The Rookie (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

Follow-Up Day

[ Elevator bell dings ]
Grace: John.
How are you?
I was just, um --
I haven't seen you.
Yeah, I know.
I just was
swamped with work
and, uh, the kitchen
How was your vacation
with Oliver?
You know, we went to Utah,
we hit all
the state parks.
Oh, it's so beautiful
up there.
I mean, stunning.
I've been thinking
about you.
Eh, would you be interested
in coming over
and helping me test out
the new kitchen?
You want me to
cook for you?
[ Both chuckle ]
I would cook.
I wouldn't say no
to a-a co-pilot.
My use of vegetables
has been described
as a crime
against humanity.
Kids can be so cruel.
I mean, I'd love to.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Why are you holding
a towel?
Nurse Lisa:
40-year-old male,
traumatic amputation
of right hand
in construction accident.
BP 100/70, heart rate 110.
Get him into Trauma Two,
page Ortho, and order an x-ray.
Start an IV with
two liters of saline.
John, is that the
Yeah, that's his.
[ Exhales sharply ]
Hey, um, what time?
Uh, 7:00?
It's a date.
Hey! ♪
Whoa, oh oh, oh oh-oh,
whoa, oh oh ♪
I'm gonna win for you ♪
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Like I know
you want me to do ♪
Hey! ♪
So, what are you
gonna cook her?
Couple of big-ass steaks
and a lovely baked potato.
You know we're in L.A.?
She's at least
a pescatarian.
And she definitely
doesn't eat carbs.
So, no potato?
Your safest bet
is a kale salad with
a nice piece of salmon.
Man, food used to be
so easy.
There was only two kinds --
fried and other.
Okay, Grandpa.
Harper: Nolan.
There's a lawyer looking
for you at the front desk.
What'd you do?
[ Man coughs ]
Are you John Nolan?
That depends on --
Are you here to
serve me with a subpoena?
No. I'm a trust and estates
lawyer. Susan Banker.
I'm here to inform you
about what your father
left you in his will.
What -- Wait.
My father's dead?
I'm sorry.
Did no one tell you that?
I haven't spoken to
my father in 35 years.
He left me something
in his will?
Was it a lot of something?
$14 and his 1971 Chevelle.
You're kidding.
There's the check.
The car will be
delivered later today.
And what if I don't
want the car?
Then get rid of it.
Just sign the bottom
[ Pen clicks ]
confirming your
receipt of the check.
Eh, how did he die?
Heart attack.
Or drowning.
He was in the pool at his house
in Tempe when it hit.
I'm sorry.
[ Laughter ]
What's going on?
We're celebrating Smitty's
last day as Mr. Irrelevant.
The sergeants exam happens
once every two years.
Whoever scores the lowest
gets called Mr. Irrelevant
'cause they got no chance
at getting promoted.
So, if this is Smitty's
swan song,
that means the new scores
are gonna be posted soon.
That's exciting.
You're gonna do great.
No doubt.
You alright?
My dad died.
I'm so sorry.
Are -- Are you okay?
I honestly
never knew the man.
It's just a little
Well, if you need anything --
Nah. I'm fine.
I'm good. Thank you.
Alright. Party's over.
[ Clears throat ]
So, Officer Smitty --
these past two years,
you have handled
your irrelevance
with the poise and dignity
I expect
from a man of --
of little ambition.
[ Laughter ]
Thank you, sir.
To business.
Today is Follow-Up Day.
Detectives have several cases
that are on the edge
of being back-burnered.
You're gonna take the day
to see if you can breathe
new life into them.
So, Bradford and Chen,
you have a three-day-old
home invasion.
The victim is a former
gang member, Nevin Cooper.
No forensics, no suspects.
We're on it, sir.
Lopez and West,
you're going to Hancock Park.
A statue was stolen from
a homeowner's front yard.
It looks like
a giant turd.
[ Chuckles ]
Well, that "turd" is worth
a half a million,
so track it down.
Yes, sir.
Which brings me to
Harper and Nolan.
Actually, sir,
Robbery Homicide requested
that Officer Nolan and I
follow up on one of their cases.
And how much did you pay
for them to request that?
That's a very cynical
question, sir.
Seems fair to me.
What do you think,
Officer Nolan?
On it.
Yes, sir.
[ Laughter ]
Harper: Hey, you sure
you're alright?
There's no shame in
taking a personal day.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, just seemed so disingenuous,
you know?
Last time I saw my dad,
I was ten.
He was driving away
in that Chevelle.
The car he left me.
