The Rookie (2018) s04e19 Episode Script


- Hey.
- Oh.
Come look at this.
Never seen anything like it.
Um - No, thanks.
- Come on.
I don't know what the hell it is.
Wow, thanks for waiting.
Hey, hey, hey.
Luther, cool it.
He's usually such a sweetheart.
- Hey, let's go.
- Wait, we just got up here.
Ow! What is going on? That guy is serial-killer creepy.
Like, he tried to get me to go inside with him.
I'm calling 911.
It's Bailey's Army Reserve week.
How's being a bachelor going? Oh, I hate it.
House is too quiet.
Keep making an extra cup of coffee for her without thinking.
I-I did laundry last night Not a single, weird, frilly thing that I don't know how to fold anyway.
Kinda sounds like you guys live together.
Whoa! No! No, we're not ready for that.
She just stays over sometimes.
A A lot of times.
Oh, my God.
Did we accidentally move in together? 7-Adam-15, we have reports of suspicious activity in Griffith Park, near the DWP relay station.
7-Adam-15, show us responding.
It's great that you guys are so happy again.
What is it they say? If you can survive a secret marriage, you can survive anything? Whoa.
7-Adam-15 on site.
Signs of forced entry.
We're gonna go in and check it out.
Move! You sure you're okay? Yes, sir.
Just a little banged up.
That explosion took out power to most of the Valley.
Gonna take at least 12 hours to restore it.
Here come the feds.
Matt, how have you been? Me? Anxious.
We've been hearing rumors about a potential terror attack, for weeks, and now it's happened.
Have you met Agent Fox? - No.
Wade Grey.
- Casey Fox.
That's Sergeant Bradford, Officers Nolan and Chen.
Clearly, you're the ones who found the bomb.
- Can you describe it? - Not really.
All I saw was a timer, some wires, - and then I was running for my life.
- Same, but, my impression was that it was fairly rudimentary.
Well, the bomb guys will get in there.
They'll take a look once it's safe, and hopefully there's something left that we can trace back to a source.
Of all the targets in the city, why hit this place? I mean, there's no potential for casualties.
All they can do is knock out power to the Valley.
I don't know yet, but, there is a possibility that this attack is only the beginning, which is why the FBI is taking over.
Matt, this guy almost killed two of my officers.
We're not just gonna stand on the sidelines.
Let's "Super Friends" the investigation Joint task force.
The first thing we need to do is talk to all the witnesses who called 911.
- Thanks for riding with me today.
- Yeah, of course.
I'm happy to keep filling in on the detective side.
Because it keeps you out of uniform.
God, yes.
I feel like I'm already, like, 90 months pregnant.
What?! Uh, Professor Meadows, I am Detective Harper.
This is Detective Lopez.
You called about an intruder.
Thank you for coming.
I woke up in the middle of the night, and there was someone in my bedroom.
Can you describe him? I can do better.
I sketched him.
Now, where did I put that drawing? Uh, he was an alien.
I can Tell you that much to start.
You could tell he was undocumented, - just by looking at him? - No, no, no.
No, not that kind of alien.
No, he was, uh Oh.
He was a Heptapod.
With cosmically awful breath.
Oh, and, um, how do you know it was a he? Well, it was more of a feeling I got.
I-I certainly didn't see any external genitalia, or, I would have put it in the sketch.
Meadows, are you on any medications? Why does everyone always ask me that? Listen to me.
An alien broke into my house, and stole my manuscript the definitive treatise on Los Angeles traffic patterns.
Why would an alien travel across the galaxy, for a book on traffic? Understanding traffic, is the key to human colonization.
- Right.
- Of course.
You-you think I'm crazy, but I-I can prove it happened.
The alien attacked me.
I only survived because I managed to lock myself in the bathroom.
He's white, dark hair, 30s.
With a scar under his left eye.
And he had an accent.
Um - Couldn't quite place it.
- Well, it was Russian.
Yeah, he sounded just like Vladislav Ivanov.
- Who? - Lelush.
The super-hot model who was trapped on that Chinese reality singing show.
