The Rookie (2018) s02e15 Episode Script


All units, be on the lookout
for eight prostitutes
in lingerie,
fighting near Park La Brea.
At 10:00 a.m.?
Yeah, you know, sometimes
you just got to get it in.
Want to take the call?
Hell no.
Those ladies
will take an eye out.
Check it out --
2:00, knit cap.
Call it in.
Control, 7-Adam-15.
211 in progress,
Circus Liquor,
requesting backup.
Drop the gun!
Don't shoot!
It-- It's just a movie!
No, don't --
don't look at camera.
This is great
production value.
What the
Okay, arrest him
like it's real.
Oh, no! Uh, tase him.
Make it really hurt.
Fake gun.
Of course it is.
I'm a film major.
This is my thesis project.
Okay, well, you almost
got your actor killed.
Do you have a permit to
film here, one that would have
notified law enforcement
of your use of prop firearms?
No, II'm just a student.
That doesn't matter.
You've just committed
a misdemeanor
punishable by up to
a year in jail
or a $10,000 fine.
Your driver's license,
What kind of weird-ass movie
is this?
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
whoa, oh, oh ♪
[ Telephone rings in distance ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Knock on door ]
Morning, sir.
Good morning.
You ready to go?
[ Door closes ]
As I'll ever be.
We'll head out
right after roll call.
See you in there.
[ Door opens ]
Yo, you should've come out
with us last night.
We hit this barista jam
down in the Arts District.
A what?
Yeah, uh,
celebrity baristi
pull espresso shots
from artisanal beans,
whip up latte art.
It's total fire.
Okay, I know all those words
separately, but together
Oh, then we jammed
with this Cowpunk band
till like 4:00 a.m.,
then went to Venice Beach
to watch the sunrise.
Okay, you have a singular way
of making me feel
[ Cellphone ringing ]
a thousand years old.
[ Laughs ]
Hang on one second.
Yo! This is he.
Well, there must be
some mistake.
No, um, I will look into
that today. Thank you.
I'm so sorry about that.
Thank you.
Uh, my tuition payment
for Henry's college
didn't go through --
insufficient funds.
I thought you had his whole
four years squirreled away.
I do. It's -- I'm sure
it's just a mistake.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Okay, before
you hit the street today,
a few orders of business.
One of my duties as Sergeant
is to run periodic assessments
on officers under my command
to ensure that the duty manual
is being followed
and that, personally,
you are all above reproach.
Then I hope
you didn't read my diary.
[ Laughter ]
Uh, what exactly
is being assessed?
Occupational integrity.
From how we maintain
our equipment
to the upkeep of all
of our certifications.
If we can't obey
every rule,
how can we expect that
from citizens?
This is a list
of all minor deficiencies.
Officer West will be in charge
of sharing those infractions
with you
and making sure this station
is in compliance
with all regulations.
So I won't be riding
with Officer Lopez today, sir?
No, she and I
will be out of the station
for the rest of the day.
So, that being said,
Sergeant Roberts
from Pacific Division
will be filling in.
I expect to hear good things.
That's it.
Officer Nolan,
a word, please.
Yes, sir? Any problem?
I didn't want to say this
in front of everyone,
but your credit score's
been red-flagged.
A credit risk is 620.
You're at 300.
That's impossible.
I check my credit score
every six months.
I've never been
below 700.
Well, it's under it now.
A cop in financial trouble
is susceptible
to bad actions.
If you don't raise your score
to acceptable standards ASAP,
they will cut you
from the program.
Yes, sir. I'll fix it.
First, Henry's tuition bounces.
Now this?
Something's really wrong.
Man: Here you go.
So, are you nervous
about meeting Rachel's dad?
It's got to be
a tick nerve-racking.
Rachel adores her dad.
And he's gonna love me.
Colin was a sheriff
for 30 years.
Yeah, in a town
with two stop lights.
L.A. or Mayberry,
a cop's a cop.
Oh, no, he's from Sweet Home,
not Mayberry.
No, I-I know. It's --
Mayberry, like,
the TV show?
What TV show?
Never mind. [ Sighs ]
Hey, where are
Lopez and Grey going?
Lompoc Prison.
Guy who shot Grey and killed
his partner is up for parole.
But he killed a cop.