Sounds like the plot of
a bad first novel.
No offense.
No. No, you're not wrong.
Hey, listen.
[ Sighs ]
It's one thing to lose focus
during roll call,
but out here, you get
distracted, you get killed.
So I need you sharp.
I am.
I will be.
[ Bell dings ]
We're closed.
Nolan: Police.
Uh, we're following up
for Detective Calderon.
We're just checking in to see if
you've thought of anything new
that might help us
catch the guy
who robbed you
and killed your wife.
No. He came inside
and hit me right away.
I couldn't do anything
to stop him.
To save her.
Sir, we're very sorry
for your loss.
You told detectives the man
was wearing a mask?
And he took several
hundred dollars
from the register
and a case of whiskey?
Well, another thing.
I didn't notice it
until this morning
when I started to clean,
but there was a new roll
of scratchers
under the counter.
They're not there now.
He must have taken them.
lottery tickets?
Umlike these.
High value.
500 tickets a roll.
Did you report those
as stolen?
An hour ago.
That's how we're gonna
catch this guy.
Uh, sir, the lottery office
will flag
all the serial numbers
and cancel the tickets.
If he tries to redeem a winner,
it'll get flagged.
I hope you catch him.
And I hope he gives you
a good reason to kill him.
We will keep you posted.
Uh, if anything else occurs
to you, just give us a call.
Why did you stop me?
It is not our job
to police his grief.
[ Horn honks ]
[ Bell dings in distance ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Clears throat ]
Good morning, officers.
What can I get you?
We're looking for
Nevin Cooper.
Oh. He's a little
busy right now.
Can I help you
with something?
[ Objects crash in distance ]
Hey, everything okay?
It's just some confusion
in our order.
Sorry for
the misunderstanding.
Marquel, right?
I know you?
I'm the guy who put
Keon in Pelican Bay.
Heard you filled the void.
Ah, what can I say?
"Some are born great,
some achieve greatness,
and some have greatness
thrust upon them."
Lucy: Shakespeare.
"Twelfth Night."
Smart for a cop.
I read you weren't running
with these guys anymore, Nevin.
Found a different path
in prison.
Bitch binge-watched
too much British baking.
Got himself rehabilitated.
Lucy: It's not every day
that you see a gang
be so forgiving to someone
who's left the flock.
That's inspiring.
Unless you're here
to sweat him.
You guys wouldn't happen
to know
who broke into Nevin's house a
couple nights ago, tied him up?
I sure don't.
But I tell you what,
I hear anything,
you will be my first call.
I'll see you around,
You alright?
Got a lot of work to do
and it's tight in here,
so Sasha'll give you
some donuts on your way out.
I know you're scared,
but we can help.
I'm not scared. I'm busy.
I got things handled.
Okay, so why call the cops
if you got it handled?
I didn't.
Let me guess.
Sasha did.
Before you could
tell her not to?
I appreciate
what you're trying to do --
turn your life around.
I know it isn't easy.
It is what it is, man.
You can't handle Marquel
and his crew on your own.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
They just came to
buy some pastries.
Now I gotta get
back to work.
Sure. You change your mind,
you know where to find us.
[ Birds chirping,
sprinklers whirring ]
Looks like that's
where the statue was.
You're gonna make
a great detective.
[ Door opens ]
Why haven't you guys
found my statue yet?
That's why we're here, sir --
to see if you have
any new information.
If I have any
new information?
This is your job.
I've been calling you
every day.
Yes, sir, we're aware.
That's why we're here.
Did they find it?
Ma'am, I read over
the initial police report.
What exactly did you mean
when you said
that whoever took it
should get a reward?
What the hell?
I did not say that.
Did I?
Mrs. Nithercott,
did you have anything to do
with the disappearance
of the statue?
Of course not.
No, uh, just I'm not as sad
as Roger is that it's gone.
What are you saying?
I thought you loved that piece.
It looks like a dinosaur copped
a squat on our front yard.
I bought it because it
reminded me of our honeymoon.
Lopez: How does that remind you
of your honeymoon?
Maybe I don't want to know.
Martha: Look, you wanna
find the thief?
Talk to the members of
the homeowners association.
They hated that thing
as much as I did.
[ Scoffs ]
You ever play the lottery?
Only when the jackpot
goes to a billion. You?
Every week for 20 years
when I lived back in Foxburg.
Buy a ticket at
the gas station
on the way home
on a Friday night,
spend the time it took me
to fill my tank
just fantasizing
what I would do with the money.
