The Rookie (2018) s03e06 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Rookie" - I'm gonna give you my car.
- What's the catch? You have to keep checking in with me until you're off the street, or no deal.
- Thanks.
- Hey! I am hereby placing you under administrative leave.
Gun and badge.
Guys like Doug Stanton should not be training our next generation.
If you had your college degree, you would be able to be T.
in two years.
Looks like I'm going back to school.
Thanks for letting me do my laundry here.
I swear my cousin's dryer is possessed.
Any time.
Plus, it means I get to make sure you have a vegetable this month.
I told you, all the cool kids are getting scurvy.
- Mm-hmm.
- Listen I have to write a paper for school about gender roles in the workplace, and I'm supposed to interview someone who's working a job that was traditionally considered male.
And you want to interview - Me? - If you're not busy.
I would be honored.
If you're gonna make this weird, I'll just ask someone else.
No! I'm in.
We can We can do it after dinner tonight.
I still have to get the questions together.
Well, how about tomorrow night? I could pick you up after my shift? I should be done on time for once.
My sergeant has us doing site security for the CCOA convention.
It's the California Covert Operators Association.
- Undercover cops have a convention? - [DOOR OPENS.]
At a hotel, if you can believe it.
And it's advertised on their website, so Well, sounds like the opposite of covert.
Yeah, that's what I said.
But I guess it's a space for them to share trade secrets.
And party on the city's dime.
While we make sure no bad guys get close enough to ID an undercover cop.
Well, sadly, I'll be missing the fun because I'll be working the Community Policing Center with Smitty tomorrow.
Only 10 more days - until no more T.
- Hey.
I thought you were starting college classes tonight.
NOLAN: I'm actually just about to head into my Ethics and Criminal Law class.
But I'm having second thoughts about identifying myself as a police officer.
I mean, I should, right? - Yeah.
- No.
- No.
- That's not helpful.
Why shouldn't you? Because it'll isolate him right away.
You think I introduce myself as homeless at school? Unless you want the class to be about you, I'd keep your head down and blend in.
- FIONA: Good evening.
I'm Professor Ryan, and this is Ethics and Criminal Justice.
Now, tell me, what do those words make you think? - That the two don't go together.
- Why? Because the criminal justice system is inherently biased, designed to punish poor people and people of color.
Okay, so if that's a problem, what is a solution? Defund the police, for starters.
Anyone disagree? Uh, well, I don't think it's quite that simple just defunding the police.
Defunding doesn't mean get rid of cops.
It means stop prioritizing them over people they're supposed to serve.
Yeah, no, I appreciate that, and I agree.
I think a lot more money needs to be invested in communities, but, it will take time for those investments to effect any real change.
If we drastically cut policing before that happens, it would leave people unprotected.
It can't be worse than it is now.
Sure, it can.
Don't you agree? Oh, I'm not here to agree or to pick sides.
Ethics are often at odds with the law.
What's right and what is legal are very often all too different.
And that tension is what we are here to explore.
And it is going to get uncomfortable, so y'all better strap in.
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh I'm gonna win for you Like I know you want me to do By then, the class had ended, and I still hadn't identified myself.
Did I make a mistake? I can't answer that for you.
As a cop, you have to judge social situations on a case-by-case basis.
I just hate the feeling like I'm hiding something.
All of these people can't be undercover cops, can they? Okay, so, think of the undercover world like high school, right? So, first, you have your UCs.
They are like the star quarterbacks.
No undercover operation can happen without them, and they know it.
They take the most risk, and they reap the most reward.
- Meaning? - They get laid.
- A lot.
- Oh.
Then you have your Case Officers.
They're like the debate team.
They think they're smarter than everyone else, and they see themselves as puppet masters who use UCs as just a tool in their kit.
I'm guessing they don't get laid near as much.
Then you have your Tech Squad, they're like the hackers.
They basically are smarter than everyone else, but they have a real criminal streak.
They commit legal burglaries and break-ins, planting cameras and bugs.
Finally, you have your Freshmen.
They're easily identifiable.
Just off patrol.
Still at that awkward stage of trying to let their hair grow out, where they're mullet-adjacent.
