The Rookie (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

Red Hot

This is amazing.
Where did you learn to cook like this? Let me guess you're also a Michelin-star chef.
I wish.
We rotate kitchen duty at the firehouse.
Gets pretty competitive.
Well, it must be nice to have a job that gives you so much free time like that.
You know, this cop-versus-firefighter thing is getting old.
We need to settle this once and for all.
Arm wrestling.
Pittsburgh Steelers trivia contest.
War story showdown.
Whoever tells the best story tonight at dinner wins.
Oh, I've so got this.
I once ran into a fire, carried out a woman in labor, delivered the baby, and then went back in, to rescue one of my crew.
And that's my fourth-best story.
Okay, m-maybe I don't got this.
Oh You know what? I gotta get out of here.
It's Lopez's first day back from maternity leave - Mm.
- and I'm supposed to pick up some champagne from all of us.
Champagne for a nursing mom? I said flowers.
You heard champagne? That's so weird.
- Aww.
- Yeah! Oh, and this one's my favorite.
How does so much snot come out of such a little nose? - Lopez.
- Sergeant Caradine.
Great to see you.
I was just sharing a few pictures.
Cute kid.
We got a backlog of open cases.
Can't wait to get started.
I'm assigning you 23 through 60.
- That's 37 cases.
- Don't worry.
At least four of them are non-workers.
And by the way, we cleared out a maintenance closet, - for your, uh, you know - Pumping? Thanks.
I'll use the women's locker room.
Suit yourself.
Was there something else you wanted to say? "Get to work"? I was looking for - "Welcome back.
" - That too.
And finally, next month, we'll be voting for our new union rep.
Per the MOA, all candidates are given the opportunity to address the troops.
So Please help me welcome your first, your last, your only candidate, Smitty.
Thank you, Sarge.
Look, I don't want to bore you with a long speech.
I've been union rep since 2006.
You know me.
You love me.
Vote Smitty! I'm not really taking questions.
Just a-a quick one about the next round of union negotiations W-What do you think about pushing for a change to the MOA where county mental health is dispatched alongside us for all calls involving mental illness? Great question.
And I assure you that I have your back.
Have a button.
- Color me inspired.
- Totally.
Alright, that's it.
Let's get to it.
Be safe out there.
You ready to roll, Go-fer? Yes, sir, what would you like this "Go-fer" to go for first? A tainted coffee? A moldy donut? I'm sensing a lack of fear of my authority.
- Yes, sir.
- Hmm.
So, Bradford.
So, I'm gonna need you to catch any 100 calls that come in for the next hour or so.
I'm gonna pay Elijah Stone a visit.
You need back-up? No, I can handle delivering a simple message.
Let me guess "Hire another sniper to shoot up our streets, and we'll drop a Bearcat on you"? Well, I was thinking about promising something a little more - Boring? - Legal.
Alright, you do you, but we'll roll in heavy if you need us.
I have no doubt.
Spot check.
Let's see your evidence kit.
Just a second.
And Here.
Alright, we got fingerprint cards, brush, powder.
What is this? That's my snack.
You said that we should carry one on hand just in case we get stuck at the scene, or miss lunch.
Oh, and soybeans are high in protein, - and they're low in f - They are also a mold-fest in waiting.
You have no idea how long this is gonna live in your kit before you need it, so pack something with preservatives.
- Right.
- If it can be used as compost, it's not a snack.
Get your gear squared away and meet me at the shop.
Yes, ma'am.
Nothing like starting your morning off being made to feel like an idiot.
I can handle it.
I mean, yeah, Harper is tough, but fair.
It's an honor to train under someone like her.
Well, hey, that is a perfect answer, for anyone else, but you can be honest with me.
Rookies talk crap about their T.
s all the time.
It's expected.
With all due respect, you're not a rookie.
I'm the only probationary employee at the station.
Fair enough.
But, hey, listen, if you ever want to talk, let me know, and I'd be happy to dust off my P1 cone of silence.
Thanks, but, really it's going great.
Wrong way.
This is chess, baby, not checkers.
I'm-a do a little bit of that.
Uh, give me a minute.
Wesley Evers.
How's my favorite prodigal lawyer doing today? Better than your sniper.
- Alleged.
- Mm.
I'm working legal strategy, but I gotta tell you, it does not look good.
Well, the ballistics didn't match the rifle in his house, and no one can ID him at the scene.
