The Rookie (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Caught Stealing

1 You didn't nap, did you? I didn't have time.
I've got to find a new place to live.
No excuse, Boot.
Napping is the key to Midnight Shift.
No shorter than 20 minutes.
No longer than 40.
But, hey, if you're comfortable ignoring my institutional wisdom I'm getting evicted.
- And whose fault is that? - Not mine.
They're turning my building into condos.
That's what happens when you gentrify a working-class neighborhood.
What the hell is that? What? That.
There was a guy standing there with a mask on.
He was like seven feet tall.
I saw him.
He was right there.
Boot, if you make me get out of this car for a hallucination What God, he was right here.
Make-believe time is over.
Stop! Police! Tim? Step out.
Step out! Hands where I can see them.
Peel the mask off slowly.
Welcome to Midnight, Officer Chen.
Oh, my God.
Happy to be back on days? God, yes.
I don't know if you heard, but it was - Tim had shirts made.
- Of course he did.
Well, you know, just wait until it's your turn, Officer In Bed By Ten.
What can I say: I'm a morning person.
- Good morning.
- You're here bright and early.
Hey, if you're not early, you're late.
That's a stupid saying.
- What's her problem? - Uh I wore mine in too! It's not the t-shirt although, it is annoying.
I can't find a place to live.
You could always move back home.
No, I really can't.
Or you can bunk up with Nolan.
- He lives in a mansion.
- Hey, it's not a mansion.
It's a guest house of a mansion.
But you're welcome to crash on the couch if you need to.
Yeah, thanks.
But I am determined to find a nice, clean, affordable place to live, even if it kills me.
It's not a mansion.
Oh, no, Officer Nolan.
You will be leading roll call this morning.
Sir? I didn't stutter.
Get up there.
- What now? - The clipboard.
Uh, "Memo to all divisions from the Chief of Police.
" "Complaints about police officer entitlement have risen sharply" "during the last few months" Sir? Do you know what that means? Police officer entitlement? I assume it has to do with unauthorized perks.
Free food, things of that nature.
And what is LAPD's policy on gratuities? No officer shall receive any gratuity, gift, favor, or promise thereof, as it may result in, or be perceived as, payment in exchange for influence, bias, or direction of an investigation or enforcement of punishable offenses.
Nicely done.
Chen, West, will you please join Officer Nolan up front? Have your training officers discussed this policy with you? - Yes, sir.
- And what was your takeaway? - Sir, if I may? - Oh, sounds like a little CYA.
No, sir.
Boot and I walk the straight and narrow.
But businesses like having cops around.
A half-priced meal every once in a while is just community relations.
It doesn't mean we show them favoritism.
You agree with this, Officer Bishop? I'm not saying I've never accepted a free cup of coffee, but it's usually the exception, not the norm.
What about you, Officer Nolan? I got into this job to help people, not to help myself to free stuff.
Cute line.
It's a bunch of bull, but - It's not.
- Really? Do you pay fair market value for that beach house you live in? No, sir.
But I act as caretaker for the main house when Ben is away, so technically I am exchanging services for my rent.
And what happens when that exchange isn't enough? And your buddy gets a ticket, or or worse? Then he'll have to pay for his actions.
Favors are a slippery slope, people.
And so are freebies.
Look, I like to keep it real in here.
There is the letter of the law and there is the spirit.
It is your jobs to know the difference.
But make no mistake as police officers, you have power.
Usually we like to focus on the kind that you holster on your side, but the power that lives within your badge can be equally as dangerous.
That's it.
All right, guys.
Be safe out there.
7-Adam-19, break-in at Westside Fertility Clinic.
We haven't received a single freebie since I've been with you, so why did you defend that to Grey? Because hard rules like that are stupid.
What we do doesn't exist in a vacuum.
Circumstances dictate actions.
Not the other way around.
Anyone here? Yes.
We had a break-in.
I can see that.
There's been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood recently.
Mostly addicts looking for stuff to sell.
This wasn't an addict.
They took embryos.
That's a new one on me.
Do I write this up as a burglary or an abduction? You want to put out 50 Amber alerts? - It's a burglary.
- Officer, there's a crucial time element here.
