The Rookie (2018) s02e17 Episode Script


Previously on "The Rookie"
Bianca, right? Heroin?
You're gonna become
an informant.
I've been instructing
Officer West about how patrol
can leverage
lower-level criminals.
Perhaps earn some goodwill
prior to your detectives exam?
What's wrong?
Jason is in ICU.
Think this will
move you down the list?
Are you kidding?
I'm off the list.
You used to hang with Eva.
Yeah, for a minute.
Because she stole from me.
We got to get in there.
Eva already
caught her beating.
But since you're feeling
so generous,
I do have a job
you could help with.
That's my old man.
Walk away.
Make me.
See you around.
Mr. Singer.
Step out, please.
Releasing me so soon?
I was just
getting comfortable.
It's lineup time.
But don't worry.
Once you get ID'd,
you'll have plenty of time
to get comfortable
in prison.
Let's go.
If I'm ID'd.
Been getting what I need
since I turned 18 ♪
Ain't nothin' for free ♪
Take your place --
position three.
Four is my lucky number.
Can I do that one instead?
Do what I want, want, want ♪
Do what I want, want, want ♪
Do what I want, want, want ♪
Uh! He going through
my phone ♪
How you doing, Officer?
I ain't doing nothin' wrong ♪
Have a seat, boy, chill ♪
Number one,
step forward.
I do what I want, want, want ♪
Number two, step forward.
Do what I want, want, want ♪
Number three,
step forward.
I d-d-d-d-do ♪
We don't want you
to guess.
It's better to not identify
anyone than the wrong person.
[ Sighs ] I'm sorry.
I'm just not sure.
It's okay.
We appreciate your help.
Thank you.
[ Beep ]
Officer Chen,
release the lineup.
You were saying something
about a "long-term" stay?
[ Buzzer ]
She ID you?
Nope. Hit 'em hard,
drive away fast.
They never get
a good look.
Do what I want, want, want ♪
Best part is,
her fine-ass ride's
gonna earn me 10K, easy.
Open the cell!
[ Buzzer ]
[ Cell door opens ]
He confess?
Wait! That's entrapment!
Uh, you're wrong.
There's no legal
expectation of privacy
within a police station.
Anything you say here
can be used against you.
Hit 'em hard,
drive away fast.
Right into the shower, I hope.
You stink.
I don't stink.
My character stinks.
you want me to do ♪
Honestly, I think
that we should stick with it.
They say it gets good
after episode 12.
Oh. So only nine more hours
of being bored out of my mind.
I like it.
I think it's subtle
and nuanced.
I suppose you'd rather
watch "Action Heist"?
Any day.
Okay, they have a shark attack
on an elevator, Sterling.
And it was awesome.
You know what? It doesn't
even matter what we watch,
because I won't be
looking at the screen anyway.
You guys are the best!
Come on, let me in!
Let me in!
I thought you were hanging out
with Rachel tonight.
Yeah, no.
I canceled because tonight is
a new episode of "Action Heist."
Previously on "Action Heist"
[ Explosion, gunshots ]
Lastly, the brass
wants us to increase
our social media presence
within the community.
We're cops,
not influencers.
Like it or not,
Officer Bradford, you're both.
A strong relationship with
the public makes us all safer.
So let's show them
we're people, too.
Get out there,
take a few selfies.
Yes, Officer Nolan?
Back in Foxburg,
I knew most of the cops by name.
Because there were
four of them.
[ Laughter ]
Five, but the number
didn't matter.
It's just that they spent
most of their time on foot.
I mean, how are we supposed
to take a selfie with someone
when we're trapped in our shop
most of the day?
That's a good point.
We do spend too much time
locked inside our shops.
New plan.
Everyone spends the morning
on foot patrol.
[ Officers groaning ]
Good one, Officer Nolan.
I can tell
what you're thinking.
Doubt it.
You're working out
how to kill me
without your body cam
catching it.
Yeah, actually,
that is what I was thinking.
Mommy! Policeman!
Hi, there, buddy.
What's your name?
Is that a real gun?
It sure is.
Can I hold it?
No. That's, uh --
That's against the rules.
But I do have some stickers
here for you.
You bet, buddy.
Have a good day.