It's been 10 years.
Must've gotten credit
for good behavior.
I doubt they'll release him.
Why is Lopez going?
Lopez and her T.O.
were first on scene.
Officer Rowland
died in her arms.
That's awful.
10 years ago,
Lopez would've been a rookie.
It was her first shift.
We'll get there in two hours
if you heavy-foot it.
So, I cleared the way
with local law
so they don't sweat
a black-and-white blur
on the interstate.
Well, we won't need to
stop for food.
Turkey jerky.
Gummy bears.
And breath mints.
The Advocate Group
send that over?
Victim Emergency Bags.
Everything a survivor needs to
get through the stages of grief.
I appreciate the thought,
but I went through
all those stages
a long time ago.
Feels like yesterday.
That it does.
You speak with Christine?
Yeah. Yeah, um, last night.
She's not going.
We'll have to
speak on the widow's behalf.
[ Sighs ]
You ready?
[ Engine starts ]
Nolan: No. No, no, no.
This is a nightmare.
I only carry
one credit card.
My credit report says
I have seven.
Someone obviously
stole my identity
and opened cards
in my name.
And ran up big balances.
And they emptied
Henry's college account.
How am I gonna fix this?
Detective Summerland,
Identify Theft Division.
He'll know what to do.
Alrighty. Here we go.
Now, first thing we got to do
is super important.
We got to separate
all the legitimate charges
from the illegitimate charges,
So, we're gonna
need one of these
[ Keyboard clacking ]
Let's see.
Looks like you spent $19,000,
uh, for an ocelot coat?
I'm sorry.
What is an ocelot again?
Something that would like
its fur back.
That's -- No.
Okay, okay.
So, I think we all agree
that charge
is pretty gosh darn
illegitimate, right?
[ Whistles tunelessly ]
Looks like you also paid $15,000
for tennis shoes.
Do they come with a car?
[ Laughs ]
Okay, look,
none of those charges
on those six cards
are mine,
but the college account is,
and it's been emptied.
How long will it
take for the bank to
put that money back?
Uh, yeah,
so the -- the bank,
um, theywill not
give you your money back,
because you only have 60 days
to notify them
of fraudulent activity,
and if you don't,
then no way, Jose,
are they on the hook.
And they probably made
that "clear" to you
in, like,
criminally small print, so
I only check the account
once a semester
when I make the payment.
Okay, well,
what about Nolan's credit?
Because if we can't
get that sorted,
he is out
of the F.T.O. program.
I got you guys covered.
I will have a gorgeous
case file for you
by end of business,
and the case file should be
enough for the LAPD, so
Okay, well,
that's good news.
Henry's gonna get
kicked out of the school
if they don't
get that money.
Okay, let's --
let's not go that far.
We just need to find
the guy who stole it.
Actually, when you do
nab your man,
you will still need
to persuade the court
to force him
to make restitution, so
How long will that take?
Oh, just three years.
Five years, tops.
Five years?
No, no, sorry.
Uh, what I should say is
it will be three to five years
unless the thief happens
to be overseas,
in which case it'll be
more like never.
Wait a minute.
He bought an Allenbach.
Does that have fur, too?
No, better.
It has GPS.
It's a watch,
and I am betting
our thief is wearing that
right now.
So, have you decided
where you're taking
Rachel's dad for dinner?
I mean, too fancy, and he'll
think you're a showoff.
But he is
from out of town,
so you got to deliver
a celebrity sighting.
We have a reservation
for 7:00 p.m. at The Smokehouse.
Ooh. Old school.
I like it.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Oh, Rach.
We were just talking about you.
That's -- That's awful.
Yeah, we're on it.
We'll --
We'll be right there.
Somebody broke
into her father's car
and stole his suitcase.
And you told her
we'd handle it?
[ Scoffs ] Come on.
You know?
This is a great
opportunity to bond.
You just put
your best foot forward.
Auto burglary cases
have a .02% solve rate.
How is failing to recover
her dad's suitcase
my best foot forward?
I love their bread.
Hey. Smitty.
Got a sec?
Not exactly.
This comes
straight from the Sarge.
I need you to check
the expiration date
of your pepper spray.
They have expiration dates?
And the compliance audit
listed you
as having outdated
OC spray.
"Good through
October 2014."
