The Romeo Section (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Mandate of Heaven

Previously on The Romeo Section Sorry, Dee.
- They're trying to kidnap me! - Open the door! You got a box full of dope sitting in a yard under police surveillance, and you want us to get it out from under their noses.
My family, they're military.
They're also politically connected in China.
They worry someone might approach me to want to use me in some way.
So, now you're headed back to one of those five-star labour camps in the People's Republic.
I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to avoid that.
Miguel? I need to talk with you.
Give Padilla to us, we would be willing to do your schoolteachers a good turn.
No questions asked.
Oh, my God, you're bleeding.
S01E06 Mandate of Heaven Miguel, police.
They're coming.
Miguel, please.
Step aside.
Move! Get out of the stairs.
Get back in your fuckin' suite! Freeze! Hands up! Hands up! Down! Loosen up, buddy! Get your hands off me, man.
Tell the man with the white hair I will talk to him now.
Yeah, I saw him around the building a couple times.
You know, he lives in here, but he comes and goes Ooh, I'm sorry.
Didn't see you there.
Everything all right? Oh, yeah, just late for work.
That phone don't work.
But mine does.
Ah Okay, are you safe? Okay, slow down.
Take a breath.
Are you safe? No.
We No, we're not okay.
We're not okay.
We need help.
Take a look around, tell me where you are.
North of Hastings and Gore, where we first met.
I'll be there in 20.
I've got to disappear for a bit.
I'm sorry, but I have to go.
So soon? You promised me last night you'd never leave me.
Did I? Mm-hmm.
Mm okay.
Gotta go.
Take your time.
I need to get at least a little sleep.
What the fuck? Are you all right? Easy, darling, easy, easy, easy, easy Okay.
- Miguel is with me.
- Where? I can't tell you.
I made a promise.
Is it safe? No.
Was that his blood at your apartment? No.
Whose was it? There was a kid who came with a pizza, and he shot at Miguel, and Miguel shot back.
Where did he get the gun? It belongs to the Minister Ortelli.
Did he recognize the shooter? No, but he swears he was sent by the cartel.
He's willing to talk to you now.
Please just listen to his story.
He deserves to tell it, and not through the bars of a cell.
All right, all right.
Is he hurt? No, but he's terrified.
Okay, can you drive? Okay, listen.
I'm going to get you a car.
I'll call you, I'll tell you where to find it, then I'll tell you where to go.
Okay? Okay.
Now, here.
You left that behind.
Same number still works.
All right? Now, if you see an opportunity to get rid of the gun safely, lose it.
Thank you for trusting me.
We'll work it out.
I'm going to need a car delivered.
Have you made a deal for Miguel? We're on a first name basis now, are we? Finally, some progress.
I need to know.
Have you made a deal with Foy for Miguel.
Would you like some coffee to go with that whiskey on your breath? Stop fucking about.
Fred Foy.
What's the story? We're talking.
I believe the hour has come to wrap up Miguel Padilla.
I need time.
Give me a couple of days.
People are crowding around the bargaining table.
The Mexicans as well? Yes.
Well, the church committee approved his refugee claim.
That can back them off a couple of days.
Well, I'm just guessing, but Liberal sympathies don't carry a lot of weight with Mr.
It's five people without an agenda, who listened to him and believed him.
And I want to maintain a healthy relationship with our allies, and this guy is too fat a bargaining chip to let slide.
You want to know why Foy is obsessed with this guy? I'll tell you.
If you insist.
It was a hit and run.
A limo comes over a hill, and kills a family of three, instantly, and you know who's in that limo? A soldier, a cop, and a narco.
And who's the source for this? Miguel.
And we both know what his agenda is.
Say anything to stay.
Listen to me.
He musters up the unthinkable courage to do the right thing and prosecute the hit and run, and that's when life as he knows it is over.
That limo was doing business on both sides of the border, pouring billions of drug dollars into half a dozen banks that were on the verge of collapse.
This is a wheelbarrow full of shit that nobody wants turned over.
I already brokered the deal with Fred.
Martha and Daniel Gascoyne for Miguel Padilla.
Two for one.
I thought you'd be pleased with that.
And what are their plans for Padilla? I ask not.
Maybe they want to put him in witness protection.
Yeah? Well, when you're speaking to Mr.
Foy, wish him good luck from me.
Good luck finding Miguel.
He's in the wind.
They went missing last night.
You said "they.
" My recruit.
There's one for the books.
Well, somebody spooked Miguel.
Maybe you dropped a little something about a church into your talks with Foy.
And now you're accusing me? Maybe you should fuck off.
Give me a chance to interview the man, and I will.
Go on then.
Put a fucking tail on me you'll never see him.