So you were a star quarterback.
Oh, baby, I was the Heisman Trophy.
LUCY: Alright, thanks.
You're good to go.
Hey, do you work the convention every year? No.
hasn't hosted one in a long time.
But I did go with Isabel once.
What kind of classes do they teach? No idea.
Patrol isn't allowed to know UC trade secrets.
So I just ordered room service, worked on my tan.
- Don't talk, just listen - Bradford! - Mack! Ugh! You bastard! You get prettier with age.
Yeah, and you're still the same part Neanderthal.
- Lucy Chen, Mack Daniels.
- Hey, how are you? - Oh, hi.
Nice to meet you.
Beth, how are the kids? Oh, uh, this is actually, uh, my friend Candace.
Mack's right.
You are pretty.
Uh, Chen, why don't you go and get Candace's info? - Yeah.
- Mack, come on over here, bud.
Am I in trouble? If you wanna run around on Beth, that's your business.
But did you really expect me not to notice? - Notice what? - Your pupils, man.
They're pinpoints.
You're looking 5-50.
What are you on? It's just a little Oxy.
Okay? Relax, I got a prescription.
Jacked up my shoulder on the job about a month back.
Pain's a, uh, mother.
Mack! I got a spa appointment.
I gotta go.
Hey, it's good seeing you, bro.
- Yeah.
You, too.
- Shut up more and then listen - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Some of y'all need to just muzzle up I got hits to throw, you wanna muscle up He seems nice.
- Yeah, believe it or not, he used to be the most clean-cut guy I ever met.
James, it's good to see you.
Am I, uh, still on for Aaron and Michael tutoring tomorrow night? Just Aaron.
Michael has drama club.
That boy's such a ham.
I love him.
- Who's this? - This is Silas.
Silas, good to meet you.
I'm, uh, Jackson, and this is Smitty.
Last name West.
Badge number, please? For my records.
Badge number? 2-8-7-1-7.
- First name, please.
- Smitty's sufficient.
Silas is the eyes and ears of the neighborhood.
He does a daily patrol, gives me a heads-up on problems that need fixing.
- Anything we should know about? - Well, City Sanitation neglected to empty the Dumpster in front of Matteo's Deli.
That will attract rodents.
And a Cadet Blue 1978 Dodge Aspen is blocking Sally Nelson's driveway, and she has work at 10:00.
Kid would make a good CI.
Forget it.
Silas is here because he wants to help his neighbors, not make it easier for you to hassle them.
Of course.
That's not what we're looking for.
Look, I can call the city and have them tow away the Aspen so Sally can get to work.
Is there anything else we can help you with? Um, I've actually made a list of potholes, and they can cause accidents, car damage.
But the Bureau of Street Services doesn't return my telephone calls.
Smitty, doesn't your uncle work for City Services? Ugh Artie.
Guy is such a slacker.
Can you call him about the potholes? No.
- I owe him money.
- Okay, fine.
Give me the number, and I'll call.
Do you really think there could be trouble - at this convention? - Absolutely.
Criminals would kill to infiltrate this place.
The damage that undercover operations do to their business is incredible.
June! Wh Are you here? Oh, good.
You're at the convention.
I'm scheduled to teach a seminar this morning, but I can't get there, can you fill in for me? It's the same class you used to teach, you could do it in your sleep.
I can't.
I'm working security.
You still owe me from that op in Bakersfield, and you know I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to.
Go ahead.
I got this covered.
Go ahead.
Uh, sure.
I'll text you the details.
- You are the best.
- What's the seminar on? Women make up just 12% of law enforcement.
But they're attacked almost twice as often as male officers.
And yet, male officers Are three times more likely to fire their weapon, they are three times more likely to get injured while on duty, and they make up 95% of citizen complaints.
Which begs the question, are women just better cops? Oh, you better believe it.
You're not supposed to be listening.
Why? 'Cause they don't trust patrol with all their Secret Squirrel stuff? It doesn't matter why.
Rules are rules.
And I'm already on thin ice, so I'm outta here.
This seminar today is about being a female undercover cop and the unique risks that that poses.
