The Rookie (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

Five Minutes

1 Alright.
Sumatra Sunrise, Harissa Honey, Turmeric Latte.
I like them all.
They're very soothing.
Like the colors you'd choose for a psych ward.
Do you want to go back to the browns then? I really don't.
Just paint it whatever you want.
It's yourapartment.
Yeah, but this is your room.
You know, you should choose.
It's It's not mine, though.
It's Yeah.
Uh, what do you think? Uh, oh, I think you should hire a decorator.
And I think we really need to get to the station.
The next 48 hours are going to be crazy.
Nice to see you again, Tamara.
Hey, do you think, um, we're being silly you know, taking this long - to pick a color - Not at all.
Though I'd argue "we" is the wrong pronoun to use.
Tamara settled on a color two weeks ago.
And last week.
And Saturday.
You vetoed them all.
I did not, I just I just really want to make sure that she's thinking this through.
You know, this is her home now.
It's her safe space.
- It needs to be perfect.
- Mm.
Oh, hey.
Don't forget your bag.
- Yeah - What the heck is in here? Books.
Tim gave me a long list of books to read to help me become a training officer.
According to him, I have to up my Investigative IQ if I'm gonna make T.
in a year.
Is it weird for you that Tim is officially - no longer a T.
? - No.
I mean, I'm moving on with my career.
And today so is he.
Plus you secretly love it that technically he's a rookie sergeant.
Is he? I hadn't thought of that.
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I'm gonna win for you Like I know you want me to do Hey So, uh, rumor is I am getting a new rookie today.
Yeah, we need to talk about him.
That doesn't sound good.
- You wanted to see me, sir? - Yeah.
I'm afraid I got a complaint about your uniform.
Yeah, that Department-issued sergeant's badge that won't do.
That is 80% tin.
But this is solid silver and real gold.
Thank you.
See, you earned it.
I won't let you down.
Sure you will.
This is a hard transition.
You will fail as much as you succeed.
And you are starting your watch on the craziest weekend of the year.
I can handle it.
I've been a supervisor before.
Different animal.
s are drill sergeants.
Supervisors Coaches.
Orange slices, got it.
Those stripes are Velcro, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
- You'll do Roll Call today.
- Yes, sir.
I'll go get up to speed.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Oh, uh, w-what was my bad news? Your new rookie is Aaron Thorsen.
Poor thing.
If I had the same name as a tabloid murderer, I would definitely change it immediately.
Especially if I was joining the LAPD.
But he's the Aaron Thorsen.
- And he was exonerated.
- Okay.
So the LAPD is just letting anybody in now? No.
Officer Thorsen had to sue to get into the Academy.
But he earned solid scores once there.
And now he is your new rookie.
So, the question is: Are you going to condemn him before you meet him, or give him five minutes to prove he deserves to be here? If he can't hack it, I will cut him.
Lawsuit or no.
Oh, my God.
Do you know who that guy is? Um Oh, that's the new rookie.
We should introduce ourselves.
Oh, no.
Do you honestly not recognize him? Is he not the new rookie? That's Aaron Thorsen.
Wha Rich kid.
TikTok famous before he got arrested for murdering his roommate in Paris - while he was studying abroad.
- Right.
Oh, right.
God, that trial went on forever.
Trials, plural.
The case was a mess.
The dynamics between two of the investigators really drove a lot of the issues.
How do you know all that? I taught myself French, so I could follow the coverage.
Of course you did.
Officer Thorsen.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I am Detective Nyla Harper, your training officer.
- Nice to meet you, ma'am - I would hold off on that sentiment.
I'm gonna make this very hard on you.
You are getting the equivalent of five minutes today to prove to me why your infamy doesn't make you a liability to this Department, and a threat to my safety - Yes, ma'am.
- I will put your past front and center, because that is what the public will do when we are out on the street.
So you better be squared away.
Five minutes, or your shift will be over by lunch.
Yes, ma'am.
Rookies sit in the front row.
Find me after.
As many of you know we have a new sergeant in the field today.
Everyone, Sergeant Tim Bradford.
Thank you.
First up we've got a new rookie Officer Thorsen.
Stand up.
Now, there's a traditional introduction for probationary officers, but you are anything but traditional.
So I'm giving you 20 seconds to introduce yourself, before the rumor mill ramps up.
I know there's nothing that I can say in 20 seconds that'll change the way you all view me.
It's my actions that will define me.