Yeah, I'mma need you
to change that out.
Bet it still works.
You want to see?
Kit room's that way.
Records show you haven't
qualified with your
assault rifle in
Never mind who's coming ♪
Looks like
it's been about --
Bring all your friends ♪
Look, i-if you're not
in Motors anymore,
you have to return
the motorcycle.
And y--
You do you ♪
And the helmet!
Okay, it's simple.
Drink a cup of coffee,
put a buck in the jar.
Cup, buck.
Cup, buck. Cup, buck.
Cup, buck.
I'mma do me ♪
Okay, look.
Just, um, put this 10 bucks
in the jar, please.
Watch me, watch me ♪
It's for the jar.
I'mma do me ♪
Thanks for coming.
Look at you
in that uniform.
It's so good
to see you again.
[ Laughing ] Yeah.
Tim Bradford.
Colin Hall.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
Sorry your trip got off
to a rough start.
it was my own fault.
I saw a guy eyeing the car
as I parked,
but I was in a hurry.
Good news is
I could recognize him
if I saw him again.
Well, unfortunately,
we have
17,000 auto burglaries
in L.A. each year,
so the odds of us
finding the guy --
You know, back in Sweet Home,
a good street cop
would know every crook
in his beat.
We call it
"beat integrity."
Well, much easier
in a town with nine criminals.
Okay, Dad, we really just need
to get a claim number
for the insurance report.
You know,
maybe I'll drive around
and see if I can't
crack the case for you.
Uh, Dad --
You know what, sir?
Why don't you climb
in the shop?
We'll drive around,
do some hunting.
See if we get lucky.
If you insist.
Alright. Come on.
You should sit in the front,
sir. [ Chuckles ]
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I have to get back to work,
but I owe you.
[ Car door closes ]
[ Sighs ] I know.
[ Car door opens ]
But try and stay positive,
[ Car door closes,
engine starts ]
I had no idea
some watches had GPS.
Allenbachs were originally
designed for fighter pilots
in case they got shot down --
help rescuers find them.
[ Radio chirps ]
Dispatch: 7-Adam-15,
I have a records match
for the address you called in.
House belongs to Jordan Neil,
43 years old,
no criminal history.
That's about to change.
Nice to see he's spending
my money wisely.
[ Sprinklers whirring,
clicking ]
He's gonna run.
He's getting away.
No, he's not.
You're under arrest.
How the hell
did you find me?
You stole the identities
of over 40 people.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
And do you mind
taking these off?
You're scratching
my Eames chair.
I think you mean
my Eames chair
and my jukebox
and my drones -- which are all
frivolous purchases, by the way.
What is angry cop
talking about?
You stole my identity --
John Nolan.
Yeah. How's that for luck?
You stole a cop's identity.
Look, there's obviously been
some sort of misunderstanding.
Mm. Mm-hmm. Yeah, okay.
So, here's what's gonna happen.
A truck is gonna come
and get all of this stuff
because it's not your stuff --
it's evidence
that will eventually be sold off
to pay back all your victims.
You can't do that.
Oh, but the law
says that I can.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
[ Clears throat ]
Officer West.
I got a job for you.
I need you to catalog a house
full of stolen property.
Uh, Sergeant Grey already
gave me a long list of jobs.
Well, this one
is more time-sensitive.
Are you gonna explain
to Sergeant Grey
if I don't get his list done?
Yeah, I got you covered.
Thank you, ma'am.
Oh, there's just one thing
I need to finish,
and then I'm all yours.
Wait, Smitty!
Help me move this thing.
Looks fine where it is.
It's a code violation.
It's supposed to be
3 feet from a fire exit.
My back's
been acting up.
Get over here and push.
[ Cabinet scrapes ]
Hold on.
What is this?
This case is over a year old,
and it was never assigned.
What do I do with it?
Put it back
where you found it.
I can't do that, Smitty.
Kid, that file is as cold as ice
and guaranteed trouble.
Look, it's an open case
there's even
a print to run.
It is a little degraded,
A little?
The most important thing
you can learn in this job
is never volunteer
for anything.
Okay, look, this case literally
fell through the cracks.
Yeah, although
it is a simple vandalism case,
I mean, the victim
still deserves justice.
You're a good man.
And I was never here.
