The Rookie (2018) s03e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Rookie" - Hey, get back! - Hands! - No! Chris! - No sign of the suspect? HARPER: No, but we did recover his weapon.
Wait a minute.
There's supposed to be a gun.
Officer Erin Cole never switched her camera on during the raid.
- Armstrong.
- No! - Armstrong.
- She said his name before she saw him.
You did good, my friend.
Very good.
Do you realize what you are accusing him of? If I'm right, he's betraying everything we stand for.
- So we gather more evidence.
- It's not enough.
We got to trip him up somehow.
We got to get into his head.
Tell me what you know about Armstrong.
A hidden compartment in the laundry room wall ARMSTRONG: You broke into my house to kill me because I found out you were dirty.
- No one's gonna believe that.
- I won't be the only one saying it.
There's another cop on the payroll.
John Nolan.
- Aah! - Control, this is Officer Nolan.
You don't have time for that, John.
You got to go, or they're gonna find it.
The evidence in your house.
Sir, it's a set-up.
Nick Armstrong's on his way to the hospital.
Says you tried to kill him.
Says you're on the Derians' payroll.
It's a lie.
Nick's the one who's the dirty cop.
He murdered Erin Cole.
He's setting me up.
Okay, okay.
Let us inside so we can take a look around and you and I can talk.
Do you have a warrant? Nolan, you do not want to play things this way.
Actually, sir, this is exactly how you want me to play things.
Two cops are dead, and a third one is a murderer.
We're both gonna be under the microscope on this.
So we need to play this exactly by the book, which is why you need a warrant, and I need to call a lawyer.
Warrant's in process.
Sit tight.
Do not make this worse for yourself.
Hey, Nolan, what's up? Is Angela okay? Yeah.
I'm not calling about her.
Wesley, I-I, uh, I need you.
I-I need I need your help.
I have to hire you.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, tell me what's happening.
Nick Armstrong is framing me.
He murdered Erin Cole.
He planted evidence in my house, which is now surrounded by cops.
I told Grey he needs a warrant to come in.
You were right to demand a warrant.
My job is to keep them from getting it.
Judge Paloma is the oncall judge tonight.
He's 10 minutes from my house.
Is the evidence that Nick planted easily found? - Yeah.
He wasn't very subtle.
- [SIGHS.]
Look, this is what I need you to do [TRASH CAN CLATTERS.]
Wesley? Wesley, are you there? Wesley, are you there? Uh yeah.
Yeah, uh Listen what I need you to do is bag the evidence.
Hide it somewhere else.
Somewhere it won't easily be found.
I-I can't tamper with the evidence.
No, you won't be.
Legally, we'll argue that with knowledge of at least two dirty cops, you had no choice but to secure the evidence until you knew it was gonna be safe.
Well, that might fly in court, but I could lose my job.
Forget about your job, Nolan.
I'm trying to keep you out of prison.
You here for Nolan? Yeah.
He called me.
This is just a signature on a search warrant.
There's nothing for you to do here.
Go home.
Clearly, you've never seen me at a probable cause hearing.
- everything alright? - No.
Everything is a dumpster fire.
Two cops are dead, and I'm here to get a warrant, on a friend of mine.
Is there anything else bothering you? Oh, boy.
And I was having such a lovely dream.
Okay, let's make this quick.
Raise your right hand and repeat after me.
- Hey.
- Coming through.
You got to get Nolan.
Did you arrest him? Is he in custody? - Not yet.
- We shouldn't talk about this.
I know you're friends, but Nolan's a killer.
You can't trust him.
You hear me? - You hear me?! - Yes, sir.
I hear you.
- Jackson.
- Dad.
- How is he? - The bullet went straight through.
Doesn't seem like it hit anything vital, but he's definitely gonna need surgery.
What did he say to you? Same thing he said at the scene Nolan tried to kill him after admitting that there was damning evidence hidden at his house.
