The Rookie (2018) s04e05 Episode Script


Oh, my God, Pete.
What happened? You were the only one I could call.
Okay, stay here.
I'm gonna call 911, alright? No, no, no.
It's too late.
- Will you please just do me a favor? - Of course.
After I die, could you please roll my ashes up into a blunt [SINGSONG.]
and smoke me? - [LAUGHS.]
- Oh, you ass! I almost had a heart attack! It's jerky.
Happy Halloween.
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, - oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - What? What? Like I know you want me to do There's something seriously wrong with you.
You didn't inherit Dad's love for Halloween? That guy was the king of pranks.
He loved messing with me all the time.
Yes, my favorite prank was when he abandoned me at the age of 10.
Very dark.
So, aside from giving me a coronary, what are you doing in town? Are you kidding? L.
is lit during Halloween season.
I got five parties lined up.
You didn't bring Chastity? No.
She's, uh, stuck in Tempe.
They're doing a haunted house at the strip club.
But, I was wondering, if you still have that open-door policy on your guest room? A little notice would have been nice, but, yeah, sure.
How long would you like to stay? Oh, just a couple days.
Weeks, Months.
I don't know.
But I do need some clothes.
And deodorant.
And a toothbrush.
Uh, I don't have anything.
Of course not.
W-Why Why would you? Hmm.
Can you grab the blueberries? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING.]
We don't have any.
Wha I just went shopping.
Hey, when you finish something, you need to put it on the shopping list.
I didn't eat them.
- I didn't.
- Okay, fine, just Just next time, put it on the list, Oh, hey, did you figure out what costume you're gonna wear to the West Hollywood parade tonight? Um Not yet.
I sent you a ton of suggestions.
No offense But they all sucked.
Um, o-okay.
Well, just because you say "no offense" - doesn't mean it hurts less.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I'm Margaret from 604.
- You're a cop, right? - Yeah.
Uh, what's going on? - Hey.
No, no! - Stop! Those are delicate instruments! - Oh, go screw yourself! - Whoa.
Hey, what's going on? - They robbed me! - Okay, thatis not at all true.
Crouch hired us to rid her home of an aggressive spirit.
You mean a ghost? You guys are ghost hunters? Yeah, we are.
The spirit in Mrs.
Crouch's apartment is rather just stubborn, so we said that we would do a follow-up.
For another $5,000.
She already paid them $10,000.
Our prices are in line with industry standards.
You didn't get rid of my ghost! Now, give me my money back! Okay, here's what's gonna happen.
Crouch is gonna stop trashing your stuff, and you guys are going to give me your information, so I can pass it on to a detective.
LOPEZ: Hey, what are you doing here? I just felt like swinging by, and seeing the best detective in the city.
You have a client in lockup? - That too.
- Well, don't forget to pick up candy for tonight.
And not those variety packs with that pathetic, fun-sized nonsense.
We serve full-sized bars at the Lopez-Evers abode.
Uh, good morning.
Good morning.
- Um, I need a favor.
- What's up? My neighbor is being taken advantage of.
There are these, uh, paranormal expert, ghost hunters, whatever.
They're charging her 10 grand to rid her apartment of ghosts.
That's ridiculous.
10 grand should at least get you a quality exorcism.
That said, making a case against them, could be tricky.
Yeah, tarot, fortune-telling, necromancy, ghost hunting all the psychic arts are legal in California.
But she's an old lady on a fixed income.
There's no way she can afford $10,000 on "psychic services.
" Well, now, that changes the equation.
Yeah, elder financial fraud is a crime.
- I'll look into it.
- Thank you, you're the best.
Excuse me.
This is Lucy Chen.
Um Confirming what appointment? Excuse me? Your mother did what? She pre-paid for me to have my eggs frozen at a fertility clinic.
I thought you and your mother weren't talking.
She's definitely talking now.
Seriously, what makes her think she has the right? Alright.
Nolan Can you tell me what today is and what "ACH" stands for? Today is Halloween, and I have no idea what "ACH" stands for.
No candy for partial answers.
Harper? Anything can happen.
Basically a reminder to be extra careful 'cause today is Halloween and, Halloween is unpredictable.
And since Officer Thorsen has range qualifications today, you're back riding with Nolan.
Oh, just like old times.
Yeah, without the fear of the whole blue-page thing.