[ Bird cries ]
[ Engine rumbling ]
You nervous?
A little.
Just speak from the heart.
You'll do fine.
That day
changed me forever.
Seeing a cop die wearing
the same uniform I was
as I held his hands.
Did you know that was
my first day on the job?
Yeah, I did.
I've been impressed
in how you've handled
every day since.
That's why I reached out
when I became Watch Commander --
I needed cops like you
to set an example.
How about you?
You nervous?
Know what you're gonna say?
Nervous? No.
I knew this day
would come.
I just didn't think
it would come so soon.
I'd do anything
to get him back.
Today's for Dennis.
Damn straight.
[ Engine revs ]
[ Door buzzes in distance ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Turn to the left.
Uh, that's not really
my good side.
Please face left.
[ Sighs ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Laughs ]
Is this all
just a game to you?
Well, as the Buddha says,
"When the mind is pure,
joy follows
like a shadow
that never leaves."
I read it on a fortune cookie.
What do you want?
You honestly don't feel
any guilt or shame about this?
For what?
I'm an innocent man.
Who's about to be locked
in a cell.
Well, until my lawyer
comes to bail me out.
-What's up?
-I calculated the value
of all the items
that Officer West catalogued
at the residence so far,
and when you
cross-reference the valuation
of all the seized assets
against the --
Okay, d-d-don't get
all mathy on him.
Oh, gosh, sorry.
We know that Mr. Neil,
he stole close
to $2 million, right?
However, the value
of his seized assets,
they're only worth $700,000.
So, where's the missing money?
My guess is that the money
is probably
sitting pretty
in an offshore account.
How can we find that?
The information is most
likely on his computers.
However, his computers
happen to be R.S.A.-encrypted,
which means there's totally
no way we can crack them.
But if we have
Jordan's computers,
he doesn't have access
to the money either, right?
N-Not unless he's got
a backupdrive.
Which is the first thing
he'll head for
once he bails out,
leaving all of his victims
to get pennies on the dollar
while he slips off
to a non-extradition country
and sips Mai Tais on a beach.
What are you doing?
I'm calling Jackson,
having him start searching
for that backup drive right now.
Tim: Look, there are nearly
4 million people in Los Angeles.
[ Sighs ] The odds of finding
one person are miniscule.
But all 4 million
aren't breaking into cars
in this neighborhood,
are they?
No, sir.
See? We've already
narrowed it down.
The thing is, if he's smart,
he hit as many cars
as he could in 10 minutes
and then jumped on the freeway.
He could be
in Barstow by now.
"If he's smart"?
When you have you ever known
a criminal to be smart, Lucy?
He's probably
taking a break nearby,
having tacos with extra cheese,
extra salsa.
That your guy?
That's my guy.
[ Up-tempo rock music plays ]
I'm gonna need you to
put your hands on the van,
spread your legs.
Don't even think about it.
Move every obstacle ♪
I got it, I get it ♪
[ Grunts ]
[ Groans ]
I am unstoppable ♪
Don't move.
I'm moving,
you moving your lips ♪
I'm running,
and I never trip ♪
[ Fence rattles ]
[ Groans ]
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Guess L.A. isn't such
a big city after all.
Hey, yo, anything's possible ♪
Yeah, I am unstoppable ♪
Lucy: Retired or not, Mr. Hall,
you've still got it.
Oh, that was easy.
Back in Sweet Home,
we ride one cop per cruiser.
None of this partner stuff.
Hell, if you can't take down
a suspect alone,
shouldn't be on the job.
Hope I didn't step
on any toes.
Tim: No,
no problem at all.
Just glad you're getting
your bag back.
And there it is.
Yep, we just need to document
it, and you're good to go.
Yeah, I'll, uh,
snap a couple of pics,
and then I'll sign it out
as returned to rightful owner.
Look, clearly,
you're a good cop.
I appreciate that.
Dedicated, selfless,
and takes pride in his work.
A little sphinctered maybe,
but that can be good, too.
Just not for my daughter.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Excuse me?
Forget about
police divorce rates.
What kills me is that
if the lights go out
and -- and crazy
washes over this town,
you'll run out
into the night.
Sir, it's every cop's
duty to --
Yeah, I understand that, son.
I get it.