I mean, that sounds like reasonable doubt to me.
He threatened police with a live grenade.
He had a dozen more in his bedroom.
He's doing jail time.
Then I need you, to get him released on bail.
So you can help him disappear.
Never mind.
It's better if I don't know.
Eh, you see? Now you're getting the hang of this.
- Can I go out the back? - Yeah.
What can I do for you? The kitchen's closed, but I'm sure we could, uh, you know, whip you up a little somethin'-somethin'.
Nah, I didn't come to eat.
So I figured since you were determined to step out the shadows, I should be there to greet you.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Yeah, you do.
We got a shooter sitting in the holding cell waiting to be transferred to the Twin Towers.
And I know he belongs to you.
I just can't prove it Yet.
So you should consider a different path, while you still can, 'cause the one you're walking puts you on a collision course with me.
None of what just happened here is okay.
No, no, no.
I know what I saw.
She was trying to get away from you.
You don't know what you're talking about.
What's the problem? I-I saw a woman come running out of his house.
He and this other guy were trying to get her, - but she got away.
- It is nothing, Officer.
That "other guy" is our home health aide, Carson.
My wife is bipolar.
She's having a paranoid episode.
- We're trying to help her.
- That is not what it looked like.
You need to mind your own business.
- Sir, what's your name? - Daniel Charles.
My wife is Linda.
This is all getting out of hand.
My wife needs her meds, not the police.
So you can leave.
Actually, I can't.
Which way did she go? She ran through the neighbor's yard.
Control, I need units circulating on the lookout for a missing and endangered female named Linda Charles.
Last seen wearing - Gray sweatshirt, white pants.
- Thank you.
Gray sweatshirt, white pants.
Last seen northbound on Glen Grove.
Officer, please.
Carson and I should handle this.
My wife is not well.
You're going to scare her make things ten times worse.
Sorry, sir.
That's no longer an option.
I'm gonna need to see some ID from you and your aide, and then I'm gonna go find your wife.
What about nuts? What about them? For a snack in my kit.
I mean, they're healthy, and they don't go bad.
Just buy a damn candy bar.
Oh, my God.
Aaron?! Is that you? Leah, hey! It's been forever! Santos said that you were at the Academy, but I didn't believe it.
You're really a cop.
- This is amazing.
- Yeah.
Uh, he still has to finish his training.
Um I-I should go, but - Really great seeing you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I just Wanted to say that I, never thought you were guilty.
And that's what I told the press.
Every reporter who came around, I said, "There is" "no way that he killed Patrick.
" Yeah, I-I saw the clips.
That really meant a lot.
I think you're the only one that stood by me.
Um - I-I should get back to it.
- Of course! Uh, but, hey, we should hang.
- Are you free tonight? - Yeah, I am! Um - I'll ca I'll text you.
- Okay.
That was my 7-L-15, show me 10-6 on a possible with my missing endangered female.
Oak at Fuller in the alley.
Linda? My name's John.
- Hi.
- Nyet Policza - Uh, 7-L-15, I got her - Ya-ne Linda.
She's 5150 or high on 11-3.
Send me a mental health expert and start an ambulance.
Did your husband hurt you? Is he even your husband? Oh, boy.
Do you speak English? - Uh - Okay, Linda, let me help you.
Okay? - Come on.
- Mm-hmm.
I got you.
Come this way.
Alright, you're gonna be Oh.
You okay? Easy, now.
Alright, come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna let them hurt you, just get inside.
Officer! You found her! Thank God.
Control, I need additional units and a supervisor at my location.
No, no, there's no need for that.
Thank you for finding her.
She just needs her medication.
We'll take it from here.
Stay where you are and show me your hands.
Your wife is going to a hospital, where she'll be questioned without you present.
Now, I'll say it again Show me your damn hands.
Get down! Hey, don't! 7-L-15, two shooters escaping in a gold sedan.
License plate 2-Sam-Adam-Mary-5-6-4.
Heading west on Fuller.
Female also fled southbound on foot.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Code 4 at the scene.
All units, be on the lookout for suspects.
Want is a 245 on a PO with automatic weapons.
How'd your missing woman turn into this? I don't know.
I knew the guy was lying from the jump, but, I thought it was domestic abuse.
And when I finally caught up with the wife, it was clear she'd been drugged, and I think she was speaking Russian.
Human trafficking? Maybe.
Let's go check out the house.
