The Romeo Section (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Dragon Fruit

Previously on The Romeo Section Is he recruiting you? Yes.
Does he have any suspicions that you're doing the same? Your daughter has come to visit.
I'd like you to meet Mae, - my wife.
- I've seen all your movies.
Hey Where the fuck is Fred Foy? He's got my recruit.
Told you how his wife was killed? Well, you need to hold onto your hat, because she's alive.
Don't be a stranger out there in the real world.
I won't.
The only guy left standing around when the they hit that container on the dock is Vince.
Me and Rufus what? You got something going on behind my back? We got a few more bags down here than we counted on.
The gwailo's done it.
He's pulled it off.
S01E09 Dragon Fruit You make this look easy.
Simple is beautiful.
You found all the bags? Yeah.
A few more than I expected.
Why didn't you tell me? If word got out there was a ton and a half of premium heroin out there, we wouldn't be here to talk about how we pulled it off.
When we talked about the split, we were just talking about four bags.
I think we should talk about the future, then we can talk about the split.
Some things need to be cleaned up.
Let me take care of that.
You should take a holiday.
Vince has plans to leave town tomorrow.
Taking the wife to Maui.
We need to know what he knows, what he may have told the police.
I'll talk to him.
I think I know what to do.
Yeah you probably do.
He's five bags short.
I put 'em aside till we settle up.
Let me know how you want it paid.
Are you fucking kidding me? Hello? Heard you checked out of treatment.
Everything okay? Yeah, but I I really can't talk to you right now.
The, uh, husband breathing down your neck or something? Something like that.
I gotta go.
How can I help you? I ran into one of your mechanics the other day, Rufus.
Said he could sell me some tires.
He didn't show up today.
I can help you out.
Anybody know where he is? No idea.
Well, tell him Rupert called if you hear from him.
Two years, and you've never missed a meet.
Give me a call back, let me know that you're breathing.
I saw Father the other day.
How is he? He looks so much older than I remember.
He'll probably outlive us all, the stubborn donkey.
He wants to return to Fujian to be buried with our ancestors.
And he wants us to go with him.
I can't leave.
I have so much invested here.
My job, my friends are here We have all made sacrifices for the family.
Forgive me for being such a burden.
Of course, it would be easier if we did not have to return, but that is not the way.
The child must take care of the parent.
I didn't sleep a fucking wink.
Dee? Yeah.
Where are you? At home.
Everything all right? As far as I know.
No issues? Nope.
Everything's on schedule.
All right, I'd like to meet go over a few things.
Don't want anything to go sideways.
Yeah, it's all good.
I'm on my way.
What's up, Rupe? My inside man's gone AWOL, I'm wondering if he's been caught up in a DEA raid.
I haven't heard anything yet.
Can you shake the bushes for me? You all right? You sound a little wired.
Just keep an eye out for any bodies that might wash up today.
Something's in the air.
Yeah, I'll keep my nose open.
How can you know nothing? How can you expect me to believe your shit? I'm not fucking with you, I have no idea what happened.
Look at me.
What happened is your scheme was pulled off perfectly, only a full fucking day ahead of schedule.
Now the dope is gone, and you know where it fucking is.
If the dope's gone, it's Rufus pulled it off.
You understand exactly what you're facing here.
I did everything you fucking told me.
I told you everything.
Conspiracy to import, transport, and export heroin, and whatever else I can stack on your ass.
I was played.
It's Rufus.
Wait, the Let me just find out where the dope is.
I'm not in on this.
You're not leaving this room until you're wired.
Don't send me in wired.
I've been thinking a few things over.
And whatever happens, I would like you to stay in touch.
I would like you to be available for when Miguel appears in court.
I don't see that that would help any.
Well, you'd be able to visit him, maybe even spend a few nights now and then.
And you would be able to report to us on how he is doing psychologically through it all.
I'd be an informant.
An asset.
Whatever you want to call it, I'd be lying to Miguel.
I would say that's a lot better than being charged by the Mexican government for enabling a fugitive.
Does Rupert know that you have me locked up in here? Are you in contact with him? I haven't spoken to him lately.
He seems to have gone suddenly very, very quiet.
You know, I hate to say it, but I think that he might have moved on to other priorities.
Well, I need to speak with him.
Listen, why don't you take some time to think about things while you can.
All right, I'll do it.
No, no, take some more time.
Make sure it's the right decision.
I don't want you to agree to do anything against your will.
I said I'll do it.
Go to this address.
Today? Today at 2:00.