And I promise to always have your back, and I will always strive to tip the scales towards justice Because I know what it's like when they're tipped the other way.
And I want to make something very clear Officer Thorsen was found not guilty.
He survived the Academy.
He earned the right to be here.
Till Harper cuts him Sit down.
Down to business.
This weekend's gonna suck.
We got the Dodgers in the playoffs, six different concerts, a fancy art exhibit opening, and the Getty Gala tomorrow night.
Now, every A-list celebrity with a pulse is gonna be there in all their blinged out glory.
Paparazzi are out in full force.
And we're getting requests for additional security faster than we can process them.
Now, I've only seen the potential for this much chaos one other time in my life, and that was at an FOB in Iraq.
So Good luck out there.
Were you trying to get them to quit? Just keeping it real.
Not enough orange slices? Let's go.
Hey, what do you think of - wallpaper? - Love it! Because I'm not qualified to hang it, so you'd have to hire someone else.
Lucy, you are the most insightful person I know, you have to see what's going on here Why you can't decide how to decorate Jackson's room.
Until you make it okay to move on, Tamara will never feel like she belongs there.
Whoa! She better be in labor.
Control, 7-Adam-15, we have a reckless driver, doing 70 down Hope.
Possible 23-152.
Three-Ocean-Edward- Boy-Zero-Five-Eight.
Plate comes back clear and valid, out of Torrance to Acme industries.
Oh, u-um you mind if I practice T.
'ing during this traffic stop? You wanna "work on your act" with me? Like I'm a no-nothing rookie? Yeah.
Unless that would bother you? No.
Not at all.
Show me what you got.
How do we approach a vehicle, Boot? - Boot? Really? - Yeah.
- As soon as it came out - Can we just.
work with me.
It sounded harsh even just coming out of my I feel terrible.
I'm starting again.
How do we approach a vehicle, Officer Chen? Using "Contact-Cover.
" Good work, Officer Chen.
You will take the Cover position.
Copy that.
You're doing really great.
Good morning, Officer.
Morning, ma'am.
You know why we pulled you over? I was speeding.
70 in a 40 zone.
It would be criminal to drive this car at 40 miles an hour.
The rules are the same for all cars.
No matter how expensive they are.
Officer Chen, you're not in position.
Now, may I see your license and registration, please? You could run me, but then it's gonna be this whole thing.
So how about I just say sorry and go? License and registration.
Now, please.
Promise you won't freak out.
I promise.
Okay, Claire Ivey.
Why don't you step out of the vehicle for me? So I can be sure you won't freak out and drive away while I run your documents.
Sure thing.
Thank you.
I bet he looks even better out of that uniform.
What's he gonna find when he runs you? A white whale.
Control, patch me through to 7-Adam-100.
The first lesson of being a good supervisor do not get to the crime scene first.
Getting to a scene first can hurt their confidence and tells them that you don't trust them.
- Yeah - 7-Adam-100, I have 7-Adam-15.
Patch him through.
Uh, sir, I just pulled over a driver for speeding, a Claire Ivey.
She has no outstanding warrants, but she is suspected in a dozen multimillion dollar thefts, stretching back 20 years from L.
to Hong Kong.
The Regency diamond heist.
Nolan, Claire Ivey has been a target of this Department for over 10 years.
Detective Lopez got close to catching her in 2016, but a witness disappeared.
Uh, it can't be a coincidence that she's in town on the craziest weekend of the year.
What do you want me to do? Cite her and let her know she's officially on our radar.
And, Nolan, impress on her that she should get her ass out of town ASAP.
Now is the time that he tells me to leave town ASAP.
Well, if he does, you should listen.
So? Suspected in 40 high-end robberies, arrested for none.
I'm impressed.
What brings you to L.
? The weather.
Well, I hear it's going to be even nicer, someplace else.
Maybe you should try there instead.
So, does that mean that I'm free to leave? You have a nice day.
Thank you.
What do you think? I think that I have a girl crush.
That's fair.
Control, 7-Adam-19.
Show us on a welfare check at 3312 Bronson.
So, tell me, Officer Thorsen, what are you gonna do if this welfare check recognizes you? What I already do: Nothing.
And if she refuses to deal with you, because you're a murderer? I'm not a murderer, ma'am.
I was found innocent.
Surely you're not naive to the reality of false accusations.
Especially against people who look like us.
How I feel personally about your case is irrelevant here.