I-I'm sorry.
Like, I-I don't believe him.
I mean, Nolan's a great cop, the best of us, - but so is Armstrong.
- Stop.
Our job is to collect facts right now, not form opinions.
- Understood? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
It's been a horrible few days Chris' death, and now this.
It's easy to lose focus, but that's exactly why it's vital that we don't.
I need you to stay here and keep an eye on Armstrong once I'm gone.
Report back on everything he says.
Yes, sir.
I won't let you down.
- Commander - We don't have to talk now, but when we do, you have the right to have a union rep present.
I don't need a rep.
I need protection.
- From who? - Harper.
She's in on it, too.
They not appreciating ya - They don't see how you glow -[CELLPHONE RINGING.]
They keep on underrating ya Nolan, what the hell is going on? Harper, I've really stepped in it.
Armstrong lured me to his place, made me think it was to confess, but it was a set-up.
He planted evidence in my house.
Why the hell didn't you call me before you went Please tell me you at least taped the conversation.
Yeah, that would have been smart.
Well, that would explain why there are cops at my front door.
Armstrong needs to frame both of us in order for this to work.
He break into your house, too? No.
My security system would have nuked him.
I should really invest in one of those.
It's a little late for that.
I am really sorry, Nyla.
Yeah, and I am really looking forward to yelling at you when we are on the other side of this.
I think you mean "if.
" [SIGHS.]
Be smart, Nolan.
- It only gets bumpier from here.
You got somewhere to go - Let's go.
Try not to make a mess.
There is a gun safe in the hall closet.
Keys are here.
Lock up when you're done.
We going to the station? No.
Internal Affairs.
Stay fuego, stay fuego - Is this right? - I'm afraid so.
Your Honor, may I see the state's probable cause affidavit? - Care to cite? - 1538.
5 PC, In Theodor.
LOPEZ: Your Honor, I would object under evidence code 1040 through 1042, on the grounds that it may unnecessarily reveal information, sources, and investigative tactics.
Well, given that the subject of the search is a police officer familiar with investigative tactics, evidence code section 1040 should not apply.
- Respectfully.
- What exactly are the charges the state is considering against Officer Nolan? Well, for starters, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder of a peace officer, and conspiracy.
Clearly an act of self-defense.
Detective Armstrong lured Officer Nolan to his house, pulled a weapon, and fired.
Now, Officer Nolan returned fire in self-defense, and no physical evidence listed here asserts otherwise.
Sadly, Your Honor, an informant has corroborated Detective Armstrong's account.
In a sworn statement, he identified Officer Nolan as working with the Derian crime family.
Um, but their informant has not been certified "tested" or "reliable.
" And with personal jeopardy as a murder suspect in this very case, his account can hardly be considered credible without cross-examination.
The state makes the case corruption exists within the division.
Officer Nolan is connected to that, and there is imminent threat to the destruction of evidence without expedient action.
Aren't you two married? - Soon.
- Almost.
Good luck.
And good night.
You did great back there.
Thanks, you didn't make it easy.
Wesley tell Nolan I'm rooting for him.
Sergeant, Judge Paloma signed the warrant at 0319 hours.
Endorsed for night service.
You're green and go.
Please be careful.
Nolan, you're out of time.
- They're coming in.
Don't resist.
Don't say anything.
I'll meet you at the station.
Put your hands behind your back.
- Yes, sir.
Am I under arrest? Not yet.
We got to do everything by the book.
Let's go.
Please tell me that Armstrong has got cops all over him.
Yeah, I can't do that.
You know why.
Come on.
You cannot believe that Nolan is dirty.
- We don't.
- Chen.
I got it from here.
Head to Nolan's.
Assist in the search.
- Yes, sir.
- Sergeant.
Um Uh never mind.
- Sir - Save it for upstairs.
WESLEY: Nolan? Do you understand? Nolan.
What? Technically, you're not under arrest.
You're cooperating.
