The Rookie (2018) s02e20 Episode Script

The Hunt

Previously on "The Rookie"
Nick Armstrong.
You can't be faithful
to a girl,
you can't be faithful
to an oath or a badge.
I'll drink to that.
[ Bottles clink ]
I interviewed for my dream job.
I got it.
That's great!
It's in New York.
Sgt. Grey: Rosalind Dyer,
the most rare of unicorns --
a female serial killer.
I led the task force
that caught Rosalind.
Don't let me off that easy!
My wife was dying!
I wasn't there!
I do know
one last secret.
I don't care.
It's about Armstrong.
And it is bad.
Nolan: Name names, okay?
Just testify.
[ Keyboard clacks ]
[ Keyboard clacks ]
She said his name
before she saw him.
[ Warbly Jets' "Propaganda"
plays ]
This is a wide transmission
to the system at large ♪
Dispatch: Hollywood division
is in pursuit
after a shots fired call.
Officer: Uh, gr-- gray Maserati,
no plates.
Suspect vehicle
is picking up speed.
He's -- He's blowing lights.
Sidewalk! Sidewalk!
He's on the sidewalk!
Wait. That voice.
We are lead car.
That's Chris.
I'm gonna need backup, guys!
We went to
the Academy together.
Hey, get back! Get back!
Hands! Hands on the window!
[ Tires screeching ]
[ Siren wailing ]
Okay, keep breathing.
7-Adam-07, shots fired.
Officer down.
Repeat, officer down.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Not a good time right now.
Serj just shot a cop.
That was him?
If he can escape --
Ruben, come on.
Even if he gets clear,
10,000 cops are hunting him.
Dispatch: Attention all units,
Air-12 spotted a gray Maserati
matching suspect's vehicle
entering covered parking
structure at 6th and Grand.
They just spotted his car, man.
He's cooked.
Well, if he's cooked,
then so are you.
You understand?
[ Line clicks ]
Damn it!
[ Tires screech ]
All around
we're recognizing propaganda ♪
Got a gun.
You need to secure it
while I go after the suspect.
Control, 7-Adam-15.
Suspect vehicle located
in a parking structure
on 6th and Grand.
Gun on scene.
Need backup. Code 3.
[ Engine revs ]
Control, 7-Adam-15.
Shut down all Code 3 units.
Suspect is G.O.A.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Hey. I don't know how,
but Serj got away.
'Cause I'm
a slippery bitch.
Serj, don't be smug.
You left the damn gun
in the car.
It must've slipped out.
Yeah, and when ballistics
matches it
to the wounded officer,
you're gonna spend the rest
of your life in Pelican Bay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Screw that.
Ruben said
you were gonna fix it.
So fix it.
We own you.
Okay, if I can make
the gun go away,
it'll cripple any case
against you.
What do you think
I should do?
Go to ground.
And don't call me no more.
You hear me?
goes through Ruben.
No sign of the suspect?
No, he got away clean.
But we did recover his weapon.
Recently fired.
Good work.
Anything else?
Uh, yes. Car is registered
to a dealership --
International Luxury Auto.
Not reported.
We need to run background checks
on the dealership employees.
Already happening, but we would
get a much faster ID
from the mobile fingerprint unit
inside your car.
We pulled a clean print
from the driver's side window.
Uh, yeah. Great.
[ Radio chatter ]
[ Trunk lid pops, creaks ]
[ Beep ]
And just like that,
our suspect has a name.
Serj Derian.
suspect is Serj Derian.
Run a full background check
and alert the Watch Commander.
[ Cellphone clicking ]
[ Cellphone swishes ]
Officer: LAPD! Serj Derian,
come out with your hands up!
Lucy: You got something?
Police report.
"Suspect -- Serj Derian."
His name
is all over these.
Someone inside
the department
has been feeding intel
to the Armenian mob.
And by someone,
you mean
A dirty cop.
[ Radio chatter ]
Still thinking
about Grace?
You're a good detective.
[ Chuckling ]
You're an easy case.
You know what?
When we get back
to the station,
I'm gonna book the evidence,
I'm gonna call her.
Call her?
You better get your ass
over there
and tell her in person.
[ Computer beeps ]
They're putting together a raid
at Ruben Derian's house.
Is Serj there?
Only one way to find out.