See? That was great!
There are four felonies an hour
in Los Angeles.
But, no,
that was a good use of time.
I've got no problem
with community engagement.
Citizens play a vital role
in policing.
The more they like us,
the more they help us.
That's a surprisingly
enlightened attitude.
Yo -- Yo, officers.
Uh, I got a legal question.
Sorry, we're not real cops.
We're extras.
There's a movie shoot
down the street.
Cool. Thanks.
What am I? Google?
Do your own research.
Look, don't get me wrong.
I love hanging out with Lucy,
and I know she's, like,
slow-rolling back
to the dating scene, but
I miss my boyfriend.
So tell her that.
I can't.
She's still in,
like, a delicate place.
Then forget about
having any alone time
in the foreseeable future.
Dispatcher: 7-Adam-07, attaching
you to a possible 187.
Husband arrived home to find
wife bleeding and unresponsive.
Detectives en route.
Thank God.
show us responding.
How much did you pay Dispatch
to give us the first call?
A bottle of
Wesley's fancy wine.
So worth it.
[ Pounding on door ]
Police officers!
Is there anyone here?
I came home
to surprise her.
Who would've done this?
Code 4 at our location.
Copy. Detectives are
on their way.
Sir, you have to
let her go and come with us.
[ Sniffles ]
Come on.
[ Sobbing ]
What do we got?
Watch him.
Detective Calderon,
we just got here. We have --
What's he doing here?
This is a crime scene.
He's a suspect.
Yes, ma'am.
We were just about --
Forget it.
I'll deal with him.
You two,
go and canvass the neighbors.
What's her problem?
I have no idea.
Say "Waste
of Police Resources."
[ Camera clicks ]
Thank you, sir. We'll be sure
to tag you in the post.
You know,
attitude is everything.
Drug deal.
Nolan: Without the shop,
there's no way
we can roll up on them
without them seeing us.
Put your hand
over your collar, like this.
You're saying
if we cover our badges,
they're not
gonna notice us?
Yep. Watch.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Hi, there!
I can explain.
You just got
your 30-day chip.
I know. I know.
But I'm making
minimum wage.
My mom's sick,
and the medication's expensive.
That's rough.
You're under arrest.
Please. I can help,
like last time.
You mean when you bailed out
the window and then you OD'd?
that was such a help.
Hook her up.
Turn around.
It's different now,
I'm clean.
I know about
a huge score.
[ Handcuffs click ]
A ton of fentanyl.
Don't lie to me, Bianca.
I would never lie to you,
Who's selling
the fentanyl?
Uh, Curtis.
Curtis have a last name?
I don't know it,
but everyone calls him Ripper.
Do you think
Rachel's disappointed
I canceled last night?
Don't know.
Man, I felt bad.
She found this bartender
that tailors cocktails
to your astrological sign.
It sounded cool.
I just --
I was tired,
and I needed a night in.
She gets that, right?
You might find this surprising,
but we don't talk about you.
[ Tires screech ]
Control, 7-Adam-19.
Requesting an RA unit.
He came out of nowhere!
Palmetto and Mateo.
[ Man groaning ]
Head verse vehicle. CT.
Okay, stay still.
[ Groaning ]
Oh, man, I think
it got into an artery.
There's a lot of blood.
You can use this scarf and pen
to make a tourniquet.
Thank you.
Place it two inches
above the wound.
[ Man groans ]
[ Grunts ]
the bleeding's stopped.
Am I gonna get a badge
for this?
[ Magazine clicks ]
been hanging
with Bianca?
Hanging? Well,
I got her into a program.
Kept an eye on her.
Pulled back once she got clean.
Didn't want her
to get confused.
I don't think that worked.
Girl just got arrested,
but she seems more upset
that she disappointed you.
I didn't see that.
I did.
Still, I wonder if she would've
slipped if I'd been around.
Don't do that.
This is on her, not you.
So, you sure this tip
is solid?
I know how badly
you want to get Ripper.
Judge thought so.
Gave us a no-knock warrant
based on Nolan's CI.
Bianca insists Ripper is sitting
on a huge supply of fentanyl.
I didn't know
he was that big of a player.
He didn't used to be.
Looks like he's making a move
for the big time.
