The Rookie (2018) s02e16 Episode Script

The Overnight

[ Man vocalizing
in distance ]
I just wanted to give
the judges some happy juice
before we got started.
The world needs
more love, man.
I agree, but meth smoothies
are a felony.
My backpack.
I left it in the green room.
It has my ID in it.
Go get it, Boot.
Meet me down at the shop.
It's the fluffy one.
I'm sorry.
Woman: [ Buzzing lips ]
Uh, so sorry.
There you are.
Come on.
Oh, no, I --
You're up next.
I'm actually not --
First you'll speak to Ryan, then
you go in front of the judges.
You'll only have 15 minutes,
so make them count.
They're --
That's act--
Let's go!
Hello. Hi.
Oh! [ Chuckles ]
You're --
I like it.
The cop uniform.
That is fun.
What's your name?
Um, uh, I'm -- I'm Lucy Chen,
but that -- there's
actually been a mistake.
Hi, Lucy.
I'm not supposed to --
No, look, I understand.
You're nervous.
Everybody is.
[ Chuckling ] No.
Just before you get in there,
take a deep breath.
It's time.
No, I'm not --
And do your thing.
Sing your heart out,
okay, Lucy?
[ Door closes ]
How are you?
How are you?
-Hold on. Are we okay?
-Yeah. Hi.
Uh, right in the center
Are we in trouble?
No, no. Of course not.
I-I got pushed in here,
and, uh, it's [Chuckles] it's
Luke: [ Chuckles ]
Are you a co--
a contestant?
Um, you know, I
I seem to be
wearing a sticker right now.
Okay, who are you?
Hi, I-I'm Lucy Chen.
I'm from Los Angeles.
Are you
in the right place?
There was a very, uh,
sweet woman that [Exhales]
put a sticker on me,
and Seacrest kind of [Sighs]
-Well, welcome to the show.
-Thank you.
-I mean, yeah.
Um, Officer, what are you
going to sing for us today?
Oh. Uh
You're on the tee.
You got the number.
-You got the number.
I'll sing, um, "I-I Never Loved
a Man" by Aretha.
It's one of
my favorites.
Oh, wow. Okay.
You're a no good
heart breaker ♪
You're a liar,
and you're a cheat ♪
And I don't know why ♪
I let you do
these things to me ♪
My friends keep telling me ♪
That you ain't no good ♪
But, oh-ohhh,
they don't know ♪
That I'd leave you
if I could ♪
I guess I'm uptight ♪
And I'm stuck like glue ♪
'Cause I ain't never ♪
I ain't never ♪
I ain't never, no, no ♪
Loved a man ♪
The way that I ♪
I loved you ♪
Tim: Chen?
Chen, where are you?
Uh, I'm so--
I have to go.
Lionel and Katy:
Wait, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
-Wait, wait!
-Wait, wait.
What are you doing
Uh, nothing. Let's go.
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
whoa, oh, oh ♪
I'm gonna win for you
like I know you want me to do ♪
Why the suit?
Court appearance.
[ Sighs ]
Ever given blood before?
Every eight weeks,
like clockwork.
Good for you.
Yeah, save lives,
get a personal oil change.
It's win-win.
I didn't know
machines had blood.
[ Chuckles ]
You know the drill.
Light squeezes.
How's it going,
Mr. AB Negative?
Donating blood is bringing back
some complicated memories
of when Henry was born.
He had TOF.
I spent a lot of time
in the hospital banking blood.
I had no idea.
What's TOF?
Tetralogy of Fallot.
It's a heart defect.
Four defects, actually.
It's corrected
by surgery.
Three of them he had
before he was a year old.
Since we share the same
rare blood type,
I donated approximately
16 gallons.
But everything's okay
right now, right?
Oh, yeah. All his checkups
have been fantastic.
Thank God.
[ Whispering ] So,
when are we going out again?
[ Whispering ]
How about this weekend?
[ Normal voice ] I can't.
Um, Oliver's coming, and I'm
gonna take him to Disneyland.
Oh, I could tag along.
Or not.
It's just -- I only have him
every other weekend, so I
No need to explain.
How about dinner tonight?
Yeah, that sounds good.
Make sure you drink
the whole thing down.
Woman, I'm a grown-ass man.
I don't need a juice box.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Sir, did you just faint?
No, I briefly
succumbed to gravity.
[ Slurping ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Wind whistling ]
[ Keys jingle ]
[ Grunts ]
I was trying to be quiet.