But once you're not free to leave beyond a brief detention, that constitutes an arrest and starts the clock.
will have 72 hours to present their case against you.
Yeah, I-I know I know that.
Of course.
But I also know that you're in shock, and I need you to focus.
If convicted, you're looking at 25 years, which is why you need to let me do all the talking.
One mistake, one ill-chosen word, and you are going to prison.
But we don't have to play it like that.
The truth is on my side.
And you think that means something? [SCOFFS.]
If you were any other defendant - [SIGHS.]
- What? - Never mind.
- No, I want to know.
If I was anyother defendant, what? You are a white man.
A cop.
You have already been treated with a level of deference my other clients would never get.
If you were Black or Brown, the police would've created exigent circumstances and kicked the door in Shot you If they thought you reacted aggressively, arrested you if you surrendered, confident that the D.
would bully you - into a plea deal.
- That's not fair.
I'm not that kind of cop.
Neither is Grey.
You telling me you've never bent the rules? Not like that.
Look, you have a chance to survive this because of who you are.
But only if you do exactly what I say.
Can you handle that? PERCY: It's been alleged that the Derian crime family recruited you during your tenure as an undercover operative.
In exchange for money and concealing your identity, you provided sensitive police intelligence which helped them avoid prosecution.
Now, is there any truth to this? - Any bit at all? - Absolutely not, sir.
That is Armstrong's truth.
He did those things, and he is using me and Nolan to cover his tracks.
Detective Armstrong has an unblemished record here in this Department, so I'm gonna need to see some pretty serious evidence to substantiate that.
Yes, sir.
We have body cam and dash cam video that shows Armstrong making a series of texts at critical moments during the hunt for Officer Rios' killer.
It was Armstrong who redirected Nolan into booking the murder weapon into evidence so that Erin Cole could steal the gun from Nolan's shop.
Look, you can see here Armstrong hands her a note.
Do you have that note? No, sir.
Then how can you know what was on it? I can't know for sure, but I Armstrong says that you and Nolan lured him to the oil fields under false pretenses planning to kill him because he was onto you.
HARPER: That's another lie.
We were trying to identify the burner phone number he was using in hopes of getting our hands on his call and text records.
- And did you get any? - No.
I mean, we did identify the phone number, but the phone had just been activated that morning.
Which is when we decided that Officer Nolan should go speak with Rosalind Dyer in prison.
What? Why? We figured she would have some sort of insight into his criminality.
She also tried to have Armstrong murdered a few months ago, which makes it believable that Nolan went to her to conspire with her.
That is not what happened.
Look, this is Nolan's body cam from when Armstrong shot Erin Cole.
You can clearly see that she says his name before she sees him.
Why didn't you come forward with Officer Nolan's suspicions prior to taking investigative action on your own? Why didn't you instruct your trainee to trust the system? I can see now that I made a mistake.
But at the time, I did not think that it was in the department's best interest to disparage a fellow officer without additional evidence That is not your damn job! What does the placard say on my desk? Commander.
Internal Affairs.
This office is the only investigative unit required by the California Constitution.
Do you know why? Because police officers are infused with the power of the state, the power to take a life in pursuit of justice, power that is all too easily abused.
And yet at every turn, cops like you look at us like the enemy the rat squad! How the hell do you expect me to root out problem cops when I'm sabotaged at every turn?! We are going to tear your life apart, Detective.
And if we find as much as a typo in the statement you're about to write, you won't be a cop anymore.
We should be tearing Armstrong's house apart, not Nolan's.
Relax, Boot.
We're doing both.
Look, we got a job to do.
We can't play favorites.
There is no way that Harper and Nolan are dirty.
Three days ago, you'd have said the same thing about Erin Cole.
Y Sure.
But I know Nolan a hell of a lot better than I knew Erin, and so do you.
He's got the strongest moral compass of us all.
Or maybe that's only who he is when it's easy.