- I mean - Can that be right? Oh, yeah, Lelush is super cute.
No, I mean, the We need to pull them out.
TID got a partial on a piece of the explosive device.
Prints came back for an Ezekiel Freemont.
That is not a scar-faced Russian.
So we could be dealing with a terror cell.
Police! Clear! All clear.
He's not here.
Okay, now we go into manhunt mode.
Let's get a BOLO going, and I want agents on the doorstep of everyone that this guy has ever known by sundown.
So, small world.
Turns out, our suspect's high school guidance counselor, Simone Clark, is currently a trainee at the FBI Academy at Quantico.
So let's get her here ASAP.
Drifting is not proper FBI technique! Oh.
Aah! What? Hey Oh.
Think we're good! Whoo! Trainee, pursuit is passing you! Oh, no.
Here we go.
FBI! Out of the car! - On the ground! - On your stomach! Do it now! How'd I do? Pretty good, right? Where the hell, did you learn to drive like that? Claybourne High School in D.
I was a guidance counselor there for 20 years.
Taught Driver's Ed for eight of 'em, till they realized I was using the time, to teach myself, and my students, advanced driving techniques.
I also coached the wrestling team, 'cause I wanted to perfect my hand-to-hand fighting style so, I could pursue my dream, of becoming an FBI Agent.
That's a Fun story.
But the FBI has a very specific way of doing things, - and a 50-year-old - 48.
48-year-old-former high school teacher with a "Fast & Furious" fetish, doesn't really fit our model.
Did I make a single mistake on the driving course? - No.
- Did I successfully pit-maneuver this car, and put the suspect under arrest? Yes.
Alright, then I don't understand what the problem is.
Trainee You are trying to succeed at an agency where J.
Edgar Hoover once fired an agent for having acne.
You're either FBI material or you're not.
- Simone Clark? - Yes, sir.
Do you remember a student named Ezekiel Freemont? Zeke.
Yes, sir.
He's the main suspect in a terror attack in Los Angeles.
You're going to L.
, to brief investigative agents on Mr.
Happy to help, sir.
Have yourself a very good day Sir.
Let's go, Clark.
Based on his history, our suspect clearly shares several personality traits with Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber.
Don't mind me, I I'm just gonna tuck in over here.
Excuse me, handsome.
No problem.
As I was saying, Ezekiel Freemont fits the classic mold of a high-IQ, low-empathy psychopath.
No, that's not right.
- Did you say something? - No, no, no.
Keep goin'.
Becoming a bomber speaks to his deep sense of anger, and his impotency.
But social, and sexual tendencies - Oh, Lord.
- Excuse me.
Who are you? I'm Simone Clark.
I-I just flew in from the Academy.
I was Zeke's guidance counselor for three years in D.
Right, step out so everybody can see you.
You clearly disagree, with Marlin's profile.
I just don't recognize the kid he's describing.
Zeke grew up in a violent home.
Had sensory-overload issues because of it.
But I found him to be a deeply empathetic person who isolated himself from others as a protection mechanism.
With all due respect, you're a guidance counselor.
I'm a trained behavioral scientist with three decades' experience.
And I got mad respect for you, even if you don't appreciate, what a good guidance counselor brings to the table.
I've worked with literally thousands of young men and women at their most formative age, from future criminals, to future millionaires, and everything in between, and that made me an expert on people.
Where do you think Zeke is hiding right now? Someplace dark and quiet.
When the world got overwhelming, he just went someplace to hide.
He feels safest underground.
Thank you for your insight, Trainee Clark, but, I'm gonna trust our profiler on this one.
The guy that you knew in D.
, he's no longer the same guy.
We think, that he's part of a terrorist cell, intending to strike this city again.
And we need to catch him before they set off a bomb one that kills innocent people this time.
So let's get to work.
Um I just want to say, I am, so sorry, for speaking out of turn.
So, w-what can I do now? I mean, how can I help? Y-You can't.
You should just go back to the Academy.
The travel office is on the fourth floor.
They'll give you a voucher for a coach seat back to Virginia.