It's not you. It's the wind
that keeps waking me up.
[ Sighs ] Yeah, it's supposed to
get worse by tonight.
These graveyard shifts
are brutal.
But tonight
is the last one.
And then five days
in Napa.
I have
every detail planned.
Horseback riding, couples
massages, hot-air-balloon ride.
You're forgetting
a very important word here.
Oh, I got reservations
at six tasting rooms.
Now go away so I can sleep.
Yes, ma'am.
I love ya.
I love you, too.
[ Chuckles ]
Don't act so happy
to see me.
If you're here in person,
it means something is wrong.
It's Lila.
What's Lila?
Don't freak out.
She's having nightmares
Three nights this week,
she woke me up
saying she heard screaming.
Then last night, she said she
saw a ghost outside her window.
A ghost?
I could
barely console her.
She wanted you.
She said only Mommy can help.
Did you look
outside her window?
For a ghost? No.
She was
having a nightmare.
It has nothing to do
with ghosts.
You think it's about
what happened?
Of course.
Okay, um, thank you
for telling me.
[ Sighs ]
I can come by the house
in a little bit
and talk to her myself.
Can you do that
while you're on duty?
when it's important.
Captain Kitty: I need to get
a restraining order.
Uh, against whom?
My cat.
Meow Tse Tung.
I'm sorry, sir. We only handle
complaints here against people.
Don't you want to know
what he did?
I really don't.
I hope you have
a nice day.
[ Sighs ]
I'm Valerie Castillo.
I work for
the Los Angeles Herald.
I'm here to see
yesterday's case reports.
You a crime reporter?
Um, not yet.
I write for the Style Section,
going on 15 years.
But I'm over it.
[ Chuckles ]
It's all been reduced to
sex tips and celebrity gossip.
You know, the clickbait.
Mm, so you're fishing
for a real story?
I've already got one.
Do you know
anything about
a bunch of robberies
at five-star hotels?
Mm, first I've heard
of it.
Well, a concierge
at the Borden
told me that two guests
were beaten and robbed there
in the last few weeks.
Now, neither victim
want her to contact the police.
When I went to
other stations
to look through
the crime reports,
I found three similar incidents
in hotels around town.
Is there a description
of the attacker?
No, because
none of the men gave one.
But the cases
have to be connected.
Yeah, I mean,
it sure seems like it.
You know, you don't want
the case reports.
There's actually
a lot more information
in the CAD printouts.
What are those?
Computer Aided Dispatch
Why are you volunteering
to show her those?
This is a reporter
from the Herald,
and these are
public-facing documents.
Valerie Castillo.
They're only public-facing
when asked for.
Can I see the CAD reports,
Give 'em to her.
Thank you.
Not a fan of the press?
Eh, Herald's got
a bias against the police.
No, we don't.
It's implicit.
Unlike your bias
against me.
You know, the media
will say or do anything
to get you
to back up their headline.
And make sure she gives you
those printouts back.
And get ready to roll.
We're gonna hit the streets
as soon as I change.
Yes, sir.
You shouldn't let him
talk to you like that.
He's my training officer.
That's just kind of his style.
Well, being an ass
isn't style.
[ Chuckles ]
But he sure can
wear a suit.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Wind blowing ]
I thought that only happened
in Road Runner cartoons.
It's the Santa Ana winds.
You're officially
an LA resident now.
Is that you?
[ Chuckles ]
It's been too long!
Yeah, no, yeah.
It sure has.
Sorry about
you and Donovan.
You were always
such a lovely family.
Benjamin and I are in a bit of
a rough patch right now, too.
[ Sighs ]
Why are relationships so hard?
Because most people suck.
[ Laughs ]
[ Chuckles ]
Well, I-I'll let you go.
I hope to see you around
more often.
Oh, yeah.
You, too.
Who was that?
No clue.
Don and I bought this house
while I was neck-deep
in undercover work.
I could barely focus on my
family, let alone the neighbors.
[ Wind chime clinking ]
Everything okay?
Uh, yeah.
No, I just -- I haven't been
inside since we separated.
[ Doorbell rings ]
nice to see you again.
Yeah. You, too.
Come on in.
Thank you.
[ Wind blowing ]
Wow. [ Chuckles ]
You redecorated.
Yeah. Place needed
some new energy.
So, uh, did you hire
a decorator, or
[ Chuckles ]
No. Did it all myself.
Nothing. No.
You said, "Oh."
I -- It -- You just never
really had -- had style before.