Control, 7-Adam-15.
Attach us to that ATL.
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Tires screech, wailing stops ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Nolan: Any eye on Serj?
Lopez: Not yet,
but there's at least
a handful of unknowns inside.
I would put Stapleton, Cole,
and Brady on the 3/4 corner.
Jennings and Sanchez,
they can take the 2 side,
and we'll join in
on the stack.
[ Chuckles ]
Sorry. Second nature.
All good, sir.
You're the senior detective
on site.
Operation is yours.
You're acting detective?
For the day.
Doing great.
Officer #1: Okay.
Stack, fall in.
Officer #2: Suit up.
Officer #1: Redcon 1, let's go.
Let's move.
[ Dog barking ]
[ Doors slam ]
Stand up!
Hands on your head!
Turn around!
[ Sighs ]
What can I do for you?
We have a warrant to search
the premises for Serj Derian.
[ Sighs ]
You could have just called.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Handcuffs click ]
So much banging and crashing
just to discover
that my brother didn't
randomly drop by.
Lopez: All clear.
No sign of Serj.
Mr. Derian, we'd like
you to come with us to
the station voluntarily.
Yeah, you bet.
Uh, look, why don't I meet
you guys down there, huh?
There's only a half-hour left.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
[ Sports chatter on TV ]
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Best game of the season.
Good series.
[ TV shuts off ]
Tactical master class.
What the hell's
going on?
Why was I called to
your station, Code 2 High?
Because they know
a cop took Serj's gun
from Nolan's shop
during the raid.
They're checking
body cameras.
I'm dead.
Mine wasn't on.
T-They're gonna know the second
that they check that video.
Hold it together, Erin.
Screw that!
I'm the one exposed here.
You have to do something.
I am! And if you do
exactly what I say,
you've got a shot
at getting away clean.
Ruben's got a half a million
for you, to help you disappear.
You're lying.
No, I'm not.
And with me on the inside
making sure the case
against Serj falls apart,
you just might be able
to survive this,
but only if you
play it cool, okay?
I'm scared.
I know.
Turn in your body camera
and then get out of here.
But first,
leave your cellphone
and anything else
they can use to track you.
You got someplace to go
where you can get off the grid?
[ Sighs ]
Yeah. I do.
Okay. Good.
Don't screw me here,
I won't.
[ Future of the Left's "Beneath
the Waves an Ocean" plays ]
Three men ♪
Walk into a café ♪
Take a corner booth ♪
And wait for context ♪
Ruben: You told her I'd give her
a half a million?
Are you crazy?
Hey, hey,
hey, don't cheap out
on me now, Ruben.
Erin's lost everything.
Not yet.
Listen to me.
You don't have to kill her.
She's weak.
She'll flip the second
they catch her,
and she won't
just give me up.
She'll give you up, too.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
And so do you.
Which is why you're gonna
make sure she stays silent.
No. I won't.
I've done a lot
of bad things for you,
but I ain't doing that.
Yes, you will, my friend.
Because when you
sell me your soul,
you don't get to choose
how I use it.
Hey, you -- Ruben!
Hey! You --
[ Grunts ]
Nolan: 7-William-10,
are you clear for a 10-21?
Code 3.
Hey, Nolan.
What's up?
We have a possible location
for Erin Cole.
You want in?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I want in.
[ Sirens wailing ]
[ Tires screech ]
What do we got?
Harper: She's on foot.
A few steps ahead.
everybody head inside.
Split up.
She could be anywhere.
Waiter, waiter ♪
There's movement in my soup ♪
I swear I saw the chicken ♪
Making eyes across
the table at me ♪
Nolan: You know me.
Come on.
We've been through
a lot together.
You can talk to me.
Just talk to me.
I never wanted this.
I had problems.
You know?
They paid them,
and then -- then they owned me.
Who did?
The Derians?
And I told Serj
I was done,
but he --
he pulled a gun
and he tried to kill me
when I wouldn't scare and --
The shots fired call.
Chris is dead because of me.
[ Sobs ]
[ Echoing ]
No, no, no! Wait! No, don't.
It doesn't have to
all be for nothing.
Okay, you can start
to make this right.
name names.
Okay? Just testify.
[ Gunshots ]
[ High-pitched ringing ]
25-year-old female,
multiple gunshot wounds
to the chest.
