The Rookie (2018) s04e18 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Rookie" Silas is the eyes and the ears of the neighborhood.
I'm Larry Macer.
Everybody calls me "The Badger" Washing out at roll call on your first day? That has gotta be a record.
Being a sergeant's aide would make me stand out come promotion time.
What the hell.
Let's do it.
I'm pregnant.
You're up early.
Yeah, since 3:00.
Leg cramps, but it gave me a chance to think, and I have made a decision.
- We should get married.
- Huh? Yeah, tomorrow works for me because I'll be at the court already.
Wow, um Efficient, uh - What brought this on? - Brett.
At the community center? What, what does Brett have to do with this? He called me your baby mama.
Ah, hmm.
- I'll talk to him.
- No, 'cause he won't be the only one.
We should just get married.
Problem solved.
What do you think? - I'm in, um - Yeah? Let's get married.
Let's get married! Okay.
Oh, here we go.
And where are my keys? - In the key bowl.
- I don't have a key bowl.
Oh, you bought me a key bowl! So, when do you think you'll be back tonight? Uh, I would guess, but I'd hate to jinx it.
But, definitely in time for dinner? It's the first time in two weeks our schedules have aligned.
Yes, if I have to fake my own death, I'll be home in time for dinner.
Good, because I bought a new dress, and, new lacy things that go under the dress, and I can't wait to show you.
You can show me now.
- Really? - Oh, I gotta go.
Um, you said my keys were in the key bowl? Yeah, but now they're in your hands.
Clearly distracted by the lacy undergarment talk.
Well, not good, when you're on the street with a gun, so, think about it, until you get in the truck.
- See you tonight.
- Bye.
Grey wants Thorsen to ride with me today.
You're with Nolan.
Well, try not to miss me too much.
Bradford, nice work on the Stewart case.
I appreciate that, Webb.
You're welcome.
Uh, wait, the Scott Stewart case? The one where I connected the Valley Glenn job to him, and that's what helped us put all the pieces together? The Scott Stewart that I put into custody, after, he punched me in the face? You're jealous.
Is that really why you do this job, is for high fives from Webb? Okay.
It would be nice, to have some recognition.
- Hey, Webb.
- Yeah? I couldn't have closed the Stewart case without Chen.
You're a legend, Sarge.
A leader who gives credit to the troops.
- Feel better? - No.
Now they just think that you're being selfless.
Sergeant Bradford? Uh Sir, I can't tell you how excited I am to ride with you today.
I'm really looking forward to soaking up whatever tips and Does Harper like that ass-kissing? - No, sir.
- Why do you think I would? Set up the shop.
That's not a good start.
Any advice on riding with Sergeant Bradford? Uh, yeah, don't let him take all the credit for your hard work.
Yeah, well, being a rookie, I'm not sure if that really applies to me, but, uh, thank you.
Yeah, that's good.
Caradine's thrilled you're helping him out.
See, between the flu, and hockey injuries, he's down to four detectives.
Anything to get out of that duty belt.
I can only imagine.
- Everything okay with your pregnancy? - Mm-hmm.
I don't want you pushing yourself too hard.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Please, I have nothing to prove.
Alright, if you need anything, let me know.
I'm so glad you're here.
I have a crazy backlog of cases.
- I'm engaged.
- What? - Really?! - Yes.
When did he propose? Tell me everything! When's the wedding? You know what? The backlog can wait.
I say we go dress shopping.
Wait, where's the ring? Uh, we're doing things a little out of order.
I proposed to him, and it's, you know, not really that kind of wedding.
We're just doing it at the courthouse.
And James is cool with that? Yeah.
What if I threw you the smallest reception? Tiny.
It's not even about the recognition, you know? Every single case file has Tim's name on the front, and I'm the one filing the supplemental reports, but, how am I supposed to take on more responsibility, if nobody knows what I'm capable of? Okay, you make a lot of good points, and, not to get all factual and everything, but, wasn't, uh, riding with Tim your idea? Yeah, as Sergeant Tim takes on all the high-profile cases, which, is not nothing.
- But now you're seeing a downside.
- Exactly.
Well, then just ask Tim to reassign you.
I'm sure he'll understand.
