The Rookie (2018) s03e14 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Rookie" We're not picking a name until B-day.
I had no idea you were this superstitious.
I just wear a talisman a drug lord gave me to keep evil spirits away from my unborn child.
Nice of you to see us off.
Gun! Killing Cesar would be unsatisfying.
But if Cesar's child were to die We knew a gang war was coming, right? Which presents an opportunity.
You want me to go back in as the chemist? No! You abducted me when you know what I have been through! Do you still want this? Yeah.
Tell me.
My cover is Nova Lin, former chemistry major with a bent moral compass and a fortune in student loan debt.
Court records will show you made bail yesterday, and your cover will be fully papered.
So you are back out in the wild and open for business.
You will make camp at the Hollywood Premiere Motel.
It is the bottom of the barrel, the last branch you hit on your way down, and it will send the message that you are desperate to make money.
Tell me the number-one rule of undercover work.
No case is worth my life.
At any time before the operation begins, I have the authority to pull the plug and pull out of this op.
Once I'm out there and things go sideways, defend myself or run away.
There is no shame in running away.
Your mission is to identify everyone conspiring to manufacture and distribute narcotics.
Stick to that objective.
Unless your targets are also conspiring to commit murder, make a mental note and move on.
Illegal weapons, stolen property, cars ignore it.
You are not to take action on misdemeanors unless it advances this case.
Policy, procedure, and the law Those are your guidelines.
You can defend yourself.
You can defend others.
You can even use deadly force, without revealing your identity.
But whenever possible, talk your way out of a dangerous situation.
This isn't like the deal we did with Coco.
This time, you'll be alone.
There is no surveillance van outside.
There is no rescue team next door.
Your only contact will be with me, making regular reports at both 9:00 a.
and midnight.
Now for the hard part.
At least it was for me, anyway.
Let me have it.
Final words, and listen closely There is a chance that nothing will happen, that Salonga won't make contact, and that the only thing you will get is a paid vacation to the Hep C Motel.
But you can never Let down your guard.
Never relax.
Because if it comes, when it comes, you will have to do everything right.
Because one wrong word, one wrong move One wrong look, and you're dead.
- Hello! - Hi.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm dog-sitting for your neighbors, and I kind of locked myself out.
- Here you go.
- Oh, my God.
Not sure how much time you've spent in public wearing only a towel, but it's terrifying.
Um, did you want to come in? You're not a serial killer, are you? Not that that wouldn't be the perfect bookend to this morning from hell.
Well, I'm actually a police officer, so the truth is, I'm I'm sworn to protect you.
Me, personally? You, e-especially.
Uh, s-so, I-I'm imagining the dog got out while you were, uh, getting into the shower? That little ass was sitting on the lawn, staring at me through the window.
So I threw on a towel, went out to get him, and Well, the rest is obvious.
Which house are you staying in? - The green craftsman.
- Ronnie and Dylan's place.
I think they gave me a spare key.
My luck is turning around.
- I'm Bailey, by the way.
- John.
Uh, how do you know Ronnie and Dylan? I work with Ronnie.
- You're a firefighter.
- Yeah.
But you can't ever tell Ronnie about this, 'cause the firehouse would never let me live it down.
No problem.
It'll be our first secret.
I like that.
And I love your place.
Thank you.
I put a lot of work into it.
Well, you got skills.
You live here alone? I do.
And I-I found it.
So, um, now, do you need any help, uh, finding the dog? No.
He's back in the house.
I don't know how, but when I got outside, he was in the bathroom staring at me.
And I swear that little bastard was laughing.
To be honest, I-I've never really cared for him.
- Really.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, he's so cute, but he so knows it.
I know.
Thank you for saving me.
I will return the sweatshirt to you.
Uh, well, my shift ends at 8:00.
Maybe I could grab some takeout on the way home.
We could spend dinner plotting your revenge against your canine nemesis.
I'd like that.
Then it's a date.
I'll wear my fancy towel.
- Thanks again.
- Bye.
Your mom sent another stroller.
How many kids does she think we're having? Uh.
Tim and Jackson are here.