You ready, Sergeant?
Let's go get this guy.
[ Tires screech, siren wailing ]
What the hell?
Who's in charge here?
I heard you were back on patrol,
but I didn't believe it.
Okay, can we do
this reunion thing
after you tell me why
you just landed in my operation?
Because you're about to
blow my operation.
So I'm shutting you down.
[ Siren wailing, tires screech ]
Nine minutes, Lang?
You guys are usually
much faster than that.
[ Buzzer buzzes ]
Bradford's your TO?
My condolences.
[ Chuckling ]
That's what everyone says.
All this over a few boxes
of Marsh Yellows?
[ Chuckles ] Right?
They couldn't get Pim-Pams?
Who made the tourniquet?
I did!
Officer Lucy helped.
Well, excellent work!
Thank you.
Oh. Right.
In early September,
our sources in Mexico
a shipment of fentanyl
being driven from Michoacán
across the border
into California.
Rather than stopping it,
we decided to follow the drugs,
use the intel we collected
to arrest
the entire smuggling network.
A controlled delivery. That's
what you used to do undercover.
Yes, Agent Banks and I
worked together on them
on the Narcotics Task Force.
Nyla was the most hardcore UC
I've ever seen.
She could lie to God Himself
and get away with it.
Sgt. Grey: You don't say.
That's surprising, 'cause
she always tells me the truth.
Right, Detective?
Absolutely, sir.
The truck was ambushed in
the desert outside Ocotillo.
We were monitoring
with satellites.
Seven minutes later,
the entire shipment was gone.
And you think
Ripper stole it.
We don't think it.
[ Monitor beeps ]
We know it.
So, why'd you shut us down?
'Cause the drugs
aren't stored
at the location
that you were about to hit.
Nolan: Where are they?
You don't know, which is why
you're talking to us right now.
We've been on Ripper
and his crew for two weeks.
They haven't gone
near the fentanyl.
So, what kind of weight
are we talking?
20 kilos, uncut.
Street value --
roughly $10 million.
That is a morgue full of ODs
in the making.
So, what's the plan
to keep it off the street?
we didn't have one,
till we got wind
of your warrant.
You've given us a way in --
your CI.
We can use her to introduce me
as a straw buyer to Ripper.
Uh, all due respect, sir,
I-I don't think
Bianca's ready for that.
Then you can make her ready.
Every hour that goes by
increases the risk
that those drugs
end up on the street.
Detective Calderon.
We're done
with the canvass.
Neighbors report seeing
a suspicious vehicle
speeding down the street
around 11:00 a.m.
Now, the guy on the corner
identified it as a blue sedan.
Said he's never seen it
in the neighborhood before.
And the timeline
fits the TOD.
Plus, it's a cul-de-sac.
They don't get a lot of random
traffic driving through here.
That's weak,
Officer Lopez,
even if we didn't already
have a prime suspect.
The husband?
Patrol has responded to
six domestics at this residence
over the past three years.
Then there's the withdrawal slip
I found in the victim's purse.
Mrs. Cook took $100,000 in cash
from their account
first thing this morning.
My guess is
she was getting ready
to leave her abusive husband,
but he found out,
stopped her in her tracks
Where's the money?
Don't know yet.
Husband might have hid it,
or the victim did
before she came home
to get the rest of her stuff.
Either way,
we're done here.
I still think
we should follow up on the car.
Are you the detective here,
Officer Lopez?
No, ma'am.
If I need more scut work,
I'll call you.
[ Car door opens, closes ]
You sure you're up for this?
Bianca: Yeah.
Okay, this isn't
just a handoff, Bianca.
You have to look Ripper
in the eye
and make him believe
you have a buyer for the drugs.
I know. I can do it.
Okay. Prove it.
Sell me.
H-Hey, Ripper. I heard
you scored some fentanyl.
Heard from where?
[ Chuckles ] You know.
No, I don't know.
Anyway, I got you a buyer
out of Chicago.
Kansas City, not Chicago.
What difference
does it make?
Because Kansas City is where
the DEA set up the fake buyer.
[ Exhales sharply ]
I'm sorry.
I'll do better.
I promise
I won't let you down.
Okay, this isn't about me,
One wrong word,
and Ripper will kill you.