But my daughter cannot
be left alone in the dark.
I was just like you.
Always put the job first.
Saw what it did to my wife.
I do not want that
for my baby girl.
I know how much
you care about Rachel.
That's why I think
you'll do the right thing
and let her go.
[ Car door closes ]
Okay, Mr. Hall.
We're all set.
[ Motor whirring ]
Well, there goes
Henry's tuition right there.
Only if we can prove
in court
that it was purchased
with illicit funds.
[ Sighs ]
[ Flashlight clicks ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Find anything?
Afraid not.
Jordan bail out yet?
About an hour ago.
Where have you looked so far?
I-I checked all upstairs,
and I just started down here.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Let's keep looking.
Hey, do you guys mind
taking it from here?
I, uh, reached out to this
victim on this cold case,
and he's on his way
to the station.
Go ahead. We got it.
Thank you.
Thank you for your help.
[ Indistinct conversations,
camera shutter clicking ]
What happened to your lip?
What? Nothing.
I, uh, ran into a door.
You know
you can't be here.
It's my house.
Not until we release it,
and we are not done processing.
[ Sighs ]
Well, can I at least
grab my meds?
I've got GERD.
The reflux is a bitch.
I'll have to accompany you.
Alright. You got 'em.
Now you got to go.
I just need one more thing.
And what's that?
To use la toilette,
s'il vous plaît.
I get it.
What do you think this is,
"The Godfather"?
Like I'm gonna come out
Based on your history
of dumb decisions
All clear.
Hurry up.
I'm gonna
turn the faucet on.
What I'm about to do,
you can't un-hear.
[ Water running ]
Where's your body cam?
What if he really
had to go?
You know,
I'm a victim here, too.
I lost everything
in the financial crisis.
And I thought,
"Well, hey, I'm only 30.
I could start again."
So I did.
I went back to school.
I tried to get
into making video games.
[ Grunts ]
But I'd already aged out.
That doesn't excuse
what you did, Jordan.
Allegedly did.
You stole people's money.
Their nest eggs.
Their college funds.
And for what?
For stuff.
Hand it over.
I'm not sorry anymore
for allegedly
taking your money.
Don't forget
to wash your hands.
Not waiting
for no tow truck.
You're not supposed
to change your own tires.
It's a rule for a reason.
I know the rule.
It's been awhile
since I changed a tire.
Believe it or not
[ Grunts ]
I just did this last week
on Luna's car.
you're bad luck.
[ Sighs ]
Son of a bitch!
That's why we should call
the tow truck.
The guys at the garage
use the pneumatic drill
to lock those in place.
I got it. I got it.
[ Metal creaks ]
[ Grunts ]
Damn it!
You okay?
Damn it!
Fine. Geez.
God. He was just getting
his life back on track.
He was a complicated guy.
I mean, he put Christine
through a lot,
but he was a good man.
He just got back
from a leave of absence.
I mean, I-I talked him
into going to rehab.
Oh, please, Angela.
Just what is it?
He was drunk
the night he died.
No, he was sober
four months.
Then he must have
'cause I smelled alcohol
on his breath
while I was
trying to save him.
I'm sorry.
I-I had mentioned it
to my T.O.,
but he told me
to keep it to myself.
Till this moment, I
I assumed you knew.
Want some advice?
Not from you, thanks.
I'm gonna give you
some anyway.
Confess and pay restitution
to your victims.
It could take years
off your sentence.
I told you, I'm innocent.
My neighbors love to gossip.
I'm -- I'm gonna leave
out the back.
Who's in the SUV?
I don't know. No idea.
Are you sure?
'Cause you seem
a little freaked out.
Yeah, I'm positive.
Can I go now?
Yeah. I'll walk you out.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Engine revs ]
On behalf of the LAPD,
I'd like to apologize.
For what?
What am I doing here?
For the vandalism incident
at your home.
I know it was over a year ago,
but, once again, sir,
I-I'm so sorry that we didn't
get back to you sooner.
Forget it. It's fine.
Just graffiti on my garage.
You know, I know you all
have bigger cases to solve.
Every single case
is important to us, sir.
And with yours,
we have some very good news.
We were able to lift a partial
fingerprint of the vandal.
You did?
Yeah, it was embedded
in the spray paint,
so it has to be
the vandal's.