Hi, baby.
[ Chuckles ]
Let's go talk in your room,
Something to drink?
Oh, no, I'm good,
Sorry to hear that you've been
having some rough nights.
it's not the first time.
She's been having nightmares
on and off for over a year,
ever since
it happened.
[ Sighs ]
Ever since what happened?
So [Sighs] Daddy tells me
that you are not
sleeping so good.
I keep getting woken up.
By the nightmares?
They're not nightmares.
I hear
somebody screaming.
Honey, it's probably
just the wind.
I mean, the Santa Anas
are really blowing.
No, but it started
before them.
And then last night, did you
tell Daddy you saw a ghost?
I said it looked
like a ghost.
Ghosts aren't real.
Okay, so,
what did you see, then?
Well, I saw a woman
walking down the street.
In a nightgown.
She had blood
on her hands.
[ Wind blowing ]
Donovan: It was right before
we split.
[ Sighs ] Nyla had been
working undercover
for almost a year,
had barely come home.
We were in a bad place,
but we were trying to
make it work.
And then she took Lila
to the supermarket.
You know why we moved
out here?
'Cause it's
a nice neighborhood?
[ Scoffs ] 'Cause it was
nowhere near where Nyla worked.
She couldn't run the risk of
running into a criminal
who knew her
as someone else on the street.
And that's what happened
at the store.
A drug dealer
she'd put away.
He recognized her.
And tried to kill her
in front of my daughter.
Do you believe me?
Honey, I-I --
No lies. You promised.
I believe you.
And I'm glad
you wanted to tell me.
You're a police officer,
and someone needs help.
Donovan: I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
No, no, it's, um
[ Sighs ]
What's going on?
Just waiting on you.
How'd it go?
Uh, Lila says it wasn't a ghost
and it wasn't a nightmare.
And I believe her.
Then what was it?
I don't know.
But, um, I would like
to stay here tonight,
maybe do some surveillance,
if that's okay.
You really think
that's necessary?
Well, Lila needs to see that
we're taking her seriously.
Oh, and I don't?
I-I am sure
that's not what she meant.
It's not.
I ju-- [Chuckles nervously]
I just want to be here
for her.
Okay. Sure.
Come back tonight.
[ Wind blowing ]
Don told you
about what happened.
It sounded awful.
Yeah, it was, and he used it
against me in court.
He convinced the judge
that Lila wasn't safe
around me unsupervised.
That was also awful.
What is it?
Uh, Lila's room
is right there.
She said the woman
with the blood on her hands
was right about here.
Does that look like blood
to you?
Could be.
Or oil
or transmission fluid.
Want me to call in
a forensics team?
For a ghost hunt? No,
they'd laugh me off the radio.
I could call it in.
Rookies get laughed at
all the time.
I appreciate that,
but odds are it's nothing.
Alright, uh,
back to work.
I'm telling you.
Reporters always have an agenda.
To get the truth?
Sounds horrible.
Don't be so naive.
Well [Chuckling]
I am not naive.
I'm just not like you.
you don't trust anyone.
'Cause trust
has to be earned.
All I'm saying is
watch your back
when dealing
with the press.
7-Adam-19, 415-fight.
Manager versus customer
in a physical.
Multiple RPs. E&L Auto Body.
[ Radio crackles ]
Copy that.
En route, Code 3.
[ Siren wailing ]
$2,000. That's final.
That's not
what you quoted me!
I'm not giving you
a penny more than $500!
No pay, no car! I keep!
Like hell you will.
Say hello
to William Snakespeare, bitch!
[ Snake hissing ]
Hey! Drop the snake!
Drop it!
Ohh! Ohh!
Drop the snake!
Get that away from me!
Aah! Aah!
Oh, no.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Where the hell did it go?
I don't know.
[ Choking ]
Sir, just stay where you are.
The ambulance is on its way.
He's not gonna make it.
Animal control's 10 minutes out.
EMTs won't
step foot in here
until that snake's
been neutralized.
Damn it, well, we can't
stay up here while he's dying.
Alright, we'll just flush it out
in the open.
I'll end it.
You can't kill it.
What the hell are we supposed to
do with it? Snuggle?
Boot, don't be a hero.
It's venomous.
[ Groaning ]
[ Snake hissing ]
[ Hissing intensifies ]
[ Snake continues hissing ]
Hey, there, Snakespeare.
[ Metal scraping ]
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just
[ Metal sheet clatters ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sirens wailing in distance ]
Hoo! It's not his fault
his owner's an idiot.
