The Rookie (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

In the Line of Fire

Control, 7-Adam-15.
We have a structure fire at 8650 Magnolia.
Please notify LAFD.
You think anyone's in there? Well, no one that's supposed to be.
- MAN: Help! - Was that a scream? Control, what's the ETA on LAFD? DISPATCH: Two minutes.
That's That's too long.
Control, be advised, we're going in to look for victims.
- Pull me into your coloring books - Ready? Lead me into your bright adventures - Kiss me under the mistletoe - [GLASS SHATTERING.]
Open-mouth on my brand-new dentures [DEBRIS CRASHING.]
- MAN: Help me! - [COUGHS.]
Who met in the future And moved to the past MAN: Help! Someone help me! - [COUGHING.]
- All big men have a gravity That draws them to the sun And gives them their authority - And gives them their control - [GROANS.]
Whoa, man.
- Gravity that draws them to the sun - [GROANS.]
Is there anyone else inside? - Not that we saw.
- You shouldn't have gone in.
Well, it's kind of our job, - saving people.
- From crime.
You don't see us running towards gunfire.
You think that's just wood smoke you're breathing in? All the toxic things in a home, once they catch fire, they turn to deadly gases Ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide.
So unless you want me, dragging your ass to safety in the future, you'll leave the rescues to the professionals.
- How's it going with you two? - Really good.
- Whoa, oh, oh, oh - Really good.
Oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh I'm gonna win for you - Like I know you want me to do - [SNIFFS.]
How is it that I still smell like smoke after a 30-minute shower? Welcome to my world.
You always smell fantastic.
That's because I spend half my salary on perfumes, potions, and detergents.
- Well, it's working.
Do you think that fire was arson? Maybe.
I smelled accelerant.
The arson investigator will know for sure.
You ever think about doing that? - Arson investigation? - Yeah.
I like the physical part of firefighting.
Plus, I wouldn't have time for all my extracurriculars Army Reserve, teaching, motorcycle racing - Dating me.
- Dating you.
- "Motorcycle racing"? - [CELLPHONE VIBRATES, CHIMES.]
What is it? [GASPS.]
They found a body.
- Karl.
- Hey, Bailey.
- This is John Nolan, LAPD.
- Hey.
He and his partner pulled the survivor out, - before we got here.
- Ah.
Did you give him the lecture about how stupid it is to go into a structure fire without a mask? It was given and understood.
Any, uh, luck - ID'ing the victim yet? - Nah, it's too soon.
There were fifth- and sixth-degree burns.
But from the size, I'd say it was a man.
And you might want to start referring to him as a suspect, instead of the victim.
You think our DB started the fire? That's what the evidence suggests.
He was right where it started, and an accelerant was definitely used.
No way it could've been just an addict falling asleep, - next to a lit candle? - No, no, no, no.
That fire got too hot, too fast.
So, what are you thinking? That the guy we pulled out of there might be able to give us some insight.
So, how's the book? Terrible, but who cares? It's my third maternity-leave book.
I've been lucky to average one a year up till now.
Maybe I should extend my leave, spend a little more time with Jack.
I think that's a great idea.
Because you don't want me to go back to work? Because you want me to quit being a detective - and focus on what really matters? - Uh Because you think I won't fulfill my mom potential if I'm at crime scenes all day? Wow.
Where did that come from? I don't know.
Clearly, I'm a little conflicted about going back to work.
I want you to do whatever makes you happy.
But I do think that it's time to leave the baby home for a night, and go on a date.
Who'll watch Jack? [STAMMERS.]
Your mom, my mom, or Some teenager we pull off the street? Who cares? We deserve some alone time.
- And some fine dining? - Hell, yes.
- The fancier, the better.
- I'm in.
Um A meeting I forgot about.
I'll make, uh, reservations for 7:00, okay? Hey.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Hey, how's it going with Harper? I mean, I'm still here, so Good, I guess.
She was my training officer.
You're in great hands.
Look, I'm just trying to do whatever I can to keep her from giving me that look.
Oh, the Triple D? Yeah, I know it well.
Disappointment, disbelief, and disdain.