Look, at the end of the day, we only think we know other people.
I learned that the hard way.
What time is it? Time for another Fresca.
- What's going on? - Not much, really.
"General Hospital's" on in a few.
With Nolan.
Oh, he's in custody.
Getting the full cavity search from I.
You know, I never trusted that guy.
Nobody's that nice.
They find anything at his house? W You're awake.
You were supposed to text me.
Well, he's filling me in.
That's not really his job.
As long as we're talking, can I ask you a question? Yeah, of course.
Look, you said that Nolan came to your house to kill you.
But first, he told you about a bunch of evidence hidden at his place? Why would he waste time doing that? Nolan's a talker.
- You know him.
- Yeah.
I do.
But he's not a boaster, and he's definitely not stupid.
You accusing me of something, Boot? No, sir.
Just trying to wrap my brain around this.
I get it.
I g I get it.
We all feel betrayed.
It's heartbreaking to find out that somebody you cared about isn't who you think they are.
I-I-I'm sorry.
I-I got to close my eyes.
That surgery took it out of me.
- I'm just - Sure thing.
- We'll be right outside.
- Yeah.
- Find anything? - Not yet.
Maybe there's nothing to find.
Yeah, or maybe Nolan was trained to know where cops would look.
Hell, he built this place up from the studs.
Probably designed a hidey-hole we'll never find.
Did we do all this? Grey said the wall was ripped apart before he came in.
Why would Nolan do that? - Don't know.
Don't care.
- No, think about it.
Armstrong insists that Nolan tried to kill him.
But then why did Nolan leave before the job was done? Why rush back here and tear the walls up? I'll tell you why it's because he's looking for the evidence, too.
WOMAN: Bradford.
TIM: You see, now, that's a proper hidey-hole.
For a civilian.
You just got done saying Nolan would build something we'd never find.
Maybe I overestimated the guy.
Mm, no.
Look, Nolan's a lot of things, but he's not sloppy.
He comes in here, desperate, rips open the walls, ends up in the bedroom, finds the opening behind the bed filled with whatever Armstrong hid in there And then what? And then [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING.]
You don't think that's random garbage, do you? No, that's Nolan being smart.
He knew we'd find the goods, so he chucked them down the hill.
Our warrant is for Nolan's property, not the neighbor's.
So, if we open that bag without a Steagald warrant, anything we find in there will be inadmissible.
So let's go get that warrant.
Go for it.
But it's a waste of time.
- What? - Look, that is not the evidence.
Nolan wouldn't jeopardize evidence by throwing it down a hill, where it could be damaged or destroyed.
If I'm right and he's innocent, then that means the real evidence is hidden somewhere in this house.
That bag is just a fake-out meant to buy him some time.
- Time for what? - To talk his way out of this.
WESLEY: Just remember, don't say a word.
I'll do all the talking.
WESLEY: We'll be making our own recording of this interview, as is our right.
Further, I'm exercising our right to identify everyone monitoring.
Very well.
I am Commander Percy West of the Internal Affairs Unit.
Behind me in Observation is Sergeant Wade Grey, and Assistant District Attorney Luca Bravant.
Thank you.
First of all Oh, no.
It doesn't work that way.
Officer Nolan, per government code 3300 and Lybarger, I am required to advise that you do not have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you.
Refusal to fully and completely answer all of my questions will result in your immediate termination and referral to the District Attorney for prosecution.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
PERCY: Having received the Lybarger warning, do you give up your right to remain silent, and will you honestly and without reservation answer all of my questions? Commander, my client has no intention of answering Yes.
I'll answer all of your questions.
Honestly, completely, and without reservation.
He won't.
Not another word.
I have to do this.
No matter the consequences.
If everything you just said is true, then why did you flee the scene? I object to that characterization.
Officer Nolan left Armstrong's house because he was in fear for his life.
- Is that true? - Not completely.
- John.