Uh, what kind of unpredictable can we expect today? Good question, Chen.
Lot of liquid courage.
Lot of 211's.
Teenagers snatching little kids' candy.
Masked people running into liquor stores.
Do they have a gun, or are they just late for a party? Muzzle discipline is critical.
And? Can you remind us how you got your uniform torn three Halloweens ago? Uh If You get dispatched to a loud party, make sure they know you're not the stripper.
We'll try to get you home on time, but it's Halloween, so ALL: Anything can happen.
Alright, be safe out there.
- This is nice, being together again.
It's actually a relief riding with someone who can handle himself.
A compliment? How far we've come.
I am in a good place.
You know, work's good, James is great.
I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter.
And I don't know, this job, it's It's changed everything.
- Lila excited for Halloween? - Oh, beyond.
She's changed her costume like 10 times this week.
And how do you and Donovan arrange for trick-or-treating? We're supposed to alternate years, but this morning, Lila told her father and I that she wanted to do a family-themed costume, like we used to wear.
That sounds - Complicated? - Yeah.
But, you know, she has her heart set on it, and, Donovan and I are in a good place, so we agreed.
- That's very enlightened of you.
- Thank you.
I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Seriously, why would you - jinx me like that? - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- Um, I should probably take this.
- Go ahead.
Hey, Chastity.
- How's it going? - Terrible, a-are you sitting down? It's-it's, It's about your brother, he's missing.
- Oh, no, he's - He went to the store last night, and, he went to go get corn nuts, and Fanta, and-and no one's seen him since, and I'm just, I'm worried that he may have fallen off the wagon.
He's, he's on the wagon? Yes, and I would have called the Tempe Police, but they're still mad about the glitter bomb, - and - Okay, no, no, Chastity, um Pete's fine, he-he's not on a bender, and he's not missing, he's here in Los Angeles.
- He's with me.
- That son of a bitch.
You want to tell me what's going on? What's going on is, I am going to kill your little brother the next time I see him, but before, I'm gonna rupture his delicate parts with a pair of stilettos and close up all of his openings with a hot glue gun.
You, you do realize you You've described about six crimes to me, right? - Ugh.
You have to hand it to her she's very creative.
- Happy Halloween.
- Be safe out there.
Thank you.
I'm just saying, I am only 29.
My eggs are nowhere near their expiration date.
But clearly, my mother thinks that I'm a pathetic loser who's never gonna find a partner before her fertility clock ticks down.
Or she's just looking out for you, knowing how busy you are.
Wha Why are you taking her side? I'm not taking her side.
It's just It's a biological fact, that you have a ticking reproductive clock.
Mm, don't be smug about the fact that men can have kids well into their 90s.
I'm not even 30 and apparently, I need to flash-freeze my ovaries.
It's just insurance.
Okay? Look, you don't get car insurance hoping that you crash your car.
The policy is a waste of money, alright? If your mom wants to pay the bill, let her.
I'm gonna pretend you didn't just compare my fertility to a car wreck.
I can't find my daughter.
Selina, she's dressed like Stitch.
Uh, ma'am, she's - She's right over there.
- No.
There were twokids dressed as Stitch.
A parent probably just grabbed the wrong kid.
Um, hi.
My name is Tim.
- What's your name? - Alton.
Okay, did your mom or dad accidentally leave without you, Alton? My dad.
Okay, and what's your dad's name? Daddy.
Okay, I got this.
Hi Do you know where you live? Oh, great.
You are so smart.
- Where? - In a house.
Yeah, okay.
This is gonna take a little bit longer than I thought.
You didn't tell her I was here, did you? Yes, of course I did.
She was freaking out.
She thought you'd gone missing.
Are you not aware of the Bro Code? 'Cause rule number seven clearly states that when a girlfriend asks where your bro is, the answer is always, "I don't know!" God, you're the worst half-brother ever! I was about to say the same thing.
Oh, good.
So you agree.
- Okay.
You-you know what? I can't, Pete, I got to go.
- I got to go.
- Control, 7-Adam-15.
415 unknown, Third and Gardner.
People are running.
- Stand by.
- MAN: Get out of there! - [BRAKES SQUEAL.]
Zombie! Zombie! Ma'am? Ma'am, we're here to help.
- What's your name? - [GROWLING.]
Ma'am, can you hear me? [GROWLING.]