Now, I will warn you, this is not gonna be an easy ride.
Some of what you're about to see is hard to watch.
But if we can learn from the UCs who died in these videos, then maybe we can save some lives.
Are you with me? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
- Chen.
- Yes? Thought you were running to the bathroom.
I was.
I am.
JACKSON: Next time he calls about potholes, take it seriously, okay? Yes, I work with Smitty.
No, I-I won't tell him that.
Because it's disgusting.
No! No! No! No! No! No! [TIRES SCREECH.]
My baby's in the back! 7-Adam-07, carjacking, suspect headed westbound on Fourth near Waverly.
I'm on foot.
I need any unit in the area.
Whacha got, whatcha got? - [HORSE NEIGHS.]
- Into the wild and when you get up? And in the morning I guess you didn't need that assist after all.
You're? A cop on a horse? Yep.
Any other suspects? No.
Can you watch him? Victim said her baby was in the car.
Like an A-list star in a movie [GASPS.]
Oh! Ma'am, that's your baby? Yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
So you were spying on one of the seminars? No.
Maybe a little bit.
I mean, what's the big deal? I'm a cop, too.
The likelihood of patrol officers getting fired or flaming out are much higher than ranked officers.
The information and tactics the CCOA present are so unique and so sensitive, they're literally on a need-to-know basis.
Got it? Yeah.
- Tim? - Beth.
I'm here to surprise Mack.
He's barely been home the last three months.
I bet, yeah, undercover work's a full-time gig.
Is he here yet? Yeah, he rolled through a few hours ago.
- It's great seeing you.
- You, too.
Seriously? You're not gonna give her a heads-up? No way I'm getting in the middle of that.
- Tim.
Check this out.
Those cars belong to the undercover cops.
Well, they'll have switched-out license plates so criminals can't ID them.
But, they can't cover the VIN numbers.
If he gets those numbers, he'll be able to identify them.
Back pocket.
Hey! Police! Hold up! All units, be advised, we have a perimeter breach.
White male, blue ballcap, gray jacket, blue jeans.
Made it in through the south rear door.
Armed with a handgun, and may be targeting police.
He won't get far.
Hotel's on lockdown, and his description just went out to 200 armed police officers.
Really, he's trapped in here with us.
- Yeah, that description's useless now.
- Be advised, our suspect no longer has on a ballcap or jacket.
Which means we are searching for a white guy in blue jeans.
Do you see that? Yeah, that could be our guy.
Could just be a twitchy UC.
They're hardwired to avoid uniformed cops.
You think you can tell if he's a cop, just by talking to him? - Is that a challenge? - Yep.
How's it going? Ah.
Here for the convention? I'm not really supposed to say.
That's a yes.
I'd kill to work undercover.
- God, me, too.
- You must have the best stories.
Oh, come on.
Give us one.
I've only been a year on the job.
I've never seen any real action.
Alright, well, this one time, a couple years back, I get in with this biker gang, and we're movin' a hell-ton'a smack.
Now, the buyer, he smells a rat, and suddenly, I've got six sawed-off shotties - right to my grill.
- Mm.
They wanted me to try the batch, make sure it wasn't bunk.
- What'd you do? - Man, I got high as the Hindenburg and came down just as messy.
Wrong answer.
Real undercover cops don't behave - like characters in movies.
Taste the drugs, - your case, - [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
your career, are shot.
- Suspect in custody.
- Thanks for the assist.
- Ah, no problem.
I was giving a talk at the local elementary school.
Yeah, I gotta admit, I've actually never seen a cop on a horse before.
Well, not out on the street, anyway.
It's weird.
You must have been looking in the wrong direction.
Yeah, well, I am not now.
Officer Jackson West, badge number 3-3-3-5-6.
- What's up, Silas? - I don't know him.
Uh, this is Officer Young.
Badge number 2-9-1-9-6.
And this here's Ruby, official police horse of the West Adams Mounted Patrol.
Does she have a badge number? No, but she lives in stall number 11.
Uh, how's patrol? Is there anything else we can do? Actually a sprinkler head at Edgewood Park broke off and is spraying the swings.