Police! Show yourselves now! - Clear.
- Bedroom's clear.
Coming out.
Guys, does this place seem strange to you? All the frames, have stock photos in them.
And there are no dishes or food in the kitchen.
Like it's been staged, but no one lives here.
And it feels a lot smaller on the inside.
Like a reverse TARDIS.
What? I don't only watch sports.
7-Adam-100, be advised, suspect vehicle was found abandoned in flames.
No sign of the occupants or the missing woman.
Copy that.
These are 500 MCM wires.
They're running 400 amp service here.
I know what that means, but, uh, you might have to explain it for Tim.
Well, a typical household runs 100 to 200 amps.
With that, you can power your lights, your appliances, AC.
You could run a pool on 200 amps.
Wait, what could they be running that's bigger than an AC or a pool? I don't know.
There's a security panel here, but I've never seen the design before.
- What does it say? - I couldn't tell you.
The writing's in Cyrillic.
"I don't know what the button says, so I'll just push it"? Definitely rethinking that decision right now.
What is this? You can monitor the whole neighborhood from here.
Are human traffickers usually this sophisticated? No.
It's a safehouse.
Like, for spies? I've been in one before although it was in a different country.
- W-What? When? Where? - It's classified.
So, the security panel is in Cyrillic.
The victim spoke Russian.
Both the shooters spoke Russian.
Okay, so, this is a Russian safehouse in Los Angeles, three miles from the station.
Yes! I win.
B-Bailey and I had a bet that That doesn't matter.
Why don't you try and get us out of here? Try to get us out of here.
I knew it felt smaller.
Interrogation room.
Looks like they were waterboarding your girl before she escaped.
The minute you drove away, they knew this place was burned.
They destroyed everything they could before they abandoned it.
Well, I don't understand.
You said she spoke Russian.
So aren't they on the same side? Maybe she turned against them or was trying to defect.
Why hasn't she called 911? Shouldn't we be calling the State Department? We will, but once we do, we got 15 minutes before the feds show up and ice us out, so let's make it count.
I want pictures of everything.
7-Adam-19 to dispatch.
Show us responding to Auto versus Bicycle at East Third and Boyd.
So you, uh, going out to dinner - with that girl tonight, huh? - Yeah.
I've been pretty nervous about seeing some of my old friends, though.
I mean, after I got arrested, nobody called.
After I got home, nobody visited.
And most of them sold interviews to the highest bidder.
But at least Leah had nice things to say, so It would be nice to salvage at least one friendship.
- Mm.
- What? I mean, if she never came around, is she really a friend? It took you long enough.
Were you the one who called about the accident, sir? Yeah, I was, uh, I was down the street, and I saw a car plow into this guy on a bike.
Uh, he couldn't walk.
Looked like his legs were broken.
Heard the guy in the car, the driver, he said something about a A hospital.
Put him in the back seat, and they drove off.
- Did you get a good look at the driver? - No.
Can you describe the vehicle? Maybe give us a license plate number? Eh, no, I didn't get the license plate.
But, it was a, silver Civic, for sure.
Alright, here's my card, in case you think of anything else.
Okay, thanks.
Nearest hospital's a few blocks away.
Should we head there? Yeah, as soon as you document the scene.
On it.
Is that your city-issued phone? Oh, no I, it's back in the War Bags.
Okay, uh, I'm gonna ask you a question, and I cannot emphasize enough, how much I do not want you to answer it.
What is the most embarrassing photo you have in your phone? - Well, I have, uh - Ah, ah-ah-ah.
Don't answer it.
Just hold it in your head.
Now, picture it, being entered into evidence, because it's on the same hard drive as these crime scene photos.
I'm gonna get the digital camera.
That's a good choice.
No! It's an oven in there! How long has the fridge been broken? It's broken? The break room fridge croaked.
We need a new one ASAP.
For your Breast milk? - Yes.
- Okay.
Get a general services request form from the front desk.
Fill it out and bring it by for my signature.
So, we'll have it by? Hard to say.
Has to be approved by a manager, and the manager's manager.
The city solicits three bids.
And at that point, Jack won't need breast milk.
He'll need liquor for his wedding.
Just getting bail, will be an uphill battle.
I'm hearing a lot of problems.
I'm not hearing any solutions.
Look, if you want to walk out of prison before you're 60, take a deal.
Testify against Elijah.
I'm not gonna betray my boss.