- You ready for round two? - Yeah? [ALL GRUNTING.]
7-Adam-15, one in custody, on some kind of 11-3.
She's having a seizure.
You're the ones who brought her in? Yeah.
She tried to eat us.
Is, is she having a seizure? Most likely a drug-induced seizure.
Any idea what she took? Given the super strength, I'd say PCP, but, honestly, I've never seen anything like this before.
It's got to be some new designer drug.
I hate Halloween.
I'll reach out when the tox screen comes back.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Would I lie to you? Invest now buddy, get in on the ground floor and I'll make you rich.
What? I'm busy.
Sir, you're the prime suspect in a kidnapping.
Let me call you back.
Did you just take a child from the Mid-Wilshire police station? Yeah.
My son, Alton.
Sir, that is not your son.
Hey, Selina? Hey, could you take off your hood, please? - Hi.
- DWAYNE: Holy crap.
I swear, I had no idea.
Hey, are you okay? More candy.
You can ask your mom.
- Let's go.
- Noooooooo.
I want to stay here.
My mom doesn't let me eat sugar.
I'm Detective Lopez.
Oh, we are picking up some very strange readings in here.
Must be the ghosts of all the con artists I've sent to prison.
10 grand, to pretend to clean an apartment full of ghosts, is a good hustle.
- It's not a hustle.
- Shh.
Just listen.
Crouch is on a pension, and you two are draining what's left of her future.
You have two options Give her a refund, or I'll start digging around, and see if there's a pattern of abuse.
We are not con artists.
Paranormal phenomena is real science.
Now, we detected a presence in Mrs.
Crouch's home.
We set up infrared thermometers all over the apartment and recorded a substantive drop in the ambient temperature in the bathroom.
A temperature drop which is evidence of a spectral presence.
- Or a draft.
- And Our UV camera picked up this.
There, that Is the spirit we were trying to clear from Mrs.
Crouch's home.
That's a digital glitch, or your own shadow.
Spoken like a true innocent.
You have to understand, that before it was some marketing gimmick, to sell candy and costumes, Halloween was the sacred day, when the veil between our world and the next parted, and the spirits moved freely.
You misunderstand.
I'm not saying I don't believe in evil spirits.
I'm saying I don't believe in you.
Detective Mrs.
Crouch is in real danger.
And we need to get back there to finish the cleanse.
Not happening.
I gave you a chance to do the right thing.
You want to do this the hard way, we'll do this the hard way.
NOLAN: This will be quick.
As long as I get that free lunch you promised me, I am good.
Everything's in the fridge, help yourself.
I love this shirt, it makes me look like a lumberjack.
Hey, I know you.
Nice to see you again.
What's with the lecture face? This isn't lecture face.
I don't have lecture face.
That is 100% a lecture face.
I'm-a make a sandwich.
Pete, what's going on with Chastity? Why are you really here? So she didn't tell you? No, she hung up on me.
- She's pissed.
- Well That's because she's [MUMBLES.]
I'm sorry, she's what? Pren She's nent.
- She's fragrant? - She's pregnant.
What?! Pete! So, you-you, walk out on her, and let her believe you've gone missing? - What are you - Oh, so I freaked out.
Relax, okay? What What exactly about this makes you think that I'll be a good dad, okay? I-I-I don't floss.
I've never had a vegetable.
I-I have the IQ of a hummingbird, which I'm told they're the stupidest of the birds.
The biggest favor I can do for this kid is to just walk away.
You can't be serious.
You have a kid, right? W-Would you let me babysit? Uh, I'd be more likely to put her in charge of you.
- See? - So, you're gonna do to your baby, what our dad did to me? Yeah, I know Dad left you, but he stayed for me, and look how that turned out, alright? - [CELLPHONE BUZZING.]
- I just know if I stick around, I'm just gonna screw it up.
Sorry to interrupt, but our zombie suspect is conscious.
Sorry, did you say "zombie"? We'll finish this later.
And a hummingbird is a proud and noble animal.
That poor kid.
Imagine having that idiot as your father.
Guy was just clueless.
There are a lot worse out there.
Trust me.
I'm living proof that some people should not be parents.
You think you'll ever have kids? Uh Honestly? I, uh, thought I would've had some by now.
Isabel and I, we made all these plans, pop out three kids, watch them grow up, have kids of their own.