My job is to assess your ability to become a police officer.
If every single call is about you, then this is gonna make it a lot harder to succeed.
Police! Step back.
Radio it in.
7-Adam-uh-19, we have signs of violence on scene.
Making entry.
That's gas.
Holster your weapon.
One spark, this whole house goes up.
Control, alert LAFD and SoCal we got a gas leak at 3312 Bronson.
There's no pulse.
Alright, come on.
Get out of here.
Go! Control, 7-Adam-19, update this event to a 187, alert Homicide and a supervisor.
A murder on your first call is a bad sign, five minutes.
What do we have? Victim is Michaela Faris, 32 years old.
Celebrity stylist.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
And it looks like whoever hit her turned on the gas to make sure she stayed dead.
Where's your rookie? - Did he puke? - Yeah.
But it was more than just the gore.
You know, it seems to have brought back some uncomfortable memories.
I don't know.
It almost feels like he shouldn't - be a cop.
- Luckily he has the best T.
in the business to help him through it.
He can say that, now that I've been promoted.
Will you stay focused on the scene, Sergeant? Yes, sir.
What's next? Well, we should canvass while LAFD clears it.
"We"? You're supervisor on scene.
A coach, not a player.
You should stay here, coordinate response.
Harper, grab your Boot, go canvass the neighbors.
Yes, sir.
- Harper - Hey.
You get anything more on Ivey? Car envy.
Excuse me.
I got Bailey, hey.
- John.
- Hey.
We have a body inside.
Can you get the gas off from out here so we can preserve the crime scene? Absolutely.
Mike, will you go take a look? Uh - How are you? - Good.
Uh, you? No.
I'm I'm I'm really good.
Uh, I'm I'm Lucy.
We I know.
We met at the, um The wedding.
Of course.
I should go help the guys.
They're useless without me.
Of course.
Uh, uh, great to see you.
You too.
What happened with you two? Oh.
Uh, this is the first I've seen her since the wedding.
I mean, we texted a few times back and forth after I got back from Guatemala but then there was the funeral, and, really didn't seem the right time to start something.
So I Once I found my feet, I just figured she moved on.
Well I'd say she's still kind of into you.
You should ask her out again.
Look, I know I screwed up back there.
It was just a little overwhelming.
All this time you've been trying to be a cop, it never occurred to you that you might have to walk into a murder scene? I thought I was better.
I haven't had an episode like that in a while.
But this is good.
I found a trigger, and I'm gonna work through it.
This is not a therapy session, four minutes.
This is people's lives.
Work through your issues on your own time.
And it was on that cold Paris night, that Aaron Thorsen's life changed forever, accused by French prosecutors of committing the gruesome murder of his roommate and long-time friend Patrick - Jack is finally, - Patrick finally down.
Who knew rocking him to sleep in this would actually work? Of course it works.
It's an unwashed hoodie reeking of the person he loves most in the world.
You know you're gonna be wearing that, every day from now on, right? We should try to get some sleep while we can.
I just need to finish watching this episode.
Why are you watching a docuseries on Aaron Thorsen? He's Harper's new rookie.
I leave for a month, and they start letting in French killers.
He's American.
And he was found not guilty.
After he was found guilty.
The defense was a joke.
If I'd have been his lawyer, wouldn't have gone to trial.
I got this.
You, get some sleep.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's John and Lucy.
- Is this a good time? - Does that even exist anymore? How's the baby? He's great.
A bit of a nightmare.
I haven't slept in two days.
Yikes, okay.
We'll make this fast.
Uh, you worked a case involving Claire Ivey a few years ago.
Let me guess, she's our new captain.
What? No.
But she is in town.
We pulled her over this morning.
I've never been so grateful for maternity leave.
- Is she that bad? - She's that good.
Claire will pull some impossible heist and leave you looking like fools.
Just like she did to me.
Any insights? She doesn't carry a crew.
Always hires locals for the job.
Getaway driver, hacker, muscle, demolitions expert.
Back in the day, I put together a list of people she likes, check that file.
Will do, thank you for your help.
- A-And get some sleep - Thank you.
Oh, Bailey.
Ask her out.
I Hey.
Um She had to pee.
- We all good inside? - Yeah.
We turned the gas off the house is venting I'd give 10, 15 before you let anyone in.
Thank you.
Uh, Bailey.
I think you're great, and I feel like we didn't really, uh, get a chance because of Just every, everything that happened.