Without proper temperature control, those embryos will be compromised.
Any idea who took them? They're part of an ugly custody dispute.
A lesbian couple.
The eggs we harvested were from only one of the women Marilyn Tenni.
Her ex is suing for custody rights even though she doesn't have a biological connection.
Okay, we're gonna need names and addresses for both women.
Of course.
But you should know when I called Marilyn to tell her, she got very upset said she was gonna kill her.
License and registration, please.
- Look, I don't have time for this.
- Look, no one does.
But you blew through that stop sign, so Because Prince Charles is going to die.
- Excuse me? - My dog.
He's a King Charles Cavalier and he just ate a whole bag of macadamia nuts.
Look, I'm sorry, but I still have to write you up.
You're kidding.
I'm racing him to the vet.
They have to pump his stomach those nuts are toxic for dogs.
Look, I understand, but this will only take a minute.
- License and registration, please.
- Oh.
If he dies I hope your dog's okay.
Have a nice day.
Go to hell.
Do you think a ticket was the best resolution, Officer West? You heard Sergeant Grey this morning.
We have to remain vigilant.
If we let everyone who's in a rush off the hook, - the city would be undrivable.
- Her dog is dying.
A warning would have been sufficient.
Okay, a dog that size would have to eat a pound of nuts to induce Ataxia.
She drove through the stop sign in a school zone.
That's a pretty serious infraction.
We blow stop signs all the time.
And park on lawns.
And drive on the wrong side of the road.
Okay, that that's different.
We're cops.
- We only do it when necessary.
- Exactly.
Discretion is an important part of this job.
Even if the outcome is different than following the letter of the law.
With all due respect, I was raised differently.
A law is a law.
I can't believe you took Those are mine! They are not yours! They're mine, too! Give them to me! Give them to me right now! Don't you dare hit me again.
- Listen, I said give them to me! - I'll break these before I give them to you.
We're coming in.
- Give them to me.
- They're mine too.
- They are not.
- Hey, hey.
Put down the weapon.
Those are my embryos.
She She stole them from the clinic.
No, they are your eggs, and we had them fertilized by a sperm donor together.
- You remember? - Yeah, and the judge ruled that I get to use them.
Do you remember that? Not if they're gone! Officer Chen, secure her.
Ma'am, give me the tubes.
- No.
- Please.
Those Those are my last chance to carry my own baby.
Please, don't take that from me.
We were supposed to have kids together.
I saw you through your whole cancer treatment.
And then you dump me for a yoga instructor? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Listen to me.
You're angry, okay? You have every right to be.
But doing this? It won't put your marriage back together, okay? Nothing will.
But you will come to hate yourself if you go through with this.
So put the tubes back in that container.
7-Adam-15, respond to single-car accident.
Fourth Street Overpass.
Do you think I'm compromised living at Ben's house? Probably.
You asked.
Yeah, but I meant what I said to Sergeant Grey.
If he asked me for a favor, I'd say no.
Okay, but why even put yourself in that position? I-If it were me, I'd have to pay my own way.
Like a grown-up.
Driver okay? He's been stabbed.
Left side.
Looks like he passed out, then hit his head in the crash.
- Any ID? - Not that I can find.
Control, I need you to run the following plates Five Frank Victor Alpha two seven.
Car registered to Matthew Rodriguez.
- Date of birth 7/7/1990.
- Copy that.
Send another unit to our location for an accident report.
It appears Mr.
Rodriguez has been the victim of an assault.
We're accompanying RA to the hospital.
- We'll follow you.
- Got it.
That guy didn't get stabbed driving alone.
So either it happened before he got in the car, or his attacker bolted after the accident.
I've got to admit I thought there'd be more mysteries on this job.
Be happy there aren't.
The unknown is a pain in the butt.
Sure, but still, every once in a while you want a puzzle to solve.
- Aah! - 7-Adam-15, suspect uh, victim on foot.
Fourth and Cesar Chavez.
Okay now I really want to know what happened.
So our vehicle is registered to Matthew Rodriguez, but our stabbing victim is not - Matthew Rodriguez.
- Hmm.
Looks like Mr.
Rodriguez has a rap sheet with gang orders.
