The Romeo Section (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Whiskey Jack

Previously on "The Romeo Section" I did a little poking around about Malcolm Song.
Nobody's seen or heard from him in years.
What about his family? A daughter.
She's a professor of something out at the university.
I haven't seen him in 20 years.
He wouldn't write if it wasn't urgent.
If Wing Lei is in town, something's going down.
Look, I need to know exactly what we're after here.
200 kilos of heroin.
We want you to run things.
And Vince? Where does he fit in this? He doesn't.
Five years ago, the D.
busted him for five ki's of coke, then the charges were dropped on a technicality.
I think he's informing for the D.
Everything is war.
Did someone order a pizza? You think it was the cartel that sent the boy to kill you? It is their style to use children.
My life is in your hands now.
You can hand him over.
Fair enough.
S01E07 Whiskey Jack Open up.
Need an update.
What's happening? We got a container being delivered to the scrap yard sometime today.
You still wanna go on the 15th? The long weekend, as soon as the security shift changes.
You gonna be ready on time? - Gonna be ready.
- Got everything you need? I got it all.
Just figuring how to rig a hoist in our can.
Gotta get that done.
Always another piece of the puzzle to think about.
So we're going in on the long weekend.
That's the best date? Yeah, the 15th.
Nothing's changed.
You worried about anything? I'm feeling good.
It's all coming together.
You? If I wasn't worried, I'd be worried.
I gotta run.
Keep me up to date.
Hey! Get in.
I'll drive you around the block.
Before I release Miguel, tell me what you want with him.
Well, for one, he's got a good story to tell us about how the cartels laundered money through the banks back in '08.
Who's he going to be telling his story to and who's making his deal? I don't know, whoever's assigned to him from the Department of Justice, and if he wants a lawyer, I'm sure they'll allow it.
What's the objective? To learn what he knows and determine whether he's a reliable witness.
And what if he turns out to be a reliable witness? Well, then Justice builds a case based on his testimony.
I read the case he prepared against the banks, the cartels, and two governments, and I don't think he's got a beggar's chance to survive more than a year or two without being found dead in a gutter.
Well, Miguel Padilla could very well be who you judge him to be, but he may also be part and parcel in the money laundering, and is seeking to testify to make a plea deal against his co-conspirators.
Doesn't explain why he sought refuge in Canada.
It gives him a vantage point to negotiate from.
I may think considerably less of him than you do, but I like his potential testimony.
And believe it or not, from time to time, we've been known to prosecute the bad guys, not just engage in some cover-up.
Well, I hope this is one of those times.
Say it comes to pass that you do take Padilla under your wing, do you really have the ability to return Martha Gascoyne to Canada? Yes, we'd be willing to spend a few bargaining chips to put a little pressure on the PRC, yes.
You've got enough? Well, we'd be happy to toss them a fish, and I'm sure they'd be happy to release both the Gascoynes.
Unless of course, it's only Martha that you're interested in.
I'd like to see both Gascoynes returned to Canadian soil before I release Miguel.
I'll see if I can get the wheels spinning on that.
How do I contact you directly? Go through Al.
Good chat.
Getting a little nervous about all this.
Stage fright.
It'll pass.
Any news? Yeah, we fixed the date.
We're going in over the long weekend, the 15th.
That's not gonna change? No.
Long weekend gives us three days to get inside, load the dope, and switch the container out.
And everybody's got an eye for surveillance, so please keep your people back.
We don't need anybody poking around the yard scaring us off.
We won't blow cover, we've done this a couple times before.
But there's been a shift in our thinking I need to run by you.
We want to follow the containers, watch where the dope lands, and pick off the players.
You'll be swept up with the others, and spun out when the dust has settled.
What the fuck? You told me this was going to be a long play.
It's been decided that it's safer to bring it to a conclusion.
We have enough for convictions, and we don't want your Red Mountain boys skipping back to Hong Kong and disappearing.
This is fucking madness.
I'm just getting in tight with these guys.
What the fuck happened to the plan? It changed.
We'll arrest you, you'll be charged with the others, you'll make bail and be put under protection.
Will I have to testify? That was the deal you agreed to.
Well, this ain't fucking easy.
These are my friends we're talking about putting away.
If you're getting cold feet, you need to tell me right now, so I can let Justice know the deal is off.