- I left Armstrong's After he told me he had hidden incriminating evidence at my house.
Honestly, I panicked.
Rosalind got into my head at the prison.
She gave me slim odds at survival against Armstrong because he was smarter than me, and more ruthless.
And she was right.
I never saw the frame coming.
Where's the evidence Armstrong planted? It's in the water heater.
- Told you so.
- [SIGHS.]
We got police files, a couple pistols, and a bunch of cash.
CSU will process it.
If there's as much as a single DNA strand from Armstrong on it, we'll know he's involved.
You up for another assignment? - Whatever you need.
- Drive up to Chowchilla and retrieve the security footage of Nolan's meeting with Rosalind Dyer yesterday.
- What? - Sir, I'm I'm not sure we're the right team for that assignment, given Chen's history with Rosalind Dyer.
What assignment? He wants us to get the surveillance tape from Nolan's meeting with Rosalind yesterday.
What the hell was he doing meeting with Rosalind? PERCY: It's your call, Bradford.
You're her T.
I trust your judgment.
Tim, it's not a problem.
Yeah, we can handle it.
Sir, good intentions aside, I know I made a mess of this.
You have to let me try and fix it.
You can't.
Even if everything you told me is true and Detective Armstrong is guilty as sin, your actions might very well have allowed him to muddy the waters enough to escape punishment.
NOLAN: Yes, sir.
I understand.
And that'll be my burden to bear.
But right now, we have bigger fish than Armstrong.
Ruben Derian has been laughing at this department for years.
Because of him, two cops are dead.
He has to pay for that, and I can make it happen.
- Let me wear a wire.
Look, it's not as crazy as it sounds.
- Yes.
- Yes, it is.
NOLAN: O-Okay, listen.
Just Ruben Derian is used to playing with loaded dice.
He's always a step ahead of us because Armstrong's been feeding him intel, but now, for the first time, he's flying blind.
He's gonna be desperate to know what's going on, whether the frame on me is working, whether Armstrong has flipped.
And why would he listen to you? I'm the only guy more desperate than he is.
Look, Armstrong is burned in this department no matter what.
But if Ruben can get Serj to admit to the frame, I'm redeemed.
I can stay on the job.
Ruben will see the value in that.
He'll have a new mole with another 20 years left on the job.
15 maybe.
We're done, Officer Nolan.
- He just saved your life.
The odds of Ruben buying your act are slim to none.
Well, he wouldn't have to buy it.
A meeting alone would constitute cons Conspiracy.
And if he shoots you on sight? Then the D.
could indict him for capital murder.
Sir Sergeant, I know I can't undo the mistakes I've made, but I can help make things right.
No matter what it costs me.
You are, without a doubt, the biggest pain in my ass I've suffered in 25 years on the job.
Is that a yes? Vice has a C.
in the Derian organization.
He works at one of their karaoke bars.
We can use him to spin Ruben, giving you a fighting chance to convince the Derians that you're desperate to make a deal.
I quit.
How's it going? Uh My client just staged a mutiny.
Now he's trying to get himself killed.
- Can we talk? - I can't.
I'm retracing Armstrong's movements for I.
A Wesley.
You know I peed on that, right? - Angela.
- I'm just saying, you might want to wash your hands.
Why didn't you tell me? Why do you think? I mean, you don't want to have a kid? [SIGHS.]
This isn't how it was supposed to go.
I wanted the storybook wedding and the honeymoon that we'd never forget.
I wanted the romance before the responsibility.
I wanted to be ready.
We can still have all of that.
No, we can't.
It won't be the same.
Not all of it.
But here's what will be the same You are gonna look beautiful in your dress.
And I will cry when I see you walking down the aisle, and you'll make fun of me for it for the rest of our lives.
No, I won't.
Yeah, I will.
This is our path, Angela.
And it is not the one that we thought we were on yesterday, but we are still on it together.
I promise when we look back at this moment, it will feel like the gift that it is.
