The Rookie (2018) s03e05 Episode Script


1 Previously, on 'The Rookie'.
You both will receive letters of reprimand, also Nolan, you'll have to pass - a review board test to advance.
- Yes, sir.
Any hopes of making detective, should be abandoned.
- What's going on? - Turns out I'm predisposed to fragile X syndrome.
- If my DNA - Stop.
I'll make an appointment to see your mom's doctor.
- Get your hands off my wife! - Everybody on the ground! We need a supervisor out here.
Code 3.
You questioned every move I made.
Don't let it happen again.
He's a disgrace to the badge.
He has to go.
- So how do I get him? - Chronicle every offense.
When we get enough, we go to I.
- Doug Stanton.
He was your T.
- What about him? Wondering if you liked the way he does business.
Preserve the evidence.
I'm gonna take our friend back to the shop.
Doug's about to beat the crap out of a suspect.
I told you to guard the drugs.
The last rookie did everything I told him to.
Guy's name was Owens.
You know him? I had to write a blue page up on the kid.
I can personally attest, to Officer West being a solid cop.
It'd be such a waste to have him wash out of the program.
I still can't believe Doug's rookie threw you under the bus.
Can we please not talk about it? Like, I just want to watch some trashy TV, - and shut my brain off.
- Mm-hmm.
Food porn house porn or true crime.
True crime, for sure.
That's weird.
It's Sergeant Grey.
- Sir.
- Can I come in? Sure.
Officer Chen, can you give us a minute? Yes.
Of course.
Hey, I'm just gonna fill her in as soon as you leave, so That's your call.
So, uh, what's going on? So, Officer Stanton came by my office at the end of shift tonight.
He issued you a blue page for disobeying an order and leaving evidence unattended.
He set me up.
Look, I only left that evidence because I thought he was gonna hurt our suspect.
Doesn't matter.
You're still his rookie, and you disobeyed his order.
As long as he's your T.
, he has the power to keep issuing you blue pages until you're bounced out of the program.
So I'm pulling the plug, assigning you - a new training officer.
- No.
Sir It's not your decision, son.
I'm not gonna see your career ended before it begins.
Not for the likes of Doug Stanton.
I don't want a career if it means making way for cops like Stanton.
Just give me one more chance.
I know this guy.
He He's a bully.
Like, if I act shook and beg for forgiveness, he'll believe it.
Please, sir.
We cannot give up on this now.
Do you understand if you're fired as a rookie, you're radioactive? No law-enforcement agency will touch you.
You will never become a police officer.
Are you really willing to risk that? Without hesitation.
Sorry for the wait.
Do you have the test results? Your husband's not joining us? Fiancé.
And no.
He thinks I'm taking the test next week.
I don't understand.
I love him, but he sprung this on me, and I don't know what I'll do if it's real.
Well, it's not.
Your amnio came back negative for fragile X, as well as all other major genetic disorders.
So my baby's okay? Yes.
Thank you.
Thank God.
He gave Jackson a blue page? - It's not your fault.
- Of course it is.
I'm the one that reached out to Doug's old rookie to get dirt on him.
What's a blue page? Who's Doug? - It's a failed evaluation.
- None of your business.
Any way I could get some breakfast? We arrested you for stealing bagels.
Yeah, but I didn't get to eat any.
Can you take her to processing? Oh.
Uh, de-escalate.
We do not want to make things worse for Jackson.
Hey, Stanton, you ever want to brush up on any arrest-control techniques, I'm available.
- Any time.
- Yeah? How about now? - Let's go.
- We are on duty, so come on.
That's sweet.
Your hot little boot's trying to rescue you.
You're the one that's gonna need rescuing.
- Are you threatening me? - Oh, I'm just saying.
I have a great hair-pull takedown that I have been dying to try.
All right.
Come on, Boot.
We got a suspect to book.
What a joke.
What happened to "De-escalate, we don't want to make things harder for Jackson"? I don't know.
That was super weird.