Not conscious,
not breathing.
[ Window whirs ]
You did good, my friend.
Very good.
[ Breathes shakily ]
I'm out.
[ Sighs ]
There is no out.
You know this.
[ Groans ]
Shut up!
Shut up!
I said I'm out.
I've paid my debt off
five times over.
I can't do this anymore.
You can't make me.
I s-s
Your work isn't done.
The cops don't have
any evidence on Serj.
But you need to make sure
it stays that way.
And if anyone gets close
to the truth
you need to
take care of them.
I promise it'll be easier
the second time.
[ Breathing shakily ]
Erin: Armstrong.
[ Gunshots ]
Nolan: No!
You think I'm crazy.
No. It's just been
a traumatic 24 hours,
and I think
you're fried.
It's clear --
she says "Armstrong"
before he steps out.
She was trying to tell me
something about him.
Maybe, but it could
have been anything.
I mean, look, we know
that Erin was a dirty cop,
but we have seen nothing
to suggest
that she was working with
anyone else on the job.
How did she get into
my shop, then?
I locked it.
And as a detective,
Armstrong would have
a very easy time
getting his hands on those files
without leaving a paper trail.
So, what, Armstrong
murdered Erin to shut her up?
Do you realize what
you are accusing him of?
Yes, I do.
He's my friend
and a mentor,
and this is killing me.
But if I'm right,
he's betraying
everything we stand for.
[ Exhales deeply ]
It's not enough.
So we gather
more evidence.
Armstrong was with me
nearly all day yesterday.
It was
a fast-moving situation,
but he had to have contacted
both Ruben and Erin,
contact that could have been
caught on body cam,
on shop cam
or dash cam.
Which you need me
to authorize access to.
[ Sighs ]
I'm in.
But don't tell anyone else
about this.
If this gets out,
it will ruin Armstrong's life --
and your career.
And if I'm right?
Then it will tear
the department apart.
Thanks for being positive
about my move.
Well, you haven't moved until
you get on that flight tonight.
And we still have
one last dinner.
You'll come visit, right?
I mean, once Lucy's
Thirty Day Push is over?
Nothing compares ♪
To when I get to see
your face ♪
You're here early.
That would imply I left.
Any movement?
[ Sighs ]
There's still no evidence
that puts Serj in that car.
And they checked every traffic
camera on the chase route?
Yeah. All the way
to the parking garage
where the Maserati
was abandoned.
And without
the murder weapon,
I have to put Serj in that car
during the shooting
or he's gonna get away
with killing a cop.
How you holding up?
I watched him die.
It's, um
It's tearing me up.
I've been where you are.
I'm gonna help you
get through it.
Thank you.
We're gonna
have to recanvass,
starting with
the original 911 call.
L.A. is the most self-obsessed
city on the planet.
Someone has a photo that
puts Serj behind the wheel.
Nolan: Just watch.
Every time there's a break
in the case,
Armstrong sends a text.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
[ Vibrating stops ]
Okay, right here.
Outside Ruben's house.
When he crosses
past Erin,
you can see him
slip her something.
That's a stretch.
You can't see their hands.
True, but after this,
inside the house,
Armstrong is checking his phone
during the raid
to see when Erin
has got the gun from my shop,
and I swear to God,
you can see the exact moment
he finds out she did.
Well, this is all
still circumstantial.
I mean, Armstrong could be
texting his mother
or his girlfriend.
I'm not saying
that I believe that,
but this is still not enough
to take to IA.
What if we can tell what
he was texting and to who?
Could we get a warrant?
Search his phone records?
If Armstrong
really is dirty,
do you believe
that he is dumb enough
to crime on his own
personal cellphone?
I can't get a warrant
for a burner
unless we know
the number.
So how do we
get that number?
Isolate the signal
Get him out
in the middle of nowhere,
where there's only
a few active phones,
and then we pull the records
from the nearest cell tower.
So how do we
get him out there?
I have an idea.
How did the shooting
inquiry go?
Smooth so far.
They said they might reach out
for some follow-up,
but given what's at stake,
they're keeping me active duty.
That's good news.
We need you out there
turning over rocks,
avenging Officer Rios.
Excuse me, sir.
I might have a way
to run down Serj.
You got my attention.
There's a former contact of mine
from way back in the day.
