The Rookie (2018) s02e18 Episode Script

Under the Gun

7-Adam-15, show us Code 6
at Shaw Memorial.
What's going on?
A guy came into the ER
of stomach pain.
He's clearly been shot
but insisting he's not.
[ Indistinct conversations,
man groans ]
Sir. I hear you're having
a little trouble.
Uh, no, just, um,
ate some bad sushi.
Harper: What's your name?
Arnold what?
I-I don't
have to tell you that.
Hey, why --
why'd you call them?
Sir, she's required by law
to call us
when a patient's been shot.
I told you,
I ain't been shot.
Just too much
gas station sushi.
Well, unless the wasabi
burned a hole
straight through your stomach,
I'm forced to assume
you're lying to us.
So, how about you tell us
what really happened?
He did it!
That's my husband.
What -- Excuse me.
Grace: What's going on?
Why are you here?
[ Both conversing indistinctly ]
[ Monitor beeping ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Alarm beeping ]
Nolan! Hey!
[ Groaning ]
Hey, hey, hey!
Aah! Hey! Careful, man.
I been shot!
You gonna run away again?
-You got him?
Get him an IV antibiotic,
and add 5 milligrams
of lorazepam.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, no, yeah, fine.
No, I just -- I was --
I got, uh, distracted.
Oh, by what?
this is Nyla Harper
andJohn Nolan.
Uh, nice to meet you,
You must spend
a lot of time here.
Oh, he's here
all the time.
Get -- Got --
Well, the criminals
and the injury --
it's constant stuff.
Oh. W-Well, it's nice
to meet you both.
Dispatch said
you got a gunshot victim.
Yeah, he belong to you?
Unfortunately, yeah.
Guy ate all the sushi
at a gas station
on Melrose and Fairfax
and refused to pay.
Things got heated.
The owner shot him.
Who's the dude
close-talking with Grace?
That's her husband.
I thought
she was divorced.
Not technically.
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
whoa, oh, oh ♪
I'm gonna win for you
like I know you want me to do ♪
Hey! ♪
I forgot my deodorant again.
Here. Use mine.
I do love
a manly musk.
Just not on me.
You're gonna have to start
leaving some things here.
[ Dog whines ]
You know it's illegal
to lie to a cop.
[ Sighs ] Last week,
I interviewed
for my dream job and
I got it.
Hey, hey! That's great!
It's in New York.
Well, I s-- I mean,
y-you have to take it.
Dream jobs
only come around once.
Yeah, I know.
When do you start?
Next month.
They have cops
in New York.
[ Chuckles ]
Do you know
where you're gonna live?
[ Inhales deeply ]
Not yet. [ Sighs ]
Maybe you could, um,
help me target
some neighborhoods tonight.
[ Chuckles softly ]
[ Dog whines ]
[ Door opens ]
Harper: We're skipping
roll call today.
Grey's got us
on special assignment.
Sounds cool and mysterious.
We will be escorting
some juvenile felons
through a Scared Straight
program at Cal Correctional.
Oh, and let me guess --
you'd rather be on the streets
chasing real criminals.
I've been
to these things before.
It's a lot of chaos and noise --
and the jury's still out
as to whether it actually
makes a difference.
Well, if it helps even one kid,
it's made a difference.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
This is -- I --
Meet me
at the Sally Port.
Thank you.
Hey, you. How you doing?
Not great.
Oliver is in some trouble
at school.
That's why Simon
was here yesterday.
Sorry to hear that.
Woman on P.A.: ICU Nurse Adams
to recovery.
You know, and I'm sorry
that it was awkward
meeting my ex.
You know, it just didn't feel
like the right time or place
to introduce you
as my boyfriend.
I understand.
I knew you would.
Like I know
you'll understand
that I need to
reschedule dinner tonight.
I think Simon and I have got to
get on the same page
about how to handle Oliver.
Over dinner?
I mean, it's the only time
he can get off work.
Yeah, right.
Of -- Of course, yeah.
And family comes first.
Um, I have to go right now,
but I will talk to you later.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
Sgt. Grey:
You got a problem.
Both of us?
No, just you.
