The Rookie (2018) s02e11 Episode Script

Day of Death

1 Previously on "The Rookie" Rosalind Dyer was convicted of killing.
The bodies were never recovered.
- There's another body.
- And it's much fresher.
Don't look at me.
I've been in prison for the last five years.
- What's DOD? - "Day of Death.
" Wesley, wake up! You mixed anxiety meds and alcohol.
- Are you trying to kill yourself? - I don't know.
Rosalind put the letter in the book, for me to find, to torture me.
The only person that knew Rosalind buried a body in that spot is her.
Maybe she was working with someone from back in the day.
- Lucy.
- Hey.
- Caleb.
- Mm.
We have found our next victim, and she is alive.
In pursuit of suspect.
Requesting airship Nolan! You're saying - that I should go get a drink? Maybe even with another human.
- To you.
- To me.
You put something in my drink.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
You know what it is? Tell me.
My day of death.
Ooh! Oh! Good morning! Gonna be another awesome day in the LAPD.
Guess your date went well.
I know it looks bad.
Looks bad? I asked you if you were trying to kill yourself, and you said, "I don't know.
" I was out of it.
I'm not gonna do that again.
I promise.
You can go to work.
I already called in sick.
You know, I don't need a babysitter.
The following is a statement from convicted serial killer Rosalind Dyer.
But first, a warning This may be disturbing to some of our viewers.
"She writes," Five years ago, Detective Nick Armstrong looked into my eyes and fulfilled his darkest fantasy, arresting me for playing at slaughter.
Since that moment, I have lived in a variety of cells.
Until yesterday The world thought that I was trapped inside cinderblock walls A prisoner.
"But I've been killing this whole time.
" Hey.
Have you seen Lucy? Uh, no, not yet.
She didn't come home last night.
Well, she's a grown woman.
Why? Are you worried? No.
I-I mean, yeah, a little.
I-I texted and called There's still no answer.
Her phone could be dead.
She's always complaining the charger in her car doesn't work.
Did you see Lucy in the locker room? No.
Why? If she's just running late and we ring the fire alarm, - she'll get dinged, but - But.
If we don't and something terrible Sergeant.
Tell him.
Lucy did not come home last night.
She's not responding to texts or calls.
W Did she go out with that guy? The The one she met at a bar.
Caleb Wright.
With a "W.
" Yeah, yeah, she was, uh, heading to meet him when we walked out together last night about 8:30, haven't heard from her since.
Could've ended up at his place overslept.
- No.
Lucy doesn't do one-night stands.
- No.
And she's never late.
What do you know about this Caleb guy? Nothing.
No, he, uh he said that he worked for a medical supply company.
I saw a video of him playing with a puppy.
Chen was checking out his social media page.
Alright, take West, run a background check.
I want to know everything you can find on Caleb before we knock on his door.
And find Armstrong.
Come on.
I'll run a trace on Lucy's phone, get her into MUPS and NaMus systems.
Everyone, listen up! Officer Lucy Chen has not been seen, for approximately 13 hours.
Given the circumstance, we cannot rule out abduction.
So stop whatever you're doing.
I want everyone on this until she's located.
Notify S.
, see if they can shag calls for service.
Phone company says GPS is disabled.
Last tower ping was on Sixth and LaBrea at 9:07 last night.
That is not far from the bar where we were when she met Caleb It's, uh, Las Torres.
Control, I need a shop to swing by Las Torres looking for a missing officer, Lucy Chen.
- Code 3.
- Co that.
- So, what do we do now? - Go to the hospital.
Talk to the victim you saved, see if she has any insight to help us find this guy.
If anything's happened to Lucy Don't go there.
If she is in trouble, the only way you are good to her is if you are focused solely on saving her, not playing worst-case scenarios.
Caleb Wright doesn't seem to exist.
That's impossible.
- I saw his social media page.
Well, it's gone now.
He must've erased it.
But if he is our guy, then he's already faked one identity.
- Bryan Coleman.
- Exactly.
He stole his life to gain access to the old zoo.
Used its isolation to kill his victims.
But with that place burned, he's gonna need new killing ground.
My guess is he already has one and that's where Lucy is right now.
Let's go.
Oh, hey.
You're up.
I'd offer you some, but it's better if your stomach's empty, you know, later.
All the screaming tends to make you Can Can I at least have some water? Oh, of course.
I'm not a monster.
Don't get greedy.
Is this why you hit on me in that bar? Why you asked me out? So you could make me a victim? Oh.
I see the confusion.
You weren't the target.
You were just a happy opportunity.
I was there scoping out Armstrong.