[ Chuckles ]
I love how much
you care about me.
Stay here.
David, will you watch her
for a minute?
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you have a minute?
Sure. Everything good to go
with your CI?
Uhactually, no.
Bianca's a mess. I think Ripper
will see right through her.
You tell Agent Banks?
Not yet,
but there's more.
it's become clear to me
that, uh, Bianca feels
that the concern
I've shown for her
means that
I have feelings for her.
Yeah, yeah,
that is a problem.
And I've tried to maintain
boundaries, but it's
apparent I've failed.
No, no, no.
It's not your fault.
CIs, by definition,
are in crisis.
They've endured
a series of hardships
and made a lot of bad choices
to end up in this station.
Then we come along
and help them back up,
giving them
the first sympathetic ear
that some of them
have ever had.
If you think Bianca's
unprepared, you got to pull her.
I can do that?
She's your CI,
which means it's your call,
even as a rookie.
But know this --
Agent Banks will be pissed.
Agent Banks?
Let's wire her up.
She's not up for this.
Bianca: Yes, I am.
No. You're not.
As Bianca's handler,
it's my decision
whether to put her
in harm's way,
and I can't allow her
to proceed with this operation.
You can't?
I make one phone call, you'll
never put on that uniform again.
So wire her ass up.
No, sir.
And If you pull your head
out of your ass for a minute,
you'll see that I'm right.
If Ripper thinks for one second
this is a setup,
you'll lose your only chance
to intercept those drugs,
and the ODs that will follow --
those will be on your head.
Get her out of here.
[ Gasps ]
Let's go.
[ Door opens ]
Why are you
sending me away?
Because you're confused
about things.
No, I want to help you!
I'm your handler,
not your friend.
Then why did you
take me to NA?
[ Breathing shakily ]
Help me find a job?
That's what cops do
with their CIs, alright?
We show a little kindness
to help keep you in line.
Now, I should've been clearer
about that. That's on me.
But you need to get the idea
out of your head
that I have feelings
for you.
[ Exhales shakily ]
Thank you so much.
I'll give these to the nurses.
Oh, she got you good.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah,
that Emily kid's a hustler.
I'm handing them out to
my favorite nurses so I
don't have to eat them all.
Oh, man, I do not have
that kind of will power.
I'm gonna eat three boxes
while I binge-watch
"Action Heist" tonight.
Whoa, hold on.
You watch that?
Man, I love that show!
The second Harry showed up with
that mustache, I knew he was --
He was the evil twin!
Yeah, mustache equals evil.
That's Bad Guy 101.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Chuckling ] Exactly.
Good work.
if you like action and heists,
there happens to be
a Rupert Payne marathon
at the Aero.
And I have an extra ticket
for Saturday night,
if you wanna
come with me.
[ Chuckles ] Cool.
Actually, Saturday
is bad for me.
But, uh
thank you for asking.
Of course.
Let's hit it, Boot.
[ Sighs ]
Later, Lang.
Alright, Bradford.
[ Sighs ]
He seems nice.
Do you know him well?
Play a little
pick-up basketball together.
[ Elevator bell dings,
doors open ]
No. Forget it.
Your social life
is not my responsibility.
I learned that lesson
the hard way.
You wanna vet Emmett,
you go to somebody else.
It was the right call.
I know.
But since your boot
pulled the plug on my way in
we're gonna need
a new one.
Uh, I don't have any CIs
that fit the bill,
but I can ask Narcotics.
We don't have time
for that.
Ripper could flip the shipment
this afternoon.
I need someone
that Ripper knows --
someone who can
lie to God Himself.
Come on.
You saved my ass before.
I wouldn't ask
if lives weren't at stake.
This isn't months undercover.
It's a quick in-and-out.
Look, even if
I were to say yes,
Ripper knows Crystal
as a junkie.
There's no way he would trust me
to act as a go-between.
You'd need someone to pose as
a link to the Kansas City buyer.
Ideally, Ripper
would already know them.
What's up?
We've got a new plan
to get Ripper.
I'm going in as Crystal.
And you're coming with me.
What are you doing?
I ran that blue car
through the CGIC
and got a bunch of hits.
Look at this.
