The Romeo Section (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Elephant Faces East

Previously on The Romeo Section We want to follow the containers, watch where the dope lands, pick off the players.
You'll be swept up with the others, spun out when the dust has settled.
If Vince is the rat, we make sure Vince believes we're sticking to the plan.
For this to work, Vincent needs to be closely watched.
I want to come back home.
Please just give me a chance.
- Where's Miguel? - You don't have him? Your little recruit spoiled that party.
Miguel, run! They're coming! - What do you have in mind? - A swap.
Clyde for Bonnie.
I don't know where the fuck he is.
Call me back when you find him.
S01E08 Elephant Faces East Agent D.
Wright, interviewing Vincent Taggart, 9:07 a.
Wednesday the 13th.
They'll be inside a 40-foot blue container that will be dropped on top of the container with the dope.
On the day, there will be three men inside the box, Bootsie, Red, and Rufus.
They'll be taking the Trojan container to the docks late afternoon on the 15th.
I need a timeline.
When they get in the box, when it moves.
I'll get that today.
Where will you be? At home.
My wife could be there.
I don't want her picked up.
Is she part of it? No.
She doesn't know a thing.
It's too early, Dee.
You're setting yourself up to fail.
Watch me.
Good luck.
I hope we never see you again.
Feeling's mutual.
Let's get a fan going.
It reeks in here.
Vince met with a black chick in Gastown.
I followed her car to the Patricia Hotel.
You get a plate? Yeah.
You ready? Shoot.
And which hotel? Got it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Black woman, staying at the Patricia.
Got a plate number for you.
What's it smell like to you? Like the DEA have an operation down on the docks that could really fuck up my thing.
Well, what is your thing exactly? Regime change in the Red Mountain.
Old guard out, new one in.
I'm trying to keep my man inside for the transition.
That's one of your old plays.
I've put a lot of fucking time into this.
And this is the General on his way out? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
It's gotta be close to 15 years you've been chasing that ghost.
Almost 20.
Be a bitch if it went sideways.
- I'd be a wee bit disappointed.
- I'd like to get in on it.
Well, whatever I've got, you'll get.
Usual conditions.
I won't say shit to Sherlock.
- For my peepers only.
- Hey I've got a really good operator down in this, a key man.
I need to protect him.
What the fuck happened to all my clothes! I threw them out.
I figured it was time for some big changes.
I was hoping you were into making a whole new start.
I am.
Honey, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for everything that I've put you through.
If we're gonna give this any kind of a shot, we can't stay here.
We leave everything behind, make a clean break.
I want to.
And I want to believe you.
Please do.
I really need your support right now.
I really need you to believe in me.
I got you a coming home present.
We leave this Saturday.
I got us a beautiful house in Maui, like we used to talk about.
What do you say? Leave all this old shit behind and roll the dice one more time? This is what I always wanted.
Thank you, sir.
I thought you might be hungry.
Who are you? Oh, that's irrelevant.
If it wasn't me, it would be somebody else.
Am I still in Canada? There's cream and sugar in the bag if you need it.
Careful, it's hot.
- Where's Miguel? - I've got some news about him.
- Would you like to hear it? - Yes.
First, I need some answers.
How did you hook up with your handler? My handler? Yeah, Rupert, or whatever he calls himself.
Where's Miguel? We're talking about Rupert right now.
Am I still in Canada? Was it a cold call? Did he just suddenly appear? Fuck you! Okay.
I, uh I can see that you're relatively new at this, but, I, uh, I actually think that you could be a good player if you wanted to pursue it.
I don't.
Well, that's a shame.
You know, 'cause I mean, your first time out, you've done pretty good.
I mean, you're not a finisher yet, but, you know, that comes with experience.
I need you to listen to me, because Miguel got away from the cabin and he disappeared, and I simply want to find him, deliver him back into the arms of the Department of Justice.
They'll put him in a protection program, build a prosecution on his testimony.
So, he will have his day in court, his voice will be heard, his story will be told.
You see, that's what everybody involved wants.
And you are the key to that.
So if you were Miguel, where would you be right now? Hey Where the fuck is Fred Foy? How would I know? He's got my recruit.
Call him.
All this could have been avoided if you had let him take Miguel in the first place.
But no, you had to piss in the pond first.
You're just as fucking responsible as I am for this.
Show some fucking jam, and call him.
"No longer in service.
" I want a list of known black sites in town.
They're called "black sites" for a reason.
Everybody's in the dark.
Not everybody, Al.
This is Miguel.
Where are you? Her apartment.
Right, I'll meet you there.
Bring cigarettes.
You tell Foy I want a meeting now, or I'm ringing the fucking fire alarm.
It's good to have you back.
Glad to be here.
I gotta go deal with the crew.
Be careful.
I'm at the house.
Vince is on his way to see you.
He's making plans to take me to Hawaii.
When is this? This Saturday, the 16th.
Fuck! Vince is here.
Cover it.
Take me through it.