Nolan, this is not one of those "help me solve my problem" situations.
This is one of those "let's talk about" "how Tim is the absolute worst" situations.
You want to know who the worst is? It's Tim.
Sir, I just want to let you know that I have been spending my days off driving the city, learning every street name, alleyway, and cul-de-sac in our jurisdiction.
Whatever Tim Test you have for me, I'm ready.
And that's why I won't be giving you one.
Harper's a good T.
, and you've been on the job long enough, to know where the nearest safe bathroom is.
Yeah, Barry's Juice Bar.
It's two blocks east So, today, won't be about assessing whether or not, you'll pass the FTO program.
It'll be about determining what sort of officer you'll be once you do.
Okay, and how do we do that? By figuring out your superpower.
Every cop has one.
You know, Harper's a chameleon, nerves of steel.
Chen's empathy, allows her to adapt to any situation.
And Nolan - Uh, he talks a lot.
- Yeah.
Okay, so, what if a cop, doesn't have a superpower? They grow up to be Smitty.
Still kind of feels like a test.
I knew you guys would eventually get married.
Yeah, I couldn't never I couldn't be happier.
Why are you lying? Sorry, that was inappropriate.
No, no, you know what? You're right.
Uh It's just, I-I panicked, when she said we should get married.
'Cause you didn't say anything when she told you she was pregnant.
Exactly, and I didn't want to freeze again, so, I just said yes.
And now you're rethinking it? I mean, I'm totally in love with her.
I just don't know if avoiding being called "baby mama" is reason enough to get married.
On top of the fact, she stole my thunder.
- So, you want to marry her? - 100%.
It's just, I think we should get married for the right reasons, and I wanted to be the one to propose.
But enough about my drama.
What's, what's, what's next on the list? Mrs.
Parker, down the street.
Her court date moved to next Tuesday.
And what's the case against her? She got pulled over last month for a broken taillight.
Somehow ended up in custody, for obstructing an officer's duty, so, we're helping walk her through the system, - if you can take her.
- Yeah, absolutely.
Cops get car stop training.
The public's just expected to figure it out.
Yeah, and with Black drivers, it's like a minefield, where the wrong move leads to police escalation.
I can donate some time.
- We can hold some classes.
- That's a bad idea.
Well, I don't know about bad.
Well, who's gonna have time for that? You want to get the message out, you got to take it to them.
Make a video.
Then they could watch whenever they want.
I'm president of my school's film club.
I could direct it.
Well, okay.
Sounds like a plan.
I got to warn you guys, though I'm an auteur.
What's the move, Boot? Well, car came back clean.
No outstanding warrants, and, not reported stolen, which either means a brand-new million-dollar car, - just broke down in K-Town - Or? The real owner's on his yacht in Saint-Tropez, and this genius doesn't know how to double clutch.
Let's find out.
You're contact, I'm cover.
Is everything all right, sir? Oh, yeah.
Just, uh just some engine troubles, - you know.
- Oh, okay.
Yeah, you know, you'd think for the price tag, this thing could fix itself, right? Yeah, well, uh, usually, she drives like a dream, but, uh, you know, these, these foreign cars, are kind of like Swiss watches.
You get, like, a grain of sand in there, it just gums up the works.
Yeah, yeah.
I've heard that, uh, let me ask you something, um, did you go to Rome, for the full factory tour, or, did you pick up a floor model from Chuck, down at Beverly Hills Imports? Y-Y-You know, I mean, Chuck's my guy.
But, um, wh-who could pass up a trip to, to Rome? - Right? - Right, yeah.
Except their factory is in Sant'Agata Bolognese, not Rome, and, uh, Beverly Hills Imports is run by Rita.
She's a family friend.
Turn off the car.
This guy has no idea what he's doing.
Stop the car.
Get out of the car.
Control, 7-Adam-15, State Coast Freight PD is requesting mutual aid, on a 459-train in progress.
Multiple suspects ransacking train cars.
- Adam-15? - Nolan: 7-Adam-15 copies.
We're just about nine-seven on that.
Show us Code 6.
So this is what happened to that planner I ordered.
How many planners do you need? You know, it's not really about the planner.