Loyalty above all.
You can write that down.
This is not a test.
Okay? I-I'm not reporting back to him.
Well, then that's way worse.
You're dumb enough to make a move against Elijah? He'll murder everyone you've ever talked to.
Not if his assets are seized and he's in prison for the rest of his life.
The world is lousy with people that were untouchable Until they weren't.
That's a really nice speech.
But I'm not buying it.
Tell Elijah he can count on my silence.
I got your 911.
What's wrong? These are good at room temp for one more hour.
I need you to take this home to our fridge ASAP.
The fridge here died.
I was in a meeting with a client.
It's my first day back.
I can't afford to be running home - every 2 to 3 hours.
- What, and I can? Your clients are in lockup.
They're not going anywhere.
Plus, you owe me.
For what? How about the 12 hours of labor? Why are you so pissy today? I'm trying to feed your son.
I'm sorry.
Just a Difficult client.
I'll stop by the house.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Howdy! Sergeant Bradford, right? You're not from the State Department.
CIA? Mike Weston.
Good to meet you.
The CIA has a field office in West Hollywood.
They throw a surprisingly fun holiday party.
But they're not allowed to operate domestically.
Not without a supervising federal agency.
FBI agent Walter Reynolds over there, he's in charge.
Reynolds! This man would like to see some ID.
It's his case.
I'm just helping out where I can.
Great, so do we liaise with him or you? Uh, neither.
We're taking over the scene and the case.
You mean the case where two Russian spies tried to murder me? Oh, now Let's not go throwing around the "S" word.
Suffice it to say, we will move heaven and earth, to get these bad people off the streets, so, if you'll just turn over whatever evidence you've collected Uh, actually, Sergeant Bradford advised us that federal law enforcement would be doing the collecting, so We just secured the scene.
Smart man.
Agent Reynolds' card for your report.
Let's go, folks! So, that's it? We're out? You know, Linda stumbled, and touched the hood of my shop.
I bet her fingerprints are still on it.
We can get a true ID solve this thing before Weston knows what hit him.
This rust-bucket is our loaner fridge? Did you bring it here from the 1950s? Take it back.
Why is pumping so hard? Uh, paranoid me thinks it is a society-wide plot to push us out of the work force.
And not-paranoid you? I don't listen to her.
She's too naive.
Uh, I have a case file for you.
Driver hits a guy on a bicycle, scoops him up to take him to the hospital, but they never make it to the hospital.
Which makes it a missing-persons.
Yeah, or an abduction.
Silver Civic, the most common car in L.
Sure, I can add "wild goose chase" to my to-do list.
Look, the boot and I will do all the leg work.
You just tell us what you need.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Heard you had some excitement today.
- You okay? - Yeah, uh, though getting shot at never stops being upsetting.
Weird how that happens, huh? Am I the only one who thinks that's insane? I mean, our delegate helps decide what goes into the MOA.
They shape policy.
Yeah, but they also shape our benefits package, and no one is more focused on benefits than Smitty.
Right, but they could help shape policy.
I mean, the right person with a stellar reputation who understands the issues, who believes in reform No, no, no, no, no.
No chance at all.
Come on, you would be so great at it, and everybody would vote for you.
Running means campaigning.
- Yeah.
- And campaigning means being nice to people.
- Right, what was I thinking? - You weren't.
- Glad you're okay.
- Thank you.
Nolan We just got a partial print off your shop.
Linda's real name is Katerina Antonov.
She's a Russian citizen here on an NGO visa.
Perfect cover for a Russian FSB agent.
We get any hits off VICAP that could lead us to her? No, but I did do an Internet photo search, and I ended up on the Instagram page of an Air Force major named Lyle Marks.
Apparently, he and Katerina had been dating for a few months.
And by "dating," you mean she was using him to steal top-secret intelligence.
But, yeah, there's no way a spy would just happen to fall for an Air Force major.
Look, Lyle worked at Drone Command.
Didn't show up for work today.
- Do we loop in Weston? - No.
If we're on to something, he'll find us.
Major Marks, police! Clear.
I got a body! His skin is cool.
He's been dead at least an hour.
So, we have a Russian spy who was tortured and held captive by her own people.
Now her boyfriend ends up tortured and killed.
Probably the same guys who tried to kill Katerina, thinking he knew - where she was.
- Maybe he did.
Maybe they're going after her right now.