I'm sending the prints
to the lab.
Eh, don't.
The insurance company already
took care of the damage.
I-I understand that,
but the LAPD have to --
Sounds like a big waste of
taxpayer money, if you ask me.
I mean, you guys dropped
the ball on this one,
and I don't appreciate
this pathetic attempt
to make up for it, so
Yes, sir, we are going to do
everything we can to make it --
Look, it's in the past, Officer.
I'd like to keep it there.
Now I got to get to work.
It was really great
seeing you again, Mr. Hall.
Aww! Alright.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
[ Car door closes ]
[ Sighs ]
I don't know
where Rachel and I are headed,
but I want to find out.
And if you really care
about your daughter,
you won't get in the way
of her happiness.
Son, you have no idea
what you're talking about.
Sir, with all due respect,
when it comes to Rachel,
yes, I do.
Really? What if she gets sick?
What then?
Then I'll take care of her.
And you're prepared to do that,
knowing everything
it'll entail?
I'm sorry.
Every-- Everything what will
What are you
talking about?
Uh, I thought
she had told you.
Told me what?
Rachel may have
Huntington's disease.
It's a fatal
genetic disorder.
But you -- you said
Rachel may have it. Uh
It's hereditary.
My dad had it
later in life.
Died from it.
Hit my sister in her 20s.
[ Sighs ]
I tested positive
for the gene that causes it,
so I know
it's only a matter of time.
And I also know
that it's a possibility
that I could've
passed it along to Rachel.
But she won't get tested.
She thinks it's --
it's better not to know,
uh, her way of living
her life as normal as possible.
That is until the symptoms
start to show.
But she might not have it.
Or maybe I gave my baby girl
a genetic time bomb.
But now you understand
why you can't be with her.
Because if worst comes to pass,
Rachel's gonna need someone
who'll put aside
everything else
just to care for her.
You and I both know
that's not you.
[ Computer beeps ]
-This is beautiful.
-What's on the drive?
Passwords to two different
Swiss banks
and, oh, by the way,
three banks
in the Caymans, baby.
So, this will
expedite my case?
Yes, this -- this bad boy
just got kicked into overdrive,
which means y-you can expect
to get your money back
in like 15 months.
And if you're lucky ducky,
my friend,
you'll get back
40 cents on the dollar.
I can't believe this.
I started working
when I was 19 years old.
Took me 20 years,
but I built a business,
a family, a life.
And now here I am,
starting over
with literally
less than nothing.
And yet
it's gonna be okay.
I pushed Henry to go to
his reach school.
He worried
that it was too expensive,
but I wanted to give him
the head start
my old man never gave me,
and now how am I gonna
pay for that?
My God.
What am I gonna tell him?
Nothing yet.
'Cause he's gonna figure
it out fairly quickly.
Okay, listen. Look.
I have been in your shoes.
And still am in some ways.
And I didn't know
how I was gonna get back.
But then I met
a super-annoying rookie
who helped me see
that it is never too late
to re-create yourself.
Trust me,
you're gonna find a way
to keep your kid
in that school.
And remember,
you are not alone in this.
You've got people
who care about you.
Thank you.
Don't get excited.
I am not one of them.
Butyou're growing on me.
Lucy: This is horrible.
"Huntington's disease
is a fatal genetic disorder
that causes
the progressive breakdown
of the nerve cells
in the brain."
And you had no idea
Rachel might have it?
No. I mean,
she never told me.
I don't understand.
I swear, this is so cra--
Hey. Did something happen
with my dad?
He's been acting weird
ever since you got his bag back.
Rachel, I'm so sorry.
He told you.
[ Sighs ]
I can't believe him.
We should go talk.
No, we shouldn't.
This is none
of your business.
Rachel, I --
This is my life, Tim.
Not my father's,
not yours.
That's Tony Coulson,
the victim
in the vandalism case
I found
behind the file cabinet.
I ran that fingerprint
that was inside
and got a match --
a suspect.
No, the suspect is dead,
found beaten to death
just a block
from Tony's house --
just one day
after the crime.
So, you think it was Tony
getting some payback.
Well, I would need
a senior officer present
so I can interrogate
Mr. Coulson.
Forget it. Your entire case
is circumstantial.