And I feel like I would l-live the rest of my life full of regret if I didn't take every advantage of the universe apparently pushing us back together, a-and, and just see if you wanted to try again.
You know? Just a date.
I'm not gonna ask you to marry me.
Which, you know, I don't have to say that.
I'm suddenly nervous.
I'm gonna stop talking.
Well, I can't have you living with regret for all of eternity.
Let's do it.
Uh, how's, um - Tonight? - Tonight.
I'll text you.
Claire Ivey doesn't get out of bed, for anything less than a $5-million payday.
The problem is: There are a dozen targets in L.
this weekend that meet that criteria.
Including the Rothko exhibit at LACMA, and the Getty Gala.
Well, that Gala is gonna be crawling with private security.
You know, the chaos of this weekend could just be a cover to hit a traditional target while we're stretched thin.
Or she could be trying to hit a private home.
I mean, I used to party with kids in high school, whose parents had millions in cash and jewelry in their homes.
The challenge is a part of the thrill for her.
After all these years, I'd think Claire would want something worthy of her skill - not just a payday.
- Do we know where she is now? Yeah.
Hiding in plain sight.
Booked a suite at a hotel in Century City.
What about her crew? Did we run that list of names - Lopez gave us? - No, we don't have to.
Head of security for the hotel is ex-LAPD.
We managed to I.
her crew from the elevator cam.
Jamie Carr, Evan Rando.
Sadi Ling.
Allan Gibson.
First non-binary person to hack the New York Stock Exchange.
Explosives expert Learned the demolitions trade from her family business, bringing down condemned buildings.
- Now she blows safes.
- Gun for hire.
Former British SAS turned private contractor.
Getaway driver.
Was an up and comer on the NASCAR circuit until he failed a string of drug tests.
What's the game plan, Sergeant Bradford? Well, there's no sense in being covert.
She knows we're onto her.
So I'd put black and whites on her hotel, and on every person in her crew.
Let them see us.
Maybe one of them will get cold feet, she'll have to call it off.
Nolan, Chen, she's already met you, so park yourselves outside her hotel.
Harper, you want in on this? Uh, yeah.
But Officer Thorsen isn't ready yet.
I can handle it, ma'am.
That is my call, and I say that you can't.
So you will be working the front desk, for the rest of your shift.
I can't prove myself to you if I'm not with you.
You can't get me killed either.
Let's get back out there.
You still looking for wallpaper? No.
I am trying to figure out where Claire got the dress she was wearing in that surveillance photo.
Found it.
Ugh, it's so expensive.
She's a criminal, not a role model.
Who says she can't be both? She is brilliant, - career-oriented - Evil.
Her drive, my morality, we could solve the world's problems.
Oh, hey! Where are you taking Bailey tonight? Oh, um.
Earthing? Ben recommended it, so, if nothing else, it'll be expensive.
You're nervous.
I know.
I-I like her.
- She's just - Oh, there's Claire.
You know the spa here is amazing.
You really should try it.
So while we get a massage, you'll, what, steal a Monet? A Monet? What am I, a teenage girl from the '80s, decorating my room? But there is a Jeff Koons at the Broad, that would look phenomenal at my house in Vail.
- So - I bet.
But you've hit museums before.
You're looking for something new.
Someone has been doing their homework.
Yes, I have.
Thank you.
So, if you're not into Monets, what is it? You can't honestly think you're going to stop me.
I mean, I've gone up against the best law enforcement agencies in the world.
Well, if you're so confident, why don't you just give us a hint? I know you love a challenge.
Here's your hint: By the end of the day tomorrow, I will be buying a private island and you'll be doing paperwork and feeling sad.
- So the heist is tomorrow? - Sure.
Or I'm just messing with you.
Have a lovely evening.
Oh, hey.
How was the, uh, front desk? - Great.
- Mhm.
How was the stakeout? Do you need something from me? Yeah.
I heard the front desk was anything but great.
How many people asked if you were a murderer? - Nine.
- Uh-huh.
- And TMZ showed up? - Briefly.
That's a problem, don't you think? No.
Not for me, ma'am.
I can handle it.
Unless you're gonna cut me from the program.
I'm not gonna fire you.
I don't have to.
'Cause you are gonna go home tonight, and you are not gonna sleep.
'Cause you are gonna keep thinking about that woman's body and the panic that you felt when we found her.
And you will realize that you are going to feel that panic every day at this job.