- You know what those are? - It means a judge ordered him not to associate with gang members, wear their colors, or go to their neighborhood.
Odds are a guy like that is connected to our John Doe stabbing.
I thought officers were supposed to avoid - making assumptions.
- There's a big difference between making an assumption and a likely scenario.
Which is? Oh, let me guess.
When it comes from you, it's a likely scenario.
There's hope for you yet, Officer Nolan.
Now let's pay Mr.
Rodriguez a visit, and see if he can shine some light on our stabbing victim.
7-Adam-07, respond to a false-imprisonment call.
974 Ocampo Street.
Are you the manager? - Hey, get me out of here! - Yes.
Sir, we received a call that one of your customers is being held against their will.
He's not a customer.
He's a scam artist.
- Excuse me? - This guy, sets up first dates with women, runs up the bill, and then sneaks out the back door.
He's been doing it at restaurants all over the neighborhood.
He tried to do it to that poor woman over there, but one of our kitchen staff caught him and locked his ass in the walk-in fridge.
Give us a minute.
Seems like you're having a pretty bad day.
Tinder is like the clearance rack at an outlet store.
Dating apps are all bad.
He ordered a $500 bottle of wine for lunch.
And then the charcuterie board.
And a cheese plate.
And that steak Au poivre.
And the bill is $680.
I don't know how I'm gonna cover my rent this month.
Did you already order dessert? - No.
- Go ahead and get something.
- Maybe two things.
- Why? Look, I know what you're doing.
She bumps up the bill to $700, we can charge her date with a felony.
Very good, Officer West.
It's not our job to put our thumb on the scale and change the outcome here.
Are you lecturing me on police work, Boot? - No.
But it's still s - But nothing.
Go hook up our dine-and-dasher.
Definitely get the crème brûlée.
Best crème brûlée in the city.
Seriously? You're totally fine with this? Susan isn't stuck paying the bill since the owners can write it off as theft.
The only person paying for the crime is this jerk who committed it.
That's the spirit of law.
Now take a bite.
No, I don't I don't want it.
Come on, get off your high horse and try a little.
Uh I think it's - Just - Mnh-mnh.
Just a little bite.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
Told you.
Matthew Rodriguez, police.
Open up.
- Ready? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I guess now we know who stabbed our John Doe.
- You sound disappointed.
- No, I just thought it might be a little less cut and dry.
Well, believe me cut and dry is a lot less paperwork.
7-Adam-15, we need a homicide unit at 4495 Barrington.
Our John Doe is now a murder suspect.
You're not done yet? At this stage in training, you should've knocked that out in two minutes.
What's the problem? I'm I'm not sure how to write it.
It's a simple grand-theft report.
It's not simple, all right? We made that case a felony.
Something that should've been a citation, we turned into a weekend in jail.
And you want me to lie on the report.
I seem to remember writing a report about you second day on the job "bent the truth" about your cowardice in the line of fire.
Ringing a bell? Yeah.
And I'm grateful.
- You know that.
But I'm not - But what, Boot? More than any other rookie, you should know the difference between the spirit and the letter.
Unless you don't think it applies to you.
Are you the exception, Officer West? No, ma'am.
Yet, here you are, acting holier than thou.
Tell me something do you carry a push knife? One of those fight-for-your-life, "last-resort," do-or-die kind of knives? You know that I do.
I mean, my my dad gave it to me.
Oh, right.
Your father.
Who all but walks on water only this knife is illegal.
Yeah, right.
I mean, half the department carry these.
Penal Code section 12-0-20.
At the very bottom.
Technically it's a dagger.
Look it up if you don't believe me.
Look, if it's true, then I just won't carry one anymore.
That is the wrong lesson to learn here.
You're in for a hard fall if you can't see the difference between righteous and rigid.
And if that wasn't the first thing your father taught you, he failed you.
Now fill out the damn report, we've got to get back out there.
It doesn't seem right to lock up Marilyn, too.
She was only trying to protect her embryos.
Nothing we can do.
She committed assault.
Domestic-violence laws are strict for a reason.
What happened to "circumstances dictate actions"? Trust me, this is one rule I'm all for.
