The Rookie (2018) s02e14 Episode Script


What seems to be
the trouble?
[ Dog whimpers]
I was walking Ozzy
past the Millers,
and he started freaking out.
He's a retired bomb dog
from the TSA.
He definitely smelled
some explosives inside.
Okay. Thank you.
We will take it from here.
Control, 7-Adam-15
requesting bomb squad
at 4312 Moreland Street.
Ma'am, step back.
[ Muffled pop music plays ]
[ Knock on door ]
Can I help you?
[ Volume increases ]
Woman: Boy!
[ Explosion, screaming ]
[ Car alarm blaring,
dog barking ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Woman: Are you okay?!
Man: What happened?
Some more
gender reveal mayhem.
They used C-4
to set it off.
Seven other guests
are in the ER
being treated for
glitter-related injuries.
Most of those occurred when
the second device went off.
They're having twins.
Whoa, oh oh, oh oh-oh,
whoa, oh oh ♪
Boy and a girl.
I'm gonna win for you ♪
Like I know
you want me to do ♪
Remember when we used to
be able to eat
nothing but French fries
and still have abs?
Oh, I was never blessed
with your metabolism.
[ Chuckles ]
Took joining the police
to get in tip-top shape.
[ Exhales deeply ]
What's wrong?
Nothing. Just got a little
speedy there for a second.
Too much coffee?
None, actually.
I cut back.
It was getting me too amped up.
Put this on.
Oh. No, I'm good.
It's alright.
Doctor's orders.
[ Sighs ] If you insist.
Let me see.
[ Beep ]
Wow. That's high for
a man in tip-top shape.
When's the last time that
you had a full physical?
Two months ago,
and it was all good.
Are you under
a lot of stress?
[ Chuckling ] Right.
Stupid question.
I mean, but -- but how
your body handles
a high-stress lifestyle
is based on your physiology.
Is that a fancy way
of saying I'm old?
Well, I mean,
maybe a little.
Most cops enter the job
in their 20s,
when they can handle
the stress hormones.
And French fries.
And French fries.
By the time the cops
are in their 40s,
I mean, they're trained
in stress management.
But you jumped
into the deep end.
Yeah, but I've handled
stress before --
I mean, late mortgage payments,
failed marriage.
Of course. But being shot at
on a daily basis is different.
[ Sighs ]
Keep this on for the week.
I want to track
how your pulse races.
My instincts are that it happens
more than you realize.
[ Sighs ]
[ Ominous music plays ]
[ Door hinges creak ]
[ Deep snarling ]
[ Barking ]
Hey! Stay!
Oh, Kojo, Kojo!
Come here. Check this out.
What's this?
Ohh, what a good boy!
Are you so excited
to meet Jackson?
Aah! You're such --
What is happening?
Okay, so, do you remember
[ Barks ]
how I was looking
to get a dog?
Yeah, dogs are super helpful
for trauma recovery.
I filled out
the applications to foster Kojo,
and they just
dropped him off.
[ Whimpering ]
Oh, oh.
It's okay, it's okay.
Um, so we have
a dog now.
Yeah. Isn't it great?
[ Laughs ]
Kojo, let's go for a walk.
Come on.
Okay. Go on.
let's let Jackson sleep.
He's so strong.
Come on! Good boy!
Let's get started.
First things first,
let's welcome
Detective Armstrong
back from vacation, huh?
[ Indistinct talking ]
Ah, yeah, thank you.
Okay, look.
[ Clears throat ]
Before I get started
with the morning's business,
I just want
to thank everyone again
for all their hard work
in the Rosalind Dyer case.
That was a
difficult time.
you all have printouts
of the latest developments
from the detective tables.
But I want to go over one item.
A federal operation is
launching in Filipino Town,
so until further notice,
all marked units
are to stay clear of Alvarado,
between Montrose and the 101.
Anything we should
be aware of?
Not according to the FBI,
but, you know,
they ain't big on sharing,
so if you need to contact
anybody in that area,
run them through LA CLEAR
and notify your supervisor
Officer Nolan.
Can you enlighten us
on what LA CLEAR is?
Yes, sir --
[ Beeping ]
I'm sorry.
