The Rookie (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

The Dark Side

No, but seriously, what, what is it like dating a celebrity? Awesome.
Yeah, he can always get a reservation, and the parties are sick.
Well, we're happy that you're happy.
- Liar.
- No! No! No.
I am.
It's just Aah! Men suck! - Ouch.
- Okay, no.
The The single men in LA suck.
Every time I go out on a date and they find out that I'm a cop, they just get scared off.
Uh, except for the freak who begged you to pepper spray his junk.
Oh! Peter Pepper-balls.
Wow! I told you that in confidence.
Look, those aren't men.
Those are boys, okay? Real men are not afraid of strong women.
Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news dating a civilian, bad idea.
I was told dating cops was a mistake.
What, am I supposed to join a nunnery? Sister Officer Lucy Chen? Look, no, I'm saying that right now, end of shift means leaving the job behind when you go home.
But in success, each one of you is gonna catch cases that kick your ass, that consume your every waking thought.
And non-cops won't be able to identify.
They're gonna resent you for caring more about the dead than the living.
Was your wife on the job? No.
She was an elementary school teacher.
Yeah, kept me sane.
Totally sane.
I don't know what I did for her.
Made her laugh, I guess on a good day.
Anyway, time for another round.
Hey, no, no, no.
Uh, I got it.
I got it.
Excuse me.
Sorry! Excuse me? Yeah, okay.
Pace yourself.
It's a marathon, not a sprint.
Have you been waiting here long? What month is it? Ohh.
Maybe we should just hop the counter.
Yeah, I'm not much of a hopper, but I am a rock star at creating diversion.
How do you feel about small fires? Mm.
Define "small.
" Caleb.
Nice to meet you.
What brings you out on a Wednesday night? Uh, I'm just hanging out with some friends from work.
Oh, looks like a fun group.
What do you do? I, uh - I-I work for the city.
- Mm.
Let me guess garbage man.
Garbage person.
Uh, actually, I prefer "sanitation goddess.
" - Seriously? - What? Uh, nothing.
I Sorry.
Is everything okay? Sorry.
I-It was really nice to meet you.
You're under arrest.
Don't move.
I'm a cop.
Are you going to work? Ah, figured it was time to get off the couch.
The doctor said to take it easy.
You sure you're ready? Yeah.
Yeah, the pills are working.
I haven't had a panic attack since the first one.
I'm all good.
I just worry, you know? I know.
But today is gonna be a great day.
There's coffee in the kitchen.
Let me take a quick shower, and I'll walk out with you.
At 0500 this morning, guards at Central California Women's Facility prepared Prisoner 081316 for transport.
Rosalind Dyer, the most rare of unicorns a female serial killer.
For the last five years, she's been on death row, confined to an 11-by-8 cell.
Today, she's coming to us.
Now, before I get to assignment details, I want to defer to Assistant District Attorney Del Monte for background on Ms.
Sean? Thank you, Sergeant.
- Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning.
My name is Sean Del Monte.
For those of you who are not familiar with this case, in 2015, Rosalind Dyer was convicted in the torture and mutilation killings of seven individuals.
But there's evidence that the body count is much higher.
In three of those seven murders, the bodies were never recovered, so now Dyer has agreed to show us the location - of those three victims.
- Excuse me, sir.
- In exchange for what? - Well, her sentence will be commuted from death to life without parole.
Why the hell are we cutting her that break? Well, it's not for her.
It's for the families of those victims.
They've been waiting a long time for closure.
Yeah, what about the other families? The ones that we promised the death penalty? What do we tell them? 'Cause they're calling me.
Just tell them it's above your pay grade, Detective.
Why does she have to come here? Can't she just tell you where the bodies are? She claims not to know their precise locations.
Griffith Park is over 4,000 acres.
Dyer says the only way she'll be able to identify the dig sites is by retracing her original footsteps.
Sounds like an excuse to get out in the sun, relive her kills.
Maybe, but she knows if she doesn't lead us to all three bodies that the deal is off, so Okay, let's get down to it.
First, the station needs to be locked down for her arrival.
Processing is officially closed for business.
All suspects in our holding cells will be shipped to the Twin Towers.
This is so surreal.