It's about the perfect version of myself, - that the planner represents.
- Ah.
Officer Nolan, Officer Chen.
- Badger? - In the flesh.
It's good to see you guys.
Wait, a-are you a sergeant? Oh, yeah.
I was, uh, promoted about a month ago.
But, uh, to be fair, crazy turnover here, so, a lot easier to move up the ranks here, than it is for you guys.
Listen, I appreciate you guys coming out, to my mutual aid call, but, uh, I think we scared 'em off.
Well, good, 'cause I have questions.
Here we go.
Like, uh, how I became a cop after my firearms mishap? Well, you shot up the briefing room.
Which could happen to anyone.
Well, lucky for me, State Coast Freight Police decided to give me another chance, provided I did about 40 hours of, uh, firearms training, and gun handling.
We're just happy you landed on your feet.
So What do we got here? Yeah, this train looks like it was hit by a hurricane.
Flash mob, actually.
They wait for the train to slow down, and then they jump on, and grab all they can.
They just have you patrolling the trains by yourself? Uh, no.
I have a partner.
Uh, Kenny Wilson is his name.
He's a good man.
Actually, you should meet him.
He's right here down the line.
Uh, Wilson? Six-Mary-50.
A to B.
Come in.
Kenny? Kenny! Where are you? 7-Adam-15, possible shots fired at our location.
Stand by.
- Oh! Hey! - Police.
Stop! 7-Adam-15, need an RA for an officer down.
- Gunshot wound to the abdomen.
- Stay with him.
40-year-old male.
Kenny, you okay? Control, I see the suspect heading eastbound on First Street, driving a black Buick.
Want on the suspect is an attempted 187 on an officer.
Start an additional units Code 3 and an airship.
- Shooter slipped away.
They were gone by the time they made it to the area.
- Uh, I-I'm gonna go with him.
- Of course.
We'll keep you updated on what we find.
Hey, buddy.
He doesn't look too bad.
Through and through.
He should be okay.
- Okay, thank you, see you later? - Yeah.
Alright, so Check out the train car, or, wait for detectives? Check out the train car.
It's different than the other cars.
Not an Amazon box in sight.
Well, let's see if we can figure out what was worth shooting someone over.
After you.
I mean, they were obviously looking for something specific.
These are all tossed around, but, not opened.
They left behind a lot of things of value.
This antique clock had to be worth a pretty penny.
- Oh, Luce.
- Yeah? This one's empty.
Looks like a vase.
Officers? Detectives.
Okay, yeah, no, I'm, I'm I'm just gonna wait here.
I got this, you just stay down there, creating life.
The rumor's true? Is Badger really a train cop? He's a sergeant.
The guy, whose gun went off during Roll Call, he, he outranks me? He's a trainsergeant.
It doesn't count.
You guys find anything? Uh, the only thing, that was taken, was this vase.
Maybe the guy panicked, and just grabbed the first thing he saw.
Or maybe he got exactly what he came for.
Someone saw the assailant toss his gun.
We need you two to search the area.
On it.
Sir, you know that water's filthy? Ah, that's what makes it great for magnet fishing.
Okay, so what exactly did you find? Because your call said something about a dangerous weapon? I got it right here.
Hey, wasn't there a murder nearby where the victim was decapitated? Yeah, and the coroner thought the weapon might've been a machete, or, a sword.
Uh, I'm gonna have to ask you to hand that over.
At least the day's not a total waste.
I could probably get a couple hundred bucks for this.
Grenade! Clearly, identifying fake grenades is not your superpower.
What? Nothing.
You know the best thing, about riding with Tim? Sergeants don't pick through trash.
Hey, I got an idea.
We solve this, I let you take all the credit.
I'll just be a footnote on the report.
- Thank you.
- Of course, but, you have to search through that.
Are you - Fine.
- Yes.
- Oh, oh.
- Oh, geez.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh! Ugh, does it smell as bad in there, as it does from out here? Ugh! Ew! Sorry, diaper, watch out.
I'm starting to feel guilty now.
Yeah, well, you should! Okay.
Coming in.
Oh, wait, I found it! Oh, thank God! Okay, - I'll be in the car.
- Sorry.