Well, I am on it.
It's, uh it's nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
You two are looking at each other funny.
I am his wife! Open the damn door! He doesn't want to see you! Mack, I'm done.
Can you hear me? You're never gonna see your sons again! What's going on? Are you okay? Mack's in there with some stripper whore.
He's wasted out of his mind.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
We're just hanging out.
- Get Mack.
I need to see him.
- No, he's sleeping I think, I don't know! He won't talk to me.
Open the door.
- No, I can't.
- Open Back up! - Still ain't the crew - Mack.
Buy the same fits, but you still ain't the crew He's not breathing.
- What did you do?! - Nothing.
We were just partying.
Control, 7-Adam-19, send an RA to the Augustin Hotel, 9212 West 6th Street, Room 623.
- Adult male, possible OD.
That ain't you, that ain't you That ain't you, that ain't you Come on, Mack.
Guns out Come on.
Wake up, Mack! - Come on.
- Tim.
Got a team of boys, yeah [GASPS, COUGHS.]
You're all right, man.
You're all right.
I'm here, okay? Beth's here.
- [GASPS.]
- You're okay, bud.
- Try and sit up.
- Beth baby I can't do this anymore.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come back.
I love you.
You said I was the one you loved.
In a Lamborghini You could like the same, but you still ain't the crew Okay, tell me the truth.
Did working the convention as a patrol officer feel like a demotion? At first, yes.
But then, I don't know.
I got a contact anxiety high.
I do not miss the constant fear, and the lying so much you don't know what the truth is.
Hey! I know you.
Victor, right? Hey.
How you doing? Victor's in my Ethics class.
You're a cop.
I can see why you might think that.
Um, but to be fair, this uniform could also mean I'm a male stripper.
- Whoa.
- What's all that for? - To show everyone in class we got a narc inside.
It's a little harsh.
Well Can't wait to hear how class goes.
Were you trying to kill yourself? [SCOFFS.]
God, Bradford, no.
Okay, then what the hell were you thinking? You told me you were taking Oxy because you were injured.
I was.
Alright? I am.
It was a mistake.
- A mistake? - Yeah.
You downed opioids with whiskey.
Alright, that's not pain management.
- That is a problem.
- I know.
- I screwed up, okay? - Yeah.
I was just trying to push through the pain a-a-and keep working.
It got away from me.
Y-You know how it is.
I do.
And I know addicts lie so much they don't know what's true anymore.
- Hey, I am not your ex-wife.
- Really? 'Cause from where I'm standing, you look exactly like Isabel.
Look, I'm not gonna make the same mistake I did with her.
You are going into a program.
You can't keep doing this to your family, Mack.
I know.
I know.
I will.
I promise.
- Hi.
- Mm-hmm.
So, you know we're gonna have to talk about it, right? Look, it was a momentary lapse in judgement, and Tim has already scolded me for listening in, but I gotta say, um, what I heard at your seminar was amazing.
I was a little rusty, but thank you.
Listen, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do once I'm eligible to test, and I think I could be really good at undercover work.
I would love to pick your brain sometime Not about tactics, just What I should focus on to prepare for the job.
I actually I Have time, for drinks right now, if you want.
- Alright.
- Uh no.
I have a homework thing with Tamara.
She won't mind if we do it a little bit later.
Let me just give her a call.
Hey, it's me.
Are we cool, if we do the interview a little bit later tonight? Is 9:00 too late for you? Okay.
I will see you then.
- I am all yours.
You know you owe me big time, right? Yeah, but can we keep my tab open? I could use another assist.
Uh, I was about to go out for drinks with a colleague of mine, - Lucy Chen.
- Hey.
I'm in a bind, look, the real reason I couldn't make the convention today is because I spotted a tail on my way down from Sacramento.
- Who? - I think it's the buyer in this op I've been running.
They're sniffing around a big batch of liquid Fentanyl I'm selling.
And you think they're on to you? I think there's a lot of money in play and they're paranoid as hell.
Are they still surveilling you? Yeah, I couldn't lose them.
I think they put a tracker on my car.