Jesus Christ They're going to hack me to bits if I testify.
I have never lost an informant, and I don't intend to.
So, you're in or out.
There's no fucking around now.
Stay close to home.
Excuse me, I'm not taking office hours today.
I'll make us tea.
What can you tell me? How is your relationship developing? Very nicely.
I've been told he is an intelligent man with great potential for us.
Yes, he is.
Is he recruiting you? Yes.
Does he have any suspicions that you're doing the same? He is suspicious by nature and training, so I imagine he does.
I'm going to continue to seduce him.
You believe this could develop into a long-term affair.
I do.
You have doubts.
I could see how an older man might find you desirable.
And what would be the nature of our relationship? You'll be giving me regular updates.
I have a safe house where we can meet in the future.
Let's make one thing very clear.
You are not running me, and you are never to attempt to make any contact with me, and you are never to approach me.
I will make any contact we will have, if any.
What's the story? She was followed from her house to her office.
Some young guy took a meeting with her, and I followed him back to the Chinese Consulate.
Okay, good job.
Hang on.
When am I gonna get those immigration documents you promised? In good time.
Was this part of anybody's big plan? Anybody here ever say, "My life is going so great, I'm gonna check myself into rehab?" What was the moment that got you here, Dee? The moment my husband kidnapped me against my will is what got me here.
Any idea why he might have done that? Maybe because he's a sociopath? Any chance your husband brought you here because he's worried about you, and he wants to see you doing better? Then maybe he shouldn't have taught me to freebase in the first place.
Anyone else hearing a lot of deflecting? You guys have no idea what he's into.
Serious stuff that I wouldn't even talk about without a lawyer present.
So I sure as shit am not gonna share.
I don't care about your husband, Dee.
I don't.
He's not sitting in that chair.
You are.
Your husband sounds like a real goof.
Is he violent? He broke my jaw because I smiled at a waiter.
It still clicks when I chew.
Can you hear that? God help me if I don't drop to my knees every time he happens to have a mood.
Why don't you divorce him? He won't do it.
It's a point of pride.
He found me when I was 15.
I was so innocent, naive.
He molded me.
He'd rather kill me than let me walk away.
What the hell happened? Pipe burst upstairs.
It's coming down through the roof.
Jesus Christ.
Well, it's not quite biblical, but they do need to get into your office.
Good fucking luck.
I'll check it myself.
Who's above you? A couple of Polish research students.
Right, I'll call my own guy.
I don't trust these campus plumbers.
Really? Really.
My phone's dead.
I think it's the battery.
How will we know if he is coming? He said it would be soon.
If he's coming.
Perhaps somebody else will come instead.
That's the last one.
Stay in the cabin.
Make me something to eat? I'll be back in a few hours.
Where are you going? To watch the road.
My things.
I just had the strangest thing happen.
This morning, I felt I was being followed again from my house.
I got to my office, and a man was suddenly there.
He forced his way inside.
He said he was from the Chinese Consulate, and he began asking all these questions.
This is the worst thing that could have happened.
Okay, easy, easy.
What was he asking about? Everything.
How I enjoy living in the west, about my teaching position here, my family, and he also asked about you.
I see.
They must have been watching me for a while, and saw us together, and now they are tapping me on the shoulder.
It's all right.
You haven't done anything wrong.
This whole thing makes me so nervous, I can't think straight.
I'm sorry, I'm just really rattled by it all.
Are you fucking kidding me? Chinese Intelligence working out of the consulate just tapped her on the shoulder.
It has all the signs of a recruitment campaign.
How can you know that? All you've got to go on is her word, and you're all covered in the pixie dust of lust and wouldn't know the difference.
Wolf, what's happening to you? I had a watcher confirm the story.
She was followed.
Give your head a good goddamn shake.
You need someone else to vet her before you tumble down her rabbit hole.
I know what I'm doing.
So, why do you keep coming to me, looking for me to sign off on your bullshit? Stop coming to me for assurances if you don't like what you hear.
And keep in mind, I can't insulate you against the the shit storm that's going to hit when you realize your China doll is nothing but a fucking dangle.
I just brought you something to eat.
Leave and go back to the cabin now.
Go! Mr.
, uh, Chan, is it? Yes.
You've been seeing the prison doctor regularly I take it? Yes.