Oh! Have you ever been pulled over? It happens to all of us.
I'm Wesley Evers, defense attorney.
And in this video, we'll be talking to you, about your rights as a driver, and some do's and don'ts, to keep you safe, the next time it happens.
You're off your mark.
To your left.
Uh, okay.
Before the officer arrives at the car, take out your phone, and start a video recording.
That way, if anything happens, during a traffic stop, you'll have record of it.
Next, do down your window and place both your hands on the steering wheel, in full view.
What's my line? "Do you know why I pulled you over?" - Do you know - N-No, no, no.
It's "Have any idea, why I pulled you over?" I don't accept any line changes.
Have any idea why I pulled you over? No, I don't, Officer.
Wait, hold on, sorry.
Still rolling.
Sergeant Grey, let's take a beat.
I need you to feel this scene.
Be a cop.
I am a cop.
No, I need you to be a cop.
Make us believe.
You see the difference? Not particularly.
From the top.
Sir, in-in my defense, I've never actually, like, seen, like, a-a real grenade before.
You know, like, how was I supposed to know that was a practice dummy? It was blue.
Okay, so, uh, I sent a photo of the sword, to my bladesmith, to see if it's his You have a bladesmith? Well, I mean, like, I had.
Back in high school, I was, like, really into manga, so, like, he made me, like, a few custom pieces, and, he's, like, the number-one guy in L.
And, uh, he does weapons for movies, TV shows I don't care.
Get to the point.
Okay, so, not only did he make the sword, but, he also gave me the name of the woman who bought it.
So, I don't know, maybe, closing cases, in record time, is my superpower? Hey, that box car was rented out by the U.
government, to ship seized items, to an auction house.
William Bloomfield? The Ponzi scheme guy? One and the same.
Okay, so someone broke into the train, containing belongings of a disgraced billionaire, and all they stole, was a random vase? Was it worth anything? Starting bid in the catalogue was $2,000.
This doesn't make any sense.
Were they able to pull any prints off that gun we found? Speak of the devil.
Brian Cody Shab.
February 14, 1983.
Currently on parole, for possession of stolen property.
No history of violence, but, he's probably our shooter.
You two want to pick him up? - On it.
- Yeah.
Brian Shab, parole check! Police! We know you're in there! Open up! That's a lot of trouble to go through, just to end up breaking the damn thing.
Brian? We know you're here.
Just come out with your hands up! Chen.
House is clear.
He's dead.
7-Adam-15, show a Code 4.
Notify Homicide.
We have a DB on location.
I'm sure many of you are wondering, "What if I'm stopped by the police," "and I don't have immigration papers?" When stopped by the police, you will need to hand over your license, registration, and proof of insurance.
But, uh - Are you a U.
citizen? - Stop.
Are you a federal immigration officer? No, I am not.
Then you do not need to discuss your immigration status, where you're from, or how you got here.
And, you always have the right to remain silent.
Okay, stop.
I just had a great idea for the next scene.
Shouldn't we just focus on this, Silas? That might be something you're capable of.
Back to one.
Hey, what's up? We might have a break in the case.
Brian Shab Turns out, up until five weeks ago, was William Bloomfield's cellmate, in prison.
Okay, so, he broke into a train and, stole a vase, that used to belong to his cellmate? Maybe Bloomfield sent him? Yeah, but why that vase? We should definitely look into that.
- Larry? - Hey.
- How's Kenny? - Kenny's great.
Surgery went well.
Uh, no major damage, and, uh, he's actually planning his injury vacation.
Okay, elephant in the room.
Little weird being in this room again.
At the scene of the crime? Uh, that was an accident.
Well, it's okay.
I mean, you're supposed to laugh at stuff like this anyway.
Is there something we can help you with? Well, I'm, I'm working this case, on behalf of the State Coast Freight PD.
I thought maybe we'd work together.
Of course, we'll CC you in all our reports.
I will, uh I guess I'll be checking my e-mail.
Uh, let me walk you out, Larry.
Look, um, Harper pokes fun at everyone.
I just decided to see it as a sign of endearment.
Sure, b-but I guess I saw this as an opportunity to show these people that I'm a pretty good cop.