What a treat.
Twice in one day.
I take that back.
What the hell are we in the middle of? And don't give me any of this "national security" BS.
It's not BS.
You of all people should know that.
And you should know that a murdered soldier means you can't keep this in the shadows any longer.
These people need to be caught before they hurt anyone else, and you need our help to do it.
But we need a secure place to finish this conversation.
Luckily, I bring one with me wherever I go.
- This is a giant Faraday cage? - Exactly.
No electronic signals can get in or out.
So, tell us about Katerina.
Our belief is that Ms.
Antonov is an FSB case officer, who was in this country to recruit intelligence assets, and that she went rogue.
Which is why two guys grabbed her - and took her to a safehouse.
- Yep.
Oriel Stanislov and Vladik Ziven.
FSB spec ops officers.
They arrived in this country a week ago under assumed names.
But why try and kill her once she escaped? So she wouldn't end up in the hands of the CIA.
Did you know she was in a relationship with Major Marks? Obviously not.
Otherwise, we would have stepped in weeks ago.
Well, maybe we were too cynical earlier.
Maybe she really did fall in love with Marks and the FSB found out she was going to defect, they kill him and grabbed her.
Espionage isn't a romance novel, Officer Chen.
I mean, how would you know? You didn't even know there was a Russian safehouse in Los Angeles.
Fair point, but I've read Katerina's file.
She's no hopeless romantic.
Do you at least know why she targeted Marks? He was in charge of the Air Force's West Coast Drone Command.
He had the keys to the entire program.
So, if she wasn't stealing secrets from Russia, and she wasn't in love with Marks and planning to defect, then what the hell was she doing? I don't know.
And that's what scares the hell out of me.
What's going on? It's the end of the day, you haven't even cleared the non-workers.
Because, I spent most of my day drowning in a "Brazil" style bureaucratic hellscape.
Oh, is this about the, uh, the, you know, the Breast milk? Yes.
Just say it.
It's not a swear word.
It's not a magic curse that will bring forth a demon.
It's a word.
You know, I think I'll check back in the morning.
A token of thanks to the fine men and women at Mid-Wilshire.
It's gorgeous.
Thank you.
- Mm! - Hey, I'm really sorry about earlier.
We've both been under a lot of stress.
Thank you for not being part of the massive, society-wide conspiracy.
Don't mention it.
Nyla! - I'll see you at home? - Yeah.
I got an ID on your missing biker Ken Haverfield.
I just got off the phone with his boyfriend.
Ken just got out of rehab.
The boyfriend didn't report Ken missing because he just assumed Ken relapsed.
Well, he didn't fall off the wagon.
He got hit by a car and abducted by some psycho.
The victim in Nolan's dope house arson was a recovering addict, and he had a fractured pelvis consistent with being hit by a car.
You think that your serial killer is the same guy that hit Ken? It's a great way to incapacitate a victim, force them to rely on you for help.
If it is the same killer, there's gonna be another fire tonight Tomorrow at the latest.
And our only lead is that he drives the most popular car in L.
A And we don't have a plate number.
Okay, so, no one is ever 100% successful, right? This guy must have targeted a victim at some point who insisted on waiting for an ambulance.
At which point he would have fled, and the responding officer would have filed a hit-and-run.
I could run a search, but there's going to be dozens, maybe hundreds - of initial hits.
- I will do it.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
I will split it with the midnight shift.
We'll start running down some leads.
You go home to Jack.
He misses his mama.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I thought we were going for dinner.
Yeah, the club has apps.
Yeah, and like a million people.
And more than a few paparazzi.
You're right.
We should get our own exclusive.
No, I'm I'm not doing that.
Come on! Just relax.
We're gonna have fun.
You didn't bring me out to reconnect.
This is just so you can get more followers.
No! Well, I mean, yeah, we could both benefit, but Nah, I'm out.
Aaron, wait.
This quiet community was rocked by the suspicion that fell on the Gallagher home.
Police executed a search warrant, removing several items, including clothes - Hello? - Hey, it's Aaron.
Yeah, can I speak to P1 Lucy? I got a rookie situation I need to discuss.
Yeah, yeah, sure thing.
Hold on.
Um, okay, here she comes.
- Talk to me.
- So I just tried to go out with an old friend, from, before my life got turned upside down, and it was like talking to an alien.
Becoming a cop is isolating enough with no one but other cops able to understand the experience.