Look, I'm at The Smoke House in Burbank, but my whole team's up in San Jose.
What are you driving? Black Mustang GT.
They know me as Coco.
Alright, I'm on my way.
- Sorry.
I'm gonna have to call Grey now, and we're gonna have to take a rain check on our drinks, - but - Totally.
Unless you wanna come with? [WOMAN CLEARS THROAT.]
There's no call for that.
At least let me explain first? - Explain what? - That he's a cop.
- Yeah, I know.
- What do you mean, you know? Well, I saw it on his application when he signed up for my class.
And you didn't tell us? Oh, it wasn't my decision to make.
VICTOR: How can you say that? Cops have been spying on people like us for 200 years.
He could be taking this class to get close to us, to get into LULAC or Black Lives Matter.
Oh, I'm not undercover.
I'm I'm actually just a rookie.
Dude, stop lying.
I'm not.
Um Two years ago, I was working construction back east.
I moved out here to join the police and make a difference.
I'm actually taking this class to finally get my degree.
It's true.
I read his transcript.
Plus, do you really think the LAPD's gonna send a 40-something-year-old white guy to infiltrate BLM? - Come on, now.
- Probably not.
He still should have told us he's a cop.
Who here thinks that John is ethically obligated to identify himself? I do.
Why? This is supposed to be a safe space.
What if one of us admitted to a crime, in the middle of a discussion? Well, then, you'd be stupid.
There are no truly safe spaces I mean, certainly not in a college classroom.
But believe it or not, I, uh, was wrestling with whether or not to tell you last night, and Honestly, I still don't know what the right decision is.
Okay, well, let's explore that further.
I want everyone in here to write a five-page essay.
Tell me why or why not you think that John had an ethical obligation to tell us he's a cop.
There's June's car.
What's the plan? [SIGHS.]
You go in, find June.
Remember, her undercover name is Coco.
She's a friend in town.
Buy her a drink, chat her up.
I will hang back and try and spot who her tails are.
- Okay.
- You up for this? Hell yeah.
Coco? - Hey.
- Hey.
Harper found a tracker outside.
We think they're here.
Yeah, I know.
One's at your 4:00.
Haven't spotted his backup yet.
Hey, honey.
Can I get you something? Yeah, sure.
Uh, I will have what she's having.
- Do you want another one? - Sure.
Make it three.
Hey, what a coincidence, seeing you all the way down here.
Like hell.
You followed me.
We got a lot of money on the line with this deal, so we need to be very careful.
A lot of people in this business, you know They don't have integrity.
Yeah, 'cause you're just filled with integrity, aren't you, Sato? Oh, you say my name in front of someone that I don't know? What is wrong with you? No, what's wrong with you? No one asked you to sit.
Who is this bitch? Oh, you just killed yourself.
I'm looking at an empty chair right there.
Then who's gonna conduct the hydrogenation process? Who's gonna perform the molecular synthesis to get the acid tables balanced? You get that wrong, you're gonna have buyers with brain bleed.
You're the chemist.
- She's the chemist.
- Yeah, she is.
Now back off.
And tell your boss the price just went up, 5%, for the lack of trust.
Oh, I don't think so.
Let's take a walk, talk about this somewhere a little more private.
Hmm? We're gonna go for a little ride.
Think about why, uh, I got such a bad feeling about you.
HARPER: These guys are cops.
They put a tracker on your car.
Got a bad feeling about me, huh? Hey, we're not cops.
You want me to do 'em here or take 'em to the farm? Hey, you gotta believe me.
Coco, you know me.
Then what's with the tracker? Salonga wanted you surveilled, in case you guys tried to rip us off.
I swear.
Look, we want this deal to happen.
We need this deal to happen, okay? We just wanted to make sure.
Well, now you are.
But the price just went up 10%.
Consider it a tax for pissing me off.
Salonga ain't gonna go for that.
Hmm, then this is goodbye.
I got plenty of other buyers.
Yeah, okay, okay! I'll make it happen.
But she comes, too.
At that price, I want her to test the product in front of us, to make sure that it's pure.
Forget it.
She doesn't go out on buys.