I hear you've been pulling
robbery files?
Yes, ma'am.
Even though I told you
to stand down.
Yes, ma'am.
[ Scoffs ]
Here's the thing,
Nancy Drew.
Your little hunch,
the files you pulled,
the notes you're writing --
all of that is discoverable.
I know you're sleeping
with the enemy,
but I didn't think
you'd be one of them yourself.
Sleeping with the enemy?
This is about Wesley?
Joanna Kelly.
Murdered coming home from school
back in '18.
Took us months for us to crack,
but we had him cold.
And then your boyfriend gets it
tossed on some procedural crap.
If you'd done the work
to make the case bulletproof,
he wouldn't have
been able to.
What did you say?
You heard me.
Hey! Hey!
Let's call it a night, yeah?
Listen to your boot.
There were
three other burglaries
in the same vicinity
as this murder.
At all of them, a blue sedan
was seen leaving the scene.
That's thin.
Except that each victim also
withdrew a large sum of cash
from the same bank
the same day they were robbed.
It's all in here.
So, unless you want to get
embarrassed on the stand again,
you should take a look,
Look who it is.
[ Scoffs ]
Nice place.
Crown jewel
of my empire.
How's the food?
Oh, it's great, especially
if you hate your colon.
[ Chuckling ] Yeah.
But, uh, bet you got
one of those Michigan stars
for laundering money,
am I right?
[ Chuckles ]
You know,
I was surprised you called.
Especially after the way
we left it, you know?
Yeah, no, I get that,
but, um [sniffs]
money trumps a grudge
any day.
And, uh
I got a deal that's gonna
make us both a lot of it.
I don't do deals
with tweakers.
I wouldn't, either.
But that ain't me no more.
You see, my old man,
he got me clean.
So now
I'm on the supply side.
[ Chuckles ]
So, what, you, uh --
you want a job?
I heard you came across
a big-time load of fentanyl.
You heard?
Who told you that?
[ Scoffs softly ]
[ Chuckling ] Dude.
It's all over the street.
But today
is your lucky day.
Because I got a buyer
for it all.
Mm-hmm. A heavy hitter
outta Kansas City.
Kansas City.
[ Chuckling ] Yeah.
And who's this heavy hitter?
He's my old man's cousin.
They grew up together.
They did time together.
But, yo, he is solid,
and he is eager to
buy everything you have got.
He's eager?
I'll pass.
Throw her out.
Don't be an idiot, yo!
Let's go.
Y-You bit off way more
than you can chew --
ripping off
a damn cartel?!
You trying to move weight
you ain't even got the manpower
to step on.
I am trying to put millions
in your pocket
and your problems
in your rearview.
But you know what?
[ Clicks tongue ]
Nah, you right.
Throw my ass out.
How do I know
you're for real? Huh?
Let's go meet my old man
in the back.
Just you.
Just me?
[ Chuckles ]
After you.
[ Hip-hop music playing
on radio ]
[ Engine rumbling ]
[ Tires screech ]
You expect me to believe
you got millions,
driving around
in this low-rent ride?
I thought you told me
he was smart.
What's that mean?
You wanna be a cop magnet?
Drive around in a flashy car.
You learn that in KC?
Working corners in Brookside?
I look like a Brookside guy
to you? I'm from Blue Parkway.
And before you start
quizzing me on ribs,
it's LC's all the way.
[ Chuckles ]
Just had to check.
Okay, so,
can we talk numbers now?
20 keys uncut.
Selling at 400 per.
[ Scoffs ]
Hell no.
Nah, 250.
We're buying your entire load,
so we ain't paying retail.
Best and final.
That's a million,
just to prove we're for real.
Relax, KC.
It's a sample.
But cut that at least five times
before you taste it,
or whoever does will be dead
before they hit the floor.
So, it's a deal.
We still got to do
a little background check
on your man here.
[ Clicks tongue ]
Well, you got my number.
But you make us wait too long,
it goes back to 250.
[ Gate creaks ]
Is this gonna work?
If Banks doesn't screw up
your paper trail.
And if he does?
We pray the body count
doesn't include us.
Um, so,
I texted Sterling.
We are going to
binge-watch "The Bachelor"
and eat
all of these cookies.