I think she developed it in a lab somewhere to destroy self-confidence.
Yeah, my mom has a version of it.
You think I'd be immune given how often she's used it on me over the years.
Yeah, well, Harper uses it on the daily I'm still not used to it.
Hang in there.
So, I also need you to cover C Division today.
Anything else you need? Paint your house - or clean your car? - [CHUCKLES.]
I got two roving sergeants for six divisions.
Welcome to your new reality.
That's why you should take on a sergeant's aide.
I don't need an aide.
It's not a sign of weakness.
It's a necessity given how under-resourced we are.
Yeah, I guess I could use a go-fer.
Someone to go-fer coffee, or supplies.
Call it whatever you want.
Just pull an officer out - at roll call.
Hell, pull Chen.
You two work together good.
Tim is going to ask you to be his go-fer.
What? His - His what? - His aide.
He's stretched a little thin.
Grey suggested he take you on to assist.
- Me specifically? - Yeah.
Uh, is there a problem? No, ma'am.
I'm just excited to hear what new nicknames you came up with for me.
Uh, I've I've narrowed it down to three.
Um - "Get out of my face.
" - Mm-hmm.
- "Sit your ass down.
" - Okay.
And "I will tell you when I am ready.
" - I love them all.
- Okay.
Triple D.
- What was that? - Nothing.
Just sitting my ass down.
GREY: So, all right, settle down, everyone.
Sergeant Bradford, you want to start us off? Yes.
Um I'm in need of a go-fer.
Now, it won't be glamorous, but it'll be a learning experience.
Webb, how about it? You ready to get off patrol? Yes, sir.
Looking forward to it.
- You said - I thought Officer Nolan, so I saw your request to follow up on the man you pulled out of the fire yesterday.
Yes, sir.
I checked with the hospital.
He regained consciousness, thought it would be important to get his statement, while his memory was fresh.
I agree, I'll notify Caradine for when he assigns a detective.
HARPER: You're driving today.
Hey, you know I almost qualified to race in the British Grand Prix, right? I mean, before my troubles.
And you've never known real fear until you've gone airborne in a Formula 1 car.
Yeah, try being hunted by a pack of cartel sicarios, then get back to me.
Okay, that's a story I want to hear.
What are you doing here? Just stopped by to ask you to lunch.
It's 9:00 A.
Oh, right.
When your kid gets up before the sun, you lose track of time.
Uh, plus, I was wondering, um, if you could take care of this ticket for me.
Unh-unh, no.
Put it away.
I can't.
- I'm gonna go set up the shop.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry, I knew I shouldn't have asked.
Yeah, you also shouldn't have been going 60 in a 30.
What were you thinking? That my ex was gonna tear me a new one if I was late for my pickup again.
That's no excuse.
Can I take you to dinner this week? I'd love that.
I would too.
Is that your boyfriend? No, I'm just curious to know, um, if I gave off any signals that would make you - comfortable enough - Uh-huh.
To ask me a personal question.
No, the, um, there were none.
- Mm.
- There were no signals given.
Um, that's what some people like to call: - "my bad.
" - Mm-hmm.
- Get your ass in the shop, Boot.
- Okay.
Why would you tell me that Tim was going to pick me when he didn't? Because Grey told him to.
- Then why didn't he? - I don't know, - but clearly, it bothers you.
- No, I just It would make a good career opportunity.
As a roving supervisor, Tim responds to all the high-profile cases.
And being right there with him would make me stand out when promotion time comes.
So tell him you want the gig.
Oh, he would just love that being in a position to decide my fate again.
No He'll come around.
I just have to give it time.
Because the one thing I know for sure is that Tim is definitely missing me right now.
I can't believe the ump made that call And in the bottom of the ninth! It was clearly foul.
But I know! By like three feet! What's the point of instant replay if you're not gonna get it right? Hey, man, you're preaching to the choir.
Hey, you know I get season tickets to the Dodgers and the Angels, so if you ever want to hit up a game, just let me know.
- I'll hook you up.
- Oh.
Don't say that if you don't mean it, 'cause I will call.
Hey, that's the least a go-fer could do.