Good morning.
There's bad news.
And you think a riot shield will save you.
Save us? N-No.
Protect us from major bodily injury? Hopefully.
Must be really bad if you brought Jackson.
I'm here for my calming presence.
I mean, who can be angry looking at that face? What happened? I got a call this morning about Ralph Hall.
Wait, why is that name familiar? The feds, uh, discovered that his venue was being used as a cover for money laundering.
His venue? - Mm-hmm.
- My venue.
- Our wedding venue.
- Yes.
And at 5:04 this morning, it was Seized by the FBI.
Oh, it's over.
What? No, no, no.
We-we can find another place.
We won't.
I'm done.
We're getting married Saturday at the courthouse.
Okay, we are not getting married at the courthouse.
Then find someplace, but we're getting married Saturday, and I'm done thinking about it.
I don't need fancy.
I-I never needed fancy.
I just want to be married.
We're on it.
- We.
- We? The war is over.
Word is, the last of Cesar's lieutenants have kissed La Fiera's ring and joined Malos Dorados.
In less than two weeks, Sandra de la Cruz has become the second-biggest player in Southern California.
And she is not slowing down.
We are hearing that any crew that is unaffiliated is getting pressured to join her.
So talk to your street contacts, and your CI's.
Alert Narcotics of any intel you collect.
- Where's Cesar? - No one knows.
But Sandra's definitely hunting him.
You know, if we could get to him first, we might be able to flip him.
Use his anger against La Fiera to sabotage his old operation.
You are not the first to think of that.
In fact, a task force has been dedicated to finding him.
But if you think you can succeed where they've failed, - knock yourself out.
- Yes, sir.
Oh, and Smitty will be your TO today.
Sarge, the kid only has a few days left as a rookie I'm cool with letting him ride solo today.
You are? Oh, well, I'm not.
- Worth a shot.
- Anything else? Yes, sir.
Lopez's wedding is now Saturday.
And you are all officially uninvited unless you hear otherwise.
Spread the word.
Aw, come on.
Guys, it's a first–marriage.
That's it.
Be safe out there.
Okay, so, the wedding is now on Saturday, which means we have two days to plan and pull off a ceremony and a reception.
Can you help? Are you kidding? I've been preparing for this moment my whole life.
Y-Yeah, except it's got to be what Angela wants.
Don't worry.
I got that message loud and clear.
But I could use some help.
Oh, well, we figured that, so we hired you an elite team.
Powerpuff Girls could totally take out the Avengers.
They don't exist in the same universe.
That fight could never happen.
But it could, 'cause it's all just made up anyway, right? - There are rules.
- Okay.
- What's the problem? - Silas is being difficult.
Silas has autism, and rules help him make sense of the world.
Tamara, Silas, this is my mother, Patrice.
You'll be helping her today.
Are you okay with that arrangement? Oh, of course.
From the outfit, Tamara clearly has good taste.
And Silas' attention to detail will be a godsend.
Now, I don't know about the two of you, but I do my best work with a beverage.
Maybe a little food to go along with it? - Yes, please.
- I could eat.
- This just might work.
- Mm-hmm.
If you were the entitled but not too bright son of a dead drug lord, betrayed by your people and hunted by apex predators, - where would you go? - Vegas.
Because? I know I'm gonna die, and I want to do it in Sin City.
Can't argue with that.
Smitty, can I ask you a personal question? I am currently single and very open to being set up.
That's not I You must have wanted more than this at one point, right? You had ambition, maybe? When you were younger? - You want the truth? - I do.
Faulkner wrote, "You cannot swim for new horizons" "until you have courage" "to lose sight of the shore.
" I like the shore.
Look, I get it.
You want the stink of being held back as a rookie off you.
And finding Cesar and flipping him is the way to do it.
But how you gonna pull that off as a rookie with no street intel? I'm gonna talk to Cesar's girlfriend.
Half the department's already taken a run at her.
Yeah, but I saved her life.
You don't look like housekeeping.
Nova, right? Like the star.
Who the hell are you? Dahrio Salonga.
My brother sends his regards.