He runs in the same circles
as Serj and Ruben.
He might talk to me.
Well, run it down.
You don't need my permission.
I do if I want to go
plainclothes and unmarked.
I'll spook him if I show up
in blues and a shop.
Do it.
Good having you
back out there, Nick.
You, uh,
mind if I tag along?
Better than finding
my own clues.
The more, the merrier.
Uh, let me grab my keys.
I'll meet you
in the parking lot.
What I'm about to tell you
stays between us.
For the last nine months,
Vice has had
an active informant
inside Ruben Derian's
Cisco Fane.
He's helped generate
three search warrants
netting over $2 million
in narcotics.
He could give us Serj.
That's the hope.
But Cisco's
been radio silent
since he was sent a request
for a meet yesterday.
And you're worried
he's been compromised?
I'm worried he's been dumped
in a shallow grave.
You think Erin's the only
dirty cop on Derian's payroll?
I think you always
plan for the worst,
which is why we're
keeping this op quiet.
Any idea where Cisco could be?
If he's not dead.
Well, the Derians
have been muscling in
on the east side sex trade.
They've taken over SROs,
massage parlors,
and a karaoke bar
where Cisco works.
I-I still can't believe
karaoke bars
are covers for brothels.
Everywhere is a cover
for a brothel.
That's depressing.
[ Car door opens, closes ]
I should ride
with Armstrong.
We need eyes on him
at all times.
Alright, but be very careful
what you say.
If you are right
about him,
he's basically been
operating undercover
the police department.
His radar is gonna
be hypersensitive.
Got it.
And make him drive.
Behind the wheel, you're
at a tactical disadvantage.
If anything goes south,
you'll need both hands
to defend yourself.
So, who's your contact?
Just some overachieving dirtbag
I used to hang with.
He got a name?
Ah, okay.
I'm piggybacking on your play.
I get it.
You at least gonna tell me where
we're meeting Mr. Nameless?
Uh, Baldwin Hills.
Cool if I ride with you?
Sure thing.
You mind driving,
I didn't get much sleep
last night.
This is where
the high-speed chase began.
9:15 yesterday morning, a local
calls in shots fired to 911.
Based on
Erin's confession,
we know that she was
meeting Serj here
to pass along intel.
Things got heated, and they
started firing at each other.
Chris and his T.O. arrive
on the scene two minutes later,
in time to see the Maserati
haul ass out of here.
Eight minutes later,
Chris is fatally wounded.
You sure
you're up for this?
You could still take the day,
if you need it.
No way.
I want to see this guy in
handcuffs just as badly as you.
On the bright side,
it sure does
put my wedding drama
in perspective.
[ Chuckles ]
Does that mean you're letting
the two moms
plan the festivities?
Hell no. But I will
work a little harder
to listen
to their advice.
Uh, excuse me, sir?
Were you here
yesterday morning?
No, they chased me out.
Who chased you out?
The bride and groom.
What were they doing?
The bride and groom.
For what?
Wait, why would someone
take wedding pictures here?
Who cares why?
Were they taking pictures
of themselves?
No, they had
an angry camera lady.
She's the one
that chased me away.
That's something.
[ Rapping ]
like three, two, one ♪
I been a victim
of livin' my truth ♪
They tryna fabricate somethin'
for me to consume ♪
I go tell 'em to suck
on they silver li'l spoon ♪
I might've followed
the curriculum ♪
Do you know
who Harper's contact is?
To be honest, no.
She's always been very
protective of her sources.
Gotta keep sensitive information
Officer Cole
proved that.
How you coping
after the shooting?
Yeah, it's been rough.
I keep replaying it
over and over in my head,
wondering what
I could have done different.
She pointed her gun at you.
You had to take the shot.
Yeah, but you said you thought
you were getting through to her.
If I just hadn't
surprised her like that,
who knows
what would have happened?
She might have flipped.
Given us Serj and Ruben.
And anyone else
in the department
who might be dirty.
You think there's another rat
in the department?
God, I hope not.
It's Rachel's last night.
You doing
anything special?
take her to the airport.
You always said it would be
a cold day in Hell
before you drove anyone
to LAX.
Soare you really gonna
visit Rachel in New York?
I'm gonna rip the Band-Aid off
at dinner tonight.
Long distance
never works.