Oh, God, I feel ill.
You'll be fine.
Just tell him what you told me.
I don't think this is the right decision.
It's not really for me to say.
I'm in over my head.
I could get thrown out of the country if they ask me to do something and I refuse.
It's just an introduction.
You're under no obligation.
You don't have to take the meeting.
I only set it up because you asked.
Hey Glad I caught you before you leave town.
How was the aquarium? Didn't make it.
Game went sideways.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Really? Who'd you share my information with? As I recall, you didn't give me any.
Maybe if you'd been a little more cooperative, I could have been of some use.
Oh, I doubt that.
Well, that's your problem.
Yeah, you roll up here with a truckload of attitude, like it's the 51st state or something.
What do you want, a hug? I'll be writing this up.
Maybe you'd like a copy of my recordings, refresh your memory? I can give you details of this one, too.
You've been recording me? Yeah.
I always like to use protection when I think I'm gonna get fucked.
You're an asshole.
That's what they say.
Look, look off the record.
What happened? We were watching the container.
They stuck another container on top, cut a hole in the one beneath, pulled out the dope, and made a getaway.
That's embarrassing.
You must be Lily.
Were you followed here? I don't believe so, no.
Not to worry, this place is registered to a foot doctor.
Anybody asks, that's what you're doing here.
Wolfgang tells me you believe you were approached by someone from Chinese intelligence.
It seems so, yes.
Well, you did the right thing by letting us know, so thank you.
Come on in, we'll set you up on the polygraph.
It's normal procedure.
Nothing to be nervous about, and you certainly don't have to if you're uncomfortable.
Good God, I should have guessed.
Even on her tip toes, she's half your age.
Now, this isn't meant to trip you up or intimidate you, nothing like that.
This is just to help us to get to know you better.
I understand.
If you're too blind to see that it's your fucking treasure chest she's attracted to, and not your rather threadbare charm, you really ought to retire.
Did you have any coffee this morning? I had tea.
Is your full name Lily Song? Yes.
Are you currently employed by the Asian Studies department at the university? Yes.
Miss Song? How are you doing so far? This feels like I'm under investigation.
That's a very typical response to the exam.
I guess I'm a little nervous.
It's showing in the results.
You think I'm lying? Not necessarily.
What these results tell me is that you've got something on your mind.
Another examiner would look at these results and say you are holding something back.
I see.
She's nervous because this one is toying with her.
She's just fishing, see what else she comes out with.
Okay, why don't we take a deep breath and start again? Have you at any time been in the employ of a foreign government? No.
If you were still active, what would you tell me? I'm not active.
And all I could tell you is she did better than I expected.
You're coming around.
She's been trained for this, like we all were, when we were young.
Have you ever shared information with a foreign government? No.
Al, sorry I'm late.
I just got your message.
I wanted to show you something.
All right.
This would appear to be a list of what exactly? Some of the assets that you have operating here.
And this is relevant how? I wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands and escalate into some sort of nasty diplomatic row.
I'm sorry, did we get off track somewhere along the line? 'Cause I thought we had a deal that you were going to deliver Miguel Padilla to me.
Did I Did I misunderstand you? Perhaps you misunderstood the terms.
Never was it mentioned that you'd abduct a Canadian citizen.
I'm looking for a resolution, Al Are you holding her in this country? Because if you've already transported her, this whole affair becomes more serious.
There is no need to escalate.
All I need is Miguel Padilla.
Release her, and Miguel Padilla will appear.
No, she's my leverage.
I'll tell you what, I will interview Miguel, you and Rupert can be there, and then we can see what happens.
You don't run me anymore.
I'm not coming when you whistle.
You got a problem with that, then you got a problem.
So, that's how it is? You're on your own? That's what you said, wasn't it? "Pack your bag," you said.
"Say no goodbyes.
" What you're saying is, after all your fucking promises, is that you can't do jack shit for me.
You just cut me loose, close my file, and to hell with any responsibility that you have.
So So, yeah, that's it.
I'm on my own.
Let's see how that works out for you, then.
Raise your arms, please.
All right, thank you.
To be honest, I'm a bit befuddled with these lab results.
It's almost as if I'm looking at another patient.
Is it good or bad news? Oh, the news is good.
There is no sign that you have pneumonia.
I will recover? Well, if these results can be believed, you already have.
I'd like to stay a few more days if possible.
Prison is so damp and cold.
I'll have the lab look at your test results again.
That'll take another day or so.
No hurry.
Take your time.
Excuse me.