Yeah, I met the old man once.
It got me arrested.
Whatever you're here for, it's a hard pass.
- We need a cook.
- A good one.
Who can make a lot of product.
Good quality product.
I said pass.
Your brother runs a leaky ship.
I'm not getting back on board.
Leak's been plugged.
- Permanently.
- Yeah, he went down ugly.
We even gave it a name The Sato Special.
See, I don't want to know that.
Just like I don't want to know you.
Yeah, you do.
We've been watching you.
You're not exactly on an upward trajectory.
Cooking for us will get you paid.
- You've been watching me? - Had to make sure you didn't make a deal with the cops to get bail.
Now we know.
So we're gonna take a ride together, do some business.
Ride to where? You'll see.
Put down the laundry.
Leave the gun in the basket.
I'm gonna want that back.
Let's go.
Uh Can I get a jacket? Sure.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm ready.
Give me your phone.
What? No.
You already got my gun.
I'm not asking.
Now let's go.
Look, I already spoke to a bunch of cops.
I don't know where Cesar is.
I'm I am sorry.
Who is the happiest baby? God, those chubby cheeks, too.
I know I owe you for everything, okay? For saving us.
But I don't know where Cesar is.
I haven't spoken to him in over a week.
Then who's paying his paycheck? Nobody.
He's my cousin Hector.
I got two more cousins even bigger back at the house.
Though you probably won't need them anymore once La Fiera murders Cesar.
Which she will 100% do when she finds him.
He's only got one chance, and that's to make a deal with us witness protection.
He won't go for it.
He's too proud to be seen as a rat.
Well, then it's your job to convince him, it's not snitching, when you torpedo your enemies.
And it's not snitching to stay alive long enough to be a father to your child.
There's no other way out.
Just have him call me.
She gonna call? She'll call Cesar.
Whether or not he calls me I don't know.
Hey, stop! Hey, hey, hey! Stop! Hey! Hey, guys! Shoplifter! Back to work.
Stop! Nowhere to go! You alright? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just Ow! Just jammed my hand.
I'll call an ambulance.
No, don't bother.
It's just dislocated.
Uh, it's happened before.
One of the occupational hazards of working construction.
- Agh! - Ooh.
I'm good.
I'm good.
As the driver, it would be helpful to know where we're going.
You seem nervous.
Nah, it's every girl's dream to drive to an undisclosed location with two armed men.
We just need to pick up the ingredients for the cook.
"Pick up.
" You mean steal? Just keep driving straight.
I'm just asking for a little help, okay? It makes my job a lot harder when the paperwork isn't right.
Nolan! You okay? So, I heard you got injured in your foot pursuit.
Oh, I just dislocated my finger.
My nondominant hand.
Uh, be sore for a couple days I'll be good to go.
That guy assaulted you? No, I slipped when we came Oh, excuse me for a second.
Hey, Judge, thanks for calling.
Listen, don't worry.
I got your back.
- Thanks.
- Oh, not you.
Make sure you document the injury.
It might seem like it's nothing now, but turn into an issue down the road.
- You need a paper trail.
- Yes, sir.
Um, incidentally, I spoke to Reyna Cesar's girlfriend.
I think there's a chance he'll reach out.
The optimism of a rookie.
It burns bright, and then it's gone forever.
Hey, Nolan.
Our guy just peed himself.
Take care of that, will ya? This place is beautiful.
They really shouldn't leave standing water like that.
It attracts mosquitoes, and mosquitoes carry disease.
We'll make sure that's running before the wedding.
And hire an exterminator.
Sorry, w-we're closed for repairs.
We saw that on your website.
Which means you have nothing booked for Saturday.
Because we're closed for repairs.
A pipe burst.
There was extensive damage.
We know.
We saw it on your website.
So Mr.
Nolan reached out to your contractor and arranged some friends to come get this damage fixed by Saturday.
He He what? Mrs.
Evers' son Wesley is getting married here on Saturday.
It won't be a big wedding, 'cause it's last-minute and people won't be able to travel.
But w-we're closed - You can't - Oh, of course we can.
And we did.