But Things don't always work out.
Which is why, you think I should make contingency plans.
- Watch out! - [TIRES SCREECH.]
Control, 7-Adam-100! Possible 51-50! Olympic at Citrus.
Male, 30s, is now attacking my shop.
Get an additional unit and an RA.
Code 3.
Uh, Amber.
Hi, I'm, uh, Nyla.
This is John.
What drug did you take? Amber? She was speaking earlier Random words here and there.
It's clear that whatever this drug is, it has had a catastrophic effect on her nervous system.
The damage to her brain might be irreparable.
We should check back with the tech guys, see if they had any luck opening Amber's phone.
We need to track down her dealer.
- Biter? - Yes.
HARPER: We had one, too.
- TIM: They ID the drug yet? - NOLAN: No.
Guys, honestly, have you ever seen anything like this before? You all okay? Nothing broken, nothing bleeding.
Yeah, but plenty is sore.
The Intel Unit says this new drug is called Bomb-X, and it's being sold on something called ClipTalk.
That's a new social media app.
Once we figure out which hashtags are trending, we'll be able to whittle it down to our dealer.
Until then, we're just playing catch-up, and a lot of innocent people are getting hurt.
What do you want us to do, Sarge? Nothing, I called in extra personnel, for the midnight shift.
I'm going to brief them now.
You're all end of watch.
And what are you doing? Stay with you.
Sergeant Reeves is covering two districts on this crazy night, the least I can do is help.
It was all a big misunderstanding.
No, the Edwards took advantage of you.
Uh, no, darling.
I was wrong.
My ghost hasn't made a peep in hours.
All that tinkering they did worked.
Or they could have caused the paranormal activity, in which case, they also could have made it stop.
Sometimes people prey on seniors.
You know what they do even more often? Underestimate us.
I'm not an idiot.
No, ma'am.
I didn't mean to suggest that you were.
As soon as strange things started happening, I did my research, let me tell you There's no way this building isn't Haunted.
Dare I ask what you're in for? Hi.
- Pete.
- I hate you.
Yeah, you make me think.
I don't like thinking.
Yeah, well, thinking sucks, but sometimes, that's the price you pay, - for being an adult.
- Yeah, well.
You know, I'm not gonna ghost Chastity, okay? If she wants to have a baby, then I'll man up.
You know, I'll take care of my family, but I-I don't know what I'm doing.
I don't have any skills.
Start with what you know.
Yeah, but all I know how to do is, you know, gamble and, like, do drugs, and, you know, I don't even do that anymore.
Well, let's start with that.
Okay, gambling.
Um, you, uh You need patience Uh, strategic thinking, uh, uh, optimism, being able to read people.
Your knowledge of the drug trade.
You could Uh, you You.
You could help us.
Hey, do you know anything about buying drugs, through ClipTalk? [CHUCKLES.]
Only, like, everything.
- Really? - Yeah.
You, uh, you want me to help you get drugs? - I - I don't think I could do that.
I don't think NA would be too proud of that.
It's not for me, and I would never do anything to endanger your sobriety.
I just If you could give us any insight on Bomb-X, you could help a lot of people, Pete.
Check this out, it's actually pretty easy to do.
So you just go on here, and His name is Flamebroiled6060, which is street slang, for getting lit.
- Pete.
- Yeah? How'd you like to make 500 bucks? Can I hold your gun? - No.
- Please? - Come on.
- You never let me hold the gun.
I think your building, is haunted.
I did some research, and while our ghost busters may be frauds, this place is destined to be a Netflix documentary.
What happened? In 1912, the building was constructed as a textile factory.
A year later, seven workers died in a fire.
1927, a speakeasy opens in the basement.
It closes within the year.
Employees kept quitting, driven out by the sounds of people screaming, as they died.
That's awful.
The building shuts down during the Depression, doesn't open again until the '60s, when a charming, young musician decides to use it for his recording studio.
Brian Wilson? - Charles Manson.
- Mnh.
In the aughts, the building was purchased and converted into the hipster catnip apartments we see before us.
A worker goes missing during construction.
A week later, he's found in one of the walls, surrounded by scratch marks, as if he tried to claw his way out.
Okay, let's move.
I know an underpass that stays - pretty warm this time of year.
- No, we are not moving.
Look, this is all creepy and just not great, but Ghosts aren't real.
