The Rookie (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

Poetic Justice

Previously on "The Rookie" - Someone should really run against him.
- You could.
It's Aaron Thorsen.
TikTok famous before he got arrested for murdering his roommate.
Officer Thorsen was found not guilty.
I've been thinking about your arson case.
I ran a search and found two unsolved cases.
Both in Nevada, both suffered broken legs before dying in a fire.
We've got a serial killer on our hands.
Go! I can't wait to hear this story.
This isn't what it looks like.
It looks like you're creating a falling hazard in the middle of a public park.
Yeah, that's part's exactly what it looks like.
The question is, why? Uh, I lost my keys? Sir, is this yours? Yeah, actually, uh can I get that back? "If gold's your goal, then take a stroll," "let angles point you here.
" Sir, are you digging for buried treasure? If I say yes, are you gonna arrest me? No.
Since you haven't done any real damage to city property, we will cite you and let you go, but, you need to fill this hole back in.
Okay, yes, yes, it's a treasure hunt.
But I'm starting to think there's no treasure down here.
You know that says "Angel's" not "angles," right? Man.
I've been digging all day! Whoa! Does that count as? Real damage? Yeah, I'm afraid it does.
Well, I-I'll fix it.
I'll fix it! He was wrong about the location.
That doesn't mean the treasure map is a hoax.
You know, common sense means the map is a hoax.
Plus, it's not even a map.
- It's a poem.
- Okay, you scoff, but the Internet is taking this very seriously.
You want me to list other things the Internet takes seriously? Point taken.
I'm just saying, it's worthy of an investigation.
What?! Smitty, I didn't think he could stoop so low.
You need a new slogan anyway.
- I do? - Yeah, definitely.
And a new poster while you're at it, I mean This, kind of feels a little middle school.
No offense, sir, but, I mean, you need a cooler picture, better graphics, maybe a QR code, to link to your campaign website? You do have a campaign website, right? I will as soon as you become my new campaign manager.
Are you sure? I mean, this is a lot of responsibility, and you've only known me a few weeks.
And I'm already impressed.
Plus You want to tip the scales of justice, make a difference.
I plan on shaking things up around here.
You should be a part of that.
And, you know publicity.
Yeah, bad publicity.
That's the spirit.
Alright I want to see three new design ideas by tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Jerry McGrady.
Guy's been a cop since E.
phoned home.
I'm out of options on how to assign him.
Now, I put him behind the front desk, he spends an hour with each and every person that comes in.
Well, he's not any better in the kit room.
Every time he lifts a war bag, I worry he's gonna stroke out.
- He needs to retire.
- Yes, he does.
And that's what I want you to talk to him about.
Is that part of my sergeant's training, or are you trying to avoid being a bad guy? - A little bit of both.
- Mm.
But, hey It's a difficult conversation.
No, it's not.
Look, Jerry's seen it all.
He's done it all.
Best thing to do is to show him respect and be straight up.
And if he pushes back, his injury will make it easy to retire him with an involuntary disability.
Young Mr.
- How's the training going? - Great.
Or terrible.
I mean Only Detective Harper knows for sure.
Well, next time I see her, I'll ask, and report back what she says on the DL.
I'd appreciate that.
Look, I know the program is stressful, but I hope you're making time for your personal life.
Netflix and I are closer than ever.
Seriously - Learn from this old man.
- Mm-hmm.
It's easy, to let the job become your whole life.
Let me help you with that.
Here you go.
Hope you don't need 'em today.
Yeah, me too.
Sergeant Bradford! - How ya doing? - I'm good, Jerry.
Do you have a second to talk? Of course.
I always knew I'd be working for you one day.
What you went through in your early career, could've taken down a lesser man.
But you handled everything with grace, like a true lawman, and this old man's proud of you.
Thanks, Jerry.
So what can I get you, Sarge? Name it.
Well, it's actually what you need, Jerry.
Are you sure you're okay, working kit room duty? I mean, you-you're carrying a lot of injuries, and I just want to make sure you're up for the daily aggravation.
I'm fine.
I get to see everyone.
I get to hear stories.
Makes me feel like I'm still part of it, you know? Yeah.
Alright, look, Jerry, I'm just gonna be straight with you.
What do you say you ride with me today? Seriously? Uh It would be an honor.
Uh, you get your vest on, and I will see you at the shop.