An honest-to-God serial killer? The psychology is pretty fascinating well, biology, really.
Brain-scan research shows clear differences in the amygdala and the supramarginal gyrus of a signature killer.
English? They lack the ability to feel empathy.
There's also data that suggests some psychopaths could have a decreased sense of smell.
Making it easier for them to deal with dead bodies? Man, the universe has a sick sense of humor.
Yeah, it's like a whole kind of different species than the normal riffraff we handle.
The meat and potato criminals.
What did we arrest you for? I stole my neighbor's sex doll.
Said with no shame at all.
- A man has needs.
- Right.
And they're usually transactional in nature.
You're horny, you steal a sex toy from your neighbor, and then you get caught, because no thought or planning goes into the act.
Only, with Rosalind, the act that fulfilled the need was torture.
Man, woman, black, white each one scratched a different itch.
That girl is messed up.
I was in college when they found the first victims.
It was all anyone talked about that and "How could a woman be so barbaric?" I worked one of the scenes.
Fourth victim Lisa Cruz.
Homicide detectives warned me not to look at the body.
- Should've listened.
- Oh, my God.
Uh hey.
Caleb, from the bar last night.
Uh I hope this isn't weird, but you left with your perp before I had a chance to ask your number.
We don't call them "perps.
" Right.
Anyway, this is my info.
If you ever feel like waiting in vain for a drink, give me a call.
You got a last name, there, Caleb? Uh, yes, sir.
Wright, with a "W.
" What do you do? If you say "screenwriter," you're going in a cell.
I manage a medical supply company downtown.
I'm sorry about him.
Things are a little crazy right now.
No problem.
It was nice meeting you.
What? Hey.
You okay? That obvious? You just seem a little tight.
I led the task force that caught Rosalind.
For two years, we pulled on every desperate thread, praying we wouldn't have to stand over another mutilated body.
Can't imagine how devastating that was for you.
So, you can see why I'm not so happy that Rosalind demanded I come on this little field trip.
Any advice on how to deal with her? Don't try to figure her out.
'Cause I'm not qualified? Because therein lies the madness.
Is there any real rationale why someone would take off a person's hands? Or pour boiling oil down someone's throat? We've all got this morbid curiosity to ask why.
You don't want to know what's in her head.
And you sure as hell don't want her in yours.
You have an ETA? Yeah.
- Sergeant Grey? - Yeah.
Sergeant Hernandez.
Her last meal was at 0600.
Her last use of the bathroom was 47 minutes ago, so you're good for two more hours, - but you will - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What is all this? Eighth Amendment.
Covers cruel and unusual punishment.
If she's in your custody, the rules still apply.
Inmate bill of rights, including the update of SB-1146, so you don't get yourself sued.
Okay, what what am I signing? It's a sworn affidavit that states that I, Sergeant Antonio Hernandez, California Department of Corrections, hereby transfer Prisoner 081316 to the custody of Sergeant Wade Grey, Los Angeles Police Department.
Thank you.
Okay! Bring her out! Hello, Nick.
Are you gonna introduce me to your friends? They got name tags.
You got eyes.
That's not very gracious, Nick, after all that we've been through.
Thank you.
Do you want us to leave the chair? That requires more paperwork.
She'll be covering rough terrain.
She'll have to walk.
Get her prepped.
We're wheels up in 20.
Think all this is really necessary? It's gonna be a circus.
Press is lined up outside.
Operational security is going to be crucial.
Another one, sir? Here you go.
Arms up, palms out.
They did this back at the prison.
And I'm doing it again.
I appreciate that.
I once pulled every tooth out of the head of a predatory anesthesiologist.
It'd have been easier to just take a hammer to him, but a person should take pride in their work.
Don't you think, Officer Nolan? Ma'am, if you're trying to shock me, you're in for a disappointment.
I like a challenge.
How about it? Should I take you to the good doctor's body first, Sean? As long as we get all three, the order doesn't matter.
Ohhh Spoken like an uninspired civil servant.
Sean's a yawn in a midrange suit.
Only made this deal 'cause he's running for DA next year.
Hands up.
Expecting trouble? Preparing for it.
We're good to go.
Let's move her out.
Bravo team, mission accomplished.
Safe travels.
