in here and you say you want to help me.
Well, you don't help by yelling.
I'm not yelling.
This isn't yelling.
Anytime anybody disagrees with you, you say they're yelling.
Look, I can't ask you to do this.
You didn't, you didn't.
I came over here on my own.
Will you stop yelling? I Look, I can't see how your being involved in this problem would cause either one of us anything but anxiety and guilt and tension.
(HUMMING) You'd be forcing yourself into a situation that can't help but be conflict-laden for you and I would be in a double bind.
Will you stop? Will you knock it off? Well, come on.
How hurt do you think I am huh? I am a big boy.
If this thing was so conflict-laden, whatever that means, I wouldn't even be here in the first place, would I? Okay.
All right, have it your way.
God forbid your will should be thwarted.
But I intend to pay you for this.
Let's get that on the table right now.
That's it.
That's all.
Forget it.
I do not intend to have this discussion.
Why? Because it's ugly.
There, you see? No kidding.
You see what I mean? No money, huh? You can You can just Consider it a wedding present.
Hell, there's that tone again.
I can't deal with this.
What tone, huh? What tone is that? What tone? There, now you see.
All of a sudden she has nothing to say.
(EXHALES) Thank you.
I wish you wouldn't always say I'm yelling.
Anytime anybody disagrees with you, you say they're yelling.
I'm just really glad you're here, okay? Come on.
All right now, what happened? Mitch Belasco said that you thought that Jeffrey's younger brother, Randy, got him in trouble, and that Jeffrey called you? Yeah, and he sounded really scared.
I've been trying to reach him at his house and his office.
They're both down in Laguna but there's just never any answer.
He said he had to find Randy.
Well, I tried to think of how I could reach Randy but he just floats.
He's kind of like kelp.
Well, what's with the kid? He's just always been a problem.
See, he and Jeffrey are kind of rich kids from Laguna.
Randy's just really spoiled.
They were both hell-raisers and sort of delinquents when they were growing up.
Jeffrey grew out of it.
But for Randy life is still just one long weekend.
Yeah, I know the type.
Tennis racket, Porsche and a string of broken hearts.
You never see him that he's not on uppers or downers.
When he was 17, he burned down his prep school.
A gym and two dorms, all built in the 1700s.
Did Jeffrey say anything in particular? Did he say he was in actual danger? No.
And any other time I'd have convinced myself that everything was all right, but that same morning that Jeffrey called, around 6:00, this guy calls up asking for Randy.
And when I said I didn't know where he was, the guy just hung up.
Well, what does Randy do? Does he have a job? How does he live? He deals dope.
Oh! Bunks in with starlets up in the canyons.
The latest is this girl named Patty Savarese.
Jeffrey says she played some sex-pot daughter on a sitcom that got cancelled.
Spare Tires.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Thirteen shows and out.
(PHONE RINGING) Shall I? No, that's okay.
I'll get it.
Hello? (SNIFFS) Hey, sis! Hey, what's the haps? Randy, Randy, listen.
Where are you? Have you talked to Jeffrey? He's going nuts trying to reach you.
Must be some problem with the disco.
Yeah, I'll get back to him on it.
Hey, sis, give a listen.
Is my blue jacket over there? I don't know.
Listen, do you know where Jeffrey is? I've tried his house and his office.
(STAMMERING) I think I might know where I might reach him.
Listen, Megan, I got to go.
I'll talk to you, all right? Wait! I'm going to strangle him.
He's always like that.
What did he mean about knowing where Jeffrey is? Savarese? That's S-A-V I guess.
If you're gonna look it up in the phone book, I've already called information.
She's not listed.
All right, all right.
Spare Tires.
We find out who produced that little winner, maybe we can wrangle Patty's address.
Come on.
Well, that stuff that Randy said about the disco, what's that all about? There's a handrail.
Oh, Randy got this big idea to build this roller disco down near Laguna.
He got some partners together, people he knows.
Then he got Jeffrey to come in and do the design and supervise the construction.
Really? (SIGHS) Yeah, I know.
There's a step there.
But Jeffrey's just really tired of making excuses for Randy.
I think he's relieved to see him interested in something for a change.