How'd it go? You're gonna want to assign someone else to cover the kit room.
Jerry's riding with me.
What happened to the cold, hard truth? I got this.
By the end of the day, he'll be buying a boat, I promise.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any update on that serial killer? The lab isolated the acetone he used as an accelerant in both fires.
It's called Instant Strip.
But the manufacturer discontinued it last year.
Why? - Why what? - Why, why did they discontinue it? I used to use it all the time when I was contracting.
I just want to make sure I'm not gonna get cancer, or anything crazy, because I'm I'll just Google that.
What about that victim that Harper rescued? Last thing he remembers is getting hit by the killer's car, then waking up in the hospital.
I thought I was coming to see you.
We were in the neighborhood.
John, Angela, this is Lieutenant Fred Mitchell.
Nice to finally meet you.
I'm looking forward to your barbecue tonight.
Yeah, it should be fun.
Bailey tells me you have intel you want passed around to the fire crews.
So far we know that our guy is targeting ex-addicts and he's killing them in abandoned buildings.
Our operating theory is that he scopes the buildings out first, but we don't know how he targets them.
So far, he's picked a house in foreclosure, and a condemned warehouse across the city.
What's the deal with the gold watch? Uh, that belonged to our first victim.
It's possible the killer took it as a trophy.
Maybe he'll leave it behind at another fire.
It's a long shot, but if your people see anything, just let us know.
That's all you have? No, but it's all we're releasing right now.
Well, if I lose a firefighter because you withheld something important, I'm gonna be pissed.
We'll keep you in the loop on everything you need to know.
- Okay.
- Mm.
Fred's a good guy.
He's just a little direct sometimes.
No problem.
Hopefully the flyer will get us a break in the case.
- See you later.
- Thank you.
Okay, quick, before you go, - uh, what can I bring tonight? - Nothing.
Fred puts out quite a spread.
Thank you for saying yes, again.
I know it must feel like you're meeting my 10 older brothers who will do nothing, but judge you all night long.
- But? - There's no but.
Oh, okay.
Uh, I do have to bring something, though.
I can't arrive empty-handed.
Bring flowers.
Thank you.
- Flowers, I can do.
- Bye.
Assignment change.
Tim is riding with Jerry McGrady, so, I'm with you.
Kit Room McGrady? Why? I'm past the point of asking.
Okay, well, no that's good.
That's great, actually.
I can tell you all about the treasure map we found Treasure poem, that we found Puzzle? First thing we do, we decide what to call it.
That used to be a Woolworth's.
And right there, that's the first place I ever got stabbed.
How many times were you wounded - in the line of duty? - 21.
Nine stabbings, two gunshots, four broken bones, three teeth knocked out, and two torn hamstrings.
That's, uh That's 20.
Food poisoning, 2007.
Last time I let Smitty pick a restaurant.
You know, all that wear and tear Gotta make it hard to put the duty belt on in the morning.
It's a righteous pain.
Control, 7-Adam-47.
We are Code 4 on the barking dogs.
That guy sounds like Junior Gamez.
- You remember him? - Junior, yeah.
You, uh, you still in touch with him? Ah, not since he died.
What about, uh What is it, Buddy Kepler? Yeah, I remember Buddy.
He was just, uh, oh, he was nuts.
What about his buddy's brother Frank? - He was even worse.
- Yeah.
Buddy passed in '09.
Frank, 2014.
Oh, man.
It's great being out on the streets again.
Hey, I gotta wait for my client in lockup to sober up before they can question her.
- Wanna grab lunch? - I can't.
I inherited a case from Burns that goes to trial next week, - and I need to start prepping.
- Hmm.
I've never been to court for a case that wasn't mine.
And Burns can't fly in from New Mexico for the trial? I called.
She yelled, "I'm retired," and hung up.
But if you're free later, it would be great if you could walk me through a cross-examination.
- I'll go easy on you.
- Hell no.
Put me on the stand.
Give me your worst.
Oh, you can't handle my worst.
Bring it, pretty boy.
What do you think of roses? They're a little predictable, but, a timeless symbol of love and romance.
Wait, is it Bailey's birthday or something? No, they're not for her.
Uh, her boss is having a barbecue tonight.
- Okay.
- I should bring something else? I mean, to a firefighter's house? Yeah.
- Beer.
- Ahh.
And someone put a lot of effort into this, although the rhyme scheme is a little loose.