So, no private jet? Pr Je No.
Excuse me.
That was pretty brave, the way you spoke up in there.
Thank you, but, I don't think I did myself any favors.
- John Nolan.
- Simone Clark.
Did you hang back 'cause you wanted to get my phone number? No, ma'am.
Just to tell you, I think they were wrong, to dismiss your insight so quickly.
You're the only one in that room, who actually knows our Mr.
In my book, that makes you the only real expert.
Keep talkin'.
Well, if you're not in a rush to get back to Quantico, how would you like to ride with me the rest of my shift, help us find our suspect? I'd love to.
This way.
How long you been on the job? Only a couple years.
I was just the oldest rookie in the LAPD.
What? That's funny, because I'm the oldest trainee at the Academy.
So, why'd you change course and sign up? Found myself in the middle of a bank robbery.
- What? - Helping the people on the inside, made me want to do more of it.
What about yourself? I've always wanted to be an FBI agent, but, I ended up on an off-ramp, when I found out I was pregnant with the twins.
They in college now, so, time for Mama to finish what she started.
It's not easy, though, trying to keep up with these 20-somethings.
Every day, I am determined to beat them, and, every night, I crawl into bed feeling beaten.
Can I offer you some hard-won advice? Please.
You are never gonna beat them at being 20-something.
But what you lack in flexibility, or, the ability to run up a flight of stairs, without getting winded you more than make up for, in life experience.
And that puts you way ahead of the curve, day one on the job.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
This is the closest tunnel to Zeke's apartment.
- I'll go check it out.
- I'mma come with you.
No, it's not safe.
You're not even armed.
I'm telling you, I know this kid.
He's not a violent person.
And the bomb that nearly killed me says differently.
- Well - Stay here.
7-Adam-15, I have eyes on our bombing suspect.
Heading east toward King Street.
Zeke! Don't even think about it.
I got him.
Did you just steal my police vehicle? No.
I borrowed it, to catch a fleeing suspect.
You're welcome.
Miss Clark, is that you? Yes, honey.
Please don't let that man kill me.
What man? I know that look.
He's overloaded, shuttin' down.
If he wasn't handcuffed to that table, he'd be under it.
Shouldn't you be on a plane to Virginia? Oh, that's my fault.
I asked her to stay.
W-Without Simone, we wouldn't have our suspect in custody.
Well, I'm glad that she was of service.
But tell me something, Trainee, in the Bureau, what are you taught to do, - when given an order? - Follow it, sir, to the letter.
Matt, considering her relationship with the suspect, we were thinking that she should take point on the interview.
Absolutely not.
She's a NAT, nowhere even close to being qualified.
Agent Fox is right.
We'll conduct the interview ourselves.
Get yourself back to Quantico now, while you can.
Freemont We're with the FBI.
You are in a lot of trouble.
I'll, um, walk you out.
If you need any recommendations on places to eat before your flight Thanks, but I know all the good spots.
At least, I used to.
I grew up here.
Really? Any family you want to see before you leave? None that wants to see me.
Trainee, hold up! Suspect says he'll only talk to you.
Can we lose the shackles? Yes, of course.
Hey, Zeke.
It's me, Miss Clark.
Remember to breathe, okay? When I first met Zeke, he was really struggling in school.
Every day, he was either acting out, freaking out, or zoning out.
But then we spent some time together, and I realized he just needed help transitioning from the chaos at home.
So I told him to come in my office, every morning.
And what did you say? That I didn't wanna talk.
Mm-hmm, that's right.
And I told him he didn't have to.
He could use that time to get quiet.
And that's what we did.
Every day for two years, he would come to my office, sit for 15 minutes, then go to class.
And who became an "A" student? Yeah, after a few weeks, she bought me an MP3 player and some headphones, so I could listen to music in the morning.
I'm in real trouble, huh? I'm afraid you are.
What can you tell us, about the man with the scar on his face? I don't know who he is, I swear.
I needed money, so I've been selling my engineering skills on the dark web.
He paid you to build a bomb for him? No, just the detonators.