Anyway, they formed this partnership.
I said it was just Randy's big excuse to swagger around with a hard hat on.
Jeffrey says he's actually doing quite a good job.
He really caught fire.
Oh? Just like the dormitories? Please.
(LAUGHING) Oh, gosh, I loved it.
So with enough fiberglas insulation, you could definitely turn a whole house into one giant speaker enclosure.
Of course, getting subwoofers large enough to carry the tones at 15 cycles would be a problem.
PATTY: You think maybe I should bring some sling-backs? Oh, wow.
Hey, sis.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) What's with you? How'd you know I was here? Randy, this is Jim Rockford.
Pleasure, Jim.
Hi, Megan, it's me, Patty.
Hi, Jim.
Hey, I got it you brought the old blue jacket.
I don't know anything about your jackets, Randy, much less which one's blue.
Oh, yeah, right.
Point goes to future sister-in-law, again.
Hey, I'm sorry, Megan.
You know I love you.
Is she not a fox, Jim? You know, I've had enough shrinks to hold a convention.
But if I'd ever had a therapist that looked, smelled, talked like this one, I'd still be on the couch.
The fact is, we'd have broken the legs.
They just couldn't cure that slow speech defect, huh? Metabolism? Chortle, chortle.
Very inside, Jim.
I just love a guy who's hep.
Hey, listen, Megan, I talked to Jeff.
Everything's cool.
I told you there was nothing to worry about.
(STAMMERING) He said he'd phone you.
Look, Patty and I are going out on a shoot.
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but this is a whole new sideline for me.
I am gonna do the definitive study of the California hot tub and specialty baths.
Wait a minute, Randy.
What are you talking about? What did Jeffrey say? Oh, wow, I forgot to run my new idea by him.
See if you folks can wire up to this one.
What two things is absolutely everybody concerned about these days? A, oil and, B, living on the natch.
Natural, Jim.
Everybody's into solar, right? So, solar-powered crematoriums.
Randy, where is Jeffrey? Megan, you know, that's a tough one.
Look, I'd really rather not get in the middle of you two.
What are you talking about? Well, Megan, come on.
I mean, Jeffrey wasn't exactly a celibate when he met you and Well, I'm sure he has his goodbyes to make, as I'm sure you do, too.
So, let's not buck human nature here, huh? I don't believe you, Randy.
Not because I wouldn't understand, but because Jeffrey wouldn't lie.
I don't believe you talked to him.
I don't believe you know where he is.
See, Patty, I knew I'd wind up as the heavy.
Look, I got to go.
This is a professional job.
For a magazine.
Money and all.
Why don't you at least tell us where we can find you, huh? Just in case we run into someone who has a corpse that needs a tan.
Right here.
I'll be back later today.
Come on, Patty.
Look, I'm telling you Jeffrey's all right.
(PHONE RINGING) There's no answer, huh? Not at his house or his office.
Well, maybe we should just go on down to Laguna, check out his neighbors and his papers.
Maybe we'll come up with a lead.
It's an awful lot of trouble for you though.
I'm not doing anything else.
Look, maybe I ought to go by my trailer and pick up some overnight stuff.
If you want.
Most of what you need you already have here.
Oh, yeah.
That's true.
Stay right where you are.
Jimmy, what is it? There's an outline of a body here.
You know, how the police outline where a body has fallen? There's one of those.
Thing I'd like to know is why you entered the scene of a felony? Through a rear door to boot.
The place is posted, you know.
Yeah, well, your sign must have fallen down.
What difference does it make anyway? You're putting her through hell.
Just exactly what happened in Jeffrey Smith's office? Your fiancé, huh? Yes.
Linderman? This is Kefir.
You finished Spector's statement yet? What are you writing? The Winds of War? Wrap it up.
Get his butt in here.
A man named Barry Spector was murdered in that office two nights ago at 11:00 p.
Jeffrey Smith committed that murder and then fled the scene.
What? That's impossible.
There was an eyewitness to the killing, miss.
I don't care, it's impossible.
Is Jeffrey all right? He's still at large, if that's what you mean.
Who is this Barry Spector? It's no great loss, I'll tell you that.
He's a major cocaine dealer.