You don't know that.
Yeah. I do.
I'm really
gonna miss her.
Me too.
[ Sighs ]
So, what's the plan?
We're gonna go
practice our ABCs.
What if we find Cisco?
Thank you.
[ Sighs ]
Why does God hate me?
Good morning.
We're here conducting
an Alcohol Beverage Control
compliance check.
Kiss my ass.
We don't serve minors here.
I follow the laws,
even the dumb ones.
Convincing argument,
yet we're gonna need to put eyes
on everyone here.
[ Amplified ]
It's the Police Department.
I need everyone to step out
into the hall now.
Come on.
Let's go. Come out.
IDs out.
[ Pop music playing on stereo ]
Step outside.
Let's go.
Don't you shoot up
my club.
I just had it painted.
Get everyone back.
This is the police.
Need you to step out
into the hall now.
Aw. Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
What's going on?
What the hell'd
you say to me?
Get up against the wall.
Put your hand up.
LAPD's been
looking for you.
Look, after the shooting,
Ruben locked everything down,
made everyone
give up their phones.
Here's a new one.
I need you to find out
where Serj is and text me.
They'll cut me into pieces
if they catch me.
Tough, alright?
You do it, or I violate you
and send you to Lompoc.
You got that?
He's clean.
Watch your attitude
next time.
I told you,
we don't serve minors.
Yeah, you did.
But I noticed a half-dozen
other infractions.
I'd get those fixed
before Code Enforcement
shows up in the morning.
Have a nice day.
I checked every event space
within a mile of the warehouse.
None of them had weddings
Where'd this bride and groom
come from?
No idea. And without
a venue to question,
we're left calling up every
photographer in Los Angeles.
Well, social media
to the rescue.
That's a lot.
Try #WreckTheDress.
It's the new thing.
Destroy your dress
after the wedding.
Wait, don't dresses
cost a fortune?
Why in the hell
would people do that?
To spite
their mother-in-laws.
That's the Maserati.
We gotta get that photographer
in here.
Stay here.
I won't be long.
Excuse me.
With all due respect,
we should be
in there with you,
in case things
go sideways.
My guy is skittish.
If I need you,
I will signal.
She go rogue like this
all the time?
Not all the time.
Why are you so worried?
I'm not.
[ Door opens ]
I just want to do this
by the book.
The last thing we need
is another officer down.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
[ Door closes ]
That's Henry.
Do you mind
if I take this?
Yeah, yeah.
How's he doing?
Uh, definitely anxious.
He text anyone?
No, not yet.
Alright. I'll stay inside
another 10 minutes,
make him sweat.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
Hey, Grace.
You answered.
Yeah. Sorry.
A lot's been going on.
I know. I
I wasn't thinking.
I just, um
We need to talk.
[ Door opens ]
I gotta go.
Wha-- You -- You were
supposed to stay outside.
Where's your guy?
He went out back.
[ Door opens ]
Everything okay?
Thought I heard something.
Did your guy
give up Serj?
No. Man, he was --
he was just playing me.
He -- He just wanted
reward money.
That's aggravating.
[ Chuckles ]
But that's the job,
90% failure,
5% victory.
What's the other 5%?
You mind driving back
with Detective Harper?
I've intruded on your time
long enough.
You got it.
See you later.
[ Door closes ]
You think he knows?
I think we better pray
bringing him out here
was worth the risk.
Alright, I got the cell records
from the nearest tower.
Four cellphones were pinged
during the 15 minutes
we've been here.
Mine, yours,
Armstrong's official cell --
hmm -- and this.
His burner.
We got it.
Can you pull up
his call and text records?
Damn it.
That number was first activated
this morning.
He hasn't made a single call
or text.
He's using a fresh
burner phone today?
That is smart.
Cops make
the best criminals.
We got to be smarter.
We got to
trip him up somehow.
We got to
get into his head.
[ Buzzer ]
Told you you'd be back.
You told me
not to trust Armstrong.
Rosalind: Oh, John.
I get so few visitors.
Let's catch up first.
There's no time.
Maybe for you.
I've got nothing
but time.
So, are you
seeing anyone?
We're not
talking about that.
Which means that you are.
Okay, fine.
Yes, I'm seeing someone.
She's an amateur astronomer
and professional luge polisher.
We met at a Lizzo concert.