Detonators? As in, more than one? I made him six, along with a regular timer and five with GPS triggers.
T-Those are special.
I-I-I built them, so they'd go off when they reach a programmed set of coordinates.
And what were the coordinates? Oh, he didn't tell me.
I-I-I gave him the instructions on how to program them in himself.
You knowingly helped a terrorist? He said he was a research scientist, and that it was for a project that he was working on.
I-I-I knew it didn't sound right, but, I was desperate for money.
And about the time I got to the exchange, I realized I made a mistake, but it was too late.
He grabbed the detonators, and tried to shoot me.
I ran away and hid.
Zeke, is there anything else you can tell us about this man? His name, the kind of car he drives? I told you everything I know, man.
I'm sorry I let you down, Miss Clark.
That is a very troubled young man.
You really believe he didn't know he was making detonators, for bombs? I don't know.
For such a smart kid, he could sometimes act a fool.
Now he's looking at a lifetime of incarceration due to federal mandatory minimums.
I gotta get this kid a lawyer.
Uh, do you really think that's a good idea? That's not gonna make you any friends at the Bureau.
I know, but Zeke's one of my kids.
I told my students on day one, "Miss Clark will always have your back," "no matter what.
" That's not gonna stop just 'cause he graduated.
Is there anything I can do to help? I appreciate that, but, I know somebody I can go to about this.
It was a pleasure working with you, John.
Wish I could stick around to help you catch the guy.
Me too.
And, Simone, don't let them get you down.
You're the real thing.
Professor "Alien" called again.
He wants an update on the Heptapod who stole his book.
Well, according to his colleagues, he was actually telling the truth about one thing.
He is the foremost expert on urban planning.
Unfortunately, he also pioneered LSD micro-dosing.
- And accidentally fried his brain? - Yeah.
He has been having hallucinations ever since.
Hello? Professor Meadows, we were just discussing your case.
Hold on.
Let me put you on speaker.
And I just remembered something about the break-in.
When the alien fled, I looked out the window and saw him jump into a red flying saucer.
Oh, it was more of an oval now that I think about it.
Okay, got it.
If you remember anything else, let us know.
So, should I put out a BOLO for a red spaceship? No, but if we assume that the attack is real, then it's possible what he saw, was a red car.
So we should start pulling - traffic-cam footage.
- No problem.
There's only about a million red cars in Los Angeles.
Hey, Grey wants all hands on deck.
Oh, thank God.
Come on, people, can't rely on the feds to solve this for us.
Well, Zeke said he made six detonators for our bomber.
The first one, a countdown timer, that was used at the relay station, and the other five, GPS-enabled.
If only we had an idea what the targets are.
Hey, maybe we could extrapolate them, from the first target, the power station.
There's got to be a reason he hit that thing first.
No-no, not because he wanted to hurt people.
He only knocked out the power to a big chunk of the Valley.
What if that was the point? What if he wanted to, uh, get something, or do something, that he didn't have access to unless the power was off? There's at least a dozen banks.
Jewelry stores, a check-cashing place.
I mean, there's no high-value targets here.
Nothing that is a terrorist's wet dream.
National Guard Armory.
That That's gotta be it.
And there are enough weapons there for an entire platoon.
And enough explosive munitions to take out a hundred targets.
I'm sorry, but the armory's in lockdown right now.
I'm the one who called you earlier About your husband.
Is Brady okay? For now.
And so long as you do as you promised, you'll see him tonight.
Now, let's get to work.
Control, 7-Adam-100, be advised Adam-15, Adam-4, Adam-22, and us are Code 3 to the National Guard Armory for a possible 459 in progress.
Will advise, Bailey, we're three minutes out.
Any sign of our terror suspect? Not yet, but the armorer chief isn't answering his radio.
We're entering the cage.
Got a man down! John, he's here.
Or he was.
Stay with him.
Everyone, on me.
He's fleeing in one of our Humvees.
South gate.
There he is.
7-Adam-100, suspect vehicle heading west on Vernon.
Show us in pursuit.
Whoa, whoa.
We need to stop this guy.