What? N-No.
I'll go.
I've already spent my share of the money in my head.
I'll call you on this phone with the new location.
And you better pick up on the first ring.
Now piss off.
Come on.
I can't believe we just did that.
"You want me to do them here or take 'em to the farm?" You are so badass! Wait, how much do you know about opioid chemistry? I mean, just what they taught me at the Academy.
But I got straight A's in high school chemistry, so Then you're gonna have some homework to do.
What time is it? Hey.
Look, I am so sorry.
- It's cool.
- No, it's not.
Drinks turned into this undercover thing, which was super cool But not the point.
Look, there's no excuse for me leaving you hanging.
Can you do the interview now? Or tonight? When is your paper due? It's fine.
The drunk lady across the hall used to be a luchadora.
- I'll just ask her.
- What? - Mexican wrestler.
- No.
Look, give me another chance.
Okay? Tonight.
I promise I'll be there.
Now I gotta get to school.
You get my report on Mack Daniels? Yeah, I did.
Are you sure this is the way you want things to go? He'll get fired, might do jail time.
Mack didn't get hurt a month ago.
He got hurt six months ago.
He's deep into an addiction, and he's walking around with a loaded gun.
And, sir, i-it's not just that.
I-I went back to his hotel room.
There were prescription bottles with other people's names on 'em.
And he could be doing anything to get those pills.
Cops have to be held to a higher standard.
Anything less, all hell breaks loose.
I agree.
I just wanted to make sure you saw the repercussions.
He's going to lose his pension.
I-I struggled with that.
But it's what I should have done with Isabel.
So, one more thing.
Chen's going on a special assignment today.
She'll be joining Harper on an undercover operation.
This is Sergeant June Zhang of Fresno PD.
We are gonna help out on her op today.
Appreciate the assistance, guys.
I'm June, the UC.
My case officer, Lieutenant Balasco, who is not nearly as mean and awful as he looks.
- For the last eight months, I have been up on a crew out of San Jose, who made bank selling precursors of liquid Fentanyl.
But they got greedy, tried to go from selling the parts to making and selling the finished product.
But their lab blew up, killing their chemist and destroying their entire supply, leaving them with no product and a lot of pissed-off buyers.
Which is when I swooped in, promising enough product to satisfy all their customers and then some.
But last night, all our hard work almost fell apart, until the quick thinking of Officer Chen saved my ass.
Chen, stand up so they can see what you're wearing.
- Yeah.
- The op today is simple.
Trade drugs for cash, then arrest everybody, and try to get them to flip on Aldo Salonga, their boss.
You have your assignment.
Everyone in position by 10:00 a.
What the hell are you doing? You can't pit an untrained probationary officer against one of the most dangerous crime syndicates in California.
I don't want to hear it, Tim.
She volunteered.
Plus, Grey authorized it, and we have some of the best operational expertise she could ask for.
They know the gladiator cage you're walking into.
You don't.
That's not volunteering.
That's being used.
Hey, don't let Bradford kill your confidence, okay? His hang-ups, about UC work are his to deal with, not yours.
I kinda hoped that he would be proud of me.
That sounds stupid when I say it out loud.
No, it doesn't.
He's your training officer.
He's gotten you this far.
There's nothing wrong with wanting his approval.
And for what it's worth, you've got mine.
You handled yourself like a pro last night.
Those instincts can't be taught.
Hey! I need your help! Somebody hurt Silas! Come on! I came by this morning, found him like this.
He won't say what happened.
Silas Look, Officer West is here.
Hey, Silas.
Looks like it hurts.
Did you, uh, crash your bike? Someone hurt you? - Where is your bike? - It's okay.
You can talk to us.
If anything happened, let us help.
I called his mother.
She's She's on her way back from work now.
Okay, well, in the meantime, Silas, come back to the Center, and we'll get those wounds cleaned up, alright? I'm never going back there.
What? Why? Look, uh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you mind if I borrow your notebook? Finish up your patrol for you? Look, I'll, uh, bring it back.
Hey, can you, uh Can you stay with him? - Yeah.
- Hey.
Yeah, it's, uh, Jackson West.