You say that now, but once the hormones kick in, you're in for a rough ride.
Bring it on.
This is the part where you kiss me.
I would, but I'm feeling super pukey right now.
So - Rain check? - [SIGHS.]
What kind of a prison doesn't have audio on their surveillance cameras? Sound costs money.
Head back to the shop while I go get a statement from Rosalind.
What? No way.
It's for your own good.
You have a personal connection.
- So do you.
- It's not the same.
If I can't handle talking to Rosalind while she's in a cage, I shouldn't be a cop.
TIM: We have a few questions to ask you.
Shouldn't take long.
This is about John, isn't it? We know you talked to him about Armstrong yesterday.
Can you describe the content of that conversation? You know, I am so impressed with you.
The way you handled what was obviously a very traumatic experience it's inspiring.
That means a lot coming from you.
So defiant.
Alright, let's stick to Nolan.
Just like you were when the lid came down on that barrel.
You know, it must have driven Caleb crazy denying him the fear he so desperately wanted to see in you.
- How - Do I know that? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
You think the camera in the barrel was for Caleb? Don't listen to her, Chen.
She's just playing mind games.
Oh, I am totally playing mind games.
But I'm not lying.
Stars shining bright above you - Night breezes seem to whisper" - Night breezes seem to whisper" - "I love you" - "I love you" Birds singing in the sycamore tree Knock it off.
The fierce protector.
We're done here.
Let's go.
We'll have I.
follow up.
Armstrong's lasted this long because his contingency plans have contingencies.
Whatever you've already found, there's more.
What did she mean by that? Armstrong's prepared to run.
He's got a go-bag hidden somewhere.
Lopez, I got something for you to chase down.
GREY: So, we have to assume the Derians are watching the station, so you'll be on your own the second you leave.
I heard a whisper y'all were up to something.
- I want in.
- Forget it.
You are still under active investigation.
And before you say "So's Nolan," there's no operation without him, which is the only reason why he's involved.
Understood? Yes, sir.
Then take a walk.
We will monitor you through audio bugs and GPS You have to believe the lie or else you can't sell it.
Ruben needs to feel like you are desperate enough to betray everything you care about.
That shouldn't be too hard to sell.
Anything else? Be careful.
But not too careful.
Undercover is all about offense, even when you are playing defense.
- Are you done? - Yes.
No, no.
Don't be afraid to pull the rip cord, okay? Arresting Ruben Derian is not worth your life.
Now I'm done.
- Are you ready to do this? Yes, sir.
WOMAN: We have some breaking news in the recent scandal rocking the LAPD.
A source inside the department tells KZYO that Officer John Nolan, - a rookie in the Mid-Wilshire Division - Check, check.
has been suspended without pay, and it appears that criminal charges will be filed at any moment.
And now we're thrivin', ain't nobody denyin' This is my squad [CELLPHONE CLICKS, DIALS.]
- RUBEN: Who is this? - It's John Nolan.
- I'm hanging up.
- Wait.
If you don't help me, I'm a dead man.
I'll do anything.
Keep your phone on.
- We're in business.
8500 team, subject's in play.
Lopez, what's up? Just cementing Armstrong's timeline.
The good news is that his cellphone GPS puts him at Nolan's house for over an hour yesterday.
That's about how long it would take to cut a hole in the wall and plant evidence.
- Yes, sir.
- Good job.
- Where you at now? - Cemetery.
Armstrong spent 31 minutes here after he left Nolan's.
Probably saying goodbye to his wife just in case things went sideways.
That's what I thought, but then Tim called.
Word is that Armstrong has a go-bag - hidden somewhere.
- Wait a minute.
You don't think That he buried the bag on top of his wife's coffin? No.
But I'm gonna do some digging anyway.
Found it.
What the hell was that? Nothing.
It's been three hours.
How long before we give up? Patience is a virtue, Officer Nolan.
Yes, sir.