That's not a minivan, it's a mini-tank.
Bulletproof, bombproof.
Our shops can't pit-maneuver it.
We have to wait for the BearCat.
Maybe we can box the Humvee in, force him off the road.
There's one way we can find out.
Okay, Nolan, get on his left.
We'll take the right.
You have to ram him in unison, alright? Aim for the doors.
Whatever you do, don't hit the wheels.
What? Why? What happens - if I hit his wheels? - We'll die, and you'll forever be known as an LAPD cautionary tale.
Oh, great, proving my mother right once and for all.
I'll be the cautionary tale? No way.
If this goes bad, we will both be disgraced together.
- In position.
- Alright, on three.
One, two, three! Show me your hands! Now! Hey, Daddy.
What are you doing in L.
? Uh, you'd know if you answered my calls, - or, my texts or my - Are you still in the FBI? Technically, I'm just a trainee, but He did not just close this door in my face.
Daddy! Open the door.
We need to talk.
Are my grandkids okay? The twins are fine.
Then there's nothing for us to talk about.
Uh Open this damn door! Da Your neighbors are out here looking at me like I'm crazy.
Hey, Mr.
Your dog is so cute.
This is embarrassing! Not as embarrassing as being a leader, in the "Defund The Police" movement, with a daughter in the FBI.
Do not close this door, you stubborn old man.
If you don't want to talk to your only daughter, fine.
But I'm not here as your daughter.
I'm here as an advocate.
- For who? - Zeke Freemont.
He's one of my former students.
Now he's being charged as an accessory, in a domestic terror plot.
And you're the only person I trust, to get him a lawyer that'll actually give a damn.
So, see? This is not about you and me.
This is about a kid, who deserves a second chance.
So, will you help me? My husband was abducted by this man.
He threatened to kill Brady if I didn't do exactly what he said.
Can you describe him? Russian, at least, his accent.
Scar on his face.
What did he steal from my armory? 200 kilos of C-4 explosives.
Now, nobody asked you to cook.
Okay, you want me to throw it out? - Mmm! - Okay? Mm-hmm.
It tastes just like your mother's.
Miles Davis.
I love this song.
Yeah, me too, but, it's Dizzy Gillespie.
Back up.
Don't even come over here reaching in these pots.
Mama's recipe, Mama's rules.
We eat at the table.
Oh, I miss everything about your mother Except her damn rules.
You would always rope me in as your accomplice to break every single last one of them.
We drove Mama crazy with our foolishness.
We used to be so close, Daddy.
Well, that's on you.
Joining the feds, After everything I went through at the hands of law enforcement - Everything we went through.
- Really? Because, I was the one incarcerated for a crime, I didn't commit, away from you, your mother.
Which is why I'll find a lawyer for your student who is in trouble.
But, Simone, you are on the wrong side of this trouble.
It was an FBI investigation, that got you exonerated.
And it was FBI investigations, that tried to compromise Martin, Malcolm, Angela, Black Lives Matter.
Daddy, a good agent, can make more positive change with one case, than most people do in a lifetime.
Oh, what's that? Quote for the yearbook? Come on, give me a real reason why you are doing this.
Because we make up less than 1%.
Black women make up less than 1% of the FBI.
Speeches at rallies only do so much.
If we want real justice, we need a voice on the inside.
You just don't get it.
Once you're in the FBI, they'll change you.
Well, we will never know.
'Cause I am about that close, to being kicked out.
For what? Well, apparently, there's two ways of doing things the FBI way, and the wrong way.
And guess which one I'm excelling in.
So I'm screwed.
Not according to Miles Davis.
He said, "When you hit a wrong note," "it's the next note," "that makes it good or bad.
" They haven't kicked you out yet.
So what happens next is on you.
It's great advice, Daddy, but I thought you said you didn't want me to be in the FBI.
No, I don't.
But nobody tells my baby girl, that she doesn't belong.
The FBI doesn't really do moderation, do they? Seriously, it's like a spaceship.
- Get any sleep? - No, but, uh, Sleeping Beauty here got an hour in the back of the shop.
