The Rookie (2018) s04e01 Episode Script

Life and Death

1 Previously on "The Rookie" SANDRA: "Querida Angela, in my country, we tie a red ribbon around the baby's wrist to ward off evil.
" I'll be out of here before you know it.
LOPEZ: No, you won't.
You can lie to yourself about it if you want just like you lied to yourself about Diego.
Diego! You look amazing.
All right.
And something new.
It's like Mary Poppins in there.
Uh, the wedding's in 10.
- I'm coming! Angela? Breach team is in position.
Copy that No sentries on roof.
But drone infrared is not able to penetrate the structure, so I don't know what's waiting for you inside.
Well, let's go find out.
Just say the word.
I repeat, we're green and go.
NOLAN: Guys, Angela's gone.
LUCY: I can't find Jackson.
HARPER: Malos Dorados just hit the prison transport.
They freed La Fiera.
TIM: She must've taken them.
LUCY: We got surveillance video of Lopez and Jackson being taken.
It's being uploaded now.
TIM: Sir, the breach team is ready.
We're ready to breach.
Sarge, are you there? Stand by.
Drone's finishing its pass.
Sarge, you should wait for my guys to breach.
- We can be ready in 20 - It's been three hours since Officer West was killed, and Lopez taken.
We traced the kidnap vehicle here.
We're going in now.
Breach team, take the warehouse.
- Clear.
- Clear.
HARPER: Clear.
Guys, it's Lopez's dress.
Stop! There's a trip wire, running from the dress under the SUV.
C4, couple pounds of it.
All right, we're outta here same way we came in.
Everyone move slowly and keep your eyes peeled, for any more booby-traps.
TIM: Sir, the warehouse is empty, but they left an IED behind.
- We're gonna need the bomb squad.
- [SIGHS.]
Understood, any sign of Lopez? Just an empty wedding dress.
Most likely, they had a switch vehicle in place.
Given the timeline, I'd say, they've been on the road at least 40 minutes.
It's too much time, They could be halfway to anywhere by now.
Sir, we need that bomb squad ASAP so we can process this scene.
Our only hope of finding Lopez is to ID the switch vehicle.
NOLAN: Guys? They didn't have a switch car waiting.
They used this old road as a makeshift runway.
They had a plane.
I told you I'd be out before you know it.
- Where are you taking me? - Home Where I am the strongest.
You're wondering why you're still alive.
It's not hard to guess.
Killing me quickly wouldn't be satisfying after I called you out for Diego's death.
So you're taking me with you where she can break out the toolbox and make it hurt.
Abril isn't here to hurt you, hermana.
She is here to protect you.
Or rather, to protect el niño.
You see, I'm not going to kill you.
Not yet, anyway.
Not until my baby is born.
That's not good enough.
TAGGART: With all due respect, you wouldn't be in this meeting, unless a U.
Senator didn't owe your family a favor.
My fiancée was just abducted by a cartel queenpin who is running circles around the DEA, - so don't give me that.
- Okay! Okay, okay.
This is getting us nowhere.
So What are you doing to get my detective back alive? The DEA is using all available resources to track down any intel on La Fiera's recent actions.
But here's the hard truth You have no proof that Detective Lopez was even on that plane.
If they were going to kill her, they would have done it at the same time as Officer West.
She's still alive and I'm not gonna lose another cop.
Do you understand me? If we get proof that Angela was on that plane, you'll go get her.
Look Believe it or not, I am not a bad guy.
But when you are this high up the federal food chain, there is a layer of politics that needs to be navigated.
Now, the reality is, you could bring me that proof.
I can't act on it - Not right away.
- If we don't move heaven and earth to protect our own, it'll be open season on cops! Even a suit like you should understand that.
Sergeant, I share your frustration My frustration?! I lost a kid who was like a son to me! What I'm feeling Is biblical! So, if you are done wasting my time, I have a killer to catch and a friend to save.
Do you at least know where La Fiera would take Angela? Ascertaining that information is our number-one priority.
Mine, too.
Welcome to your new home.
It's beautiful, no? I had it built with the look of the old world with the comforts of the new.
