The Rookie (2018) s01e15 Episode Script


Good morning, Officer Nolan.
Ready for another exciting day out on the streets of Los Angeles? Yep.
Coffee? No, thanks, I get all the rush I need from making this beautiful city of ours safer every single day.
And you will too if you join the L.
- I mean P.
- Cut! Go again.
And you will too Um, I'm sorry.
What do I say again? - Cut! - L.
I do too.
And so will you if as well if you join the L.
A Cut! I need to spit out my gum.
And that's why we joined the L.
's finest.
O-Okay, guys, I know there were a few stumbles in there, yes, in the beginning, but this is Hollywood, right? They fix that stuff in the editing.
I think this video's gonna make the department very proud.
Officer Bradford, would you like the honor? Actually, sir, I think that should go to Lopez - the whole thing was her idea.
- Lopez? There is no promotional video.
You got punked.
This sucks.
I This is awful.
No, you're doing good.
Can I get more powder? I'm sweating blocks.
Can I get a copy of this for my kid? We're all gonna die.
Right here.
Right now.
This bomb is packed with C4, ball bearings, screws, broken glass.
When this thing goes off, this whole room is gonna turn into a blender.
And guess what.
If you don't die instantly, you're gonna suffer fatal, secondary infections because I soaked the shrapnel in my own filth.
Now, you've all been taught to shoot on sight when you see a bomber, right? But you can't shoot me, because I'm holding a dead man's switch.
I let it go, it detonates.
So your only shot at survival is to talk me into giving up.
But you only have ten words to do it.
U-Um, ma'am, you you don't want to do this.
It's a slaughterhouse in here.
Uh, my name is Lucy Chen, and Boom.
They're IDing you through dental records.
You just got buried in a shoe box.
I can only imagine the pain you're feeling right now.
You just got ten more words.
Okay, so what did you all do wrong? Officer West started mansplaining.
Officer Chen wasted time by introducing herself.
And Officer Bradford decided to skip words altogether.
They're overrated.
If I'd been a hair quicker, you'd be singing my praises.
But you weren't.
So that means you fall into the fail category with everybody else except Officer Nolan.
What did he do right? - He expressed empathy.
- You mean he faked it.
It doesn't matter if it was real.
The only thing that matters is how it comes across.
Active listening plus empathy leads to a rapport, which leads to influence and ultimately behavioral change.
- Wow, you read my book.
- Twice.
Okay, well, I read your file.
Actually, I read all of your files, but, um, nothing in your past indicates an ability to communicate with people like that.
So why do you think that you're so good at it? Because of the training I received from Officer Bishop and Sergeant Grey.
You just betrayed our trust by giving me a political answer.
Our rapport is ruined, and this room is now a horror movie.
Oh, my goodness.
I am so embarrassed.
Oh, no, don't be.
You know, if they knew how to do it, then you wouldn't have called me to come in and train them.
I still can't believe that you're a private consultant now.
I mean, you were such a rock star in the Bureau.
How's Luna? Great.
And she's pushing me to make a change, too.
Dominique's heading off to college, and Well, you should.
I-I Look, you know, you you've you've done your 20, you've got the, uh the scars to prove it.
- Go do something new.
- What? What else is a guy like me gonna do? Come work with me.
- Work for you, you mean.
- Okay, come on.
I am not like that.
You know that.
Thanks, but I am nowhere near ready to have this conversation.
Well, when you are, - the offer will still be there.
- All right.
- Okay? - All right.
- She's pretty impressive, huh? - I'll say.
Uh, why didn't you tell me she wrote a book about her years on the FBI's hostage rescue team? I would've been so much better prepared.
How did you not know about it? You know, the Academy Jackson would've been all over that.
Yeah, Officer Jackson is clearly slipping.
Okay, no, I'm not.
Wouldn't matter if you read it or not.
- I'm simply better than you.
- Oh, okay.
Look, well, I think that she is full of crap.
I spent summer vacations running hostage scenarios, and I always beat my brother and saved the hostage.
Dad said it was a gift.
Dad should'a sent you to camp.
- What's going on? - Prison transport crashed, loaded with convicts from the courthouse.
Come on.
Get that gear, Boot.
- Let's go! - Yeah - Let's go! - Yeah.
- Hey, what happened here? A coyote ran in front of the bus.
Graham swerved.
We went over.
- How many people on board? - 20 prisoners, two other guards.
- Did any prisoners get away? - I think so.