And I'm gonna expect a discount, since you'll be able to start holding events here weeks ahead of schedule.
Now, let's you and I discuss what you'll be able to provide on short notice and what I'm gonna have to bring in.
Look, I don't know what Aldo told you about me, but this isn't what I do, okay? I I'm a chemist.
I-I don't know how to pull off a - A heist.
- A heist? Oh, that's way fancier than what we're gonna do.
Nah, this is gonna be a lot of, "Get on the floor! This is a robbery!" "Don't move, or I'll kill you!" You're coming to make sure we steal the right stuff.
Well, look, I have a contact who can get us what we need.
- It'll just take a few days - We don't have a few days.
If we don't deliver the product we owe, things go badly for all of us.
Besides, why pay when we can steal it for free? Light 'em up.
Damn it.
It's Lucy.
What do we do? Treat it like any other stop, but we do not run anyone in that car.
Lean back in your seat.
What are you doing? You're out on bail, Half-Life's got a warrant, and this ride is stolen.
There's no way these cops are gonna let us go.
When I pop this guy, bail out and cap his partner.
W-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Look, before we start shooting cops in broad daylight, can Just let me try something, okay? What? Flirting.
I haven't gotten a ticket since I was 16.
I know how to get out of them.
Okay? Just Just trust me.
I'm sorry, Officer.
Was I going too fast? Yes, ma'am.
You almost caused an accident.
We're in a hurry.
It's my brother's birthday, and I haven't gotten any party supplies.
License and registration, please.
C'mon, you don't really need that, do you? You should come to the party after work.
We'd have fun.
I bet we would.
Alright, I'm gonna let you go with a warning this time.
But slow down.
- Okay? - Yeah, I promise.
Thank you so much.
Have fun at that party.
See? Cops are easy You just got to know how to play them.
What's up? We just pulled over Lucy in a red SUV, definitely stolen.
She was with two serious-looking men.
- Any idea where they're going? - Negative.
But she said they were picking up supplies for her brother's party.
Uh, Salonga has a brother Dahrio.
Uh, she could mean he's who's with her.
And party supplies obviously means ingredients for a cook.
- Where are you? - Uh, south of Wilshire Park.
Alright, there are three chemical storage supply companies in that vicinity.
Well, they're gonna rob one of them.
And we're gonna let it happen.
- Here we go.
- Why do I have to go in? I can just write down what I need.
I'm a cook, not a crook.
You're whatever I say you are.
Hey, if anybody gets hurt, - I am out.
- That's not how it works.
You can't only be in the game a little.
That's how you get killed.
Now come on.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Don't move.
- Don't move! - Everyone down, right now! Right now! Oh, oh! Don't.
Don't! Don't do it! Unless you want a closed-casket funeral! Touch that gun and you're dead, you hear me? Don't make me kill you! Come on! Down! Hey, what are you doing? Get her.
Don't hurt me.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Just sit down right here.
Sit down.
Hey, mama.
You're a sexy one, aren't you? Watch them.
Anyone as much as twitches, blow their brains out.
Let's go.
Nova, let's go! Tell me.
A silent alarm was just triggered at Sutherland Chemical.
Do you want us to alert available units? Yes, but advise them to keep clear of the area until further notice.
And get an airship over there so we can see where they go when they leave.
I might just take you with us.
Would you like that? Come on, baby.
That's it? Uh, yeah.
And - And then we're done.
- I'll grab one.
- You get the other one.
- I got a bad back.
I don't care.
We'll see how scared you can get.
What are you doing? Roll it out here.
Uh Yeah, you take it the rest of the way.
I'll go get Half-Life.
We're out of here.
Let's go.
Oh, but we were just getting friendly.
Yeah, let's go right now.
- Don't touch me.
- Hey! Let's move! See you soon.
It's over.
They stole the precursors for meth.
No one was hurt.
From the security footage, Lucy navigated policy and procedure perfectly.
She avoided crossing the threshold with stolen property.
Where is she now? I don't know.
The airship didn't get there in time, and Dahrio had a switch vehicle nearby.
We lost her.