Mostly I would just think
about what life would be like
if I never had to worry
about money again.
Oh, yeah.
That would be nice.
I can barely see the edge
of the hole I'm in.
Dispatch: 7-Adam-15,
give the bridge a call.
[ Radio clicks,
cellphone clicks ]
Yeah, this is Officer Nolan.
I was asked to call.
Thank you.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
My inheritance
has arrived.
Nice car.
It's a classic.
Yeah. It has a matching
350 four-barrel
with an original turbo trans.
You drive it all the way
in from Arizona?
No. No, I, uh -- I actually
drove it to New York
and then I got
on a cargo ship
and then we went
through the Panama Canal.
No need to be
an ass about it.
What do you think
I could get for it?
I don't know, man.
W-What, you want to sell it?
I don't know. The guy who
left it to me was bad news.
Real piece of crap.
Harper: Hey!
Don't talk about my dad!
Hands behind your back!
[ Handcuffs click ]
Your dad?
That would make him --
My brother.
Wait. Just wait.
Just -- Just stop.
What is your name?
Pete. Nolan.
And your father was?
He had a beer belly,
he had blue eyes,
a Marine Corps tattoo.
I don't know, he liked to take
his teeth out at parties.
He was quite a character!
You got me on that last one.
He was 35 when he abandoned
my mom and me.
Alright, what do you
want to do here?
[ Sighs ]
Take off the cuffs.
You're gonna let me go?
Are you sure?
'Cause the last cop I punched
was not that cool
about it.
How many cops
have you punched?
Like, today,
or, like, ever?
[ Handcuffs click ]
I'm kidding. One.
I've punched five cops.
Lookbefore today, I didn't
even know I had a brother.
Half-brother, alright?
And I was just as surprised
when the chick read the will
and said that you
were getting the car.
I don't know
why he did that.
Yeah. I don't know
why he did that, either.
Now, if I'm free to go,
uh, I'm gonna go.
Back to Arizona, alright?
Umlook, this has all
been a bit of a shock,
but if you'd like towait
around till after my shift,
I don't know,
maybe we could --
Hang out
and get to know each other
and become best friends?
No. I'll pass.
Enjoy the car.
Nice meeting you.
[ Door thumps ]
It's a push.
So, how does it work?
The sergeants exam?
Do you get the stripe
right away?
No. Passing the test
is the first step.
You only get promoted
when a spot opens up.
You're at the top of the list,
might take a month or two.
The lower you are,
the longer it's gonna take.
And for some,
they'll never get a shot.
Be taking the test
again in two years.
Hey. Your home invasion
victim was just assaulted.
He's on his way to the ER.
We just saw him.
Yeah, Marquel must have
doubled back after we left.
Is he hurt bad?
Fractured right arm,
bruised ribs,
couple of loose teeth.
He's gonna be in pain
for a few weeks.
Do you guys
know who did it?
Yeah, but we can't
do anything about it
unless Nevin makes
an official ID.
Which he's not
going to do.
[ Cellphone clicking ]
But maybe
his girlfriend will.
Good luck.
Tim: How is he?
He's tough.
Didn't want me to call 911,
even though the bone
was sticking out.
I'm sorry.
That sounds upsetting.
He's trying so hard to make up
for the things he did.
Why can't they just
leave him alone?
Because they're predators.
But we can help.
How? He's here because you
came around this morning.
Marquel had to make sure that
Nevin wasn't snitching.
Snitching about what?
[ Scoffs ] No way.
Sasha, you walk away,
he ends up back
in prison or dead.
Look, without us,
Nevin either gives in,
gives Marquel
what he wants,
or he doesn't
and Marquel kills him.
We're his only hope
at a different outcome.
You promise
you can protect him?
I'd be lying
if I said yes,
but he's got no chance
without us.
Marquel wants Nevin
to launder drug money
through the bakery.
Said he had 24 hours
to decide.
Now you know.
[ Footsteps departing ]
[ Door closes ]
So, what's the play?
Arrest Marquel for assault?
No. We do that,
and Marquel's guys will
kill Sasha and Nevin.
Then what?
I don't know.
Lopez: Neighbor says
she didn't witness the theft,
but, quote, "That statue
was the real crime."
And the woman I talked to
said that she wished
she had the balls to steal
that thing years ago,
and whoever took it
should have a statue
erected in their honor.
Alright. One more house
and I'm calling it.
There's a car
in the driveway.
We just have a few
questions for you.
I guess we can
follow up tomorrow.
Man: Help!
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
[ Gate creaks ]
Man: Help!