You need to get that?
[ Beeping stops ]
Uh, it's not my phone, sir.
That's just a fitness tracker.
I have it set
to alert me
when my heart rate
increases rapidly.
I'm tracking my stress.
Just learning how
to manage it better.
Do I stress you out,
Officer Nolan?
No, sir.
[ Beeping ]
[ Beeping stops ]
LA CLEAR is the largest
deconfliction database
for law enforcement
in the West.
And what does that
mean, Officer West?
Every federal, state,
and local covert operation
is monitored there to prevent
duplication of efforts
or blue-on-blue situations.
And can you access LA CLEAR,
Officer Chen?
No, sir.
For security reasons,
all access is reserved for
higher-level officers.
Bottom line, this is
a very serious tool,
and we don't call unless
the stakes are high.
Anything less,
figure it out.
Okay, people, that's it.
And if anyone has advice
for Officer Nolan
on how to deal
with stress
I'm sure he'd
appreciate suggestions.
[ Laughter ]
I try and dance at least
20 minutes a day.
Target practice.
And the "Great British
Baking Show."
Then it need to fall back ♪
Hell if I know.
I wrecked my family from
the stress I was under.
The larger the caliber,
the better.
Oh, and prioritize
the holiday episodes.
Meditation will change
your life.
Goat yoga.
What yoga?
You got to find a way
to turn your brain off --
lift weights, play ball,
paint a picture.
Doesn't matter what it is,
just that you focus completely.
The most important thing
is to identify the source
of your stress
and confront it head-on.
Trust me, I'm living proof of
what this job can take from you
if you don't.
Good advice.
Thank you.
Uh, Nick, um
in the interest
of confronting things head-on,
Rosalind said something to me
the last time I saw her.
I hate to even
bring it up.
Let it fly.
I'm in a good place.
She said she had
one more secret --
about you.
And thatit was bad.
[ Laughs ]
You warned me not to let
her get back into my head,
and you turned around
and let her get into yours.
She is
playing you, John.
I'm all out of secrets.
That's what I thought.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
I even mentioned it.
You're just practicing
what I preached.
You're welcome.
[ Laughs ]
Getting a dog
is a big mistake.
I don't remember
asking you.
Well, tough. It's my job
to train you how to succeed.
And adding a dependent
is only gonna distract you.
Oh, yeah?
How 'bout a cute,
snuggly dependent?
Not the point.
[ Chuckles ]
Who's watching the dog
while you're working?
I paid a neighbor.
And Jackson's fine
with it?
Of course.
Why wouldn't he be?
She should've asked me.
Did you say anything?
I mean, after everything she
went through? Absolutely not.
Then what are you
complaining about?
She should've consulted me.
I'm her roommate.
but it's her apartment.
She's the one
on the lease.
So you're saying I don't
have a leg to stand on?
Pretty much.
Just face it --
you don't like dogs.
I love dogs.
I just think they're
a lot of responsibility,
and I'm not sure
you're ready for it.
[ Laughing ] Oh!
But you were
when you were my age?
At your age, I'd done two tours
in Afghanistan and Iraq,
the second in charge of
a squad of 10 soldiers.
[ Scoffs ] Show-off.
What was that?
[ Muffled rap music plays ]
You're too late.
It's gone.
We got a call about
a Peeping Tom?
Barry: Wendy loves to tan
in the morning.
Last few days,
this drone has shown up
hovering overhead,
spying on her.
Well, we can put out
an alert,
but drones can be
tricky to track down.
It's bad enough guys
are constantly hitting on her
whenever we go out.
Now she's not even safe
in her own home?
You guys don't
believe me?
There's like a gravitational
pull Wendy has no control over.
They say they can't do
anything about the drone.
[ Chuckles ]
I'm sure that's not true.
The next time I tan
you can come watch.
[ Chuckles softly ]
Ma'am --
Are you hitting
on my wife?
What? No!
Get the hell
out of my house!
Sir --
But look at me now,
look at me now ♪
-Oh, hi.
-Thank you.
Don't freak out.
They ran out of falafel.
Who the hell
runs out of falafel?
What'd you get me?
Did you get hot sauce?
-That too.
-Hey, watch it, buddy!