" My man.
- Hi, there.
- LEWIS: Hi.
Hall, do you remember us? We pulled you out of the fire yesterday.
What were you doing in the house? Oh, well, uh, I-I've been squatting there.
Yeah, it's a lot safer than being on the streets.
Oh, of course.
How long have you been there? Since I returned.
- From? - Kremulus.
And Kremulus is? Oh, it's the planet right next to Proxima Centauri, but, no one really knows about it, so please just keep it to yourself.
- Oh, I-I-I think you can count on us.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, w-were you there alone? Did anybody come back with you? No.
No, those who walk a celestial path are Destined for solitude.
But I did hear some voices yesterday.
Okay, how do I put this? Were the voices inside your head, or were they - I-I-In the house.
- Ah.
Two guys.
I-I heard them come in through the back.
I hid so that they wouldn't see me.
And maybe Half an hour later, that's when the fire started.
Did you hear what the voices were saying? Would you recognize them, if you heard them again? No, they were pretty muffled.
And you're sure it wasn't just one man? Yes Because One of them was yelling And the other was crying.
Stone insisted on waiting in your office.
Of course he did.
He's got a couple shooters with him.
Serious-looking dudes.
Feels like a "car theft" situation.
That's a good idea.
All right, give me two minutes.
Punctuality is a quality I expect from all my employees.
Well, having a newborn, kind of throws punctuality out the window.
Need I remind you why you still have a son to dote on? No, I'm aware of what I owe you.
And yet, you spent the last month on paternity leave, avoiding paying me back, which makes me think you're trying to - Go back on our deal.
- No, not at all.
I just think that I'm best used in an un-muddied capacity.
I have been meaning to speak to you.
I have a sterling reputation with law enforcement, but that only benefits you if I can continue Shut up.
You seem confused about the dynamics at play here.
You work for me now, which means what I say goes So sorry to interrupt, but someone just tried to steal my car from out front.
The police will be here in a minute.
Is that so? You know, the only thing worse than stealing In my book Is lying.
And yet, you lie and steal for a living.
What can I say? I'm a walking contradiction.
Just think about what we just spoke on.
It'd be better for everybody if I didn't have to say it again.
HARPER: Where are we right now, Boot? Uh, San Vicente and If you have to look, you don't know, and trouble is not gonna wait for you to find a street sign.
Got it.
- I will do better.
You mind if I take this? Whatever you think is best.
- Go for Aaron.
QUINN: Hey, Aaron, it's Quinn from "TMZ.
" I really need to talk to you.
Disguising your number, smart.
Look, man, I told you, - I'm not interested.
An alert just came in.
You should check the box.
I've been calling you all week, man, I can never reach you.
"Hollywood Division is running a 246.
" Look, hear me out before you say no, okay? - "Drive-by shooting into a" - I've got a really sweet deal for you.
I've got my editor to up the price to 100 grand.
Hey, look, man, I told you I'm not interested, okay? Don't call me again.
Uh, did you see the guy in the trench coat? He might be concealing a weapon.
DISPATCH: 7-Adam-19, clear for traffic? I didn't see a guy in a trench coat, should I turn around? Do you think you should turn around? I mean, did you see a weapon? Did I say I saw one? 7-Adam-19? Security check.
What was the drive-by shooting vehicle Hollywood was working? - I-I didn't s - It came over the radio.
Um, I was I was looking for that guy possibly concealing a weapon, but I will find him.
Suspect's vehicle is a All units, unable to raise 7-Adam-19.
Last location near Stoner Park.
7-Adam-100, copy missing officer? Oh, my God.
An officer's missing? Two.
Two officers are missing.
Okay, that's even worse! Should we look for them, or should we find this trench-coat guy? TIM: 7-Adam-100, I copy the missing officer.
Harper, it's Bradford.
You guys Code 4? Code 4.
What's our call sign? 7-Adam-19.
- We're the missing officers.
- Mm.
That is embarrassing.
Yes, it is, for you.
I get a free pass your first week.
All of your many failures are blamed on the Academy.
So, what have you learned? That taking the wheel is demanding enough - Mm-hmm - And I shouldn't be adding in personal phone calls into the mix.