Here we go.
- This is Nolan.
Hudson Avenue and Twelfth Street, 10 minutes.
A second late and we're gone.
- We're green and go.
I repeat, we are green and go.
Then get it all You want it all? Fight for it NOLAN: I just landed.
20 seconds to spare.
No one in sight.
We're in place.
We're watching on the drone.
Get ready, Nolan.
Black SUV coming your way.
I see it.
- Going dark.
I'm out of pennies for that wishing well So I'm throwing bodies, and they wish me well Ride the wave - Strip.
What? Clothes off.
Shoes, too.
Let's go.
Caged animals in a cube, chasing that salary Into this business like a knick to your femoral, bam [SIGHS.]
They're stripping him of all the bugs.
Wanna cross my path, you gotta pay Pull on up to the Moved from your stomach up into your veins - Seriously? - You wanna roll in your underwear? MAN: Should we pull the plug, sir? Negative.
Hold position.
Others already on their journey Fight for it You want it all? For your head.
- No way.
- No hood, no go.
You want it all? Fight for it Don't suppose you washed this after the last guy.
Get in the car.
Then get it all SGT.
GREY: All units, hold position.
They'll be watching for movement.
Drone operator, do not lose him.
- MAN: Roger that.
I have a call for you at the nurse's station Sergeant Grey? Boss is calling.
Probably to sing my praises.
Hello? Hello, Nicholas.
How's the gunshot wound? I'll survive.
I'm not so sure about that.
You have made quite a mess.
You can't really believe that your slapdash frame job of Nolan is going to hold up.
- Still got a couple cards up my sleeve.
- Not anymore.
You see, I've been turning those cards over for you.
Who do you think told John about your little hidey-hole? And now I've told them about your go-bag.
You're out of moves, Nick.
Enjoy prison.
MAN: Heads up.
Losing visual.
They're going in a tunnel.
Moving to the other side to intercept.
Let's tighten up.
We need eyes on ASAP.
You sure he said Grey? - Positive.
- Smitty.
What are you I left that girl dyin' somewhere down on the way Stuck on that dead bus and then left in a desert way I haven't slept for my MAN: Target reacquired.
JACKSON:Sergeant, Armstrong slipped his detail at the hospital.
He's gone.
All units, we need to get Nolan out now.
After what I saw [TIRES SCREECHING.]
I'm just like guttermilk, yeah [SIRENS WAIL.]
Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Roll down your window! Get your window down.
Somewhere down guttermilk Nolan.
Nolan's out of the pocket.
They must have switched him out in the tunnel.
RUBEN: You wanted to talk? So talk.
But maybe first, explain to me the surveillance team that was following you.
That's your fault.
You didn't give me any time to lose a tail.
What kind of sloppy protocols is Armstrong teaching you? Why don't you ask him yourself? [GROANS.]
It was a nice play, Nolan.
It was a nice play.
And it might've worked, had I not called Ruben and told him you were way too much of a Boy Scout to ever sell your soul.
You wanna do the honors? It'd actually be my pleasure.
Last time you tried this, you missed.
I made it too complicated.
Having to pull the gun, flip the chair.
This is gonna be much simpler.
I'd ask for last words, but I'm sick of hearing your voice.
- Wait! - [GUN CLICKS.]
What the? [GROANS.]
Is he dead? Drop the gun! Now.
On the ground.
Right now.
Take out your phone.
Dial 911, put it on speaker.
Place it next to your gun.
WOMAN: 911.
What's your emergency? This is Officer John Nolan, badge number 25253.
I have multiple suspects in custody.
Requesting backup and ambulances, plural.
One victim, multiple gunshot wounds.
Status unknown.
Now, take off your clothes.
- Excuse me? - Not you.
Gunshot victim unconscious, not breathing.
I'll make this quick.
What does that stand for, Officer Nolan? Notice of Intent to Discipline.
- Why are you smiling? - 'Cause it means I still have a job.