Well, this is where Reyna said Cesar is hiding out.
I don't even know why you're still working.
A busted finger gets you a week off at least.
Don't run.
Reyna told us where to find you.
She shouldn't have done that.
I'm not making a deal.
Sniper! 7-Adam-15, shots fired.
Shooter is on the roof of a building one block west of 9731 Hickory.
He's on the run.
Requesting backup and RA Unit for a gunshot victim Not conscious.
Not breathing.
You two alright? 22 years on the job without incident.
One shift with the unlucky charm A freaking sniper.
I need a moment.
Did you manage to track the shooter? No.
He even took his shell casing.
But it's gotta be La Fiera's doing.
And now that she's gotten her revenge, I'll bet she'll head home to Guatemala, lay low in friendly territory until the dust settles.
She was tracing Reyna's calls.
Most likely.
And I led her straight to him.
Don't do that to yourself.
You were trying to do the right thing.
It's not your fault.
I'm I'm sorry, will you excuse me? I have an ADA problem.
Okay, we should have stopped it.
It was my call.
And Lucy handled herself like a pro.
She was hot-walking those guys around like she had been doing it for years.
She is clear that if she is in over her head, she can pull herself out.
She won't, and you know it.
There's no quit in Chen.
Look, she's due for a check-in at midnight.
I will take her temperature then.
If I feel like she is in too deep, then we can go get her.
- Call me right after.
- Alright.
Now I gotta go to my second job Planning Lopez's emergency wedding.
Uh, plates and flatware are under "food," right? Yes.
Even though we don't eat the plates, they still fall under the food category.
- Copy that.
- Great.
So, that leaves Flowers, music, an officiant, the cake, and the marriage license.
Picked up the license during lunch.
And I got the music.
My performing arts teacher is a cellist.
I told her to learn the "Wedding March" and some Cardi B.
- Who? - Uh, never mind.
She's She's joking.
I I feel bad.
W-Why? Well, this is for something special.
Tamara and I are doing it for money.
- It doesn't feel right.
- Oh, nonsense.
You two are providing a service.
It has value, and you should get paid for it.
It doesn't make your help any less special.
Or appreciated.
- Okay? - Okay.
Seriously, who is Cardi B? - Let me show you a video.
- Unh-unh.
Ah, Mr.
Del Monte.
- Uh, y-you have a second? - Ah, Nolan.
Uh, not really.
Actually, I'm kind of late for dinner.
You charged my shoplifter with felony assault.
Why? Look at your hand.
I slipped and fell.
While in pursuit of the suspect.
Wouldn't have happened if he hadn't committed the crime.
He committed a misdemeanor.
We can't up-charge him to a felony because I was clumsy.
No, relax.
It's not gonna go to trial.
This guy's gonna plead out.
I'll knock it down to, like, reckless endangerment.
He'll get a couple years' probation, tops.
It's fine.
And a felony on his record, which will affect every aspect of his life from here on out.
How can that be justice? Okay, look, I know you're still new to all this, but that's exactly what it is it's justice.
And actually, last time I checked, I had a pretty sterling reputation with your police union, so It's still wrong, and you know it.
How about this I won't tell you how to arrest them, and you don't tell me how to charge them.
Good talk.
You made it! Come in! Thank you, again.
I washed it.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
Oh, good, 'cause I didn't.
Seconds ago, on your doorstep, I realized a better person would've washed it, so I said I did, but Now I'm caught in a tangle of lies.
Bailey, this is Fiona.
I-I didn't realize it was a party.
- A party? - No.
Uh, sorry.
I w-would've called you, um, but I don't know your last name and I didn't have your number.
Uh, Fiona Ryan is my ethics and law professor.
She's helping me with an emergency work issue.
But you're welcome to stay.
I-I want you to stay.
- Will there still be food? - Yes.
- Then I'll stay.
- Excellent choice.
So, what's the issue? John just became aware of the systemic problem of overcharging in the justice system.
Okay, when you say it like that, you make me sound naive.
I had a wobbler today.
It's a crime that could be charged either as a misdemeanor or a felony.