And the security.
This place is defensible against everything short of an air strike.
Para hacerta fácil.
I'll save you the trouble.
We have six guard teams, two with dogs.
But we rotate them daily so they don't fall into a routine.
But, you'll never get to test that, because for the next three months, I will not be leaving your side.
- Lucky me.
- Come.
Let me show you to your room.
You didn't tell me que es tan bonita.
This is Dr.
She brought my angel Diego into this world.
And she'll be living here with you, solely focused on you, and the baby.
Let's get you settled so I can check your vitals make sure the baby's fine after all your recent stress.
Don't touch me.
Hermana, you seem to misunderstand.
You have no choice here.
No free will.
You are here as a surrogate for my child.
As long as you play nice, you will want for nothing.
A life full of pure luxury.
But if you resist If you cause trouble Dr.
Morales will put you into a twilight sleep, and you will spend the next three months as an incubator not even conscious when your baby comes and your life ends.
LUCY: I almost got us all killed.
That trip wire was nearly invisible.
I only saw it because I had the right angle.
That's not the point.
I should've known to look.
Well, that sounds like a failure in training.
Perhaps you should bring it up with Tim.
Can you imagine? [VOICE BREAKING.]
I ca I can't believe Jackson's gone.
I know.
Do you really think that Lopez is still alive? - Yes, I do.
- Why? 'Cause they took her.
If they wanted to kill her, it would've been easier just to do it on site.
Yeah, but maybe less satisfying.
Maybe La Fiera wanted to kill her personally.
Look, we can't think like that.
TIM: No, Harper's right.
We have to look at this with cop eyes.
Now, give me a reason, why La Fiera would go through the trouble of taking Lopez to Guatemala with her.
The baby.
The two women bonded over motherhood.
Diego's death would have devastated La Fiera.
Psychologically, she'd need a scapegoat for her anger and grief.
That was Cesar, and she killed him.
Yeah, but that didn't bring her son back.
And then we caught her.
Could that turn her rage on us? Specifically, on Lopez, who she felt betrayed the bond that they shared.
If La Fiera truly wants to hurt Lopez, taking her baby is the ultimate revenge.
- Yeah that, I buy.
- Mm-hmm.
- What happened? - We're on our own.
LUCY: What? How can the DEA not help us? - Politics.
- HARPER: W-We can't just do nothing.
GREY: We're not going to, job one: Track down the man who killed Officer West.
I reviewed the security footage.
Our killer clearly reacted to something physical, right before he shot Officer West.
He yanked his arm back.
NOLAN: Jackson scratched him.
He knew he was gonna die.
His last act was helping us find his killer.
CARADINE: Coroner found skin under Officer West's nails.
We're rushing the DNA.
Hopefully, we'll have results in the morning.
And hopefully, they match someone in our system.
What about Angela? I don't know yet.
It's just, um Look, we're all racking our brains, sir.
We'll come up with a plan.
It's not all on you.
All right, um, today was a hard day The worst day.
Go home Try to get some rest, while Caradine's team takes the baton.
Tomorrow won't be any easier.
I can't go back to the apartment His empty room You don't have to.
You can stay with me.
I don't want to impose.
No, Lucy, you shouldn't be alone right now.
How do you think Wesley's holding up? [LOUD ROCK MUSIC PLAYS.]
I need to talk to Elijah.
- Hold on.
- ELIJAH: You gotta watch this part.
This is my favorite.
Look, look, look, look.
I've been described as good Some would even say great But what have I done To deserve such a fate? Mr.
Lawyer Man.
Word on the street is, you got trouble.
- Yeah.
- And you Came to me for help.
Look, I don't have many options.
La Fiera took Angela.
I need to know where she's holding her.
No problem.
In Guatemala.
- Oh.
- Mm.
Well, that adds a level of difficulty.
You saying, you can't find that out? No, I can get that.
But, you know what it's gonna cost you.
I do.
You need to say it.
I become a crooked lawyer for you.
I use my access and my privilege to break my oath, deliver orders to guys in prison Money to people that you can't get close to.