[ Grunts ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, God.
Oh! God!
Think how I feel.
I've been lying in it.
I have a brother.
My father is dead,
and I have a brother.
Yeah, we've been through
all of this at some length.
I mean, yesterday,
I didn't have a brother,
and today,
I have a brother.
That is a serious shift
in the universe.
Is it? Look, I mean,
real siblings are people
that you share
your childhood with.
That guy
shares some DNA.
Doesn't make him
your brother.
Smitty: Got your suspect
in interrogation.
Northeast Division caught her
trying to cash in
one of the stolen scratchers
at a 7-Eleven in Los Feliz.
Smitty, our killer
is a six foot,
200-pound male.
Well, she's none
of those things.
I didn't know the scratcher
was stolen, okay?
I swear.
Where'd you get
the ticket?
And work is?
The Red Angel.
Strip club.
You know, I've had some
pretty pathetic tips before,
but this is the first one
that's landed me in jail.
You're not under arrest.
We just need the name of the guy
who gave you the ticket.
I don't know. From the stage,
it's just a sea of losers.
No offense.
None taken.
I don't really
frequent those.
I mean, I've been.
I just don't make a habit of --
Does the club
have cameras?
Not officially.
That's a yes.
I'll call the club and
get the footage sent over,
and then you and Chastity
can go through every frame
and find the guy
that tipped her the ticket.
As in she'll be watching me
as I watch her --
As in
you're solving a murder.
Stealing that statue
was a public service.
That almost
got you killed.
Still worth it.
Angela. Excuse me.
Is this your station?
What a funny
little world.
Who's that?
Wesley's mom.
[ Door closes ]
What's she in for?
They found an unlicensed gun in
her car during a traffic stop.
[ Rapping ]
Girl, let me see you move it ♪
Oh, wait. Here.
I'm about to do one of
my signature moves.
Twerk, twerk, twerk ♪
How is that even possible?
[ Chuckles ]
Uh, the key
is core strength,
and pride
in my downstairs area.
Well, it's well-earned.
Got somewhere else to be?
No. I -- Kind of.
It's -- I-I have a date.
It's not for a few hours.
Oh, good for you.
Dating is challenging,
especially towards
the beginning.
Well, this is, uh, an old
girlfriend, actually.
Making what's old
new again.
Seem a little
nervous, though.
Well, when -- when we
were together before,
it was, you know, magical.
It just --
That was a long time ago.
Have you talked to her
about your fears?
We showing up,
the whole crew is in the flow ♪
You are incapable
of communicating with someone
you care about,
but have no problem
being explicit
with some stranger in a thong.
[ Scoffs ]
class and a little bit of
freak ♪
Oh, there he is.
Scratch-off guy.
[ Key clacks, music stops ]
Right before we went
upstairs for a private.
[ Keys clacking ]
That is a nice,
clear image.
We should be able to get a match
off facial recognition.
So, I, like
cracked the case?
Yes, you did.
I'll walk you out.
[ Laughs ]
Well, if you ever wanna
come by the club,
I'll give you
a free lap dance.
Oh, thanks.
That's very sweet.
We should probably just keep
this professional, though.
Hey, man.
Hey, I, uh --
I just want to say
sorry for earlier.
I-I know things got a little
out of hand, you know?
It's pretty normal
for me, but, uh,
I know you don't know me
that well, so --
You were going through
some stuff, so it's okay.
Like I said,
I just, uh --
I just wanted to
say sorry, and, uh
And I did, so
Where are you staying?
I'm renovating
a house on Beechwood.
You're welcome to use
the guest room.
Oh, it's okay, man. I'm staying
at the Starlight Motel.
Plus, I gotta catch this bus to
Tempe in the morning, so --
Oh. I love Tempe.
I did the, uh --
the Ironman competition
there twice.
Oh, cool.
I've never been to the gym.
Uh, Pete, this is Chastity.
Chastity, Pete.
Umdo you wanna, like,
go get, uh, sushi or something?
Yeah. Okay.
Sick. Alright.
Hey, man, uhyou think
I could have some money
for that sushi date?
Thank you.
It's -- It's L.A. sushi.
Don't worry about
paying me back.
I won't.
Have a good one.
That was weird.
Me and him. Huh?
Stay out of trouble.
If you can.
Wesley: This is serious.
They found a gun in your car.
Well, you know how dangerous
this city can be.
A woman has to be able
to protect herself.
Mom, where did you
even get the gun?
The -- The tennis
Well, we're dating now.
Don't say it.