Looks like happy hour
came early.
Have you been drinking?
Rainbow lozenge
hidey hole.
Rainbow lozenge
hidey hole.
Forget booze. This has
ecstasy written all over it.
Man-- Manscape.
Or acid.
Sir, I need you to put
your hands behind your back.
Sir, are you okay?
Oh --
[ Industrial rock music plays ]
Sir, can you tell us
what happened to you?
Hamster puddle tortilla.
I think he's been shot.
Hamster puddle tortilla.
We're gonna get you
some help. Come on.
Nolan: 7-Adam-15 in full pursuit
of robbery suspect.
[ Beeping ]
White male in purple pants.
Harper: In there!
[ Beeping ]
[ Beeping intensifies ]
[ Beeping quickens ]
[ Music stops ]
God! I touched it!
Show me your hands!
[ Panting ] Whoa.
I-I'm gonna puke.
[ Gags ]
Down on the ground!
[ Groans ]
What'd you touch?
Ugh. A dead body.
Check it out.
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Ominous music plays ]
He's incredibly lucky
the damage isn't worse.
The bullet appears to
have lodged itself
in his speech center.
Snarf yum
orange Beyoncé.
Is that why he's
talking nonsense?
It's not nonsense
to him.
The bullet
is causing aphasia,
where the words
he intends to say
and what actually comes out
are different.
Ball pit small envy?
You were shot in the head,
Mr. Hollenbock.
We're getting you prepped
for surgery.
We're gonna need that bullet
once it's removed.
I can tell the surgeon,
but there is a chance
that we may need
to leave it in.
Even with the bullet,
I doubt we'll find the shooter.
Why not?
The best explanation
for the impact angle
and lack of killing velocity
is that some idiot
fired his gun into the air.
And the gravity brought it down
onto Eddie's skull.
And given the math
of ballistics,
we're looking at a firing radius
of almost a mile.
Which in Los Angeles
is a suspect pool of
several thousand suspects.
Poop. [ Chuckles ]
And here I am thinking
I could take it slow
my first day back.
[ Sighs ]
Broken neck.
Yeah, and it wasn't
an accident.
That lump at the top
of his back --
avulsion of
the vertebrae.
His neck was snapped by someone
who knew what they were doing.
Time of death?
Uh, we're still waiting
on the coroner to arrive,
but I checked his legs.
Based on lividity,
I'm guessing 12 hours or so.
You canvass the scene yet?
Not yet.
Okay, why don't you
start that?
Detective Harper and I
will finish up here.
Divide and conquer.
Any ID?
No, justthis.
Soup kitchen voucher.
He was homeless?
Yet his clothes are new.
Yep, brand-new.
A transient
coming into money
would definitely
make him a target.
Check his street wallet?
Homeless folks sometimes
keep their valuables
in their shoes.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Props must be given.
Hotel room key.
There we go.
[ Clicks tongue ]
[ Click ]
Excuse me!
Hey, what's up?
Do you know who owns
this camera you're working on?
I need to get ahold
of the footage.
Uh, I could
give you a name,
but it'd be
a waste of your time.
Camera's been broken for a week.
That's why they called me out.
I was just swapping in
a new one.
[ Snaps fingers ]
Thought I cracked the case.
[ Chuckles ] Sorry.
Hey, does that
thing work?
I've been thinking
about buying one.
Oh. I just got it.
I'm supposed to, um --
Nolan, hey. Let's go.
Thank you.
We found a key card on
the victim from an SRO downtown.
meeting us there.
No. Yeah, I-I'll be
right there.
Right where?
My apartment.
Not unless
it's a crime scene.
[ Whining ]
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
[ Whining ]
Kojo, what did you do?!
Get -- Get down.
[ Whines ]
How did you do that?
Come on.
[ Sighs ]
Ohh, man!
Oh, no.
This is Jackson's
varsity jacket.
He's gonna be so upset.
[ Camera clicks ]
I don't really have
to say anything, do I?
I'd rather you didn't.
Manager said our victim
checked in three days ago
under the name
Joe Delacruz.
Paid a week in cash.
You go in yet?
And ruin the surprise?
It's always better
to not enter a scene alone.