Cemeteries are filled with women who'd still be alive if cops had been forced to hook up their spouses the second he or she laid hands.
That is a very enlightened attitude.
You seem surprised.
Sir, you surprise me every day.
Go gas up the shop.
- Hey.
How's it going? - Hey.
Yeah, it's been an interesting morning.
How about you? Same.
I found a dead body at the Langston on Wilshire.
- How was it? - Uh, gruesome.
Guy took a bullet right to his, uh Oh, wait.
Not the body.
The apartment.
Oh uh, it was nice.
Surprisingly upscale for a gang member.
Are you asking for you? Well, the building needs to disclose if someone was killed in the apartment, so it might mean a break in rent.
Yeah, just a bit of a questionable way to find a place to live, no? Yeah, well, traditional clearly isn't working out, so Let's go, Boot.
Captain wants to see us.
That should hold you until you get to the hospital.
- Captain.
- What's going on? That's our murder suspect.
He's not a suspect, Officer Nolan.
He's an undercover narcotics detective.
Robert Ortiz.
I'm sorry about the ambulance thing.
I've been undercover inside La Eme for almost a year.
Working my way closer to the offshoot in Boyle Heights called Ocampo Loco.
They control the cash flow and then bundle the drug money and ship it back to Mexico.
How much money are we talking? Right now, at least a million.
The word is they're gonna ship it tonight.
I was about to report it when my cover was blown by, uh, Matthew Rodriguez, who tried to kill me, so I shot him in self-defense.
Uh, you know the rest.
Officer Ortiz has bravely volunteered to go back in to protect his cover and set up our tactical operation.
Last time I was at the house, it was four halcones guarding the money.
We're gonna gear up heavy, position ourselves down the street, be ready to initiate a full-blown raid on the house once Ortiz gives us the signal.
Rookies, this is your first high-level tactical operation.
Let's be prepared.
Did you read the search warrant? Yes, ma'am.
8531 Winchester Boulevard.
Residence is a 1800s Victorian with five bedrooms and two bathrooms.
- And a guest house.
- Front door? Solid oak with a copper handle on the right side.
You know the specs of this equipment, Officer Chen? That's a Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Special Op Ram.
- How much does it weigh? - 60 pounds, sir.
Hold it tight.
You'll be the breacher.
You'll buy a round for every swing it takes to knock that door down.
Walk me through a tactical-gear check.
Stock zip ties in the loops of the tac vest.
- And then? - Secure any loose gear tac vest, helmet, et cetera.
Finally, secure firearm to thigh rig.
Very good.
Any questions? What if I have to pee? I'll hold it.
I'm good.
All units, we're 30 seconds out.
Get ready.
Be safe.
Officer West, you do the 844.
Stand by to initiate.
Ortiz is in.
Where the hell you been? Rodriguez was talkin' to the cops.
He tried to stick me when I called him out.
So I put a bullet in his head.
We got to get out of here.
- He could've given this place up.
- How the hell are we gonna do that? We've got a million in cash waiting for pick-up.
- Pack it up.
- It's too hot to stay here.
That's the signal.
Police! Open the door! We have a search warrant.
- Suspect ran into the back.
- Open door to the right.
LAPD! Open door.
Get away from that window.
Show me your hands.
Step back or I'll shoot.
Get down on your knees now.
Clear! - You good? - Yeah.
Hands up.
Fingers behind your head.
Do it now.
Back up.
Hands up! Interlace your fingertips behind your head.
- You okay? - Yeah.
We'll divert to the hospital on the way out.
Clear! Coming out! Rookies special assignment.
Follow me.
Here's what happens now.
You see, the money counters and the videographer are on their way.
In the meantime, you three get to watch the money.
Two people with it at all times.
No selfies.
Where does all this money go? Cash seized during drug raids goes back to Narcotics, where it's used again for undercover ops.
That's more money than I've ever seen in one place.
Can you imagine? I'd buy a car no, a helicopter.
And learn to fly it so I could avoid all the traffic.
Yeah, that first big purchase is always tricky, right? The barber in Foxburg? He won the lottery.
Bought a big, fancy boat.
Ran it aground in Freeport, coked to the gills.
I don't think a boat is a good idea.