It must be so much harder for you.
I mean, how did you handle it? The The isolation.
I made new friends with the only people who could relate The rookies I came up with.
Yeah, my Academy classmates call me "No Biz," as in, "You have no business being a cop.
" Oof, I'm sorry.
I can't imagine, doing this alone.
There were three of us in our class, and we were inseparable.
Yeah, it was you, Nolan, and And who was the third? Um Right.
Uh, sorry.
The The guy who, uh Died.
Sneaks up on you, doesn't it? I mean I'll just be going along, talking about whatever, and then, something reminds me of Patrick, just lying there dead on the floor, and Bam.
It's like being hit by a truck.
I-I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't be bringing this up, I should, I should go.
No, no.
No need to apologize.
I-I'm - I'm glad you called.
- Yeah, me too.
You know, I spent the last two years feeling completely alone, so it's It's nice to have someone to talk to.
Well, good.
You should probably get some sleep, you know.
You gotta bring your A-game every day with Harper.
Tell me about it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Dispatch, this is Detective Nyla Harper, badge number 56464.
I might have eyes on a possible kidnapping vehicle at 9223 Sherman Drive.
License plate matches a hit and run from August.
Get me marked units and notify Detective Lopez ASAP.
Dispatch, Detective Harper.
Possible suspect and possible kidnapping victim inside.
Send all units Code 3.
I'm making entry.
Police! Come out with your hands up! Dispatch, I have a white male that LAPD! Show me your hands! Even with all the smoke inhalation, Harper's probably fine, right? She wasn't in the building long.
She should be okay.
At this point, I think we can skip the war stories, and agree Firefighters are better than cops.
Why else would you and Harper insist on running into burning buildings? You're jealous.
Oh, y-yeah, no.
It's just as police, we can't simply stand by and do nothing, when we know we could be helping.
Okay, well, I guess we do have to do the war story contest.
You go first.
Okay, last year, I got caught alone in the canyon as a fire was racing up the hill behind me.
You can't outrun it, so I had to light up the brush around me.
I'm sorry, you You're stuck in a wildfire, so you lit a fire? Right.
The brush burns away, along with half my eyebrows And I wrap myself in a fire blanket in the middle of the burnt-out patch.
I go fetal.
Wildfire, lighting up all around me, burning at 1,200 degrees.
But because it's not right on top of me, I only parboil, as the fire pushes past me.
The doctor said we can see her now.
You just had to try and one-up me, didn't you? "Try"? Yeah, she's alright.
- Did you catch the guy? - No.
By the time back-up landed, he was gone.
What about the car? Uh, can we track it? He drove it a couple miles out and torched it.
Burned up any DNA that would have been inside.
We ran the VIN number, but the car was as stolen as the license plate he put on it.
So, we are back at square one.
What about the guy Harper pulled out of the fire? - Can he ID him? - Ken's still in surgery.
The doctor said he has a chance, but he lost a lot of blood.
- Mm.
- Hey.
We'll get out of your burned hair.
You guys go, I just need to get down a few details while her memory's fresh.
- Glad you're okay.
- Me too.
Hmm, thank you.
You feel better? Yeah, I do.
Thank you.
I'd say this was another stellar date, wouldn't you? At least we finally put "cops versus firefighters" to bed.
Ah, heh, no.
No, we haven't.
You think you can beat my story? Two words "Russian safehouse.
" Unless "safehouse" is two separate words.
In which case, I have three words "Russian safe house.
" Look Just this very morning, I uncovered a Russian FSB safehouse, when two Russian agents tried to kill me, for helping a third Russian agent that they were sent after to capture, who had gone rogue.
Only no one could figure out what kind of rogue she had gone, because The Air Force major that she was sleeping with, turned up murdered.
Now, we don't know whether she was using him, or actually in love with him, or whether the two agents that killed him, did so to tie up a loose end, or if they were just using him to try to capture her again.
Damn it, you win.
And now we know.
Cops are better than firefighters.
Oh, I can't.
Forget, war stories.
Let's spar for the title.
- Okay, we're doing this.
- Uh-huh.
Okay, I'm Oh, hold on.
Come on.
You scared? Definitely, but, um, Katerina had something in her left fist when I found her.
- I'm not following.
- The third spy The one the other two were trying to kill.
She had something in her left hand when I put her in the shop, but Afterwards, after they tried to kill us, I remember, pulling her out of the shop.