I feel like I had a testosterone contact high.
All right.
Keep in close contact with Jackson today.
If they call for backup of any kind, we're there.
- Hey.
- Hey! Looking good.
Oh, I hate dressing for court.
It reminds me of custody hearings for Lila.
You are studying down to the wire, I see.
My entire career depends on how I do on this disciplinary exam.
So if my locker is cleaned out by the time you get back, it's been nice knowing you.
The only way that you fail at this is if you let fear take over.
Anxiety, it it lives in your muscles.
So the only way to get rid of it is to shake it out.
- You mean literally shake? - Mm-hmm.
It's what I do.
Come on.
Try it.
Oh, come on.
That's lame.
You want to ace this exam, you got to shake it out! Oh.
So, you know what, Detective Harper? See, sometimes this angelic countenance betrays how devilish you truly are.
Oh, that was good.
Okay, I got to go, but listen.
You are gonna kick ass at this exam, I have no doubt.
Officer West.
Figured you would've pulled the rip cord, asked for a new T.
No, sir.
That's, uh - That's not what I want.
- Really? 'Cause your friends are sure looking for a fight.
Well, I'm not.
Sir, I've wanted to be a cop since I was a toddler, and I can't afford to stumble now.
So from here on out, I've got your six no matter what, sir.
Final question.
Duty Manual Volume One, Section 210, Point 46, Paragraph 2 states? An employee's obligation to report and prevent misconduct begins the moment that employee becomes a member of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Congratulations, Officer Nolan.
You passed.
Really? Which one did I miss? That's You know what? Never mind.
That's Uh, sorry.
Thank you.
This is a relief to have this behind me.
It's in your records forever.
Yes, but certainly this mark has to help my case.
In becoming a detective.
Your letter of reprimand has been CC'd to every lieutenant and captain in the department.
Trust me.
They have long memories.
So for you to even be considered for detective, every one of them would have to retire, and most of those guys are younger than you.
Well, I've beaten the odds before.
Nolan, um You're a good cop with a, a long ish career ahead of you.
But detective is no longer in your path.
You need to make peace with that.
Yes, sir.
Oh, one more thing.
Since Harper's in court this afternoon, you'll be working the front desk.
Yes, sir.
I'm here to check some evidence out for court.
And I need to log some in.
Forms? You're new, right? Riley started a week ago.
We bonded while I logged in about a million stolen credit cards.
You remember that, Ri? You're so bad, she'll get fired if command catches her fraternizing with cops.
Yeah, I know, but deep down, I can tell she likes me.
Isn't that right, Ri? You're right.
It's palpable.
Sign here.
How long till these lab results come back? Not my job.
My body is creating life faster than our lab processes evidence.
So, what's the plan for today? Premise check some seedy SROs? Maybe hit up warrant units, see if they need any violent felons picked up? First we need to talk.
Off the record.
You mind? It's, uh It's turned off.
We both know that once you turn it back on, the recording automatically goes back two minutes.
I want this to stay between us.
Look, I had no choice with the blue page.
- You boxed me in.
- Look, I know.
I-I messed up.
I-I should've come to you.
- I would've listened.
- I'm sorry.
You know, I've seen it before.
You think I'm too hard-core because you're a millennial full of kid-glove ideals, and everyone deserves a trophy.
But the streets don't work like that.
All right? And you're too good a cop to end up a security guard.
That's why I am begging you for a second shot.
Look, I will be the best rookie/partner that you've ever had.
To a fresh start.
Fresh start.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Excuse me.
Uh, can you help me? Someone stole my bike.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Let's get you started.
Fill out one of these, - and bring it right back to me.
- Thanks.
You're being released on an 849, which means we're not charging you.
Does this mean I get the bagels back? No.
The bagels were disposed of.
Do you know how bad that is for the environment? I'm a freegan.
That goes against my whole ethos.
Real freegans forage for food in the Dumpster.
They don't steal from bakeries.
Dumpsters are gross.