What about you? What would you spend it on? I'm not playing that game.
This is drug money.
Come on.
We're just talking.
A million dollars lands on your doorstep.
What do you do? Go.
And don't say you'd set aside 30% for taxes.
Um A new car, I guess.
Um, or maybe a trip.
Been wanting to do a little traveling.
Let me guess.
You'd visit police departments all around the world.
Learn their techniques.
I'd pay all of Henry's tuition with the money.
Just so he didn't have those student loans - hanging over his head.
- Yeah, they're no fun.
I'll be paying mine off until I'm 60.
Yeah, well, with this money, you could pay them all off and still rent an amazing place by the ocean.
Meanwhile, I couldn't afford to buy the room in the house I'm living in.
Bet it would have got you something pretty nice - back in Foxburg, though.
- Hmm.
Biggest house in town and then some.
Still can't get used to the cost of living in Los Angeles.
It's like you have to add an extra zero to everything.
You know, I never really thought about money growing up.
We always just had enough, you know? Yeah.
That's what I thought until my parents went bankrupt when I was nine.
It took a couple of really bad years before we got back up on our feet.
Ah, been there.
Definitely been days where I would have killed to be sitting across from this much money, there for the taking.
Hey, don't even joke about that.
I've heard too many stories from my dad about cops who started filling their pockets, convincing themselves that it was a victimless crime, that they were entitled to a little extra compensation for their troubles.
Well, relax.
That's not us.
Yeah, that's what they thought at first, too.
But then you take a bite of the crème brûlée, and the next thing you know, you're doing three to five for felony theft.
I'm sorry.
Crème brûlée? - Never mind.
- Oh, man.
- What? - I just I still have to pee, but all this I'll be right back.
- All done? - Just finished.
Bad guys on the way to jail, Ortiz on his way to the hospital.
- So we're headed out.
- You're not waiting for us? Nope.
But we're leaving a shop behind.
Remember shift starts tomorrow at noon, but you want to get in early to do tonight's paperwork.
Copy that.
Are the money counters gonna get here soon? I'd get comfortable if I were you.
Those guys work at their own pace.
Copy that.
Oh, where's the I'd still do the job.
Even if I came into money.
That's not a shock.
You know, I would, too.
You've known what you wanted to do since birth, but I just figured out.
There's no way I would bail now.
What about you? Having money makes things easier, not better.
That's not an answer.
Would you quit the job? And pass up on being hazed on a daily basis by training officers ten years my junior? Come on.
All right.
Officers Graser and Williams arriving on the scene.
13:17 a.
relieving three uniformed officers.
- What are your names? - Nolan, Chen, West.
Anyone else that's come in or out? - No, ma'am.
- Great.
Hit the road.
We got it from here.
You coming? We might never see this much money again.
If there's ever another raid and they need someone to sit and wait until the wee hours, I have a feeling it will be us.
Nolan, wake up! Nolan! Nolan! Did I oversleep? Shift starts at noon.
Captain called me to bring you in early.
- Why? - She didn't say.
- That sounds bad.
- It's not good.
- Do I have time to - Get dressed.
What's going on? They told us to gather our Boots, same as you.
We have a situation.
Money counters are telling us that we're missing $250,000.
And you three were the only ones left alone with the money.
Well, the money counters must have made a mistake.
There's video of them entering the garage and relieving you.
And then they counted the money and got $750,000, and not a million.
Let me remind you, an officer was recently convicted of third-degree official misconduct for taking $70 from a crime scene.
He's serving two years behind bars.
What do you think would happen to a cop who steals a quarter-million dollars? But we didn't take it.
Uh, maybe the assumption was wrong.
Maybe it was always $750,000.
That's not what the Intel shows.
Guy's on the wire saying it's a million.
Okay, well, we can all vouch for each other.
- I mean - Not good enough.
The only thing that will clear you is passing a polygraph.
Now, I can't, by law, make you take one.
It would have to be strictly voluntary.
- What if we decline? - It's grounds for suspension, pending an investigation, and possibly could lead to your termination.
Well, that's not much of a choice, but - Yeah, we'll do it.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- What, now? - Now.
You think one of them really could have done it? Not by themselves.