Whoa, whoa, hey.
Hey, get down there! Get me a head count.
Control, this is 7-L-20 - at scene of crash.
- I got this one.
I'm declaring a city-wide tactical alert.
I need multiple RAs, scramble airships, and call additional units from Rampart - and North Hollywood.
- He's dead.
I need a hard perimeter set around the crash assume a ten minute head start.
I got something over here, 10:00.
Check it out be careful.
Don't move.
An ambulance is on its way.
Can you give me a sit rep? Seven of them escaped.
They got my keys, my gun.
They went out through the windshield.
All units, be advised, seven prisoners escaped from the bus.
At least one is armed.
Hang tight.
We're gonna get you out of here, okay? Police.
Stop! Hey, take it easy.
I got you.
Come on.
I got you.
I got you.
7-Adam-15, I need an RA unit immediately 60 yards east of the crash.
50-year-old male, life-threatening injuries.
Okay, just stop moving, all right? Stop moving.
- I gotta get help.
I gotta get help.
- Shh, shh.
Help is here.
Help is here.
I'm right here.
Hey, what's your name? Uh, Graham.
Graham, I'm John.
- Am I gonna die? - No! No, come on.
No, you're not gonna die.
You're You're gonna be fine, okay? You're gonna be okay.
You just hang on.
All right? Okay? - Hang on.
- Okay.
7-Adam-19, almost on site.
Negative, we have at least seven fugitives at large in surrounding neighborhoods.
Start a grid search, coordinate with 7-Adam-13, 18, and 26.
There! 7-Adam-19, in pursuit of fugitive suspect, heading North on Maple.
Down! Get on your stomach! Get on your stomach! Let's go.
Let's go.
Hands behind your back.
Okay, okay.
7-Adam-15, where the hell is my ambulance? Tell her Tell her Tell who? Tell who? - T-Tell her I love her.
- Tell who? Graham, who do you want me to tell? Beth.
Where's Nolan? Officer Nolan, report.
- Don't move! - Nolan? - You okay? - Yes.
Get control of him.
All right, listen up.
This is what we know so far.
So, we have seven fugitives at large Six.
Good work.
Correction we have six fugitives at large.
- Five.
- At this rate, I'd say we'd be home for dinner, but I know better.
A prisoner on foot can sustain a pace of four miles per hour.
And the clock started ticking 20 minutes ago.
So we have a hard perimeter set up a mile out.
If it was set up in time, it's just a matter of going door-to-door and running these fugitives down.
If a fugitive gets past our perimeter, this turns from a recovery operation to a manhunt.
And that puts the entire city at risk.
So Bishop, Wong, Mitchell, Pileggi your shops will fall back and man the perimeter.
Bradford, Lopez, Keegan, and Willis, you'll join the grid search inside the zone.
Command will advise you on the identities of the guys you're chasing as soon as we get them, but for now, assume that they are all extremely dangerous.
Let's go get 'em.
This is the Los Angeles Police Department.
For your own safety, we ask you to lock your doors and stay inside due to an ongoing emergency.
License and registration, please.
Pop the trunk, please.
Officer Nolan.
All right, have a nice day.
Hey, you sure you're okay? Before that deputy died, he asked me to pass along a message.
Shouldn't I be doing that? You're doing exactly what you should be doing.
Hard as it sounds, that message can wait.
That bus was full of hardcore felons.
Desperate men.
If we don't catch them quickly, somebody else could die.
All right.
Sir, there's a shelter in place order in effect.
- We need you in your house.
- Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get your hands - where I can see them.
Now! - No, stay right there.
It's okay.
We got permits for the weapons, and our ammo is stored separately, so it's legal.
I don't care if it's legal.
No good's gonna come from you guys running around here with assault rifles.
We heard prisoners were on the loose.
We got a right to protect our neighborhood.
Yeah, that's a job for law enforcement, not a ragtag militia.
Got one! Got a fugitive! Hey, get off me, man.
I didn't do anything.
- Officers, please.
- Hey, let him go.
That's not who we're looking for.
- I kept telling him that! - You sure? He looks guilty as hell to me.
- At least check his papers.
- Let him go.
Right now.
Are you okay? No, you should be arresting them.
Hey, screw that.
The law says we're allowed to defend our neighborhood "when in grave danger.
" - I was trimming a hedge! - All right, look, that's enough.
Get back.
Look, as bigoted as they are, they thought they were making a citizen's arrest, so they haven't broken the law.