That's just an allegation, Lieutenant Kefir.
And one I deeply resent if I found it influenced this investigation.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, I'll try to remember the merit badges that you and your cousin Barry racked up.
Sit down, will you, Spector? Linderman, will you change that water bottle? Do you know her? Jeffrey Smith's bride-to-be.
Kevin Spector here and Cousin Barry being real life examples of the Horatio Alger story found themselves in a very cash-heavy position.
Oh, this is awful.
Come on! You settle down, Spector.
At any rate, they went into a partnership with Laguna Corp, a company that was formed by Randy Smith and his brother, Jeff, to build a roller disco down here in Orange County.
I've heard about the disco, but Jeffrey never said anything about who was involved.
It was just a group of investors.
And it wasn't a very high priority with him.
It was high enough so that when the bank issued him a $70,000 construction draw, Jeff cashed it and pocketed the money, never bothering to pay off the framers, the electricians, the stucco men.
I'm not a builder, I don't know how this game is played, but you know who was on the hook to these hard hats? Me and Barry.
Jeffrey wouldn't do that.
Barry and I went to Jeffrey Smith, laid the smeller on him and demanded the 70,000.
He attacks Barry.
Smashes his head against the desk and takes off before I can grab him.
I don't know you, Mr.
Spector, but you must have provoked Jeffrey.
And anyway, he's incapable of using that kind of violence.
Just who's sure that Jeffrey ripped-off the construction draw? What about his younger brother, Randy? Jeff Smith was the only one authorized to cash checks.
It was his signature on the draw.
Come on, Megan.
At least you know Jeffrey's probably all right.
But those police are wrong.
You're not so sure, are you? I had told you this was wrong for you.
Do you think I'm going to mentally pack him off to the gas chamber just because I may have some personal feelings in this? May have? Well, we're not gonna accomplish anything more tonight.
Oh, there is some bad news.
The guy at the desk says the coffee shop is closed.
Oh, I'm starving.
You must be, too.
But there's good news.
He says there's a place real close called Helene's.
Thank you very much.
There you go.
Mmm, that's pretty good.
Megan, about before, about Jeffrey and what I think, and the fact that there's an eyewitness and all of it Let's not mention it again, okay? Because you care for the man.
If you care for the man, you say he's clean then he's clean and who am I kidding? That's all.
That's really all I wanted to say.
Okay, honey.
There's a breakfast table and four chairs immediately on your left.
Feel it? Okay.
Over on your right, directly over here, this is the bathroom, okay? One step forward to your right is the bureau.
Now, three steps forward, there's the bed.
The telephone is catty-cornered on the other side of the bed.
I'll put the luggage here on the bed.
I'll get my stuff out.
I'll see you in the morning and we'll get an early start.
You gonna be all right? You got everything you need? I'll just be in the next room.
Good night, Meg.
Good night.
Jim? Yeah? You're always looking after me, seeing how I feel.
Don't you ever think that I care about how you feel? Of course, I do.
I know you think about how I feel.
But what? You just really don't care or what? What's the matter with you? Of course, I do, you know that.
Why are you starting trouble, Megan? I don't know.
Look everything that's happened, everything that's gonna happen, all we really know is that you may have some personal feelings about it.
Okay, Megan, you want to make this as difficult as possible.
I feel crummy about it.
Well, I feel crummy, too.
You remember that night in the car when I told you I was getting married and you said I hadn't told you because I was afraid I'd hurt you? Yeah.
Well, I think I didn't tell you because I was afraid I'd hurt myself.
I didn't want to hear it come out of my mouth.
It's like closing a door.
I didn't want to hear it close.
And it did hurt.
Me, I mean.
And it still does.
Me, too, Megan.
And so what? I don't know.
You've never really thought that I could take care of you, that I was capable of helping you.
Dealing with your needs.
Oh, come on, now.
Hey, that's a crock.
I mean, you're just throwing up smoke.
You want to have this conversation? Okay, we'll have it, but don't trot that stuff out.
Look, it's what I think, okay? If you say it isn't true, maybe it isn't.
But it's what I feel.
Then it's a problem that I can't help you with, honey.
All right, I said it.