Look, could you at least call me a cab? I don't believe in money.
It's against our ethos.
How was your exam? Uh, passed.
Well don't sound so excited.
It's just, um Grey confirmed I'd never make detective.
You mean you still thought you had a shot? In my heart, I just I hoped.
Hey! Some chick's trying to steal a car in your parking lot! Yes.
- You're under arrest again.
- Freegan rights.
Step over here.
Hands behind your back.
Stay there.
At least your mug shot and your prints are still good.
Excuse me! Officer? I'll take care of this.
Employee parking only.
You want public parking, it's back Don't speak.
Do exactly as I say.
Right hand up.
Left hand takes out your radio.
Put it on the seat.
Eyes on me.
Let's go.
Now both hands unhook your belt.
Put it on the ground.
Your backup piece next.
Come on.
I know you got one.
Climb in and shut the door.
Into the back.
And don't even think about trying to charge me, Officer Nolan.
Let's go.
- Is that a - Big-ass bomb? Oh, yeah.
I set that baby off, everybody in a two-block radius is dead.
You see those handcuffs on the side wall? Put them on.
Let's go.
Tighter than that, man.
You know what this is? - That's a dead man's switch.
- That's right.
Anything doesn't go my way, I release this, we go boom.
You try and be a hero, I release this, and we go boom.
Nolan, you so much as look at me funny, - I release this - And we go boom.
I get it.
You're not gonna get any trouble from me.
I want to make it through this, and I hope you do, too.
I'm imagining you have some pretty powerful motivations for doing this? Shut up, man.
You and I are not gonna be friends.
Get your supervisor on a private channel.
- So, Nolan aced the test.
- I knew he would.
Sergeant Grey, this is Officer Nolan.
Go to channel 9.
Why is your rookie radioing me from the front desk? Nolan, this better be important.
It sure is, buddy.
- Who's this? - The guy in your parking lot with an ammonium nitrate fertilizer bomb, powerful enough to turn your station and the surrounding neighborhood into a crater.
If you think I'm lying, you can ask Officer Nolan here.
I'm afraid I can confirm that, sir.
Now, I know your first instinct, is going to be to evacuate the building, but that is not gonna happen.
I have cameras on every exit.
Do you understand me? If anyone leaves, everyone dies.
I can confirm the cameras, sir.
- Secure all exits now.
- Then your next instinct will be to try and neutralize me.
But tell him why that would be a mistake, Officer Nolan.
Our bomber has a dead man's switch, sir.
You have my attention.
Tell me what I can do for you.
Rectify an extreme miscarriage of justice.
I demand the immediate release of Donald Feltt, from the Primedale Department of Corrections.
Hold on.
So, are we talking about Donald Feltt who's serving a life sentence, for murder - and drug trafficking? - That's him.
And there's not gonna be a backdoor parole for my boy.
Feltt walks out of there today.
Backdoor parole? Jailhouse slang for when you die in prison.
Our bomber's done time.
Most likely with Feltt.
All right.
That's a big ask.
It'll take time.
Well, then get started.
We need someone on the outside to go to Primedale.
I'll call Lopez.
She left already.
So, all units, be advised, we are going into tactical alert at Mid-Wilshire Station.
All civilians and non-essential personnel report to Level D of the underground garage.
Level D? That's where the station sheltered in place during the missile alert.
What the hell is going on? Uh, listen up.
I need everyone to get up and come with me.
- Why? What's going on? - I'm sorry, ma'am.
Someone will explain everything shortly.
Right now I need you to follow me.
Letting me go again? This station's awesome! We're going down to the bottom of the parking garage.
- Safety drill.
- Yeah.
I don't want to do that.
Listen up.
We are in lockdown.
Head to the underground garage, bottom level.
This is not a drill.
We can't.
Evidence-room employees aren't allowed to interact with police personnel.
Well, then, stand in a corner and don't talk to anyone, but you can't stay here.
You okay? I'm fine.
You're really putting a lot on the line for this Feltt guy.