The only real problem are the con artists that are preying on Mrs.
She's the one who pointed me to the building's history.
And unfortunately, she doesn't want our help.
But elder fraud goes way down when a trusted friend, or a family member, or nosy neighbor - Well - Takes an interest.
So I'm 99% certain our ghost hunters won't be back.
I hope I have a neighbor as caring as me when I'm old and alone.
Rough week on the dating market? It is so much worse than that.
My mother has, literally paid, to have my eggs harvested and frozen.
I wouldn't laugh if I were you.
Life sneaks up on you fast, Miss I-just-went-through-puberty.
Hey, if she wants to pay for it, why not? Egg freezing costs thousands of dollars.
Now you can do it for free.
The real cost is my peace of mind, every time my mother asks me when I'm gonna take her grandkids out of the deep freeze.
So then don't freeze your eggs and just adopt.
It's not like there's a shortage of kids out there who need it.
Well, I got to get home for Jack's first Halloween.
Call me if you need recommendations for movers.
We're not moving.
DONOVAN: Oh, hey, look, it's Mom.
You're late.
Well, given that I was just informed about our family-themed costume today, I think I deserve a little credit.
- Okay.
- But you look super cute, baby girl.
You make a great Rey Skywalker.
Oh, are you just saying that because I am a real-life badass, or because I look good holding a lightsaber? - Uh, both? - Hmm, that was a good answer.
Hmm, okay.
Thanks for coming, though.
And for wearing the whole costume.
It really means a lot to her.
Well, thanks for the invite.
It means a lot to me.
Nyla, is that you? Mrs.
So great to see you two back together again.
I never liked that Penelope.
Uh I'm still dating Penelope.
Yeah, we're We're not back together.
We are just reunited to fight for the Rebel Alliance.
Happy Halloween.
- Happy Halloween.
- Happy Halloween.
This is gonna be a long night, huh? Yep.
Hey, thanks for coming with me.
I know it's not really your thing, and, I really appreciate the company.
I promised myself I'd try new things.
Or Old things, I guess.
You couldn't have picked, you know, costumes from thiscentury? Well, you know, Bonnie and Clyde are not old, they are iconic.
Gosh, why is it always so cold in this bathroom? 'Cause like 20 people died in here.
Oh, my gosh.
Don't even What [BLOWS AIR.]
That's why it's always so cold in here.
Give me a hand.
Whoa, uh, that's Creepy.
You heard the history.
This building has been repurposed, and subdivided, so many times, I bet there are little nooks and crannies all over the place.
You stay here.
I will be right back.
Yeah, like I'm really gonna let you just climb through the gates of hell, by yourself.
Have you ever seen a horror movie? Fine.
You can come.
Yes! Okay.
Okay, stay close.
LUCY: Watch your step.
- TAMARA: Someone's been back here.
- Mm-hmm.
Now do you believe I didn't eat all the blueberries? The ghost who's been living in our walls did.
So Pete set up a controlled buy with the Bomb-X dealer.
And you know your way around ClipTalk? Oh, yeah, I used to use it to get ketamine, - and Molly and shrooms and - Something you might not want to admit in a room full of cops.
Uh, I mean alle-allegedly did, that.
Anyway, who's gonna actually buy the drugs, like, in real life? No offense, but, you fit the profile.
Totally, I get that.
I just, uh, the thing is, I don't really want to be, like, touching the drugs, because once I get my hands on it, I don't think I could trust myself around it, 'cause I don't really have great self-restraint.
We'll have eyes on you the whole time, alright? You'll never have a chance to use the drugs.
- I promise.
- If you're uncomfortable for any reason, we'll find another way.
No, no, I-I got it.
And you'll, you'll be looking out for me, right? I'll be looking out for you.
Thanks for stepping in.
And Good luck.
So you're gonna get wired up, and go in, take the cash that we give you, and buy the Bomb-X.
Here's the important part - Clean him out.
- Buy everything.
That way, he has to go back to his supplier.
Okay, and then we follow him.
That's when we follow him.
At that point, you are done.
One more thing, you have to be strip-searched.
Twice, uh, before and after.
In front of two witnesses.
You cops really do like it freaky, huh? It's so the dealer's defense team can't claim later that you had drugs on you before you made the buy.
Let's get this over with.
Might as well start with the holes.
- Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete! - Yeah? Not here.