We're gonna raise ocelots
It's very exciting.
Now, let's get back
to Armstrong.
You're no fun at all.
Two cops are dead,
and the guy I thought was
my friend is responsible.
Now help me --
Kill him?
Catch him.
Less interesting.
And help will cost you.
Cost me what?
The truth.
About that girlfriend.
Forget it.
She's thinking about
going back to her husband.
She's been trying to
call me all day.
Well, call her back.
Right now.
[ Door buzzes in distance ]
[ Cellphone clicks ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Inhales deeply ]
You've been
trying to call me
to tell me you're getting
back together with Simon.
I'm sorry.
Do you love him?
But I have to do this
for Oliver.
I know you think you do,
but you're wrong.
John --
I've been going back and forth
in my head for days.
Do I give you your space
or do I tell you how I feel?
I know how much
you love your son.
I know you'd do anything
to make him happy.
But I've been
down this road.
I've stayed together for
the kid, and it's a mistake.
Please don't.
I mean, this is
so hard for me to do.
Grace, I love you.
That has to matter.
I have to go.
Grace --
I'm sorry.
[ Door buzzes in distance ]
[ Cellphone clicks ]
How are you feeling?
Don't push it, Rosalind.
Now tell me what you know
about Armstrong.
[ Inhales deeply ]
Before my arrest,
he broke into my house
without a warrant.
he told me about that.
Well, I broke into his.
And you found something.
[ Chuckles ]
A hidden compartment
in the laundry room wall
filled with all kinds
of goodies.
Like what?
Money. Guns. Evidence.
The sort of thing a crooked cop
keeps for insurance.
Sadly, nothing I could use
to keep me out of prison.
Unfortunately for you
they're not gonna take
the word of a serial killer
to give you a search warrant.
No, they're not.
I'm gonna have to do
what you did -- break in.
Hope that I can find
that will lead me to evidence
I can actually use.
I don't think your T.O.
is gonna approve of that.
You'd be surprised.
But this is
a one-man operation.
I owe Harper too much
to put her career in jeopardy.
So noble.
I give you 6-to-1 odds
against, though.
Odds of what?
Armstrong is much smarter
than you, John.
Twice as ruthless.
Hell, he caught me.
So, if this is
the last time I see you,
you will live on
in my fantasies.
Well, that makes one of us.
[ Sirens wail in distance ]
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Doorknob rattles ]
[ Handle clicks ]
[ Knock on wall ]
[ Knocking on walls ]
[ Hollow thud on wall ]
[ Inhales sharply ]
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Flashlight clicks ]
[ Light switch clicks ]
[ Armstrong mumbles ]
[ Faucet squeaks ]
[ Dog barks in distance ]
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
[ Cellphone clicks ]
I told you I'd keep you posted.
I'm taking care of it.
You don't have to know how.
[ Object clatters ]
I gotta go.
[ Door thuds ]
[ Light switch clicks ]
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Are you still at the prison?
I'm on my way back.
Rosalind give you
anything useful?
It was a dead end.
Uh, I think it's time to bring
Grey into the loop.
How far away are you?
[ Engine starts ]
20 minutes.
[ Cellphone rings ]
I'm at the front desk.
Where are you?
I amI'm sorry.
The day just got away from me.
I can be back in 20 minutes.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Uh, Tim. It's Cisco.
He got a location on Serj.
I heard.
Go get him.
I am so sorry.
It's okay.
I-I understand.
Guess I'll, uh, call you
when I land.
In New York.
Uh, please do that, okay?
And again, I'm -- I'm sorry.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
[ Siren wailing ]
Better this way.
[ Engine revving ]
[ Keyboard clacking ]
Wait, go back.
We got him.
Thank you.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Sir, we found photos
that put Serj
in the Maserati
during the pursuit.
Great job. Gear up.
We just got a location.
SWAT's mobilizing.
Harper, grab Nolan, get ready
for a tactical assault.
Wheels up in two minutes.
Sir, Nolan is
currently unavailable,
but if I could talk to you
in private for a second --
No time.
We got a cop killer
to catch.
[ Flames crackling ]
Dispatch: All available units
respond to the command post
at Wilshire and Devonshire.
Special operations has located
suspect Serj Derian
and is requesting marked units
for additional perimeter
and traffic control.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
Attach over the box and respond
to the command post.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
They know where you are.