And then you'll come in early tomorrow And quit.
And if you don't quit, that is when I will fire you.
- That's not fair - I am doing you a favor.
There is honor in resigning.
In realizing that you are not up for this.
But if you get fired from this job, what comes next, hmm? The embarrassment, the shame, the ridicule.
And, Officer Thorsen, haven't you been through enough ridicule, for one lifetime? Right.
We're getting off track.
These are the facts we know.
Aaron and Patrick were roommates, studying abroad in Paris.
Yeah, but not just roommates.
Friends who had known each other since childhood.
But then Patrick, brings home a girl from the club one night.
- Mm-hmm.
- After a few hours, she leaves.
We know she leaves, because of the security footage from across the street.
And then the next morning, Aaron wakes up, goes to the bathroom, finds Patrick's body on the tile floor with his throat cut open.
Or Aaron was the one who slit Patrick's throat, after she left.
W And then waited till the next day to call the cops? No, no, no.
She did it.
Or her jealous boyfriend, whose whereabouts were never established.
And Aaron somehow heard nothing? He was knocked out on painkillers.
You saw the texts.
By the end, Aaron hated Patrick.
No, look.
Texts mean nothing.
They were roommates, they argued.
The media was trying to paint Aaron as some spoiled kid who committed murder because he didn't want to do his share of the chores.
Or because he did them - So badly.
- Okay.
Loading the dishwasher can be complicated.
We are so stupid.
We could've showered.
We could've changed clothes.
We could've slept.
What is wrong with us? Am I interrupting? Please, interrupt.
College is so hard.
Um I'm I'm sorry.
I've been so picky about the paint color.
It's stupid.
Whatever, it's cool.
It's not.
I think I've just been having, like, a really hard time, because You know, it makes it real, that That he's never coming home and I'm sorry.
I know.
Every time I change something, it just feels like I'm erasing him.
I want to be happy that I'm living here But I can't stop feeling guilty that he's not.
He would want you here.
He would want something good to come out of this.
This is good.
And he would mock us endlessly.
I mean, look at this place.
It's kinda growing on me.
Yeah, like a fungus.
Do whatever you want in this room.
Whatever I want? Yes? I mean, yes.
Let's think about it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
- You look beautiful.
- I'd better.
My entire closet is on my bedroom floor.
I spent two hours looking for the perfect outfit which said interested but not desperate.
Hot but not too hot.
Mission accomplished.
You look very handsome.
Thank you.
Um, first thing I put on.
God, it must be nice to be a man.
So where are we going? A new restaurant in Silver Lake.
Apparently all their entrées are made from mung beans.
Um What's a mung bean? I believe it's a legume, of a sort, I think Honestly, I-I picked it just, - so I would appear hip.
- Mm.
I've dated hip guys.
It's exhausting.
- Oh.
- But I'm sure the place'll be great.
Okay, um How about I give you the option? Uh, we can go eat mung beans - So delicious.
- Or How would you feel about going on a stakeout? Oh, hell yeah.
Let's do this.
Help myself Can't take my eyes off you Oh, finally.
Here we go.
- Thank you.
- You're allowed to drink on a stakeout? - Cops have all the fun - Oh, I'm not on duty.
There's cars waiting at every exit to follow her the second she leaves.
- She? - Mm.
Over my left shoulder.
- Mm-hmm - Tall blonde, great dress.
I don't know how to tell you this.
But that's my sister.
I'm I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
Oh, my God, your face.
That was convincing.
Or maybe, you are just too trusting.
Till we hanging at the top Fancy seeing you here, Officer Nolan Or can I call you John? What kind of alleged master thief would I be if I didn't do my homework? He's divorced.
One kid.
Moved here two years ago from Foxburg, Pennsylvania, to become a cop, and you have been in the headlines ever since.
But, you, I-I don't know.
And, you won't.
Who's your friend in the silky shirt? He's not one of your crew we've I.
'd them already.
Unless you need someone even more specialized for this job.
Perhaps a pilot? Expert spelunker? He's a dentist.
Well, it's getting late.
I should get to bed.
It is a busy day tomorrow.
Enjoy those drinks.
See you in the morning.
Probably not.
Really nice to meet you.
Can't help myself Can't help myself Well, I guess that stakeout's over.
The stakeout's definitely over.
But that doesn't mean that the date has to be.
It doesn't.
You got that irresistible Ooh Is this a sneaking out full of regret thing, or a letting me sleep thing? Letting you sleep thing.