I know what you're gonna say.
He likes me for me.
It's not my money.
Mom, come on.
Don't tell Angela
about Christian, please.
I don't want him
to get in trouble.
Promise me, now.
Yes. I promise.
Oh, how nice to see you.
Patrice. Wesley.
It's been far too long.
You called
the family lawyer?
I thought I was
gonna handle this.
Oh. Oh, sweetie,
I love you,
but you work above
an Ethiopian restaurant.
Andyou need
a "real" lawyer.
I knew you'd understand.
[ Sighs ]
[ Door closes ]
My mom fired me.
Did she say where
she got the gun?
Yeah, but it's privileged.
I can't tell you.
Well, she's got to
give the guy up.
Ballistics came back.
The gun in her car
was used
in an armed robbery
six months ago.
Homeowner was shot.
She's looking at accessory
after the fact.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ "Please" plays ]
[ Chuckles ]
Something to drink?
Your place looks great.
Oh, thank you.
any other man,
no one on Earth ♪
Hope you like white.
Did someone punch you?
UmI have had a day.
Do you want to
talk about it?
If I start
talking about it,
the whole night's
gonna be about that,
and I want tonight
to be about us.
Water our minds ♪
This life has been enough ♪
Tim: So, what do I do?
The smart thing would be to get
Nevin to launder the money.
Use him as a CI to roll up
Marquel and his whole crew.
Um, Nevin's trying
to go straight.
We'd be destroying that.
Yes, in order to put some
pretty bad people behind bars.
Look, it's a tough call,
you're gonna have to get used to
making those as a sergeant.
The scores are in?
The list just arrived.
You're number 8
out of 140.
Yes! I knew it.
Sergeant Bradford.
Not a sergeant yet.
At eight on the list,
it'll probably take
six months or so.
Actually, there's a position
opening in North Hollywood.
The captain there
owes me a big favor.
If you want,
I can make it happen.
You'd start in two weeks.
T-Two weeks?
Uh -- Uh, can I think
about this overnight?
Yeah, of course.
But there's no guarantee
you'll get a better opportunity,
if you pass this up.
Knocking down our doors ♪
Uh, more wine?
No, I amgood.
And the food was to
your satisfaction?
It was great.
This life has been enough ♪
[ Chuckles ]
For me to see the hell below ♪
This is weird, isn't it?
Yes, it's weird.
You know what?
I-I got some advice today
from asort of
a relationship expert,
and I think
we should try it.
I'm gonna tell you
exactly what I'm thinking.
Is that even possible?
W-Well, here it goes.
I'm gonna give it a try.
When we were together
it was soeasy.
It was so good.
And now, here we are,
20 years later,
and I'mworried
that maybe I'm trying to
recapture something
that could potentially
already be gone forever.
Does that sound crazy?
No. I mean,
I-Ifeel the same way.
Because I really
like you, Grace.
I like having you
as my friend.
I really like
having you in my life,
and I am terrified of
screwing that up again.
lives in your doubt ♪
Is thisa mistake,
trying to open this door?
I don't know.
I mean, maybe.
But, um
But what?
Your time's running out ♪
I reallywant you
to kiss me right now.
The hell below
lives in your doubt ♪
[ Engine revving ]
'Cause your time's
running out ♪
What was that?
[ Revving continues ]
[ Tires squeal ]
Someone just stole
my inheritance.
Shouldn't you call it in
or something?
Pretty sure I know
who did it.
Yeah, I've been
here all night.
What a completely natural way
to answer a door.
Oh. Hey, John.
Hi, Chastity.
You know her?
Yeah. Long story.
Chastity, have you been
with Pete all night?
Did you at any
point in time
witness him
stealing a car?
Oh, yeah.
I for sure saw
him do that.
I don't lie to a cop
for a guy
until at least
the third date.
Why don't you and I
go for a walk?
Okay. Yeah.
Thank you.
So, you gonna
arrest me now?
We have to talk.
What? There's nothing
to talk about.
Our dad is dead,
and I don't know what
to do with that,
and I got a feeling
you don't either,
but maybe together,
we could
figure something out.
Alright, maybe that
could help, you know?
My head is spinning
around right now.
And if you're anything like me,
you've got to be wondering,
why would he leave
this car to me?
Yeah, I mean, you know
we did work on it every day
after school, you know?
He would save up money
and try and get all the parts,
slowly build it up.
I mean, it took four years
to build the whole car
and then two to get it
to look like this.
At least you had those moments
with him, you know?
It's more than I got.
I'm sorry about that.