"If gold's your goal, then take a stroll," "let angles point you here.
" The guy we arrested thought it said "angels", not "angles.
" He won't be the last one to make that mistake, although "angle" isn't necessarily a noun.
Uh, uh, uh! The Santa Monica Pier.
- That's our first stop.
- How do you know that? Just trust me! - We gotta head over there.
- Okay.
But if we find the money, I get half.
Of the zero dollars we'll be allowed to keep? Yeah, deal.
Ooh! I think this line refers to one of those coin-operated viewfinders.
You might want to intervene.
They've tapped into their inner Neanderthals.
- Out of my way! - I was here first! Whoa! Hey, police! No! Hands on the rails.
Control, 7-Adam-15, send an RA to our location.
Victim's a woman, 30s, impalement to her chest.
She's not conscious, not breathing.
This poem was posted on Reddit, two days ago, and it's the reason why a young mother is laying in the morgue right now.
Uh, people are only gonna get crazier hunting for the treasure.
So Nolan was right.
I'm sorry, if you say that again, I can record it.
People actually think that this will lead them to buried treasure? Yes, because Stuart Packer claims to be the author.
Why does that name sound familiar? He pulled the Joseph & Wells robbery back in '03.
Ronnie Wick was the lead detective.
I was there when they brought Stuart in, the little snot.
He wouldn't tell us where he hid the gold coins.
Gold coins? Yeah Nearly $2 mil worth.
We never recovered the coins.
The city's losing its mind.
I mean, w-we're getting flooded with calls of people climbing the Hollywood sign, diving into Echo Park Lake.
Alright, we need to find this gold and to end the chaos as quickly as possible.
Now Chen, you deciphered the first clue.
How'd you do it? Well, i-it first clicked, when I realized that "angle" could mean "fishhook.
" The pier is a favorite fishing point, and fisherman are also called anglers.
- Nerd.
- What? Don't let him shame you.
That was a great catch.
- Thank you, Jerry.
- Okay.
What about the rest of the stanza? Uh, "Next find the lens" "thru which you'll spy the West Coast's greatest view.
" I mean, the lens is obviously the viewfinder at the pier.
Yes, and, uh, um, this next line, "The fee you pay," refers to the fee of the viewfinder, which is 75 cents, so we just need to change 75 into a-a year.
But what century? That could be 1775 It's 1975.
It's the Year of the Rabbit.
Call me a nerd.
I dare you.
Well, uh, the poem states, "The fee you pay becomes the year of Rabbit minus two" so, 1975 minus 2 is 1973.
Okay, okay, okay.
What does it mean? 1973 could be the combination of a safe, uh, the number of a storage locker.
Uh, it's not gonna make sense until we solve the second stanza.
The third stanza says that, once we put those two clues together, we will find the gold.
Harper and Chen, I'm putting you in charge of solving this.
Uh, sir, I Have been known to solve a Timescrossword, uh, once or twice in my day.
Well, I'm sure they'll let you tag along if you ask nicely, Nolan.
Thorsen, you're riding with me the rest of the shift.
Everyone Be vigilant out there.
Hey, uh, you guys want in on this task force? 'Cause I can make that happen.
But Jerry and I, we're gonna solve this with good, old-fashioned police work, not literary analysis.
Damn straight.
I'd love another shot at Stuart, smug little bastard.
Care for a friendly wager Who finds the treasure first? You're on.
If we find it first, you have to stay quiet in the shop, for an entire shift.
Okay, uh, and if we win, you have to do something completely out of your comfort zone My choice.
Enjoy your little poetry club.
Enjoy reviewing 18-year-old evidence from a cold case.
I hear those are super easy to crack.
Do you honestly think that my client murdered his wife, and then stuck around, - waiting to get caught? - It's not about what I believe.
The facts are, that he was holding the murder weapon in his hand when officers arrived.
Cops have a saying, don't they? "The husband always did it.
" Everyone has that saying.
Right, so you, and all the officers working on the case went in assuming my client's guilt.
That's not fair.
I agree.
Police bias is never fair.
Did you even bother looking for another suspect? I mean, the victim's estranged business partner didn't have an alibi.
The business partner wasn't found at the scene holding the gun.
Well, according to my client, in his panic, seeing his dead wife, he picked up the murder weapon.
Did you even bother checking the second layer of prints? Of course.