No one should be judged on their worst moment.
I'm actually impressed, how you've managed to overcome it.
Thank you.
You two, are a pair of mean girls.
Who are trying to solve a murder.
So, quit worrying about the choo-choo train cop, and let's get to work.
I just got the forensics report about the broken vase.
No prints, and when they tried to put it back together, they found it's missing a piece.
So, whoever murdered Brian, took a piece from that vase, but why? What's so significant about a piece from that vase? Maybe this will speak to that.
Bloomfield had three children.
The oldest went to court, to exclude 10 items from the auction.
Let me guess.
The vase, or "vahse," is one of the items that he contested? We need to talk to the Bloomfield children.
Maybe one of them can explain, why a shard of pottery, is worth killing for.
Francis Bloomfield, you're William Bloomfield's oldest son.
Danielle Bloomfield.
Uh, middle child? Mm.
Does it always smell like this in here? Thackeray.
You're the baby in the family.
Yeah, save the best for last.
Can you tell us, about the list of items, you petitioned the court to keep out of the auction? Just a few things of sentimental value.
Tell us about this vase.
My mom bought that, in Italy.
It was on our first holiday as a family.
Such great memories.
Wait, my brother tried to get the vase back in court? So you didn't know? That duplicitous weasel.
Is there some sort of significance to this vase? No, it just has great, sentimental value.
Listen, there must be a reason, your father told his cellmate, about the vase.
I'm sorry, my dad's cellmate stole the vase? That conniving old goat.
I hope he rots in prison.
You hope your father, - rots in prison? - Hell yeah.
Can you think of any reason, why someone would want to steal it? None at all.
Now may I go? Do you know why someone would kill for it? I'd like to leave now.
Your dad must have told his cellmate, about the vase, but why? What-what's so important? Why don't you ask him? I'm out of here.
What a bunch of awful people.
Yeah, who are clearly lying to us.
And to each other, apparently.
We need to talk to the dad.
He's at the center of all of this.
Harper and I have an appointment at the prison in the morning.
In the meanwhile, I'll have midnight shift start digging into all their lives.
Hey, so, I think I know what my superpower is.
It's my powers of deduction.
Really? Yeah, I mean, the-the car thief, the sword.
I mean, you gotta admit I rocked those cases.
You cracked those cases by being rich.
Your friends are the only Lamborghini dealer in the city.
You have a swordsmith.
He also forges daggers and knives.
Face it, your superpower is money.
You're like Batman, except last I checked, you weren't trying to be a superhero.
So, uh, we'll see you tomorrow at the station? - Hopefully.
- Why "hopefully"? It's gonna take all my skills, to make this footage watchable.
I'm gonna be at it all night.
I'm sure, you're going to make it great.
You headed home, too? Yeah, I have to talk to Nyla.
I just don't want her to feel rejected.
She proposed, you said yes, and, now you're pressing pause.
She might feel rejected.
I love her, and I don't want to screw this up.
You won't, trust me.
Actually, you might, it's probably 50-50.
You know, you're really bad at encouragement.
I know, I'm working on it.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
That dinner was amazing.
And? And, it was delicious? - My dress? - Oh, this is the new dress? - You didn't notice.
- It's No, it just looks a little, little like, some of your other dresses.
Well, I have one in ballet pink, but, this is dusty rose.
Oh, and those are two very different colors.
Listen, if you don't like it, I can take it off.
In that case, I hate it.
I will take care of that.
Stay right there.
Hey, Larry.
- What are you doing here? - Sorry to just stop by so late.
Is everything okay? Kenny okay? Kenny, yes, Kenny's fine.
Uh, hey, how are you? We met this morning.
Larry Macer.
I remember, and I'm glad your partner's okay.
- Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you for the update.
- That's been - No, no, no, I-I figured it out.
Why-why this vase, is so important.
You sent the files over on the vase, and I was looking at them, and I, I noticed, that there's a piece missing, right? So, I pulled up all these pictures of the vase.
Look at that, right on the rim.
Numbers, yeah, but why? Why numbers on a vase? There's been talk, that William Bloomfield, tried to hide some of the money that he stole.
I think these numbers, are for offshore bank accounts.