Friday the 15th afternoon, 4:00.
We lock ourselves in, get comfortable.
Put some gloves on.
I'm not going to touch anything.
All right.
Sanjay brings the truck through the gate here for a 4:30 pickup.
It's an hour travel to the dock.
We get there at 5:30, go through security, and by 6:00, we're sitting inside this can, on top of Wing's container.
What's the timetable once you land? We start cutting steel at 8:00, 8:30, when security takes their first coffee break.
Then we're down inside Wing Lei's box loading the dope up into this one.
Once we've got all four bags in here, I radio Sanjay, he brings the truck, and he's loading us on by 11:00, latest.
We're gone by midnight.
We'll bring our box back here to he scrapyard, and pass the load to Wing Lei's crew.
Good job.
Don't fuck up now.
Right back at ya.
Here's the situation.
The Americans want you, and they'll exchange Eva for you.
What's their plan for me? They say they'll put you in the custody of their Justice department and prepare a case based on your witness testimony.
Do you trust them? It doesn't matter what I believe.
I want Eva.
I will go, but I would like to see that Eva is released, and I would like to have an hour alone with her.
I'll see what I can negotiate.
I'm a lawyer.
I know how to cut a deal.
I'll set it up.
I'm on the job.
Drug squad, Detective Ferguson.
Everyone calls me Fergie.
- You got a minute? - Get in.
I just wanted a quick conversation.
What are you doing up here? You first.
I'm running a play down on the docks.
I got a couple of guys in there undercover.
I invested a lotta time getting them in down there, and I'm just poking around, make sure you guys aren't running a game on any of the members of my U.
Who informed you I was here? Nobody.
I figured it out all by myself.
Scary, huh? All by yourself, huh? Well, I had a little bit of help.
Who you running your operation on? Can't say.
Maybe if we knew each other a little better.
You're a bit north of your jurisdiction, aren't you? I'm guessing you got permission to be here.
I don't need permission.
I'm a tourist.
It's an open border.
You're on holiday up here.
Well, I just want assurance that you're not going to be doing anything that's gonna step on our toes.
I'm on holiday, not planning on stepping on any toes.
Just going to the aquarium.
Oh, yeah? How long you up here? A couple of days.
Well, really, I just wanted to say hi.
Let you know the DEA is always welcome up here.
If you got permission, that is.
But seeing you're here on holiday, a private citizen, doing no harm, I guess I'll just let you go, drop my investigation.
And what investigation is that? Well, some of my people get upset when they find out there's new folks poking around.
It kind of fucks up their game, right? So, I told 'em I'd look into it.
But, hey, if you need a hand, or you want to call somebody if you run into any interference up here, there you go, that's my number.
Well, thanks for the hospitality.
You people are always so nice.
That's us.
Nice till we're not.
Have a nice day.
License and registration? Passport if you got it Vince has tickets for Hawaii on the 16th.
When are you pulling out? Morning of the 15th.
Well, let's meet tomorrow and rehearse your exit.
Okay, Room 3007.
You get hungry, order room service, just stay in the room.
They leave the yard 4:00 Friday, arrive on the docks between 5:00 and 6:00.
They start cutting into the box around 8:00, 8:30.
Your daughter has come to visit.
I have so many things to tell you.
But we have lots of time for that.
What can I do for you? I wish to return to China with your mother, to our little farm in the hills over the river.
There is an old tree by the river.
Do you remember it? It's been so long.
Perhaps it is time we all returned to China.
Return home.
I met with my friend about your situation.
He'd like you to take the meeting with the man that approached you.
I don't know if I can do that.
If I meet with a Chinese Intelligence agent Oh, my goodness, that just sounds wrong.
It's entirely up to you.
I'd be taking such a huge risk.
No doubt.
Will I be able to meet your friend? I really need to meet them, for them to understand I am a Canadian, a loyal one.
If you want me to set up a meeting, I'll do my best.
Hello? Anybody home? Tony I came to pick up some of my clothes.
I'd like you to meet Mae.
My wife.
I like your apartment.
- Don't I know you from somewhere? - Maybe.
Mae is an actress.
Of course.
Mae Mae.
I've seen all of your movies.
I saw your last one.
I'd like you to produce my next one.
No shit? I mean, I mean, I'd be honored.
Listen, you like the apartment, you're already here, why not stay for as long as you like? That is so thoughtful.
It's my privilege.
So, what's the budget on this movie? It's fully financed.
We can talk about that later.
You got a script yet? Any time now.
That's great.
Hey, what kind of movie is it? A gangster type.
You know that's what I'm all about.
Go think about it.
All that I'm guilty of is falling in love with a stranger.
He ever tell you his story? The one about how he was a prosecutor? Took a couple narcos to court, they tortured him, et cetera, et cetera? That was part of it, yeah.
What else? That's between Miguel and I.
Well, I imagine he's a little bit damaged by it all.
Yeah, who wouldn't be? He told you how his wife was killed? Yes.