Yeah, Lucy, look --
No, please. I cannot watch
"The Cardinal" again.
It is so boring.
"A" --
It is subtle and nuanced.
But, "B" --
Look, it's not even
about what we watch.
Sterling and I
love hanging out with you,
but we really need
our alone time, too.
Oh, my God.
I am the third wheel.
Uh, beautiful, talented,
badass third wheel.
I --
Grey needs another team
on the DEA op.
You wanna put in
some OT?
Sure. Yeah.
I'm not doing anything.
I'll go get changed.
Alright, let's go.
Hey, Lucy.
We're okay, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Why wouldn't we be?
[ Locker door closes ]
Now what?
I went through the file --
all the evidence you gathered.
And it only took
two phone calls
to ID the bank teller
who handled
all the cash withdrawals
for Mrs. Cook
and the other victims.
Which means
you were right.
And I owe you an apology.
Yeah, you do.
You're not gonna be gracious
about this, are you?
Why should I be?
You were out of line.
Fair enough.
But there is a teller
in interrogation.
You think
you got what it takes
to get a confession
out of this guy?
Watch me.
Finally, someone's gonna
tell me what I'm doing here.
Sorry to keep you,
Mr. Dugan.
We just need your help
with a case we're investigating.
Yeah. Of course.
It's just, you know,
I have someplace to be, so
I'll try
and move things along.
Do any of these people
look familiar?
They're all customers
at your bank.
If you say so.
In fact, they all made
large withdrawals
and got robbed
later that same day.
[ Chuckles ] I'm sorry.
W-W-What does this
have to do with me?
I was just hoping
you might have some insight
on your fellow employees.
Are any of them
having financial problems?
Uh, Candice is always
stressed about money.
She's moving back in
with her mom.
And Roy drinks. A lot.
What kind of car
do you drive?
What? My car? A Honda.
What color?
[ Sighs ] I'm sorry,
but I do have to go.
It's --
One last thing.
I understand that you waited on
Mrs. Cook this morning.
That isn't Mrs. Coo--
So, you do know
the victims.
U-Uh, I meany-yes.
I-I-I --
Maybe you should sit down,
Mr. Dugan.
I was at the crime scene.
It's clear Mrs. Cook fought back
before she was killed.
Are we gonna find marks
under your sleeves?
Can I give you
a little advice, Mr. Dugan?
You'll feel better
when you confess.
I have nothing
to confess to.
Listen to me.
All that stress and fear
you're feeling --
the overwhelming
need to vomit --
that's never gonna go away
until you tell the truth.
So, tell me
did you mean
to kill her?
[ Voice breaking ]
It was an accident.
[ Sobs ]
She surprised me.
And -- And -- And I-I --
I didn't want to --
I need you to write that all
down, exactly how it happened.
Nolan: Why hasn't Ripper called
to confirm the meeting yet?
He's doing his homework,
making sure
the story checks out.
Ripper: got a lot
on the line here.
Man: I'll tell him
you said so.
What if I blew it?
You didn't.
Alright. Good.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Speak of the devil.
Ripper. What's up?
Hey. You and your boys
check out.
Tell me something
I don't know.
Deal's on. Meet me behind
Rock N Roll Ralph's tomorrow.
11:00 a.m.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We'll be seeing you.
See? Told you he'd call.
Don't get excited yet,
We still have a long night
ahead of us,
making sure that
he does not change his mind
and sell the drugs
out from under us.
You up for a coffee run,
Officer Nolan?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Wouldn't be a proper stakeout
without coffee.
I'm on it.
First round's on me.
You bet.
I mean, obviously,
I've been using Jackson
and Sterling as a crutch.
Together, they kind of make
the perfect boyfriend.
[ Sighs ] More importantly,
they're safe, and --
Who are you talking to?
[ Knock on window ]
Just going for a coffee run.
Can I get you guys anything?
Uh, chai tea latte,
This is a stakeout.
He's not going to Starbucks.
Two coffees. Black.
I'll try to find you
some vanilla creamer.
[ Chuckles ]
Rachel? I'm back.
Yeah, I totally see
what they're saying,
and -- and they're right.
I don't know if I'm ready.