I'm back here.
Long day? Yeah, the longest.
How is my fiancé? Can we talk? Yeah, of course.
I love, that you proposed to me this morning.
And I'd be a fool, if I didn't want to be your husband.
But, I want you to make sure it's what you want.
I just don't want to be your regret you know, the guy that you had to marry.
I want you to be, 100% sure.
- Well, I mean, what - I need you to really, really think about this.
I'm gonna spend the night at my place, and We'll talk tomorrow.
I love you.
Come on, this so exciting.
It's like we're partners.
You know? I'm like the The Starsky to your Hutch, the Tango to your Cash, the Tenspeed to your Brown Shoe.
My brown what? Oh, uh, deep cut, sorry.
- I'm older.
- Hey, Larry's back.
- Hey.
- Why is Larry back? Larry made a breakthrough.
He'll be working the case with us.
I should've brought my Kev Great.
Uh, what'd you find? The missing piece to William Bloomfield's vase, it had some numbers and letters etched into it.
And I identified it as IBAN from my IT days.
IBAN? International Bank Account Number.
Yeah, it's a way to identify bank accounts across national borders.
So, you see the first two, uh, letters here? That's the country code, and then you got the check digits, and the rest is basically, uh, a bank account number.
And the first two letters were "C" and "H.
" Which you can see is Switzerland.
O-Okay, so Bloomfield knew the feds were closing in on him and, that they'd seize all of his assets.
Right, so he squirreled away a little money offshore, before he got sent to prison.
And, he etched it onto the top of the vase, so, no one could find it.
But Bloomfield knew, that he had to get the vase back, before it was sold, so, he had his cellmate, Brian Shab, go steal it.
I'm gonna grab Lopez, and head to the prison.
Whoever killed Shab, knew about the account numbers.
We need Bloomfield, to give us the names of everyone he told.
Uh, can I? Uh, are you working with Larry now? Your name will still be on the report.
It better.
I mean You know, as long as justice is served, who, who cares who gets the credit? Mm-hmm.
So, I thought about it all night, and, uh, you know what? I have skills beyond my parents' wealth.
For example, nothing fazes me.
Your first day, you almost vomited at the sight of a dead body.
Okay, then I have a strong sense of justice.
So does every cop.
Okay, how about I can spot liars? Okay, you believed your mom, when she said she wasn't in Paris, on the day of the murder.
Also, one of your best friends, was a killer, - and you didn't know.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
This video's about what to do, if you ever find yourself in custody.
You have the right not to answer any questions.
Always ask for a lawyer.
You get one phone call after you're arrested, so if you have a lawyer, call them.
If you don't have a lawyer, don't worry.
One will be appointed for you, before court.
Great, and cut.
So that's a wrap? So we're done? No.
You didn't see the yellow revisions? I added two extra scenes.
Come on, man.
I know you're getting married at the courthouse, but, the place where I got my dress, is having a trunk sale this weekend.
Yeah, well, the-the wedding might be off.
What? - Why? - It's I don't get too many visitors.
Maybe because you're one of the most, hated people in America? Direct! I like that.
Great, then we can pass by the warm-up, and, cut to the chase.
Uh, we know that you sent your former cellmate to retrieve the vase, that had your Swiss bank account number on it.
And now Brian Shab is dead.
Whoever killed him, knew about the account numbers.
Who did you tell? And before you answer, keep in mind, that we can make your life in here My kids.
My kids knew.
One of them must've killed Brian.
That's amazing.
You didn't even, hesitate, to throw your children under the bus.
They testified against me.
They sent me here.
They're gonna get that money over my dead body.
I'm afraid one of them already has the money.
Not if they only have the vase.
The passwords are in an antique music box.
There was no music box in the shipment.
Well if you need anybody to testify against those ungrateful bastards, you know where to find me.
Five years?! And then you just show up at my doorstep?! Nah, unh-unh.
Go, Damien! Just go! I'm not going anywhere.
Alright? This is still my home! And I want to see my son.
Hey, Omar! Hey, it's Pops.
Come on outside.
Ma'am, everything okay here? No, it's not okay! He should be in prison, not standing here in my driveway.
Now, hold up.