In the attempt to combat
the high cost
of civil litigation,
the LAPD has adopted
a pilot program
which uses an algorithm
to target officers who are
most likely to get sued.
They hired a tech company
run by a supposed genius --
Elvis Grimaldi.
All due respect, why do we care
what this dude thinks?
Because he flagged you
as the most problematic officer
in this station,
and he's got
the Chief's ear.
Come on, Sarge. I just got
the tap for detective.
I'll get passed over
if this guy dings me.
Which is why I got him to agree
to spend a day with you,
collect more data
for his "algorithm."
So you are going to
show him
you are a by-the-book cop
with love in her heart.
Take only the tame calls,
and give him the answers
he wants to hear.
You might just
skate through this thing.
Harper: Alright, line up.
Against the van.
Marco Leland --
assault and battery.
Tyson Renner --
Hey, unh-unh.
Up. Off the van.
Stand up straight.
Tyson Renner --
Fletcher Perry --
auto --
Auto theft.
That turn you on, baby?
Nothing like getting hit on
by a 12-year-old delinquent
to get your day started.
Hey, yo, I'm 15.
Not better.
What about you?
What's your story?
You can buy 12, yeah,
it's cheaper by the dozen ♪
Okay, good talk.
Hector Duran, 17.
Spent three months in juvie
for theft and drug possession.
Okay. I'm Officer Nolan.
This is Detective Harper.
Together, we're gonna be taking
a little field trip
down to the California
Correctional Facility.
For those of you
who complete today's program,
the rest of your sentences
will be commuted.
But this is
your last chance.
Get busted again,
and the prison we are going to
will become
your new home.
Fine by me.
You ever been there?
Hell yeah.
My brother's
doing a bid up there.
Not something
to be proud of.
Road trip time.
So, I made some calls.
This Grimaldi guy
made a fortune
on a dating app
that he sold to Google.
Claims his algorithm
is so good
that it can predict
with a 90% success rate.
Maybe. But rumor is
Bieber used it to land Hailey.
I don't know
who those people are.
[ Scoffs ]
You the brain
messing with my livelihood?
Mr. Grimaldi,
I am Officer West.
This is my training officer,
Officer Lopez.
Call me Elvis.
Mr. Grimaldi are my dads.
You don't look as dangerous
as I anticipated.
And you don't look
as smart.
think I'm gonna go.
You, um -- You'll lose out
on gathering more data points
for your algorithm,
and that'll delay
exiting the beta phase by weeks.
You understand
about beta phases.
Yes, sir.
Officer Lopez taught me.
Okay, I'm back in.
Data uber alles.
But, Officer Lopez,
you should know
that negativity towards me
will only strengthen
the core data draw
that landed you the top spot
on the naughty list.
I'll take that
under advisement.
Excellent. Shall we?
Lucy: Rachel told me
about New York.
I'm happy for her.
What are you guys gonna do?
There's not much to do.
You know, it's -- it's not like
it's a semester abroad.
It's permanent.
Long-distance relationships
never work.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
What do you got?
Uh, Social Services
has been here a few times
on truancy calls.
Paul hasn't been to school
in the last month
due to
an undefined illness,
and the mom
recently started a GoFundMe
to cover the medical bills.
Right. You think
she's running a scam?
Well, scams are
your jurisdiction.
I'm just here to make sure
the kid's okay.
[ Knock on door ]
Rachel: Hello, Ms. Mint?
Hi, I'm Rachel Hall
with the Department
of Child and Family Services.
Uh, is this
about the truancy?
Yes. We just have a few
questions for you and your son.
Uh, I'm -- I'm sorry.
It's not really a good time.
Paul's asleep.
I understand, but my job
is to make sure he's okay.
And I'm not leaving
until I see him.
Step aside, ma'am.
I have a radio interview
in 20 minutes.
We'll be out of your way
in 10.
Paul? Honey?
This is Rachel.
She needs
to talk to you, okay?
Hi, Paul.
Have you been
to the doctor?
He's been in and out
of the hospital
for the last three months.
What's the diagnosis?
"Results inconclusive,"
which is doctor for
"We have no idea."
Pulse is racing.
Hey, Paul,
can you squeeze my hand?
They released him
like this?