Control, advise fire
and ambulance
our scene is Code 4 --
clear to enter.
[ Moaning ]
[ Engine running ]
[ Engine stops ]
Can I ask you a favor?
No, never mind.
[ Chuckles ]
Come on. What is it?
[ Seatbelt clatters ]
Yeah, this whole
spending the night
at my ex's house
thing is --
You're nervous.
Y-Yeah, yeah,
that one of us is gonna
end up leaving
in a body bag.
[ Chuckles ]
It would be nice if I,
you know, had abuffer.
And you're good at
You know what?
Never mind. Forget it.
This is a bad idea.
No, no, no, it's not.
I just have, uh,
a dinner date with Grace,
but I can reschedule it.
No, no.
Go on your date.
No, it's fine.
I'll be fine.
No, really.
It's not a problem.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, roomie!
Oh, man, I feel like
I haven't seen you in forever!
Well, because you haven't.
Night shifts suck.
You try sleeping in our
apartment during the day.
The sirens, construction,
All so Lopez can have
her wine country vacation.
Well, hang in there.
You've only got
one more night of vampire ops.
[ Grunts ]
Then five days off,
and I'll relish
every minute.
Hey, you're back.
Hey. Yes. To thank you for
getting me those CAD reports.
Yeah. Well, did they help
with your story?
You're kidding me.
It's even bigger than I thought.
You know, every one of those
assault victims lives in town.
Who gets a hotel room in
the same city that you live in?
[ Chuckles ]
Uh, well, men who are
hooking up with sex workers.
Exactly. I'm convinced
it's a Murphy scam.
You know, the rich guy
meets an escort at the hotel --
Yeah, and gets beaten up and
robbed by her accomplice
but can't report it because
then he'd be copping
to his own crime.
This was the story
that I was looking for
and my editor
said to run with it
and I couldn't have cracked it
without you.
So I want to buy you a drink
to say, you know, thank you.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, uh, I shouldn't.
Why? Because your training
officer would disapprove?
Uh, no, no.
Okay, listen, listen.
You helped me,
and I want to return the favor.
So any time I get any
information on crimes,
I can feed it to you,
and you can make the arrests.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Wind howling ]
[ Car brakes squeak ]
[ Sighs ]
This week has been ass.
I get it.
You're tired. I'm tired.
So tonight,
we're the dream team.
We'll take turns
copping some Z's
[ Chuckles ]
while the other
keeps their eye on the onboard
and listens for calls.
Wesley excited
about the trip?
[ Sighs ]
That's an understatement.
Guy's got it planned
to the nth degree.
We're gonna get massages,
ride horses,
fly in a hot-air balloon.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
Oh, damn.
The boy's gonna propose.
Hot-air balloon?
[ Chuckles ]
Shut up. You're wrong.
[ Sniffs ]
Damn it, you're right.
[ Laughs ]
Salut. [ Chuckles ]
[ Glasses clink ]
So, you've got a bunch of
victims who aren't talking.
They're not talking
to the police,
but I got one of the guys
to talk to me off the record
this afternoon.
It's exactly
what I thought.
He hooked up
with a woman online.
They went to a hotel,
they go upstairs,
they get naked,
then a guy walks in with a gun.
He steals the guy's watch,
money, phone,
and then tells him,
"If you talk,
your family's
gonna get hurt."
Did you get
a description?
He gave me the woman.
Now we're gonna catch her
in the act.
Uh, we-- um
Y-You lied to me.
No. No, I-I didn't.
I told you
I was gonna help you,
and this way I was
gonna get a killer story
and you were gonna get
a high-profile arrest.
I'm a rookie.
I can't just run around
arresting people by myself.
Come on. Why not?
Holy crap.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
That's Alex Shaw.
The huge movie producer.
And his wife
is super pregnant.
This is suddenly
a front-page story.
[ Laughing ]
This is amazing!
Oh, no, no, no, no.
They're gonna leave. Let's go.
I booked the room
right next to hers.
Come on!
[ Whispering ]
Let's go, Lucy.
[ Wind blowing ]
[ Doorbell rings ]
Just about to
get dinner started.
You hungry?
Um, I could eat.
Hey, Mama.
Hi, baby.
I can take the couch tonight
if you want the bed.
No, sleep in my room.
No, I will take the couch
because I am not here to sleep.
I am here to
keep an eye out, right?
Ohh. Wow.