Are you still working in the area? [CAR DOORS CLOSING.]
Control, 7-Adam-07, show us Code 6.
Silas' last entry was a broken street light at this address.
- Something happened.
- Check it out.
The bike.
- What? - Sir, we need to talk to you about this bike over here and what happened to the young man who was riding it.
BOBBY: Madness," the show where everyone's a winner.
Sir, open the door right now.
He's running! [DOOR BANGS.]
and win the gold.
Now here he is.
- Nothing.
with the gift of gab, your "Money Madness" host, Sam Lovejoy.
Show yourself now! LOVEJOY: Thank you, Bobby, and hello, everybody.
This is "Money Madness.
" I'm Sam Lovejoy, and I just can't wait - to give away all this cash.
Just look at my suit pocket.
It's bursting at the seams with cash.
Now, Bobby, who's tonight's first soon-to-be winner? BOBBY: Sam, this is Miss Donna McGee - from Akron, Ohio.
- MCGEE: Hello.
LOVEJOY: Now, Bobby, who do we have playing on the phone? BOBBY: Just darling Donna.
EARL: Get out of my house! [BANG, OBJECTS CLATTERING.]
This is my house! Get out of it, I said! Hey, hey! Come on.
Come on.
Ow! He was spying on me! I saw him, outside, writing things about me, saying I'm crazy.
I'm not crazy! He's just a kid.
He was staring at a broken street light.
- You didn't have to hurt him.
- Liar.
Liar! I taught him.
I taught him.
I know you're worried about Lucy.
Who said I was worried? I'm just saying, she can handle herself.
I know she can.
I trained her.
- Eagle One in place.
Alright, uh, let's go over this one more time.
Salonga's crew arrives, you test the Fentanyl, give them a show, we get the money, they get this van, and then, boom, strike team takes them down.
Walk in the park.
And if not [SHOTGUN COCKS.]
We make some noise until the cavalry arrives.
You want to go over the signals again? Yeah.
"Workhorse" means we're in trouble.
And "Beautiful day," we're all good.
- Lucy.
- Mm-hmm? - Are you all good? - Yeah.
You know, if you're not nervous, you're not human.
Okay? So, use this to your advantage.
Be scared.
Be wild.
Be unpredictable.
Be a cobra.
Can I ask you a question? - No.
- What's your formula for when you tell people you're a police officer in off-duty life? I try not to put myself in social situations where I need to.
Righ, it's just that I got outed as a cop, in my Criminal Law class, and there's some pretty strong feelings that I should've been upfront about it.
You did the right thing keeping it a secret.
Now you gotta sit in the back row, always have your eyes on the door.
Why? Because they know you're a cop now, which means they know you carry an off-duty weapon.
Somebody may try to take it from you, or maybe just attack you because they hate cops.
All due respect, I can't live my life like that With being suspicious of people, seeing the world as dangerous.
The world is dangerous.
Being vigilant is the price of admission.
- It's go time.
Let's do this! - Where's the money? - First things first.
I wanna test the shipment.
Hard positives on every scale.
When's the last time you saw that? Never.
There's nothing available this pure.
Now let's see the cash.
- We're in business.
NOLAN: Who the hell is that? - [RADIO BEEPS.]
- We've got another guest at the party.
Standby for rescue.
If this is a set-up, you're the first to go.
It's just my boss.
And he wants to talk To you.
Good morning.
My apologies for last night.
Sato overstepped.
It won't happen again.
Come in and talk to me.
- Why? - [CHUCKLES.]
A monkey can be taught to test for drugs Or a cop.
I need to see that you really know the science.
Why aren't we going in there and arresting everybody? We need to see the money first.
What the hell.
It's a beautiful day.
Nothing's gonna go wrong.
Don't concern yourself with him.
It's a little hard not to.
Okay, stop trying to scare me and just tell me what we're doing here.
I know a little chemistry.
The hydromorphone hydrochloride you're selling remind me of the formula.
You speak Tagalog.
My best friend in elementary school grew up in Quezon City.
I basically lived at her house.
I picked up a little bit.
Problem? Nope.