Came back no match.
And did you run the prints both orientations? No, Detective Burns did not.
I need to go run those prints.
- Thanks for helping.
- I wasn't too hard on you, was I? Part of me wanted to slap you The other wanted to jump your bones.
Oh, me too.
God, I love us.
Who knew people would go so mental over buried treasure? Clearly, you did, Stuart.
And the question is, why start a treasure hunt? Are you really looking to give away your stash, or you just trying to get on the news? They've been talking about me all morning.
It's pretty cool.
Wish they'd use a better picture, though.
Did you see that a woman was killed, - because of your poem? - But that wasn't part of the plan.
That was just a fun bonus.
Yeah, you pretend to be a tough guy, - Stuart - Mm.
But Ronnie Wick told me you wept like a baby when he put the cuffs on you.
Yeah, your buddy's full of crap.
Drove him nuts I never gave up where the gold was.
Didn't it? Oh, I heard he kicked it a few years back.
That sucks he never got that closure.
Look, Stuart, you got your thrills.
Alright, now I can get you upgraded to the nicest cell in here.
Maybe even get the DA to knock a few years off your sentence.
Just tell us where the gold is.
Give me something to write on.
Here's where I hid it.
The DA can always add a few years, too.
Oh, you don't know, do you? I'm terminal.
Pancreatic cancer.
Karma's a cruel mistress.
When they denied my request for a compassionate release, I realized I'd never get to spend my hidden fortune, so I decided to let chaos rain down on the City of Angels.
All done here.
You weren't just around when Stuart got arrested, you were friends with the lead detective.
Look, I want to take you down to the scene of the robbery.
I want you to walk me through everything you remember about the crime, even what the city looked like back then.
This is it Joseph & Wells Rare Coins.
At least, it used to be.
Alright, so Stuart pulls up in a stolen getaway car, parks there, goes in, grabs the gold, comes out, jumps back in his car.
It doesn't start, so he flees on foot.
We apprehended him 12 hours later near Western and Melrose.
Even if Stuart was on foot the whole time, he could have covered quite a bit of ground.
Now, the original search grid has him going west.
Because 90% of suspects turn right when exiting a building.
Oh, man.
I think Ronnie messed up back then.
Today, when Stuart wrote "up your ass," he used his left hand.
Meaning it was more likely Stuart went left after the robbery.
- Yeah.
- The original search grid was way off.
Let's go.
Oh, dammit.
Tim just texted me, him and Jerry - just had a big breakthrough.
- Oh, he's just trying to get in your head.
- Ignore him.
- I agree, focus.
"Watch the Stars of Hollywood influence from their spheres.
" Stars of Hollywood.
What-what are we thinking? Can't be movie stars.
That's too obvious.
"A monument to Rebels gone.
" Are they dead? Is it a cemetery? The Forest Lawn Cemetery? They do mention "lawn.
" Okay, well, we have "monuments," "dead Rebels," and "darkness' edge.
" That, that could be a cemetery.
Yeah, but what about these spheres? Uh, where are they influencing from? The The heavens? The stars? Oh, wait, that's it.
Stars, spheres, celestial objects, heavens.
- Griffith Observatory.
- Griffith Observatory.
Yes, and the Observatory was in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause.
" They even have a bust of James Dean's head up there.
Alright, the rest, we can decipher later.
Wait, wait, hold on.
I gotta text Tim, and tell him we are about to kick his ass.
- Huh.
- Ah.
James Dean's bust is just up this way.
Looks like we need to up our game.
Gotta be in it to win it.
He's got a bomb! Hey! Hey, stop! Stop right there! I know this looks bad, but if you'll just let me blow up that wall, I can finally prove to my wife that I was right about something.
Sir, you need to drop the bomb.
Right now! Guys, chill! I know what I'm doing.
Ohh! These damn treasure hunters are packing dynamite now? The deceased is a special case, sir! - Why are you yelling? - I'm sorry.
Uh, uh, my ears.
The explosion was loud.
Uh, the deceased had access to demolitions because of his job at a quarry in Oregon.
They're coming all the way from Oregon? That's it, we need to lock down this location, cut off access to any more gold seekers.
Now, how close are you guys to figuring out the poem? We're at a bit of an impasse, sir.
The second stanza states that the next clue is only visible in early morning light.
The longer this goes on, the more dangerous it becomes.