Oh, well.
In that case - I'm awake.
- I know it's early, I have a capoeira class to teach.
I'd ask to join you, but I don't think you should see me fall on my ass till our second date.
Second? Technically, this is date number three.
Is it too early to ask for date number four? Let me get some coffee in me first.
- I'll call you later - Okay.
You got a minute, sir? Sure.
Where's your rookie? Oh, in a perfect world, he is about to walk in here and resign.
I want you, to not stop him.
I heard that you asked for him to be assigned here.
I did, a wise captain once taught me that there's value in having rookies with unique perspectives.
With all due respect, sir, there is unique, and then there's Aaron Thorsen.
Look, you need to Who clearly isn't walking in here to resign.
- Hey, Aaron.
- Good morning.
Why are you dressed? Didn't I tell you what would happen to you if you didn't turn in your papers? Then cut me.
I know you think I'm just some privileged train wreck, who sued his way into the Department, to play dress up, but I'm not.
I'm here because I have to do this.
Because what happened to me, was so awful, I need to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.
And if you block my path here, then I'll go to Long Beach.
And if they bounce me, then I'll try San Diego.
Then Modesto or Stockton and Fresno, Bakersfield until someone gives me a chance.
Because I'll do whatever it takes, to be a cop.
Alright, five minutes.
Go set up our shop.
If you are this committed, I might as well make sure that you are well-trained, before you end up at a lesser department.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
The night shift said you were at the hotel last night.
Yeah, Bailey and I had dinner at the bar.
- Oh.
- Two birds.
One stone.
- How'd it go? - With Claire? Or Bailey? Either? Both? Claire is definitely planning on robbing something today.
- Yeah.
- And Bailey is Nice.
I know.
Speaking of.
"Thank you again for a fantastic night.
" "I had a lovely time, but I don't think this is gonna work.
" "Sorry.
" I don't understand.
Listen, as someone who has been broken up with by text, I feel your pain.
Seriously, though, I mean, we had an amazing night.
I d I d What the hell? This is I'm gonna call her.
Should I call her? 7-Adam-15, go to Channel Nine for a status report.
No sign of Claire yet.
Um, what about the rest of her team? They're having brunch together.
Brunch? You think they're messing with us? 100%.
And that makes me nervous.
Here she comes.
Oh, that is so unfortunate.
You know, as a practice, you should really pay those tickets promptly.
On the bright side, - it does match.
- Cute.
But you don't actually think that's gonna stop me, right? Well It doesn't matter Who did what.
My backup plans have backup plans.
See ya.
Sergeant Bradford, Claire just left the hotel on a black motorcycle, heading south down Avenue of the Stars.
I think they're making their move.
Surveillance teams, get ready.
I've lost eyes on Somebody get in there.
All units, move in.
- Where'd they go? - In the bus.
Control, show us Code 6 at 3312 Bronson.
A neighbor reports someone entering our crime scene.
Who are we gonna find inside? It's either a burglar knowing the homeowner is dead, or The killer came back to see what the police took or left behind.
At my scene, there was a paparazzi climbing the skylight to get pictures while the police were still there.
Police! Show me your hands.
- Oh, my God! - Hands up.
Turn around.
Who are you? What are you doing here? I'm Leilani.
I'm Michaela's assistant.
I need her laptop.
We are T-minus six hours to red carpet.
And I have a dozen clients to dress before the Gala.
A laptop wasn't found at the house.
I reviewed the evidence logs last night - while I was working the front desk.
- No.
It has to be here.
She didn't go anywhere without it.
And, if I can't track down Emma's choker, I might as well change my name and go into witness protection.
Michaela was coordinating the jewelry deliveries for the Gala.
I know what the heist is.
Whenever there's an awards show or gala, celebrities borrow tens of millions of dollars worth of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to bling out their gowns.
They're delivered by an armored car before the event, and then picked up again right afterwards.
Claire must've killed Michaela to get the delivery schedule.
And if she wants to maximize the score, she'll hit the armored car right at the beginning.
I scope it out, then I throw myself into it I ain't ashamed in the fact that I'm sensitive I believe that it is the perfect adjective I wear my feelings on my sleeve, I suggested it It serves me better than to swallow in a sedative I am what I am, and I'm good at it And you Put it down on the ground.
Claire! Stop! Ugh! It's over, Claire.
Throw your gun out and come on out.