Come on in.
Oh, excuse me.
Visiting hours are over.
You'll have to visit another time.
When may I return? Tomorrow between 6:00 and 8:00 p.
I will see you then.
Okay, thank you.
The doctor has requested some more blood tests.
What? Shit! I missed covering your class.
40 students showed up and nobody was there.
I'll make it up to you.
You can make it up to me same time next Friday.
I guess that's what I'm doing, then.
I had a drink with your buddy Al over at the think tank.
Oh, yeah? How badly did he hit on you? I made it out in one piece.
To be honest, he seemed a little more interested in you than me.
Interested in what about me? You know, what you're working on, what you're thinking about.
Who you're seeing.
Courier's here! Next Friday! Yeah! Thank you.
That is the Sunday edition of the "Cronica Monterrey.
" Gloria Padilla is Miguel's wife.
Miguel's wife.
Same wife he's been telling everybody is dead.
Now, according to this, they found her in a spider hole the next state over.
What are they charging her with? Income tax evasion.
Why are you sending me this? You said you had a line on Miguel.
I thought you should have all the available information.
What's going on? Ruf' is waiting for you.
Go on up.
What's up? I need your help with a a problem that's come up.
Wing Lei has connections in the Hong Kong Police.
Figured he might.
So dig this, one of the HK cops infiltrated the drug squad here.
No shit.
And the drug squad here has a combined forces unit with the D.
Good connections to have.
Yeah, and here's the kicker, you're gonna love it.
The HK guy tells Wing you're a rat for the D.
That's our problem right there.
So now you gotta go to Wing Lei and beg for your life.
You fucked up.
They found her.
My guess is that they want you to see that.
They want to terrorize you.
They are very effective at it.
I know some people at the consulate in Monterrey.
We can apply some pressure Don't waste your time with that! Nothing you will do will affect them.
Just bring me to the Americans.
- Okay, take it easy - Now! Look, we're in the middle of trying to hammer out a deal here.
Now! Today.
You told them about the container.
You told them I am involved? What are they asking you to do? Find out where the dope is.
Without the dope, they have no evidence? I think that's right.
Other than what you might say.
They may have other people they're talking to.
That is something you might be able to discover.
I don't know You hold my life in your hands.
I hold yours in mine.
If we cooperate, we can both live and prosper.
It was beautiful.
It went like silk.
Bing bang boom.
I felt like I was playing in the fucking super bowl.
Still ain't quite over.
A couple loose ends.
Wing Lei know about me? He knows you're married to Vince, that's about it.
You didn't tell him about me? Why would I? Next time you see him, I'll come along.
Okay, I'll run it by him.
You'll run it by him? You kissing his ring now? You fucking met the guy a month ago.
Dee, please.
I just pulled off a fucking miracle, a hail fucking Mary.
How about giving me a little credit once in a while? Your paranoia drives me fucking crazy.
My husband is a rat for the D.
That's not paranoia.
That's about as real as it gets.
Stop bragging about how fucking cool you are and do the job you promised me you would do.
Or maybe you can just stand around and wait for Vince to get up in court and point his finger at us? I gotta do this myself? Oh, wow.
You talk big, Dee, you just never back your shit up.
Outta the fucking way.
What are you doing? I'll back my shit up.
And then you can finally shut the fuck up.
How's that? The D.
is gonna be all over this, Dee.
Hey, I got an idea, how about we let Red Mountain deal with Vince? We gotta lay the fuck low for a while, all right? Can you just chill the fuck out for a minute? Guess I gotta do it myself.
Oh, wow.
Big bad Dee.
So, what have you got for me? I have six or seven projects in development at the major studios, just waiting on the money to drop.
But these are the cream of the crop.
I really need a breakout movie right now.
Something that works in American markets.
Well, these are all great scripts, all kickass female parts.
Start with this one.
I want some drama, not just a martial arts soap opera.
A real story, about life and death.
Well, this is the one.
It's about an innocent village girl, who seeks revenge when her husband is killed by the ruling Triad.
I don't want to make a gangster picture.
I thought Wing said that's what it should be I'm the one who produces the picture, not my husband.
Is he here? No.
Out for a meeting.
Is he still working with the General? Why do you ask? I heard the General was very ill, and my family would like to pay their respects before he goes.
That might be difficult.
He is in prison.
Wing saw him yesterday, and he doesn't look good.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So, have a look at the scripts, let me know if there's anything you like, and, uh, I'll call you later? Bye-bye.