He must be pretty important to you.
Why do you say he was wrongly accused? I told you.
You and I are not gonna be friends.
I'm just trying to make the best of this.
Well, stop.
That a chemo port on your chest there? My aunt had one.
Colon cancer.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Means I got nothing left to lose.
So, what, you're dying, and you want your last act to be murdering hundreds of innocent people? Well, they only die if your sergeant doesn't hold up his end of the deal.
See, it's a matter of perspective.
Then help me see your side.
I told you.
You and I are not gonna be friends, so shut the hell up.
I'm sorry.
I cannot be in here.
I get claustrophobic! I understand, but this is the safest place for you to be.
Yeah, until the bomb goes off and the whole structure collapses on us.
Okay, that is not gonna happen.
This place was designed to be a bomb and earthquake shelter.
Okay? Just take a breath.
Of this stale-ass air? Do you have any idea the long-term health effects of breathing carbon monoxide? No, but I bet it's a hell of a lot better than getting blown up.
- And where are you going? - Back to work.
While we're stuck in the station, Jackson is out there with Doug with no backup.
- Did something happen? - Well, not yet.
I mean, Jackson feels like he sold his apology to Doug, - but I don't trust it.
- I don't, either.
Tell Jackson to keep his head down today since we can't be there for him.
We're gonna stay right here.
Big Mike.
What do you got? Hostage barricade with a mobile WMD.
- Who's the hostage? - The trouble magnet.
That old rookie.
- Nolan? - That's the one.
This is my boot, Jackson West.
He's interested in SWAT.
Well, if there's still a Mid-Wilshire tomorrow, hit me up.
Any friend of Dougie's.
Snipers, spotters.
You got your assignments.
- Let's move out.
- Let's go.
What should we do? - Support SWAT? - Negative.
We're the only patrol unit left outside the building.
Now every thug, lowlife, and banger in the city's gonna know we're vulnerable right now.
We got to get back out there, show them you can't mess with the LAPD.
Hey! Hey.
Hey! Wake up! Hey! Hey! Geez.
Wake up! Wake up! Hey! Don't let go! Wake up! Wake up! Come on! Don't let go! Wake up! Get up! What happened? What happened? Keep a grip on it.
Tighten your grip.
Tighten your grip! - Tighten it! - I got it.
I got it! I got it! - Yeah.
You passed out.
- I've got it! You passed out! You almost killed everyone.
My blood pressure must've bottomed out.
It happens sometimes.
Well, given that fun fact, how about we disconnect the dead man's switch? It's not happening.
I'm fine.
Sergeant? You seeing this? Van, rear window.
Got it.
Is that Morse code.
I'll look up a dictionary.
Hold on.
Hold on.
- S-C-R is that "scar"? - Left eye.
Suspect has a scar on his left eye.
- Good man, Nolan.
- Okay.
So if we assume our bomber did time at Primedale with Feltt, we know that he's a white male with a scar on his left eye Graham Porter.
Uh, he did three years at Primedale, and before that a string of misdemeanors.
But nothing that screams out "mad bomber.
" How does a guy like this hook up with a lifer like Feltt? Let's hope Lopez can find out.
Donald Feltt came to us nine years ago for a murder that would have made Dahmer blush.
Any friends? Known associates? Inmates like Feltt don't have friends.
What about Graham Porter? A former inmate of yours.
Doesn't ring a bell.
- Huh.
- What? Well, he was in our level one minimum-security unit.
Those inmates never cross paths with guys in the SHU.
Then why is Graham risking his life to save Feltt? Unless Unless what? This isn't about Feltt at all.
I need to know what happened to Graham after he left prison.
You have been glued to your phone.
Who you texting? None of your business.
Someone you care about? Someone you're saying goodbye to? You know, everyone in that station has someone they care about, someone who loves them, someone who's worried, they won't ever see them alive again.
Well, we all got to die someday, don't we, Officer? Today's as good a day as any other.
Time for a shot across the bow.