Well, you need to hold on to your hat, because she's alive, living in Mexico, in perfectly good health.
So let's talk about your man, Rupert, again.
What do you know about him? Any word from Foy? Not a peep.
Any sign of Miguel? I've spoken with him.
Listen, can you give me something to bargain with? He'll come in if he sees Eva released and he has the opportunity to speak with her.
Well, I'll put that on the table.
Until then.
I've got Vince's wife keeping an eye on him.
What time do you expect to begin? 4:00.
Out by midnight.
We'll be back at the scrapyard at 1:00.
You won't be returning to the scrapyard.
You'll be taking the Highway One, east to Abbotsford.
I'd like to land in the scrapyard when we're done.
On my turf.
You have a clever mind, you're efficient, your men follow your orders.
I need someone like you, and hope we can have success together.
But it's a bad idea to return to where you've been before.
Brother, you've got big problems.
I got the DEA to share a little.
Seems they're tracking a box from Hong Kong.
They're waiting for the mice to snag the cheese.
I suppose that's a little too close to be a coincidence.
Same box.
Let me know if there's gonna be a party.
I'd love to be invited.
Are you fucking deaf? I said, I want you out now.
I can pull this off.
And our two years of work takes a dump? No way.
I keep it rolling along, like it's gonna happen.
Friday morning, I pull out, disappear.
I'm clear and away before whatever happens.
And what happens to your crew? I'm taking my crew with me.
The only guy left standing around when they hit that container on the dock is Vince.
And the only thing the DEA gets to bust is their own informant.
Nobody gets killed.
Pack your bags, and don't say any goodbyes.
This is gonna be a bumpy ride to the dock.
Everything's gotta be tied down tight.
- Done.
Nothing's gonna shift.
- We got any food? Food, water and beer.
Smokes? - Whatever you need.
- Okay.
We're going today.
- In two hours.
- You're fucking kiddin'.
Here, take a radio and get a truck.
You got the paper with you? Uh, here, yeah.
Right here.
What about after? - How's that gonna go? - After we pull this off, Vince ain't gonna be a problem.
We'll be holding the dope, cutting a deal with Wing Lei and Red Mountain.
Anybody doesn't like the idea, speak up, walk out.
Let's hit it.
We got an hour to paint the box.
Sanjay, get us a truck.
Hey, Cindy.
Make sure he stays put all day.
Do what you gotta do.
I, uh, got some good news for you.
Vince and I are back together.
I know, right? Let's do this.
Let's go, boys.
Hell, yeah.
Where you going? I thought I'd get some Indian food.
I just got back home, and you're running out the door.
I gotta run by the garage and talk to Rufus.
You order, I'll pick it up on my way home.
I'll be back in half an hour.
Why don't we order in? Yeah? Where you gotta go? We're in.
Okay, let's go.
You remember the story I told you about my old lady? That was just laughs, Counsellor.
That was kids' stuff.
I got something planned for your wife and kid I gotta take this.
They ain't never gonna forget it, and neither will you, Counsellor.
You will never forget it.
Yeah? I just got a call.
There's a container just been set down on top of the target.
Kinda messing with the plan.
Fix it fast.
Okay, no problem, we got almost 24 hours.
I'll get it out of there.
Right fucking now.
Yeah? We got a little problem.
Somebody dropped a box where our container has to be.
Get it out of there.
Right now? Well, sometime before Friday fucking night.
Where the fuck are you? Just having some dinner.
I gotta work late at the shop.
Get it outta there now.
I get rid of it now, they're just gonna put another one up there.
Do what I fucking tell you.
I'll need a couple hours to put it together.
Everything okay, babe? What? You and Rufus.
Me and Rufus what? You got something going on behind my back? Not even two days, and you start this again.
It was too good to last, I fucking knew it.
I found his lighter in with your crack pipe.
He left it at the barbecue.
What about it? You gotta leave all your bad habits behind.
Is this what it's gonna be like? You grilling me like a cop? 'Cause I'm not having it.
Since I was 14, you've been down my neck, and I forgive you, I know I have put you through hell, but give it a fucking rest.
Yeah? Rufus call you yet? About what? About the fucking box that's on our container.
I'll call him.
Get your shit together.
You gotta pull it outta there.
Got it.
Elephant faces east.
Hey! Check 'em.
Move it, boys, come on.
You guys might want to take a look at this.
We've got a few more bags down here than we counted on.
Come on.
An hour to the scrapyard, and we're done.
Not going to the scrapyard.
Up front, boss.
Take the Highway One turn-off south.
Taking it now.
We have the elephants.
All of them? All of them.
Don't wait up.
I might be late.
Wake up.
The gwailo has done it.
He's pulled it off.
On the next Romeo Section My inside man's gone AWOL.
What are they asking you to do? Find out where the dope is.
You hold my life in your hands, - I hold yours in mine.
- I'm not in on this! - He's a liability.
- I think he's dead! The Romeo Section, next Wednesday at 9:00 on CBC.