There wasn't an armed man in a trench coat, was there? Mm, mnh-mnh.
Hello! Didn't I see you guys on a milk carton? I don't get it.
'Cause we were considered missing.
They used to put pictures of missing kids on milk cartons.
- Yes, in the '80s.
- Yes, in the '80s.
- How did I end up the punch line? - [LAUGHS.]
- Oh, excuse me.
- Uh, yeah.
HARPER: Hey, how come Bradford didn't choose Lucy to be his go-fer? I don't know, but she's not being - very adult about it.
- Oh.
So, how is it riding with Tim? Oh, it's been great.
You know, everyone always talks about how tough the Sarge can be, but, we've been having the best time.
Really? That's Awesome.
So, you know, when I was riding with him, I learned some foolproof ways to stay on his good side.
You know, if you, if-if you want some tips.
Yeah, that'd be great.
- Appreciate that.
- MAN: Look out! - WOMAN: [SCREAMS.]
HARPER: Let me see your hands! - Show me your hands! Guns down! - Get out of the car! - HARPER: Get out of the car! - Let me see your hands! Put your guns down! KIP: Private security! We got CCW permits! Someone just shot our client through the windshield! NOLAN: Front seat clear! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
MAN: Is everybody okay?! Sarge? - TIM: Yeah? - I think we got a sniper.
What do you see? Three shots grouped tight high on the windshield.
Judging from where the car was, I'd say our sniper is northeast.
Control, 7-Adam-100.
We got a shooter with a long gun at the 16000 block of Rochester Avenue.
I need eastbound traffic from Veteran shut down.
Get SWAT en route.
Harper, Thorsen, secure the scene.
Nolan, Chen, Webb, you're on me.
- Clear the street! - Move, move! - Active shooter! - There's a shooter! Move, move! - Get inside! Go! - There's a shooter! - Get off the street! - Come on, move! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
- Looked the devil in the eye - Hey! Stop right there! Taking risks is my design Y'all was born without a spine Wicked and twisted Bars are sicker than syphilis Spit and you listen Only way to stop, I don't breathe again - You wanna come around - [GUNSHOTS.]
Yeah, see me then 7-Adam-15! Taking shots, inside 16000 Rochester.
Parking garage.
We're going up.
Requesting more units to cover the exits.
Go for broke while you go for blows - Jumping on the Noose - TIM: Get your hands up! You wanna come around Yeah, see me then You wanna come around Yeah, see me then [SIGHS.]
I gotta admit, I'm disappointed you didn't go after him.
Oh, I was, halfway out the window, Lucy had to pull me back.
- Mm-hmm.
- TIM: This guy's a pro, Sarge.
Put three bullets through tempered glass into a moving vehicle, and still dead-centering his target Only a couple dozen people in the world who could do that.
The secondary escape route screams elite training.
Someone paid real money for this guy's services.
- You got a name on the target? - Michael Silver.
Some kind of import-export guy.
Hired a security company a week ago.
Didn't tell them why or, at least, they're not sharing with us.
Intelligence unit is running Silver's name, to see if he's in their database.
Well, clearly, he pissed off some bad people.
Okay, we got an ID on our arson victim.
Nelson Crespo, he's a 35-year-old restaurant manager, a couple of minor drug arrests, and he has an apartment in Culver City with his wife, Celia.
Sir, we could handle the death notification.
See if Celia might shed some light on what our DB was doing in that house.
All right, go ahead.
I'll have Harper and Thorsen work the sniper with Bradford.
JAMES: Nyla.
What are you doing here? Oh, just picking up a few things for the community center.
I'd ask the same of you, but, I have a good guess.
Yeah, I came for the coffee, stayed for the sniper.
Uh, this is my new rookie, - Officer Aaron - Thorsen.
Yeah, I-I remember your case.
Man, I-I'm so sorry for everything you went through.
- Thanks.
- I happen to work with a lot of people who've been wrongfully incarcerated.
It can help to talk to a therapist.
I have some names if you need 'em.
I appreciate that, but, I already go twice a week.
Good, good.