Yes, and the ADA went ahead and charged it as a felony even though it was not one.
Things are so much more simple in the UCMJ.
Uniform Code of Military Justice.
I thought you were a firefighter.
I am.
I'm also a reserve in the Army National Guard.
And a capoeira instructor, in case you ever want to learn dance fighting.
Ooh, I love dance fighting.
Oh, it's the most excellent workout.
I do it every Thursday night after I volunteer at the ACLU.
Okay, between the two of you, I'm officially starting to feel like a slacker.
So, why can't you just go to this DA guy and ask him not to charge a felony? Well, cops don't decide on the charges.
- The DA's office does that.
- Oh.
Do not leave out the department's complicity in this problem, John.
Police officers are ordered to write up almost all wobblers as felonies.
- Mm.
- Not ordered.
Strongly encouraged.
And where we don't, the DA almost always upcharges to the felony anyway.
So, what are you gonna do? And don't let the fact that this decision will tell me everything I need to know about you as a person sway your choice.
Oh, I like her.
I like you.
Lucy missed her check-in.
- She's cooking.
- You don't know that for sure.
She's either cooking or she's dead.
- She's not dead.
- Then she's making product.
From the chemicals she stole, we know it's meth.
Alright, that takes four to eight hours.
Look, you and I both know it's against the law for her to allow product she cooked to hit the streets.
If we don't find her, she's gonna stop it by herself Or die trying.
Are you done? No.
I'm just getting started.
It's gonna take me all night.
Why? You've been at it for three hours already.
I want it finished and out the door by sunrise.
Yeah, and I want a mansion and a yacht, but I'm dealing with chemicals that explode if you look at them funny, so I'll take the time I need.
It's out by sunrise, or it's over.
Where's the rest of it? The lab you built me was undersized, so I only had enough time to make one batch.
Why the hell are you telling me that now? 'Cause I wasn't in the mood to have this conversation.
I'm done with your attitude.
I can find another cook.
Wait, wait.
Look, I'm sorry.
It's It's been a long night.
But I can make some more.
And it'll be quicker this time.
I promise.
Do it.
But I'm not waiting.
Half-Life will stay while you cook.
I gotta get this out on the street.
It should all go out together.
Why? Aah! Hey.
It's me.
La Fiera's here.
Mission Road Hurry.
Okay, I-I give up, I give up! iNo más! iNo más! It's okay.
It's okay.
Amiga! Amiga, huh? Who says I need a friend? Everybody needs a friend.
Especially one with certain skills.
You want to come work for me? It's clearly my best option.
I haven't said it was an option yet.
I hear you're running Aldo's operation.
You owe product to the Madrigal family, which means you owe it to me now.
No problem.
I can give you half right now.
It's already in the truck.
And she can make the rest.
She can? Then what do I need you for? Wait.
You can make the rest, right? Yes, ma'am.
There's enough chemicals here.
I just I need my hands free.
You look familiar to me.
I can't imagine why.
We've never met.
I'm not so sure.
I have a very good memory for faces.
I I swear, I'd remember you.
You're unforgettable.
I'm just a nobody.
- You're not a nobody, are you? - No, I'm a cop.
And you're under arrest.
You stole my line.
I thought you said she needed rescuing.
Turn around, Hermana.
Hands behind your back.
I told you it was gonna end this way.
You okay? Let's just go with yes.
How'd you guys get here so fast? Not that I'm complaining.
When you didn't report in last night, Sergeant Grey called the chief, who called every law enforcement agency in Southern California.
400 cops just spent the night looking for you.
I told you to leave it alone.
You did.
And I didn't.
And now he's got me on his side.
Okay, fine.
I'll I'll knock down the assault charge on his shoplifter.
Not good enough.
I just got off the phone with three other division watch commanders.
As of tomorrow, we're instructing all our officers to treat wobblers as a misdemeanor, never a felony, unless there's damn good reason to.
And if you keep overcharging, you're gonna lose the cooperation of the arresting officers.
Good luck making a plea deal after that.
Expect a call from the DA.
- Maybe even the mayor.
- They have the number.