Control, 7-Adam-07.
Show us on West Adams and 14th.
- Code 6.
- What are we doing here? Sending a message.
We want them to let all their little homies know that even though we're wounded, we're not down.
But they don't look like much to me.
Well, looks can be deceiving.
Especially on a day like this, we can't show any signs of weakness.
Got to hit the bully before they hit you.
Hey! Fingers on the fender, boys.
Why? We're not doing anything wrong.
Can't work on cars in the street, ese.
- Fingers on the hood.
- We're not doing repairs, ese.
I'm just showing them the engine.
Hands on the hood now.
Screw that.
You got no cause.
What are you, some kind of lawyer? Pre-law at SMC, actually.
Are you threatening me? You know what happens when you threaten a badge? Doug.
Officer West, I thought you had my six.
- I do.
- Then watch those two while I deal with Mr.
Lawyer here.
Hey, hey, hey.
Stop, stop.
Look, you three, back in your car, have a nice day.
Sorry for the trouble.
You're done, Boot What you just did is a fireable offense.
I'm going straight to the city manager.
I don't care if your daddy works for I.
He's not gonna be able to save you now.
You know what, dumbass? My daddy, he doesn't work for I.
He runs it.
So if you're coming for my job, he'll come for yours.
You know, I-I'm done tiptoeing around your racist ass.
You're a dead man walking.
Status check.
Are you Code 4 on your stop? Yeah.
All good.
How long did Graham Porter live in your halfway house? Almost three months.
Is he in trouble? - You could say that.
- Doesn't surprise me.
Graham's the unluckiest man alive.
Gets out of prison determined to get his life on track.
Finds a job, falls in love, then he gets hit with Stage 4 cancer.
That's rough.
He has no money for doctors, no insurance.
He started one of those YouFundMe things, but it barely covered his first round of chemo.
Last I heard, he was in danger of ending up on the street.
So, Graham Porter is in desperate need of money.
So why not demand a ransom? Why give us the head fake on Feltt? Well, maybe it's not a head fake.
Maybe Feltt's paying Graham to bust him out of prison.
No, Feltt's a murderer, not a narco with unlimited cash flow if this Feltt gambit is smoke, we're chasing our tails trying to free him.
Meanwhile, an accomplice robs a bank or something.
Hollywood division did evacuate the area around the station.
It's standard procedure, and Graham would know that.
Bradford, Chen, make a list of every high-value target around here Cash businesses, high-end shopping There's a check-cashing place two blocks south of here.
Contact Stanton and West.
Have them check it out.
I'm gonna call the chief, see if we can get some extra units around here to help out.
Look, I know we both got heated back there, said things we didn't mean I meant what I said.
Listen, I got a wife, two kids.
Everybody you jacked up for no reason has a family It didn't stop you.
The storefront looks empty, but I'll check the doors.
Jackson says everything is Code 4 at the check-cashing place, there's no sign of trouble.
Not at any of the other high-value targets, either.
Maybe we're going down the wrong path.
Maybe this is not about money at all.
What the hell is it about? Uh, we did some digging into Graham.
His YouFundMe was set up by his girlfriend, Kelsey Adams.
- Have Lopez run her down.
- We did, but there's no one home at her apartment.
- But there's something weird.
- This whole thing is weird.
Kelsey is using an assumed identity.
We ran her through the system.
Social Security number's a fake.
We can't find a driver's license for her.
- So we don't have a picture.
- No, sir.
But according to Lopez, Kelsey and Graham have been inseparable since they first met.
So it's likely she's involved in this somehow.
Yeah, but how if it's not about money or Feltt? What if this is all a distraction meant to pull our focus outside the station, when we should be focused inside? What kind of woman would be crazy enough to be in a building with her boyfriend parked outside in a truck full of explosives? The kind that would get herself arrested twice in one hour.
Freegan Frida.
Hey, what's going on? We're just trapped in here.
Is it over yet? - Uh, not yet.
- Chen.