[ Chuckles ]
Uh, nothing.
It's just
a little stiff.
No, it's not.
It's structured.
[ Both chuckle ]
Did daddy really pick
this couch out himself?
[ Chuckling ] No.
The lady helped him.
What lady?
The lady from the store.
[ Sighs ]
Go wash your hands
for dinner.
[ Whispering ]
Am I in trouble?
Oh, no, honey.
I am.
[ Wind blowing in distance ]
Don't do that.
Do not use her to get
information about me.
I wa-- I wasn't doing that.
I-I didn'tmean
[ Doorbell rings ]
You always mean to.
Hey! Here we are!
And we brought dinner!
Nolan came to help
with the stakeout.
Yeah, and I brought
a dinner guest.
I hope that's okay.
Hi. I'm Grace.
Uh, Donovan.
Yes, come in, please.
I'llgo get some
plates for this.
-I'll help.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
No problem.
How's it going?
I think
he's seeing someone.
This place looks
way too nice.
Y-You do know you're divorced,
It's not about that.
It's about him bringing someone
into our child's life
that I have never met.
[ Whispering ]
Oh, God. Quick.
Take a selfie with me.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Sighs ] It's too far away.
I can't see their faces.
I need to get closer.
Come on.
Not without blowing it.
[ Door opens ]
What are you doing?
[ Door closes ]
I'm texting Tim.
I need a senior officer here.
No, you don't!
He'll just steal the credit.
Look, I am out on a limb here,
And as a rookie,
that could get me fired.
So we either do this
by the book or I walk.
[ Door opens ]
[ Up-tempo music plays ]
Your daughter's got
a lot of talent.
Art has been a really great
outlet for her.
It's been a tough year.
For all of us.
But especially for Lila.
Divorce is --
is hard on kids.
I'm going through one myself,
and I feel like every decision
and thought that I make
is built around how it will
affect my son.
He does not believe this,
but, yes,
I feel the exact same way.
Why are you putting words
in my mouth?
Are you saying
that you've never said that?
We're not having this fight
right now.
-Sounds like a good idea.
-Oh, great.
So now
you're taking his side?
Oh, no.
You know what? How about we just
get this out into the open?
You are obviously
allowed to date someone new.
Thank you?
But you should have
introduced me to her
before bringing her
into our daughter's world.
What are you talking about?
I'm not dating anyone.
Okay, so,
I'm just supposed to believe
you redecorated
all by yourself?
Yeah. You are.
You were using towels
as curtains when I met you.
Okay, you know what?
We agreed we would take it slow
and we would give each other
the courtesy of meeting
whomever we were dating.
not dating anyone.
It really sounds like
he's not dating anyone.
I'm sure before Nolan met your
son, youtalked to your ex.
I still haven't met Oliver.
Yeah, there just
hasn't been the right time.
Right, and this is --
it's still new.
It doesn't mean anything.
No, I mean, I know. Yeah.
-[ Chuckles ]
-Yeah. So
What you guys talking about?
[ Chuckles ]
Me? What did I do?
Now I can't relax.
[ Chuckles ]
I'm gonna be reading into every
little thing Wesley does,
waiting for him
to propose.
[ Groans ] Now I have to be "on"
the whole time,
worrying about what I'm wearing
and how my hair looks.
[ Chuckling ] Okay,
you might be over-thinking this.
He better not propose
on the hot-air balloon.
I get motion sickness.
What if I throw up?
What if I drop the ring
from a thousand feet up?
Okay. You crazy.
[ Sighs ]
And I'm going to sleep.
Thank you so much
for doing this tonight.
Of course.
It was fun.
I mean interesting.
You know, that seems to be
a theme with our dates --
chasing down stolen cars,
uncomfortable dinners
with your partner.
Maybe next time
you can take me to a funeral.
Well, when you say it like that,
it sounds weird.
[ Laughs ]
Listen, um, earlier tonight,
uh, with Oliver
John, it's not that.
I don't want you --
Thank you [chuckles]
so much for coming.
I mean, two buffers is
definitely better than one.
Of course.
Sorry that I have to rush out.
I only have my sitter
until 9:00.
Oh, my God,
now I feel even worse.
You wasted a date night
[ Chuckles ] Don't be silly.
I'm happy to.
Good luck
with everything.
I hope that Lila
is okay.
-Thank you.
-I'll walk you out.
[ Sighs ]
Good night.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Up-tempo music plays ]
Hey, thanks for coming.
I'm in trouble, aren't I?