And you're okay with that? Because the first time I asked, you got a little high and mighty.
I'll do whatever it takes to get her back.
A desperate man.
That's my favorite kind.
I'll make some inquiries.
Wait for my call.
That's not creepy at all.
You know you're gonna have to sleep sometime.
I never sleep.
Everybody sleeps.
You'd go crazy if you didn't.
When I was, um, a niña chiquita, these soldiers came and they took my father.
Ripped me from his arms, just Threw me away like nothing.
The doctors told my mother, that the fall damaged the part of the brain that controls sleep And arousal.
Ironically, although I can never fall asleep, I am turned on, all of the time.
Sounds exhausting.
Abril Sandra has lost control.
Even you have to see that.
She's not thinking rationally anymore, and that's gonna get her killed And you with her.
Then I die.
And I will finally rest.
TIM: I'll take the couch.
Wait, I thought you were setting that up for me.
I'm not gonna have a guest sleep on the couch.
And I'm not gonna kick you out of your own bed.
Come on.
Get up.
Um Do you need - Anything? - The last 24 hours back.
I'm afraid I don't have that power.
A hug? - [STAMMERS.]
- Yeah.
Come here.
- It's okay.
- Thanks.
Um - Good night.
- 'Night.
TIM: Yeah, okay.
We'll be right there.
Wesley knows where they're hiding Lopez.
What? La Fiera is holding Angela at a compound outside Guatemala City.
I'm going to get her back, but I could use help.
- I'm in.
- Me, too.
- We all are.
- Hold on.
The only people qualified, to even think of doing this craziness, is Bradford and Harper.
Are you saying we don't even try and save her? SGT.
Grey: Of course not, but we can't just go running into hostile territory, without a good damn plan.
La Fiera is gonna have sicarios and half the police force protecting her.
She'll know the second we step off a plane.
So, then, we don't fly commercial.
Last I checked, LAPD doesn't have an air force.
And the DEA isn't gonna lend us theirs.
What about Max? Who the hell's Max? - I'm listening.
- Um You remember that counterfeiting case a while back, that started with the murder of a transient? You mean the case where the killer came wandering up to you at the docks in Long Beach? - Yeah, I remember it.
- Yeah, well, you weren't fully "in the loop", for some aspects of that arrest.
TIM: Max works in the shadows at the Defense Department.
His unit runs covert operations around the globe.
They printed that counterfeit money to fund them.
And we let him walk with it, in exchange for our killer.
He would have the resources to fly us in under the radar.
Maybe even provide tactical support on the ground.
And why would he do that.
Because he doesn't want his sins put on blast.
You have a way to contact this guy? Not exactly.
Well, last time he found us, when we ran the name of a colonel through the system.
I would bet that if we ran that name again, he'd find us again.
Okay, do it.
Nolan, you fold in with Bradford and Harper.
Start a mission plan.
Chen, you're with me at the station, to work the murder case.
- Yes, sir.
- Nolan Come here.
Given everything that happened, it's easy to lose sight of what today signifies for you.
The end of your time as a rookie.
You accepted your punishment with grace and humility, and I'm proud to say, you are officially a P2.
- Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
GREY: Hello? Congrats.
- We're gonna find her.
- I know.
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
The DNA came back.
We have an ID on Jackson's killer.
CARADINE: His name is Armando De Leon.
17 years old.
Gang unit says he was jumped into Malos Dorados six months ago.
Murder weapon is outstanding, and he's considered armed and dangerous.
SWAT hit his house 20 minutes ago, but he's in the wind.
That means we are following up with everyone he knows.
Let's flush him out.
Shooting policy is the following Even if he's fleeing, deadly force is authorized.
He's already killed one of us.
Hold up, Sergeant.
We're not in the retribution business.
This kid comes in in handcuffs, unless there's no other choice.
Is that understood? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
And no solo riders today.
Everyone doubles up.
Be safe out there.
Look at him.
He's just a child.
No, he's a killer.
Now, let's go find him.
NOLAN: No, these satellite images are garbage.
I can't even see the place.
I-If I'm gonna find a crack in the system, I need high-res photos.