I don't see myself doing that.
Oh, now, I never took you for a quitter.
I'm not a quitter.
I'm just not interested in prison.
See, now, I thought you would look at that like your next challenge.
Escaping from prison? That can't be as hard as breaking into the Vatican.
You pulled that off well enough.
So, what's it gonna be? You coming out? Alright.
I'm giving up.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Turn around.
Put them behind your back.
Guess I underestimated you, huh? Oh, don't feel too bad.
Everyone does.
- Ow! - Sorry.
Let's go.
What happened today can't happen again, if you expect to keep those stripes.
I stepped up.
I took charge.
You put yourself in the center of the action.
It was the best use of my skills.
It wasn't a tactical move, Tim.
When push came to shove, you just didn't trust anyone else to do it.
Control freaks don't make good sergeants.
Look I know you've got decades more experience Whoa.
Wh - A decade.
- Okay.
But I got my own.
And directing the action from a distance works for you.
I don't know if it'll ever work for me.
I need to find my own way of being a sergeant.
Fair enough.
Anything else? Yeah.
It's important to give praise.
An attaboy from the boss goes a long way.
It's against my nature but I will give it a shot.
Make sure you check the shop thoroughly after you turn in your war bags.
Yes, ma'am.
Detective Harper Can I ask you a favor? Do you think you can give me another nickname rather than five minutes? Why? 'Cause that's about how long Patrick was alive after his throat was cut.
He crawled out of the shower, looking for help.
Looking for me.
If I had just woken up, he might still be alive.
I'm sorry.
I didn't - I didn't know.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm not looking for any special treatment.
- I just - Hey, don't worry about it.
After your solve today, you get A little more leash.
And besides, coming up with nicknames is fun for me.
Yes, ma'am.
I look forward to hearing what you come up with.
I was afraid of me I was afraid to see what I'd become Well, now there's no you to run to - What have I done? - What are you doing? Uh, I am Paying you back.
By going with booties again? I am disappointed.
I thought you were more original.
It has been a busy couple of days.
Plus I I accidentally ordered twice, so You're welcome.
Ready to overload Okay, I'm gonna go, leave you to it.
Hey, um Yeah? Even when you tell lies, - tell lies - You and Nolan You did good work today.
You tell lies, tell lies I've been told that it's important for a supervisor to give praise.
Well, thank you.
What else do you appreciate about me? That you know when not to push your luck.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I'll be here for you, for years to come Why isn't it on vibrate? Go! Go! Go! Go! It's gonna wake him up.
It's gonna wake him up.
Don't wake up, don't wake up, don't wake up.
I'll be here for you, for years to come Thank God.
Yes! They caught Claire Ivey! For years to come You-ou-ou You-ou-ou-ou-ou You still love me, right? No matter the distance, wherever you are Tamara? Do you need help? - Nope - Okay.
And I'll be here for you Are you sure? Okay, I'm done.
Promise me you won't be mad.
Of course.
I-I promise.
Uh I'll be here for you, for years to come You-ou-ou You-ou-ou-ou-ou I'll be here for you - Do you like it? - Uh No.
I I love it.
Even in death I hope you always know That I was here for you And I'll be here for you, for years to come I know breaking up over text isn't super mature.
No, it's-it's fine.
I-I just wanted to, make sure it wasn't something I did.
It's not you.
I-I know that's a cliché, but I-I really mean it.
You're You're great.
You're funny and handsome.
Warm, smart.
- Confused.
- It's just I'm good at a lotta things.
But, I am terrible at relationships.
And they all go the same way.
We'll start dating.
You'll open up.
I'll distract you with jokes so you don't notice that I'm keeping you away, until you get tired of my bull, and you tell me, this one-sided relationship isn't working, and I'll tell you, "Well, this is who I am, take it or leave it.
" And you'll leave it.
So, you know, I thought I'd skip to the end.
- That sounds like a lot.
- Well, that's me.
- I'm a lot.
- Yeah, thing is, I-I'm not believing it.
I mean, that you're bad at relationships totally believable.
By your own admission, you've never Never actually been in one.
Which is fine, but I am standing here, as living proof, that people can change.
Who you were up until this very moment is not who you have to be moving forward.
So, really, the question here is: Do I make you want to show up differently? And So that you know, if you say that I do I'm all in.
Well When you put it that way.
I'll be here for you, for years to come You-ou-ou You-ou-ou-ou-ou
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