Copy that.
You too.
Now for a nice, leisurely lap around Los Angeles.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
Get your head in the game.
Today's the most dangerous day you've ever spent on the job.
Couldn't ask for a nicer day for a hike.
Dating anyone, Nick? It's been five years since Rebecca died.
Time to get back on that horse, don't you think? You must have needs.
That's enough.
You have a protector here, Nick.
Officer Nolan has your back.
He must not know what you did to catch me.
Such a lovely day.
Shall we? I love this hike.
Sometimes, early in the morning, you'll see rabbits darting along the trail.
And, of course, the coyotes come out at night.
How did you carry a body all the way up here? Oh, he was still alive at this point.
Thought we were going on a picnic.
There was a moment, as we got deeper in the woods, when he showed just a sliver of fear, but then he remembered he was a man and didn't have to worry about things like that.
Adam Team, we are now headed 31 degrees northeast.
Hey, how much further? A ways.
She's enjoying this.
Well, as long as three families get closure today, I don't care what she feels.
Ah, you mean as long as you get your photo op? Man, why are you so determined to think the worst of me? You chose to ignore her other murders.
We didn't have enough evidence to convict.
You understand? We went with our strongest case.
Yeah, and you cast those other victims aside.
So those families may never get any closure.
It's up this way.
Okay, so, you've met the monster.
Is she less scary in the light of day? Not really.
You think she'll try to escape? I hope so.
It'd be suicide.
She wouldn't make it 10 feet.
She's smart.
I mean, to have killed for that long, undetected.
Maybe there's a play we're not seeing.
Yeah, to jerk around the police, feel like she's in control again, that's her play.
We should take a break.
It's gonna be a long day.
We wouldn't want to burn out too early.
We're gonna hold here.
All units stand by.
Uh Armstrong, I'm gonna take off her cuffs just one, just for water.
Got it.
Thank you, Officer Nolan.
You're very sweet.
Don't take it personally.
Just wouldn't want to get a cruel and unusual punishment charge lodged against me.
That'd be ironic, huh? Me accusing someone else of being cruel.
And I could teach a master class on unusual punishments.
What? I thought I saw movement.
Do we have any other personnel in the woods with us today? - No.
- No.
Ow! - Ow! I'm hit! - Flank him.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Let me see.
Let me see! - I can't see.
I can't see.
Let me see! Move your hand.
You just caught some shrapnel.
It's just blood in your eye.
Drop the gun! Drop the gun! Put it down on the ground now! Hands up in the air! Hands behind your head! Interlock your fingers! - Who else is with you? - Nobody.
Are you trying to free Rosalind? Free her? I'm trying to kill her.
She murdered my wife.
What the hell happened? Peter's wife was Rosalind's third official victim.
We only found half her body.
In the years since, I have been to this man's house more times than I can count dinners, kids' birthday parties.
Crimes like this, you get close to people, and First, they lose their mother, and now this.
Even now, she's still destroying people's lives.
Look, maybe we should pull the plug.
- No way.
- I agree with the sarge.
I don't care.
We have a job to do.
Listen to me, Sergeant, if you pull the plug now, we're gonna have to go through this whole operation all over again in a week, maybe a month's time, and then, this circus will be twice as big next time.
He's right.
We're here.
We should just get it done.
Penny for your thoughts.
Well, I was just thinking about how you saved my life.
I've literally peeled a woman's face off, and yet, you put your body between me and a bullet.
Why? It's my job.
I don't get to choose who I save.
Oh, it's funny.
People look at me like I'm an alien, but it goes both ways.
You don't do sadism, I don't do selfless.
We're here.
I buried him at the base of that tree.
I gave him a paralytic.
Put it in his iced tea.
And we watched the sun set as I took off his hands and feet.
It was such a special day.
Do you know why, Nick? No.
And I don't want to.
It was the first day that you and I met.
You had no idea when you came to my office that morning that I was the one you were looking for.
I thought for sure at first you were onto me, but I could see in your eyes you had no clue.
So I came up here to celebrate.
Got something.
No hands.
It's him.
Holy God! There's another body.
And it's much fresher.
Six months, nine tops.
Don't look at me.
I've been in prison for the last five years.