Blueprints would be even better.
Yeah, we're not gonna get those.
This is not the kind of place that's ever been listed - on Zillow.
- No, but, whoever designed the place would have the plans.
We just need to figure out who that is and "borrow" them.
You were told to leave us alone.
- Where's Max? - We're all Max.
Why am I here? We need help.
One of our own is being held in Guatemala - Angela Lopez.
- The girl with the .
50 cal.
The woman.
And you're gonna help us get her back.
No can do, we don't do private parties.
I'll be sure to make that distinction on CNN.
We had a deal.
Circumstances changed.
We're making a new deal.
I can get you in and out, provide basic supplies on the ground, but no personnel.
And if you get caught, you're on your own.
Next stop, Guatemala.
Two untraceable vehicles, full gas tanks.
Three ARs, five mags each.
TIM: We won't need them, this turns into a shooting war, we lose ten times out of ten.
HARPER: Sure, but I'm still gonna take mine.
In the bags, there's pistols, an RC ground drone, scrambled radios, flashlights, food, and water.
You have ten hours to get your woman and get her back here for exfil.
We won't wait, and we will not make more than one pickup.
- Is that clear.
- Yeah.
Happy hunting.
All right, we're gonna set up an overlook, recon the compound, while you go steal the blueprints from the architect, - find us a way in.
- Right.
Wesley's plane should be landing right now.
He needs to play his part perfectly, or they're gonna kill him the second they're clear of the airport.
Hola, Señor.
Hey, hola.
This way.
- Spread your legs.
- Take it easy.
I'm here to talk to Sandra de la Cruz.
Man, guess what, gringo? She doesn't want to talk to you.
So it looks like you flew a long way [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
- Let's go.
- No! I didn't.
I have an offer for La Fiera that she would kill you to hear.
So we're gonna go see her.
Right now.
We can introduce you to la muerta later.
I'm here.
So are we.
Good luck.
- Señor Mitchell? - Yes.
Yes, and thank you again, for seeing me - on such short notice.
- Por supuesto.
- Your call was intriguing.
- Oh, thank you.
As I was telling you on the phone, I am the project manager for the 17th richest man in the U.
, and he fell in love with your country, after vacationing here last Christmas.
There is much to love.
Por favor.
There sure is.
Now, he's about to close on a hundred acres just outside Puerto Barrios, and he wants to build something truly unique.
Now, typically, we would go with Munson Jennings out of New York, but I convinced him we need to look more locally.
I appreciate that.
What kind of property is he looking to build? If I may be frank, something massive.
A compound, uh, main house, guest house, stables.
The kind of cutting-edge securities that celebrities, and dictators - have come to love.
Have you designed anything along those lines? Of course, we have several unique options in here.
Oh, these are exquisite! Yes.
Very nice.
Now, he will be putting the main house right on a mountaintop.
Have you designed anything specifically like that? We have.
Maybe you can show me some of the properties you've built for him, so I can get a better sense of his style And your capabilities.
Yes, of course.
That'd be a great idea.
Uh, before we get started, - may I use your restroom? - Por supuesto.
Back past the elevators.
Thank you.
Uh, gracias.
De nada.
TIM: On the bright side, they don't have a tank.
Yeah, but they got everything else.
I mean, this place is crawling with guards.
Cop car, he's coming up to the house.
Well, they didn't kill him.
You surprise me.
I didn't think you were the type to die for love.
I'm here to negotiate.
Your office is next to an aquarium supply store.
What could you possibly have to offer me? If you know about my office, then you know that my family has money.
- A lot of money.
- I have more.
No doubt, but what you don't have is a U.
Senator in your pocket one who is standing ready to insert language into the trade deal that's currently being negotiated with your country.
Trade deals don't apply to what I sell.
No But they do apply to the export companies you use to launder money in the U.
Tariffs are killing you right now.
I could cut them in half with one phone call.
Ifl let you walk away with Angela.
And my baby.
Let me make a few phone calls.
Ensure that you can deliver on what you promise.
- And then we'd have a deal? - Maybe.
Or, maybe I don't care about the money And I feed you to my dogs.