But their names will be in our report, so if you'd like to sue them for emotional damages, - you can.
- Whoa, hey, now How about we just all, uh, go back and secure our home fronts.
No hard feelings.
If I find out that you're back out here again, I'll have you arrested for violating California Penal Codes 372 and 647b.
You got that? 647b is the code for prostitution.
They don't know that.
All units, possible fugitive sighting.
Parking garage 19558 Sunset Boulevard.
Guy in an orange jumpsuit took a bunch of keys, ran up the ramp.
7-Adam-07, show us Code 6 on fugitive suspect.
Police! Turn off the engine and get out of the car now! Show me your hands.
Open the door from the outside.
Get down on your stomach.
- What's your name? - Oscar Hutchinson.
Control, we have fugitive Hutchinson in custody.
I was only running because I thought the bus was gonna explode.
Uh-huh, is that why you stole a car, too? I always loved driving.
Ah, I've been locked up for decades.
I was kind of hoping to get a little "me" time in before you guys caught me.
I hope it was enough, 'cause your sentence is only gonna get longer now.
Oh, I'm in forever, son.
Every moment out here is gravy.
You're free to go.
Thank you.
License and registration, please.
Okay there, Mr Bernstein? Yeah.
Where you coming from today? Pre-school.
We're looking for some men who escaped from prison.
You haven't seen anyone like that, have you? No, sir.
Would you pop the trunk for me? What? I need you to pop the trunk.
Bernstein, so sorry to take up your time today.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Have a nice day.
- You let him go? - Only way to save that kid.
And what if you're wrong? We're clear.
I did what you wanted, now give me my daughter.
You can take my car.
Drop your gun! So, our good news first.
Three more fugitives were apprehended, leaving just two at large.
But those two are gonna be hell to catch.
Which is why command asked Jessica Russo to assist us.
- Jessica? - Yeah, so at this point, we're gonna have to assume that these guys have gotten past the perimeter, which means that we're gonna have to get inside their heads to figure out where they're gonna go.
Predictive analytics.
- You sound skeptical.
- No, ma'am.
I just found the best way to catch a criminal - is to hit the streets.
- Well, that's because you have no experience doing it any other way.
Marcos Gibson.
Only 24 years old, but he's been a member of the 54th street gang for over a decade.
He was recently sentenced to 12 years in Victorville for aggravated assault and attempted murder.
The five-four will do everything they can to help him get away.
Including spiriting him out of the state.
I've got a contact inside the five-four that might be able to give us some insight.
- Go talk to him.
- Okay, good.
Our next fugitive is Caleb Jost.
He is, in my opinion, the more dangerous of the two.
He is 44 years old, a former investment banker.
Sentenced five years for securities fraud and another eight for biting off the nose of his Deputy AG during his arrest.
He is testament to the fact that psychopaths can carry a briefcase as easily as a grab bag.
The FBI believes Caleb hid significant resources - before he was arrested.
- Which he's gonna need to avoid going back to prison.
So we have to dig into the FBI leads and figure out the location of that money - before he gets there.
- That's exactly right.
Are you up for the challenge, Officer Nolan? - Yes, ma'am.
- Okay, great, then you and Officer Bishop can stay with me while everybody else runs down more obvious leads.
Okay? All right, here we go.
Grand theft auto? Really? I barely made it 100 yards.
There isn't a distance requirement.
You stole a car, which means we gotta process you before we ship you back to prison.
Hey, I'm not complaining.
This place is like the Ritz compared to Victorville.
Get him squared away while I contact the Sheriff's Department about procedure.
You know the drill.
Take your shoes off.
West? I knew a West in my youth.
Any relation? Yeah.
He's my dad.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, I guess I see the resemblance.
You must have got your tall gene from your moms.
So what, my old man arrested you? Yeah, well, it was a little bit more complicated than that.
How so? Well, this was the '90s.
The streets were different back then.
And your dad was going after some pretty big players.
He He didn't always sweat the small stuff.
So you're saying he let you go.
Uh, yeah, depending on the day.
I'd give him a little Intel.
He'd look the other way.
But not before messing with me.
This one time, he caught me with some dope.
He told me if I could outrun him, he'd cut me loose.
- My dad's pretty fast.
- Yeah, we tied.
I was, like, 20 pounds lighter back then.
And I was high on crank, you know.
I'm sorry, but this does not sound like my dad.
We were all gangsters back then, son.
Criminals and five-oh alike.