A couple of the accounts still have Dee as a cosigner, so it requires both your signatures to release any funds.
Well, you could forge her signature.
I'm a lawyer, not a forger.
Then just send me the forms, I'll do it myself.
Excuse me, I've got an appointment.
Where the fuck have you been? Picking up some food like you asked.
That was two hours ago.
It was 40 minutes ago.
You said take your time.
You got a receipt? It's in the bag.
This says you picked it up an hour ago.
That was the time I ordered it.
So, now what are you doing? Picking up some tanks for Rufus.
Well, get fucking going.
Well, we were gonna eat something first.
Take it with you.
It's fucking cold anyway.
What are you looking at? Go with him.
You got a minute, Ruf'? Okay.
What's going down? What's the problem? Vince is the problem.
He's losing his shit with everybody.
You got a solution for that, or is this just a bitch session? 'Cause I got a few other fucking things on my mind.
We want you to run things.
And Vince? Where does he fit in this? He doesn't.
We all know what happened to Rick.
Who's next? And what exactly am I supposed to do about it? Okay, everybody fuck off.
I gotta think this over.
Fuck off.
You gotta talk to Wing Lei.
He's the man we gotta go with now.
We're on a leaky boat, man, a leaky fuckin' boat.
Baby! Hey! I love you.
I hope you know that.
Where can we talk? The crew came to me and asked me to run things.
What'd you say? I wanted to think about it.
I think you should do it.
But I think we should probably find somebody else to take care of Vince.
Somebody else? I think so.
I just don't want to risk ever being separated from you again.
I apologize for the whole kidnapping bit.
I apologize for the whole stabbing bit.
Ah, don't worry about it.
It's healing up pretty nice.
Mm, you look good.
I mean it.
I'm starting to feel good.
I've put in your request for you to be transferred to a hospital with palliative care in the city.
Will I be able to receive visitors? I'm sure you can make arrangements for that.
There's no guarantee you'll be granted permission to transfer, but we can hope.
I don't wish to die in a prison.
I'll do my best.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
I haven't seen him in 20 years.
He wouldn't write if it wasn't urgent.
Don't go.
I must.
It only means trouble.
I should have stayed in Mexico.
At least I would have the chance to be buried beside my family.
My father, my mother, my wife.
Please don't talk like that.
You think I'm not going to die? I will die before I go back to prison, I promise you that.
You're not going to die.
You're young and naive.
I will die, and if I am lucky, it will come suddenly.
I need you to take a class for me.
Are you here? Yeah, one sec.
Uh, listen, are you busy right now? Uh, I'm marking papers.
I can use a break.
Okay, uh, just hand out their reading list.
Read a little bit of that.
I owe you.
Uh, If you take my class on Friday, I could have a long weekend.
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay, tell me where.
Okay, yes, I will speak to your class.
Thank you.
Uh, is everything all right? Everything is just fucking peachy.
Friday then.
Don't forget.
The shit is hitting the fan.
The guys want me to take things over.
What happened to Vince? He's lost control of his crew.
I don't know how far I should be going with this.
This was never in the cards when you pulled me into this shit.
Now everybody's looking to me to take Vince out of the picture.
Well, that's a bit of a problem for us, because we can't really do that.
You could have him arrested.
Could I? You fucking told me you could have Dee arrested for soliciting murder.
You could have Vincent arrested for kidnapping Dee.
Well, that's a good clusterfuck.
How long do you think before he throws that back on you? The point is, I got into this with you to get out of my shit, and I'm just getting in deeper by the fucking minute.
How so? "How so?" How so? You know, I really don't appreciate the way you fuck with me.
Well, that's a two-way street, because I get the distinct feeling that you're not keeping me fully apprised of events.
You want a fucking update? Okay.
There's a big fucking load of heroin waiting out there on the docks.
I'm supposed to figure out how to get it out without being fucking busted.
That's number one.
Two, the crew wants me to take care of Vince in a permanent way, and put me in the fucking driver's seat.
Three, I gotta go take a meeting with this this Wing Lei guy, which could end in a handshake or a bullet.
This is fucking crazy.
Well, with change comes opportunity.
I don't need some fucking lame-ass philosophy right now! This is my life.
I am not a fucking puppet.
Look Let's wind things back a few steps here, shall we? Let's talk about this Wing Lei fellow.
You get in tight with him, that's your way out.
Is this ever going to fucking end for me? Get away from the window.
Come eat something.
Yeah? I'm on my way.
Make sure he's unarmed.
He's on his way.
Hey, Rupe.
What's going on? Oh, not too much, just working on a wee research project.
How's yourself? Ah, you know, I got a new crew, they're kinda young, green, can't seem to put a simple fucking bust together without getting tossed for one fucking reason or another.