Look, I'm gonna reach for my wallet, okay? I just got paroled, so, you can look me up.
I will.
Alright, stay calm.
We'll work this out.
Sir, can we talk? Man, there's nothing to talk about.
I want to see my son.
Come on, step over here.
- Damien, right? - Yeah.
I'm Aaron.
Look, I know this is tough, okay? Five years, that's a long stretch.
And I'm sure you spent countless hours picturing this very moment.
And I'm guessing it played out differently than this, right? - Yeah.
- But you gotta remember, I mean, they've been out here living their lives, and, they might not be ready right now, but, you give it some time, and, maybe one day they will be, okay? Look.
This is my card, okay? You call me if you need to talk.
I'm also gonna give you the number of our local community center.
Just ask for James Murray, okay? He'll have some resources that can help you get back on your feet.
Good? Alright, thanks.
You have a good day.
Nice job.
So, we just got off the phone with the auction house.
The music box lands with the 7:00 p.
shipment tonight.
We need to get those passwords before our killer does.
Any eyes on the Bloomfield kids? I'm sending units to their houses, workplaces.
Can you three go to the depot, and guard the shipment? - Absolutely.
- Yeah.
I'll pull the car around.
Uh, yeah, I'll meet you there in two.
Uh hi.
Can I talk to you for a sec? - Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
Okay, so I've been thinking about what you said, and The truth is, every morning when I wake up, I am glad, that it is next to you.
And I want to keep waking up, next to you, until we are old and gray.
And, yes, yes, this baby sped things up, a little bit, but, we were always gonna get there.
'Cause I love you.
Well, I guess it's, um It's a good, good, good thing, that I bought this, today.
Nyla Harper - Will you - Yes, yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- But, but, but, for the record, if anyone asks, I proposed to you.
That was beautiful.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Murderous ex-billionaire.
Just another day on the train tracks.
- They got nothing on us, okay, Sarge? - Yeah.
7-Adam-15, be advised, Fire's responding to a four-five-one on the tracks at Olympic and Montebello.
Fully engulfed van on the tracks.
Wait, Olympic and Montebello.
That fire is gonna stop our shipment.
They know we're here.
What happens to a train, when the tracks are blocked? It gets rerouted.
You're sure the train got diverted here? Yeah, without a doubt.
That fire was, uh, west of the 110, so, all southbound trains through Simi Valley, get diverted to the Long Beach Station, or, the Alameda Corridor.
It's a good thing you know so much about the railway system.
Well, I'd better, I memorized the entire railway system for my job interview, so they'd hire me.
You really wanted this job.
Yeah, well, you only get one chance at a first impression.
I learned that the hard way.
What's the number on the car we're looking for? 1-0-1-9.
1-0-1-9, there it is.
Give it to me, or I'll kill you! - Give it to me.
- Hey! Come on, man.
Give me your hands.
- Hey! - Geez.
- Hey! - No, it's mine! Don't move.
- What are you doing?! - Hands behind your back.
I was just assaulted! I'm the victim here! I got her.
I got her.
I got her.
Go get Francis.
Uh, I'll meet you there.
You suck, Thackeray! Hey, look, I was in the middle of making a citizen's arrest.
You guys, you have the right to remain silent.
Please use it.
7-Adam-15, two suspects in custody.
Third suspect, officers in pursuit.
- Need a lift? - Whoa! Yes.
Stop! You got any weapons? Tell me now.
I had a gun in my pants, but, it slipped down into my underwear.
You Oh.
Ah, I've come this far.
- Ah, there it is.
- Oh! - Come on, man.
- Okay.
I got it.
Hey, Larry, uh, it's your arrest.
You make the call.
What? Uh Control, Sergeant Larry Macer, SCFPD.
One in custody.
We're Code 4.
This, is what they were all after.
The password, right inside.
So, Francis, did you kill Brian Shab for the vase with the account numbers? I want a lawyer.
He did! I can prove it! Yeah, and he used the gun he had on him.
- Mm-hmm.
- You guys suck.
Thank you.
Hey, Larry.
- Great job.
- Yeah.
Nice work.
That means a lot, but, uh I'm a hugger.
No, it's true, come on.
- Oh.