- What the? - [SIGHS.]
- No? - Not here.
Not here.
- Oh, sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Happy Halloween.
She's out.
She did hit a record number of houses this year.
Is she okay under there? Uh, I asked her if she wanted to take it off, but, uh, she threatened me with bodily injury.
Freshen you up? Yeah.
Why not? Oh.
I am not used to walking miles in $6 pleather boots.
Maybe next year, we can steer her towards a family that wears - comfy track suits.
- Mm.
Like "The Royal Tenenbaums"? Exactly.
We used to love that film.
You know, I'm sorry it got awkward today with people thinking that we were back together.
But, seeing her so happy made it worth it.
Look, I know that we're supposed to split holidays, but She's just growing up so fast, and I hate the idea of missing any more time with her.
I know what you mean.
Maybe we can come up with, um A new schedule.
Something a bit more fluid.
I'd like that.
To us And being more Fluid.
So it's not a ghost.
There is someone living in our walls.
MAN: Happy Halloween.
I'm getting major stalker vibes.
For Margaret Ward, 604.
What was that? Um, I don't know.
I hope it was the pipes, though.
Okay, um, we're gonna go check it out.
I'll call it in.
Watch your head.
- Eww.
- Yeah.
Look, Margaret's doing laundry on Halloween? We should invite her to go out with us.
Yeah, right after we warn her she's being creeped by a stalker.
Margaret! - Look out! - We need to get in there.
There has to be a door or hatch.
He got in there somehow.
You stay here.
Hey! Police! Drop the weapon! [GRUNTS.]
No, no, no, no.
- Come on, come on.
Yes! Yes! Yes, yes! Thank you.
Yes, yes! This is Sergeant Tim Bradford.
Today's date is October 31st.
We're conducting a "Buy-Walk" operation, using CI number 081316.
Tonight's buy targets a narcotic with the street name of Bomb-X.
After the buy, we will tail the suspect to his SOS.
PETE: You guys, uh You guys still hear me over there? You bet, Pete.
We can still hear you.
Alright, I'm, uh I'm going in.
Hello? Do those burgers come flamebroiled? - I know you? - Yeah, we, uh We texted a few times.
You "eggplant emoji 70"? Yeah.
Uh, "eggplant emoji 69" was already taken.
Let me see it.
Put the money in the car.
I'll tell you where it is.
- Six pack, right? - Yeah, well, what started as a small get-together has now turned into a bigger party.
Like, "boat" big, - if you know what I'm saying.
- You want a boat? A full boat? I don't have that much on me.
Well, how much do you have? [RUSTLING.]
I got 80 left.
That's four grand.
You got that kind of cash? How fast can you get the rest? [VAN DOOR OPENS.]
- That was awesome! - You did great! Yeah.
The The drugs? Right.
Just looks like a super-fun time.
Yeah, a fun time that turns you into a zombie, and melts your brain.
Got to say, not bad.
Air Three has the dealer on the 10 East towards downtown.
- We got to go.
- Right.
Listen, Pete, um Great job.
I'm really proud of you.
Thank you.
- Can I have the money now? - I'm serious.
It took guts to do what you did.
No, I know.
I'm serious, too.
- Could I please have the money now? - Okay.
Officer Jan will drive you back to the station.
They'll strip search you again, make sure you didn't keep any, - and they'll pay you.
- Great.
Normally I'd say, "Lucky you," but I was sweating balls out there.
Let's go.
TIM: Control, 7-Adam-100.
Suspect just stopped outside the Los Angeles Theater.
What's the ETA on Metro? DISPATCH: 7-Adam-100, Metro landing in 15 minutes.
This is ridiculous.
We're in the middle of an op, and there's no backup? It's Halloween.
Alright, so what do we do? Do we go after him or wait for backup? We go after him.
There's other exits on that building.
We can't chance him getting resupplied and those drugs hitting the streets.
Right answer.
Police! Stay right where you are! Show me your hands! Now! Turn around! Turn around! Interlock your fingers behind your head.
Sit down.
Sit down.
- You okay? Ask me later.
Control, we need an RA to our location.
Three suspects in custody.
- Oh, my God.
- Ah.
How much did we drink last night? - I don't remember.
- Mm.
So, too much.
LILA: Daddy? Don't Don't come in.
Uh, I'm getting dressed.