No, he was better.
[ Sighs ]
It's always the same.
He improves at the hospital,
but after a couple days at home,
he's back to this.
How am I supposed to
send him to school?
He can't even sit up.
I understand.
We'll be out of your hair
in just a minute.
So, what do you think?
It's Munchausen by proxy?
She meets the criteria.
undiagnosable illness
that gets better
when he's under observation.
It's just so wrong
that a parent would poison
their own child for attention.
Alright, what do you
want to do?
[ Sighs ]
That how much you made
off your dating app?
Oh, God, no.
I made 10 times that.
The $80 million
is how much the LAPD paid
in legal settlements
this year.
That's up 3.25%,
which is why they hired me
to target officers like you.
You can't predict behavior
with math.
It's literally what I do.
Policing is different.
I disagree.
Of course you do.
I find the whole subject
Uh, love
to pick your brain.
If you're such an expert
on human behavior,
tell me how today's
going to go.
Easy. We're gonna drive around
for a few hours,
taking only
the tamest calls in town
while your partner attempts
to smooth over your rough edges
and convince me that, deep down,
you really are a sweetheart.
Today, I attached us
to a high-risk warrant service
in Highland Park.
Got you a bulletproof vest
in extra small.
Only way to show you
I'm a good cop
is to show you
I'm a good cop.
Why does motor pool always
give us vehicles with no gas?
Before you were my T.O.,
I had an unintentional
for crashing police cars.
Who needs the restroom?
Come on.
Alright, you guys. Who wants
some snacks? My treat.
Yeah. Beer?
That's a no.
Another no. Here, guys.
Grab whatever you need.
You two, over there.
You, over here.
What are you doing?
I'm buying them snacks.
But you're about to tell me
I'm being too nice?
They're not Boy Scouts.
They're criminals.
I know you like to think
I'm naive
because I tend to see
the good in people,
but that's just laziness
on your part.
Oh, really?
And I think you'd be surprised
to see the difference it makes
when you show kids
a little bit of respect.
[ Engine starts, tires squeal ]
You were saying?
[ Tires screech ]
[ Rapping ] Unh, okay,
I made it out my mama's house ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hector, let him go.
Nah, I'm not adding time
to my sentence
because this fool decided
to boost his street cred
by stealing
a police ride.
Relax. You did good.
Let him go.
Give me faith, unh ♪
So I can walk
through the valley ♪
Easy. Fletcher!
Hey, hey, hey!
Knock it off.
Come on, Fletcher.
Hands against
the side of the car.
Let's go.
You dummy.
Wasn't very smart.
[ Handcuffs click ]
Now you're going back to juvie.
It was worth it.
Everything Code 4?
Hector here stepped up
and did the right thing.
I didn't do it for you.
Doesn't matter, Hector.
The right thing
is the right thing.
Is he for real?
Control, 7-Adam-15 requesting
juvenile transportation.
we making history, baby ♪
It's just history, baby ♪
I'm making history, baby ♪
Think there's any chance
Tim would come
to New York?
I don't know.
I mean, he's L.A. pride
born and bred,
but he is crazy
about you, so
You have no clue.
The man's a mystery.
Iris: What are they
doing here?
They're here to take Paul
back to the hospital.
So the doctors can shrug
and say "Sorry, ma'am"
to the tune
of $10,000 a day?
I'm afraid this is not
a discussion.
To hell it's not.
I am his mother.
Look, I believe you are
a danger to your child.
Therefore, I'm removing him
from your care,
a full investigation.
No, you can't do that!
You can't do that!
Ma'am, ma'am.
Ma'am, come over here, please.
You can't do that.
[ Crying ] No, please.
What are you doing?
I just want
to put it out there
that you're
completely disobeying
a direct order
from the Watch Commander.
Grey just wants me
to play nice,
but how I act
isn't going to matter
to a geek who only
looks at numbers.
I need to convince him
that there's data
that he's not factoring
into his algorithm.
And if he gets caught
in the crossfire?
Problem solved.
[ Car doors open ]
[ Car doors close ]
Do exactly as I and the other
officers say at all times.
Got it?
Got it.
Who's this?
Uh, Elvis.