What's predictive analytics? Using data from the past to predict the future.
Feds love that kind of stuff.
They'd rather sit in front of a computer than hit the streets and scuff their loafers.
Still, if it helps solve a crime or find a fugitive, isn't it worth using? Whose side are you on? I didn't know there were sides.
But yours, definitely yours.
- Deacon, thanks for coming in.
- No problem.
I figured I'd be hearing from you today.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Deacon Joe.
- Lucy Chen.
- Bradford's next victim.
I remember when your T.
was the one - wearing the long sleeves.
- Oh, you got pictures? I like her.
I'm thrilled.
Deacon was my first arrest.
Also one of the few to be rehabilitated in maximum security prison.
Man, I swear to God, every time I see you, it's like a time machine.
I mean, since we met, I did six years in Chino, got clean, left the life, started up a family.
Only thing that changed about you is the lines on your face.
What lines? If you were expecting to hear from me, then you know why you're here.
Marcos Gibson.
Look, I need to get to him before he hooks up with the 5-4.
Yeah, Marcos was one of my kids for a while.
I lost him to the 5-4.
But they're the last place - he's gonna go right now.
- Why? He was knocking boots with Keon's woman.
- Right before the trial.
- Who's Who's Keon? Leader of the 5-4.
This kid must have a death wish.
Yeah, if Keon gets ahold of Marcos before you guys do, he'll kill him.
Officer Bishop, any update on Caleb Jost? Uniforms have visited his entire extended family.
No one's seen or heard from him.
If we believe they are telling the truth.
Um Just give me a sec.
Excuse me.
Did you know that deputy who died? Graham? Yeah.
My condolences.
Um He asked me to pass a message along to his wife.
I just need to know how to get in touch with her.
Graham wasn't married.
Oh, um Maybe a girlfriend, then.
Her name is Beth.
Graham was single.
He never even brought a date to the Christmas party.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Graham was a bit of a loner.
We, uh We, uh, used to give him a hard time about it.
Okay, um - Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Did you find something? - Oh, um, no.
That was a bit of a side project.
Okay, well, it's not really an appropriate time for that.
Of course, you're right, but, um But what? I-I was with the deputy when he died.
He asked me to give a message to someone named Beth, and now it turns out he's single.
Uh, well, a mom or a sister maybe? Maybe.
It sounded romantic.
A-Anyway, I should be getting back to work.
His death must have been traumatic for you.
I'm fine.
Lying destroys rapport, remember? Right.
His leg was torn off in the accident.
I wasn't expecting to see that.
You know, I will never forget the first catastrophic injury that I saw.
But at least you have something positive to focus on.
If you need any help finding her, please let me know.
Thank you.
I think I might've found something.
I ran a search of names from Caleb's life against recent dispatch calls.
Discovered a wellness check that was called in for the aunt of Caleb's ex-wife.
I guess she's a daily churchgoer, but she didn't show up today.
She could have just gone to the movies or maybe planned to go later.
Maybe, or her routine was disturbed by a visit from our fugitive.
Good work, Officer Bishop.
Go check that out.
Prison transport will be here soon.
- Lucky me.
Hey, listen, you see your old man, tell him I said "hi.
" And I haven't forgotten.
Forgotten what? The .
45 he planted.
The reason I'm doin' life in prison.
You're saying that my dad framed you? Well, no, we were good while I was informing on guys.
I think he made some pretty heavy busts.
But when I stopped being useful, cops found a murder weapon in my apartment.
Let me guess, for a crime that you didn't commit.
I killed that dude.
It's just there wasn't any evidence.
Not until your daddy planted that gun on me.
Bet you haven't heard that story at the dinner table.
Hey, uh, have you seen Lopez? Oh, uh, yeah, she's in the bullpen talking to Tim, and I'm just getting us some fuel before we hit the street.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Um Look, I-I don't know.
This fugitive we grabbed has been getting under my skin.
Basically said that my dad was a dirty cop back in the day.
Your dad? No way.
That guy's just trying to push your buttons.
- Right? - Yeah.
Commander West is I.
- This guy is - An ex-drug dealer who is doing life for murder.
See? Case closed.
Thank you.
Uh, when you put it that way, I don't even know why I was worried.
Yeah, I mean, your grandma, on the other hand, I heard she'd cut a bitch for a dollar back in the day.
Back in the day? Hell, that woman will cut a bitch now.
Hey, you, uh you think I've changed since you've met me? You got more annoying.
I'm serious.