Honestly, I don't know what Rosalind sees in the guy.
But who am I to judge? We all have our fetishes.
Are you gonna bury me in Rosalind's third unmarked grave? I think so? I was gonna put Nora in there, but then your friend screwed that up.
Why are you doing this? You know, that's more of a second date question.
And we're just not gonna get there.
I'm sorry.
Now, I got to get to it.
I got a lot to do - before I put you inside - Wait, wait, wait.
Uh, why Why the tattoo? Is it Some display of ownership? The ultimate control over another person Deciding when they die? No.
It's not for me, silly.
It's for you.
To force you to face the truth of your death.
It's the gift of something we rarely get in life Clarity.
Did Rosalind teach you that? No! That's mine.
I just thought, Rosalind is your mentor, so No, no, no.
It's not like that.
We're equals.
Does she know that? You're good, Officer Chen.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
More than I thought I would.
Valdez? You saved me.
Thanking you seems Inadequate.
And unnecessary.
We were just happy we were there in time.
Now maybe you can help us save someone else.
Oh, no.
I'm afraid so.
Uh, a friend of ours might have been taken.
Anything that you can remember about your experience would really help us.
I never saw his face.
He wore that horrible mask.
How long after he took you did he give you the tattoo? At least 12 hours.
I was leaving work when he grabbed me.
Around 8:00 or 9:00.
That's the same timeline as Lucy.
Did he say or do anything that stood out to you? Yeah.
He was so happy.
He kept saying that she was going to be impressed by him.
I didn't know who he was talking about.
We do.
Did he mention any other place, aside from the old zoo? Somewhere he might go? No.
I'm sorry.
That's all I can remember.
How long would it take to suffocate, in an oil barrel? It depends.
If the lid is sealed in place, only 21% of the air inside that barrel is oxygen.
So every time she breathes in, she's absorbing some of that oxygen, and every time she breathes out, she's adding carbon dioxide to the air.
So if she can stay calm and breathe shallowly, she can last for several hours.
But Not longer than that.
The bartender at Las Torres recognized Lucy and Caleb.
The good news There's a security camera in the parking lot, so we know they left at 9:05.
The bad news.
The camera angle's too steep to recognize faces.
Two minutes later this car drove by.
The license plate on Caleb's car was reported stolen earlier that day.
Officer Chen's car was found in the alley, where she left it last night.
Which means, we believe Caleb is Rosalind's protégé and he took Officer Chen.
I know how upsetting this is, but we have to remain focused.
She's counting on us.
Any other questions? - What's up? - Hey.
Lucy's been taken.
I need you.
On my way.
Get dressed.
You're coming to the station with me.
- I can stay here.
- No, Lucy's in trouble, and I want you with me so I don't have to worry.
Okay, give me one minute.
Nora was abducted two nights ago.
We found her 18 hours later, already tattooed and about to be put into a barrel to be suffocated.
This makes Caleb's timeline from abduction to death approximately 24 hours.
So we have less than 10 hours to find Lucy.
Unless we're wrong and she's dead already.
Look, I know I haven't known Lucy as long as the rest of you, but I do know that she is a fighter.
She's gonna do everything she can to stay alive until we save her.
We are ready to go.
Help! Aah! Nolan.
Grey wants to see us.
Rosalind's behind the whole thing! - I need to talk to her! - We tried that.
It didn't go well.
It was a waste of resources.
- This is my case.
- Look I know this is personal.
And so does Rosalind.
She's trying to manipulate and hurt you.
She went through a lot of trouble to set up that tableau of your wife.
And you're giving her what she wants by punishing me! Too bad! Look, it comes right from the Chief.
You are too close to this, Nick.
And we need you here.
Doing what? Answering the tip line with Tim and Jackson? - It's a waste of time! - Then go out, and find something better! Sir, all due respect If there's any chance of us getting even the smallest clue from Rosalind, it is worth talking to her.
I agree.
But she is uniquely focused on punishing Armstrong.
He was never gonna get anything out of her.
But you think I might? - She likes you.
- Great.
Are you up for the challenge? Sir, I'll do anything to help find Lucy.
I'll call Sergeant Hernandez at the prison.
I expect regular updates.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for coming in.
Of course.
Grey's got you on tip lines? Nothing says "We got squat" like listening to the public.
Day off? Yeah, something like that.
Can I help? What's your tolerance level for cranks and asshats wasting your time? I'm a public defender.
Have at it.
Well, my last two callers either believe that Lucy was abducted by mole people or kidnapped to be the new host body for Hugh Hefner.
This is useless.
We should be out on the streets, kicking down doors.