Can I have pancakes for breakfast? And syrup? And can I have some more of my candy? Whatever you want, sweetheart.
- I-I-I-I don't want to confuse her.
- Yeah.
Or get her hopes up that we are back together.
- So what do we do? - Uh You, you go make her pancakes.
I will do what any mature single parent does, and hide in the closet.
Did you get any sleep? Considering we went to bed an hour ago No.
Look, last night was something out of a nightmare, and If you're not feeling safe being here right now, we can get a hotel or, something.
I've slept in a lot of creepy places.
Never had a badass superhero protecting me, so, this is the safest I've ever felt.
- Aww.
- Hey! - Hey.
I just wanted to let you know, that if you hear any noises, it's TID, processing the scene, - not ghosts.
- Yes.
Because, ghosts do not exist.
Agree to disagree.
So, uh, did you decide what to do about your eggs? Uh, I I'm gonna make an appointment, for a consultation, and then we'll see.
Sounds like a solid plan.
And the fact that babies are crying machines, who never sleep for more than three hours in a row, and you can't tell whether they're smiling, or have gas and every time you change their diaper, they pee on you.
Don't let, any of that dissuade you from the joys of motherhood.
- Okay? - Well.
When you put it that way, I mean, I - I can't wait.
- Me either.
I don't want to have a kid for at least, like, - another year.
Again, kidding.
God, you're so easy.
Seriously, though, Jack is the best thing in my life.
And I wish the same for you, whenever you're ready.
I know you were just kidding, but, um, we should probably talk about birth control, and, and, and.
And just general sex education, would be good.
I'd rather be possessed.
Take it back.
- It was a joke.
- Take it back.
I-I take it back.
Thank God.
I fed her pancakes, candy bars, and soda.
I'm a terrible father, but she won't be coming in here.
Thank you for the shirt.
I will get it back to you later.
Of course.
I bought a ring.
- Excuse me? - An engagement ring.
Donovan, last night was fun and all, but, - we really shouldn't - For Penelope.
I was Planning to propose.
And you still should.
I mean, Penelope is great, despite what Mrs.
Dolinsky thinks.
And she is really sweet with Lila.
What about last night? We fell into a comfortable routine.
And now we both have to move on.
Hey, look, we messed up, but that will never happen again, which means it's in the past, so let's not let it blow up our futures.
- Okay? - Yeah.
So You - You're going out the window? - Yeah.
Well, I am all packed.
You didn't even bring a toothbrush.
Are you just taking a bunch of my clothes? No.
Hey, man, uh Thanks for, like, uh, you know, all your help in making me a CI.
That was really cool.
I didn't know you could make money buying drugs.
Yeah, yeah, even so, I might skip listing that under "skills" on your résumé.
Hey, uh, not to get all sappy and crap, but, uh, thanks for believing in me.
Uh, I kinda believe in myself now a little bit, and I've decided I'm gonna be a responsible adult and go back to Tempe, and, fix things up with Chastity.
And I'll be the dad that, you know, our dad could never be.
Pete, I have no doubt.
I see you! I'll get that.
We're wild and free Thank you.
There he is.
- Pete, listen to me - Hey.
Just hear me out, okay? I have a whole speech prepared, and it's not gonna be that great, so please don't get mad, but I-I don't have a lot to offer.
But you already know that because you know me.
- Pete - No.
- Please - Please just let me finish, okay.
Chastity Evelyn Sneed, I want to be your baby daddy.
I do.
I want to be the best dad that I can be for our child.
So will you please Stop talking.
- I'm not pregnant.
- Wait, what? - Seriously? - Seriously.
Yes! Oh, my God! That is fantastic news.
Wait, I'm actually I might be a little sad.
Not even a little.
I feel great! We should celebrate.
- You want to go to Vegas, or something? - Yes! I'm I'm sorry.
Pete, you just finished saying you wanted to start being a responsible adult.
Yes, yes.
That was New Pete.
But I'm Old Pete.
Old Pete is back 'cause new Pete is no longer required.
And Old Pete Wants to go to Vegas, and go to a strip club and make it rain, what do you think? - Should we go? - Yeah.
- Cool.
- Bye, John.
- Good luck, Chastity.
- Thanks! - Later, nerd.
Thanks for having me, I'll see you soon.
Maybe no rush on that.
No, I-I will be back.
- Call first? - Nope!
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