I run a risk evaluation program
for the LAPD.
Huh. Well, you in
the right place.
Serving a warrant
on the Jacobs Brothers
is like playing chicken
with a runaway train.
That's on fire.
And filled with zombies.
Steagald warrant?
Even better --
"no knock."
That's why Detective Armstrong's
my favorite.
Nick Armstrong?
Yeah. Why?
My algorithm
has you pinpointed
as the highest-performing
detective in the station.
An exemplary officer.
Let's catch
some bad guys.
[ Trunk closes ]
Get on your knees!
Hands up!
On the ground now!
On your knees!
Now! Hands on your head!
Hands behind
your back now!
[ Handcuffs clicking ]
This ain't right!
You surprised us!
Code 4.
Suspects in custody.
Sit down.
[ Video game music playing ]
Want to hear some real
predictive analysis, Elvis?
Ok-- Yeah, okay.
The suspect has begun to show
pre-assault indicators.
Hey, nobody told you
to stand up.
Sit your ass
back down. Now.
Bladed stance.
Rocking and bobbing.
It means adrenaline and oxygen
are pumping.
So you watch his eyes.
Once they lock,
it's go time.
And that is why Officer Lopez
is my favorite.
Get up, dummy.
And that was a completely
justified use of force,
by the way.
The law says
she doesn't have to wait
for the suspect to attack
to defend herself.
Okay. Uh, tell me more
about that.
[ Hard rock music plays ]
[ Whooping,
indistinct shouting ]
It's natural
to feel nervous.
[ Scoffs ]
This ain't nothing.
Welcome to Cal Correctional,
Please hand over your duty belts
and backup pieces.
They'll be secured
in a locker here.
Thought you were bringing me
four young men.
Uh, one of them flamed out
before we got here.
Sounds like I'll be meeting him
soon enough.
You three,
face the fence.
You are now
in my custody.
You will obey
every order I give,
or I will put hands on you
and I will make you obey.
You ball up your fist, I'll take
that as a sign of aggression
and I will put you on the ground
and I will handcuff you.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?!
Together: Yes, sir.
Let's move.
[ Buzzer, gate opens ]
Detective Harper,
Officer Nolan.
I'm Warden Miller.
Have you been through
this program before?
I haven't, no.
it can be intense.
Do you have children
of your own?
I have a son who's 19.
Then this is
gonna be hard to watch.
[ Buzzer, door opens ]
[ Indistinct conversations
in distance ]
Take a seat.
[ Door closes ]
Are you deaf?
I gave you an order.
Man, get off of me.
I told you -- you don't listen,
I make you listen.
Now sit your ass down.
Okay, bring 'em in.
[ Buzzer ]
[ Door opens ]
I know you.
You've got to
be kidding me.
You know Oscar?
I apprehended him twice during
multiple escape attempts.
On one of those attempts,
he stabbed my friend.
I can't imagine he has anything
useful to say to these kids.
Yeah, well, he's not here
to say anything useful.
He's here because
he's the monster
that they'll
be locked up with.
And Mr. Caine here
joined us 11 years ago,
after he was convicted
of a double homicide.
Oh, come on, Warden.
Give him some credit.
Caine tore the arm
off of a guy
that he caught his wife
cheating on him with.
He beat them both to death
with it.
Not sure it's a good idea
to remind him of that.
No, but it sure is fun.
I know what
you're thinking --
you're better
than me, right?
Yeah, 'cause you on the outside,
'cause you got options.
You just roll your eyes
at me?
What you got,
a death wish?
You think these guards
gonna save you?
I'm in here 40 years.
You think I'm scared of
a few weeks in the hole,
five more on my sentence?
Step back, Caine.
[ Buzzer in distance ]
Caine's passionate.
He's got what
psychological professionals
would describe as
"anger issues."
Say something wrong to him,
he'll turn your bones to dust.
But deep down, the real reason
that he's here with you
is because he wishes
that someone
had diverted him
from this place.
Not me.
I'm here because
it got me out of my cell.
Plus, it gives me a glimpse
of future prey.
I want you guys
to end up here.
I'm gonna be behind bars
until I'm 90
long as I don't get caught
blinding another inmate.