Well, you are very lucky to have this impressive woman as your training officer.
Don't let her bite scare you.
She got a lot of heart.
Uh, now, why would you go and tell him that? Just to make your job that much harder.
- Huh.
- Uh We are going out again soon, right? You know it.
All right, okay.
Take care of yourself.
- What? - Nothing.
Triple D's got game.
- You n - [CLEARS THROAT.]
It doesn't make sense.
Nelson went for a jog to the beach.
What was he doing near Griffith Park? H-How'd he even get there? There's evidence that the house he was found in is a place people go to use drugs.
Nelson was clean Four years.
Addicts relapse, uh, and And they lie about it.
I know.
I am one.
If my husband was using again, I would've seen the signs.
Something happened to him.
Promise me, you won't just play "blame the addict.
" I promise you We will follow this case where it leads.
If you can think of anything else, please call us Day or night.
And, again, I am, truly sorry for your loss.
You think she's in denial? Maybe.
Sure would be nice to get some clarity.
Well, hopefully, the autopsy will give us that.
All right, thanks for checking.
Intelligence's saying that Michael Silver isn't on their radar.
How's that possible? No way a guy who gets popped by an elite sniper is squeaky clean.
He's gotta have some criminal connection.
I'm gonna call Records, maybe they have some information, - some - No, it's-it's a waste of time.
I'll call LA CLEAR when we get back to the station.
- Right.
Weird case, huh? Oh, yeah.
I'm good with weird.
I'm a Manx.
I'm sorry, you're - You're a what? - A Manx.
A Manx cat.
That's my feline breed.
My cat personality.
What's your cat personality, Sarge? Did Chen put you up to this? Put me up to what? - Whoa.
Oh, what, the smell? Yeah, it smells like month-old eggs and maggot meat.
I mean, you don't You don't have to go in, but, this is part of the job.
- No, I'm good.
- Mm.
- Can I just have a sec? - Oh, yeah.
No, gather yourself, because what awaits smells like a septic tank filled with tumors.
Okay I see what you're doing.
This is payback for me trying to get too familiar earlier, but you know what? It's all good.
I can handle it.
I'm just gonna have to cancel my reservation at Eliza and Elektra tonight, because, - there's no way I'm eating after this.
- Whoa, are you crazy? You have to book that place like six months in advance.
I dream of eating there.
You want the reservation? - Seriously? - Yeah! It's yours If you stop torturing me? - Deal.
- Yeah.
I mean, the only question is, which boy toy are you taking? Is it gonna be the speed demon from this morning, or, the upright citizen from this afternoon? I mean, unless there's a third choice.
No, it's James.
It's definitely James.
But he's probably busy.
Well, text him and find out.
All right, fine.
Oh, no.
The vanishing three dots.
That is the worst.
He's probably gonna respond later.
- You kn Let's get back to work.
- Right.
Nice to see you.
Judging by the long sleeves and queasy demeanor, I'd say you have a new rookie.
Lowell, meet Officer Thorsen.
Of course.
Now I recognize you.
You know, I have to say, that the forensic work in your case, seemed pretty solid.
You're lucky the Parisians set you free.
I'm lucky the appeals court understood that forensic science can be as corrupt as the rest of law enforcement.
First autopsy? Yeah.
Smear this under your nose.
It'll help with the smell.
I'm surprised your TO didn't tell you.
I can't give away all my secrets in the first week, Doc.
So, you get anything useful from the autopsy? Yeah, I found this, lodged in his T4 vertebra.
Looks like it's from a .
Yeah, possible 77-grain.
Also known as NATO rounds for their full metal jackets.
Yeah, very heavy and very lethal in a skilled marksman's hands.
Yeah, to make a long-distance shot from a .
223 round would require a specialized weapon, which would seem to confirm that our shooter had military training.
NOLAN: Oh, hey.
Wait a minute.
She gave you the menthol on your first visit? No, the, the doc did.
- Ah, that makes sense.
HARPER: All right, he's all yours.
Let's go get you a ginger ale.
And you're here for? - Uh, Nelson Crespo.
- Ah, yes.
The burn victim.