Dude, please tell me you brought snacks.
I'm starving.
- It's over, Kelsey.
- Who's Kelsey? You got yourself arrested this morning, but we let you go too quickly.
That's why you had to break that window to get yourself back in.
So you'd be in the station when Graham made his demands.
Only we put you down here, and you can't get back in the station without a key card.
The only question left is why? What's so important in the station? Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about.
But I'm super intrigued.
Kelsey Adams! Stop her! Hey! Excuse me.
Excuse me! She must've broken it.
Come on, who have you been texting? I mean, clearly, it's your accomplice, but has to be someone important to you, for you to risk your life like this.
Can't be a friend.
This scheme is too dangerous.
Slim chance of escape.
Maybe family? A brother perhaps? Sister? How about a girlfriend? I don't know what you're talking about, all right? Girlfriend it is.
I understand the hesitation you don't want her ID'd.
That's a good thing, actually.
It means you think you'll get away with this.
No, I don't.
But you think she will.
Sergeant, this is Harper Evidence room door has been breached, I'm starting a search.
Don't move.
Please, I have to find it! Find what?! He thinks I'm dead.
If they run my prints Are you trying to destroy evidence from a crime you committed? No! If he finds me, he will kill me.
Who? My husband.
He's a loan shark in El Paso.
He beat me up on the regular.
So I ran away three years ago.
I paid for a new identity Birth certificate, the works just so he would never find me.
But last week, there was a robbery, in the restaurant where I work.
The cops took a bunch of stuff into evidence, - things that I had touched.
- And when they pull the prints, they will get a hit on the real you.
And he'll find me, and he will kill me.
Why go through all this? Why not just call the cops? He's got cops on his payroll.
They reported me missing.
The minute my prints show up in the system, they'll know, and they'll tell him where to find me.
Please do not let him find me.
All right.
I will try and help you.
But right now, you have got to do the right thing, and you have to tell Graham to stand down.
Graham Porter.
You there? - How do you know my name? - I know everything.
I know this whole thing's about trying to protect Kelsey.
She's here in custody.
Release her.
Do it now.
I can't do that, but I'll make you a deal.
No! You set her free right now, or I blow this bomb and we all die.
Graham, she told us the truth.
The bomb is a fake.
It's over.
You're under arrest.
No, I'm not.
Guys, get locked in, we're going in five.
Tell your SWAT to back off, or I shoot your officer.
Do it now! Okay, okay, just hold on.
Graham, this has to stop.
You can barely stand.
I can still pull a trigger.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You think I care about going back to prison? At least there my chemo would be paid for, instead of being left to rot from the inside out.
That may be true, but you wouldn't just be condemning yourself to prison.
You'd be condemning Kelsey, too.
If you kill me, she becomes an accomplice to murder.
That's a life sentence.
For you, that might not be very long.
But for Kelsey I just wanted to do something good before I died That's it.
She deserves to be happy.
I know.
So, help her.
You Promise to talk to the DA, pull some strings, something.
Graham, if I promised you that, I'd be lying.
I don't have any power.
I'm just a rookie.
No one's gonna listen to me.
Her fate's in your hands now.
I I c Sergeant Grey, this is Officer Nolan.
One in custody.
We're Code 4.
Units information only.
The hostage barricade at Mid-Wilshire is Code 4.
Processing is open.
No injuries.
Complete Code 4.
You know, back in the day, when something good like this would happen, we used to do mic clicks.
Three of 'em.
Go ahead.
Hey, attaboy! It'd be nice to be applauded for something other than almost dying.
- How are you feeling? - Uh, a little wobbly, sir, but ready to hit the streets.
I appreciate your eagerness, but you are end-of-shift.
As for everyone else, back to work, people.
We're Code 4.
Pending calls are piled up.
Oh, and, Nolan Good assist on the Morse code.
Eight years of Boy Scouts finally paid off.
Morse code joke.
It's "V" for "victory.
" It's It's So, I just got a text from Jackson.