Which I will never
do again, ma'am.
I have learned my lesson.
Don't talk to me, Oscar.
Talk to them.
Yes, ma'am.
So, you're the future inmates
of America.
Trust me, stay on this path,
do that,
so you can end up in here
with me.
How many criminals get away with
their crimes, Officer Nolan?
-Not many.
-Why is that?
Because they're dumb.
Oh, I'm not dumb.
No, but you lack
impulse control.
I do!
[ Buzzer in distance ]
What's your name?
Do you think that you're
a tough guy, Hector?
I know I am.
You're not.
Uh, maybe you are.
Doesn't really matter.
There's always gonna be
somebody tougher than you,
somebody willing to do
what you won't do.
Do you know
that tough guys
get shanked to death in here
every day?
Not me, though.
'Cause I'm not
a tough guy.
I'm a cockroach.
I'll do whatever it takes
to come out on top.
This is not
how to reach Hector.
It is not your job
to tell her how to do hers.
It's okay, Detective.
I'm willing to listen.
Hector's brother, Thomas,
is incarcerated here.
So you think that a family
reunion is more effective?
I read both their files.
Hector was a model citizen
before his brother got arrested.
He idolized him.
But he hasn't visited
in almost a year
because Thomas
refuses to see him.
Maybe it's time
for Hector
to see how far
his brother has fallen.
[ Buzzer in distance ]
Hey, you got a minute?
Oh, yeah, of course.
I just spoke
to Paul's doctors.
Tox labs came back clean.
They ran every commonly
available poison -- nothing.
Wait, so how is his mom
making him sick?
I don't know, but this whole
thing is not adding up.
I'm gonna reach out
to a co-worker
who had a case
on the same block.
Maybe she heard something.
That's great.
Keep me posted?
Will do.
[ Four Fists' "Please Go"
plays ]
Down. Up.
Down. Up.
Don't --
Don't you dare stop.
[ Buzzer ]
Give it a rest, Caine.
Boy's with me.
Get up.
On your feet,
on your feet!
Let's go!
You on the phone
every week,
telling me how great
you're doing,
and this
is how I see you?
Sawdust and socks, who makes
clocks out of cellos ♪
Hector's been getting into
a lot of trouble lately.
Spent the last few months
in juvie for theft and drugs.
He wants to follow in
his big brother's footsteps.
Why the hell
you want to do that?
Harper: Because he doesn't
know any better.
He thinks you're
a role model.
Hey, don't talk to him
like that.
No, lady cop's right.
I'm no one
to be proud of.
How can you say that?
You run things in here.
People respect you.
No, they're afraid of me.
That ain't the same thing.
This one is enemy,
every morning ♪
When you're in here, you can't
afford to be a human being.
And once you lose that,
you can never get it back.
Trying to make
a couple memories ♪
Don't be me.
[ Alarm blares twice ]
What's that?
Warden Miller:
Just a little bit of trouble.
It's a daily occurrence
around here,
but I do need
to go see to it.
Sharp, put the three of them
on a short leash.
Warden's lying.
Two short bursts mean
there's a riot going on.
About to get crazy
up in here.
Sir, do you
have a second?
What's up?
what's involved
in a lateral move?
Well, I hate to lose you,
but the truth is,
it'd be pretty seamless.
What about NYPD?
[ Sighs ]
That's a whole other beast.
You would have to go
to the NYPD Academy,
complete the FTO program
before you'd even be allowed
back on the streets.
You would basically be starting
from square one.
[ Laughs ]
In fact
[Clears throat]
you would be the John Nolan
of the NYPD.
No, you see [Chuckles]
that's not funny.
That's hilarious.
[ Laughs ]
It'd be a big sacrifice.
But if Rachel's the one,
it'd be worth it.
Who said
this was about Rachel?
Just be sure.
Moving in together
is tough enough.
Plus new jobs, new city,
no social network to lean on --
You don't want to end up
resenting each other.
Anytime, "Boot."
[ Laughs ]
Why'd he
call you "Boot"?
Inside joke.
Hey. What's up?
My co-worker heard
that a few other kids
in the neighborhood
got sick recently.
Turns out, the city
started maintenance
on the main water line
four months ago,
so they switched
to well water.