If it's just smoke, then forget it.
Maybe more to the point is, all those times you weren't around, that I didn't see you, I missed you.
Don't you think I felt that way? We just gave each other a lot of room, Megan.
It's the way we both wanted it.
Room, space.
All those words.
Love is the word they keep you from grappling too hard with.
I do love you.
I know.
You love a lot of other things, too.
Like your life the way it is and your freedom.
I guess it's not so weird.
Look at me.
I'm in love with two men at the same time.
I'm really tired, okay? Okay.
(DOOR SHUTS) MAN ON TV: What have I done? WOMAN ON TV: Maybe I can help? Must have some idea who it is.
Think it was definitely the guy behind the gates.
(SNIFFING) WOMAN ON TV: You like cats, don't you? MAN ON TV: Yeah, they're on their own (RATTLING) Megan, you all right? Yeah.
I'm suffocating and this damn door's broken.
Here, I'll get it, I'll get it.
You and mechanical things.
You know, some day you're gonna shoot a toaster.
(EXCLAIMS) (SIGHING) I sure wish we had some breakfast before we hit this police station.
Don't you? Yeah, I'm not hungry anyway.
Jim I don't want to talk, Megan.
I just get tired of talking.
So what'd they say in there? No progress yet.
They're dragging their feet, I'm sure of it.
You locate Sean Beck? No, not yet.
What's the matter, Meg? Who was that talking to Kevin Spector? I don't know.
He's a Hawaiian guy, I think.
You remember I said some guy called early in the morning after Jeffrey called looking for Randy? Yeah.
That was him, that was his voice.
And that Sean Beck they were looking for? He's a friend of Randy's.
Now this friend of Spector's, he calls you at the crack of dawn, just a couple of hours after Barry Spector was killed and he asks for Randy, and not Jeffrey, who's on the hook for it, but Randy.
And now Kevin Spector is hanging around this police station waiting for developments.
Jeffrey was looking for Randy.
Everyone's looking for Randy except the police.
And us.
I don't even think Randy's been back here.
He must know he's hot.
All right, all right, all right.
I'm thinking.
Now, he said he was going on a shoot, huh? Specialty bathtubs for a magazine.
No, that's just jive.
I mean, don't you have a little trouble placing Randy at Home magazine or Architectural Digest? Yeah, you're right.
Unless it was something like Squish.
What? Squish.
It's a magazine, for connoisseurs of bathing.
It's a California special.
They do spreads on killer tubs, on Vietnamese food, Elvis Costello.
It's just Randy's kind of periodical.
Yeah, I've heard of it, but if Randy works there and he know he's in trouble, wouldn't he tell them to cover for him? Let's go find out.
(HUMMING) Hey, we need some more bubbles in here.
(WATER BUBBLING) I gotta get some things going here.
Your friend's up there at the spa.
And walk on the stones, will you? That landscaping was done by Howard Fujimoto.
I mean, this tub thing's getting to be more trouble than it's worth.
Thanks a lot, Mr.
Appreciate it.
Come on, Randy.
I'm getting a charley horse.
Oh, just a little while longer.
I'm going for a Cocteau thing.
Hey! Kevin, what's happening? (STAMMERING) Look, it's about the money, isn't it? Well, I'm for sure gonna straighten that out with you.
Forget about the money right now.
I'm here to share a tragedy with you.
Barry's dead.
Barry? Well, wow.
You mean, you What? Go ahead.
You were saying something about me? (STAMMERING) No, it was real dumb, you know It was like I was thinking how you and Barry hadn't been getting along and about that time you talked to me about getting those two bikers I know in Tujunga to blow him away.
Wasn't that you? Hey, Kev.
(PANTING) Oh, boy, I knew you'd be a problem, loadie.
See what happened was Barry and I came down on your brother Jeff in his office about the money.
Jeff pasted Barry against a desk when Barry was shaking him up.
Jeff took off but I finished the thing.
These things happen.
Do the cops have my brother? They will.
And he'll go away for Barry's murder.
See, the thing works real well for me, except there's you.
Hey, Kev, lighten up.
I'd never tell anybody what I knew.
You just told her.
You're a drooler, Randy.