Do you know why the General never gets caught? Because he's fucking connected.
Because's he's already caught.
He's in prison.
In prison where? Somewhere in B.
That's all I know.
On what charges? No idea.
But I guarantee he's doing time under a false identity.
That's a pretty common thing in China, you want to hide out for a while during a gang war or something.
It would be a very good thing to know this false identity, Tony.
Hey, with zero time and zero budget, this is not a bad start.
Before Wing Lei moves the dope, he wants to know how the D.
got onto the box in the first place.
Does he have any ideas? He's thinking it's somebody working on the container port, or somebody out of Hong Kong.
Where's he stashed the dope? Nobody's saying.
The bulk of it's going to L.
They've got some deal with the Mexicans.
I didn't catch the whole story.
Are you involved in any of it? Yeah.
Sanjay's cousin has a transport company.
They'll be using the Sumas border crossing.
The date's not set, but I'll know when they're going because I'm arranging for the manifests they'll need at the border.
How comfortable are you staying down, going along till we do the takedown? I can hang in there.
One other thing.
What's that? You should keep an eye on Rufus.
I think he killed a guy from my crew.
Thank you for coming.
I have heard a lot about you.
Let's go inside.
We'd like to debrief you.
Where's Eva? That was the deal.
He gets to speak with her.
No, that was after the interview.
That's what Al agreed to.
Let's get this done.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
The fuck are you doing here? I just I just wanted to check in, you know, make sure you weren't returning to a bad situation.
You been drinking? I've been struggling.
I miss our talks.
How did you get in the house? Basement window.
We have an alarm.
Mm-hmm, a shitty one.
Well, I appreciate your concern.
And I'm glad you're here.
I missed you, too.
Yeah, don't, uh, say that unless you mean it.
Follow me.
This has been quite the ordeal for you.
Send me back home.
The quicker, the better.
I promised that I would hear your side of things first.
Like I said, I can get your story in front of the Department of Justice.
I made it up.
Which part? The whole thing.
I made it up to get asylum.
Your case against the three gentlemen in the limousine, the hit and run charges, you didn't make that up.
The accident was real, but the case was designed to damage our political enemies in Monterrey.
But it backfired.
When the case fell apart, I had to flee.
I made up the whole torture story so I can get asylum in Canada.
Once I was safe, I would send for my wife.
I want to release a statement saying very clearly that I have changed my statement.
Let's say you recant.
You go back to Mexico.
Doesn't mean they're going to let your wife go.
You'll both be dead.
You understand that.
What's that going to achieve? At least I would be with her.
When did he pass? A few hours ago.
Complications of pneumonia.
Did you know him? Yes.
From prison.
Stop it.
I'm trying to remain standing tonight.
Not me.
One more, and I'm off to bed.
Where does that leave me? Leaves you straight home in a taxi to Anne.
We need to talk about where Wolfgang's head is these days.
How would I know? You're still his mentor.
It's understandable that you two would be talking operations, only it may be problematic.
Problematic for whom? If he's talking out of school, it might be a problem for you.
I'm out of the game.
Not if he's keeping you in it.
I'd hate to see the Service declassify your termination file.
Aren't you a viper in the grass.
I'm just looking out for you.
What the fuck do you want? I need to know what he's working on.
A new recruit.
What's her name? I don't know.
What do you make of her? She's a liability, and that's what I told Wolfgang.
Liability how? He's up to his neck in the usual stew.
What's her name? I'm calling you a taxi.
Where'd you go today? Shopping.
I got some new bikinis for Hawaii.
You see Rufus? The last time I saw Rufus, he jabbed a needle in my ass.
I have a friend visiting.
Who's he? I met him in rehab.
He's sorta like my sponsor.
Go say hello.
Hey, I'm Vince.
Dee's husband.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Oh, my Oh, my God! Oh, my God Law office.
Cindy speaking.
How fast can you get over to my house? Uh, 10, 15 minutes, I guess.
Make it five, it's an emergency.
Come in the back door.
9-1-1, what is your emergency? Police, fire, or ambulance? Oh, my God, oh, my God My husband just shot an intruder, and I think he's dead.
I think they're both dead.
Please Please help me.
Oh, my God! Okay, ma'am, could you please tell me your address? Hello? Are you there? Ma'am? Ma'am, we need an address.
Are you there? Ma'am? Dee? Out here on the patio.
Oh! What happened? Who is that? Ivan.
A guy from rehab who was stalking me.
He broke in through a basement window.
Are they dead? They better be.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You want a drink?