Have I changed at all? - Sure.
- How? What do you mean? You're older.
What you went through with Isabel certainly changed you.
Made me different, or just made me more me? What's this about? Just wondering if I've been treading water a little you know, not challenging myself.
Since when does Tim Bradford do introspection? - Never mind.
- Hey.
We got a plan of action to find Marcos? Hit the streets, sweat some more of his people.
I'll see you later.
Hey, Bradford.
You've also gotten dumber.
Does that count? What was that about? Inside joke.
- Hot damn.
- What is it? Text from Deacon.
He's got Marcos.
It's number 2354.
What's Caleb's connection to this place again? His ex-wife's aunt lives here.
Was the ex an ex before he went away to prison or after? After, I think.
What does it matter? Well, if they were still married when he went to prison, there's a good chance he hid some money here.
Which would give him reason to come here after getting through our perimeter.
This is the house.
Okay, tactical recommendation.
Knock or recon? Recon.
This guy bites off noses.
I don't want to get surprised by him.
I'll go low.
Bishop, door jamb's busted.
7-Adam-15, requesting backup at 2354 Sawyer.
Location of possible fugitive suspect Caleb Jost.
It's over, Caleb.
You know, I felt a little stupid taping up Aunt Sallie, but I'm feeling pretty good about it now.
Hey! Stay back or I am repainting the walls in here crimson.
Come on, Caleb.
You're too smart a guy to be pulling that trigger.
Right now, you're looking at aggravated assault.
That might add a couple years to your sentence, - but if you kill her - Stop.
Stop trying to reason with me.
I hate prison.
If I got a shot at not going back, I'm gonna take it, so back the hell up and get me someone who can make a deal, or I am pulling this trigger.
Control, show us on site at 1115 Amador Street.
Damn it.
5-4 must've heard Marcos is at Deacon's house.
What do we do? Keep your cool and get ready for trouble.
Hello, Officer.
Lovely evening.
Sure is.
What are you guys doing out here? Oh, you know, just exercising our constitutional right to assemble.
- God bless America.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, I suggest you all assemble somewhere else.
Is that an order? Consider it a little friendly advice.
Well, we appreciate you looking out for us, Officer, but we ain't going nowhere.
Then maybe I'll see you later.
Count on it.
Control, patch me through to 7-L-20.
7-Adam-19, report.
Yeah, we got a bit of a situation here, Sergeant.
Approximately 15 gang members are gearing up to take out our fugitive, Marcos Gibson.
Chen and I made it through their lines, but the 5-4's gonna come after this guy soon.
I just sent all available units to Nolan's hostage situation over in Culver City.
But I will reorient some back to you.
Sir, this is a family neighborhood.
If bullets start flying, a lot of kids are gonna get hurt.
What are you saying, Bradford? Have the units stage away from our location until overwhelming force arrives.
Anything less than that's gonna come with a body count.
We'll do our best with what we got until then.
What are the odds they'll change their minds and leave? Oh, come on.
What are we gonna do? Let's start with you letting us in.
First time I've ever been happy to see cops.
Hook him up, Boot.
What? Whoa, hang on.
No, you I gotta keep my hands free in case I gotta fight.
I hate to break it to you, but if this gets to fighting, your hands aren't gonna help.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Can we escape out the back? No, no, they got guys out there, too.
I saw them when Keon rolled up.
Bring him out! We know he in there! We'll be here all night.
Trying to act like this fool ain't here.
Yo, send that little punk on out! Bring him out already! So how does someone go from financial crimes to this? I'm an overachiever.
Where's my negotiator? On the way.
You can talk to me while we wait.
You're a nobody.
I want a somebody with authority.
- How you doing? - I'm a little stressed.
Only a little? Well, then you're fine.
- Who are you? - Smart setup.
SWAT can't shoot you through the windows, and we can't rush you from the doorways without you pulling the trigger.
- You my negotiator? - Nope.
You're not? No, I'm only here to advise.
Besides, guys like that, you have to keep off balance.
Well, that wasn't in your book.
Well, I can't give away all my secrets.
- So what do we do here? - Okay, good question.
So, I re-read Caleb's file on the way over here.
And? You don't say much, do you? If you kill that woman, I'm gonna shoot you in the face.
A lot.
Good to know.
Okay, Caleb.
Here's the thing.
After a brief discussion with my associate, we've come to the conclusion that you're full of crap.
You're not suicidal.
You're a narcissist.