How can I help you? Listen, I'm hearing about this container full of heroin that's sitting out in the harbour.
Oh, yeah? How good is the source? They're a couple of steps removed.
What's your interest? Just trying to follow it up the food chain.
Want to check with you, see if there's any other operators down there.
You know me, I don't want to step on any toes.
More like you don't want anybody else fucking up your game.
Well, that's another way of putting it.
If you have solid intel on this, I'd like to have it.
My operator's on the inside, and I think he could be there for the long game.
Any chance I'll get the benefit of this operator down the line? Right now, I just have to protect the source.
You know, if it goes bust now, then I lose the scent.
Yeah, I get it.
Uh, listen, can you run a name for me? Yeah, give it to me.
Vincent Taggart.
He runs a puppet crew for the Red Mountain Triad.
Red Mountain? Now I'm interested.
- See what I can do.
- Good man.
Talk to you soon.
You have a visitor.
Who was that you were talking to? A neighbour from over the hill.
He's a mile away.
Not to worry.
He knows enough not to bother me.
Is that coffee? Yeah.
I'll get you a cup.
Eva tells me that you're willing to talk me through your story.
Seems like you have crossed the wrong men.
You think it was the cartel that sent the boy to kill you? It is their style to use children.
What is the relationship of the army to the cartel? The army provides logistics for the movement of the cocaine and the money.
They provide trucks, trains, airplanes, helicopters, and boats.
Many soldiers in the army join the cartels.
They are better equipped, pay more money, have more power.
You prepared a case against all three men involved in the hit and run? Yes.
For homicide for killing the family, for bribery of the witnesses, homicide of the witnesses, for bribery of the judiciary.
And other things.
Can you provide me with access to that file? Yes.
My life is in your hands now.
Eva doesn't have to be here anymore, does she? You're right.
She can go.
I can make up my own mind.
I know sweet fuck all about you.
And you know jack shit about me.
That's a pretty fucked up situation is what that is.
What are your concerns? My concern is I'm being asked to do something that could put me in prison for the rest of my life.
Or, after all is said and done, you decide it'd be better to get rid of any witnesses.
I share the same concerns.
You have division in your ranks.
I'll be taking care of that.
Before or after.
I would prefer before.
That's not going to happen.
Look, I need to know exactly what we're after here.
200 kilos of heroin.
It is in four 50-kilo bags of rice.
They are marked.
That's going to take some time to prep.
And some cash.
Tell me what you need.
Let's keep this short and sweet.
Happy to.
This is all research.
Maybe I'll do a spy picture next if I can ever string a couple bucks together.
Yeah, keep me out of it.
I did a little poking around about Malcolm Song, like you asked.
By all accounts, the guy's gone.
Nobody's seen or heard from him in years.
What about his family? A daughter.
She's a professor of something out at the university.
Is she in the game? Not from the sounds of it.
She's not bad to look at, though.
You saw her? You asked me to poke around, I poked around.
I'm going to have to find a shorter leash for you.
Hold on, I got a good little nugget for you.
I ran into Wing Lei the other night.
Wing Lei, I don't think I know the name.
You should.
I remember hearing stories about him from back in Hong Kong.
Youngest guy ever to reach Red Pole rank.
Red Pole? Top enforcer.
That's not far from the top of the whole triad.
He outranks pretty much everybody in North America.
If Wing Lei is in town, something's going down.
Like a regime change? That would make sense.
How well do you know this guy? Just his reputation.
Well, I think you're going to have to find a way to get closer to Wing Lei.
I don't really run in those circles.
You don't? Do you remember when you came to me for help? You bent over backwards trying to impress me with all your connections.
What happened to that guy? I'm only a producer.
I move a little money around.
Whatever it takes to get the movie made.
Guys like me don't just walk up to guys like Wing Lei and shake hands.
He's ruthless.
Sounds to me like he might make a good villain.
Consider this research.
I'm going to need a quick translation.
Yeah, do what you can overnight.
I'm sending it to you now.
I was hoping it might be you.
I'm sorry, I should have called.
No, of course not.
Come on in.
Everything all right? You look a little worried.
I am.
Um, do you have anything to drink? I could use one.
Yeah Tell me what happened.
Nothing, really.
I just got worried about what I told you the other night.
What did you tell me? About my family, about their influence in China, their connections.
I really should have kept it all to myself.
You won't tell anyone? I told you I wouldn't.
You seem to know a lot of people, and you've been in China, and I'm just wondering if you might know someone who also knows something.
And what are you trying to avoid telling me? I'm just wondering if I'm under suspicion here.
If the secret service here is watching me.
Why would you think that? I just felt maybe someone was watching my house.
It was an ordinary car, I thought I saw it again tonight.