Okay, let's have a listen.
I'm going to get you to lean forward a bit.
I'm gonna lift up your shirt a little bit.
How did you pick up all these scars? I was a young man, long time ago.
It's nothing.
Doesn't look like nothing to me.
What caused them? A disagreement with authority.
How did you end up in prison? Income tax.
Deep breath, please.
How am I? Well, not as bad as your chart indicates.
I'm going to order some blood work, and some sputum, we'll see what that tells us.
I'm feeling a little less energy.
Would it be possible if I get some fresh air? That's a question for Corrections, but in the meantime, rest.
Would it be possible to get out of these awful clothes? That's another question for Corrections, but I'm sure I can arrange something for you.
Perhaps I can borrow a pen? I keep a diary.
It's essential for my last days.
Here, take mine.
I'm sure I can find another one.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, doctor.
Mind if I sit here? What are you doing? This is right around the corner from where I work.
I thought it'd be convenient for you.
Thanks for your concern.
You got somebody watching me all the time now? It's just a little bit of protection in case things suddenly turn sour.
I'm not the only one watching you now.
You got confirmation the D.
's on the game? It's possible.
That's why I'm playing it safe.
You're going to do your thing.
You're going to engineer the box, you're going to set it up, rehearse it, and then you're going to get out of there before all the action starts.
I am the fucking action.
You don't want to get rolled up in a D.
I want you out and away before the job goes green.
Out and away? Where would I be going? Your choice.
See your travel agent for details.
How far along are you on the container? It just landed in the yard.
I'm cutting a trap and putting in a hoist.
And Wing Lei? How's that going? Like I have any fucking time.
Gotta keep everybody smiling.
What about me? When am I gonna have something to smile about? When I hand you a bag full of dollars and a ticket to Mexico.
You checked this container for a GPS tracker before it left Hong Kong? The GPS was attached after it arrived here, on your docks.
Okay, so we can assume what? Assume nothing.
It could be Hong Kong police, but if it was, I'd already know about it.
It could be local, federal, international.
You have your own suspicions.
I know from Vince's wife that he was busted by the D.
five years back with a load that should've sent him down for 20, and he walked on a technicality.
Vincent's wife confides in you? Yup.
Here's the deal.
If Vince is the rat, he's telling his boy we're going in on the 15th, the Friday night.
That makes sense to them.
Long weekend, the temp guy's on shift.
It's the right time to pull it off.
We prepare to go in Friday night, and we make sure Vince believes we're sticking to the plan, but we go in Thursday night, and we're out Friday morning.
When they expect us to be there that night we're long gone.
For this to work, Vincent needs to be closely watched.
I don't know how I'm gonna last in here without you.
You better.
Don't be a stranger out there in the real world.
I won't.
If Vince was a rat, I'd know.
I mean, I know the guy.
I've been living with him for eight years.
I'd know.
If the D.
is on this, and they threaten him with prison? It makes sense.
Where are you getting this from? Wing Lei.
Okay Say he is.
It'd be good to have someone up close, keeping an eye on him.
So, suddenly, I come out of rehab and I want to reconcile? Yeah.
No, I didn't come here and go through all this shit so I could patch up my marriage.
We need your help on this.
This is what we talked about.
If we pull this off, it's our future.
This the D.
you're talking about.
You're drinking your own bath water, hon.
You need a reality check.
Dee, if you don't, I gotta pull the plug on this.
You know that I'm actually on my way to getting clean in here? Yeah.
You can be clean.
I have total faith in you.
Give Vince a call, start getting back on his good side.
You're a You're a changed woman.
You want to go home and start fresh.
You got this.
Your colleague, Kelly, wrote a very nice piece on sanctuary.
I'll tell her you said so.
Did you go over Miguel's file? I did.
Very impressive.
I can understand why they're after him.
He could provide some very damaging testimony.
Might even boost a career or two.
And because you're not a complete fucking idiot, you can understand why we might see some value in keeping Miguel for ourselves.
Marginal value at best.
He'd live.
I'd say that's a little more than marginal value.
Well, that, of course, is your opinion.
Feel free to express it.
Will you or will you not do as you promised me and at least interview him yourself before you toss him overboard? Bring him in, give me some time to put him on the grill, and I'll decide.
Like I promised I would.