Look, I need the gold found.
So, I need y'all to stand back, okay? - Stay back.
Stay back.
- Thank you for your service.
I know that's usually for the military.
I just, uh It's just, I appreciate you guys.
And I know you don't usually get to hear it.
No, uh, thank you.
That - That means a lot.
- I'm Cleo, uh, Officer Thorsen.
Nice to meet you.
Can I buy you dinner? I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I should not be bothering you.
That just slipped out.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
Uh D-Dinner sounds good.
Um, but it's on me.
Actually can I get your number? Yeah.
- Text me later.
- Yeah, for sure.
Well, congratulations.
You just had your first contact with a "badge bunny.
" - A what? - A woman who is attracted to the uniform, only dates cops.
So, I recognize her.
She dumped Officer Haspel a month ago, Sergeant Daffern in May, and Officer Williams, I believe, a year ago.
That's a relief.
I thought maybe she had, like, a podcast or something and was only interested in me 'cause of my past.
What's the plan for tomorrow? Yeah, look, about that, uh - We need to have a conversation, Jer - Hey, Dad.
Hey, what are you doing here? Your car's in the shop, remember? You asked me to pick you up.
It's been a busy day.
This is my daughter, Ashley.
Tim Bradford.
Nice to meet you.
He's been texting me all day about you.
It really meant a lot to him, to be back out on the street.
Would you like to join us for dinner, as a "thank you" for today? I couldn't.
Yeah, you can.
My daughter makes a mean take-out, just like her old man.
Yeah, sounds nice.
I told you to bring flowers.
Yeah, I know.
How'd you know I was here? I went to get napkins.
I saw you pull up.
Hey, John.
Glad you could make it.
I brought beer.
Actually, this is a sober gathering.
A couple of the guys are in recovery, and we decided as a family to honor their struggle.
That is very thoughtful, and probably why Bailey suggested I bring flowers.
Well, I do love flowers.
I'm just gonna put this in the truck.
Appreciate it.
Okay, we have until dawn tomorrow to figure out this next passage, but, no pressure.
Okay, look.
"A monument to Rebels.
" That's plural, so it can't just mean James Dean.
What other statues are nearby? Okay, there's one on the front lawn of six prominent astronomers.
I mean, scientists ahead of their time could be see as rebels.
Is one of them Sir Isaac Newton? Yeah.
What - What are you thinking? - Uh, "Follow in a great man's path," "his First Law as your guide.
" So we start at Newton's statue.
And follow his path in a straight line.
"Until darkness' edge you find.
" What, so we walk until we hit darkness? A shadow.
That's why we have to start at early morning light otherwise the shadow won't be in the right place.
- Ooh! - There it is.
You know, riding with you today was the highlight of Dad's year.
Hell, his last five years.
Yeah, I don't get it.
Most cops who stay on the job this long, they don't have anything else waiting for them, but, I'm sure you'd love to be able to spend more time with him.
Mm, because I've got nothing going on in my own life? No, no.
That's That's not what I meant.
It's a joke.
No one ever gets my jokes.
I guess I'm just used to jokes being funny.
I-I guess that's why I got confused.
Honestly, I think my dad regrets not retiring 15 years ago when he was still on the street.
Like all his buddies did.
Comin' in hot.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hey, Bailey.
- Good to see you.
- Hey, Marcus.
- This is my boyfriend, John.
- Hey, nice to meet you.
- And you.
- Hey.
John's a cop.
Oh, oh.
That is impressive.
He's very impressive, isn't he? - Thank you for that.
- Mm-hmm.
And how to you fit in here? Oh, I just, uh, live across the street.
Marcus is the best neighbor.
Whenever I'm at the station for a stretch, he keeps an eye on my place waters my plants, eats all my ice cream.
Okay, that happened one time and I will never hear the end of it.
He ran off to Nevada over the summer, for, like, two weeks.
He left his fridge full of chocolate mint fudge.
What am I supposed to do? That sounds like extenuating circumstances.
I'm sorry.
I don't think a jury would convict.
Hey, you're low on ice.
Uh, there's more in the garage fridge.
I'll go grab it.
The re-oriented print came back as a match to the business partner.
Burns arrested the wrong man.
Yes! See I knew that guy was fishy.
Did I just exonerate We.
Did wejust exonerate a man who wasn't even my client? I knew I was good, but damn.