Maybe I'm just paranoid.
Well, do you want me to look into it? I have some acquaintances who have gone to work for the services.
Mostly ex-students.
I could reach out.
It's probably nothing.
That's a little better.
I find it helps.
I don't think it's the scotch.
I think it's you.
I feel safe around you.
I feel that my life here is coming to an end.
I'm glad I met you, and I'm sorry I met you.
I know you didn't mean to betray me.
You meant to help me.
But that's how it goes.
You try to help someone, and it turns your life upside down.
Why do we do it? Tomorrow, in the morning, I want you to go.
You shouldn't be here.
How's it going? Good.
Got that info for you on Vincent Taggart.
You know, I really had to dig for this.
It seems like somebody tried to wipe the record clean out of the system, which tells me he could be somebody's guy.
An informant? Well, I'm not saying he is, but all the signs are pointing to it.
Here you go, Vincent Taggart arrested 2010 in California for five ki's of coke.
Spent about eight weeks in Marin County lockup, then the charges were stayed.
Who arrested him? The D.
You think they're running him up here? Smells like it to me.
Well, that could make things a little sticky.
If you've got an operator in there, I'd be careful.
Could get swept up in the thing.
Send me what you got? All right.
Oh, hey, there's a little something under the seat for you.
You remembered.
Thanks, Rupe.
No problem.
Hey, listen, uh, let me know what's up.
I don't like it when the Yanks are up here across the line without me knowing about it.
You got it.
Thanks again.
I want you out.
Out? I'm in.
I'm in, man, getting tight with Wing.
And I don't want you going to prison.
I can find use for you somewhere else.
You can choose your spot.
You can find use for me? You are a cold mother.
Did you hear me? I said, I don't want you going to prison.
Because I've got good reason to think that Vince is informing for the D.
What does that mean? Five years ago, the D.
busted him for five ki's of coke.
Then the charges were dropped on a technicality, and he was let go.
Take a look at this.
Where did you get this? From someone who knows.
How are we gonna get through this? We gotta figure something out here.
I have.
I'm pulling you out.
Where am I gonna go? You can't just throw me on the street and walk away.
I've been putting years into this for you.
I'll come up with a plan, but in the meantime, be cautious, and be ready to jump, because if the D.
grab you, there's not much I'm gonna be able to do about that.
That's That's it? That's fucking That's it? Thanks.
Was Vince ever arrested in California? Um, five or six years ago, but they dropped the charges on a technicality.
Why? I think he's informing for the D.
You there? Yeah, I'm here.
I'm gonna come see you later.
Everything okay? Not exactly.
Where you been? We gotta go over this thing.
I had to go pick up some shit for the job.
Here's your receipts.
So, where are we at? How long's it gonna take to cut through the steel? Depends.
Up to an hour.
How long you gotta stay down.
Box gets dropped off one day.
We don't start cutting till night.
All goes good, we got the stuff up in our box by morning.
How many inside the box? Three.
Unless you want to come along for the ride? Three should handle it.
Your cousin got the truck? Yeah.
He needs a couple of days notice.
A lot of things could go sideways with this, Chief.
Yeah, that's why we're having this fucking meeting.
Go pick up some take-out for dinner.
We're gonna be here all night.
May I come in? It feels awkward in the hall.
You know I don't like you to visit.
I was in the area.
Our friend, Mr.
Sproule, would like for you to take a polygraph.
How do you feel about that? You know exactly how I feel about that.
Well, it's a request.
It's not mandatory.
Have you thought about how all this might end? Well, I suppose I might be charged with high treason if someone really wants to overreact.
You know I'm quite sure that they'd be willing to entertain a back-room deal if you agreed to shut the fuck up about Miguel Padilla.
So, that's the deal, is it? And I wouldn't be writing any memoirs.
What exactly am I gonna have to do to get out of all of this? Bring in Miguel Padilla, and the Gascoynes will be coming home.
Not such a bad deal from where I sit.
You're not a bit interested in Miguel? A Mexican National? A tiny little bit.
Not much.
You want to cut me loose.
Perhaps that's an idea that's time has come.
You've got that nice teaching position at the university, and all the perks that come with that, plus your cabin.
I'm not done, my friend.
I'm not done quite yet.
All right, then.
Shall I inform Mr.
Sproule that you'll be bringing in Miguel soon, yes? He's quite eager to get the Gascoynes returned.
Yeah, all right, I'll bring in Miguel, and you can interview him, and if you're satisfied that he's worthless after you've read his file, you can hand him over.
Fair enough.
Where were you? There is a trail over the back of here, that leads to the lake.
There's another trail that leads to the highway.
I have a back way out if I need it.
Where did you get the rifle? From another cabin by the lake.