Sergeant's stripes come with privileges.
Don't be jealous.
Okay, people, listen up.
Garza has an update.
It's a whole new ballgame.
The amount of explosives stolen sent shock waves through D.
Homeland Security is now getting involved, as is ATF, which means, this is no longer a joint task force.
It's wholly federal now.
All due respect, LAPD has busted their ass in this case.
Hey, I get it.
I do, but my hands are tied.
A terrorist got away with over 200 kilos of C-4, so that kind of changes, the complexion of things.
Are you blaming my guys for that? Did I say that, Wade? Oh, no, uh, we're all a little tired, but, I think we can remember we're all on the same team here.
You're not talking to security guards, Matt.
We've investigators, and we're not gonna stop hunting this guy because you tell us to.
Can we talk about this in private, please? You're damn straight.
My office.
- I got a problem.
- Me too.
I've been scrubbing traffic-cam footage for hours, hunting for an extraterrestrial.
No, no, I'm serious.
What is it? - The baby? - No.
TID pulled partial prints from the professor's rear door.
You know, the one that the aliens jimmied open? That's not a problem.
That's great.
It has to belong to the attacker.
So I ran the prints, - and they came back as classified.
- What? Yeah, so, I called my friend over at the DEA who has top-secret clearance, and I asked her to run the prints, and she was denied access, too.
- Who the hell is our suspect? - I don't know, but the classified designation, for our suspect originated from The Air Force base at Groom Lake.
Okay, your vocal inflection leads me to believe that's a big deal, but, for the life of me, I don't know why.
How do you not know about Groom Lake? Paradise Ranch? Dreamland? Also known as Area 51.
Isn't that where the government supposedly keeps the Aliens? Yeah.
You think I'm pissed off because you hurt our feelings? What the hell are you still doing here? Oh, I just need five minutes with Agent Garza.
You're supposed to be back at Quantico.
You and I both know, that as soon as I get back to the Academy, they gonna find a reason to fire me.
Here is the only place I can prove I belong.
You're still a trainee.
It's not gonna happen.
Can you honestly say that all my contributions haven't earned me a place on this task force? Absolutely.
A NAT who can't follow orders has no place in the FBI.
Look My father was incarcerated, for a crime he didn't commit.
I know.
I read your file.
Okay, w-well, here's what's not in it.
My father was an amazing trumpet player.
He was a jazz prodigy.
After eight years in prison, never picked up his horn again.
He let the system steal that from him.
He didn't even put up a fight.
He gave up on his music, his dreams, all of it.
But let me guess.
It's not gonna be you.
Look at you, finally starting to get me.
Let me tell you what I wish someone told me when I was a blue flamer, trying to prove myself.
The FBI isn't a safe space for women's empowerment.
It's a boys' club.
Now, you still have a chance to make it.
All you have to do is fit in by hiding who you really are.
Honey, there's no hiding this.
Simone, I'm trying to help you.
I know, Casey Agent Fox.
A-And I'm sorry, for whatever you had to put up with to do this job.
But the one thing I learned in this life is to be true to who I am.
So, I'm waiting right here for Agent Garza.
Here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna call a professional someone you could talk to about all of this.
But, you're working with the aliens.
No, Professor, we are the ones who are trying to help you.
We believe that your attacker is, or was, in the military.
Yes, the galactic alien army.
Okay, okay, maybe your attacker was an alien.
The truth finally prevails with you conniving WIBs.
WIBs? Women in Black.
Hi, y'all.
I'm Simone with the FBI.
Can I speak to you two for a hot sec? Hey, I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but, that man is having a clinical delusion.
He's unable to process logic, so, you challenging him, is only pushing him further towards his beliefs.
And you playing along, is just making him think his delusions are real.
Are you a psychiatrist or I was a guidance counselor.
I worked with kids experiencing everything from schizoaffective disorder to severe horniness.
So, you think you can get through to him in a way that we can't? I think I can charm and disarm him, and it might bring him back to reality.
We could definitely use some more reality.
Give it a try.
Hello, sir.
I am not a Woman in Black.