I, um
I think maybe he was
a little over-the-top
and overcompensated with me
because of how
he bolted out on you.
It wasn't all good,
though, you know?
Like, he came to my games,
but, like, he drank a lot,
and by the seventh inning,
he was, like, trashed
and embarrassed me
in front of my friends.
You know?
Doesn't sound very fun.
He gave me my first beer
when I was 13
and then my first joint
when I was 15.
So, I turned out great.
I grew up thinking
I did something wrong.
You know, if he loved me,
he wouldn't have left, right?
I'd stay up late at night,
listening to my mom
cry herself to sleep,
coming up with crazy plans
how I was gonna
track him down
and I guess win him back?
But now I'm thinking
I dodged a bullet.
You dodged a huge bullet.
Still love him, though.
Is that weird?
No, that's not weird.
It's human.
You know what?
You should have the car.
Yeah, man,
it's what he wants.
We should honor it, right?
Are you sure about this?
Plus, I know I'm nuts
and everything,
but I'll figure it out.
You know, maybe me
giving you this
is, uhmy closure,
or whatever they call it.
I don't know if it's
what Dad intended,
but by leaving me the car,
he actually connected me
to you,
so --
[ Chuckles ]
Stay in touch, Pete.
Just come -- come visit.
You can make sure
she's running right.
I have something for you.
Come on. I
Come on.
[ Keys clack ]
That's not
I figured,
you know, maybe
Pop the lid.
I figured, maybe, you know --
Oh, you really
don't have to --
Hey, man.
It's our dad.
You deserve to have half, right?
Look at that.
He's a chunky guy.
Get a lot of that.
Got some more beer.
Oh, that's right.
Hey, do you, uh -- do you wanna
come in for a-a nightcap?
I'm gonna braid her hair
and watch a-a fight.
Very sweet.
We really do have to go.
I have to be at
the hospital early.
So early.
-Cool, cool.
Okay, well, it was
very nice meeting you.
And, uh
[ Chuckles ]
Do we -- Do we hug?
Yeah. Hell yeah.
Thanks for not
arresting me.
Stay out of trouble.
I will.
[ Sighs ]
I like him.
I just can't believe
I have a brother.
We're half-brothers.
the walls are thin.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Both laugh ]
[ Door closes ]
So, umI guess
We're driving
ourselves home.
Not exactly how I
pictured the evening.
I'm thinking it's time,
gotta get it ♪
I'm sorry for
spoiling our date.
You kidding me?
I mean, this goes down in
the unforgettable column.
Well, umlest we forget,
before all this happened
I think we were
I think
we were right about
[ Chuckles ]
I'm thinking it's time ♪
Feels so fine ♪
Feels so free ♪
I'm thinking it's time ♪
Gotta, gotta get it ♪
What I want ♪
What's in the bucket?
Half my dad.
[ Chuckles ]
Like I said
I'm thinking it's time ♪
Gotta get it ♪
Gotta, gotta get it ♪
I'm thinking it's time ♪
See you soon.
Gotta get it ♪
Yes, you will.
Gotta get it ♪
I've been waiting
to make a move ♪
[ Car door opens, closes ]
[ Engine starts ]
Do all the things
that I wanna do ♪
I'm done watching it
pass me by ♪
I'm thinking it's time ♪
Mm, mm, mm ♪
Feels so fine ♪
[ Engine starts ]
Feels so free ♪
I'm thinking it's time ♪
Gotta, gotta get it ♪
What I want ♪
What I need ♪
I'm thinking it's time ♪
Gotta, gotta get it ♪
[ Rapping ]
in the passenger seats ♪
I got that work,
and it's up under me ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Please believe me ♪
Hey, Marquel.
Can we talk for a minute?
Unless you gotta get
permission first.
Nah, man. I'm good.
Please believe me ♪
Please believe me ♪
You here to threaten me,
Officer Bradford?
"Stay away from Nevin
or else"?
No. We both know
you don't scare.
So what? You here to play
to my better angel?
something like that.
See, here I thought
you were a hard case,
the man who put Keon
in Pelican Bay.
Nevin did his time.
He gave your crew
a decade of his life.
Took the fall like
a good soldier.
Let him walk away.
And what's that do for my rep?
Lettin' people slide?
"Reputation is an idle
and most false imposition,
oft got without merit
and lost without deserving.
You have lost
no reputation at all
unless you repute yourself
such a loser."
That was a nice pull,
but Shakespeare
didn't know nothing
about running a gang
in the 21st century.