- Whose doors? - I don't know, but, I-I can't just sit here.
- Wait up! - I'm fine.
Just blowing off steam.
I get it, but you got to get your head in the game.
I don't need a pep talk.
Then why'd you call me? Clearly, you need to get something off your chest.
Look, sh She wanted to go home.
Okay? Go to bed.
I told her that she should focus on something else.
She went out with Caleb because I told her to.
You couldn't have known.
But I should've.
I'm a cop.
I was standing this close to the guy.
Okay? Right across from him, and I never saw him coming.
But s did, though.
Sh Some part of her didn't feel right about this whole thing.
She hesitated.
And I-I pushed her right at him.
So, what's your plan? I'm open to suggestions.
Rosalind's been playing us from the beginning Pretending to make a deal with the D.
, planting that coded letter for Armstrong to find.
Even a mislead could be something.
What she does not tell us could be just as important as what she does.
That makes no sense.
I'm trying to be supportive here.
It's not really my lane.
No, it's clearly not.
But, it's appreciated.
Rosalind, visitors.
You know the drill.
Step away from the door.
Took you long enough.
Step back.
On your knees.
No Armstrong? He's working another case.
Let's not start with lies.
He found the letter I hid, which means he found the package I arranged for him.
Tell me everything.
Did he cry? I know most women find it a turn-off, but I love it when a man cries.
I'm not here to talk about Armstrong.
I'm here to talk about your favorite topic.
You're upset.
I understand.
That pretty police officer is in trouble.
It's all over the news.
Then you understand why it's so important that I find her.
I've come to make you an offer.
I'm listening.
Tell me who the guy is and where I can find him.
And why would I do that? To regain control.
I saw your statement to the press.
I mean, yes, you project strength, but clearly, it's coming from a place of weakness.
You know Caleb is stealing your thunder.
Not at all.
His kills are my kills.
Oh, that's not how the world sees it.
No, he's the boogeyman now.
Caleb is eclipsing you, and you know it.
Soon, you'll barely be an afterthought.
I will never - be an afterthought.
- Oh, face it, Rosalind.
Yesterday was your last day, driving this narrative.
It's Caleb's show now.
Unless you turn on him.
Show him, show the world, no one eclipses Rosalind Dyer.
I'll give you 30 minutes to think about it, and after that, I'm gone.
So is all your leverage.
- Looks like you got through to her.
- Maybe.
But we might not need her anymore.
Sergeant Hernandez, does she get any packages delivered? Only thing she's received since she's been here is some fan letters, and the censors go over those with a magnifying glass.
I saw some Bovetti Chocolates in her cell.
I'm assuming those are not from the prison commissary.
They're not.
Black market items make it everywhere inside this place, even death row.
That's how Rosalind has been communicating with Caleb.
Notes hidden inside contraband.
We need to find whoever is running contraband into the prison.
That's who's gonna lead us to Caleb.
It sounds good, but ID'ing the source of a major criminal enterprise, is gonna take time Time we don't have.
I know someone who can find out in one phone call.
No, sir, I don't need you to send me the photo.
Officer Chen did not time-travel into your grandparents' wedding photo Because physics.
Do you have any clients at Central California Women's Facility? - Sure, three, I think.
- They need to tell you, who's running contraband into the prison.
Okay, but I can't do anything, to incriminate a client.
No one cares about black market cigarettes.
Getting to that smuggler might be our only hope at finding Lucy before it's too late.
Aah! If I get that away from you, it's going right in your brain.
Such bravado Still thinking there's an escape.
You weren't conscious for your birth, but you will feel every second of your death.
That's some greeting card level villainy.
Not that psychopaths are known for being original thinkers.
I know what you're trying to do, but you're not gonna ruin this moment for me.
- Let's go.
- Aah! This is new.
You suffocated the other two victims above ground before you buried them with Rosalind's kills.
Given the setbacks, I'm taking extra precautions.
Climb in.
I'm not getting in there.
You know, they all say that.
And then they all get in.
You know why? Hope.
Inside that barrel, there's still life.
Out here Only death.
And you and I both know, that despite the evidence literally tattooed on your side, you don't think you're dying today.
So get in the barrel.
Get down.
Any last words? Yeah.
You're gonna be dead long before I am.
So I can watch.
Oh! Oh! Problem, Officer? You listen to me very carefully.
Your name is Benjamin Lassie.
You're a mid-level idiot, who controls every illicit item that enters the Central California Women's Facility.
And today is your day of reckoning.
Now, I am responsible for a life that is in jeopardy, and I will do whatever I have to to save her, do you understand? There's a man, who gives you items to smuggle onto death row for Rosalind Dyer.