The only way to close it
is to get a confession,
and that guy
looks way too calm.
Kick it up to Homicide
and move on.
No, no, he's primed
and ready to break.
Look, I've kept him waiting
an hour and a half,
maxed out the heat in there
so his core temperature
is triggering a
fight-or-flight response.
Look, he just needs a push.
I'm looking at the guy.
He's nowhere near
ready to break.
I did it!
It was me!
I killed him!
That bastard came back
the next day
to graffiti my garage again!
Can you believe that?
I had just painted it!
I chased him for a block,
and he came at me,
we fought,
and then the -- and then --
it was an accident.
I swear!
[ Exhales deeply ]
Never mind.
You were saying?
I got a hit on that SUV,
the one that was idling
in front of Jordan's place.
It belongs
to a seriously bad guy.
Daxton Reid.
He runs everything
from heroin to weapons
out the back
of his auto shop,
and he carries
around a machete
because he likes
the way it cuts through bone.
Daxton Reid.
I know that name.
He's on the list
of Jordan's victims.
That's why he was skulking
around Jordan's place.
He found out
who stole his money,
and now he wants it back.
It also explains
Jordan's split lip.
A little
"motivational violence."
What are the odds
that two of the people
he ripped off
are a cop and a psycho?
It'd be funny if Jordan
wasn't about to end up
cut into pieces.
Well, we got to find Jordan
before that happens.
How? His watch was logged
as evidence.
I let him keep that
just in case we needed
to find him again.
[ Buzzer, cell door opens ]
If you guys wait here, we'll
call you in when we're ready.
Just a couple of rules.
You are not to speak
or make eye contact
with the inmate.
Direct all your comments
to the Prison Board.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[ Soft thud ]
[ Sighs ]
I'm guessing
this is yours.
Yes, sir.
Who taught you that?
My dad taught me.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Buzzer, cell door opens ]
I missed you guys.
I'm not supposed
to talk to you.
Then don't.
going to prison
saved my life.
I was high off my ass
that night.
A full-on drug addict.
I don't even remember it.
He does.
Russell, stop.
It's okay.
He needs to see who I was
and what I'm working
to become.
A better man.
A better example
to him.
[ Engine revs ]
Jordan's still on the move.
He's about
half a block ahead.
[ Tires squeal ]
[ Tires screech, engine revs ]
That's him right there.
[ Tires squealing ]
Looks like Daxton
got to him first.
[ Tires screech ]
Here we go.
[ Siren wailing ]
in pursuit of black SUV,
south on Santa Fe,
requesting backup and airship.
He just took
a quick left.
Dispatch: 7-Adam-15, Airship 1
arriving on scene.
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Vehicle is stopped just north of
the Amtrak Maintenance Yard.
[ Radio beeps ]
Tracker says
he's still inside the car.
LAPD! Exit the car
with your hands up!
[ Train horn blares ]
I got blood.
Daxton must've figured out
we were tracking Jordan
by his watch.
Why cut off his hand?
Why not just kill him?
'Cause Daxton wants
his money back.
Jordan may not have access
to the money he stole,
but he has the skills
to steal more.
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Blood trail stops.
Yeah, he must've
wrapped his arm.
Uh, let's split up.
I'll take east,
you go west.
Okay, uh,
west isthat way.
Yes, that is west.
I'm trying to get
used to the coast
being on the other side.
[ Flashlight clicks ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Come out of there right now!
I see a gun,
and you're dead.
Lie down, arms out,
legs spread.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Officer, on your 6:00!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Radio chirps ]
Two in custody, two outstanding.
Thanks for the assist.
7-Adam-15, copy that.
Nice shooting.
Jordan: You didn't
have to c-cut off my hand.
They were tracking
your watch.
There's easier ways
to take off a watch, dude.
Hey, big guy.
[ Groaning ]
You okay?
My eyes are on fire!
Not you.
[ Handcuffs click ]
Hey, stay with me.
7-Adam-15. Code 4.
I have an adult male,
severed left hand,
severe blood loss,
unconscious but breathing.
Send an R/A unit
to my location.
Jordan, stay with me, buddy.
Officer Rowland's murder
was my first experience
as a police officer.
I tried desperately
to save his life
and held his hand
as he died.
And did the same
for Sergeant Grey,
riding with him
to the hospital.