I just have a flair for the dramatic.
Are we done? I like you.
So I have an offer.
I kill Coco and the other one.
You keep half the money.
Come work for me.
Betrayal's not really my style, but I'm flattered by the offer.
Can we finish the deal now? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Now, that's sexy.
Weapons down! Weapons down on the ground right now! Drop the gun! Hands above your head! Interlace your fingers! Hands behind your head! Interlace your fingers now! Hands behind your head.
- MAN: Hands up, weapons down.
- Do not move.
- You okay? - Give me your hands.
- Sato! You set us up, you snitch! You're dead! You hear me?! - Eyes on him.
- You're dead! You watch your back! This brings back some memories.
- First day together.
- Oh, right.
Watch your head.
You did good.
Beth, hey.
- You okay? - Tim Bradford, my hero and savior.
I didn't have a choice.
The hell you didn't.
When your coked out ex-wife was working undercover, you had all kinds of options.
Now, all of a sudden, your hands are tied? Hypocritical bastard.
I-I can't excuse the past, okay? But this is now, and Mack crossed too many lines.
I have three young kids, and a husband who is looking at years in state prison, and no more pension.
How am I supposed to feed my kids? I'm sorry this happened.
But I didn't do it to you.
Mack did.
You are a cop.
You're supposed to look out for your own.
I wasn't the favorite I wasn't the first one off the gun - [GRUNTS.]
- Might have seemed I was chasing - Hey.
You gotta be kidding me.
What's so funny? No, never count me out No, it ain't how you start Wow.
So, what do we do now? Let the kid choose.
You know he's gonna choose mine, right? [CHUCKLES.]
You wanna put money on that? How about dinner? I don't know, I heard you had a boyfriend.
- Hmm.
- The actor? [LAUGHS.]
Doing a little background on me, huh? Well, that boyfriend is no more.
Long story.
I look forward to hearing about it over dinner.
How you finish, finish, finish Ain't saying it's easy You know we don't have class tonight, right? Right.
I-I just I needed some help.
I'm not gonna write your paper for you.
I-I was hoping maybe you could tell me what to write.
I've spent the last two days talking to cops about whether I should've identified myself, and the answers have ranged from "probably not" to "no way.
" But I am struggling with how betrayed my classmates felt.
So, I just Need a little outside perspective.
You should've said something.
I'm sure there are a dozen reasons why cops think that your job is a need-to-know thing, but Come on.
It's 2021.
You guys have a hell of a lot to make up for.
So, you want to win back trust? You gotta assume a higher level of responsibility.
You gotta go the extra mile every single time.
You think I have a chance to mend some fences here? Yeah.
I do.
Everyone in this classroom wants to change the system, and they're driven by hope and a ton of anger.
But Hope is what keeps them moving forward.
So if they see that you're serious about being part of the change, they'll let you back in.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
The beginning That's so I I should've written that down.
What was the part in the beginning, when you said that You know what? I I got it.
It's Thank you very much.
It's good stuff.
Oh, and they always want us to go undercover as strippers.
HARPER: Yes! As if our bodies are the only thing we have.
Well, actually, my my body does have magical powers, but it does, a lot of the times, feel like, as a female UC, that they just want to get you naked, for the guys in the van.
Mm-hmm, so that they can drool over you in a cloud of their own farts.
I don't think I can use any of this for my paper.
LUCY: Okay.
What What exactly do you need to know? Women have been cops in the LAPD over 100 years now, but does it still feel like you have to act like a man to fit in? Good question.
Well, you're the rookie, the last one in.
What do you think? Um Mm, I think I think fitting in is a trap.
I'm sitting between two of the best cops in the state - Mm.
- Who had to navigate an avalanche of obstacles just to get to the mountaintop.
They didn't do it by trying to fit in.
They did it by You know, by, um Being stronger, smarter, more agile.
They had to to navigate a system that still believes being a girl is inherently soft or weak, as though empathy is somehow a liability.
There isn't a guy in the force who can do what these guys can do.
- Mm.
- And there sure as hell isn't anyone tougher.
Hoo! I will drink to that.
- Hell yeah.
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