You are gonna give me that man.
Why would I do that? Because if you don't, I will pull you inside out.
His name is Jerry Havel.
He worked as a guard for a few months at Rosalind's prison back in 2017.
We're pulling records now, but Tim's already got a SWAT team and no-knock warrant.
What the hell?! Go, go, go! Coming left! One down! Get up! Where's Lucy?! - Bedroom's clear! - That's not That's not Caleb.
- Damn it! - Who the hell's Caleb? Or Lucy? Your name is Jerry Havel.
You work as a prison guard, - at Central California Correctional.
- No, no, my name's Jerry, but I've never worked at that prison.
I've been on disability for the last five years Inmate shivved me during a riot.
Look, DOC clearly states that you work at that prison.
My identity was stolen.
Right around three years ago.
Really screwed up my credit! Caleb used Jerry's identity to get into prison, get close to Rosalind.
Just like he stole Bryan Coleman's identity.
Is this connected to the officer that was abducted? Yeah.
And you were our last shot at saving her.
Tim and Jackson struck out with the smuggler.
So it's on you, to get her to give us something that'll lead us to Lucy's kidnapping.
You can do this.
You have a unique ability to connect with people.
She's a psychopath who enjoys mind games and dismemberment.
That's not exactly my lane here.
Time's up.
I need an answer.
You already proved your point with Caleb.
Now give him to me And take back control.
There's a flaw in your theory, and you just can't see it.
And now you've squandered the one thing you don't have Time.
- What are you talking about? - The third grave, was never the end game.
Then what was? Not what.
Rosalind was right.
I failed you.
I am so sorry.
Come on, Nick.
Pick up the phone.
Nick! Hey.
Hey! Hey, hey! Hey! Hands where I can see Hands where I can see them! On the ground now! Sure.
I could do that.
But then who would let Lucy out? If I don't make it back, she'll die.
Where is she? Where she'll never be found, unless you come with me.
You do that, and I'll let her go.
Yeah, I don't believe you.
There's no reason you should.
Here's the thing, though If you take me in, Lucy dies Scared and alone.
And Oh, wait.
This is sounding familiar.
I am not playing your game! It's not a game, Nick.
It's a choice.
Will Lucy die Or will you? My car's over there.
Lead the way.
Over here! What? We're too late.
Oh, my God.
Hey, check it out.
What's that? Copies of credit card statements that Caleb used in Jerry's name.
There could be charges in here that lead us to Caleb.
Come on, we gotta get back to the station.
Come on.
Get everyone on it.
That's what I was about to say.
You okay? No.
What have you been doing? Combing through Rosalind's biographical data.
Look, I figured that Caleb must be pretty obsessed with her, if he's going through with all this, so maybe He's keeping Lucy, somewhere that connects to her.
That's good.
Whose house is this? It belonged to Rosalind's uncle.
She told me about it when I was at the prison.
It's sacred land.
It's where she scored her first kill.
You don't know about that one.
There's so much you don't know about her.
I know everything.
Good for you.
'Cause, dude, I don't want to know everything.
People like her, like you, you're a cancer.
You'd know something about that, wouldn't you? Where's Lucy? In the house.
Let's go see her.
Watch the tripwire.
There you go.
Hey, hey, we got something.
Caleb used Jerry's identity, to rent a post office box in Kern County, near the prison.
But he kept it up after he quit.
Still pays for it.
He must have a place close by.
Rosalind's family her trust owns a farm in Kern County.
Lucy! Lucy! Yeah.
She's in the ground out there somewhere.
Rosalind felt bad, that you missed your wife's death, so she's giving you Lucy's death to make up for it.
We'll watch it together.
And then you'll go in that barrel.
Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you" Birds singing in the sycamore tree Dream a little dream of me Say "Nighty night" and kiss me Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me While I'm alone and blue as can be Dream a little dream of me Stars fading, but I linger on, dear Still craving your kiss I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear Just saying this Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you But in your dreams whatever LAPD unit on site.
We cannot wait for SWAT.
We're going in.
LAPD! Drop that gun! No! Damn it! No! He's the only one who knows where Lucy is! - Stabilize his head.
- Okay.
Let's roll him over.
Go, go, go.
Find something to put pressure on that.
This is Officer John Nolan.
I need a Code 3 ambulance sent to 757 Old Farm Road.
I have a gunshot wound victim, male in his 30s, conscious and breathing.
Code 3 ambulance en route.
Be advised ambulance ETA is eight minutes.
He won't last that long.
I'm gonna get the first aid kit.