If he punishes you in any way,
I'll write a story about it.
No, don't do that.
Do not do that.
You know that doesn't work.
But there's an app for it.
Shaw still in there
with the escort?
Yeah, but there's no sign
of her accomplice.
Maybe he's not coming.
Maybe he doesn't exist.
He exists, okay?
And when he comes, he's gonna be
armed and dangerous.
If so, you'll be
nowhere near the action.
[ Up-tempo music plays ]
[ Whispering ] And what if
it's not on the hot-air balloon?
[ Normal voice ]
What if he proposes
while we're riding horses
and I fall off?
Please just let me
go to sleep!
[ Sighs ]
Tim: 7-Adam-19,
requesting another unit
to the Coldwater Hotel
for a 647-B event.
Contact me in the lobby.
7-Adam-07, attach us
to 7-Adam-19's event.
[ Engine starts ]
Show us en route.
[ Wind blowing ]
Wind is
really picking up.
I'll take the chair.
You take the couch.
Oh, I can't have that.
I'll take the chair.
Trust me, you are getting
the worst end of the deal.
What?! I mean
I know.
Hey, can we talk about me
for a second?
Yeah, sure.
What do you think it means
that Grace doesn't want me
to meet her son?
Uh, that she's
a good mother
who is putting
her child's welfare
before everything
and everyone else.
So, not that she's
not that into me?
Are you kidding me?
No. She digs you.
Seems to be
her only flaw.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
I see a ghost.
Drop your weapon!
It has to die!
Ma'am, I need you to put
that shotgun down right now.
[ Sighs ]
[ Shotgun clacks on ground ]
Turn around.
Hands on your head.
Interlace your fingers.
What the hell
are you doing?
[ Magazine clacks ]
The coyote
that killed my Snowball.
Your what?
My Westie.
Your dog?
My baby.
We went out for a walk last
night, and a coyote attacked us.
Is that what happened
to your hand?
I tried to get
between them.
I fell. Snowball ran.
She was so scared.
The coyote went after her,
and I haven't seen her since.
That damn jackal!
He -- He murdered her!
I know it!
[ Sobbing ]
[ Gun cocks ]
That's him.
And he's armed.
[ Radio crackles ]
Dispatch, be advised,
suspect at my location
is armed with a handgun.
White male, 6'2",
black jacket, blue jeans.
Here we go.
Alright, stay
Where is she?
I don't know.
[ Car horn blares
in distance ]
[ Screams ]
Ah! Aah!
Hang on!
[ Crying ]
He's running!
Give me your hand!
Let go of the phone!
No, no, no, no! I have
a photo of Shaw in -- in bed.
drop the damn phone!
Give me your hand!
Come on! Let go!
Let it go!
Venom in my veins,
and I'm all out of "play nice" ♪
And it's, "Bye-bye, gone,"
to the bygones ♪
[ Grunts ]
Watch her.
7-Adam-19 in pursuit of the
suspect, heading to the lobby.
When you see
the white in my eyes ♪
Better run, better hide ♪
No surviving when I'm on ♪
No surviving ♪
Hey ♪
I ain't here to play around ♪
I'm tired, stressed,
and emotional.
If you make me chase your ass
through this hotel,
believe me, you will pay.
'Cause I'mma hunt you down,
down, down, yeah ♪
Damn. Thought you were scary
during the day shift.
I'mma hunt you
down, down, down ♪
Did you arrest her?
Well, we confiscated
the shotgun, cited her out.
Uh, good news is
we solved the ghost mystery.
Thank you.
And, uh, I can tell Lila
in the morning.
I'd like to peek in on her
before I go.
And speaking of going
Oh, right.
Mm, thank you for, uh --
I owe you.
No, you don't.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Girl, quit faking.
[ Chuckles ]
How'd you know?
Mamas always know.
Scoot over.
We caught your ghost.
It was just a nice lady who was
looking for her lost dog.
Did you help her find it?
I wish we could have,
honey, but we
[ Sighs ]
I know. It's sad.
Can you stay
till I fall asleep?
Yeah, sure.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Wind blowing ]
[ Dog whining ]
is that you, girl?
[ Whining continues ]
Well, we thought
you got eaten by a coyote.
Way to survive!
Come here!
Come here. Hey!
[ Snowball barks ]
No, don't worry.
It's okay.
I'm a police officer.
[ Wind chimes clanking ]
[ Smooches ]
[ Smooches ]
[ Clicks tongue ]
Hey, there. How you doing?