It's --
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
Rachel is
in a staff meeting,
which means you are
talking to no one.
Not no one.
I talk things out
to process them,
and I knew you wouldn't do it
with me, so --
Why would you even care
what I think?
[ Chuckling ] What?
The last time I gave you
romantic advice,
I-I pushed you
towards Caleb,
andyou almost died.
That's --
That's ridiculous.
There was no reason
to suspect anything.
What happened --
What happened
wasn't your fault.
W-Wasn't mine, either.
Look, I-I wouldn't
ask your advice
if I didn't
value your opinion.
You can do better than Emmett.
[ Sighs ]
Why --
Why would you say that?
He's a firefighter,
for God's sakes.
I know! He's hot!
[ Laughs ]
Okay, no. No.
See, if you're gonna act
all contrarian, I am done
with this conversation.
I'm not being
a contrarian.
You know, I-I think you're
threatened by his hunkiness.
That's not even a word.
This is nice.
Working together again.
Reminds me
of the old days.
[ Scoffs ]
Except back then,
I would be the one in the house
with the target,
wearing the wire.
I like this better.
Having you close.
Are you flirting
with me?
I just think your talents
are being wasted back on patrol.
'Cause I got talents
you don't even know about.
Now you're flirting
with me.
[ Both laugh ]
So, tell me --
why is it
we never hooked up?
'Cause I was married.
Well, you're not married
Hot coffee is --
[ Sighs ]
You want me
to come back later?
No. Give me
the damn coffee.
We got a bogey.
Banks: Neighbor?
Harper: Seems nervous.
Keeps moving around.
Could it be
one of Ripper's carriers?
Doubt it.
No backpack, no bag.
It's Bianca.
[ Doorbell rings ]
What the hell
is she doing here?
Double-crossing us.
That would be suicide.
Ripper would know it was her
that gave him up.
What was that quote
about a woman scorned?
[ Beep ]
Uh, point to all units.
Be advised a friendly just
walked into the target house.
friendly is on scene.
[ Beep ]
Can we get some audio
on this?
[ Click ]
What the hell do you want?
The cops are onto you.
Say that again?
I said
the cops are onto you.
How much do they know?
I don't know.
Hammer: See anything?
No. But that doesn't mean
they're not out there.
We've been made.
We got to get in there.
We hold here.
Ow! Let go of me!
Screw that!
Nolan's right.
He's gonna kill her.
You gave me up!
He's not gonna kill her
in his house.
If he thought
we were onto him,
he'd create a distraction,
make a run for it.
[ Engine starts ]
He's making a run
for it.
That's a decoy vehicle.
He's looking to split
our resources and our perimeter.
[ Beep ]
All units,
stay with the house.
Prepare to make entry,
10 seconds.
Decoy could be
going for the drugs.
Bradford, Chen.
Let the SUV get out of the area
and then stop that vehicle.
[ Engine starts ]
7-Adam-19, suspect vehicle
spotted heading east on Midland.
[ Engine revving ]
[ Daughters'
"Long Road, No Turns" plays ]
C-side perimeter, hold.
All other units,
collapse on our location.
Be aware,
we are initiating entry.
A little is all it takes ♪
A little is all it takes ♪
Everybody gets in line
and makes mistakes ♪
Shots fired. Calling for backup,
airship. Code 3.
Everybody gets in line
and makes mistakes ♪
At least one of them
went upstairs.
And I don't know what to say ♪
I don't know what to say ♪
I don't know what to say
when people come undone ♪
The road is dark ♪
The road is long ♪
Remember these are just the
words to somebody else's song ♪
So don't play along ♪
Or play a part ♪
Don't look to me ♪
Under the weight of ♪
The weight of ♪
Your shouldered cross ♪
These are just the words
to somebody else's song ♪
[ Gunshot ]
Please your heart to ♪
[ Groaning ]
Nolan! You okay?
I'm good.
Still clearing upstairs.
Downstairs clear.
No Ripper. No Bianca.
They're in
the decoy vehicle.
7-Adam-19, be advised.
Ripper is in the decoy vehicle.
I repeat,
he is in the decoy vehicle.
[ Siren wailing ]
Coming up on the vehicle
heading northeast on Beaudry,
4th Street intersection.