And Paul got sick
three months ago.
Five years ago,
Seaver Chemical was accused
of dumping heavy metals
from their refinery.
They paid a small fine
and got a high-priced consultant
to certify that
the environmental impact
was negligible.
Well, clearly,
that might not be the case.
Yes, but that
does not help Iris.
I got her son
taken away from her,
and reversing that
is not gonna be easy.
Can't you just tell the judge
you made a mistake?
Not without
definitive proof.
[ Voice breaking ]
Iris could lose her son
all because I pulled the trigger
too quickly.
It's okay.
[ Alarm buzzing,
indistinct shouting ]
Better hope that the Warden
squashes this riot.
Cops and kids are about the best
hostages inmates could dream of.
Oscar, shut up.
Shouldn't you take these guys
back to their cells?
I mean, Harper and I
can guard the kids.
I don't make a move
without orders.
[ Alarm buzzes three times ]
I'm guessing three bursts
is worse than two?
It's just a call to prayer.
As in --
pray they kill you quick.
Wait. So, uh, you called them
"pre-assault indicators," right?
Jackson: I got a question.
Did you use
your dating algorithm
as a base
for the LAPD one?
'Course not.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
That's a yes.
Hold on just a second.
Sally: Elvis, Elvis,
where are you?
He's got a gun.
Wait, wait, wait.
C-Calm down, calm down.
What's going on?
One of our clients, I think.
Uh, who?
What's happening?
He's got a gun.
He said it's our fault.
Uh, uh, one of our clients
blames us for his breakup, and
he just showed up with a gun.
Oh, my God. Help!
[ Gunshots ]
Uh, wait, Sally,
are you still there?
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Gunshots ]
Lopez: 7-Adam-07.
We're on scene and have
a possible active shooter
at 2100 Knoll Road.
Shots fired.
Wait here behind our car.
When officers arrive,
show them what door we went in
and do exactly
as they tell you.
7-Adam-07. We're making entry
now through the north door.
Repeat, two officers
making entry, north door.
All responding units,
Code 3.
Dispatch: Copy. 7-Adam-07 making
entry on an active shooter.
You're not waiting for backup?
Not on an active shooter.
We go in.
But you don't.
No matter
what you see or hear,
you stay outside,
stay behind cover!
If you follow us in,
the coroner can carry you out.
[ Gunshots, people screaming ]
Help us!
He's got a gun!
Go! Go!
How many shooters?
How many shooters?
How many shooters?
Go, go!
[ Screams ]
Go! Get out!
[ Gunshots, people screaming ]
[ Alarm blaring ]
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Get out!
Go, go!
[ Blaring continues ]
[ Gunshots continue ]
Go! Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
7-Adam-07, units are landing.
Can you give us an update?
[ Woman crying ]
7-Adam-07, security check.
7-Adam-100, be advised
7-Adam-07 not responding.
We have more --
[ Radios turn off ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Heartbeat ]
[ Crying ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Groaning ]
Get on your stomach!
Control, 7-Adam-07.
Shooter in custody.
Code 4 in the Bullpen.
Copy, shooter in custody.
Code 4.
Hey, how bad is it
out there?
Several casualties.
Mostly inmates, one guard.
60% of the prison
is under inmate control,
which means
you've got to go.
Lock them in cells
in B Wing
and then fold in
with the CERT team.
C.O. Sharp is going to
escort you and the kids
to the nearest exit.
At this moment,
the coast is clear.
Be safe.
take care of my brother.
I won't let anything
happen to him.
You have my word.
You listen to this man.
Do what he says.
And stay the hell
away from here.
You're better than me.
Act like it.
Okay, let's go.
[ Door opens ]
[ Alarm wailing ]
See you later, John.
C.O. Sharp: Alright.
Time to move.
Not yet.
We need weapons.
In case the way
is not clear.
[ Grunts ]
Come on, boys.
You never wanted to smash up
a classroom before?
Now's your chance.
Are you scared?
You want the truth?
I'm not scared at all.
Let's go.
Is there a way out of here that
doesn't go through a cell block?
I knew he was
gonna say that.
Let's go, boys.
Thank you.