Nolan came back into the house to use the bathroom.
One of the other two could have hidden some of the money then.
Came back, picked it up later.
There's no way West participated.
- That kid is squeaky clean.
- Well, if it was Chen, - she wouldn't get caught like this.
- Sounds like a compliment.
I'm just saying she's smarter than that.
It doesn't matter if they did it or not.
If they don't walk out of there with a flawless polygraph, they're done.
What am I sitting on? A pressure pad that registers if you attempt to try to cheat the polygraph by clenching your buttocks.
Well, that can't be a real thing.
- You just clenched.
- Really? What am I doing now? Officer West, you seem uncomfortable.
Is there something you'd like to get off your chest - before we begin? - Yes.
I, um I had a bite of crème brûlée, okay? And, yes, it was delicious.
Like, I-I-I know it was wrong, but now that taste is in my mouth.
That sweet flavor of corruption is just but I want to let you guys know that I've learned my lesson.
And it will never happen again.
Let's begin with a few control questions.
Answer with a simple yes or no.
- Is your name Jonathan Nolan? - Yes.
Do you live at 7214 and 1/2 Alvarado Street, apartment F? - For the moment.
- A simple yes or no, Officer.
Um, yes.
Are your eyes brown? Um, well, m-my mom always says they're more of a dark chestnut, but - Brown is fine.
- Did you witness anyone taking money? - No.
- Were you ever alone with the money? Yes, sir.
N-No No, sir.
Look, I'm sorry.
These These wires make me really nervous, like Have you ever lied to protect another officer? No.
Let's try that again.
Have you ever lied to protect a fellow officer? Yes.
Regarding the missing money? No, ma'am.
Why did you tell them about crème brûlée? I don't know.
It came up naturally.
They were yes or no questions.
How does crème brûlée come up naturally? Boots, you've all passed your polygraphs.
But this is far from over.
Go home.
Detectives will contact you soon about follow-up interviews.
We got to find out what happened to that money - before you hit the street again.
- Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
You know what I like to do after I've been suspected of a felony? - Uh, drink? - Damn straight.
I got a stocked fridge.
- Anyone want to join? - I'm down.
- Lucy? - Yeah, it's barely lunch, and I should make use of the time off and go apartment hunting.
You okay? Why would I be? Hey.
- We all got cleared.
- You're cops.
We supposed to be impressed you're not criminals? - No No, sir.
- Part of the job description, really.
And you won't be cleared until the money's found, but we'll do our best to try and find it.
You know, Talia's right.
They don't catch who stole that money, cops are gonna think we did it, no matter what the polygraph said.
We'll never be trusted again.
Yeah, you're not wrong.
So what do we do? Hey, Lucy.
You're on with me and Jackson.
You know, if they don't find the money, we're screwed.
We were just talking about that.
I keep going over it in my mind.
The only thing I can think of is that money was gone long before we ever got to the garage.
- What the hell is this guy doing? - Wait.
What? This black SUV he's riding my ass.
He just hit me! He looks like he's trying to run me off the road! - Where are you? - Uh, driving south on Griffith Park Drive.
I just passed Mineral Wells Trail.
Lucy? Bishop, Lucy's in trouble.
Someone tried to drive her off the road, Griffith Park Drive.
Jackson and I are on our way there now.
Okay, two left.
Phone's in the car.
Officer needs help, requesting backup and airship.
- Van's clear.
- Griffith Park Drive.
Be advised plain-clothed officers in pursuit, heading northwest into the woods.
7-Adam-19, we're five minutes out.
Hold until we get there.
Which way? I don't know.
You seeing that? Yeah.
- That way.
- You sure? No.
Drop the gun.
What do you want? The money you stole.
You're with La Eme? And you're with the LAPD, Officer Lucy Chen, who lives at 7214 and 1/2 Alvarado Street, apartment F.
- How do you know all that? - Public records.
Addresses, police reports.
Damn near everything's on the net.
So I already know that you were guarding our money.
And 250 G's went missing.
And I know you're the cop that took it.
- I-I didn't steal anything.
- No.
We've seen your place.
Ran your credit.
You need a serious cash infusion.