- Come on! - Oh! - Come on! Ah! Ohh.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
Are you drinking tequila? I'd like another one of these.
They're pulling up now.
I have to say, babe, you have truly outdone yourself.
How did you pull this together so fast? I had a little help.
Let me guess, he's, uh, got a rooftop guy? Woman, actually.
She's my mom's best friend.
She coordinated last year's Vanity Fair Oscar party, so Batman strikes again.
Uh, listen, in all seriousness I think you know, what your superpower is.
You've been through incarceration.
You know, how it changes a person.
And that compassion, that you bring to the streets, that, is what you build your career on.
Wow, that's, um - Thank you.
- And never talk about - what happened at the park.
- Yes, sir.
So, are you ready to be a big sister? Yeah.
I can't wait till she's old enough to do stuff.
That might not be for a few years yet.
But, I'm sure your mom is excited to have your help.
So excited.
They're coming down.
Get ready.
Congratulations! - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! - Whoo! - Whoo! - We did it! - We did it! - Yay! - Oh, look at that! Let's dance, people! Let's go, let's go! You look so pretty, Mom.
Aww, thank you, baby.
James is really nice.
I like him.
Oh, me, too.
You're happy when you're around him.
And, I like it when you're happy.
Well, you made me happy first.
Don't ever forget that.
All you've been saying all day is, how excited you were to wear your going-out shoes again.
Yeah, and, that's why the shoes are coming off.
- That's how you know it's a good party.
- Ah.
By the way, you don't have some secret offshore accounts I should know about, right? If anything happens to me, just rip open the seams of my briefcase.
- You're kidding.
- Am I? I'm sorry about date night.
Don't be, by our standards, getting coitus interruptus, by a guy named Badger, is pretty tame.
I'll make it up to you.
You always do.
I was kind of hoping my new brothers would be here.
Yeah, me, too, but, they're away with their mom.
But we're all having dinner next week, though.
- Alright.
- I am thirsty.
- I'm gonna go get a drink.
- Mnh-mnh-mnh.
My wife does not lift a finger.
You stay right here.
Lila, how about you? Um, can I have a ginger ale, please? - Alright.
- Make that two.
Two ginger ales coming up.
So, tell me.
How's it feel to be married to Nyla? Two ginger ales.
Ahh! I have no words.
Just pure joy.
So, I'd like to propose a toast to the newlyweds.
I first met Nyla, when she requested a transfer back to patrol, after having reached the pinnacle of achievement, as a detective.
I didn't understand her decision at the time, but, I soon learned that beneath that tough exterior, is a woman willing to do anything, for the people she loves.
So, James, you're a very lucky man, to find yourself now counted, as one of those people.
Hear, hear.
To the happy couple, and their growing family.
Do you know why, - I pulled you over - It's "Have any idea," "why I pulled you over?" Come on.
- Yeah, you locked the keys in the car.
- The keys are inside the car? How did that even happen? This is serious.
This is my big line.
- I know.
Let me - Just go, I'm not gonna I have to hold it up like this the whole time? Yeah, you see that in the background, is that okay? Can we cut around it? You get one phone - What? - No, man, come on.
We're on camera, man! Fail! One phone call.
You get, you get one phone call.
Okay, so I've been thinking about what you said, and the truth is, every morning when I wake up, I am glad that it is next to you.
Nyla Harper - will you - Yes, yes.
Now everyone knows, who really proposed.
You are not supposed Mnh-mnh.
Silas, that was beautiful.
Thank you, I'm so glad, that we will always have that to look back on.
That's what I figured.
You know, technically, I still owe you a dance.
I mean, there's no technicallyabout it.
A debt is owed.
Really? Listen, I know you think I've been taking credit for your work, but I know, I know.
You said this would happen.
I did.
But, like, um, that's not what I was gonna say.
Um You're a good cop.
You know, maybe even, one of the top five I've ever trained.
I cracked the top five, huh? I-I-I want you to have, a successful career.
I have decided to list you, as the arresting officer, on all future reports.
But you're senior officer.
I know.
But, you deserve to be recognized.
You're right, I do.
Thank you.
- What is going on? - Look at Bradford's moves.

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