Come on.
[ Police radio chatter,
sirens wailing ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
Alright, well, we're gonna get
a paramedic to look at you.
Six victims.
So far, no fatalities.
Oh, th-- thank God.
I never
saw this coming.
Why did I not
see this coming?
Because you trusted the data,
but people lie.
No guy is gonna reveal a history
of domestic violence
in his dating profile.
But I thought that I-I had
factored in firewalls
for erroneous data.
Not enough.
[ Alarm wailing ]
[ Shouting, crashing
in distance ]
He's dead.
Just keep walking.
Keep moving, boys.
Come on.
Let's go.
Keep walking.
Come on, boys.
[ Crashing ]
Hey, Hector.
Just --
Hey, J.J., I got those
Scared Straight kids.
J.J.: Hell yeah.
On our way.
You don't have to do this,
you guys.
Yeah, we do.
Then we're done talking.
Boys, get behind us.
[ Curve's "Hell Above Water"
plays ]
[ Shouting, grunting ]
It's hell above the water ♪
Hell above the water ♪
Hell above the water ♪
Hell above the water ♪
[ Indistinct shouting ]
We got to go!
Move! Move!
Go! Go!
Got no reason to say a thing ♪
Get up, get up,
get up!
'Cause you don't
scare me at all ♪
-It's locked.
Come on,
come on, come on.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Hell above the water ♪
Hell above the water ♪
Hell above the water ♪
Hey. Have you
heard from Rachel?
No. Why?
She blames herself
for yanking Iris' son
before the tests were run.
Look, I've been calling,
She's not
getting back to me.
What do you think,
she's gonna do something stupid?
You know her better than I do.
What do you think?
[ Alarm wailing ]
[ Radio crackles ]
Inmate: Listen up.
We got ourselves a VIP.
Warden Miller:
Get your hands off me!
That's the Warden.
You try and take
the prison back,
we'll rip her to pieces.
A list of demands
will be forthwith.
Until then, have a great day.
Any chance that CERT team
is nearby?
No, they're clear on
the other side of the prison.
There's no way they'll
get to her in time.
[ Breathing heavily ]
But we can.
You don't owe her nothing.
'Cause it's
the right thing to do.
You remember that.
You practiced it
back at the gas station.
Why does everything have to be
a teachable moment with you?
Because he knows
it's annoying.
[ Keypad beeps ]
You ready?
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Why are we going
this way?
The Warden's in
the opposite direction.
I know, but we need
a little help.
From who?
Hey, guys.
Why aren't you out there running
wild, like the rest of them?
I was,
then I got tired.
All I really wanted to do
was beat the hell out of
this one guy, Kevin Medved.
And did you?
No, somebody
beat me to it.
I know, right?
Just my luck.
But I did get to laugh
in his face, which was nice.
I'm surprised to see you two
in one piece.
Where's the kids?
Did you trade them
for safe passage?
No, we got them out.
And then you came back.
For the Warden.
Why you coming to me?
'Cause you're gonna help us
get her out.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
If I've learned anything
about you these last few months,
it's that you are
the ultimate opportunist.
You find yourself
in a situation
where there's a chance
to escape, you try to escape.
But there's
no escaping today,
which is why you're still here
in your cell.
So I'm here to offer you
the next best thing.
To escape?
There is no such thing.
Sure there is.
You help us rescue the Warden,
you can ask for anything.
You help us,
we help you.
Are you in,
or are you out?
[ Buzzer ]
Have a seat
on the bench.
What's going on?
She assaulted some corporate guy
outside his office.
I did not.
I threw water in his face.
Contaminated water?
But he thought it was.
Can I talk to you
for a second?
Let me take her off your hands,
cite her out.
She's all yours.
What the hell
were you thinking?
[ Handcuffs clicking ]
[ Scoffs ] He didn't even
care -- that kids are sick.
And he's got kids
of his own.
And you were
surprised by that?
[ Sighs ]
What do I do now?
How do I
make everything right?
I don't know
that you can.
But I've -- I've called in
some favors,
and I got the Deputy Chief
to call the judge.
And based on
my personal assurances,
he's reversing the order
removing Paul from his home.
You -- You did that
for me?