GREY: Control, 7-Adam-100.
Show us Code 6, at 1305 Dozier.
Armando's cousin lives in 3C.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Look, I know it hurts.
But you're a professional.
It's your job, and everyone is depending on you to do it, especially Jackson's family.
And you don't want to let them down, do you? - No, sir.
- Good.
Let's go.
Send backup to our location! Code 3! [RATTLING.]
Armando! Freeze! Armando, show me your hands! All right, all right.
- You got me.
B to A, what's your 20? Sergeant Grey, where are you? What's your t I ain't scared.
Yeah, you are.
I bet you were even scared when you pulled that trigger and killed my officer.
A young man so full of life.
It hurts my soul to think of him, lying on a cold table, in a dark drawer.
You're here to get revenge? Revenge It's a fantasy.
I got a devil on my shoulder, telling me he's holy, and it would be so easy to listen.
So easy To give in, and pull this trigger Just like you pulled that trigger.
But I won't.
- You're under arrest, for the murder of Jackson West.
If there's any justice in the world, you'll realize the grief you caused and the life you threw away.
Control, 7-Adam-100.
I can't raise my partner.
We may have an officer down.
I need help and an ambulance.
Code 3.
Thank God.
Control, cancel that distress call.
7-Adam-100 is Code 4.
Hey, are you okay? What the hell are you doing here? Negotiating for your release.
We have a plan.
Buying time until Tim and Harper can get us out of here.
Hey! Hey! Back it up! Back it up! She's not yours anymore! No, she's mine! Okay? And you don't touch her, unless I say you can.
Do you understand me? He's got it.
We're all good.
Right, baby? Yeah, I'm good.
NOLAN: I got bad news.
According to the blueprints, this place is a fortress Redundant security systems, pressure-sensitive alarms.
But there's good news, too, right? Yes, there should be a covert way in.
It's an access tunnel that leads to the wine cellar, pan left.
- TIM: Okay.
- Right at the base of the house.
And, there.
Now zoom in.
And it - Damn it! - What? Well, they realized it was a weakness.
They put a gate on it.
That was not in the plans.
Maybe we can break the lock, - or, uh, bump it, or - No.
No, we'd be exposed too long.
A roving patrol would spot us.
Plus, there's no guarantee, that other, new security measures aren't inside.
- We have to go to Plan B.
- I don't like Plan B.
There are too many unknowns.
Would you rather stage a frontal assault on an elevated position? No! [CELLPHONE RINGS.]
- Did you get her.
- No.
- We're going to Plan B.
- I don't like Plan B.
Join the club.
It's what we got.
- Are you ready.
- Uh, just just let me get set up, okay? Call me when you're in position.
- Max, come in.
- Go for Max.
We're going to Plan B.
Really? Yeah, we don't have a choice.
The pickup's at a new extraction point.
Copy that, we'll be there in 60.
But if you're not there on time, we're not waiting.
All right, we got to go get set up.
All right, I'll stay here, keep eyes-on, let you know when they're on the move.
Then I'll fall in behind, meet you at the exfil.
We got to alert Wesley.
That means there's a problem.
- We have to go to Plan B.
- What's Plan B? Means they can't get in to rescue us.
We have to get La Fiera to get us out of here.
How? She's not letting me leave until I have the baby.
Hey! Go get a doctor! Hey, go! She's feeling - really lightheaded.
- Oh.
She's had blood pressure issues during the pregnancy.
- Uh, lay her on the bed.
- Go! Hurry up! Okay.
It's okay.
- What the hell is that? - Pitocin.
Enough to start contractions.
No, no.
It's too early.
- We will lose the baby.
- Angela, Angela.
We need to get them to take us to the hospital, okay? Harper will be there with a drug to counteract the effects.
I know you're scared.
Listen, I'm scared, too.
But this is the only way outta here.
Trust me, okay? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
Come on, let's go! Let's hurry up! - [GROANING.]
- You okay? It's fine.
You'll be all right.
- Let's go! - What did you do? Nothing.
- Hey! - LOPEZ: Wait! What are you doing?! [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
LOPEZ: What are you doing?! No! [GROANING.]