So where's our money? I already told you, I don't have it.
Tough girl, huh? Well, everybody's tough at first, until they're not.
Cut her up a little.
This isn't about the money, chica.
A quarter million is a rounding error on our gas budget.
This is about sending a message.
You can't steal from us.
Even if you carry a badge.
- I saw you.
- What? Outside the house, right before we raided it.
You were wearing those boots and carrying that duffel bag with the red stripe.
Somebody tipped you off about the raid.
You took the money.
You got in before we hit the place.
You thought no one would notice.
Shots fired northwest from our previous.
Damn it! Aah! You messed it all up.
Hey! Police! Don't move! Aah! Do not move! Stay on the ground! You got this? I'm going after Lucy.
Aah! - Nice.
- Do you have cuffs? Yeah.
Last pair.
What took you so long? Paramedics are taking our other suspect to Shaw Memorial.
Homicide's working the halcón this one killed.
And the missing $250,000? Einstein here had it stacked on his coffee table.
West and Lopez are bringing it in now.
All right.
Good work.
- And how are you doing? - Oh, good.
Thank you.
I think I might have twisted my ankle I meant Officer Chen, Nolan.
- That was good work out there.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm just relieved that we found the missing money.
So I take it we're off the hook about the cash? You are.
But to be clear, at no point did anyone actually believe that three rookies knew how to smuggle a quarter mil in cash out of a crime scene.
But good work.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, look.
In case I haven't said this enough, I, uh I've been training to be a cop my whole life.
I walked in here thinking I knew everything about everything, and I can only imagine how annoying that's been.
I wouldn't call it annoying.
I'd call it yeah, no, annoying's about right.
Well, I'm sorry.
You're my T.
, not my dad.
I should let you let teach me how to be a cop.
Even if some of your methods contradict the things that he showed me, but look, I just hope that you'll understand if I need to take a moment to adjust.
I guess I can give you that.
Thank you.
And thanks for not giving up on me.
I wouldn't be here without you, and I'll never forget that again.
This a good time? Of course.
Come in, Captain.
I wanted to see how you were doing.
All-you-can-eat pudding.
The only highlight of being in a hospital.
Do you want one? Oh, no, no.
You enjoy.
Hey, uh, I thought you'd like to know.
We recovered the missing quarter million.
That's really good news.
Turns out it was gone before we even showed up.
Gang member Franco DeSantis took it just before our raid.
We pulled his cell records.
Turns out there was an incoming call just before he grabbed the cash and walked it out the door.
Do you know where that call came from? Mnh-mnh.
I have no idea.
The station.
And you think I-I-I-I made it.
Oh, I know you did.
You see, Franco admitted as much.
Tch, tch, tch.
You should enjoy your pudding.
The stuff they give you in prison? Whew.
Not nearly as good.
- Hey.
- Come in, come in, come in.
Ah! So, this is my new place.
It's great, right? Oh, um, there's a giant bloodstain on the rug.
Which is how I'm getting 25% off for the first year.
Are you sure that's not because you're a cop? Yeah.
He didn't even know before he cut me the break.
Landlord was super eager to get it all done, especially because I said I would take it as is.
As is? Uh, you mean that Oh, yeah.
Which is why you're here.
You see, friends help friends clean up crime scenes.
We'll get Poke after.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
So what should we drink to? To paying your own way.
That's strangely specific.
Listen, I really appreciate everything you've done for me.
You really helped me get back on my feet.
But I'm back on them now, and I can't just keep living here for free.
- I don't need you to pay rent.
- I need me to pay rent, so what would you list this place for? Oh.
I don't know.
Maybe eleven? How about we'll just call it $10,000 even? A month? I-I-I can't afford that.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you pay what you can afford, and we'll call it even? Thank you.
And I have to tell you oh, my God, that's good.
But I have to be clear.
As a cop, I can't do you any favors.
I can't fix a ticket for you.
I-I can't help you out of any legal jeopardy.
I-I just hope you understand.
And you know what? I would never come to you for anything like that.
Okay? I'm super tight with the District Attorney.
- That's not better.
- So You know this rent that you're gonna be paying is it retroactive from when you moved in? Um.
Yes? That's great.