Even though I'm leaving?
[ Scoffs ]
Tim, I --
I know, I know.
Look, do -- do you want
to cry about it,
or do you want to go get Iris
and -- and bring her to her son?
[ Chuckles ]
I can work with that.
[ Alarm wailing ]
[ Whispering ] Hey.
Don't screw us.
[ Whispering ] Relax.
Hey, guys.
Oscar, get your
crazy ass out of here
before I slice you open.
Okay. I guess I'll, uh,
trade these two cops I caught
to the Mexicans.
You got those cops?
Just outside here.
I tied 'em up.
[ Both groan ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
Hi. We'll get you
out of here now.
Thank goodness.
[ Keys jingle ]
What the hell is he
doing here with you?
Saving you.
[ Handcuffs click ]
And my services
don't come cheap.
We're gonna start the bidding
with a plasma television screen,
followed by biweekly
conjugal visits.
We told him
you'd make a deal.
I will not.
Then I'll see you later.
Let's go.
Get behind me.
[ Door opens ]
Thank the good Lord.
I just found these two
trying to steal the Warden
from you guys.
Where's Hector?
We got him out.
For real?
For real.
Mimic: Back off, Thomas.
This ain't got nothing
to do with you.
They walk.
Like hell they do.
They walk.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Thank you.
So I'm gonna make sure
these guys find their way out.
[ Door opens ]
Sit here. I'll change,
and then I'll take you to juvie
to process out
with the rest of the boys.
Cool. Thanks.
[ Sighs ]
Paperwork can wait
till tomorrow.
I hear that.
See you in a minute.
See you.
Hey, trouble kind of finds you,
doesn't it?
They told us
to scare the kids.
We scared those kids.
[ Chuckles ]
How are things going
with Grace?
Ah, I'm not sure.
She's having dinner with her ex
as we speak.
That a problem?
I don't know.
I guess that's up to her.
She knows how I feel.
And how do you feel?
I've got a good feeling
in my bones ♪
I'm a little
in love with her.
You tell her that?
Well, I
implied it, you know,
with my actions.
It's not the same, is it?
Okay, so, you guys want to
hear something funny?
It's not that funny.
No, it definitely is.
Just not to you.
I'm losing interest.
Okay, so, Elvis' algorithm
flagged Lopez
as being most likely
to get sued, right?
He got the wrong Lopez.
He mixed up two lines
on his spreadsheet,
confused me with
another A. Lopez.
Albert Lopez
from Property Crimes?
No, Angelo Lopez in Vice.
Oh, in Vice.
Funny, right?
[ Laughs ]
And who's to say ♪
That we won't be here again? ♪
Whoa ♪
Hey. Harper will be out
in just a minute.
Can I get you some food
for the road or something?
No, I'm -- I'm good.
Tell me, have I earned the right
to give you a little advice?
Another teachable moment?
Only if you'd care
to hear it.
Fair enough.
Hit me.
It's okay to put yourself second
once in a while.
Those men today
at the prison,
they all had one thing
in common --
they were selfish.
They put their own petty,
reckless needs above all else.
When my dad abandoned us,
I acted out.
I got into fights.
I made bad choices.
And I drove my mom crazy
with worry,
and I didn't like
how that felt.
She needed me
to be better.
So that's what I did.
You make it sound
so easy.
It's really not easy,
but it was worth it.
Fireworks inside ♪
You ready?
Uh, yeah.
your back ♪
Don't forget that ♪
I hope that it's okay
that I just came by.
Yeah, of course,
of course.
You're -- You finished
your dinner with, uh
Been an interesting day.
It certainly has.
I need to tell you something.
I need to tell you something.
I need to go first.
[ Sighs ]
The reason that Oliver has been
having trouble at school
is because of the divorce.
The separation.
He wants to give it
another try.
For Oliver.
Driving back to Tennessee ♪
What do you want?
[ Voice breaking ]
I don't know.
You and I have
such a great thing.
Yeah, it's been a while,
but you've been on my mind ♪
But if getting back together
with Simon
is the best thing
for Oliver,
how can I dismiss that?
I just need
to take some time.
I'm so sorry.
[ Exhales deeply ]
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