You don't want to go
down this road.
Trust me.
Ain't no off-ramp here,
See, I got plans for Nevin.
There's nothing you
can do to stop 'em.
Please believe me ♪
I'm workin', baby ♪
What do we do now?
I don't know.
We made our play,
and we failed.
I never thought I'd see you
give up that easily.
You got a path to victory, Boot,
I'm all ears.
No, I don't,
but you're the king
of subversive tests
and tricks.
There's got to be
some way to win
by coming at this
Yeah, I'm in the G5
every time ♪
Harper, Nolan.
Rampart picked up
that scratch-off guy
from the strip club video.
Tucker Novak?
Is that the guy
you put a BOLO out on?
Yes, sir.
Then, yes.
He's in Cell 3.
I'm innocent.
Harper: Of what?
Of whatever y'all
about to accuse me of.
You went to the Red Angel
strip club two nights ago.
Can I have that?
Nolan: No.
You stole those tickets
from the liquor store on Pico,
and then you killed
the owner.
Whoa! I had nothing
to do with that.
And I sure as hell
didn't kill anybody.
Then who did?
I want diplomatic immunity.
Yeah, see, my father --
he was born in Spain,
and they're members of NATO
I think.
So -- Yeah.
I want diplomatic immunity.
You got it.
Wait. Really?
Spanish father
means you are solid.
Alright, check this out.
My boy Colt gave me
a call the other day,
said he needed help scratching
off 500 lottery tickets.
But, hey, he didn't mention
no murdered woman.
And he just let you
keep the winners?
I mean, only the small ones,
like I gave that stripper.
No, he kept the big one.
The big Kahuna, worth 250 grand.
And where can
we find Colt?
I don't know.
He told his roommates
he was moving out
once he scratched off
the big winner,
and last I heard of him,
he was still trying
to cash in the ticket.
Lottery doesn't pay out
prizes that size at
convenience stores.
Either you have to mail it in
or go up to Sacramento.
I'll call Sacramento PD, have
them sit on the lottery office.
Uh, what about me?
Uh, you're under arrest for
accessory after the fact.
But what about my immunity?
So, bad news.
Patrice: Wesley.
[ Door closes ]
You'll never believe --
I met the most fascinating
people in here last night.
Lawrence, give us a minute.
Well, we're discussing
my legal strategy, dear.
He does DUIs for rich kids,
which is why you spent
the night in jail.
This is a criminal matter.
You need a criminal lawyer.
Okay, thanks, Lawrence.
[ Door opens, door closes ]
[ Sighs ]
I know why you want
to protect Christian,
but you do not understand
who he really is.
I ran a background search.
He's been to prison
for armed robbery,
and the gun he gave you --
he used it in a crime
after he got out.
He shot someone.
They almost died.
God, I had no idea.
He took advantage of you,
but you will be charged
in his crime
unless you tell Angela
that he gave you the gun
so that she can
go arrest him.
[ Vehicle approaches ]
[ Tires screech, doors open ]
Christian Roberts,
we need to talk to you.
Damn. I was really hoping
he wouldn't run.
Told you not to eat
that meatball sub.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Siren wailing ]
You don't ♪
I'm right where you want me ♪
I'm not ♪
I think you should
know by now ♪
We color outside ♪
Breaking the rules ♪
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Tires screech, siren stops ]
[ Car door closes ]
Where'd he go?
I don't know.
Why are you wet?
I don't want
to talk about it.
7-Adam-07, send additional
units to our location.
Foot pursuit --
lost visual.
Wait! Wait, wait!
[ Groaning ]
[ Grunts ]
Get on your stomach.
Dispatch, cancel request.
Suspect in custody, Code 4.
Hands behind your back.
Harper: Nolan.
Colt Henry just tried to cash in
a stolen scratch-off
at a store
across from Union Station.
He must be trying to grab
a train to Sacramento.
Feel like some overtime?
Hell yeah.
Check the board.
Where is it?
Train to Sacramento,
platform three.
Nolan: Okay, that is in
20 minutes.
Let's split up.
Hey, hey, listen.
So far, this case has been
strippers and idiots,
but this guy -- he killed
a woman in cold blood.
Don't lose sight of that.
I won't.
[ P.A. system beeps ]
Man on P.A.: Attention, please.
This is the last call for
Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
train number 579,
en route to San Diego.
[ Continues indistinctly ]
[ Radio beeps ]
I went to the far end
of the concourse.
No sign of Colt.
Passengers for Amtrak
Pacific Surfliner number 579,
please proceed to track one.