You gotta get
out of there. Now.
You screwed me.
You're a dead man.
[ Rapping ] Gimme that ♪
Gimme that turtleneck shirt,
a Tin Pan Apple ♪
Get your hands in the air!
Drop the gun!
And more Braves
than the Turner Network ♪
Turn around!
Get down on your knees!
One down!
Two steps back!
On your knees!
Don't move.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-Police! Don't move!
-Drop the gun!
[ Gun clatters ]
[ Handcuffs click ]
You're under arrest for
the murder of Chris Rios.
Okay. Which terminal?
Uh, four.
[ Sirens chirp ]
[ Sighs ] Now what?
Tim: Passenger,
please exit the vehicle.
[ Zander Hawley's "Thumbs"
plays ]
I won't sleep tonight ♪
It's been this way
for weeks ♪
I -- I'm sorry
I missed dinner.
It's okay.
I probably would have spent
the entire time
thinking about the end.
You were a flash in the pan ♪
Is this the end?
I d-- I don't know.
I -- I spent the day
planning to say goodbye --
Yet, here you are.
And yet, here I am.
Look, Rach, I don't know
what happens next
but I think
we should find out.
Who in their right mind ♪
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
Armstrong: It's over, John.
What is?
All of it.
They caught Serj,
and I'm dead
if I don't make a deal.
Why did you do it?
Not like this.
I owe you the truth,
but face to face.
I'll be sitting
in my living room.
The back door's still open
from when you broke in.
I'll be there
in 10 minutes.
Right here, John.
Don't do anything stupid.
Little late for that.
Where's Harper?
She's not along
for this ride.
Get on your knees,
hands behind your head.
Sure, sure.
I got some things
I want to get off my chest.
Save it for IA.
Well, it's not for IA.
It's for you.
Look, I can't make this right.
I know that.
But I have to at least try
to make you understand.
You don't think
I understand?
You sold us out,
and you murdered Erin Cole.
She pointed a gun at me.
Look, I-I-I didn't
want that to happen.
I got caught up
in a rip current five years ago
that I can't get out of.
When Rebecca died,
I was a quarter million dollars
in the hole.
Insurance covered
a fraction
of what it cost
to take care of her.
I had debt collectors
calling me up
when I was out in the street
chasing criminals,
holding grieving victims
in my arms.
And that makes
everything you did okay?
Of course not, but --
You once told me not to let you
off the hook.
"Confessed" to me
that Rosalind Dyer's case
stopped you from being there for
your wife when she was dying.
Now I know that was a lie,
a lie you told yourself
because the truth
was too painful.
What's the truth?
You're a coward.
You weren't there
for Rebecca
because you were too weak
to watch her suffer,
so you blamed the job,
same way you blame your debts
for becoming a criminal
and a murderer.
It doesn't matter
that you fell down.
Everybody falls down.
What matters
is what comes next.
Do you make it right,
or do you just make it worse?
[ Inhales sharply ]
You know your problem,
You think you're better
than people.
No. Just you.
[ Glass thuds ]
Now get on the floor,
arms out.
Here's the thing.
I-I knew you were onto me
this morning --
that whole wild goose chase.
I spent the day
preparing for the worst.
Last time I ask.
Get on the damn ground.
You were friends with Erin.
Hell, I found video
of the two of you
conspiring outside a bar
the other night.
Turns out, Serj recruited you
the same time as Erin,
paid you serious money to
funnel police files to him.
No one's gonna believe that.
Yeah, they will.
'Cause I won't be
the only one saying it.
There's another cop
on the payroll.
John Nolan.
Which bring us
to this moment.
You broke into my house
to kill me
because I found out
you were dirty.
But I killed you
in self-defense.
[ Gunshots ]
Oh! [ Groans ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Groans ]
[ Handcuffs click ]
[ Groans ]
I wouldn't do that.
this is Officer Nolan.
You don't have time
for that, John.
You got to go,
or they're gonna find it.
Find what?
The evidence in your house.
[ Gasping, grunting ]
Hurry, John!
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Click ]
[ Vehicle passes in distance ]
[ Crunching ]
[ Lock clicks ]
[ Electricity crackles ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Drywall crumbles ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sirens wailing ]
[ Tires screech ]
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