What are you doing? John? The ambulance is eight minutes out.
I have a gunshot wound victim, one round to the chest.
- If he dies, Lucy dies.
- Where the hell's Lucy? Turn the phone around so I can see.
I can't see.
More light.
Hold him.
- Get the flashlight.
- Okay.
Pull the cloth away from the wound.
Gently push down on different parts of his abdomen.
John, I need to see inside the wound.
How am I supposed to do that? Pull the flesh back from around the wound.
Shine the flashlight in there, far as you can.
Where is she? Where is Lucy?! She's dead.
Hold him down.
He's losing a lot of blood.
He's getting pale.
The round may have nicked one of the thoracic branches, which means you have about a minute.
Stick your hands in there, far as you can.
You need to pull the flesh, away from the wound.
Shine the flashlight in there so I can see.
Laceration right subclavian artery.
John, you need to stick your fingers in there and feel around for the source of the pumping.
I got it.
I'm holding it, I got it.
Okay, see if you can pinch it.
- I lost it.
- Put your hands back in there.
- I can't find it.
- Find it.
You can find it.
He's gone.
She's out there somewhere.
She's still alive, that grave is gonna be fresh.
We got to look.
Caleb is dead.
Lucy's buried somewhere on the property.
We got to find her.
Can't even tell if she's still breathing.
Spread out.
Airship, we have an officer buried alive.
Looking for the site.
He wouldn't have buried her close to the house.
Come on.
Airship to ground.
Hate to say it, but there's a lot of possible sites visible from up here Mostly east and north.
Let's split up.
You go left, alright? I've got her! I've got her!! Right there.
Go, go, go! Right here! Guys, here.
Right here.
Come on! Here she is.
Help me.
Let's get her.
Give her some room.
Is she breathing? Alright.
What are you reading, Teen Rebel? They actually have some really insightful political articles.
"Which BTS Member Is Your Soul Mate?" It's gotta be Suga, right? Totally.
What's a BTS? Oh, God.
Have you been here all night? No.
Glad to see that you're awake! - Hey.
- You just missed Rachel.
She said she'd be back after work, so Oh, does that mean I'll be in the hospital for a while? Probably until tomorrow.
We need to get you rehydrated, make sure nothing unexpected pops up.
You know, you're very lucky.
How did you find me? Uh, that was my genius policing skills.
That's just what people are saying, anyway.
I brought you something.
I can see that.
It was the biggest one I could find.
Oh, my God.
I should hope so.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm gonna need a bigger apartment.
Uh no, no.
He cannot have my room.
Oh, thank you! Well, he is a she, and she is going to sleep in my bed, since I am clearly, never going on a date again.
I'm not sure that should be the takeaway.
Oh, hang on.
Statistically, - that's actually pretty safe.
- Definitely should.
So, is this the kind of support and understanding I can look forward to from now on? - Yes.
- Pretty much.
That's great.
That's really good.
You hungry? Yeah.
I'm starving.
You know what I really want to eat right now? Oh, veggie burger and fries, extra pickles? You know me so well.
Too well.
Where are you going? Work.
I'm not lying this time.
So, what You're suddenly cured? No.
But helping to find Lucy, gave me a serious sense of perspective.
Not just for what she survived, but that That she couldn't have done it without all of us.
And I realized I was an idiot for trying to deal with all these things by myself.
So, I'm gonna go to work, I'm gonna go to therapy, and if I feel panicked, or sad I'm gonna ask for help.
That's good.
That's really good, baby.
What are you doing here? Uh, I work here.
Seriously, you should take a day or two.
You've been through a lot.
Yeah, thanks, but This is where I belong Helping make things right for people.
Okay, fine.
You're a grown man.
But tonight You're at my house, and we gonna barbecue, like men, and watch the Laker game.
That sounds good.
Thanks, thanks.
Uh, and listen, uh, Sarge.
Thanks for sticking by me.
Uh, it means a lot.
You're a good man, Nick.
I hope you can cast those demons out one day and move on.
Me too.
Lakers! Tonight.
I have some bad news.
Caleb failed.
We saved Armstrong and Lucy, and Caleb is very dead.
That is disappointing.
And now it is truly finished.
No, I never showed you where the third burial site is.
And there are others.
I can make a new deal.
We found Caleb's notes.
He wrote down everything you told him.
Every kill.
Every burial site.
You have no more secrets.
So there's no more deals, no more creepy hikes.
Just this.
For the rest of your life.
I do know one last secret.
- I don't care.
- You will.
It's about Armstrong.
And it is bad.
I don't believe you.
Not yet.
But when you do I'll be here, waiting.

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