Turn around very slowly.
-Move, move, move.
-He's got a gun!
[ People shouting, screaming ]
Man: He's got a gun!
[ Screaming continues ]
Where is he?
I don't know.
Did you see him?
Woman: [ Screams ]
Someone help me!
Go. Go.
[ Baby crying ]
Back up.
Don't do this.
[ Baby crying ]
Get back, lady.
Not gonna happen.
Show me your hands,
and they better be empty.
I didn't mean to
kill that woman.
She grabbed for my gun.
Why'd she do that?
There was only a few hundred
in the register.
There's nothing we can do
about that now,
but you can control
what happens next.
My whole life,
I never won anything.
But I got that big ticket now,
and I want to cash it in.
It's worthless, Colt.
Just like the one
you tried to cash in
across the street.
They were all cancelled
the moment they were
reported stolen.
This is -- It's not fair.
I never won anything
in my life.
[ Crying continues ]
But I won that.
You -- You can't take
that away from me.
The only thing you
are winning is a body bag
if you don't give up
right now.
You think I care?
I'm looking at life
in prison.
SoI'm calling
the shots here.
So, turn around
and walk away.
Right now.
Or else
Or else what?!
Your last act in life is
gonna be murdering a child?
The world doesn't
owe you anything, Colt.
Not a winning lottery ticket,
not a happy childhood.
We all got to do the best
with what we got,
and for you, right now,
that means giving up
and getting on the ground.
[ Crying continues ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
I'm pulling my hand out.
I let go of the gun.
D-Don't shoot me.
Okay, okay.
Colt: Okay, okay.
Okay. Oh.
[ Sirens approaching ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Handcuffs click ]
Suspect in custody.
Code 4.
[ "Then Again" plays ]
I've thought it through ♪
[ Clip clicks ]
And again, you'll be out
on the edge of ♪
Thank you.
Some great precipice
that would redefine ♪
I handled your father's
leaving very badly,
and his death,
and I've spent
the past few years
just feeling sorry
for myself.
Look, it's my fault, too,
for not being around more.
I've been
a little selfish.
A little?
All of the pieces fit ♪
[ Sighs ]
Look, I promise to try
harder toget over myself,
be there for you.
And the good news is
the DA's not pressing charges
against you,
so we can all
use this as, um
a learning experience.
[ Chuckles ]
Guess I'm alone in this one,
nobody ever ♪
Genius move,
making Nevin's
the go-to donut shop
for the LAPD.
Yeah, Marquel wouldn't dare
launder money here now.
North Hollywood's lucky to have
a sergeant like you coming in.
Actually, I, uh --
I told Grey that
I'm not interested
in moving up just yet.
What, are you holding out
for Malibu?
Tim Bradford finishes
what he starts.
I haven't finished
training you yet.
No. You haven't.
You are gonna move up at
some point, though, right?
Because I put a lot of time
into those books on tape.
What a terrible waste ♪
Guess I'm alone in this one ♪
[ Laughs ]
Nobody ever seems to ♪
"I had a great time
last night!"
Guess I'm alone in this one ♪
Nobody ever seems to
know the right way ♪
No exclamation point.
"Great time last night.
Let's do it againsoon."
"Let's do it again soon?"
"Let's do it again soon."
Why don't people
just call anymore?
[ Cellphone rings ]
Hey. I was -- I-I was just
trying to text you.
Well, uh,
there's an art to it.
I'm just messing with you.
I just spent the last half-hour
rewriting a text to you,
and then I just --
you know, I, um --
I figured that
I'd just call.
Well, I'm glad you did.
[ Engine revs,
tires screeching ]
What was that?
Uh, that was the sound
of my inheritance
being stolen again.
Can I call you
right back?
Tell Pete I said hi.
Will do.
[ Cellphone clicking,
line rings ]
Pete: Yo.
I thought you said
you needed me to have the car
so you could have closure.
Yeah, no, I-I don't really
believe in closure.
Plus, Chastity
loves the car.
Hi, John.
Nolan: Hi, Chastity.
So, Pete, listen I-I know you
don't believe in closure,
but I do, and you've
given me some --
closure I never thought
I would have.
So thank you.
Anytime, man.
Hey, you think you
could do me a favor
and maybe mail me
the keys?
'Cause I had to hot-wire
this in your driveway.
Sure thing.
Stay safe, Pete.
Keep in touch.
You got it.
[ Chuckles ]
Hey, man, having
a brother cop is pretty sick.
That means a-a lot to me, Pete.
Even from you.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
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