So no one can accuse
you of malfeasance later.
[ Beep ]
Looks like Joe went
on quite the shopping spree.
New clothes, shoes.
Two different sizes.
Well, that seems
like a clue.
I'm guessing the manager
didn't mention someone
staying with Joe.
This is not
the kind of establishment
that pays
that kind of attention.
Found cash. Looks to be about
five or six grand.
[ Beep ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Chuckles nervously ]
Wrong room.
Hold on.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Hey!
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Elevator bell dings ]
7-Adam-15 in
foot pursuit of suspect.
29100 Spring.
White male.
160 pounds.
5'8". Green jacket.
Send backup.
Suck it up, turn it out,
wild child ♪
Split up! Just
I'm going north.
You can feel it in
your slacka hacka way way ♪
Yeah, I can show you how
to ticki ticki toppy tippy ♪
Lock 'em up, shock 'em up,
turn it out, wild child ♪
Bang bang bang boom ♪
Suspect in sight.
Heading south down San Pedro.
[ Siren wails ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gasps ]
Boom ♪
Lucy: Suspect in custody.
Code 4.
Hands behind your back,
interlace your fingers.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Got a knife.
Prosthetic leg?
Yes, sir.
That's a military knife.
You lose your leg in combat?
Yes, sir.
Got in an argument
with an I.E.D.
You know this guy?
I was his squad leader
in Afghanistan.
[ Device beeping ]
What happened?
You had a fiancée
in San Diego,
a job lined up
through Wounded Warriors.
What can I say?
moved on.
You tell me what
I'm being charged with?
Lucy: Resisting arrest,
for starters.
The rest is up
to the D.A.
[ Chuckles ] Right.
And how exactly did the cops
end up in my hotel room?
She can't tell you that.
Yeah? [ Chuckles ]
But you can.
I-I can't.
Be in violation
of the victim's privacy.
What happened to Joe?
Is Joe alright?
Look, I've already
said too much.
[ Buzzer ]
Is he dead?
Detectives will come
speak with you shortly.
Mitch, inside.
[ Buzzer ]
He doesn't seem
to like you very much.
I'm the reason
he lost his leg.
My son was attacked.
So you need to go down there,
get the guy, and arrest him.
What guy?
My psycho neighbor!
He shot my son's drone down!
Is that right?
Yeah. And guess what.
We've got video proof.
Show him the -- the video
from the drone camera.
Dad, it's okay.
It's not a big deal.
Can we just go?
Show the cop
the damn video.
[ Sighs ]
[ Motor whirring ]
I can explain.
There's no need.
Kid's got good taste.
And Wendy is hot.
Sir, what your son did is
actually illegal.
[ Sighs ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Motor groaning ]
Look, uh --
one second.
Lopez, West.
I just solved two crimes
sitting in my office --
Bradford and Chen's Peeping Tom
and your gunshot victim.
I'm just saying.
Mitch: You guys don't really
think I killed him, right?
We don't know anything. That's
why we're talking to you.
The M.E. said that Joe died
from internal decapitation.
He suffered spinal trauma from
an acute compression injury.
Someone who knew how
snapped his neck.
It wasn't me.
Where'd the money under
the mattress come from?
Couple of days ago,
Joe comes to me,
says he found
a fortune in cash
in this building
he snuck into, alright?
Millions of dollars
stacked high on pallets.
[ Breathing shakily ]
And a bunch of machinery
guarded by some heavy-duty guys
with serious weaponry.
But he managed
to steal some of it.
Why share
the money with you?
'Cause we were tight.
He's a fellow vet.
Then you got a taste
of the rich life,
decided you wanted the rest
of the money for yourself?
[ Chuckles ]
He only took 10 grand.
We burned through
half of that in a day.
Look, I tried to tell him not
to go back there for more.
He got lucky
the first time.
And I should've gone
with him.
'Cause he would've
gone with me.
So, the money we found in Joe's
hotel room was counterfeit.
Are you sure?
It's the best fake I've seen,
but it's definitely a fake.
He say where
it came from?
A building downtown.
Said there's millions more.
The machines Joe saw,
could they have been printers?
Nolan: Looks abandoned.