Stay low! Her hands were empty.
And you think she left it in there Whatever "it" is.
One way to find out.
- Alright.
- Welcome.
You take me to all the best places.
That's a lot of security for a bunch of busted-up cars.
That's to keep the chain of custody secure.
My shop hasn't been processed yet, so, if Katerina left anything behind it will still be in there.
Here we go.
You were in this thing? Yeah.
Well, a-adjacent.
What's wrong? I'm just used to being the one that gets worried about, not the one who's worrying.
Oh, you don't have to worry about me.
Yeah, famous last words.
Oh, that's dark.
Let's see what we got.
I got something.
It's a flash drive.
Give me the drive, and I'll let her go.
No one needs to get hurt.
What's on it that's so important? A list of men involved in a drone strike.
Why do you care? My brother was in the building they hit.
He was a doctor.
He didn't deserve to die.
So, Marks launched the strike.
You killed him, stole the drive, but Oriel and Vladik grabbed you before you could do anything with it.
And you're planning on killing the rest of the men on the list.
That's justice, no? Isn't that what your badge stands for? Now Give me the drive, and she lives.
Come Come on! Flat on your stomach! Hands and legs out! Spread 'em, now! - You okay? - Yeah.
She's got some skills.
She's not the only one.
Here, cuff her up nice and tight.
You're under arrest.
Officer Nolan.
Let me guess Tracking me through my phone? I'm not really at liberty to say.
And now you just expect me to hand her over to you? No, not to me to Agent Reynolds.
Lieutenant Nune, how are you tonight? - Do I know you? - Uh, no, but any friend of Officer Nolan's.
Hey, w-wait, what about, uh, the other two? What about, uh, Oriel and what's-his-name? Oh, we picked them up an hour ago.
Thanks for your help with this.
Agent Reynolds will coordinate with your sergeant on the paperwork.
Lieutenant? I told you I was in the Army Reserve.
Yeah, but you didn't say Lieutenant.
Well, yeah.
- Thank you for your service.
- Mm-hmm.
We should really have a normal date.
Look, I'm doing everything I can, but, as of now, I think Aiden's best chance is a forgiving jury.
Oh, you can stop working on his case.
Yeah, the prison's about to call Just as soon as they find Aiden's body in his cell.
You had him killed? - Why?! - Word on the street was, he was talking like he was gonna turn on me.
Look, as far as I know, he was completely loyal to you.
Right, 10 years of service.
One meeting with you, and he gets squirrelly.
No, we We talked legal strategy.
That's it.
I know that you have a reason to be nervous, okay? But I won't do anything to endanger my family.
That you can count on.
Final warning.
How did you get that fridge, for the break room? That brand costs more than my car.
Wesley bought it, so I guess, technically, I bought it.
So, that's the solution? To pay out of pocket? There really has to be somebody - who could've helped with that.
- I thought about asking my union delegate to step in, but he once asked me, quote, "Why do women need tampons?" "Can't they just hold it?" So Someone should really run against him.
You could.
I am barely on the other side of being a rookie, and it was a rough ride.
No one would vote for me.
I would.
Mainly to spite Smitty, but, hey, a vote's a vote.
Did you stop by for something specific? Yeah, I wanted an update on the arson case.
I know I'm not part of the investigation, but I would love to be kept in the loop.
If you hadn't brought the first victim to my attention, I would have never made the connection, so it's your case as much as mine.
I should warn you, if the killer's smart, he's long gone.
This case could haunt us into our retirement.
You sure you want to do this? Yes, I do.
You know you can't go out on patrol without your TO.
Oh, uh, Harper's on her way in.
She just, wanted me to make sure I had the shop ready to go.
You know, it turns out, saving a guy's life while barely escaping a pyro-serial killer doesn't even rate a sick day.
- Yeah, she sets a pretty high bar.
- Yeah.
Speaking of, from your friend, P1 Lucy, for your evidence kit.
This is the cockroach of protein bars.
Guaranteed to stay edible until long after we're gone.
Uh, I will cherish it forever, 'cause there's no way I'm putting this in my body.
You're welcome.
- Finished making your statement? - Yes.
And I might have referred to you as "hunky" at one point.
I appreciate that.
- What's this? - Open it.
It's a little, uh, recognition, for your exemplary police work last night.
Thank you.
- You ready? - Yeah.
One last thing.
Now I'm ready.

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