See? I'm wearing brown and tan.
It's cute, right? Mind if we go somewhere where we could talk? When I was a little girl, I used to go out in the yard and look for UFOs.
And then, one night, they found me.
Extraterrestrials? Well, no, a family of possums, rooting around in our trash cans.
I thought they were ETs.
Have you ever seen one of those things up close? It's otherworldly.
But I never stopped believing that it was possible we're not alone in the universe.
We're not.
I was attacked by a Heptapod, who smelled of chocolate and blood.
Okay, see, now, Professor, that makes me wonder why you're the only person who saw this bizarre creature.
Because he's a shape-shifter who can take on many forms.
Like what? A white man in his 30s.
Okay, what else can you tell me about him, when he was a white man in his 30s? He spoke Russian.
Well, at least, he had an accent.
- It's hard to remember.
- W-Well, Professor, did the man have a scar, on the left side of his face? You've seen him, too.
I'll be right back.
Do you have a task force BOLO? I can pull it up on my phone.
Professor Is this the man that attacked you, inside your home? Yes! That's him.
Okay, everybody, our suspect is renting a house in Lincoln Heights, under the name Trevor Gurin.
We tracked him there through traffic-cam footage from his origin point at the professor's house.
That's great work, detectives.
Actually, Simone deserves the credit.
She's the one who put it all together.
Good work.
Thank you, sir.
I just Mobilize additional agents and HRT.
And notify Homeland and ATF.
So, you two on me.
Get schematics for the house, - send them to my box.
- I'll put in for a telephonic warrant.
So, you think I should put you on the task force? Honestly, only a fool would keep me off it.
Are you calling me a fool? Are you putting me on the task force? Yeah.
You're riding with me.
Let's go.
Yes! Go, go, go! Secure the perimeter.
We got a body! Is it our suspect? No, the abducted husband.
Given how cold he is, I'd say Gurin killed him last night, when he got back from stealing the explosives.
House is clear.
For all we know, this guy's pulling off his next attacks as we speak.
So let's tear this place apart.
We're looking for anything that might indicate our unsub's targets.
All units, be advised suspect still at large.
Male Caucasian, armed and dangerous.
Hey, I-I think this is a map.
It has to have been of L.
, and there were other pins in it.
If we could find the publisher, maybe we could match the pinholes with locations? Yeah, on it, we got a whole department of eggheads, who love solving these kinds of puzzles.
- You got something? - There's no mattress in there.
This guy was just sleeping on a hard-ass floor.
Alright, so, what do you think it means? He's punishing himself.
Nothing soft, nothing warm, no creature comforts.
Military man, maybe? Used to sleeping on the ground? Finds a bed too soft? Or maybe too indulgent.
So, what's a better way to stay focused on the mission than to take away every small pleasure? Sure, that tracks.
What I can't wrap my mind around is the connection to Area 51.
Why would they classify his fingerprints? You know, stories about aliens at Area 51 were only a cover that they were doing covert operations there.
So, what are we saying? Our suspect had ties to classified U.
operations? Geez, what a nightmare that would be.
Chen found something.
Uh, I figured he would write on the map, so I did a wall rubbing, uh, I found a word.
It's faint, but I think it says "Enervo.
" - What does that mean? - It's Latin.
It means "to deprive of power.
" Yeah, I worked with a lot of CIA guys in Afghanistan, and Enervo is just the type of pretentious code name they'd give an op.
"Deprive of power" is exactly what he was doing with the first bombing.
You think he'd go after more relay stations? No.
In a ground war, what's the military's first target? Take out the enemy's infrastructure.
- Power, water - Roads.
That's why he stole the professor's book on traffic.
Quickest way to cripple this city Take out the freeways.
I'm Professor Meadows.
I'm so pleased you all agreed to help me with my little research project, on traffic patterns in Los Angeles.
Inside the envelope, you'll find your first payment and, your precise driving route for the day.
It's vital that you follow the exact directions in your envelope.
Otherwise, you won't get your delivery payment.
Then get going.
And remember, drive safe.
Alright, let's get going.

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