You know, you keep running into conflagrations without oxygen masks, and you'll end up - in one of my drawers.
- Yeah We've been told.
So, you got anything on Crespo? Well, I'm still writing up my preliminary findings, but I did see something unexpected in his x-rays.
He had a transverse fracture to his left femur and compound fractures to his pelvis.
- From when the ceiling fell in on him? - No.
Actually, the fractures were perimortem.
Likely occurred an hour before his death.
That doesn't make any sense.
He would have been in agony.
Would explain why he got caught in the fire he set.
Oh, he didn't set it.
There was no carbon monoxide in his blood or soot in his lungs.
Nelson Crespo was dead before the fire even started.
Hey, hope you and James like the restaurant.
Well, actually, he, uh He never replied, so it looks like I will be going by myself.
How about, invite the other guy, Alonzo? - No.
- Trust me, this This place is romantic, and you're not gonna want to eat there alone.
- Ooh, Harper.
- Hey.
- Any leads on the sniper? - No.
- Uh, detectives are on it.
- Okay.
When you catch him, ask him where he gets his gear.
What are you gonna do with a zip line? You know how far it is to my parking spot.
- Oh, Angela.
- Ask her about the baby.
How's Jack? You can find out for yourself if you come over and babysit.
Both our moms bailed.
- It's for you.
- Thank you so much for doing this.
- Of course.
- It's our pleasure.
- Yeah! Where is that little rascal? Wesley's putting him down.
- Mm.
- Aw, look at him.
- Aw.
Wait, did you start smoking? - You can't smoke around the baby.
- Uh, n Please, come on, I, No I-I walked into a house fire yesterday instead of waiting - for the fire department - Mm-hmm Which is what I should have done.
It's turning into quite an interesting case, actually.
At first, we thought the guy who started the fire died in it, but the autopsy shows he was dead before it started.
Yeah, with a crushed pelvis.
No one knows how he got it or where.
Any witnesses? A transient with clear mental-health issues that we pulled out of the house.
He said he heard voices before the fire started.
Heard voices or "heard voices"? That's what we said, but, given the condition our victim was in before he died, I think our transient actually heard our killer.
WESLEY: Okay, baby's asleep.
Let's go before he realizes we're gone.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Bye.
- Later.
- Don't call us.
- Uh, of course.
All right.
- So - [LAUGHS.]
What shall we do first? Order food, or Make out? Order first, and make out while we wait.
See, that's what I like about you.
You're always thinking.
That's what you like about me? Well, there's more, and I could show you, but I'm on a schedule right now.
I have to order dinner.
How dare you play hard-to-get? LOPEZ: Ooh, and the sweet corn - fried rice.
- Hell, yeah.
And, uh, meatballs? Ooh, two orders.
And Ooh! The beet salad.
This is nice.
- This is amazing.
- Mm.
- Ahh.
- Mmm.
Did you hear Nolan talking about his murder case? It sounded challenging, in an interesting way.
- Mm-hmm.
- What? It does.
Angela, this is our first date in months.
I know, but what's more fun than dinner and a murder? - Fine.
No murder.
Is that Nyla? I guess that's why she couldn't babysit.
Oh, my God.
Ooh, I think I'm a Little under-dressed.
Nah, man, it's L.
I've seen people wear flip-flops - to Michelin-star restaurants.
No one even blinks.
I'm actually meeting someone.
- Hey.
You know her? She's my date.
No, she's my date.
Uh, actually Y-you are both my dates.
Eh, funny story, um Oh, no.
She double-booked.
You did not respond - to my text.
- Yes, I'm - pretty sure that I did.
- No.
- O-Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
I guess I never hit "send.
" - Right.
- And then you called me your second option.
No, it's okay.
Enough said.
- She's all yours.
- N - Alonzo, wait, I - You know, I th - I think I'm gonna go, too.
- Really? We can't just s-stay, and have some wine and and-and - And talk about it? - No.
I've I've acted like I'm cool with being one of two guys you're dating 'cause, I like you so much.
Well, that and, I thought one day, you might actually pick me.
- James, I - It's just It's a little hard on the ego, so [CLEARS THROAT.]