Nolan, what's up? I'm at Bailey's lieutenant's house, and I just stumbled upon a case of acetone just like the kind our arsonist uses.
- Lots of people use it.
- Yeah, I know.
But I just found out that Fred here was in Nevada over the summer.
Do you know what month? 'Cause if we can put him there at the time of the second Nevada murder He didn't say.
I can try and find out.
Would that be enough to get a warrant? No.
We're gonna need more.
We'll need to do a deep dive on this guy, find something beyond circumstantial evidence.
And what should I do? - Do about what? - Uh I'll call you back.
Hey there, I was, uh Just grabbing the ice.
Do about what? Oh, nothing.
John, why are you lying to me? Alright, so here is the "great man," Sir Isaac Newton.
And his path along the shadow.
And then what? The Ancho family.
Who are they? Cover it.
So much for no one having the next clue besides us.
I know Fred.
He's not a killer.
He spent all yesterday handing out those flyers, talking to other lieutenants at other houses, asking them to spread the word.
Does that sound like the actions of a guilty man? It doesn't, but there's enough circumstantial evidence to warrant an investigation.
Because he was in Nevada this summer, or owns acetone? Which he uses for woodworking, by the way.
I know this is hard.
If he's innocent, then we can eliminate him as a suspect, and then we'll just be that much closer to the truth.
I know you're doing your jobs.
I get it, just do it fast, okay? I gotta get to work.
You can't breathe a word of this to Fred, or anyone else.
I won't.
Tell me what you think.
For some variety, I went in two completely different directions.
Those are amazing! I love them both! Huge improvement.
Yours were terrible.
That's fair.
This is Can I have a copy of each of those, one to send to my son? Yeah.
You give me the go-ahead and I'll print up 100.
Go ahead.
Sergeant Grey said you had an assignment for me? This is my suspect, Fred Mitchell.
Get a good look, you're gonna hunt for him online.
Don't get cocky, Fred has no social media footprint.
But most of his friends and coworkers do, so use them to document everywhere he's been, especially last summer.
Well, where the hell did he stash the gold?! Uh, we'll figure it out, alright, our plan is solid.
We'll cross-reference our new search grid with every location in that file until we find it.
I don't know.
It's gonna take a lot of days, Sarge.
A cop like me doesn't have many of those left.
Yeah, about that We need to have a frank conversation.
Get the hell out of here.
Excuse me? I know where the gold is.
Wait, for real? - You sure? - Absolutely.
Oho! We are gonna win this bet.
So, the Ancho family who are they? Not sure, but the next step is to put the first clue with the second, so these Sorry guys, I have to take this.
I checked Fred's work schedule.
- Bailey.
- I know, but it was easy to do and no risk.
And what did you find out? He was on vacation when the murder in Nevada occurred, but that doesn't mean anything.
I will tell Lopez.
Then what? Then about a thousand other steps.
Investigations take time, and paperwork and patience.
What kind of evidence do you need to get a warrant for his house? Something that would give us his exact location, receipts Uh, credit card statements.
Okay, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Yeah, I hope so.
Where are we? No one in the Ancho family died or was born in 1973.
Okay, then what if it's not a year? What if it's an address? 1973 Ancho Street.
Well, wait.
It says in the poem, the two clues "translate.
" Ancho means "width" in Spanish, so wide, deep, broad.
Uh, 1973 Broad Street.
That's, uh That's right here.
That's downtown.
It's a dress shop.
"If you seek true happiness," "you must look within.
" Does the dress shop have a basement? Um Oh, uh The Red Car.
It's the original subway in Los Angeles, built in the 1920s.
It's right underneath that shop.
I never even knew this place existed.
It's been shut down since the '50s.
It's a perfect place to stash gold.
I got here first.
That gold is mine.
Do you think solving the poem is the only way to find the gold? You I saw you.
You were at the Observatory - behind me.
- All the better to find you.
You thought you could just follow me here, - and steal my treasure? - All's fair in love and gold, my man.
Now tell me where the treasure is or you're dying in this tunnel.
Dude, you brought a shovel to a gun fight.
Nolan! Stay with him! Hey.
Control, 7-Adam-15.
- He's running.
- Get him.
Foot pursuit in an old subway tunnel.
Heading South.
Control, Adam-100.
Go ahead and cancel that backup call.
We're Code 4.