A little
is all it will take ♪
[ Engine revs ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Steam hissing ]
You okay?
Yeah, I think so.
[ Thud, car door creaks ]
[ Glass clinking ]
[ Beep ]
Harper, Bradford.
Go to Harper.
Was Ripper in the SUV?
Unknown. We got ambushed
by a second vehicle.
Brown pickup truck.
Both vehicles got away.
Nolan: Ripper's gonna head
straight for the fentanyl.
He'll kill Bianca.
I thought you ID'd
all of Ripper's crew.
So, who was in
the intercept vehicle?
No idea.
We've only been up on Ripper
since he hijacked the shipment.
New guy must have been
laying low on purpose,
staying close to the drugs.
How could they
possibly coordinate an
intercept so quickly?
We're up on
all of Ripper's phones.
Not the burners.
Looks like
he buys them in bulk.
If we can find
the number Ripper used,
we can ping his location.
It's the only empty box.
That's got to be the one.
Call the phone carrier.
Tell them
we have an in-progress,
exigent circumstance.
[ Engine revs, tires screech ]
[ Groaning ]
Boss, I'm in bad shape.
I think my leg's broken.
You shouldn't have hit 'em
straight on.
Now you're a problem
for me.
[ Whispering ]
I don't see Bianca.
We need to get in there.
Not until we locate
the fentanyl.
[ Whimpering ]
Hammer: [ Echoing ] Boss.
[ Normal voice ] Boss!
Let's drop this chick
and get outta here.
Go ahead.
[ Whimpering ]
[ Grunts ]
Get those hands up!
Ripper: [ Chuckles ]
You even twitch
towards that gun,
and it'll be
the last thing you do.
I knew you were all wrong.
No, you didn't.
Turn around!
[ Chuckles ]
[ Crying ] Thank God.
I was so scared.
Put your hands on the car.
[ Handcuffs clacking ]
What are you doing?
Arresting you.
Wait. No.
[ Handcuffs click ]
I screwed up.
I was hurt, angry.
Look, I just lost my mind.
I'm sorry.
I am, too.
We've gotta stop
meeting like this.
[ Chuckles ]
That's not funny.
It's a little funny.
Let me see.
It's not that deep.
You got lucky.
[ Siren chirps ]
Can I tell you
Well, I like to think that we
have that kind of relationship.
I, uh
I lied about being busy
on Saturday.
My social life is
kinda complicated right now.
No worries.
But just so that you know,
when it gets less complicated,
I'll still be interested.
Oh! Ow!
Oh, don't be such a baby.
Come on.
I'm not a baby!
You're acting like it
right now.
watch how tough I am.
[ Laughs ]
Nice job tonight.
You ever thought about
becoming a detective?
I took the exam
last year.
Scored in the top three,
but then I fell down on a case,
lost my luster.
Well, I might be able
to smooth that over.
Get you back on the fast track
if you want.
[ Inhales sharply ]
Then I'd have to take back
all the nasty things
I said about you.
[ Chuckles ]
Yes, you would.
I'll be in touch.
Feels like
I've been living blind ♪
Hear me out.
As a case officer.
No more undercover.
Company car,
government plane
at your disposal 24-7.
Any other, uh, perks?
Well, you'd be
working closely with me.
That is tempting.
[ Inhales deeply ]
I'm gonna have to say no.
I just got my life
back on track.
And that plane you're offering
also comes with
3:00 a.m. phone calls
and 15-hour days, and
I'm happy, Mike.
Happier than I've been
in a really long time.
So, uh, I'm gonna say no
to the job.
But I wouldn't say no
to dinner.
Eyes ♪
Eyes ♪
This time ♪
This time ♪
Eyes ♪
all good things ♪
You okay?
Yes, sir.
Officer Nolan.
All good things
come to an end ♪
It's okay to feel bad
about what happened.
Even though you didn't do
anything wrong.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna do something
I never thought I would.
I'm gonna buy you a beer.
Sir. Wow.
I'm touched
that you would even offer --
You gonna make this weird?
'Cause I can take it back.
No. I'm shutting up about it
right now.
You want to grab a bite to eat,
too? Because there's --
You know what? Just a beer.
That's fine. I'm busy, too.
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