Enjoy the rest of your night.
By the way You look amazing.
Uh, that was brutal.
I'm gonna go invite her to sit with us.
No, wait, wh A-Are you crazy? Let her go.
Pretend it didn't happen.
What a nice surprise.
Angela, this is my client Elijah.
And silent partner in this fine establishment.
Aren't the meatballs to die for? They're great.
Will you excuse me for a minute? Of course.
What the hell are you doing? It is a crime, how easy it is To hack a baby monitor.
You're making a mistake, threatening us.
I don't make threats.
I make promises.
And I always follow through Just like I expect you to.
From this moment on, whatever line I need you to cross, you will cross it.
Whoever I tell you to represent, you'll take them on as a client.
And if I need you to betray their interests in my benefit, you'll do it.
I'll get disbarred.
Well, only if you get caught.
This is what you agreed to trade for your wife and child.
And you do not Want to default on this debt.
Oh, and you gotta order the pot de crème.
It's sinful.
- Chen.
- Hmm? If you want the job, all you gotta do is ask.
- What? - You sabotaged Webb.
I don't know what you're talking about.
His cat personality? Well, that's got you written all over it.
Look, if you want me to ride with you, you don't need to make up an excuse.
Just ask me.
GREY: Good morning.
So, we have a clearer understanding of yesterday's sniper shooting.
According to the Gang Unit, the victim had a falling-out with Elijah Stone.
So, it was a contract killing? Looks like it.
Gangs put together a list of potential shooters that Elijah might use.
We ran it against military personnel records and came up with a dozen names.
And you guessed it Detectives want patrol to do the initial canvass.
So Let's get to work.
Oh, oh.
One more thing.
Sergeant? Yeah, um, I've decided to spread the love, and, give someone else a chance to be my go-fer today.
Smitty, you're up.
Seriously? I'm sorry, you have something to add, Officer Chen? [CHUCKLES.]
All right.
That's it, be safe out there.
The job doesn't require any heavy lifting, right? - I've got a, tricky back.
- No.
No lifting required.
Including the war bags, right? Yeah, Smitty, I'll get the bags.
How was the restaurant? What happened? They both showed up.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
Yesterday, I was dating two cute guys, and today Zero.
Well, it had to end at some point, right? I mean, if you cared about one of them, you would have Made a decision a while ago.
I liked the freedom.
It was fun being able to Take it slow.
But? But I just I can't get the look on James' face out of my head.
And who's our next contestant? Aiden Merritt, 32.
One tour in Afghanistan, followed by six years as a private contractor.
Any priors? A couple domestic complaints in Houston, an ex-girlfriend, but nothing since he moved to L.
- Hey.
- Aiden Merritt? Yeah, that's me.
What were you doing yesterday at noon? [CHUCKLES.]
That's an ominous question.
Um Why do you want to know? There was a sniper shooting yesterday.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
No, I did see that on the news.
And because of my background, uh Yeah, I get why you want to see me.
The answer to your question actually has some irony to it, though, because yesterday afternoon, I was actually at the Gun Club downtown.
Well, that's good news.
You got any proof of that? Um, I might, uh I might still have a receipt for some ammo I bought.
I could go look.
LUCY: Mind if we step inside? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I do.
But I'll be right back out.
- I am getting a vibe.
- You getting a vibe? - Big-time vibe.
Smart about that alibi, though.
Gives him a reason to be in the vicinity.
Lucy, I'm looking at a rifle.
- That gives us probable cause.
I told you to wait outside.
Sir I'm gonna need you to show us your hands.
Come on, man.
This is a mistake.
I got the receipt right here.
LUCY: Yes, sir, and we will get to that, but right now, my partner asked you to show us your hands.
You really don't want me to do that.
Yes, we do.
Nice and slow.
I already pulled the pin in the bedroom.
I was planning to frag your car when you got back in, split town before the smoke cleared.
But Yeah.
Now you've forced the issue.
You didn't survive a tour just to die like this.
It's better than going to prison.
Now Put down your guns, or we can all learn what shrapnel tastes like.
- Fine.
You win.
- What are you doing? You're a better shot than me.