How is this possible? The only person that knew Rosalind buried a body in that spot is her, and she's been on death row for four years.
Maybe she was working with someone from back in the day, - someone we missed.
- Or she inspired a new killer.
And she just so happened to find the dig spot, in the middle of a state park? I don't think so.
They've got to be working together.
But how? All contact between her and the world is heavily monitored.
- Let's ask her.
- N-Not yet.
This was coordinated from the beginning.
She's been playing us since she made the deal with Del Monte.
You know her better than anyone else.
- What's the play here? - She wants attention.
So let's not give it to her till we find out everything we can about that second body.
Excuse me.
Hey, what's up? Thank God you're okay.
What? Yeah, I'm fine.
Why? A-A cop was shot? They said a cop was shot.
No, it was the ADA.
But he's okay.
Calm down.
I know it's scary.
I should've called you.
No, no, no.
Yeah, I just I, uh I just panicked a little.
I mean, I-I'm watching the TV, and they say a cop was shot, but t-they didn't say who, - so - Watching TV? Aren't you at the office? Yeah.
I-I have one here.
Uh, s-sorry.
The window's open.
I'm just really glad that you're okay.
I'm sorry I didn't call you sooner.
No, it's okay, um look, a client just walked in.
I got to go, okay? Bye.
- What are you doing? - N-Nothing.
10 bucks that isn't even his dog.
It's been an awful day.
Can't I just enjoy a cute puppy? This is your first decomp, right? Uh, yeah.
Hope you had a light breakfast.
Hey, Bradford.
This your mess? Yeah, for now.
- You good? - Yeah.
Just got them up on the table, so don't expect much.
Eh, we're on a clock.
We need to ID the newer body ASAP.
What are the odds of pulling a print with a mobile scanner? Zero.
Meat's falling off the bone here.
And I might be able to rehydrate the skin enough to pull a print, but it'll take me a few hours.
Alright, well, as quickly as possible.
Is there anything you can show us while we're here? Very different dispositions between the two victims.
They didn't even bring me the hands and feet for the older one.
Any idea where they are? Uh, she didn't say.
Well, the newer victim doesn't appear to have any visible premortem mutilations.
Well, we know she was killed by someone different.
Any guess how she died? Asphyxiation, most likely.
You see the petechiae around the face? She was strangled? I don't think so.
No ligature marks.
The face has intradermal hemorrhage, as if she was screaming for hours.
Plus, all of her nails are busted.
She was trying to claw herself out of someplace before she ran out of air.
What's that? - What? - Right there.
That looks like it was fresh when she went into the ground.
Are you saying she was tattooed right before she died? Well, I'd have to do a proper examination, but it looks likely.
Okay, DOD6819.
The numbers could be a date.
June 8, 2019? That would be six months ago tomorrow.
What's "DOD"? "Day of Death.
" I don't think I've ever been as calm, as she looks right now.
That's what not having a conscience gets you.
Anything? Well, the warden's having her cell taken down to the studs, but so far, nothing.
And she hasn't had a single visit in there other than her lawyer since she's been inside.
Well, who's the lawyer? Could they have been acting as a go-between? No.
I know this guy.
He's a straight shooter.
There's no way he'd be involved with something like this.
So, we're nowhere.
Rosalind's been working on this for at least a year.
She's too smart to leave behind any obvious bread crumbs.
So, we take a run at her.
I take a run at her.
Enjoying yourself? Well the real fun is yet to come.
Oh, no, no.
I don't want to talk to you.
I want the Boy Scout.
Officer Nolan come on in.
Here I am, as requested.
You don't sound very confident.
You do.
You know the best part about getting caught? Getting to relive every detail with Nick.
I didn't expect that.
How much I'd enjoy sharing my experiences, seeing how they horrified people.
Oh, don't get me wrong.
It didn't get me as high as the murders themselves.
Those lasted me months.
Who killed the woman in the grave? Oh, and the trial.
God, I loved the trial.
Cops are jaded.
You really have to work to see the shock behind the wall they put up.
But the jury oof.
And the families.
I ate their pain like a five-star meal.
Where are you going? Back to work.
You have someone give me a shout when you're done pleasuring yourself.
Tell me about the body we found.