Who can afford to have you around? You with the tin foil, get dressed.
Randy, you tell this guy here that there's an illness in the family, you'll be back to pick up your junk later.
Hey, Randy? Huh? They're gonna kill us! No, no.
Keith Megan, get down.
(SCREAMING) (GUN FIRES) (SCREAMING) Stay right where you are.
Hey, hey, where you going? Hey, wait for me.
Hey, Keith.
(CAR STARTING) Hey, wait a minute, Keith.
Where you going? (SCREAMING) Randy! Randy! Megan, it's me, it's me.
It's all right.
It's okay.
What's going on here? Who are you? Would you call the police, report a shooting? Tell them to put out a call on a dark blue Jaguar sedan.
And call an ambulance.
Are you all right? Well, I'm all right, but Randy shot himself in the foot.
Stay here.
(CRYING) Randy.
Randy? My shoe, man.
What's wrong with it? Downers.
JEFFREY: Yes, okay.
No, I know, but just Look, just let me know if you see her.
Jeffrey? I'll talk to you later.
Jeffrey, where have you been? Look, I'm sorry I couldn't get into it the other night.
He forged my signature and beat some guys out of a lot of money and put me in one hell of a bind.
These guys have been on my case.
I've been running all over trying to raise $70,000.
I finally just came here.
It's sort of a long story.
Jeffrey, you were wanted for murder, you didn't know that? What? It's been straightened out.
Your brother is hurt but it's nothing serious.
Oh, well, Bobby next door told me that you two had gone to Laguna.
I wasn't real sure why.
Jeffrey, I'm just so glad that you're all right.
PATTY: My agent said that this character's much more thoughtful and intelligent so I think it's gonna be such a good move for my career.
Don't you? (GIGGLES) Chemicals are the wave of the future, man.
Polymers, hydrocarbons, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen.
You put them all together, you can have anything you want.
Young man, you got a lot of energy.
tiled floors, the whole bedroom will open onto a garden area.
I've got some sketches in the car.
I'll show them to you.
You go ahead.
I'd like to sit down for a while, okay? Sure.
Excuse me.
You okay? I'll be right back.
You taking a break? Hi.
You're right, I'm exhausted.
I can't believe how exhausting this is.
You look just beautiful, Meg.
I do? Yes, you do.
Come here.
Sit down next to me.
I've been wondering where you went.
How've you been? Busy.
Real busy.
I've been working on a case.
You don't want to hear about that.
You really love your work, don't you? Yeah.
Yeah, when I love it, I really love it.
My mother and my sister, Kathleen, have been climbing all over me to have kids.
Making plans for me, planning big family reunions back east.
I don't know.
I really like my work.
I really do.
I've always said you were a workaholic.
Look, Megan, for what it's worth, I think that I mean, if you should decide about being a mother that I think you'd do it better than anyone else in the world.
Megan! We have to wrap this up, huh? You have to be at the airport at 5:00.
I'll be right back.
Okay, Mother.
Want to walk me to the house? Sure.
High step.
Can I tell you something? Piece of personal history? Of course.
Last night, I had this dream.
And in it, like in most of my dreams, I could see, you know? And I was in this It was like a screening room and on the screen were all these images from my whole past.
Boy! Yeah.
Anyway, as the more recent past came up, things got sort of confused and out of chronological order and I was standing there talking to Jeffrey, and then all of a sudden you were there.
I was lying on the beach where we first met.
You had stopped by to talk to me.
From there it all went very fast and clear.
Just you and me.
All the places we'd been, the things we said and it wasn't all good.
And I felt this physical pain.
And it stopped the whole thing, the screen or whatever went completely dark.
And then all of a sudden, the whole screen lit up with this image of you and me standing there smiling.
And this voice came over and said, "Okay, miss, go and stand with the group that's made it.
" Who was in the group that made it? I don't know.
I didn't see them.
Look, it was my dream and maybe you can't answer this, but if they played that scene on the beach for you, and all the rest of it What would happen? There's no doubt about it.
I'd be in the group that made it.
Is that the truth? Yeah, that's the truth.
Megan, we better get a move on.
Goodbye, Jim.
Goodbye, Megan.