It looks like things came to a head with Doug.
He pulled the dad card and got him to back off.
Damn it.
We got to get out there.
Guys like Doug don't like being backed into a corner.
Come on.
Could they have been more obvious? But I don't want you and the PC police to accuse me of profiling.
No, they were suspicious as hell.
Missing plate means the vehicle is likely stolen.
Let's take a look.
Dispatch, 7-Adam-07.
Show us Code 6 at the Manor Apartments, premise check.
Manor Apartments.
That's 6H.
- Why aren't they calling for backup? - They think they have it covered? No, you don't step foot in that place without hats and bats.
We're 10-97 on the 11-54 at the Manor Apartments.
Five-oh! They know we're here.
It's the five-oh! Clear.
- We should call for more units.
- Not yet.
Come in too strong, the whole place will turn on us.
Look, you go that way.
- I got this way.
- Okay.
Boot, you see anything, call me.
Control, 7-Adam-07, A to B.
I'm out with three.
- Copy.
Right behind you.
- Y'all live here? All right, do me a favor, gentlemen, keep your hands where I can see them.
Hey, stop where you are Look, you guys do not want to do this.
Look, stop where you are! Hey! Aah! Take this! That's their shop.
Where do you think they are? Someplace they shouldn't be.
7-Adam-07, what's your 20? Control, 7-Adam-19.
Requesting additional units, Manor Apartments, Code 3.
I lost Jackson.
We got separated.
He's still breathing.
He's still breathing.
7-Adam-19, we need an ambulance to our location.
Officer down, 24-year-old male, full body trauma.
Hey, partner, what happened? What happened, partner? Who did this to you? - What? - Camera.
I've seen enough.
On me.
See what happened? - Oh, we got separated.
- Okay.
- Officer Doug Stanton - Got it.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I want to see this.
I am hereby placing you under administrative leave, effective immediately Gun and badge.
- Back off.
- Give me a reason.
You will not leave town.
You will not act as a police officer in any capacity, including court.
You will make yourself available to the Chief of Police within 30 minutes notice.
Pending review, you will be brought up before a board of rights.
This isn't over.
But you are.
You heading over to see Jackson? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
You okay? Yeah.
Don't lie to your T.
I know what you went through today was scary.
If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask.
I won't, I promise, but today, actually gave me a lot of perspective.
- Well, almost dying will do that.
- Right? I've actually been so wrapped up in getting ahead, promotions, making detective, I think I lost sight as to why I became a cop in the first place.
To help people.
Well, you definitely did that today.
Thank you, but maybe I can help more from in here.
Guys like Doug Stanton should not be training our next generation of cops, so maybe I should stop thinking about catching bad guys and start focusing on training good ones, the way you do.
Well, you know, if you had your college degree, technically, you would be able to be T.
in two years.
Without one, you'd have to wait four.
Looks like I'm going back to school.
Hey, Sarge.
You, uh, just missed my parents.
Uh, yeah, yeah, I just saw them in the hallway.
They said you're gonna be okay.
Yeah cracked rib, couple loose teeth.
CT was clean.
Who knew that getting my ass kicked would get this thing done? You could've died.
Yeah, well, it was worth it, to get the needle moving in the right direction.
You shouldn't have to risk your life to get a bad cop fired.
Hey, don't do that.
Look, if you cry, then I'm gonna cry, and And I'll straight up pop a stitch.
Ain't nobody crying.
And you better not tell Officer Chen that I got all misty-eyed, either.
I'll, uh, keep that between you and me, sir.
I appreciate that, but here's something you can tell everyone The honor and bravery you've shown Is an example to all of us.
And I'm so damn proud of you.
Thank you so much, sir.
No, thank you, son For reminding me what this job should be.
Look, you, uh You get some rest, okay? Um We still got a lot of work ahead of us.
Hey, I, uh Get to take tomorrow off, though, right? Yeah, if you're trying to be a slacker.
Ow Uh, you just Just get some rest.

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