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
We were worried about you!
You were
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Shovel thuds ]
[ Groans ]
[ Wood creaking ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Creaking continues ]
I don't want this.
I didn't want this,
From the looks of it,
neither does he.
Don't talk about Benjamin!
Don't even look at him!
[ Breathing rapidly ]
What's happening here?
He tried to leave me.
So I-I needed to show him
that he still loved me.
By drugging him?
He was making
too much noise.
He w-- wouldn't listen.
Now he hears me.
A-And I'm winning him back.
And we were
almost happy again
and then you showed up outside
and I couldn't let you find him.
I -- You can't be here.
Okay, c--
You're gonna ruin everything!
Okay. I'll be happy to leave.
Just untie me, and I'll go.
I'm not stupid.
You're a cop.
I can't just let you go.
We ju--
We can't have you here.
We s--
We need our privacy.
[ Sniffs ]
[ Muttering indistinctly ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Wood creaking ]
I have to kill you.
Lila: Mama?
Harper: Mm-hmm?
What if I
still have nightmares?
Well, I told you, honey,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
It wasn't a ghost.
Not about that.
Sometimes I have dreams
that --
that you're getting hurt.
Like at
the grocery store.
It's okay.
You know I'm okay,
And that's never
gonna happen again.
[sighs] back then,
I had to pretend
to be a bad guy.
How come?
So that real bad guys
would tell me all the bad things
they were doing.
And when I found out,
I'd stop them.
Is that why that scary man
at the store was so mad at you?
[ Sighs ]
Yeah, he figured out that
I wasn't really a bad person,
that I was just a good one
who was pretending.
Were you scared?
Yeah. I was.
Until I knew
you were safe.
Because protecting you --
It's all that matters
to me.
Alright, now, get some sleep,
honey. It's late.
[ Grunts ]
And no more bad dreams, okay?
I love you.
Yes, Lila?
You said the ghost
was a woman who lost her dog.
But who was the man?
What man, baby?
The one
I heard screaming.
[ Wood cracking ]
-[ Grunting ]
I need to do this.
For Benjamin.
[ Whimpering ]
I love you so much.
[ Crying ]
I can't lose you.
If you do this --
If you kill me,
you'll lose him,
for sure.
[ Gun cocks ]
Shut up!
[ Gun clicks ]
What's --
What's wrong with it?
The safety.
Ohh! Aah.
[ Shouts ]
[ Grunting ]
Wait! Wait!
It's gonna be loud.
Your neighbors
are gonna hear it.
They'll call the police.
Damn it, he's right.
You're right.
Oh, God.
[ Breathing rapidly ]
What am I gonna do?
Benjamin, help me.
I-I could
stab him to death.
Ah, no, no.
All the blood.
Even if I clean it up, they --
they'll find it
because they have the sprays
and -- and the lights and the
I know.
[ Wood creaking ]
[ Wood cracks ]
[ Wind blowing ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
[ Tricycle wheels squeaking ]
[ Nolan grunting ]
I could beat you
to death.
No, whoa, whoa! No, no,
that's gonna be a lot of blood.
It's -- Even more
than if you used the knife.
It'll go everywhere.
[ Exhales sharply ]
Damn it!
[ Fire poker clanks ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
You die
if you can't breathe.
I know that.
I mean, that's just
[sniffs] basic biology.
[ Duct tape rips ]
Wait! Wait!
[ Muffled grunting ]
[ Duct tape ripping ]
[ Duct tape clatters on floor ]
[ Doorbell rings ]
[ Wind blowing,
wind chimes clanking ]
Nyla? It's the middle
of the night.
I know.
I'm sorry,
but [chuckles]
Have you seen my partner?
The guy that I was with
earlier on today?
No. Why?
Because he left the house
a while ago,
and his truck
is still here.
And he's not answering
his cell.
Oh. Weird.
[ Muffled grunting ]
[ Wood creaking ]
Weird. No, Ben and I have been
asleep for hours.
Haven't seen anything.
Okay. Thank you.
I hope you find him.
[ Wind chimes clanking ]
[ Wind blowing ]
[ Wood cracks ]
[ Wood creaking ]
That was Nyla.
I really hope
she gets back with Don.
We always had so much fun
with them.
[ Wood creaking ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Pipe breaks,
water rushing ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gasping ]
Hey. Hey. You alright?
[ Grunts ]
I gotcha. I gotcha.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Wind blowing ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
How's John?