GREY: Don't celebrate yet.
You're not gonna like what's coming.
Neither will you, Detective Harper.
Sir, can I say something, please? As a training officer, I have one job, and that is to teach Officer Nolan the right way to be a cop.
And I failed.
I should bear all the consequences.
- Nyla, no.
- Yes.
As touching as this is, Officer Nolan has received enough instruction to know right from wrong.
Clearly, I have given you both way too much leeway.
That's on me.
What is Noble Cause Corruption, Officer Nolan? When an officer justifies bending or breaking the rules if they believe that infraction is being done in the name of justice.
The ends justify the means.
The mind-set that bad behavior is okay as long as it produces justice is a cancer.
And it's long past time we treat it as such.
Big changes are being made moving forward.
Those changes are starting right here, right now.
You both will receive letters of reprimand in your file.
In addition, Officer Nolan, you will be held over the FTO program for an additional month, and you will have to pass a Review Board Test to advance.
- Yes, sir.
- To be clear, receiving a letter of reprimand as a rookie, is almost certain to keep you from advancing in the department.
So any hopes of joining a specialized unit or making detective should be abandoned.
Given those constraints, you will have to decide if the life of a patrol officer is good enough for you.
Alright, go home.
Get some rest.
- I am so sorry.
- John, I - It's not your fault.
It's kind of a lot my fault.
What are you gonna do? Exactly what Grey said.
I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna go to bed, and in the morning, I'm gonna get up and Try to earn back what I've lost.
You were wrong earlier.
About anything in particular, or just in a global sense? You said at the end of the day, we only think we know other people, but you're wrong.
- Okay, Lucy - No.
When I was in that barrel, I knew you would find me.
No matter what it took.
I found you because of your ring.
Okay? You saved yourself.
And I really hope what happened with Rosalind today doesn't screw with your head.
If it does, I'll deal with it.
And I know you'll help me.
Uh, it's not really part of my job description.
Hey, uh, I was wondering, um, well, Chris' funeral is tomorrow, and Look, is it okay if I go home with you and we can just go together in the morning? Of course.
We could talk about you joining I.
on the way home.
Dad, look I'm not saying you have to decide now, but if you really want to make a difference in this department, you should think about it.
I will.
- I promise.
- Good.
I'll ask you again next week.
I have no doubt.
I'm taking a long bath when we get home.
I'm going straight to bed.
No, you're not.
These dogs aren't gonna rub themselves.
Pregnant women are very needy.
- I don't think you're fully prepared.
- Uh-huh.
Lopez, I have some good news.
- Me, too.
- Can I go first? It's the only bright spot in my day.
What's up? It's been an honor having you under my watch.
- What? - You will be reporting to Detective Sergeant Caradine from now on.
Your promotion is official.
Congratulations, Detective.
This is the end Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
So what's your good news? - Uh, she's - Um, going to take a bath and get my feet rubbed.
Mine was definitely better, but okay.
Thank you, sir.
It wouldn't have happened without you.
Have a great night, you two.
Put the cash right in my hand Why didn't you want me to tell him? I've been trying to make detective for years.
If I show up pregnant on day one, that's all they'll ever see me as.
They'll treat me as fragile, and I'll never get a real shot.
Okay, so we keep it a secret for now.
For now.
On my way now, on my way [LOCK CLICKS, KEYS JINGLE.]
- Hello? Congratulations.
I underestimated you.
- Rosalind.
- You won.
I didn't win.
People died.
People I care about.
I know.
But there is a bright side.
At least for me.
Armstrong's criminality puts all of his cases in jeopardy.
Including mine.
Rosalind, you are never going to walk free.
We both know that.
Now, I'm hanging up, I'm calling the prison, and they're gonna come confiscate that phone you're on.
I know.
But it was worth it to hear your voice.
- I'll be dreaming abou - [CELLPHONE BEEPS, CLICKS.]

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