It's probably intentional.
If I were printing
millions of dollars,
I'd want to stay
below the radar.
look sharp, you guys.
If these guys are ex-military,
they're gonna put up a fight.
[ Door closes ]
Not exactly the counterfeit
money-making operation
we were sold on.
Still believe
your Army buddy's story?
Yeah. I do.
They must've cleared out of here
after Joe's murder.
You find something?
Uh, the name
of a security company.
But I know this.
I've seen it somewhere.
This morning
when I was canvassing,
it was on the side
of the van.
Um, the worker with the van
was fixing the camera
across the street from
where Joe was killed.
Uh, he said the camera
had been down for a week.
Did you get a name?
No. I thought
it was a dead end.
I have him on body cam.
That's him.
He must've taken down the camera
so we couldn't trace it.
We should run his face
through the database.
Sgt. Grey: Detective Harper.
Go to channel nine.
Hey, sir.
We are here.
Uh, we're in the building.
It's empty.
We're about to
call in T.I.D.
You're to exit the building
and come back
to the station.
Shut it down
and get back here -- now.
What the hell's going on?
Got a call
from the Chief.
Your search warrant rang
an alarm way up the food chain.
So we're just supposed
to walk away from
a murder investigation?
No, but you can't follow
it down this path.
And what if that path
leads us to our killer?
So, what are we
into, Sarge?
I don't know.
And I pushed hard
to find out.
But this comes from on high,
and it's non-negotiable.
Let's take the night.
We'll regroup in the morning.
That's it.
Hey, this isn't right.
No. But it's
a direct order.
[ Beeping ]
So, that's it?
We walk away?
If we're smart.
That'snot a yes.
What do you think?
That this is clearly
a federal operation
and that we don't have
enough information
to know how to proceed.
So we get more.
How do we get insight on
a federal operation, Boot?
we call LA CLEAR.
You sure?
I owe Mitch that much.
[ Line ringing ]
You remember
the personal questions
they ask you
for clearance, right?
Maybe you should all
step outside.
Not a chance.
I think you sh--
Yeah, hi.
Uh, this is
Officer Tim Bradford, LAPD,
badge 34831.
Yeah. Go ahead.
Bethesda. Mm.
Left clavicle.
Uh, "Lady Marmalade."
Uh, tarantulas.
Uh, yeah,
it's, uh, "Xanadu."
[ Lucy chuckles ]
[ Sighs ]
Yes, uh, ma'am, I'd like
to run an address.
214 Mill Street,
Los Angeles.
Okay, thank you.
They'll get back to us
within the hour.
[ Whimpers ]
Hello, dog.
[ Chuckles ]
You are pretty cute.
[ Sighs ]
Lucy: I am so sorry.
I meant to call you earlier,
but today has been crazy.
He ate my stuff!
All of my stuff!
I know. I'll pay
to replace everything.
You can't replace
my letter jacket!
The dog has to go.
What?! No!
Look, this is what happens
when you have a dog.
No, I don't have a dog, Lucy!
You do!
I got to go and see
what's salvageable.
will you take him
for a walk?
[ Click, dial tone ]
[ Knock on glass ]
[ Keys jingle ]
[ Sighs ]
You're free to go.
Does that mean you caught
the guys that killed Joe?
Not yet.
But you found the money?
It was gone.
W-We're working late.
S-So what now?
Now you go home.
I'm -- I'm sorry.
I-I can help you
find a bed and a shelter.
You really want to do
something for me?
You find out who
killed Joe, alright?
He was a good guy.
He served his
country with honor.
He didn't deserve
to go out like that.
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Sighs ]
I-I'm sorry.
I have to answer this.
She'll escort you out.
You take care
of yourself.
[ Buzzer ]
Yeah, it's Tim Bradford.
Man: LA CLEAR code 9273.
[ Door closes ]
It's a D.I.A. operation.
Defense Intelligence
That's national security.
LA CLEAR tell you
anything else?
Just a contact name --
Colonel Norman Jangus.
What the hell is
a national security agency
doing counterfeiting money?
This is way bigger
than we thought.
We should take the night,
like Grey said,
and see how we are feeling
in the morning.