Uh, he might need a couple
stitches and a Valium,
but, um, he'll be okay.
I think it might be time
to move.
This neighborhood's
a mess.
[ Chuckles ]
Benjamin and Griffin
were such a great couple.
But so were we
at one point in time.
Oh, come on.
There's no comparison.
We had our dark days, sure, but
never a full psychotic break.
I don't know. [ Chuckling ]
I got close a couple times.
Uh, thank you for
letting me come tonight.
Thank you for listening
to our daughter.
[ Sighs ] I should have done
a better job with that.
[ Lewis Del Mar's "Painting
(Masterpiece)" plays ]
Are you kidding?
You are a great dad.
I mean, with everything
that I put you through,
you could have
turned Lila against me.
The walls are boring me ♪
But you didn't.
You'll never know
how much that means to me.
Paint it like
you always dreamed it'd be ♪
Turquoise ♪
[ Groans ]
It's late.
You should grab
a couple hours.
And, um
I think
Lila would love it
if you were here
when she wakes up.
I'd like that, too.
Throw like Pollock ♪
Throw the apartment ♪
[ Slaps couch ]
Uh [sighs]
I'm not dating anyone.
Mm, you should start.
It's time.
Ah, ooh ♪
Good night.
If you want it,
you can have it ♪
Every color
that you see, see, see ♪
Oh, God.
Once you're satisfied
with your written statement,
just sign the bottom.
If you want it,
want it bad ♪
Then build yourself
a Technicolor masterpiece ♪
I am so sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Listen, I should have been
straight with you
from the beginning.
You took advantage of me
because I'm a rookie.
You knew that a senior officer
would never have let you
get involved
in a dangerous takedown.
Yes, and it was
very unfair of me,
but, listen,
I've been stuck for so long.
I needed this.
To be taken seriously.
And yet, when push
came to shove,
you went for the tabloid photo
instead of the news story.
[ Folder and pen clack ]
Hey, you ready to go?
[ Keys jingle ]
Yeah. Why not?
You know, you can sleep
in the car.
We'll get to the hotel
by early check-in.
I think I got everything.
Will you just
double-check for me?
[ Inhales sharply ]
Uh, I think so.
A rainbow kitchen floor ♪
Oh, my God.
I know, right?
Look, I-I-I've been going nuts
trying to plan the perfect trip,
the perfect proposal,
but the pressure is killing me.
I mean, what if something goes
wrong or I lose the ring
or the ring goes over
the side of the hot-air balloon
from a thousand feet?
So, what if, instead of
a proposal vacation,
we have
an engagement vacation?
Unless you're about to
say no?
You won't know
if you don't ask.
Ah, ooh ♪
Ah ♪
And I don't know
what you wish ♪
you're my best friend,
and you are the sexiest woman
I have ever seen.
You make me laugh
and cry sometimes.
[ Laughs ]
[ Sniffles ]
I fell in love with you
the second that I met you,
and I have been falling
ever since.
Will you marry me?
[ Laughs ]
If you want it,
you can have it ♪
Every color
that you see, see, see ♪
Ah, ooh ♪
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
I'm gonna start calling you
Humpty Dumpty.
Don't do that.
He never gets fixed.
It's because everyone around him
is incompetent.
All the king's horses
and all the king's men?
Nobody could think
to get the king's doctor?
And why horses?
Hardly qualified.
[ Chuckles ]
I put Humpty
together again.
Thank you.
And thank you
for coming last night.
And many years from now ♪
[ Sighs ]
The landlord
will kick us out ♪
I-I lied at dinner.
Simon and I
are separated,
but we haven't actually started
the divorce process yet.
I j-just assumed.
I know.
And -- And I'm sorry
that I wasn't clear about that
from the beginning.
I mean, it's --
it's not because
the relationship
is still alive.
I mean, it is over,
I promise.
But you had a family and now you
don't and it's heartbreaking.
Oh, oh, ah, yeah ♪
I feel like
I'm a failure.
You're not.
You're not, but
I get it.
I really do.
If you want it,
you can have it ♪
This is my first relationship
since my marriage blew up,
I just --
I need to take it slow.
Is that okay?
Then build yourself
a Technicolor masterpiece ♪
It's more than okay.
Nah, nah, oh, oh ♪
I promise.
Masterpiece ♪
Now, I have roll call in
about an hour, so I have to go.
I mean, that's it?
No kiss, or?
You said you wanted to
take it slow.
Well, not that slow.
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