When shall I expect you? How do you feel about something French? I'd love it.
Well, I spoke to that my friend of mine in intelligence circles.
I kept your name out of it.
Tell me.
He thinks that you should continue talking to the man who contacted you.
Be open to the approach.
I was hoping he'd offer me some protection or something.
I think he is.
Is he able to do that? He's well placed, and has the ear of the right people.
I think I should meet him.
Can I meet him? You shouldn't have to do this for me.
I don't want you to.
Let me see what I can do.
In the meantime, if you're approached again, tell me, and I can pass it on.
You're so good to me.
I found his stash of wine underneath the sink.
Looks like a good bottle.
There's another one just like it if we want.
What's the occasion? I don't know, I just thought that if this is our last night together It could be We'd make it something to remember for the both of us.
I don't need a glass of wine to remember you.
Here's to the fine person who came into my life and changed everything.
Here's to the young, beautiful woman who opened her heart to me.
What? I have another toast.
Here's to the future of Eva and Miguel.
To Eva and Miguel.
May they live peacefully, and never forget, no matter how far apart.
May they live together in peace and happiness.
How we doing? Almost done putting the gantry up.
You still think you're gonna be ready for the long weekend? It'll be close.
And I'm wondering if waiting for the weekend is the best timing.
I'd like to get this over with.
Maybe go in early.
It's about doing it right.
How's the paperwork coming along? We got it ready.
Waiting on you.
No offense, but you shouldn't be coming down here again.
It draws attention.
I just wanted to see how things were coming along.
Feel free, but the fewer people creeping around here, the better.
Everything okay with you, Ruf'? You got something on your mind? Little amped up.
Yeah? You know, I I do got something on my mind, now you ask.
Go ahead.
What's this load worth? Any idea? You mean, what's the split? Yeah.
We're getting 200 grand.
I take half that, you split the rest with the crew any way you want.
How's that sound? How much dope are we dealing with here? What difference does it make? Wing Lei doesn't strike me as a small-time kind of guy.
Yeah, he's not.
He's the new leader of Red Mountain.
Yeah, I put that together.
I mean, is he the kind of guy who's not gonna leave any witnesses around when it's all done? Maybe we don't leave any witnesses around when it's all done.
That doesn't sound like something I necessarily want to be a part of.
You won't be.
That's what I do.
You hungry? I brought you some ribs and wings.
That's what you like, right? Yeah.
Who doesn't? Come on, come on, come on Yeah.
Come now.
He's sleeping off the wine.
I have his guns.
All right.
Yeah, bye.
Jesus You get me drunk and make love to me, and then you betray me? I was just trying to take your guns away.
Stay inside.
Hello? It's me.
I want to come back home.
Hello? Did you hear me? Yeah, I heard you.
You sure you're feeling good enough to do that? Maybe you should stay a little longer.
Make sure it sticks.
I'm ready.
Is that just you talking, or do the doctors disagree? I know I've been a bitch, but I really want to make it up to you.
Please just give me a chance.
I still love you, baby, and I discovered that in here.
You gotta swear to me you're off that shit.
I'm clean, inside and out.
Please just give me a chance to prove it to you.
Eva? Eva? All right, go, go! Let's go.
Up there.
Miguel! Miguel! Miguel! Miguel! Miguel! Miguel, run! They re coming! Put her in the truck.
Fuck I spoke with my brother.
What did he say? He says the time has come to move on to the next phase.
I don't want to hurt anybody.
Nobody asked you to.
I like this man.
All the better.
Use your feelings.
It happens to the best of us.
We know he's watching you.
We've seen how he behaves.
We must assume he's watching you all the time.
He's watching me because he is growing suspicious of me.
I've seen the way he looks at you.
He's infatuated.
The seed has taken root.
It has a life of its own now.
Shit! Hello.
Looks like I just missed you.
Where's Miguel? You don't have him? No, no, no, your little recruit spoiled that party.
We're taking her somewhere safe for an interview now.
This is an illegal incursion onto foreign soil, you miserable little prick.
Let me talk to her.
Keep your head down, your eyes down.
You all right? No, I'm not fucking all right.
Where's Miguel? I don't know.
There you go.
What do you have in mind? A swap.
Clyde for Bonnie.
I don't know where the fuck he is.
Call me back when you find him, Professor.