Harper's right.
an off-the-books operation
is high-risk on a good day.
And this ain't a good day.
[ Dog barks in distance ]
Nolan: Nnh.
[ Sighs ]
[ Button clicks ]
[ Typing ]
[ Goat bleating ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Goat bleating ]
[ Knock on door ]
Hey, pal.
We need to talk.
Invite me in?
How 'bout you tell me
who you are first?
Right now,
I'm your friend, John.
And that's a good thing.
'Cause you don't want me
as an enemy.
Now invite me in.
Nice place.
Done good work
fixing it up.
I'd expect no less,
based on your history.
I see your play --
come in, walk around,
assert dominance.
Very nice.
So, tell me, who is
Colonel Norman Jangus?
Oh, a name on a form.
Nothing more.
But you are D.I.A.
Yeah, but my team operates
in the shadows.
We do stuff
no one wants to admit.
So, why come for me?
'Cause you're the weak link.
Bradford served two tours
in country,
Harper's taken on cartels,
and -- and Chen survived
a serial killer.
built houses.
And you always push
on the weak link.
I'm pushing on you.
What do you want?
To warn you
and your little cop buddies.
Justleave this alone.
Calling LA CLEAR?
Big mistake.
Let it be your last.
All we want is whoever
killed Joe Delacruz.
The homeless guy?
He was a human being.
The man was a soldier.
He sacrificed --
Time-out, time-out.
Let's understand something here.
We're on the same team.
You, me, Joe?
We make sacrifices on the daily
to save people's lives.
I just do it on a more
global scale than you.
And that's why it's okay
for you to murder people?
There are casualties
in every war.
You just really don't want
the next one to be you.
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Sighs ] You get
the tracking device on his car?
Yeah. We can follow him
wherever he goes.
Let's hit the road.
No. This is
a two-person job.
Harper and I got it
from here.
Uh, screw that.
You go, we go.
That's admirable, really,
but if this thing goes sideways,
we could face demotion,
suspension, even jail.
I've got a golden ticket.
Bradford has
an unblemished record.
Odds are we can
weather the storm.
Rookies are
at-will employees.
They don't even need
a reason to fire you.
Okay, well,
with all due respect,
I've been buried alive
by a serial killer.
This rabbit hole
does not scare me.
Nolan: I love this job more
than I imagined I could.
The day I stop giving it my all
is the day I walk away.
Let's roll.
And hope he leads us
to the money.
We're in position.
Harper: Copy that.
Why are you the reason
Mitch lost his leg?
[ Scoffs ]
'Cause I let him slide
on something.
It doesn't matter what,
just that I cut him a break
when I shouldn't have,
and because I did,
he went back out on patrol,
got blown up.
[ Chuckles softly ]
That is the most Tim Bradford
thing I've ever heard.
You showed humanity.
There's nothing
to feel guilty about.
Rules matter, Boot.
Then what the hell
are you doing out here?
Some things matter more.
Bradford, Chen, let's go.
Hang on.
First lesson
in black ops --
make sure the lights don't
come on when you open the door.
[ Forklift beeping ]
That's got to be
the pallets of money.
Waiting to put it on a ship
to who knows where.
Should we call
Long Beach PD?
Not yet.
Why not?
Well, for one thing,
we don't know if that's
the counterfeit money.
Pallets are covered.
We've only got
one shot at this.
We absolutely
cannot be wrong.
So we confirm it's
the counterfeit money
before we call in
the cavalry,
use the arrest to figure out
who killed Joe.
how do we do that?
No idea.
[ Engine sputtering ]
Forklift stopped working.
Something's up.
-There, I guess.
-Yeah, I'll get that.
-Let me grab.
-Grab another one.
They're getting
a new forklift.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Tires squeal ]
Now's our chance.
Let's move.
[ Indistinct talking ]
I'll take it from here.
Watch my six.
[ Guns cock, man clears throat ]
You'll be dead before
you break leather.
John, what the hell?
I warned you.
You did.
But you didn't listen.
I didn't.
I'm disappointed.
Thought you were smart.
Smart one's my T.O.
She plans for everything.
That's a .50 cal.
I don't need to tell you
what that bullet will do
to your body.