But I'm a little quicker on my feet.
You got a better plan? What the hell are you two talking about? The fuse on a grenade takes approximately four seconds to detonate.
He thinks if I shoot you in the medulla, he'll have enough time to grab the grenade after you drop it and throw it outside before it explodes.
- Nolan - Actually, I was planning on kicking it back into the house.
Where he probably has more grenades? You're right.
Change of plan.
Spoon's still attached.
We're good.
Thank you.
What? It worked.
Requesting backup and a supervisor on our location.
And the bomb squad.
Please, can you take that outside while we wait? That's right.
We're also gonna need a bomb squad.
Hello? Where the hell are all the baby monitors? Um I threw them out.
What? Why? There was a a safety recall.
Fire hazard.
We can get new ones.
Higher tech.
- Okay.
Good catch.
Babe, I gotta go.
Secretary wasn't at her desk, so I figured I'd just pop in.
Yeah, sure.
What can I do for you? I'm loving this new attitude, Counselor.
It's just the right balance between confidence and obsequiousness.
I need you to deliver this to your new client.
What new client? [SIGHS.]
I'm Wesley Evers.
I'll be representing you.
It's about friggin' time.
AIDEN: Give it to me straight.
How screwed am I? [SIGHS.]
Well, we'll get to that.
First, I have something for you.
He hesitates.
You must be new to working with our friend.
Still in that phase where you think you have free will.
Let me guess You took an oath to uphold the law, not break it, so now you're torn.
Do you possibly aid and abet a crime by giving me whatever's in that envelope? I mean The very act of passing it to me, is a likely ethics violation, which Could get you disbarred.
And yet You wouldn't be here, if you had a choice, would you? Actually, it's for you.
You're lucky.
Fail one of Elijah's tests, you end up as fertilizer.
So How do you plan to get me out of this mess? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
How's it going, Sarge? Fine.
How come Smitty's not doing the paperwork? - He claims to be allergic to paper.
- Hmm.
- It's not funny.
You should have just asked me.
I was doing you a favor.
Yeah? How? By telling the entire station, that you would rather ride with Smitty than me, your old boot? Look Some would see it as a demotion for you.
You're back with your training officer.
Others might read [INHALES DEEPLY.]
- Something else into it.
- W Why? Because I'm a girl and you're a boy? - A very handsome boy.
- Oh, gag.
Look, I really appreciate the intention, but screw what anyone else thinks.
Being a sergeant's aide would Go-fer.
Aide Would make me stand out come promotion time.
That alone makes it worth putting up with your Tim tests, and old-school code of honor again.
So, are you saying you want the job? If you're saying you want me to do it.
What the hell.
Let's do it.
You get here an hour before roll call tomorrow, and I'll get you up to speed on all the new protocols.
Will do.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Good luck with your paperwork.
What are you doing here? Well, Aaron asked me to come by, said he needed to talk to me.
That was a lie.
I'm straight-up playing matchmaker.
- Boot, I'm - Hold on, hold on.
I'm just trying to do what I can to fix the mess that I caused.
You were kind to me yesterday when we met, so, I feel compelled to return the favor.
The second that I offered, Detective Harper my reservation, she invited you.
And when you didn't respond, she was gonna go alone.
But I pushed her, to invite the other guy.
You know how close to the vest she plays things.
I could still see how upset she was when she saw that she hurt you.
So, maybe I don't know, give her a second chance.
I'll see you tomorrow.
That all true? Yeah.
I'm sorry, I messed everything up.
You can take me to dinner.
- I can? - Yes, you can.
But If there's anything on the menu, that I need to Google to figure out what it is, - I'm walking.
- No - You're not having that.
- I'm just, I'm n-n-not - Can't do that.
Refuse - Okay, I-I think I got it.
I've been thinking about your arson case.
You kill someone, you set a fire to cover it up.
Pretty standard move.
What's strange, is the broken bones.
So I ran a search, and found two recent unsolved cases with similar MO's.
Both in Nevada, both suffered broken legs before dying in a fire.
Three murders, with the same twisted MO.
We've got a serial killer on our hands.

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