The nightmares
are less frequent now.
But the thought
of Russell Scanlin
being released back
into society
is too painful to bear.
And I urge the Board
to reject his application
for parole.
Thank you.
Let the record reflect
Officer Lopez
has completed her statement.
The Board would like
to invite
Sergeant Wade Grey
to make a statement.
Sergeant Grey, would you state
your name for the record?
Sergeant Wade Grey.
Thank you.
Please proceed.
Dennis Rowland
was my partner.
My friend.
And I was the best man
at his wedding.
And, um
And I miss him
every day.
Um [ Clears throat ]
I'm sorry.
UmI drove here today,
confident on what
I was going to say.
Umevery detail on how
my partner was killed too young.
And how Russell Scanlin
deserves to be buried
inside these walls.
But the truth is,
I can't be more eloquent
than Officer Lopez.
And right now
[ Sighs ]
I find myself compelled to say
something to this young man.
For so long, I hated you
for what you did.
And you're not done
paying for that.
But I'd be lying if I sat here
and said my partner was perfect.
I saw the power
of his demons firsthand,
and I promised him
that he could find redemption.
So what kind of man
would I be
if I didn't believe
the same about you?
I'm not ready to forgive you
for what you did, Russell.
But I will pray
that if you're fortunate
to get a second chapter,
you do right by your boy.
Show him what it means
to truly take responsibility
for your actions.
[ Door buzzes ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Parole denied.
[ Chains clinking ]
[ Door opens ]
Ready to go home?
[ Door closes ]
Yes. I am.
[ Monitor beeping ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Thank you.
[ Door closes ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
Karma's a bitch, huh?
That is true.
You're some kind
of nut job.
I mean,
I steal your identity,
I make your life
a living hell,
and then you save my life?
That's my job.
Hey, my personal stuff's
in a bag in the closet.
Would you grab it?
You see that key?
There's a vintage
comic book collection
hidden in a storage space
on Pico.
I bought it with the money
from your kid's college fund.
Thanks for rubbing it
in my face.
No, you don't get it --
I'll swear in an affidavit
that I used your money
to buy it.
Then I won't have to wait
for the court to reimburse me
from the general fund.
I could sell the collection,
have my money back
[ Clicks tongue ]
[ Sighs ]
It seems strange
to thank you
for returning money
you stole from me.
It's been
that kind of a day.
Yes, it has.
I suppose a high five's
out of the question?
Why don't we just bump it?
[ Telephone rings ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Sir, you got a minute?
Officer West,
you seem energized.
Yes, sir.
Oh, um, I'm sorry.
How'd the, uh --
the hearing go?
Parole denied.
That's great news.
So, I take it that you
finished my to-do list
and now Mid-Wilshire
is in complete compliance.
Um, no, but I did something
even better, sir.
Better than following
a direct order?
No, sir. Look, uh,
that's not what I meant.
What -- I solved a homicide,
sir, like, on my own.
By myself. Well, I mean, Smitty
was there, but it was all --
Yet you didn't finish
my to-do list.
Look, I-I solved
a homicide, sir.
You see, there was
this file that I found,
and it hadn't been assigned
to anyone yet --
Unh, I'm sure I'll read
all about it
in your report,
Officer West,
which you'll write after
you complete my to-do list.
Yes, sir.
Officer West.
Good job, son.
[ Amy Stroup's
"Till We Get There" plays ]
Can we talk?
Yeah. Sure.
I'm sorry
I didn't tell you.
But I haven't told anyone.
I don't know if I'll ever
get Huntington's.
And I don't want
people giving me
that same sad-eyed look
you're giving me right now.
Oh. Sorry.
I made the conscious decision
not to take the test
to see if I carry
the gene
because there's no cure
and there's no treatment
So, what would be the point?
Uh, look, you don't have to
explain it to me, Rach.
Every time I go to work,
I don't know if I'm gonna
make it back home.
Doesn't make me want to
do my job any less.
[ Sighs shakily ]
Life expectancy is 20 years
after onset.
It's catching fire ♪
Is that fair to the guys
I'm dating? No.
Which is
why I'd understand
if you want to walk away.
I'm not going anywhere.
Till we get there ♪
I was hoping
you'd say that.
Till we get there ♪
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