How did you guys get here so fast? We were already here.
Did you? Find the gold? Let's see.
My gold.
I was so close.
- Yeah, not really.
- What How did you guys even end up down here? Jerry found it with the file.
It said in there that Stuart's sister worked at the Bonaventure Hotel up the street.
And their parking garage has access to all these abandoned subway tunnels.
Yeah, so Jerry thought Stuart might have known about it from his sister and stashed the gold down here.
The entrance was sealed a few years back, but I sweet-talked the maintenance guys so they opened up, let us in.
Me and Jerry win.
No, we would have been here first, but we had some police matters to deal with.
Good job.
- We still won.
- Nope.
We're gonna call it a tie.
What? No way it was a tie! - 100% a tie.
- Ohh! I wish Ronnie was here to see this.
I bet he'd have been proud you were the one who closed it.
Yeah, not too bad for an old-timer, huh? You did great.
Look, Jerry Just It's my time.
It's my last day on the job.
Thank you, Sergeant Bradford.
For what? - I feel awful.
- No, no, no, no.
You could've pushed me out on an involuntary disability, but no.
You let me go out the way I came in Working the streets On my last patrol.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Damn it.
John, I was searching Fred's house You what?! Yell at me later.
He's here now, and I'm trapped.
Sit tight, I'm nearby.
What are you doing here? Uh, well, I was on patrol, and I realized I was in your neighborhood.
And you stopped by to say hi? Yeah, and Say thank you for the party last night.
I had a great time.
You're welcome.
Uh, Fred, I, um I also wanted to ask you About Bailey.
What about her? Well, I'm an old-school guy, and, uh, both of Bailey's parents being gone, you are about the closest thing she has - to a father - Stop.
If you are about to ask for my blessing to marry Bailey, don't say another word.
You may be old-school, but Bailey, is as modern as they come, and she would not appreciate you talking to me, before talking to her.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
I don't know what I was thinking.
You really helped me dodge a bullet there.
I've taken enough of your time.
- Thank you very much.
- Sure.
John Good luck.
That was so stupid! Tell me about it.
I mean, you want to marry me after only dating a month? I had to say something to distract him, and now I am gonna yell at you.
- Do you - Fred has the victim's watch in his office, and a whole lot of other things that look like trophies.
You can use that to get a warrant, right? Yes, I can.
I thought I was gonna prove him innocent.
So How was the date with the badge bunny? Well, with all due respect, sir, her name is Cleo.
- Okay, let's not label her.
- Mm.
Last night, actually, she was open and honest about only dating cops, so we shouldn't judge her just 'cause she has a type.
You know, you're right.
I apologize.
- Yeah.
- How was your date with Cleo? It was fantastic.
She's, she's great.
She thinks I'm great, and, uh, we're actually going out again tonight.
I'm glad you found someone who's not put off by your past.
Actually I don't think she knows who I am.
You didn't tell her? And you think that's fair? I mean, she told you about her thing, but you want to keep her in the dark about your thing? It's just It's been a long time, since someone's liked me for me.
I understand, son.
But she's gonna find out about it sooner or later.
So who do you want her to hear it from? Yeah.
I'll, uh I'll tell her tonight.
Good man.
Can you imagine what that stuff is worth now? - Phew.
- Yeah.
What are you doing here? Tim called.
I'm so proud of you.
Alright, folks! Attention, please.
Turn your hand packs to the district channel.
I need to borrow your dad for a second.
- Hey, Jerry.
- Yeah.
Control, 7-Adam-100.
I am privileged to announce the retirement of Officer Jerry McGrady, badge number 9944.
After 43 years and 9 months of service, this concludes his final shift.
Officer McGrady, you, sir, are End of Watch.
Uh It's been an honor serving this great city all these years.
S-So Take care of her, now that I'm gone.
- Whoo! - Jerry! Congrats.
That was really beautiful.
Dad won't forget it.
Neither will I.
It was my honor.
Your dad is a hell of a guy.
You know, maybe I could stop by the house sometime, see how he's handling retirement.
- That'd be great.
- And Maybe You and I could grab dinner sometime? Even better.
Judge signed off on the warrant.
I really don't think you should be here for this.
- Tough.
- Hey.
Remember, you said you don't run towards bullets, - so I shouldn't run towards fire? - Mm-hmm.
Well, there could be bullets, so I need you to stay
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