I could only see her face before you took me back to the van.
How did she die? Visual autopsy showed that she suffocated to death most likely in some kind of a container.
Her face showed sign of intradermal hemorrhage.
Stupid girl.
Wasting all that air screaming.
She probably shortened her life by an hour.
What about her hands? Was she trying to free herself? Yes.
Yes, I imagine the last few hours of her life were truly awful.
Now, I've shared something with you.
According to the movies, it's your turn to share something with me.
So, who killed that woman? Slow down, Officer Nolan.
We're still in the foreplay stage.
Well, then, tease me with something.
How did the killer know how to find your burial site? Because I told them.
What about you? What would you do if you were trapped like that girl? Consume the air as fast as possible and get it over with or hold on? I'd hold on as long as I could.
You'd only be making it harder on yourself.
I'd be giving my friends a chance the best possible chance of finding me in time.
Maybe that's the difference.
Between? You and me.
I've always known, ever since I was little, no one was coming to save me.
Is that why you're so good? "Yes, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
Serve and protect, ma'am.
" I'm good because my brain's not broken.
Now, are you gonna give us something real, or are we shipping you back to prison? Because I'm good either way.
Are you? Okay.
I'll take you to the second grave.
You think we're gonna find another body in there? I know you will.
I just need you to do one thing for me first.
And what's that? Ask Armstrong if I was worth it.
You don't have to answer.
I could just tell her you said, "No, it wasn't worth it at all.
" Nah, she'll know you're lying.
I doubt it.
I don't even know what I'm lying about.
Sh She's talking about when I caught her.
Five years ago.
About the time your wife died.
Yeah, Rebecca was she was sick for over a year.
I should've taken a leave.
I was about to or, you know at least, I tell myself I was.
And then you caught the case? Look, they'd already found a few bodies.
A task force was put together with the FBI.
They asked me to run our side, I should've said "no.
" Come on, Nick.
No way you could've known the toll it was gonna take.
But I did.
Deep down, I I did, I-I-I knew I'd barely leave the office.
I knew that every time I tried, another theory would pop into my head and I'd have to stay and run it down.
Every time I had a few days off, another body would pop up.
And how could I walk away when all these grieving families called me every day, wanting answers? Any detective would have done the same.
No! Nolan! Don't let me off that easy! Don't! My wife was dying! I wasn't there! The day she died, I I wasn't there, so there's no excusing that.
So, what do you want me to tell Rosalind? Hey.
Catching you was worth everything it cost me.
Looks like she was killed more recently than the last one.
Yeah, three months ago, maybe four.
Check for the tattoo on her ribs.
Day of Death September 8th.
That's three months ago to the day.
The first body we found was killed exactly three months before that.
So, if the pattern continues Someone's getting killed today.
Your friend already has a victim, don't they? Duh.
That clearly is a ritual that must be followed.
Tell us who it is.
Why on Earth would I do that, Nicholas? These women are my victims as much as the killer's.
And now they have another one, and I will savor every second of your futile race to save her.
We've got less than 24 hours to save this girl.
What is the plan? You and Nolan meet the body at the morgue.
We need an ID on both bodies.
If we can connect the first two victims, we might be able to predict the third.
- That's a Hail Mary.
- You have a better idea? I'm going to the prison, turn it upside down.
That's where she planned this whole thing.
It's our best shot to get some evidence.
I'll have Bradford and Chen meet you there.
You the morgue.
Hey, we need to pull a fingerprint.
Well, let's see what I have to work with.
Oh, that's doable.
She's in better shape than the last one.
- Huh.
- What is it? There's a slight discoloration under what's left of her nails.
Saw it in the first victim's, as well.
Took a swab.
And? It's a microbe strain indigenous to animals in Africa and Asia.
So, does that mean both victims flew internationally? Unlikely.
For the microbe to remain present on the victim's hand, they would've had to come in contact right before they died.
When they were killed.
Is there somewhere in LA they could've been exposed? The zoo.
You think our guy was tattooing and suffocating his victims in one of the most heavily trafficked attractions in the city? No, um, not that one.
The old zoo.
The one they shut down in the '60s.
I found it when I was first exploring LA.
It's abandoned, it's isolated.