Hey, Pettigrew,
didn't we face this exact
scenario down in Colombia?
We're all still here.
'Cause it's
a no-win situation.
Your shooter turns me
into mist,
but my guys turn you
into organ donors.
So what we need is
a negotiated settlement.
I'm listening.
One of you killed
Joe Delacruz.
You give him up,
we walk away.
And the money?
Not our problem.
Not our problem.
Surrender yourself.
After everything
we've been through,
you're just gonna
turn me in like that?
Your sloppiness jeopardized
our operation,
so you are being sacrificed
for the greater good.
But all they have is
circumstantial evidence.
So keep your mouth shut,
listen to the lawyer,
and you'll be out
in no time.
Yes, sir.
We good?
[ Handcuffs click ]
let's get this done.
What happens
with the money?
It'll fund black ops
for the next five years.
The U.S. government spends
billions in covert operations.
I bet Bradford here
watched backpacks
full of ghost money
being handed out
in Afghanistan.
I did.
See, that money has to be
authorized and tracked.
But counterfeit money
We didn't print money.
We printed freedom.
let's wrap this up.
[ Engine starts ]
Sgt. Grey:
Let me get this straight.
You all just happened to be
taking a stroll on the docks,
and Joe Delacruz's killer
appears and turns himself in?
All: Yes, sir.
And when the Chief calls me
tomorrow screaming --
He won't.
[ Sighs ]
I'm going back to bed.
The paperwork on this
better be spotless.
Yes, sir.
Where's the dog?
It wasn't fair to you,
and I'm really not ready
for a dog yet.
I'm sorry about
your stuff.
[ Sighs ]
I'm sorry, too.
[ Chuckles ]
I actually liked Kojo.
[ Chuckles ]
Did he go to a good home?
Yeah. He did.
Ahhhhh ♪
Ahhh ♪
What's up?
Close the door.
Set upon a mission ♪
You're lucky.
And the part
they never mention ♪
You had a good outcome
last night.
But no matter how good
your intentions are,
going off the books
always costs you.
The law matters, Nolan.
But I crossed the oceans ♪
The second you start
thinking you know better,
you risk losing yourself.
Nick --
I lied to you
There is one more secret.
I broke the rules
to catch Rosalind.
I went into her house
without a warrant
and used what I found there
to get one.
Somehow, she knew.
She never said anything.
Would she have gone
free if she had?
At this point,
we'd caught her red-handed.
But if she hadn't been,
if she'd gone free
because I crossed the line
I never would've
forgiven myself.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Don't put yourself in
that situation. You hear me?
You don't want
that kind of stress.
No, I don't.
Thank you for telling me.
So, you caught him?
What's this?
First Congregational
needs a live-in guard.
I put in
a good word for you.
Look, it's not
a handout, alright?
It's a job --
and a roof over your head.
You're welcome.
Shouting from the rooftops to
a ghost town all riled up ♪
It's not your fault,
you know?
You know,
what happened to me,
it's nobody's fault.
The eagle and the full moon
will rise ♪
You take care of yourself,
Mitch, alright?
Deliver me to the land ♪
Come on.
[ Whines ]
Once I'm back to my place ♪
I'll find it at my own pace ♪
Not a word.
[ Whines ]
The back roads treat me
like kin ♪
You were supposed to wear
this all week.
I actually think it was
causing me more stress.
You have to find a way
to listen to your body.
I just had a patient
who had been feeling off
for a couple weeks.
He didn't
go to the doctor.
We found a tumor.
We caught it just in time.
Because he listened
to his body?
No, I mean a bullet
fell from the sky
and punctured his skull.
When we did the X-ray,
we found a mass.
I mean, that bullet
saved his life.
So the moral
of the story is
Don't count on a stray bullet
to save your life.
Sound medical advice.
[ Laughs ]
And you need to find
yourself a de-stressor.
That's two morals.
I actually did some research,
though, and I did find
a couple of ways that I think
I could reduce my stress.
One of them, though, I think
I wouldneed your help.
Of course.
I had better keep
rolling on ♪
You'd get sweaty.
I mean, I like sweaty.
What exactly do you
have in mind?
[ Goats bleating ]
[ Laughs ]
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