No! No! No! - We got a problem.
- HARPER: What is it? They're taking Wesley somewhere to kill him.
- I'm going after them.
- There's no time.
The chopper will be here in 30 minutes.
- He'll never make it back.
- John, - you can't.
We have - I have to.
I'd never be able to look Angela in the eyes again if I didn't.
John, listen to me There's nothing we can do to help him now.
- Damn it.
- Hey.
- Hey, you got them? Not yet.
Uhm Wait, yes.
A black SUV, yellow stripes.
They have a Guatemalan police car escorting them.
- How far out? - Um, five minutes? All right, thanks.
We got it from here.
T-Tim? Please be careful.
- I always am.
You ready? I told you I hated this plan, right? Twice, but it's gonna work.
Element of surprise.
Little shock and awe.
- A controlled retreat.
- Yeah, we'll see how "controlled" it is.
I'll see you on the other side.
The walls are closing in My skin feels paper thin My mind is trapped again [GROANING.]
All right, how do you feel about running? - I'm in labor.
- Not for long.
Give me the shot! That should stop it pretty quick, okay? We gotta go.
We gotta go.
Living the lie Are you gonna live? - Are you gonna die? - [SPEAKS SPANISH.]
I cease to exist No right to exist TIM: Max, we need immediate evac.
We are three minutes out.
- Okay.
We're gonna be dead in three minutes.
- Get here faster.
- We need to save Wesley.
- They took him.
- Nolan's got him.
Let's go, let's go! [SCREAMS.]
You okay? The bullet just grazed me.
What about Wesley? And Nolan? We need to make another stop.
No other stops.
I told you that.
Okay, we're gonna make another stop.
Oh, this is very dramatic.
Life is sacred, no? We should honor it when we take it.
Plus, they'll use your body as fertilizer.
Makes the oranges extra sweet.
- Bueno, this is far enough.
Where do you want it in the face, or the back of the head? - Neither.
Come on.
That's our ride.
- LOPEZ: Go, go, go! - Let's go! Let's go! Go! Go, go! TIM: Go, go, go, go, go! [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING.]
LOPEZ: I miss the nurses.
Why did we have to leave the hospital? Well, they kicked us out.
- Welcome home.
- Welcome home! Welcome home! Oh, no.
Did we just wake the baby? No, it's okay.
7-Adam-20, shots fired at Pico and Arlington! He sleeps through everything.
He's the best baby ever, which means, I'm the best mom ever.
She doesn't know they all sleep like that, - for the first few days.
- Nope, and we won't tell her.
Hey, I'll get him settled.
- Thanks, babe.
- No problem.
You guys didn't have to do all this.
We wanted to.
You got a year's worth of diapers, and both freezers are stocked with meals.
- "Both"? - We ran out of room, so we bought you a second freezer.
NOLAN: What are you in the mood for? We have mac and cheese, lasagna, enchilada, mac and cheese - All of it.
- I like your style.
So, Nyla and I put this together.
There's fenugreek, Shatavari, goat's rue tea Great for breast feeding, raspberry leaf, excellent for uterine health and, of course, an assortment of lactation cookies filled with brewer's yeast and moringa.
These are homemade.
- Thank you so much.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, I'll -I'll go put the rest of this away.
All I'm saying is that, personally, I would not eat any of it.
- Not even the cookies? - Especiallythe cookies.
But, it made her happy to focus on something positive, so I'm gonna go hide these.
Oh, oh So, go ahead and burn bright Try to be your Shelter from the rain I thought they'd be mostly pulling each other's hair out by now, but Mom and Patrice, they just play with the baby and gossip about "The Bachelor.
" I live in fear that they'll start watching "Real Housewives" next.
What else? Kind of miss the station.
Not the smells but The rest of it.
I know I'm lucky right now.
Can't imagine going in and Not seeing your smile, or Hearing your voice.
By the time my leave's over Maybe I'll be able to face it.
Anyway, [SIGHS.]
- That's my update.
- Go ahead and bright Come on, Jackson.
Let's go home and see Daddy.

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