And it's close to the two burial sites.
Is it possible, those microbes can still exist in the soil there? Yes.
I don't know what you think you're gonna find.
We've tossed Rosalind's cell top to bottom, searched every item in there.
Hey, you never know.
Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help.
This is a dead end.
W-W-Where are the books? - What? - The The books.
Rosalind was a voracious reader.
There would be books.
She sent them back to the library a couple days ago.
Right before she came to us.
She knew we'd search her things.
I need to see every book she checked out in the last six months.
Uh I got something.
It's code.
A simple substitution cypher.
That number in the corner, I bet, is a page in the book.
Is that a signature line? Um I got him.
Bryan Coleman.
- Freeze! LAPD! - Go, go, go! I got eyes! Hallway clear.
Kitchen's clear.
Who is that? The next victim? No.
It's my wife.
Rosalind put the letter in the book for me to find to torture me.
She's been a step ahead of us the whole time.
7-Adam-15, show us Code 6 at the old Los Angeles Zoo.
So, what? We do a sweep, look for microbes? Yeah, something like that.
Well, that's not creepy at all.
Does have a Ted Kaczynski vibe.
I'll go around back.
Count to five and then breach.
And whatever you do, do not shoot me.
Count to five, breach, don't shoot you.
Five, four, three, two one.
Nolan, I found her! She's alive! - Is she okay? - Yeah.
7-Adam-15, I need an RA, Code 3 at the old LA Zoo.
Alert the watch commander and Detective Armstrong.
We have found our next victim, and she is alive.
This is where he suffocated them.
- Got this? - Yeah, yeah.
Go, go.
7-Adam-15, in pursuit of suspect.
Requesting airship and backup.
Nolan! - You okay? - I'm okay! Go! So, the good news first.
Nora Valdez the woman Harper and Nolan rescued she's gonna be okay.
What about Bryan Coleman? Still no sign of him yet.
But his face is everywhere.
And the FBI is stepping in to help with our investigation, so it's just a matter of time before we get him.
What do we do now? You go home, Officer Chen.
And don't think for a moment you failed.
A woman's alive because each one of you gave your all during the last 36 hours.
Sergeant Grey's right.
You should each be proud of the work you did today.
Alright, that's it.
If I can be wheels up in the next 10 minutes, I might beat the afternoon traffic, which means I will be in bed within the next hour.
That's a mistake.
What? Why? Look, after working a hardcore assignment like this, you need to go blow off some steam after shift you know, give your brain a different focus.
It's the only way you have a fighting chance of actually sleeping.
- Trust me.
- So as my training officer, you're saying that I should go get a drink? A strong one.
Maybe even with another human.
You alright? Not even close.
Well, I'm not going anywhere until you are.
Wesley? Wesley.
Wesley! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Come on! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
- What the hell were you thinking? - Huh? You mixed anxiety meds and alcohol.
Are you trying to kill yourself? Uh I don't I don't know.
I'm so glad you called.
Me too.
Look I'm sorry if I'm a little rough around the edges.
It's been a really long two days.
Yeah, I might've seen some news stories.
God, it's been so intense.
Well, I am here to distract you, which means work talk is officially off-limits.
So, what should we talk about? Me, obviously.
- Cheers.
- Cheers to you.
To me.
I miss her.
Rosalind? My wife.
Yeah, you have to forgive yourself for that.
I know that's easier said than done, but you had a lot of great years and one really bad one.
Unfortunately, it was the last one, so that becomes the lens through which you look at the rest of your relationship.
It's not a lens.
And Rosalind knew it knew exactly which button to push to destroy me.
Which is why you need to learn to let that go.
Because you don't want that woman in your head anymore.
No, I don't.
Crime scene unit just found a body buried under that cabin at the old zoo.
Another victim? Not exactly.
Fingerprints match Bryan Coleman.
If Bryan was already dead, who the hell tried to kill me? I should call an Uber.
Y-You don't think that they would tow my car, right? No.
The bar's used to it.
Ohh! Oh! Sorry.
Okay, well, if you can't tell, I had a I had a really good time.
Me too unfortunately.
Why? You wanted to have a bad time? Might make this next part a little easier.
What? Whoop! You put something in my drink.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.