And you Don't ever come calling for a favor.
You just made an enemy at the DA's office.
- Was it worth it? - Absolutely, sir.
Get back to work.
I'll be out of here before you know it.
No, you won't.
You can lie to yourself about it if you want, just like you lied to yourself about Diego.
What the hell are you talking about? Cesar might have sent the shooter who killed him, but you loaded the gun.
You crossed a line with Diego you said you never would.
You used him as a cover to talk to Cesar's father.
You hung the target around your son's neck.
He's dead because of you, Hermana.
And deep down, you know it.
This is amazing.
I can't believe you pulled it together in two days.
No, it was a team effort.
Quarterbacked by Patrice.
Thank you for being there for me during the craziness.
I know it hasn't been easy.
Oh, you owe me forever.
I mean, you could save my life like three times - and we still wouldn't be even.
- I know.
Is there anything I can do? Set up chairs? Arrange flowers? No.
You're the bride.
Just relax, enjoy.
I need superglue, hair pins, and your badge.
Why my badge? I'll handle this.
You should go get ready.
This wedding is starting on time.
Yes, sir.
Mom, this is perfect.
You finally used your powers for good.
Well, it was nice having a practice run for the real thing.
I'm thinking next June in Tuscany.
No, Mom, this is our wedding.
- The only wedding.
- We'll see.
So, we just realized that Lopez doesn't have her something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Uh, let's see.
My grandmother wore this at her wedding.
Should be old enough, I think.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Oh, great, she'll be wearing my brooch.
Please sit wherever you like.
And the bar is open.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, my friend.
And thank you, by the way, for being my plus-one.
I hope it's not too weird that our first date is a wedding.
Well, technically, our first date was a TED Talk on prosecutorial abuse.
To be fair, you came into my life wearing a towel.
I felt compelled to be unexpected.
Puts a lot of pressure on our first kiss.
I like a challenge.
I need to borrow something.
Oh, hi.
Good to meet you.
And you too.
- What do you need? - Doesn't matter.
Ah, something borrowed.
- Perfect.
- Henry made me this when he was in third grade.
It's my good luck charm.
I'm gonna want that back.
Of course.
Thank you.
- Shall we? - Yes.
Ooh! Uh, nice pocket square, sir.
Could I, um, maybe borrow it for a few hours? What? No.
It pulls together the whole outfit.
It's for Lopez, sir.
It better come back spotless.
Thank you.
As I was saying First Nolan, now Chen.
Turned out to be a pretty good teacher.
Forget undercover work, you might have found your calling.
Here's the thing, sir It's all my calling.
If I were to go into politics this afternoon, I would be president in four years.
I believe it.
- Officer Chen.
- Look at you! Triumph suits you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you both for believing in me.
Well, the hardest part is still ahead Adrenaline crash.
Monday morning, it is back to transients - and noise complaints.
- Yeah.
To tell the truth, I kind of missed it.
Um, will you excuse me? Yeah.
Nice suit.
Nova would be impressed.
Nova was a little thirsty.
I like to think of her as assertive.
First solo op, and you take down two major drug traffickers.
Not bad.
Thank you.
Hey, Chen.
Yeah? Save me a dance.
Come in.
I feel enormous.
No, you look amazing.
What have you got for me? Oh! Yes.
Uh, something old Patrice's grandmother wore this on her wedding day.
Old? That thing looks haunted.
Uh, something borrowed Nolan says this is lucky, so that should cancel out the brooch.
And something blue From the Sarge.
How am I supposed to wear all this? Right.
- How's that? - Ridiculous.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're so welcome.
Now get out of here before I start crying - and ruin my makeup.
- Yes, ma'am.
Um, did you need anything else? Oh, uh, a breath mint? Fresh pack Something new.
It's like "Mary Poppins" in there.
Oh, wedding's in 10.
Have you seen Jackson? Not recently.
Is that the wedding bouquet? Yeah.
I was supposed to give it to him to take to Mrs.
Well, I can do that.
There you go.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
I'm coming! Angela? It's John.
I got your bouquet.
Angela? Lopez?
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