Stuck in a chimney, with no chance for escape.
Hey! Hey! S-Stay back! The only way you get out of this room alive is if you give up right now.
Get up.
Turn around.
Hands behind your head.
Interlace your fingers.
Other one.
Come on.
Your other hand.
You're under arrest.
That took guts, Officer Nolan.
You said when push comes to shove, he'd surrender.
Well, yeah.
But I could've been wrong.
That's gonna be a lot of paperwork for you, Boot.
Seriously? That's what you're thinking about right now? Hypothetically, is there ever a scenario where we just, you know, g-give them what they want? Where we, you know, balance one life against the lives of many lives and make that hard call? Th-That call isn't ours to make.
Look, we're here to serve and protect.
We don't get to decide who we serve or who we protect.
So you're willing to die for that guy? I am unwilling to let fear make me do something I'll be ashamed of in the light of day.
Whoa, hey, where are you going? I'm gonna talk.
Damn it.
You stay here.
No matter what happens to me, you protect him.
I will.
Hey, leave him alone.
You want to beat someone up, I'm right here.
Only one I want is Marcos.
You give him up, we out of here.
- I can't do that.
- Look, I got no beef with you or Joe.
But that fool in there he was creeping with my old lady.
So he gots to get dealt with! - Yeah, that's right.
- Mm-hmm.
Give up.
You're alone.
You know, it was pointed out to me today that I've been doing patrol a long time.
Maybe too long.
You know, I've seen a lot of friends move up and on.
Other agencies - I don't give a damn, Cop.
- Well, you should.
'Cause one thing I've learned all these years is that I'm never alone.
And I'm never outnumbered.
You're under arrest.
Turn around, get down on your knees.
Turn around! Hands behind your head.
Call it in, Boot.
7-Adam-19, last fugitive in custody.
Show us Code 4.
Tell your old man I said hi.
Yeah, I don't think I will.
Why? You afraid of what he might say? Nope, I just don't want to bother him with a bunch of nonsense.
Oh, you don't believe me.
That's cool.
Every kid should worship their dad.
But if you want to find out the truth about him read my file.
What was that about? Nothing I hope.
Your partner's crazy.
Not my partner.
She's my T.
What the hell does that mean? Oh, you've got some time on your hands, Caleb.
Look it up.
- You ready for him, Elizabeth? - Yeah.
Elizabeth? Yeah? Anyone call you "Beth"? Why? Did you know Graham? The deputy who passed away? Well, yeah.
We We worked together for the last five years.
I was with him when he died.
He asked me to pass a message along to Beth.
What message? He told me to tell her he loved her.
- You're lying.
- No, that's the last thing he said.
Is that you? Were you together? He was, um my friend.
There was a time that I, um I thought he'd ask me out.
I wanted him to.
He never did.
Well, I think he regretted that in the end.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You sure you still want me to come to dinner? I mean, it's been a bit of a day.
Wife's orders.
I bring you or I don't come home.
- Hey.
- Oh, sorry, I-I can come back.
What's on your mind? I, um I was thinking about taking the sergeant's exam.
- Really? - You think it's a bad idea? I think it's about time.
I hear there might be some openings coming up.
The test is in a couple months.
That means you're gonna cram a hell of a lot of studying in to get ready.
You up for it? Otherwise you have to wait two years for the next exam.
Yeah, I am.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Yes.
What? - What do you mean, "What"? - Oh, come on.
Don't look at me like that.
Hanging my business out there like that? - Stop it.
- Whatever.
- I miss pushing your buttons.
- I don't.
- Hey.
- Hi, did you did you ever find her? Your Beth? Yeah, I did.
Uh, y-you know, you were wrong.
Uh, excuse me? You said there was nothing in my past to indicate I could connect with people in high-stress situations.
I mean, obviously, negotiating with a suicide bomber is stressful, but, honestly, you need to try telling a single mother of four that her kitchen is delayed 'cause her tile's on backorder.
Or convincing a bank to give you an extra week to come up with a mortgage.
I-I guess I-I had never thought of it that way.
- Well, now you do.
- Yes, I do.
Um I'm gonna get going.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Um, sorry.
One last thing.
Could I get you to sign my book? I know it's nerdy, but, honestly, I've I've never actually met someone who's written a book before.
- Sure, yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Um - I-I need a pen.
- Uh, yes.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you for this.
There you are.
All right.
Have a good night, Officer Nolan.
And good work today.
You too.
- Hello? - Too soon?